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Weekend Download

JohnBThis week's selection of downloadable games seems to ask a lot of questions. Not because one of their titles practically is a question, but because of the way they're made. What rests beyond the next corridor? How can you get to the other side of that waterfall? And if I step out into that suspiciously dark and open wooded area, will I get attacked by something hideous?

thehunt.gifThe Hunt (Windows, 2.3MB, free) - A "prologue" to Au Sable, built as an experiment in 3D game creation. The Hunt plays like a retro first person shooter (think Doom or Wolfenstein 3D), only instead of an arsenal of weapons, you've got a lowly shotgun and must keep an eye on the shadows for rushing baddies. A remarkably atmospheric game for such a minimal presentation. You'll quickly develop the habit of looking in all directions as you walk forward...

which.jpgWhich (Windows, 21MB, free) - From Mike Inel, creator of Why, comes Which, a short 3D game. This time around, you're exploring a small house trying to find keys to open locked doors. Look along the walls for clues on how to control your character, and try poking your nose in every corner and suspicious space you can find. The atmosphere is brilliant and the visual style a treat to experience. Got a pair of 3D glasses stuffed in a drawer somewhere? Which has a nice treat for you...

lunnye.jpgLunnye Devitsy (Windows, no demo) - A beautiful and atmospheric exploration game created by Boss Baddie. It will remind you of Knytt in more ways than one. You play a dark little character trying to get back to the moon. You can't die in this game, only explore, solve a few puzzles, and explore some more. The music and sound effects create the perfect ambience, and some of the visual effects are beyond gorgeous. Unfortunately there's no demo, but the extremely small price tag is as friendly as can be.

Note: All games have been confirmed to run under Windows Vista and are virus-free. Mac users should try Boot Camp, Parallels, or CrossOver Games to play Windows titles, Linux users can use Wine. If you know of a great game we should feature, use the Submit link above to send it in!


Man, Which is both somewhat gory and incredibly creepy. Do not play that one at night in a dark room alone, folks. But yeah, it's definitely a thing worth playing.


Do things jump out at you in "Which" or is that just the way it seems for the entire game? I literally walked into the kitchen, freaked, and closed the game. I'd like to play it but not if things are jumping out at me.


Can anyone tell me how to get the other ending(s) in Which? Or list the full item locations? So far I've got, in order:

Room 1 key - Kitchen, upper cabinet
Room 2 key - Room 1, above window
Wrench - Room 3, right side of cabinets
Room 3 key - Lower bathroom, sink, then drain
Head key - Room 3, upper left cabinet
Head - upper bathroom, toilet

then back to Room 1 and... the end. Looking at the media files, it looks like there should be a couple others.


Which won't run for me :(


Framerate was set way too high on Which, I got VR sickness in about 3 minutes.


Never mind found the:

Heart Key - Room 3, floor behind the door

Now I just need to figure out that:


By the way, nothing 'jumps out' at you. This is creepy and gory. Nothing here is really a surprise, though the landscape does seem to pop out at you sometimes. That is mostly due to impossible featureless mid distance when flopping from far distance 'black on white' to near distance 'white on black'. Then there is the ridiculous 'seeing out of the corner of your eye' effect.

The gray is a little tedious, but it makes the anachrome work like a dream.


aww, it's only for red/cyan 3D glasses? I have chromadepth and those new 3D glasses, but no red/cyans :{


Which won't run for me. It complains about needing DirectX 9.0c or later. I have DirectX 11 (Win7). Fail.


Does your first playthrough carry over when you start the game up again?

When I played it the first time, I got the girl her head back, and then followed her into room 1, where she proceeded to stab me to death. When I started up the game again, I went into room 1 and there were stains all over the floor in the spot where I had been killed the first time, and I know I didn't see those stains the first time I played.


Lunnye : In the absence of a demo version have a look at the youtube "Hi, Boss Baddie!" video for a teaser!


I have to say, Mike's put in a simple- but effective- way to make me completely lose it. Right now it's late enough to be dark. There's no one else in the house. I started talking to myself. Looking over my shoulder in-game (after meeting my housemate) was enough to make me yelp every... single... time.


I can't seem to get the Room 3 key.

I got the wrench, then went back down to the bathroom downstairs. The key went down to the sink, then i opened the drain. What popped out was a key with 2 on it, and when I crouched down, I can't get it.

Can someone post a walkthrough?


I can't seem to get the Room 3 key, even if I did open the drain. What came out was a key with 2 on it. I can't get it even if I crouched down. Did I do something wrong?


I can't run Lunnye Devitsy. It says I don't have a joystick, and I can't start the game even when I change the controller setting in .ini file to keyboard...

I think I have wasted 3 euros.


To get Which to run with an NVIDIA card try forcing Antialiasing on to 8x and turn off Antialiasing transparency. You can do this in the NVIDIA Control Panel -> manage 3D settings -> Program Settings, then adding the Which executable and altering the appropriate settings.



The developer's website has a fix for the joystick problem. Namely, you need to download this file: http://www.bossbaddie.com/files/dxredist.zip


Tofunaga: The game is a little bit sensitive when it comes to picking up keys. Move around the camera and try to get closer to it. When it glows extremely white, you can pick it up, and sometimes it's a bit tricky to find the perfect position.


Could anyone please tell me how to install the fix for the joystick problem in Lunnye?


Nevermind my last request. I updated from Microsofts Direct X site and it worked.


I finally got that darn Room 3 Key, as well as the Heart Ending. Is it possible to get BOTH the heart and the head for another ending? Or can you only choose one?


Oh cripes! Which has already got me freaked out and it's bright daylight outside and I'm in a room with five people chatting away and playing music.

It's pretty amazing!


Oh, Mike Inel also did How and Where. I suppose he has Who and When to go...


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