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Weekday Escape N°131

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Weekday EscapeEscape...Escape....E-S-C-A-P-E!!! Yessssss we have three games this week!

Locked in the Kitchen? PRIMERA has the solution but you need to find it!
If you are a lover of symmetries, YONASHI's title is for you.
Do you stress when you need to catch a plane? My grandmother does. And VITAMIN HANA does not help her.

Have a good time and enjoy!

Cooking RicePRIMERA - Cooking Rice - If you've been a regular visitor of JIG and a fan of the Weekday Escape, you'll know Primera's short but delightful escape games. This time, you're locked in a kitchen with only a single view, and a bowl of hot steaming rice is your ticket to freedom. As usual, make yourself right at home and rummage around to unlock the cupboards containing everything you need.

Symmetry and asymmetryYONASHI - Symmetry and asymmetry - If you're OCD this game might not be your thing. At first glance everything looks pretty symmetric in this room, but you'll find out quickly that not everything is...

VITAMIN HANA - Give Mama wants 2VITAMIN HANA - Give Mama wants 2 - Typical: you and your grandmother have a plane to catch, everything's packed and ready to go, until at the last minute, you can't seem to find your grandmother's wallet... Poor Grams is all worked up, maybe you can fix her a drink while you look for the culprit?

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for clues, or help out other players in the comments below.


Big thanks to Lily aka Dr4g0nfly for providing this one.


Give mamma wants 2 walkthrough :)

First puzzle: Left drawer under lamp

Clue: do the colours of the panels match anything in the room? like a painting perhaps?

Use the colours in the painting: green tree, yellow sun, tan beach for each panel. You will get a pack of coffee, put it in the cup

Second puzzle: Left cupboard under painting

Clue: what 3 items have the same symbol shown above the 3 panels? Check that you have turned on the lamp.

Use the number of coffee beans on the coffee packet, lamp, and under the bed scarf. So 5, 3, and 2. I've forgotten what order I placed them in, sorry! But just play around with the combinations :) you will get water from this cupboard. put it in the boiler and take it

Third puzzle: Right drawer under lamp

Clue: you've used the water, why is the boiler still in your items?

Click to zoom in on the numbers on the boiler: 1.0, 0.8, 0.5. Note the vertical position of the zeroes and match up to the panels i.e. set 2nd panel on top row to 0, set 1st panel on row 2 and 3 to 0. You will get cream. Put it in the coffee

Fourth puzzle: The suitcase

Clue: some people think reading tea leaves can tell the future...maybe reading coffee will help too? ;)

The coffee appears to have 3 letter in it: COJ, set these letters on the suitcase. You will get a passport.

Fifth puzzle: Right cupboard under painting

Clue: What item haven't you used yet? The letters should look familiar...

Spell PASSPORT. You will get cookies (yum!). Place them on the table beside the coffee

Sixth puzzle: Grandma
Although I don't know if it's correct to call grandma a puzzle? Old people are kind of an enigma to me so I guess I'll stick to that subheading.

Click back to the first wall and-OMG SHE'S GONE SOMEBODY HAS KIDNAPPED MY GRANDMA PLZ HALP. OK while you are getting help, I am going to riffle through her stuff. Pick up her red sweater. Also let's be extra nosy and go through her purse. Pick up some nail clippers.

Seventh puzzle: The missing wallet

Clue: click around and explore your shiny new stuff

There is a hidden pocket sewn into grandma's sweater (oh, classic paranoid grandma!). But how to get into it?

Use the nail clippers to cut through the stitching. And voila! The missing wallet

Eighth puzzle: The missing grandma

Go back to the coffee table room. Oh phew, grandma is safe and sound, eating cookies and drinking coffee, not tied up in somebody's trunk. Way to give me a minor heart attack, gran! Give her the wallet.

Final puzzle: The door code

Clue: You need to click away from the room you are in now and then come back. Oh good, she saved me some cookies! Score!

Take the change grandma is holding. Seems mean, but these are extenuating circumstances. Look at the change amount and the order of the coins.

Arrange amounts by order of appearance from left to right: 25, 10, 1, 5. Enter in door code

Now get outta here and enjoy that holiday with grandma!

- long time escaper, first time walkthrough poster. hope it was ok :)


Thank you Catner. Good job!


Great to see JIG back! Thank you.


Partial walkthrough for Cooking Rice (Primera) - only just started, will update as I complete more.

Puzzle one

Try clicking around. There are clues/answers for the first few puzzles, i.e. they do not require figuring out from clues within the puzzles themselves.

Try the sink.

Click the sink.

Run the tap/faucet for the first clue.

Record the order of the fruit.

Look for a related cupboard

Click the cupboards, then the top left cupboard

Click the fruit icons in the order found in the sink, then 'ok'.

Seems to be constant between games - click apple, cherry, strawberry, strawberry, orange, cherry, 'OK'

Open the cupboard. Take the rice bowl. Note the markings on it.

Click back out to main screen.

Puzzle two

Look around for another puzzle related to the clue received from puzzle one.

Click the lower cupboards...

then the grey squares on the left cupboard

The clue from the bowl should help you.

The rice bowl should have four, five and three rice grains as decoration.

Make the grey squares match the bowl decoration by clicking on them.

Click 'OK'. Open the cupboard, take the rice bag, note the next clue. You can get a better view of this by clicking on the numbers on the bag.

From the main screen:

Puzzle three

The answer is a number, which you work out from the rice bag.

2 cup = 176g, 2 = ? ....

You need to find a puzzle with three spaces for the three digits

You must find a puzzle with the same colour as the rice bag

Go to the upper cupboards

Click the bottom left cupboard of the upper cupboards

Enter the digits from the recipe puzzle on the rice bag.

Click the orange squares to enter '352'

Take the scissors.

dirm12 January 25, 2017 12:32 PM replied to dirm12

Puzzle four

Can you think of some way to combine any of the previous items....?

Select the scissors, then the rice bag, then cut along the dotted line of the bag

The resulting item has interesting detail on it

The cup has a series of slanted lines on it (front and back slashes)

\\ / /\\
/// \\/

This detail relates to a nearby puzzle to the previous one.

Click the slashes, in the order from the cup, on the puzzle on the right cupboard under the sink, and click 'OK'. (Had some trouble with this the first time, worked after partially entering it a second time.)

Open the cupboard. Take the bowl. Note the pattern on the new bowl. Also note the highlighted letters in the instructions in the back of the cupboard.

Puzzle five

Read the pattern on the new bowl.

Circle, Square, Triangle

Enter this in the appropriate place.

The top right of the upper cupboards

Reading left to right, make the pattern on the new bowl from the disjoined shapes

Left half circle, right half circle, left 'rectangley' piec, right 'rectangley' piece, left half of triangle (upper right), right half of triangle (lower left).

Click 'OK' and retrieve the item.

Puzzle six

At this point (the puzzle with 'o' and 'l' in red letters) I have made some mistake, or less likely, there is some bug in the game.

My (apparently incorrect solution) was:

Enter the highlighted red letters, from the right-hand cupboard under the sink, in the order found, then press 'OK'.

Also tried reverse order. Have double checked I am using the right number of each letter.

Seem to be stuck :/

Will post a reply with correct solution if I find it.

dirm12 January 25, 2017 12:39 PM replied to dirm12

Figured out puzzles 6 and 7 for Cooking Rice but the ultimate puzzle is eluding me, will reply back when I have it!

dirm12 January 25, 2017 1:54 PM replied to dirm12

Cooking Rice

Puzzle six

Go to the back of the cupboard on the right, below the sink.

Follow the instructions therein.

Click the new bowl (with the shapes on the side) and click 'About Item'. It should take up most the the view so you can combine other items with it.

Click the cup of rice, then inside the bowl.
Click the water bottle, then inside the bowl.

You should receive 3 letters from the rice cooker.


Puzzle seven

You have previously noted red letters from the instructions in the cupboard

a. olooo
b. ool
c. oloo

and a set of letters from the rice cooker.


Combine these clues to solve the next puzzle.

Upper cupboards, lower middle with red letters 'o' and 'l'


Combine the two clues to unlock the cupboard

Enter the red letters, BUT in the order given on the rice cooker


Press 'OK', unlock the cupboard, take the item.

Puzzle eight


Upper cupboards, bottom right with green letters.


Examine the phone (use 'about item').

Click the phone to see a green wheel, with the solution to the green letter puzzle

S - P - A - T - U - L - A

Click the letters on the puzzle in the order just shown, click 'OK', open cupboard, retrieve the item.

Puzzle nine




Go to the rice cooker. Can you get the rice somehow?

Use the spatula to take some rice.

Place rice in the first bowl (you can combine items as explained previously), the one with rice pattern on the side. This reveals the final clue.

There are green patterns, with curved line sections and 'tag' sections. You are interested in these tags.

Examine the white squares on the door.

Each contains the letters M-V, without the letter Q. You must chose the correct three letters.

Remember the green marks on the rice bowl?

Try to read the 'tags' on the green lines on the rice bowl

The tags (without the lines) read U O V.

Enter the three correct letters. Click 'OK'. Open the door, click the white space to leave and serve a delicious meal.


Yay, Wednesday escapes!

For Mama, I didn't get the coffee code to work, but I guessed what the letters spelled, so I was able to skip that puzzle and a couple others.


Stuck with a bottle of cleanser and a long pointer in (asymmetry.


if some-bunny want to say that the cleanser has something to do with the couch, then please be more specific!


Hi Paul R,
For the pointer:

Look for a difference in something up high.

For the spray bottle:

What you find with the pointer will need a spritz.

Hope this helps!


can't solve a puzzle in cooking rice

#4 reveals the solution on the cup to solve the puzzle but when I copy the same pattern, it don't work. am I supposed to click ok after each row? ii don't get it.


never mind I figured it out.

the 3rd pattern was a red herring. just do the first two patterns and click ok


ok played and finished both. awesome. now we'll be complete once the yonashi walkthrough gets here. hehe

Patreon Donator Paul R January 26, 2017 10:47 PM replied to eondivad


Patreon Contributor kktkkr January 27, 2017 2:00 AM replied to Paul

Actually, both you and dirm12's walkthrough are kind of doing it wrong:

Both the first and third patterns on the rice cup are red herrings. You're supposed to follow the level of rice and read off the second pattern.


symmetry and asymmetry:

This game is all about spotting differences!


The chairs are different. The chair on the left is the odd one out. (How do I know? I checked the title screen.) Click it to get a stick.

Examine the stick. It extends to a pointer.

The diamond in center right (3rd row 4th column) is different. Click on it to reveal a code panel.
Now back out and look around the room.


There are four trees in this room, each with a piece of paper with a mirrored number written on it. Use the background to measure the heights of the trees.

2 is tallest, followed by 7, 3, 6. Enter that into the code panel to get a coin. Turn right to look at the cats.


The cats are different. Adjust the cat on the right to match the one on the left.

Click its left paw once, right paw twice, right eye once, and give it a coin.

It gives you a blue key. Unlock the door and go through...

Cupboards! Since none of those open, click the bottom of the screen to turn around.


Zoom in on the table on the left. Click the flowers and they will start dancing.

It's too fast to follow! Observe each flower separately.
White: R L L R R R
Pink: R R L R L

Notice that the white flower has a smaller "face" than the pink one.

Pick up the sunglasses dropped on the floor. Return to the main room.

Black door

Zoom in on the black door, and use the flower code on the circles, pink above and white below.

A hidden door opens instead. Go through it. Rabbits on a couch? Well this screen is perfectly symmetric, there's nothing to do here. Turn around.

Black door (rear)

(Notice the roman numerals.)

The rightmost lamp is a little bit lower than the others, but it's really the leftmost lamp that's out of place. Use your pointer to reach it and retrieve a paper plane.

Unfold it to receive a clue.

2 5 water? This makes no sense...

Leave the room.

Black door (front)

Zoom in on the picture frame (Y X T X Y) and use the sunglasses.

Some corners are marked, from left to right: ⌜⌞⌝ ⌜⌟⌝ . Click the corresponding corners of the frame.

The frame opens up, with a drawing of a couch on the back. Take the spray bottle.

Spray your unfolded paper plane. Those symbols on the top look familiar...


Draw a 2 starting from the upper left, followed by a 5 ending in the upper right. (This means that the 2 and 5 will overlap on the center column.)

1 2 3/14 15 15
_ _ 3/14 __ __
5 5 4/13 12 11
6 _ ____ __ 11
7 7 --8-- 9 10

A mysteriously labeled red button? Push it!


Wait, what did that do? Make your way back to the hidden door.

Rabbits on a couch?

Okay, that was a bad idea. Where did the rabbits go?

Rightmost lamp
Left painting
Between two bears in the center
Base of left table
Under right table

Now how do we put them back?

Watch the limbs. The rabbits spell out T, X or Y. Place them so they spell Y X T X Y.

Zoom in on the center bunny and take a card.

Red door

Insert the card on the red door to reveal shaped buttons.

The club in the lower left corner of the wallpaper is actually a three-leaved clover. Click it to reveal VII. Wait, where's I to VI?

On the back of the black door, IVVI is split by the line down the center to make IV and VI. Match them up with the shapes on the front.

Arrange the shapes and roman numerals to form the code.

Clover, Star, Circle, Pentagon, Heart, Pentagon, Clover.
On the red door, that's 4352124.

Escape through the red door.

Patreon Crew Jeff January 27, 2017 10:14 AM replied to kktkkr

Thank you for this detailed walkthrough!

dirm12 February 1, 2017 12:32 PM replied to kktkkr

I forgot to go back and correct the third line bit... how do you know the first is a red herring though? It just works without it?

dirm12 February 1, 2017 12:33 PM replied to kktkkr

Although I did say 'partially entering'.


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