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Weekday Escape N°18

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Weekday Escape

DoraWednesday is stupid. Why do we even have it? Sure it gave us a briefly-funny-then-quicky-obnoxious CGI camel, but by virtue of being smack in the middle of the week, it also somehow feels ten times longer than any other day, and there isn't even anything good on TV. Even the networks shun it, and they'll throw money at anything. So to make your Wednesday go a little faster, why not chip away at that mountain of "no weekend yet for you, sucker" with some free online escape games? With a little cheeky Minoto strangeness, some possibly (?!) very threatening Neat Escape, and some of no1game's little green men for good measure, your Wednesday just became bearable.

Escape from the Coffee Shop 4Escape from the Coffee Shop 4 - There are a lot of reasons you might want to get out of a coffee shop. Maybe the barista is giving you smug stinkeye for your double light mocha soy caramel frappulatte (it's my liiiiiiife!). Maybe the wifi signal is really bad and you need to stream the rest of Attack on Titan before someone else spoils more of it for you, Gavin. Maybe they serve "Seattle's Best Coffee". In this case, Neat Escape wants you to find your way out because, and I quote, "You are good to eat and I like." This is why zombies can't be small business owners, people.

Magic and Cat EscapeMagic and Cat Escape - Hold on to your hats, folks, because when Minoto is in charge, you know Captain Logic is not steering our tugboat. There's a chain that dispenses raw meat. A wall of flames. Semi-phenomenal, nearly-cosmic powers. A flightless bird with glasses. Basically, everything you need to recreate those really bizarre dreams you had when you stayed up too late watching foreign cartoons with no subtitles when you were six. (Ovid? Moomin? Anyone?) Blink and you'll miss it, but ain't it cute as the dickens?

Find the Escape-Men 95: The Room With No DoorFind the Escape-Men 95: The Room With No Door - The premise sounds like the sort of thing you'd call Moffat's Sherlock around to solve, except we all know he'd just sneer so hard at it his upper lip would come off and go flying around the room giving you sass, so we're on our own in no1game's latest. There are ten little green dudes hidden around the room as usual, but in a departure from the norm, as the title implies there seems to be no door. There are, however, three different endings, which is a nice touch, so get to clickin', chicken.

We love escape games, and our readers love talking about them and sharing hints! How about you? Let us know what you think, ask for hints or help out the other players with your walkthroughs in the comments below.


Find the Escape-Men was pretty good. Not too overly difficult to do, and pretty easy to find all 3 endings.


Magic and Cat escape wasn't too bad either. Took me a bit to

actually look at the items

Username April 9, 2014 1:57 PM

Did anyone else notice in Find Escape Man 95 that the

wires were blue and yellow, which equal green?

I'm stuck at only 2 endings,

regular water in the tube and green water in the tube



Dora, did you perhaps intend to post Escape From The Coffee Shop 3 and you accidentally posted number 4 instead? Number 3 is an OK game, if a bit formulaic. Number 4 is... lame.

To illustrate, here's a walkthrough, written entirely from memory.

  • Behind the bar, right speaker: get white part from bottom circle.

  • Put part into bar, next to right-hand condiments. Press the button.

  • Look at left-hand condiments to get color code; put it into bottom black box behind curtain. Press button.

  • Get chair from corner table; use it to press the red button near the door. Note the roman numeral code.

  • Use roman numeral code on top black box behind curtain. Get key. Exit.

(The observant will note the utter lack of anything to do with the red & blue code. That's because said code will get you the remote control to the radio, and turning on the radio will get you a big fat nothing.)

By my count, this game has 7 or 8 red herrings vs. 7 actual clues/locations. A good game generally does not have any red herrings — i.e. every clickable spot has something to do with the solution. Of course, in this game, that would mean there would only be 7 clickable spots, total, which illustrates the other big problem with it: an almost total lack of content. Short is one thing, but two codes and one item to find? Yeah. :/

hgvillatoro April 9, 2014 3:30 PM

If you are missing an ending

When you pour the green liquid a column rises from the floor. Can you do anything?

Can you step on it?

click on YOU

Hope this helps

elle April 9, 2014 3:57 PM replied to Reka

I can't speak for Dora, but the point of the WE games is they are each a bit of a quick jaunt. That's why we put them with two others...to round it out. But it's understandable that not everybody will like every game we choose to include. Just as, with very rare exceptions, I'm not a big fan of horror games even though they're hugely popular with the JIG community and staff alike. Also, I love red herrings in any escape or adventure game because they're like a bit of a tease or joke; Tesshi-e, Mygames888 and several excellent game designers tend to use red herrings, as well. Again, though, completely understandable if you or other players don't like them. Hopefully you'll enjoy our next set of escapes better. :)

teddydogowners April 10, 2014 1:51 AM

No idea why, but Find the Escape-Men doesn't work in my browser. I really wanted to play it, too.

bearharry April 10, 2014 7:14 AM

Does Magic and Cat escape have another ending?

phdavoid April 10, 2014 4:29 PM

in the green man escape I can only find 9 men and I can't figure out how to

turn the water green

any hints will be welcomed.

shjack180 April 10, 2014 5:56 PM


1st Hint:

Right after you find all 10 green men, they will turn into green powder

2nd Hint:

I do not know which green man you are missing. Have found the one you get by putting the battery in the bottom drawer of the set with the key code to see what that would do?


Have you looked at the key in the second drawer?

or also

Have you opened the window and just waited?

phdavoid April 10, 2014 6:14 PM

thanks for the help

I have never been very good at waiting....


Magic and Cat Escape's not too hard, but here's a walkthrough for anyone fed up with the non-logic aspect.

  • Starting room: Pull chain for meat; pick up wizard's staff ('magic wand') from fireplace.

  • Fiery room (leftmost room): Pick up axe.

  • Garden room (rightmost room): Shake the tree (press and hold, move cursor L-R as indicated) until the blue bird falls to the ground and click it to get glasses. Click flowerpot to get key underneath.

  • Water and Fire Powers

    Water Power:

  • In Fiery Room, use key (from garden room) on chest. Get water book.

  • View book and click the pages to read it. You've activated the spell when clicking gives a blue splash (water).

    Fire Power:

  • In Fiery Room, use water power to put out fire.

  • Get the fire book on the lectern.

  • View book. Pages are blank so use sunglasses ('seen glasses') to read it and get fire power.

  • Witch, Pumpkin, Beastie


  • In Magic Room, give magic staff/wand (from fireplace) to witch. A pumpkin appears; click to find an unlit Jack-o-Lantern.

  • Go to Garden Room. Use water power on pond to reveal an orb ('eyeball of pumpkin'). Get pumpkin eyeball.

  • Go to Starting Room. Use fire power on candle over the fireplace, which burns down to reveal second pumpkin eyeball.

  • Put pumpkin eyeballs in jack-o-lantern to reveal the purple door.

    Make Beastie stop blocking the door (must be properly fed):

  • In Garden Room, use axe on pond. A pond sprite comes out and two axes appear on the ground. Pick up axe of gold (on the right).

  • Use axe of gold on tree stump, get firewood.

  • In Starting Room, place meat over fireplace. Place firewood in fireplace.

  • Light fireplace with fire power. Click fire power on meat again to roast it. Click again to remove roast meat.

  • In Magic Room, put roast meat in food bowl. Beastie goes to eat it.

    Click purple door to exit ('game clear'). OR grab the caged cat before you exit for 'perfect clear'.

  • Reply
    SmallFish April 11, 2014 10:57 AM

    What's bizarre about the Moomins?! :D


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