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Why is this game so addictive?


Is it because it's easy to find at least a couple of words? It certainly can't be because I always end up at the bottom of the scoring list.

Play WEBoggle


Why did you do this to me!? Must stop....


This Game Is Totally Addictive, But Excellent!!


I am also totally addicted to Weboggle. I used to play it at school but now my play is restricted to home. Due to the fact that the principal blocked it!!


Great game! I suggest that you discourage guessing by penalizing nonexistent entries. Also, emphasize skill by limiting words to 4 letters or longer. Thank you.


James Bone, if you want to play a game where there is a four-letter minimum for words, try the 5X5.

poodle brains August 27, 2005 1:44 AM

Great game! Ever thought of adding a couple of boards for those who are working as couples, teams, families, etc.?

KumikoDee December 7, 2005 1:19 PM

I love this game a lot, but unfortunately I found out that most of the people playing it are cheating. >

KumikoDee December 7, 2005 1:21 PM

Gyaaar I messed up the last comment. =p Sawwie! Either way, it's just too easy to find a boggle cheating program on google. I wish the developer would penalize the people that bring the window out of focus or minimize it, like not allowing their name on the score board. JS ftw! Cheaters are no fun. *sad*


Since March 1, I have been unable to access the site. Anyone having the same difficulties? Would appreciate any info available. Thanks.


i dont get how to cheat on weboggle will someone please explain.


Argh I've played this game many times but today it's been really slow loading results for my words to see if they exist or are on the board or not. They don't load before the game ends and then half my answers aren't counted because I entered them "Too late".
This may be just my internet screwing up, but I thought I would post in case other people had this problem as well.
I use firefox v1.5.0.2 with WinXP


I'm not even very good at it. But have been playing for 1 hr 27 mins - Call me sad. Is very addictive.


I was reading about the cheats and couldn't quite believe people would do that. I tried a cheat on google and ended up first. I didn't get caught. Can someone do something to stop them. It takes the fun out of the game if others are cheating.

Rachael July 9, 2006 7:59 AM

I absolutly love this game ut I am rubbish at it. What have u done to me I am addicted to it.


kate -

people who cheat on "web games" need to just get a life. Just have fun and enjoy your own scores - I try to beat my own score each round I play - and since this is one hell of an addicting game - it's hard to do.......


I think it's hard to beat ur own score... the boards have different difficulties...I just try to place in the top 10.
I also play against friends, talking with them on MSN. That's pretty fun too.
Happy Weboggling all!


I am so bad at this game but I love it. I can't believe that half the words that I make up are acctualy real coz I am just typin in any old stuff usually. I am so bad that my highest score is like 32 ha ha ha lol.


KumikoDee wrote: "I love this game a lot, but unfortunately I found out that most of the people playing it are cheating."

Reeaaallly? How do you know someone is cheating, pray tell? Are you watching over their shoulder as they play?

I never cheat, yet I am constantly accused of doing so, just because I almost always get the top score. I used to play as parrot or parrot person, but I rarely do so anymore, because it's so annoying when people choose nasty anti-parrot handles filled with curse words and caps. I now change handles often.

I suggest you focus on your own score and stop assuming that others are cheating just because they are better than you.

To anyone in the DelMarVa area who doubts that I am just a wordie and an extremely fast typist (long practice as a web developer), I offer to prove my skills in person.

Or, perhaps I could set up a web cam to show you. I will take any reasonable bets -- say $100? -- that I can win the majority of games I play. Of course it would be on a day and time and board of my own choosing, so the bettor could not have cheaters on call.

Any takers? If not, then stop whining about the supposed cheating and work on your own skills.


I win all the time too, and I don't cheat. Some of us are just good at the game. I'd like to play for money too.


This game is fun! as most of you said... but i find it discouraging that 50% of the words are "not on board" GRRR ... but overall addictive..even though im only gettin like 15-20 lol


Yay, i love boggle and have been missing playing it since i moved away from a house where i played with my roomates regularly. Thanks so much to Casual Gameplay for turning me on to web-boggle!
On the subject of cheating, i find it hard to imagine why someone would bother. Yes there is competition, but the real reward is in improving one's own ability. If anyone actually cheats at this game, i doubt they do so for long. It would become boring for them quite quickly.


This game is SO addicting!
I love it!


What the heck is wrong with the game?? I can't get logged on!!! I need my fix!!!


So frustrating I can't get logged on errors!!

Larry Boy January 16, 2007 3:56 PM

To Parrot Person:

Geez, do you think you could be any more condescending, self-serving and generally unlikeable?

Your insipid, confrontational approach to one person's assertion that there may be people who cheat at this game is so overly defensive that any reasonable thinking person must consider the possibility that you are in fact a cheat.

If you aren't a cheat, good for you. But in the future you might want to take a less narcissistic approach to declaring it.

It is clear that people do cheat at this game. I have seen games where there were no more than a handful of bigger words that would garner 5 or 11 point scores and yet the scores are astronomically high. No one, no not even you parrot, can type that fast.

And don't waste my time with your "watch me on my webcam" schtick. If I was going to watch someone on a webcam it most certainly wouldn't be you.

On a more positive note: I may not score in the top 10 very often but my best self-test is seeing how often I can find a word no one else in the game has found.

It is without a doubt the most addictive game I have ever found online. Long live WEBoggle!!!

child of the tribes January 19, 2007 3:00 PM


I don't know how you can cheat but I would'nt anyway as it is great personal achievement, especially if you can get a word nobody else has. and I have got top spot maybe three times since I started playing but mostly average around 30 to 40, or 60 on a good day.
My daughter put me on to this game and we used to play together, me at work and she at school, then the school decided to block the site, so she browsed the pro anorexia websites instead, which were not blocked!!!!!
that's british education for you!!
I love the game,
I just assumed the 'top'regular winners were just clever, but then my sister also plays and never scores particularly high and is a very intelligent lady, so maybe it's knack and speed and word knowledge etc.


way to go LARRY BOY!!! couldn't have said it better myself. This game is very addictive and fun. I also play as you do to see if I can find words others don't. What really is the sense in comparing your score to others, especially those self serving moron's like PARROT PERSON.........




PARROT on weboggle. What do you know? When I first discovered weboggle I noticed that when PARROT played he would usually get first. I got to the point where I was getting some top finishes myself, but rarely was I able to beat parrot. Anyhow, I started to play again and I was wondering what happened to him. Though there are people that cheat, I never suspected parrot to be a cheater, rather I knew he wasn't. Parrot, there is a way to tell if someone is cheating. If you hightlight someone's name after a game it will show you all of the words that he got in the words missed box. Usually you can tell more if you don't play that round and if it is a board with a lot of good words. Anyhow, if someone is cheating, you will notice that out of the list of words that they found when highlighting their names, that the words highlighted are all of the biggest words - and only the biggest words. They'll have gotten, for example, the 25 largest possible words and nothing else. When you highlight someone's name that is just really good but not a cheater, like parrot, you will notice that the words highlighted from the list of words missed are from small to large and with gaps in between - not only the 20-30 biggest words available and none of the three or four letter words. When you notice a winner who fits this pattern of only having gotten every single of the biggest possible words then you can be certain that he or she is cheating. Especially when this happens consistently. The first sign that someone is cheating is when they beat the 2nd place person by an absurd amount. But they could just be good, and all you need to do is to highlight their name and you can be sure.



There is another web based boggle-like site at WordWiggle.com It even seems to have its own fan club. (Plus there is a PalmOS version of WordWiggle with the same dictionary.)


Yay very addicting.I was worried, at least I know I'm in good company now! But please don't introduce a penalisation for non-existent words, as I have typed quite a few words in that I KNOW exist, and just happen not to be in this particular dictionary.

Tom Sharp March 7, 2007 4:00 PM

Hey, yes! Love WEBoggle! I am among those keep track of my scores, and how I rank (1) as a % of the top score and (2) my rank in position of all who played at the same time. (I play 8 games and use the total of the eight for the above comparison). After MANY games, I average scoring about 68% of the top scores, and rank in about the top 13%. How do you guys usually do?? HOWEVER...I do not understand how it is possible to cheat. I have tried to highlight a player, but it "doesn't"??? What am I doing wrong? Thanks to anyone who answers! Tom aka "The Kid"


Is anyone else having difficulty with WeBoggle loading using Firefox and Windows Vista? I cannot get the game page to load, even using the alternate links.

x-[popskeh]-x May 12, 2007 6:41 AM

I really do hate cheaters!
it makes young people like me, well teenage =)
more harder to acheive the words.

I reckon it is upsettin as i feel sorry for the cheaters as they are jealous of the people who do well, and they find it annoying that someone is beating us.

If your a good player or a player then rock on!

if you are a cheater then where is the fun in your game? and you are not appreciated!!

WEBoggle rocks the socks!!


i have become completely addicted very quickly. Much more addictive than nicotene, which I had to LEARN to like.
(Haven't smoked in many a year, but what will take to stop me from playing boggle? Is it bad for me?

anyway, I don't cheat, usually score halfway up in the group. My favorite challenges are trying to find ALL of the words in a board that has very view words (no vowels), trying to get higher on the roster, and finding new words. Please don't penalize for made-up words that happen to be right, because that is what I do on the 4x4- see how many guesses are real. I can't say it's improving my vocabulary though, becaue i don't know what the words MEAN.

Anyway, a nit- Goy is considered a word, but not Goyim or goyem? The dictionary includes Goys but no one would use that....except...well, never mind.

I spent too many hours on weboggle this week becaue I am waiting to hear about a job. i REALLY need one.

And in closing, "pes que phulment mas anemon!"

Jill Causey July 1, 2007 8:27 PM

I am addicted to this game and some
times I just can't get in.
Why? Is there a specific dictionary for this game? I can't figure how anyone could get as many words as they say. Cheating? Can't figure how anyone does that but what would be the point?I have spent as many as 5 hours on this and am not very good but determined.I Must get back on!


A hint for E.D.......keep a page minimised with *definition* typed in the search box then you can bring it up quickly, type the word whose meaning you want to know, and get back to weboggle before the next game begins....or indeed search it and miss out on part of the next game!




i am reassured to read aobut people who have achieved top spot, but still sound normal.
i usually come in the middle of the field with 30-40 points but my top score ever was 78. i have been in the top 20% quite a few times but i am determined to be number 1 one day.
what i love is when somebody does a really unexpected creative word like "hookup" or cryogenic.
among the words i was happy to score with are "potash" and "fresco".
and when i just want to get a word which nobody else has, i type "taha" which is frequently on the board.
the game's dictionary; is a bit annoying as it includes people groups like celts and crees but not picts. i wish it could be a bit more inclusive.
it]s a great game...


I assume we're talking about WordsPlay (formerly Weboggle), since that's where the link goes. I was a pretty good Boggle player (I thought), but was astonished at the scores people got here, and initially had a hard time staying in the top 50 percent. I thought they must be cheating, but gradually my scores rose, and I realized that while some of them may be cheating, mostly they're just really good players.

I've now scored over 200 several times, but I've played on teams with players who regularly double my score on normal boards. It's become clear to me that the best players are at another level - recognizing long-word letter combinations (double-consonant, -ing, -tion), starting with the higher-scoring words (I tend to start smaller and work up, then run out of time), a strong vocabulary (years of playing this or Scrabble?), and very fast typing.

And yes, it's addictive. There's now a Facebook page for addicts...


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