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War of the Worlds

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Foolish it is to believe ours is the only planet in the universe that is home to intelligent life. I have always believed that we are not alone. But what hope do we have against any potential hostilities from another planet if we are still killing each other here at home? Regardless of our external differences or beliefs, underneath our skin we are all the same.

War of the WorldsLast evening I saw Steven Spielberg's latest movie, War of the Worlds. It is an adaptation of the classic novel by H.G. Wells written in 1898. Although I never read the book, I have read about it and therefore had a general idea of the story. The movie is very good. I especially enjoyed the scenes showing enormous alien crafts walking about the cities and towns destroying everything in their path. It all seemed very ominous and real, though there were many details that required a willing suspension of disbelief.

Today I came across this Flash game on the movie's website, and it looks to be well-produced with a unique cooperative multiplayer component. The object of the War of the Worlds Survival Game is to gather food, water and medical supplies while looking for other survivors (non-playing characters) to rescue and lead them to safety. Collaborate with other players to save even more surviors to earn more points and raise your standing.

The site allows you to register and create your own account, or to simply play as a guest. You can either join a game that another player has started, or you can create your own. You can play by yourself by starting your created game right away, or wait for others to join.

Once playing, use the arrow keys to move your avatar around the top-down oriented map. You will have to navigate around obstacles to find supplies and to rescue survivors. Avoid the bright ground explosions and the direction from which they appear, or you will be vaporized.

While most games seem to pit players against each other for survival, this game is a refreshing and welcome change to that formula. I believe we need more games that emphasize cooperation, coexistence and compassion rather than competition, crime and cut-throat survival of the fittest. But I'm probably in the minority with that idea. Click.

Update: The game may no longer be available, as recent attempts to connect have failed. Previously tagged as: advergame, flash, free, game, macpclinux, mmo, movielicense, multiplayer, pg13


OMG no one starts the game...

Mr_Nickle July 9, 2005 7:36 PM

This game is really fun :)


The only time I've survived I was lucky enough to wait out the flashes, then finish all the objectives myself because the rest of my team died. Despite that, fun game.

Any survival tips?


I totally agree, jay. There should be more "help save people from the bad guys" games and less "go out and brutally murder the bad guys and everyone in your path" games. Really, one of the gaming industries main markets is, of course, kids. What message do we send?!

TornadoTK July 10, 2005 2:04 PM

This game is okay, but the blasts are kinda random at times. I had a game idea like this before, but unfortunately I can't make games. Picutre a 4-player co-op third-person shooter/adventure/survival game. Woot. =D


Yo whats up guys i havnt talked to anyone in forever... been gone, Great game, except i die too much and no one will talk to me so i play alone a lot. Sometimes i feel like no one likes me but im ok, Jay u picked out a great game

remister July 11, 2005 1:32 AM

It seems that a lot of movies are making games out of the flash program and using the multiplayer interface... So yea, you should check out the Fantastic 4 one also. Alright..


Great game. It's an interesting mix of people you get in the rooms from teens trying to find a date to forty year old gamers. Great find and fun coop.


Then I'm a minority too :)


The one major problem I have with this game is with the server dropping me all the time. I mean, I am on dial-up, so I can't expect to get perfect connectivity, but I tried for maybe 5 minutes straight and the closest I got to actually playing was a loading screen for the board I selected. I'm going to keep trying, but it's kind of discouraging.


I have been playing this for quite some time off and on... AND have been able to complete all of the except #13 - Military Strike! Can anyone tell me where to find the radiation suit???



i cant get onto war of the worlds game i press play now but its not havin any of it


I seem to remember hearing that someone was working on a disaster survival simulation game, which sounded really fun. If there were more games like this today, where players have to work cooperatively, I would probably be a bigger gamer... as of now I'm sort of sick of the shootemups where you are intended to go against the other players.


I try to create an account and it just keeps saying connecting..... for about 30 minutes.What do I do? Someone plz help me!!!!!!!!


I cant get the screen bigger on this game. I really want to play but whatever i do my computer just wont let me make the screen bigger!!! Anyone else had this problem plz email me or reply


I don't know what you mean, Nick. The window resizes for me just fine. What is the size of your screen and resolution of your desktop?


help. Is anyone able to play. I can get on. But in january people are getting on.


Won't load. Which stinks, I used to love this game. X.O

Anonymous August 13, 2007 12:57 AM

this game no longer works, or so says my internet


Man this sucks! It wont let you play the dang game! it says its been moved


does anybody know where I can find and play this game? I tried to play it the war of the worlds website but it says that there is a connection error. If anybody knows anything please reply in a comment because somethings wrong with my Email address.


I try to get on but it just says this webpage can't be found or oops this link apears to be broken and i really want to play cause it seems really fun


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