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Virtual Villagers: A New Home

JohnBVirtual Villagers is a downloadable real-time simulation game developed by Last Day of Work, the creators of Fish Tycoon and a number of other casual sim games. Take charge of a village of crash survivors and help them carve out a living on a jungle island. Teach them to farm, help them research scientific advancements and expand their population. It's a remarkably addictive game that's easy to play but impossible to stay away from!

virtualvillagers2.jpgYou begin with a small handful of untrained villagers. Teach them to perform various tasks such as farming, building, researching, breeding and healing. An extremely helpful tutorial guides you through the game's basics, but everything operates on a simple drag-and-drop mechanic. Want to train a scientist? Drop a villager on the research table. Need to pick berries for food? Drag someone over the berry bush. Villagers may not take to a task immediately, so sometimes you'll have to be persistent.

Once you get everything started, it's time to leave your people alone. Virtual Villagers plays out in real-time so even when the game isn't running the villagers are working hard. Each time you play you'll see the fruits of their labor and can give them new directions or just check up on their progress. You can also adjust the speed to anticipate any gaps in your playing time or to get things moving a little more quickly. Virtual Villagers is just as much about waiting as it is playing.

The strategy in Virtual Villagers comes from how many villagers you assign to each task and how you choose to upgrade your abilities. You accumulate Tech points by getting people to do scientific research. Use these points to upgrade your population's building skills, farming abilities, etc. With each new level opens more possibilities of exploration and survival. The trick is managing which abilities get upgraded first and how you use those new skills to better your village.

Now available for your mobile device! Be sure to check out our review and walkthrough for:

Your main goal is to build a thriving population, but there are also various mysteries to solve along the way. Some are fairly obvious, such as the large boulder sitting on the north end of the village, but others you must seek to discover. In all there are 16 puzzles waiting to be unearthed. As you accumulate tech points and upgrade your abilities you can explore each new mystery and see what surprises await you.

Analysis: I've had a blast playing Virtual Villagers. It's a great blend of casual gaming and strategy, which, honestly, is a tough balance to strike. Throughout the day I wonder what my villagers are up to. Are they still farming like I taught them? Any new babies in town? It's always great to come home and check up on my new family. It's great to see the little surprises, such as random events or the occasional new discovery.

Each time I fired up Virtual Villagers I only played it for ten or fifteen minutes. Really, that's all that's required. It's no different than playing a game of Solitaire just to pass the time, only now I actually accomplish something in the long run. Enticing players to return is one of the toughest jobs a casual game designer has, and Virtual Villagers does it extremely well.

Play all the Virtual Villagers games:

If the game suffers from any drawbacks it's that sometimes there just isn't much to do, especially later in the game. In the beginning you must coddle your village and make sure everyone is working hard to keep the population alive. But as you gain villagers and start farming, it's safe to leave your people alone for days at a time. The occasional random event must be dealt with, but otherwise everything runs smoothly. Of course, if the game required your constant attention it wouldn't be casual, would it?

Virtual Villagers is a great simulation game that doesn't require a lot of time but gives you the satisfaction of an intricate game. You'll have a lot of fun managing your population, teaching them new abilities and exploring the island. You'll know how addicted you are when you wake up in the morning and your first thought is "I wonder how my village is doing?"

Download the demo Get the full version

Mac OS XMac OS X:
Download the demo Get the full version

Cheers to Urizzato and Brieya for suggesting this one! =)

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

A Complete Walkthrough for all 16 puzzles

  • Puzzle 1 - Get a builder to clean the well. This is the village water supply. Get a villager with building skill, drag them to the well and let them fix it.

  • Puzzle 2 - Build a new hut. Population is maxed out at 7 until you build a new hut. A villager trained in building is required to build new huts.

  • Puzzle 3 - Clean up the beach debris. You need to clean up the debris so the villagers can fish. Drag a villager to the debris and it will start cleaning.

  • Puzzle 4 - Starting a village school. You need a master scientist. Drag them to the long building north of the reasearch table to start a school.

  • Puzzle 5 - Remove the blockage of the creek in the northwest corner of the village. Villagers need level 2 in construction to work on this. Drag a villager to the rock pile blocking the water flow from the creek. When the blockage is cleared, water will flow to the lagoon. This puzzle is the key to solving three more puzzles.

  • Puzzle 6 - You need to complete puzzle #5 first and have a villager with level 3 harvesting. Take a master farmer to the lagoon and they will start hunting fish. This may take awhile.

  • Puzzle 7 - Discover the graveyard (requires Level 2 of Spirituality). When a villagers dies, drag an adult villager to the northeast corner of the island. The villagers will provide a proper burial the pile of bones in village center. After this first burial, villagers will automatically have burial ceremonies for any deceased villager.

  • Puzzle 8 - Discover the medicinal properties of 4 plants. One plant is the cactus near the boulder, one plant is near the lagoon, two are on the east side of the island. Drag a villager to each plant until all four are mastered.

  • Puzzle 9 - You need to complete puzzle #5 first. Drag a villager to the field on the east side of the island (where the dead flowers are). They will water the field with water from the lagoon. Make sure to use a villager with building skill so that the watering continues until the flowers bloom.

  • Puzzle 10 - Solve puzzle #14 first. Wait for the butterflies to follow the golden child, then drag the golden child to the strange plant north of the berry bush where the butterflies will pollinate the plant.

  • Puzzle 11 - Restore the temple at the ruins (requires Level 3 of Construction). Drag a villager to the ruins in the southeast of the island and they will begin restoring the ruins.

  • Puzzle 12 - Requires puzzle #11 complete and Level 3 Spirituality. Drag a builder to the shiny rock on the west side of the village and they will chisel the rock to create an idol.

  • Puzzle 13 - the birth of the golden child (requires Level 3 of Fertility) . This requires puzzle #5, puzzle #12. Drag a nursing mom to the lagoon.

  • Puzzle 14 - Requires puzzle #13. Drag the golden child to the magic flower garden and wait for the butterflies.

  • Puzzle 15 - Buried treasure (requires Level 3 of Construction and Level 3 of Science). Search the sandy areas on the south part of the island between the food bin and the temple.

  • Puzzle 16 - Moving the boulder (requires the golden child). This one just happens on its own when the golden child is ready, you can't force it.

Virtual Villagers - A New Home - Walkthrough


  • Menu Screen

    - Play, Start Over, Options, Help, Quit, and Change Player.

    • Play - Starts currently selected village.

    • Start Over - Deletes currently selected village and starts a new one.

    • Options - Audio controls, Full Screen control, Difficulty levels, Game Speed.

    • Help - Shows instruction pages.

    • Quit - Exits game.

    • Change Player - In upper right of Menu Screen is your name and an option to Change Player, you can have up to 5 Villages.

  • Difficulty Levels

    - Easy, Normal, Hard

    • Easy - 7 Villagers, 225 Food, 99 Tech Points, 1930 Berries

    • Normal - 6 Villagers, 50 Food, 99 Tech Points, 1430 Berries

    • Hard - 5 Villagers, 50 Food, 99 Tech Points, 1430 Berries

  • Village Screen

    - Population, Food, Tech Points, Puzzles, Map, Tech, Menu, Detail.

    • Population - How many people you have in your village.

    • Food - How much food is in the Food Bin.

    • Tech Points - How many tech points you have to spend.

    • Puzzles - 16 icons representing the puzzles to be solved.

    • Map - Overhead view of village.

    • Tech - 6 areas of research to spend tech points on.

    • Menu - Returns to Menu Screen.

    • Detail - Shows details about selected villager.

  • Detail Screen

    - Age, Gender, Health, Skills, Likes and Dislikes.

    • You can change the villagers name and control what skill will show when that villager is selected on the Village Screen by checking the box next to the desired skill.

    • There are Farmers (Farming), Builders (Building), Scientists (Research), Doctors (Healing), and Parents (Breeding).

    • Each job has 3 levels, Trainee, Adept and Master.

    • Note: Children born with Trainee level skills are called Apprentices.

  • Tech Screen

    - Farming, Construction, Medicine, Science, Fertility, Spirituality.

    • Level 2 Farming - 6,000 points - Allows Farmers to plant crops in the Field.

    • Level 2 Construction - 2,500 points - Allows Builders to clear pile of rocks from Lagoon.

    • Level 2 Medicine - 15,000 points - Allows Villagers to live longer.

    • Level 2 Science - 12,000 points - More Tech Points per experiment.

    • Level 2 Fertility - 11,000 points - Allows multiple births.

    • Level 2 Spirituality - 5,000 points - Allows villagers to establish burial grounds in the Clearing.

    • Level 3 Farming - 50,000 - Allows villagers to fish in the ocean.

    • Level 3 Construction - 80,000 - Allows restoration of Ruins.

    • Level 3 Medicine - 250,000 - Allows Villagers to live even longer.

    • Level 3 Science - 150,000 - Allows carving of Idol.

    • Level 3 Fertility - 250,000 - Allows creation of the Golden Child

    • Level 3 Spirituality - 80,000 - Allows restoration of Ruins.

  • Puzzles Screen

    - Well, New Hut, Debris, School, Lagoon, Magic Fish, Graveyard, Healing Herbs, Garden, Fruitless Plant, Temple, Idol, Golden Child, Butterflies, Buried Treasure, Hidden Cave.

    • Well

      - No requirement - Place Builder on well to clear it.

    • Healing Herbs

      - No requirement - Place any villager on each herb to study until plant is understood.

    • New Hut

      - No requirement - Place Builder on New Hut site until New Hut is built.

    • Clear Beach

      - No requirement - Place Builder on debris on beach until beach is clean.

    • School

      - Requires Master Scientist - Place Master Scientist on Double Hut to turn it into a School.

    • Lagoon

      - Requires Level 2 Construction - Place Builder on pile of rocks at top of Lagoon to release the water.

    • Garden

      - Requires Lagoon - Place any villager on Patch Of Strange Dead Flowers, they will water. Patch with Lagoon water until the Garden grows.

    • Magic Fish

      - Requires Level 3 Farming, Lagoon, and a Master Farmer - Drop a Master Farmer into the Lagoon to catch Magic Fish of Fertility. Special Note: Magic fish is from Fish Tycoon.

    • Graveyard

      - Requires Level 2 Spirituality and a dead villager - When skeleton of dead villager is on the ground, place any live villager in the Clearing to designate the Burial Grounds.

    • Temple

      - Requires Level 3 Spirituality.

    • Idol

      - Requires Level 3 Science.

    • Buried Treasure

      - Requires Level 3 in all Tech.

    • Golden Child

      - Requires Level 3 Fertility - Drop a female villager with a baby into the Lagoon.

    • Hidden Cave

      - Requires Golden Child.

    • Butterflies

      - Requires Golden Child.

    • Fruitless Plant

      - Requires Golden Child.

Village Item Locations:

Lagoon - Teardrop shaped dark patch of dirt in Northwest corner of village, has pile of rocks at top with blue water behind them.
Berry Bush - Large green bush covered with 1930 red and yellow berries surrounded by large circle of grass in upper center of village.
Clearing - Rectangular light patch of dirt in Northeast corner of village
Well - Southeast of Berry Bush
Giant Rock - Southeast of Lagoon
Double Hut - Southeast of Giant Rock
Hut - East of Double Hut
Research Bench - South of Double Hut
Small Hut - Southeast of Research Bench
New Hut - Board leaning on stilts with rock next to it located between Hut and Double Hut
Food Bin - South of Hut
Field - West of Small Hut
Debris - On beach South of Field
Pile Of Strangely Straight Rocks - Southeast of Food Bin
Patch Of Strange Dead Flowers - East of Hut
Fruitless Plant - Orange plant Northwest of Berry Bush
Healing Herbs - 4
Green Strange Plant directly below Lagoon
Medical Cactus above and to the right of the Berry Bush, left of Clearing
Strange Lily at bottom right corner of Clearing
Rare Rose below Patch of Dead Flowers
Buried Treasure - Directly West of Pile of Strangely Straight Rocks and directly South of Food Bin


Open Virtual Villagers Game.
Go to the Menu Screen.
Go to Options and set Game Speed to Paused, set Difficulty to Easy, then click Done.
Go to Start Over until you have 7 Villagers that are 4 women, 2 men, a child, and the Builder is a man.
Place the Builder on the Well.
Place the other man (Farmer) on the Berry Bush.
Place 3 women (Scientists) on the Research Bench.
Place the youngest woman (Doctor/Parent) on the Green Strange Plant.
Go to Menu.
Go to Options, set Game Speed to 2x Speed, click Done.

Click Play, the villagers will begin their tasks. They may fail a few times, begin doing laundry, or become curious about other village features, so you will have to replace them at their tasks when they walk away.

When any milestone is reached or a good event happens, all the villagers will go to celebrate, so when the Builder is done clearing the well all the villagers will leave their tasks and go to the well to celebrate, and you must replace them to their tasks.

Place the Farmer back on the Berry Bush.

Place the 3 Scientists back on the Research Bench.

Place the Builder on the New Hut site, you can not make a baby until the New Hut is complete.

When the Doctor finishes studying Green Strange Plant, place her on the Healing Cactus, Strange Lily, and Rare Rose until all the plants have been understood. Any order will work.

When all medical plants have been studied there will be another celebration and you will have to replace your workers to their tasks.

Place the Farmer back on the Berry Bush.

Place the Builder back on the New Hut.

Place all 3 women Scientists and the Doctor/Parent on the Research Bench.

The Scientists will twitch when the current portion of research is complete, and they will either walk away (failed research) or points will be added to your Tech Points. Either way, as soon as they twitch you can pick them up and place them on the Research Bench again to start their next experiment. This will add Tech Points at the fastest possible rate, and you should have enough points to buy the next level of Farming while still having around 1000 berries on the Berry Bush, assuming that your Farmer does not like Running.
Also, there is an audio cue which sounds like bamboo chimes when the Scientists begin research and complete research.

When your Scientists have gained 6000 Tech Points, go to Tech screen and purchase Level 2 Farming.
This allows your Farmer to plant the Field, (planting the Field also requires that the Well has been cleared) and he will stop foraging the Berry Bush, saving the berries in case of an unfortunate event such as a Typhoon which wipes out all of the food in the Food Bin.

Place the Farmer on the Field.

Keep the Scientists researching until you can buy the next level of Construction.

When the Builder has completed the New Hut, place him on the debris on the beach.

Once the New Hut is complete you will need to begin breeding in order to have a population to carry on when your original 7 villagers die. The villager that you drop on another villager is the one who receives the breeding points and becomes a breeder. A breeder initiates breeding with all members of the opposite sex.

If your breeder is a male, all 4 women will end up with babies and no research will continue until they are done caring for the babies, which takes around 2 hours, until the baby is 2 years old, and the male breeder will breed with all 4 women again.
A female breeder will initiate breeding with any man , and only she will have a baby, so you have much more control over breeding and gaining tech points with a female breeder.
A villager may not breed until they are 20 years old.
Choose the youngest woman (20 or older) to be your breeder. Drop her on a man. The man may run away a few times, just bring him back and keep dropping the woman on him until they kiss. Once they kiss, your population will increase if a baby has been made. If your population does not increase, pick up the woman and drop her on the man again until your population does increase. You do not have to wait for them to go indoors, if a baby is made it will show in the population count as soon as the kiss happens. Continually breeding her will give you a steady supply of villagers.
Note: When your breeder self initiates breeding it will cause her chosen mate to stop work and wait for her embrace.

When the Builder completes clearing the debris from the beach, and you have bought Level 2 Construction:

place him on the pile of rocks at the top of the Lagoon to clear it.

When the Lagoon is cleared:

place a villager on the Patch Of Strange Dead Flowers, the villager will water the Patch from the Lagoon and create the Garden.

When one of your Scientists reaches the title Master Scientist:

place her on the Double Hut to create the School. Once the School is established, children will be born with some skills.

When your first villager dies:

buy Level 2 Spirituality, then drop any adult villager in the Clearing to create the Graveyard, or Burial Ground.

When you have purchased Level 3 Farming:

place a Master Farmer in the Lagoon to catch the Magic Fish Of Fertility. Note: The Magic Fish is a Greenfin Spotanus, the same Magic Fish Of Fertility in Fish Tycoon ;)

When you have purchased Level 3 Spirituality:

place a Builder on the Strangely Straight Rocks to build the Temple.

When you have purchased Level 3 Science:

place a Builder on the Large Rock to create the Idol.

When you have purchased Level 3 in 6 Tech areas:

place a Builder on the beach directly South of the Food Bin and directly West of the Temple to uncover the Buried Treasure.

When you have purchased Level 3 Fertility:

place a mother with a baby in the Lagoon to create the Golden Child. The remaining Puzzles are dependent on the Golden Child.

Notes on the Golden Child:

The Golden Child never gets sick or dies.
You can not kill him, no matter how much you may want to…
He never ages, he never grows up, he never changes appearance from a toddler.
You can not force him to perform his tasks, he does them all on his own.
Shortly after birth, he will move the boulder and you can place a villager into the cave to see a teaser for the next chapter.
The Golden Child is said to create the Garden as well as move the Boulder, but by the time there is enough tech points to buy level 3 Fertility, my villagers have already watered the Garden into bloom, so I myself have not witnessed the Golden Child creating the Garden.
To date I have been unable to get him to do the Butterflies or the Strange Fruitless Plant, in fact, it seems that the entire game there is a flock of Butterflies on the screen, and as soon as the Golden Child appears, the butterflies vanish…..
The Golden Child also makes berries on the Berry Bush, restores the crops in the Field, and makes food in the Food Bin.
He also make parties which cause all villagers to leave work and join him in dancing.
And he can walk on water. Imagine that. ;)

Other Notes:

Occasionally you will see a Mushroom pop up, place a child on the mushroom and he will pick it up and take it to the Food Bin.
Brown Mushrooms are 8 food, Orange Mushrooms are 45 food.
Fish are 9 food, Crabs are 55 food.
Children can not swim.
Maximum number of villagers appears to be 90, although some screen shots seem to show over 300 villagers. If this is actually possible, I wish I knew how to do it.

Occasionally you will have a villager whose dislikes conflict with their job, like a builder who hates driftwood will take forever to clear the beach, and when you try to start him to the task he stands there and does nothing for a very long time. When this happens, I have found it to be more expedient to restart the village. Conversely, you will sometimes have a villager whose likes compliment their job, such as a Builder who likes Running, so can complete the New Hut in less time than usual.

Occasionally you will find items washed up on the beach. Among these there may be:

Brass Compass - Letting researchers have it improves skill somehow.
Black pearl - Sharing makes your villagers happy.
Badly weathered crate - Rusty tools, adds 1000tech points, makes some villagers ill
Crate with 1, 2, or 3 babies in it - Adds to Population.
Crate with juicy steaks - Adds 1500 food.
Crate of golden ripe bananas - Adds 1000 food
Crate with well preserved tools - Adds 1000 Tech Points.
Crate of rats - Causes injury and disease.
Crate of diapers…..
Vial of blue liquid - Causes illness or lowers skill.
Vial of red liquid - Alters appearance.
Vial of watery fizzy liquid - Lowers skill.

Other Events:

Isola Day Celebration - Dancing and feasts!
Big Wave - Puts debris on beach that must be cleared by builder.
Honeybees - Pollinate Berry Bush and make it thrive.
Humid weather molds food - Removing moldy pieces saves some food, makes some villagers sick.
Measles Epidemic - Makes children sick.
Monkey eating mushroom - Trying the mushroom allows adults to pick mushrooms?
Monkey hiding large cache of bananas - Adds 600 food.
Monkey ransacks research table - Lose 9000 tech points.
Monkey stealing food - Allowing it to steal food results in better healing.
Moth in cocoon - Helping moth kills it.
Plague of Locusts - Eats all your crops.
Ripe Red Berries - Eating them kills villager instantly. Oops…
Shipwreck - Blocks beach access, again, and debris must be cleared from beach by a Builder, again.
Stranded whale - Harvesting the whale adds 1000 food.
South Wind - Withers berries, scorches crops and damages food in Food Bin.
Troubled Child - Allowing child to try work increases child's skill
Typhoon - Destroys all food in the Food Bin.

Authors Note:
This walkthrough was created by restarting my game each time I realized I had made a mistake, or had a question which could only be answered by restarting the game and following specific parameters.
I am not certain if trying the mushroom allows your adult villagers to pick the mushrooms, as I didn't think of trying it until after I had deleted that game, but the text for it strongly suggested that this was the case. If it happens to me again I will be sure to update the walkthrough.

[Edit: Thanks Cathy for the extensive walkthrough! Spoiler tags have been added to make it take up a bit less space :) -Harukio]

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This game sounds so much fun! But windows... windows... windows... (lower-case "W" to show how inferior it is!) :P but what a fun sounding game! (And, JohnB, what a fantastic review, too.)


I would buy this if there were a mac version.


Yay! My suggested game. I was so hooked on this. I've finished it, if anyone needs help.


Hey, Brieya! We forgot to add the credits of who suggested this one, but I just fixed that, so cheers! =)


Mac folks: I'm sure there's a version in the works for you guys!

Imok20: Thanks for the compliment! :-)


This game is rather silly and childish. More for a younger brother, or probably sister. You might find yourself oddly itching to beat it, as I did, but it's a sick and horrible feeling that leaves you unfulfilled. Like playing with a child's action figures, on your own, when you're an adult. "What's wrong with having some good ol' fun?", you can ask, but you can also ask "what's right about assuming responsibility of a virtual tribe and ascribing sprites on a screen importance, when it is possible to focus attention on real people instead?"


Because "play" by the very nature of the word means to pretend, and to pretend gives us a welcome and healthy escape from the real when done on occasion and in balance with our real lives.

iusegoogle August 19, 2006 10:27 PM

The mac version of this game is to be found in the second hit on a google search for virtual villagers.


Thanks iusegoogle. I've updated the review with a link to the Mac version. =)


My guy is taking forever to build the first hut. Am I doing something wrong?


Kendrick - I believe since this game works in real-time, it will take him quite a while to build the hut.

Can *you* build a hut in just a few minutes? ;)


This is a very creative new game, perhaps even creating a new genre, a REAL real time strategy/sim game. 4.5/5
Loses points for fuzzy graphics, and clunky interface.
Plusses: very new and well-implemented idea and a fun game in and of itself.


How did you come up with a rating so quickly, Imok?

I'm digging the soundtrack. Oh, and Kendrick, you can go into the options menu and set the game to play at 2x speed to help your builder finish his hut a little more quickly.


Hehe, I played for a good 15 minutes and did everything that could be done without waiting around for another 30 minutes, turned off the game and came to review it. I'm a power player/computer user. I have played many, many games and I can recognize something original fairly quickly now. Same goes with the negetives - clunky interface and graphics were apparent at once, and there are a few other things that I find detract from the game, but not in a way worth mentioning, as it would take much longer justifying all the positives. Perhaps a new rating will come along soon from me. Hope that answers your question? :P
And for anyone who can appreciate folk music/old rock, "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" by Gordon Lightfoot is an amazing song. Can't stop listening. For everyone else... SNAKES ON A PLANE.

(sorry, someone had to do it Jay)


I'm worried about that sponsorship deal. I understand that websites require income to run, but a relationship that pays you money based on people buying the very games you review damages your reputation for honesty and impartiality. It's as though a music reviewer for a magazine got paid a commission from a record label (say, BMG) based on the number of BMG CDs he reviewed that the magazine's readers bought. Would I trust such a reviewer? No way!

I visit this site daily because (a) you (plural) link to a lot of good games, and (b) you discuss the games, in real English. This is about trust. Already I am looking at the above review skeptically and thinking that "It's a remarkably addictive game that's easy to play but impossible to stay away from!" sounds like the kind of Joel Siegel blurb that would show up in a movie ad.

Do accept advertising, but keep the ads, and the financial relationship with the sponsors, independent of your reviews. That's a rule that the Old Media, for all their faults, hold by pretty well.


sneJ - I understand your concern, and you're right: we do need to make money, which is why we will continue with sponsored game reviews on occasion, as long as they perform well, with each one being clearly marked as such.

View them as advertisements and make your own informed decision. There is nothing underhanded going on. I don't know how I can be more honest and straight forward than that.

Would you prefer to see significantly more advertising on the site instead to compensate? Because the relatively subtle advertising we have currrently does not even cover the costs of maintaining the site.

What if we were to create an entirely separate section of the site specifically for sponsored game reviews? Would that be a more acceptable means of making them available to visitors who wish to support us?


"I visit this site daily because (a) you (plural) link to a lot of good games, and (b) you discuss the games, in real English."

If you don't like ads, don't come here. This is a blog, not a news outlet - jay don't have to please no one but himself.

And jay, please don't worry about this person. I think it's fantastic that you're finding a way to make this pay out, and in a way that I don't think will ever compromise what this site is supposed to be. There will always be those who call you a sellout no matter what you do, so I wouldn't worry about catering to them.


Thanks for the support, Brandon, though it is important to be respectful to everyone's point of view, even if we don't agree with everything we hear.

I believe sneJ's concern is a valid one, and I did even consider it myself when evaluating the decision to offer sponsored game reviews. We will tread carefully along this trail we're blazing, while continuting to evaluate all options and considering all consequences in the process.


Sponsored reviews... I have not played this game yet so I cant tell if I agree with review or not, but one thing I have liked about the reviews here is honesty. If there is something wrong with game, for example it has horrible music or it does not work under some browser, you tell about it. Now with sponsored games these kind of faults may not get mentioned anymore because who would buy faulty game. Being worked in the nespapers and magasines for years I know how easy it is to give up on the demands of advertisers, spronsors and other kind of money-bringing people.

"Hey, this company is buying lots of ads, lets not mention their product is worse then the same thing from competitors who do not buy so many ads from us".

Again, I am not saying anything bad about this game, but in theory, lets say the sponsor releases new game and asks you to publish review for it. You know they will pay more when people buy it so will you honestly write that it is another remake of 30 years old idea with average graphics and clumsy controls? Or are you able to say "sorry, but this game is not good enough to be recommended"? There are already thousands of sites all recommending same games only for same reason - so visitors would buy them. Lets hope jayisgames will continue to be different.


i tune the clock time and the time ingame actually move on by a lot


While I don't think any of us would begrudge Jay and company the money needed to continue to provide this great content for free, I can understand some of the concerns about honesty in these sponsored reviews. As sneJ and tonypa argue, you have to wonder if you can truly be honest in a review in which you have a financial interest. Either the reviewers only review those games they feel are worthy of recommendation, or they end up being dishonest (even if only a little) in some of their reviews. Since the purpose of these reviews is to earn revenue, when brutal honesty clashes with financial concerns, honesty will invariably lose.

The question I have to ask, though, is this: in the end, does it really matter if the reviews are less than brutally honest? As Jay said above, any review labeled as a sponsored review is essentially an advertisement and should be considered a separate entity from a "normal" review (I'm extrapolating a bit on what Jay said, actually). It's not like these advertisements are the only thing we have on which to base our decisions. There will most likely be a demo (as there is for this particular game) that we can try out to make our own informed decisions. The advertisement is just getting the information out there, exposing people to the product, and getting them interested--which is exactly what advertisements do. Yeah, it happens to be in the form of a review, but take it with a grain or two of salt. As long as there is full disclosure, ultimately I don't see a problem with this method of keeping the site alive.

One suggestion, though: it would be a good idea to make sure that these advertisements are clearly labeled as sponsored. I usually read the tags, but some people might miss them. There should be another form of notification (as there is in today's advertisement).

Other than that, the only other thing I have to say is this: for those of you who do not see this as an acceptable source of revenue, try to make some constructive suggestions for alternatives. It's fine to point out flaws in a system, but this is not nearly as helpful as suggesting possible fixes.

And that's my bit of hot air. Keep up the good work.


I love this game,I can't buy it tho so that sucks.
Time goes by slowly in the game tho I heard If

you change the time/date on your pc it changes to that day


How kid friendly is this? What is the youngest age this would be appropriate for? Thanks


Tally - That's a good question. There are some real life issues that this games deals with, such as birth and death, that might be difficult for the very young to understand. I woke up this morning and 3 of my villagers had died(!) because I forgot to switch their skills from breeding back to farming before I went to bed last night. =(

Breeding is represented by drag-dropping one villager onto one of the other gender, and if successful, they go inside a hut together for a few moments. And if *that* was successful, the woman will reappear with baby in her arms. So, nothing graphic at all, but indeed a real life situation none the less.

And that was excellent input to the discussion, Suho1004, thank you for that.

I can assure you, with my reputation at stake here, which is not something that I take foolhardily, that we will only review games, whether sponsored or not, that we find enjoyable and worth your time. That is what this site has been built on and that will not change for as long as I own this website. =)


I like this game! Too bad it has such a short free trial time. You can barely start foraging, and next time you start the game, the trial time expired... -_-
Anyway, I enjoyed it very much.


Indeed, Iris, the free trial is way too short to get a good taste of what this game is all about simply because the game clock goes so slowly. Although it's billed as a "real time" simulation, the villagers age years in a day (I have my clock set to 2x), but an hour is not nearly long enough to get a feel for how to play.

A free trial should allow a player to get "hooked" on the addictive qualities of the game before turning itself off, but I think this one falls short of that particular goal.

Um... what do I do now with the 3 skeletons lying in the middle of my village? (eewww.)


I left for like 10minutes once and when I came back,5villagers had died and I almost started crying lol.

I had to restart the game because I can't stand seeing the skeletons there.

Yah,free trial was short but I think if I beg for a few hours I might be able to buy it lol


What a shame... I went to sleep, next morning/afternoon my entire village was dead, but I still had food... I had left with 2 people set to farming (adept farmers) and 2 people researching and 1 person set to healing. Also, there was one mother who had a baby who was doing nothing. When I went to sleep there was over 300 food! What did I do wrong?


Imok - Have you trained any healers?

Possible puzzle spoiler:

Have you mastered the island's herbs? Mastering the herbs will make your healers more effective


I had one healer trained (one little bar) but I don't know how to train them any further, because my villagers just don't get sick! And I did have a villagers inspecting the herbs, and an alert saying I had a greater understanding of them.

My_poison_girl August 20, 2006 5:00 PM

I love this game I have been playing for a while and found this good site with a complete guide check it out if your stuck on something.


Jay, if you said nothing at the end of the review about JIG getting "sponsered", I never would have guessed that this was one that you will earn a sort of "commission" on. I tried the demo and it seems like a very solid, fun game.

That aside, the game is a bit too expensive. $20 is a bit much for a game that doesn't have much to do later on. I'm not sure if I want to spend the money on it at this point. :-/

But otherwise, entertaining!


My_poison_girl - that link doesn't work. This is the right one


So, in the end, the demo was good enough (for me) to buy the game, and, honestly? I don't regret it. As some people on this post have said, the idea is a little childish; the graphics are a little clunky; yet, there's something very endearing about the game itself, and I for one am always so excited when my little guys figure something new out.


yeah, i went ahead and bought it.

I maintain that the price was a little high (just a little), but in the end, I couldn't stop thinking about what my villagers were doing, and I only had 9 minutes of play left. I hope it's worth it!


okay i bought the game but i didnt use jayisgames to buy it...i used jayisgames to download the demo then used the demo to buy if theres a way you can still get compensated (like i need to tell them that i bought it because of your review) just let me know

by the way...awesome addicted

My_poison_girl August 20, 2006 10:07 PM

wow sry about that, my comp is messed up when it comes to copy and pasting stuff, but at least you where able to get the link. Sorry about that again.


poison girl - that was my fault, I turned your URL into a clickable link, and didn't include the http. I fixed it, so now there's two links that work to the guide.


Yeah i am in agreement with Alli, Jay is there some way you can let them know i bought the game after finding it on your site? I'm really sorry but when i was going to buy it I completely forgot to use your site!


Thanks, Scramble. I'll try to get the details worked out soon about it. I appreciate you letting me know. Cheers! =)


I'm kind of dissapointed that I couldn't play it longer.

I was doing very well, and in fact was able to play longer than the demo stated by not leaving the game.

As for the dead people lying around, something interesting happened when I was playing, though I never actually had someone die and have to deal with it.

I managed to get an upgrade in spirituality without buying it when a whale was beached on the edge of the village. Someone discovered it and I was faced with the decision to push it back in the water or use it as food. Pushing it back in the water increased the viliages spirituality, and the description for the "big, peaceful clearing" in the upper right corner of the villiage turned into a "sacred place for the dead".

That answers the question of what to do with the skeletons.


Positives on the game:

* The game has cute graphics you like to just sit and watch.

* The secrets that are "obviously" there like the bolder infront of the cave or the blocked lagoon makes one nosy for more.

Some (starter) Tips:

* The game will not terminate after an hour playing.. so as long you don't close the window or turn off your computer you can continue to play.

* Activate the help on your first start.

* You can skew your computer clock to jump into the future. With this you play through the whole game (discover all secrets) easily in 5 gaming-hours.

* Get farming technology as fast as possible, make only a few kids if at all until you have discovered fishing.

* Berries (level 1) you start with have only a severe limited supply, Crops (level 2) refresh, but you roughly only get 800 every 12 hours. With Fishing (level 3) you have an unlimited supply of food.

* The crops wont grow faster if you water them or work the field!

* In the beginning put everyone on research, except a woman on building the hut, and a man on foraging the berries. (female builders have the advantage that you don't have always something to build, so they can cater for babies then. female farmers have the disadvantage of irregalary foodsupply if they have a baby)

* Take one person and let him/her discover all the herbs around the village, this will improve your healing if people have sick. You will get a special message when you discovered all, only then the healer-advantage is active.

* When making kids continously take a woman and drop her on a man. (the other way around is not so smart, since that man gets used to breeding, and will impregnate all womans in the village. When the parturition is sucessfull you will immedatly see the population number go up by one. You can safely interupt unsucessful "going insides" by taking the woman again and drop her on the man. And you can most times safly ignore the "they are too hungry for this message".

Some critism:

* I don't like this real-time-while-you-are-off-computer-concept at all. This goes as well for example for "fish tycoon" (same company) or many browser games. Reasons for this:

** I like to play on my time, when I have assign time for it, and as long I want.

** Gaming should for me an opportunity to have a good time, to forget about your daily solicitudes, to dive for a while into a world thats simpler than the real world that became really complex.

** Gaming should not introduce new things I have to worry about when sitting in the train. Are my villagers okay? Should I have set an option different while I'm not there? Will i have to restart from new when I did something wrong? And in worst case: you have to rush home, to take a look into your virtual game.

** Especially this game needs constant attention in the first 12 hours (if you don't trick by skewing your clock). Even in advanced state you have to check every 12 hours at least.. having the application closed for 24 hours and they might be all dead (or to skew your clock for more than 12 hours in a step).

** The off-computer "simulation" meaning calcualtion what would have happened if it were running is totally different than leaving the game running. Skewing your clock by 24 hours gives a different result, than skewing it in 6 hours steps, and looking at the village for few seconds (you dont even have to do anything at all). Big time skips á 24h often result on not having a next generation.

** For me basing the game on the realtime clock , just slows you down, they only artifically elongate something you would play through in a few hours (4-5 in my case with clock skewing)

* I don't like the concept of accumalting tech points and then to "buy" a technology. And all advantage is done on the "research table". It really doesn't work that way :) I would far more love to see a villager playing around with the field for a couple of time until discovering how farming is done...

* In the beginning I was often worried when there werent enough kids (of both sexes) and the females of the parent generation were approaching 40-45. A natural limit of parturition. I only lately discovered that this isn't a matter in the game. You can have mothers up to 70. (Just leaves the question, is this by intentional design so - or did the creators not know :) or not care?)

On the sponsership issue:

* I do see this with a suspicious eye.

* I don't worry about the quality of the reviews, but I do worry about the future repertory - which kind of games will be selected and prefered to be pictured on jayisgames. I learned to love jig as a site where generally "special" games are hand select and well presented. Special in either beeing well implemented or for example having a new inventive game concept (and not beeing another one of these 100oo.. "me-too" reimplemantions of concepts already present in the 1980ies). Most of the games were small, webbased, free, a nice distraction for a few minutes, or to a few hours in special cases.

* Now this is a personal valuation, but comparing what you get for your money when buying "games-in-a-box" at the next door software store, I don't find heavily web advertised games like this to be worth 20$ ($19.95)! If you compare you can buy for example "settlers IV" and the store next door for 10$ And you get a fare more vast game with campaign that provide you fun for several days (days if were playing only all day) Or take sims 2 for example at 40$... it just much more "programming expenditure" you get per $.

* This classic software industury is also discovering the web as marketing channel. So for most of this ~40$-per-box games you can now get downloadable demos for 1 or 2 levels also (altough they tend to be big downloads)... I'm afraid by using "sponsored games" JIG might slooowly (to slow to notice) move away from the small-free-web-diversion-games to a marketing channel for classic box-games, where so many magazines (and their websites) are already available.

* After all, what does "virtual villagers" have, that classic-game-industry software like Settlers IV, SIMS 2, Guildwars etc. not have (when they have downloadable demos? and what would justification to include former and not later, except that one has a background of "webish" games and small company the other a background of the classic gaming industry?


Interesting, Oak. The whale did not appear in my village (yet). To deal with the skeletons:

I had one of my villagers rummage around in the upper right corner of the island where there is "sacred ground for the dead".

And thanks for your input, grid. It would be foolish to abandon the very audience that helped this site grow as large as it has, and we will continue to highlight the best, free or otherwise, casual games we can find available on the Web.

To anyone suspicious about this: When it comes to reviewing games in the pay-to-play downloadable sector of the casual games industry, why shouldn't we earn something from the referrals? That is how the casual games market functions. We have not nor will not change our focus from highlighting only the best casual game experiences available today, and I stand by this review as such.


I think the issue to remember when considering is - Without advertising can the site afford to continue? So then it becomes a question of continue the site or modify. If one choses to modify and utilize advertising there will be constant compromising and re-evaluating. Eventually, you get back to the choice of modify or die. This cycle neverending until the event dies. So there is the choice. Life is a series of constant choices and then we die. (sigh)
See what this game has done to me! :)


My feelings on the sponsorship issue: If you need the revenue (and with 1.5+ million views a month, you probably do), and this will do the trick, then by all means do it. This site is worth it, and what you've built with it is worth it to keep alive. Mark the sponsored games as sponsored, and I'll be satisfied. I can see you understand and take this issue seriously, so I will trust to you and to the community that has arisen to hold accountable to the concerns.

As for the game... I'll think about downloading it when I get home (if my DSL has started up by then anyway... sigh.. stupid AT&T/SBC people).


That is a very accurate assessment of the situation, "me", and yet there is more to what is going on here.

On the Web, the more popular a site becomes the more money it costs to maintain it. This is a simple fact of the Web-enabled new media we see today and is an aspect of this site we have to constantly monitor.

In addition to that, though, we are in the process of transitioning the site from Jayisgames to CasualGameplay to more accurately reflect the content of this site. And, being a site that specializes in casual games, we simply cannot ignore the outstanding development efforts that exist in the pay-to-play downloadable sector. While these games may not appeal to everyone, there is a significant market for them and we will continue to review the best ones that come available.

Thanks also to you, Ben, for the support. Your comment is exactly how I hope most people feel about this issue and about us. =)


Anyone who's read this site for a while knows Jay's commitment to quality games. I don't think this will dilute that passion, and the fact that he's bothering to mention it at all shows he's being up-front and honest. And if it really doesn't work, then we'll just have to start donating via Paypal :)

Cheers Jay for all the games so far, and for the future ones. Kept me entertained far too many times for me to count!


I agree with Ben and WobL. I've been coming to this site for years and have come to realize that Jay is an honest and trustworthy reviewer. To add to the 'honesty' debate, if by chance the cons weren't mentioned in the review, and this review shows examples of this, Jay's readers and gaming fans will point them out in the comments section personally.

I can understand why a few of you might not have warmed to this like I did, but when I first read this review I thought it was a good thing that Jay was going to have some sponsored reviews. I was so happy that I went and told my partner about it straight away because we both love the site. We all use the games Jay offers and have our say, and if he gets something more out of it than our praise of a good game then that's great, in my opinion.


I've been watching and enjoying the games here for well over a year now, and have no problem with Jay using sponsored links.

If other people do object to this, then perhaps they should click on the "support JIG" link up the page and fire off a couple of dollars a month to support this site.

It just seems logical, if Jay didn't need money to run the site then Jay wouldn't have to use sponsored links.

Like with a local radio station where I live, you can buy a "membership card" which entitles you to enter competitions, get cheap tickets and other nice wee bonuses and it stops the radio from having to play ads.

My 2c :)

Thanks for all the hard work Jay


Help!!! How did you teach ur villagers to fish?? I have put them into the water so many times their skin is wrinkled.
On the plus side, I have no casualities, 12 villagers, a great farm, lagoon, school.


Oh no! i sense a famine coming on in my village! I am losing food faster than I can produce and my researchers can't research fast enough to build the points up to buy the third farming upgrade. Oh noes!


When it comes down to it, this is a site we all access for nothing, we post on here for nothing, play the games for nothing... so what if Jay has the opportunity to make some money off it for reccommending a game or two that are enjoyable. Give the guy a break and try give a little back for a change!He isnt telling us all we HAVE to buy the game, he's telling us to check it out and see if you think its worth it, if you do then help him out a bit and get it from the site we all love anyway!!!


missy for president! =D


Hehehehe thank you *blush*


Me- Fishing is the third farming upgrade. You won't get to do that for a little while.

Scramble125- If you already have 2 farming upgrades, you should have the crops just underneath the research table. Once your crops get low, your farmers should start watering the crops using the well. If not, try putting them on the well to see if their little bar says that they're 'watering the crops'. Soon after that, if you hover your mouse over the crops it should say 'minutes until new crops:" and then have the amount. Once the new crops come there should be 800 food ready for the picking. Also, you'll find that if they spend their time farming the crops and not the berry bush, the berry bush begins to replenish after awhile.
Just as a little tip, try not to get the cheapest upgrades all the time- for example, your next science upgrade might cost a fair bit more than your next farming upgrade- but science upgrades allow your researchers to earn tech points much quicker.

One other thing I did was that if I needed food fast (as an example) I would change most of my villagers onto farmers and stick them on the crops and berry bush, or when I wanted the lagoon cleared quickly I would change most of them to builders and place them there until the job is completed.
Once you start to progress through the game as well and need to call on stubborn workers who are wandering around, click the little drum sitting next to the school and the kids will all go to school. It gets them out of your hair for a bit to re-assign duties to the lazy adult villagers.

Breeding tip- instead of waiting for them to go inside, find two compatible villagers ( you'll hear the little kissing noise a few times) keep clicking them so that you're continuously placing one of them on the other quickly. Your female should (strangely enough) spring out a baby right there and start to care for it immediately.


Watering the crops will not make the crops grow any quicker... Really! There is only a finite amount of crops you get in a day (if you farm heavy it results in having the "minutes until crops ready" will increase from harvest to harvest, until they reach 1200 Minutes... in my case.. a hunger epedemy was not to stop, but some made it through to reasearch to fishing, bevore all died. Of course I did not make any babies in this time (so all the population was 60.. until the urgent need of the next generation arised when fishing became available).


Missy...well said...I totally agree! are probably one of the most conscientious site owners I've come across & your site reflects that consistently. Thanks for your hard work & if you ever do need help with donations...just let us know...I'm sure the response would be terrific.

Now...on to the village to see if I can possibly keep those poor unsuspecting villagers alive.


I really enjoyed this game, pity the demo wasn't longer. Very addicting though

Carrie Hall August 22, 2006 2:37 PM

Hey, when I put my master scientist at the research table, it says "your villager has already mastered this skill. Does that mean I don't get any more points for her research? I can't help it, I'm addicted to this dumb game!


Anyone know any good ways to get tech points???
I cant seem to collect very many and with things costing like 180,000 tech points i have no idea how to collect so many!


Carrie Hall- I kept them at the research table even though it said that. They keep working, it just means that they can't gain any more skill from doing so.

Alli- Unfortunately there is only one way to get tech points, and that's research. The only thing that will speed it up is buying science with your tech points, then your villagers research significantly faster. Using x2 speed in options helps a little bit too.


For the sponsered links, why not do something noticable, like change the background color of those reviews? That way those that are skeptical can see with one glance to take the review with a grain of salt, and those that look at sponsership as a way to help support a site they love can get out their checkbooks?


Cant remember if this has been said before and right now Im too lazy to read all the posts to find out (hehehe) but you can actually pause the game by pushing the space bar. This enables you to close the game and come back to it later right where you paused it ;)


That's a good point, Missy. You can also stop time by selecting "Paused" in the options menu. That way you can quit the game and come back later without having to leave it open. =)


Btw Jay, I really should curse you for recommending this game. My housework is starting to pile up because Im addicted to the game LOL!


is there any sort of "ending" to this game? ive finished all the puzzles but the message i get after going into the cave makes it sound like something else is meant to be discovered...or perhaps paving the way for a sequel?


alli- there is no formal ending, which was a bit annoying for me, because I'm really curious about that message in the cave! So I really do hope that it means there will be a sequel.


This is a cute game, but it is also frustrating because it takes so long for anything to happen.


Hey, is this game really worth the money? How long does it take to beat this? Because if it takes a couple days it's not worth it, unless they hand out free updates or somthing... thank you.


i loved this game but i dont think it was worth $20...if it came with a sequel? then sure $20 is fine but this game only lasted me about 4 days and once you beat it theres really nothing left to do with it...

Someone try this very curious:

what happens if you put a mom nursing twins or triplets in the lagoon when everythings ready to make the golden child? (ie youve built temple and carved statue+have full fertility knowledge)



I put triplets in the lagoon and they, um, became one Golden child. However, when I went to the stats page, it still showed that I had had that set of triplets.


I bought the game, but one day later the authorisation key had expired! I have contacted their support team, but as yet, I still haven't heard back from them.

Did this happen to anyone else?


haha thats weird golden child is about to die! haha i wonder if he dies if i can make a new golden child


yay! i have the #1 ranking for villagers buried!! anyone here #2?


Everyone has #1 until someone in your village dies.


This silly game is addictive. Just when I thought I had mastered my JIG addition, along comes Villagers. Alli, I had the number 1 ranking for deaths when I checked on the Net about 3 days ago. Then I only had 1 death. Now I have about 12. I have bought every tech skill. Now am just waiting until enough villagers decide to get together and move the boulder. Still no treasure and am franticly trying to clear the bed of flowers by having them honor every thing. Guess now I just have to bide my time and let them work.


hey guys, just want to know how do i make the kids go to school. i keep on beating the drum, they come, but they can't go inside coz the door is closed. what should i do? or what is the right thing to do?


OK, I have solved every puzzle and milestone except the treasure chest. Who does the looking? I have tried searching the beach with Adept and Master Scientists, Builders, & Farmers. I also tried searching with the Golden Child ---- NOTHING! what do I do?

Amanda Faulk August 27, 2006 10:30 PM

When is the game over-after the 16 puzzles are don? Do you ever get to go and explore the cave? Please email me at [email protected]



fiona- the children don't go inside the school, they have their lesson out the front of it.

me- The treasure chest is to be found

by a master builder, and it's just underneath the food holder.


This game is absolutely brilliant but I think it's a little expensive. I don't know whether to buy it. When you buy it is there still a time limit on the game or something?



I have tried and tried with the master builder, dropping him all around the food bin and even tried on far, nothing. He either eats or goes and inspects stuff. Or he justs stands there doing nothing. Help!!!


Right with you Becky... Ive dropped and dropped a master builder on, near, around, the food bowl and nothing


Becky and Lora

its not really "under" the food. its to the left of the ruins a little bit. and a little ways under the food. Equidistant between the two.


Thank you so much Psyche. I would have never figured that one out. I am so hooked. Praying for a sequel already.


so now that i have the treasure....what's next? One person "sees somehting unusual" but i dont know why. all the puzzles are solved, but i know there must be something i am missing. o_O


ACK!!! I have dropped that golden child everywhere, but cant figure out the butterfly part of the puzzle. Help anyone?


i love the game, but is a bit desappointment at the end, i continually saw the two eyes peaking in the darkness of the cave, once the cave is open by the golden child, it leaves your imagination open to who was eating the berries inside the cave, what or who could have had the eyes seen inside the cave behind the rock, is that it??? the tribe continues to go on? n one dies, no one is born? why the cave? the berries? anyone knows???


I am also dissapointed. I had fun with it for a few days, now I beat everything i can (i think), solved all the puzzles. From what i read on another site they is to be a sequal. However, i dont think i should have to pay for it. I didnt get my $20 out of this one. I dont usually buy a game....and now i know why. Not saying its a bad game, its cute...just not worth $20

Jplo....put your golden child in the garden to the right...then take him to that plant at the top near the lagoon, the one that "looked like it could produce fruit...."


I am stuck on #9 where you have to take a villager exploring on the east side of village, did this many times but don't know what I am suppose to be looking for, any suggestions on where I have to put the villager??


Kathy....if i remember right, you need a master farmer and your second level of farming and take them to where there are strange dead flowers (or something to that effect)


Hi! I have 90 people and no Golden Child? No twins and no triplets. I have all the techs. Plenty of food! I got the treasure chest...thank you for that one! Anyone know what to look for next?


ARIANNE: to get the golden child you have to have all 3 levels of fertility and you have to take a nursing mother to the lagoon....

I have done all the puzzles and gotten the golden child, but i cant expand my number of villagers. I have 90, but i have seen screen shots of other peoples game that have 150+.

Can anyone help me?

I read somewhere else (ofcourse i can't remember where) that the puzzles arent the only thing to this game. There is a secret to the island that is supposed to be a continuence of the game. Anyone know what that is?


I have tried the demo of this game and i really liked it. i have searched in stores but they dont have it and i dont want to buy it over the net. Can anyone tell me where i can purchase this game? Im sorry for the stupid question. but yea
email me : [email protected]


i really loved the game but most of my villagers died very fast. is there anyone here that have already completed the game and could you please email me the tell me step by step on how to complete the game. i will greatly thank you for helping.


This game is so addictive lol hopefully my lovely parents will buy it for meee!!...and yea 1hr trial is real short...but if you leave the trial version open it doesnt only expires if you close it and try to open it again!!..



First of all, LOVE the game...but I do admit that I feel somewhat pathetic when I rush to find out what's been going on while I haven't been watching.

Does anyone know what the Golden Child is doing when he goes to the center of the village and does his bubble blowing and you hear the "ahhhhhhhhhhhh" music? I don't see a purpose, other then distracting my builders from digging, lol.

Thanks for this site, Jay, I think it's great!


i cant get my populatin over 90 screenshots show a lot more can some one email me

NikkiFoosho September 3, 2006 10:58 PM

erghhh ... three of my villagers died =[ . I was going somewhere and I forgot to make them harvest the crops while I was gone soo they died .. I have seven villagers again , I used to have ten . How do you guys get so much villagers?!


Cody, I just reached population 90, also, and got the following message:
Congratulations! Your tribe has reached its maximum sustainable population!
I haven't seen screen shots of others with more then 90, but, thought I'd pass that info on.


CatGirl -

One of the previous comments says to highlight the villager and press F6.


Hey the walk through is awesome.!! Oh but I already have a golden child, but now. All my villagers has died except for the golden child. What can I do In order to have more villagers other then starting the game over ?? Pls help.!


Virtual Villagers: Origins (iOS) If you're looking for a walkthrough for the mobile version of Virtual Villagers, visit our Virtual Villagers: Origins Walkthrough and review page.

ezytyga May 13, 2012 10:21 AM

I need help!! My time warp doesn't work! I can't seem to use it on anyine. I have almost finished the game but I can not complete the builders chalenge without the time warp. I loose energy on my devotion bar so the game thinks I have used a god power but nothing happens to the person I put the yellow circle on. Is this a glitch? Has anyone else had this issue? Please tell me if you have a fix...


Akame -

If all you have left is a golden child, the only thing that can help is if you get the "barrel of babies" island event scenario. Otherwise, you will have to start the tribe over if you want more population.

Ezytyga -

The time warp power is part of Virtual Villagers 5, and questions about that game should be taken to that forum. When you use the power on your builder, do you then drop them on the challenge?


If you are low on food and see a mushroom, pause the game ASAP. Then take all the children and place them on the mushroom. It will say picking mushroom when you have them on it correctly. When all the children are picking it, unpause the game. Every child will pick the same mushroom, giving you lots of free food. This has helped me many times when low on food. It's a good glitch and good to know. I hope this helps others.


what annoys me most is at the beginning of the game, the researchers (4 women) all want to stand on top of each other, so i always end up dragging the wrong one away from the table, then sometimes the builder guy walks right through the lady scientists and gets in the way so i end up grabbing him by mistake lol...why do they gotta stand on top of each other with a nice big table for them to stand at lol.


walkthrough for the puzzles with golden child

OK for the golden child here is a hint to do his puzzles they are quite easy with first you wait for him to open the garden, second you pick him up and put him on the garden butterflies will have been created then drag him on the fruitless plant and the fertile plants will have been created


I don't think u can have any more people unless you by the tech points and also why doesn't the golden child grows up?!?kinda useless for its powers and skills after you have finished all the puzzles :( and u should get the game on a iPad if you have one,playing is a bit different but its free!!,


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chrpa Jayisgames really needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details The game by Mygames888 (noprops) has been originally released in 2013 but since it was designed in Flash it hasn't been playable for a while. The...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames really needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Top designer of wholesome and higly relaxing games Robert Alvarez is back with another puzzle game. Very good. Alex Vi's very stylish game has more than...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames really needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Welcome to the newest Weekday Escape! For the start we get two microescapes by Gotmail, quick, good looking and not confusing. TomoLaSiDo wants you to find...  ...
chrpa Jayisgames really needs your help to continue providing quality content. Click for details Wecome to PC Tuesday - this week presents a chemical grid-based puzzler Hidden Oxygen by Meek Bits! The word 'chemical' in the game's description can be a...  ...


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