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Virtual Villagers 5:
New Believers

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GrinnypYes, the long anticipated and climactic chapter in the Virtual Villagers saga has finally arrived as a fantastic present for the New Year. Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers picks up where Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life left off, exploring who or what could be sabotaging the magical island of Isola. Created by Last Day of Work, this is the latest chapter in what is the giant of the casual sim/village simulation field, and boy does it deliver!

Virtual Villagers 5: New BelieversAt the end of Virtual Villagers 4 we were left wondering who or what could have interfered with the magic of the island. In Virtual Villagers 5 we learn precisely what as our intrepid villagers once again go exploring further abroad, this time going into the heart of darkness itself, the inner island. What will they find there? How will it affect their lives? Will there be fishing again? Answers to all those questions and more can be found within this breathtaking chapter.

The game begins with a rather scary story and introduces the newest feature of Virtual Villagers: actual original inhabitants of Isola. Not your old villagers, refugees from an exploding volcano, nor abandoned children, but actual original natives. And the natives are not friendly. They immediately take your team prisoner and you will spend the rest of the game helping your little folk forage for food, shelter, and knowledge while dodging scary and unfriendly guards.

As usual, you start out with a small mix of villagers to begin your adventure. As in Virtual Villagers 4, you can actually choose the mix, creating an exploration team to your exact specifications before the game begins. Once it starts you are faced not only with the resource gathering challenges but the usual mix of problem and puzzle solving, made more difficult by the fact that all of the useful places (fruit bush, science lab, hospital, etc.) are guarded and manned by both hostiles and magical totems. One of the main tasks of the game is trying to figure out how to get around those so you can get the resources needed to grow your small band of people into a thriving settlement.

Virtual Villagers 5: New BelieversThe latest twist to this increasingly popular genre is the presence of the hostile natives (or "heathens" as they are called in the game). There are several different varieties, from apathetic to outright aggressive, and learning how to deal with each type while trying to keep your own villagers alive and healthy makes up the bulk of the game. It is possible to recruit (or "convert") them to your village, you just have to discover how while simultaneously keeping your villagers fed, sheltered, and learning. A nice conundrum that takes everything you know about Virtual Villagers gameplay and stands it on its head. There is another new twist with the introduction of "god-like" powers, allowing you, the villagers' "god" to intervene directly into the flora, fauna, weather, and life-cycle of your intrepid followers.

Now available: Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch!

Analysis: Let's address the Elephant in the Room, shall we? For some people, the word "heathen" is not a nice one, used historically against native inhabitants as an excuse to shove them aside while destroying their culture. It doesn't help that Virtual Villagers 5 has you "converting the heathens", as if the native peoples were somehow inferior and needed your "help" to be all that they could be. Fortunately, the game addresses this in hints and glimpses of the original inhabitants' past. These folks aren't really "heathens" or "barbarians" or "savages" per se, they were originally as advanced as the newcomers who make up your villagers. Someone or something has turned their lives upside down, and they are actually pretty depressed and angry about it. You're not so much converting them as reintroducing them to the way things used to be before the great tragedy that struck Isola (revealed at the end of Virtual Villagers 3: The Secret City).

Virtual Villagers 5: New BelieversGameplay hasn't changed much from the original Virtual Villagers: A New Home. Drag and drop your characters onto places you want them to interact with, be it a berry bush for food, a lab table for research, an area that needs to be cleared, or a building that needs to be...well, built. Each villager has its own character screen where you can view their statistics and set their "preferences" for the type of work you would like them to do. This has always been a bit "god-like", and in previous games you can sometimes see the villagers "worshipping the hand from above" (i.e. the cursor with which you click and drag them around).

Now Last Day of Work has intensified the "god-like" experience by adding the extra powers, allowing you to unleash insects, weather, and in the more advanced levels the ability to de-age a villager or even bring them back from the dead. Again, some folks might be put out by the whole "playing god" routine, but it adds a fabulous extra layer to the already multi-layered casual gameplay.

The actual village area is larger and even more beautiful than ever, with spectacular backdrops that draw the eye even as you frantically attempt to get things done. The controls scheme is just like Virtual Villagers 4 with the addition of a "power" bar and the icons for your powers. The character animations are still the same, a little jerky, but by this, the fifth in the series, the player is used to it and perhaps even a little nostalgic for those spastic little villagers. After all, you do invest a lot of time and effort into raising and training them, and they become a little virtual family that even after all of the puzzles are solved you can keep going for an unlimited time.

Play all the Virtual Villagers games:

So, despite the fact that it may be offensive to some in its use of non-p.c. language, Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers is a brilliant addition to the genre and ramps up everything that is fun about the series. The puzzles are tougher as are the challenges, which is a good thing for those who love this series of village sims. The story has a darker, more sinister edge as you explore what the destruction and grief have done to the original inhabitants of Isola. There's much to love and recommend in this fantastic new adventure. Go explore!

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

We have just finished a massive walkthrough guide for Virtual Villagers 5: New Believers.

Everything you need to get through the game is here, including a lot of spoilers, so proceed at your own risk.



Let the games begin! LDW also offers a game guide, but since so many people are having trouble downloading and saving it, I'm sure everyone will appricate a few tipps and tricks while they wait for LDW-Support to recover from the well-deserved holidays. Here we go:

Hungry Totem

1. Orange Heathens are easily distracted by bees and butterflies. Drop the magic on 'em and they'll scatter. Then you can dismantle the hungry totem whcih will give access to the fruit bush as well as the wood pile.

Hungry Totem 2

Should the fruit run out, again the bees prove rather useful. Just drop the spell on the bush and voilà! more fruit.

Pain Totem

Once you gain the lightening power, drop it on the pain totem. It will then 'discharge' and you can dismantle it. Might take three or more attempts, though.

Advanced Food

Once you have a Master Scientist, s/he can direct rebuilding the aqueduct - more food. Forgot which level building I was one, sorry, might have been Level 2.

Build Off

Drop the Time Warp Spell on a Master Builder and then have him face the purple heathen in the south-left corner.

That's it for now. Happy Gaming! :)


Wow I have been looking forward to a new VV game for a while after completing 4 about a month ago.

Just downloaded it so I'm sure I'll have a lot to say in a few hours ;P


Here's a tip for one of the harder puzzles:

The Heathen parent can be converted by dragging three other mothers to her. I did this while it was raining, but this can also be done by distracting the Orange Heathens and leading them away. There must be three mothers talking to her. Dragging just a normal person will cause her to run away, but you've probably tried this already.

Will post more when I find something new.


Does anyone happen to know how to fill the lake in?


Hey guys. Okay, so i got a huge amount of tips for the starters. Been playing every minute since i bought it, and i love it. I don't have the answer of every puzzle yet, but I got some things.


take away the fences, and make a food bin. Easy, drop a villager on the fence, and they will figure out the rest.

Make a fire:

There is wood in the pile of wood, that looks like an unlit fire. And dry wood is right above the doctors place, or just below the sci-lab.

How to make the love hut:

Use your grown up villagers on the hut, and then use a kid, or an grow up, your choice - to distract the guards. Simply just drop and pick up the villager over and over till the hut is built. Sounds hard, but the hut builds with 20% once at a time. So it's fast.

Food source:

When you have gotten enough "god power" to spend the bees, use the bees on the big bush with food, that will scare the guards away, and now you can break the statue, and start gathering food! But remember, its a limited food source.

Build the big statue in the middle:

Drop people on it, and they will build it. The statues makes you get a bigger territory. When this statue is built, the two guards holding the "fire wood" pile will flee, and that area is yours.

Research place:

You need to be in real hurry when you do this. When you have enough "god power" to use lightning, use that on the statue, and move all your grown up villagers on the statue, in a hurry! so that they will destroy it quickly before the guards return. When that's down, you get the research lab.

Doctors place:

Yet the same way to do it as the way to get to the research place. Use lightning, move villagers, boom its yours.

How to get villagers to convert over to you:

If one of the other tribe gets sick, use a villager to heal him, and he will become your villager. I don't remember the colors on the masks at this moment. And to get those... ehm... blue?? ones that you can talk to, just keep talking to them, so that they will have that glowing thing over they're head. When the glowing thing disappears, talk to the villager again, and keep so.
I don't know about the purple ones yet, but what I have noticed, is that one of them is sitting buy some things you can build. And my strategy is that if i can make an master builder, and win in that

And that is about what i have figured out. And please, if there is any questions, or tip sharing, post em here. :) Have fun guys! BTW sorry about poor english.


Wow!! I have been waiting for LDW to release it and I can't believe I'm actually playing it right now!

Anyways, about the "build off", I did it

With an ADEPT builder and no powers. It was actually the 3rd one I finished. Got lucky 'cause the heathen DID NOT like running. :)


but what I really came here for was the "Rainbow totem"

After you finish the clothing hut,I noticed there were dye pots at the left of the farm. I dropped a villager on one of the pots and it says that they are "putting dye in the pools"... does this have anything to do with the rainbow totem?? please and thank you


I am running into a problem figuring out puzzle 10 ( the lake thing in the bottom left corner) any help would be appreciated



do I have to wait for the water to clear before I put the next color?



already know the combinations,it's pure basics actually.. just wanted to know if you need to clear the water.. thnx by the way



I FIGURED IT OUT!! the clue is in the totem... wow... don't wanna spoil it so gonna keep my mouth shut.. sorry

Anonymous January 2, 2011 12:29 AM

It's me again with another tip!

Broken Aquaduct:

In order to fix it, you just don't need a master builder (any builders will do, I think), you need a master scientist too. Drag the master scientist to the duct so that he/she will direct the builders on what to do.

They will get bored with the activity. I had to drag my villagers over to the duct several times to get it done.


spoiler-free stuff: (it says SPOILER FREE but open at your own risk)

Puzzle 1:

You won't be able to move or check the details of the heathens but you can still interact with them by dropping villagers unto them. Try it on ALL of the heathens you see. ALL.

Puzzle 2:

If you want food you gotta have something to put it in.

Puzzle 3:

Git rid of the guards before you try to destroy it.

Puzzle 4:

KNOWING the heathens weaknesses will definitely help.

Puzzle 5:

You need someone really smart to lead the project.

Puzzle 6:

Haven't finished it yet. But judging on the icon, I think it has something to do with bones. (love that show by the way :).)

Puzzle 7:

another totem. I still haven't finished this one yet cause it's really tricky.

Puzzle 8:

Try putting kids inside the totem. But remember, the maxixum capacity is 5. (But who cares right?)

Puzzle 9:

I got lucky on this one. Turns out my opponent didn't like running so he was kinda slow.

Don't slow the enemy down, but rather make you builder a lot faster

Puzzle 10:

something to do with the lake. Not yet finished.

Puzzle 11:

Fight FIRE with FIRE or something like that.

Puzzle 12:

It seems that the heathens only prefer the color that can be seen on the totem.

Puzzle 13:

solved this one by luck. Don't know how but I think you got to have the right villager with the right formula. (No, it's not E=mc2)

Puzzle 14 - 16:
Haven't finished yet.

Puzzle 17:
The mom won't let you touch her baby, so try someone who does the same thing.



i converted my heathen parent..... and it's a guy o.o carrying a kid....


I found a super cool trick on distracting guards.

drop a villager next to the guards and quickly pick up your villager. Then hover it slowly and the guards will follow your floating villager.


Nauret -

are you sure? wow that's awesome!


Grinnyp -

thnx a bunch man! Now I won't visit this page again! Cool!

Anonymous January 2, 2011 10:40 AM

To convert the heathen mother, you have to have three nursing mothers (from your little group) to talk "mommy to mommy" with her. She (or, in Naurel's case, he) will then join your group.

Anonymous January 3, 2011 12:18 AM

Whenever I try to buy an upgrade, my window crashes. Am I doing something wrong?

Anonymous January 3, 2011 7:33 PM

there is a glitch with the game that can help with those pesky angry guards (orange mask)

if you click and drag a child to them then quickly double click to make the guards chase them slowly drag the child to an area that is clear then press "m" and release the mouse this will lock the guards under the child and they will stay there


I cannot get to the food. I have tried bees, butterflies, children and a combination of all three. The red hats do not leave. I have followed all instructions on this site and nothing has worked for me. Please tell me what I am doing wrong. I love VV but my frustration is about to make me turn off.


A really nice addition to the Virtual Villagers series. The depth of the story in this installation made me care more about the village than any of the previous installations did (which to me were, "ho-hum, let's make some people and solve some puzzles, who cares what the island is about?). This is the first time in this series that I felt something bigger is at stake than "how do I kept my villagers fed?".

I do have a huge gripe about this game, and it isn't even the whole "convert the heathens" thing. It's the whole "being chased by angry heathens" thing. Can you imagine the psychological trauma that those kids would have, spending their entire childhood worrying when the Aggressive Orange Heathen Child will come kick down their sandcastle and chase them out of their playground? Or worse still, being used as a bait repeatedly to lure Angry Aggressive Orange Heathen Adults away from Mom and Dad? AND YOU CAN'T EVEN RUN AWAY. JUST LIKE IN A NIGHTMARE. Can you imagine the sense of helplessness, anger, and resentment that these children would feel? Or the lack of self-esteem that would ensue from not ever being able to bring a mushroom to the food bin because you can't run faster than an AAOH? And what about those children who are born running-challenged? How would they feel, being continuously stalked and harassed by AAOHs?

Would you be surprised if serious mental health issues abound among these apparently happy and accomplished Isolans? If I grew up under those circumstances, I would just don my mask and become a psychopath.

I hereby request funding for setting up a victim's support group.


ok if the secret is in the totem rainbow then do you have to make the color green? and my other problem is i don't have any fast adult villagers.

Anonymous January 6, 2011 9:13 PM

I can't distract the red guards at the hunger totem; tried bees but not sure what/how to do it. And how do you get lightning? Thank you!


how do u get food after the noni is gone


Easy way to fill the lake

You don't have to use the tempest two times. Instead just wait for the rain to fill part of the lake then use the tempest one time!


hello members

i have done with everything completed all the puzzles
what i m stuck on is just this last puzzle
mommy puzzle (heathen parent)

I have tried a lot the heathen parent by dropping my nursing villager parents on her while the guards were away like when it rains or by distracting them with lightening or by villagers i have tried more than 3 or 5 mothers by talking to her but she is not yet converted and i have given them proper time to talk when both of the mother's conversation said nothing or taking care of baby then i put second mother then third then next and next and next and kept guards away by raining.... but nothing happened it didnt work with me..... any solutions?
please help

And i have seen a good way for food for villagers when you are done buying technologies let all your villagers except some with tech teachings and some with building and medicine let all villagers on the lake and they will take food its true you will not get a clear way but when you open your game the next time you will find that you have too much food in your food bin enough for 100 villagers for many days even with without food source

Inês Oliveira January 8, 2011 8:16 PM

All my villagers died when they had plenty of food and were all healthy... help!!


Buy all technologies especially medicine and train your villagers with medicine the more you have master doctors the less your villagers will die, except from old age.

ElliKnowsTheWayOut January 9, 2011 11:39 AM

I have a technical problem: Every time I put it in pause and I leave, sth happens , and when i come again on its in fast mode, I've killed 9 villagers by this mistake - help!!!

(I read all comments, wow guys , you're doing great!!! I haven't even completed the statue!!!)

ElliKnowsTheWayOut January 9, 2011 11:42 AM

I'm stuck in the blocking totem - if someone can help, say sth... please just leave a hint :)

ElliKnowsTheWayOut January 9, 2011 11:47 AM

Oh, and sth else: We all know that you need 3 mothers to make the ''heathen mummy'' yours, but it isn't the only thing - you need to train each mummy talking with her and then put them all together.

elisabeth January 10, 2011 6:11 AM

i dont get claypotts
i have build the closebuilding
please help


I'm having trouble destroying the knowledge totem. I destroyed the Hungry one first, and now all the guards and red masks from that totem are guarding the research lab's totem. I really need to start researching, and I've already tried using bees. Please help!

Anonymous January 11, 2011 4:23 PM

Need help with "bones" lab puzzle. I solved the puzzle with the formula and purple mask converted but i cannot find the necklace piece and it does not show as finished. Help!!!!


ok this has nothing to do with vv, but don't know how to ask for a walkthrough help and tips. Don't know where all fans of westward are but come on Westward Kingdoms is hard and am stuck. pls all you lovers of westward get on the game and help us mere mortals,please can we have a walkthrough?


ok I can't to the 2nd tower and get can't to 2nd kingdom, hero can't do it in fact have tried all,tried using hero in water tried soldiers.craftsmen all even trying to build a wood bridge can't be done so can not go any further in quest, help pls!westward kingdom as same as all westwards but I can't sort this out so really need help here or can't go anyfurther and it's only kindom 1 and have 3 to get through help!!!!


Has anyone figured out how to...

1, convert the yellow masks
2, convert the red masks
3, restore the dirty encampment
4, put the completed necklace back into the totem with the missing eye????

Done everything else, if I can help anyone, please just ask....


There is a rather easy way in destroying the rainbow totem:

Use bees to sting the red and yellow masked heathens on the pool... Wait for them to hide in the water, and start dragging people to dismantle the totem.


I found the easiest way to distract the guards is to have them start chasing the children then make butterflies :) the kids will play in the butterflies and the guard keep chasing them through it. Usually dont stop chasing the kids until butterflies disappear.


Has anyone converted Rascal? I just realized he has disappeared from my game. He is not in the Mausoleum and if he converted, he changed his name. Maybe he went into witness protection? :-)


hi! i only have one master builder, how do i get more ppl to master this? i think i need more master builders!!!

also my mausoleum is now above 1000%!!


I've just started playing and I've collected lots of duplicate relics but my tech points don't change, stuck at 1599. I haven't gotten through the science totum yet, does that mean I can't get points from relics either? I'm not looking for any cheats or hints, I just want to know if this is a glitch or part of the game...help please!!


Hey. I'm hoping someone can help me with this. I'm playing Virtual Villagers and the chief has already joined me without completing the necklace. It was during that question that popped up on whether I wanted to allow a new believer into the tribe that seemingly wanted to join too fast. I said yes, and it turned out to be the chief!

Very cool I thought at first, but now I'm having major troubles with the necklace. I have the grove uncovered, but now when I try to give the necklace, I keep getting a message saying the chief isn't home right now. Well of course he isn't! He's in my tribe. Anyone know what to do or have experienced this before?


I`m done with everything, I just can`t find this key-collectible! Does anyone know how it looks like? Is it golden or what colour is it?


How do you get villagers to complete the devotion requirement? Polishing the statue does not seem to work. Any suggestions?


Hi everyone. when someone dies in this game do they not get "buried" their skeleton just seem to disappear after a while. Has anyone got found a way to bury them? Thanks

Katirna Fber January 30, 2011 1:43 AM

Rainbow totem,
There is a very easy way to dismantle this totem early in the game that no one else seems to know.

Use the Fog of Doom to make your villagers invisible to the heathens and drop a bunch of villagers on the Rainbow totem. they will dismantle it. This can be used on other totems as well.


I've solved all the puzzles, gotten the cheif to join, but I can't convert the orange and red masks. I know I need Earthquake, but I only have 620 experience points. How do I get more points so I can advance to Earthquake ?


I have virtually finished the game and am just playing to get the trophies. I can't work out how to make a devotee become a devotee. If I put them on the statue they polish it. What do I do to start them off?

Anonymous February 6, 2011 3:09 AM

I am going nuts with the devotee problem. Grrrr. If anyone can tell me how to increase devotee after all the heathens are converted I'd appreciate it. And, just because I need to vent, I think it sucks that if you use the youth power on a woman and then get her with child that she carries that kid around till she reaches the age you granted youth to her. I've got 74 year old nursing a baby and she's been useless to me since she was 20! A little warning woulda been nice!


What happens when I dismantle a totem? Please tell me on each one. :) And if you're wondering why, I ask because I'm careful.


can't seem to find the dry wood

inkfingers February 12, 2011 5:49 PM

I am also pretty much finished the game , just working on trophies aswell and am having the same problem , i have no heathens left , how to i start non devotees to devote , they just say untrained unsure what to do , and they are masters at everything else


how do you get your population over 100? and how do you get your energy bar to 800 so you can do the earthquake?? my current pop. is 90 and my max on my energy bar is 796!! i need earthquake to convert the rest of the heathens!


Two things
A) How do I get the people to stop rebuilding the mausoleum? It's up to 290%!
B) How long to I have to wait before I am able to talk to the blue heathens w/ the lights??


There are ways to do certain things without removing totems.


You cannot "talk" to a blue masked heathen that has gained faith (has a light over his/her head). However, you can attempt to talk to them which will run them off from the mausoleum while having several workers cleaning it up. It does take time, and have also found it useful to use the butterflies when the child with the orange mask comes around to scare everyone off. He will go chase the butterflies and leave the workers alone.



You don't have to do anything special for the rainbow totem, all you have to do is use the bee god power and make sure the circle ends just before the totem and that the red heathen is in there, after that wait till he/she moves and then send all your tribe there to disassemble it, use as many times as needed


I'm having the same problem as others. I've completed all the puzzles but can't get my energy above 575. The only tech I have left to buy is medicine and I've converted the chief and all the blue masked heathens but at this rate, I'll never get enough energy points to use the revive or earthquake!

Christine Green February 19, 2011 7:13 PM

How do build more huts? I can't seem to find in the walkthru the answer.


I have a population of 90 people and it says there is no more room. But one of the trophies is for reaching 100 people. How can I do that? No other hut has shown up, I've built 3.


I cannot seem to get my builders to be a master bulder!!! i have like 4 Adept builders but i cannot make them masters! HELP!


Ok! Here I go, I was reading and keep seeing something about a nursery school...where is that and how do you get the chance to build it? I was wondering if you get the plans so to speak for it by upgrading level 3 on the learning? I have completed half of the puzzles, I have all the totems torn down but 2 and those will be a while. I love these games but boy is this taking forever...and I need it to rain!!!!


locate one of your huts immediately to the right of the woodpile and to the left of the noni bush....the orange masks will leave the area!

Racerxchic February 27, 2011 6:35 PM

You can "refill" the Noni bush by dropping the bees on the bush to pollinate it. Hope this helps all you starving villagers!

Anonymous March 2, 2011 6:21 PM

how can i win the building challenge :'(
how can i convert the red masked ppl and the yellow masked ones?
how can i convert the chief?

guest CL March 5, 2011 6:42 PM

?? I have 2 games running. I zapped Master Builders in each game to challenge and best the heathen Master. Both of them start the challenge, and then zoom off doing other tasks around the area!! One game is finished researching all techs, and the other just needs medicine to complete. Have I missed a crucial point to finish this task?

luckygamer March 8, 2011 9:07 PM

i need help i need to now how to fish in the river in vv5 if some one tells that i cant do it in the river only in the lake then how do u get food fast so the villagers dont starve


I too am having a problem with the building challenge. I get him started on the build off hit the time warp power and does one side of that thing and then runs off to do other things.
Is there some trick to doing it?

My builder unlike the one previously stated in a previous post, liked to run


ok so i filled the lake up but now when i put a villager to it it says"no life visible" or something like. people say you need a certain power but i dont know which one to use.o yea i have all the tech and done all the puzzles except for this but my energy will only go up to 674. oooooo HELP HELP HELP!

caithlin Tran March 16, 2011 8:13 PM

you want to retrieve power. The only way to gain power is let them making a lot of baby.

if you want to win the building challenge have to have the clock wrap power. just pick any of your builder. then let him got him the time wrap power drag him or her to the challenge.


Please help, how can I make my virtual villagers healthy as many of them are very weak? Answer quick . :]

mashelle March 19, 2011 1:00 AM

What's the highest population you can have?

I have 109 people, no one has died. I have everything completed EXCEPT having ten people with all skills.

I can't figure out how to raise devotion when there are no heathens. Polishing the stone does not work.

Does anyone know?


so, i'm confused. I guess I didnt get the version with the "mommy" heathen. i've finished everything else, still looking for a few collectibles, converted all the heathens, but cant seem to figure out how to clean up the former heathen campground. I managed to get a villager to start cleaning up very early in the game, but i think a heathen ran them off.
does anyone have any idea how to clear up the camp group???


I have a problem with "godly powers" - some of them don't work (but use up the energy when aplied) or work only partially, i.e. Hand of Bloom will work on the crops field but doesn't give me flowers and mushrooms on the ground and still takes my energy, Time Wrap doesn't work at all - I've tried it several times on different villagers, and when used on a child didn't count in the trophies even. Same with Lightning Strike, it worked on all totems and suddenly stopped while I was trying to deal with Blocking Totem. Does anyone have simmilar problem? please help! I can't finish my puzzles :(

clarisse March 22, 2011 8:44 PM

so, i have placed the missing eye in the statue and seen the master heathen but i did not get all the necklace pieces, did i do something wrong?

Dragon chick April 1, 2011 11:36 PM

How in the world do you convet the Heathen master Scientist and get the last piece of the necklace im stuck here. Far thing when it comes to the lake what till it rain keep the kids out of the puddles and use TEMPTEST it cost 300 Spirit Ponits as i call them. And then you will need REVIVE that costs about 600 or 700 SP.


To get energy easy find relics and science item scince items increase tech points i beat every puzzle exept the revive fish one so to get more storage for energy get relics and build the statue hand it well say building statue


Dragon chick okay i know how easily you can either get cheat engine 5.5 im not advertising or you can well for energy you can use cheat blah blah blah ya so get a master scientest need lv.2 scince then put on board for about 3 times maybe more

3dogsrule April 9, 2011 1:28 PM

After I restored the mausoleum an orange masked rascal got into the water near it, and now I can't get an adult to carry the pan of water past the rascal. Tried to distract the rascal with butterflies and kids, but the adult always drops the pan and runs away. How do I make the rascal go away?

Blackpearl April 11, 2011 6:24 AM

I have completed all the techs, solved all the puzzles but I still have villagers gathered by the broken down huts, when I try to convert a heathen the villagers get chases away :( HELP

First time I tried the warp power, my master builder disappeared to a hut I was building, so I suggest start him by a hut, if it needs repairs that's where he will go.

If you want the rascal to go away drop an elderly villager, they are slow so the rascal will follow them until they get where they are going (which usually takes forever).

I have one problem with this game after the puzzles are solved, there is NOTHING left to do other than collect items, complete the trophies and increase population, it took me a while in Tree of Life to figure out when you hear the tinkling bells it's the second one that an items appears. This game has potential, you should be able to expand the vilage build more huts etc. I await the next One.

Anonymous April 14, 2011 6:08 PM

do the musoleum after you build the food bin it is alot easier because it is only around 120

AWSH HUM May 21, 2011 8:28 PM

I've played every other virtual Villagers game but I always stop playing after I finish the puzzles but in this one I couldn't leave it alone! I want to convert all those pesky yellow/red heathens and get all the trophies! New Believers is so much more fun the the last couple games. Tree of Life was so easy that I beat it with out any of my original Villagers dying but this is much more challenging!


Can you change their clothes?? because once you build the clothes or laundry hut it says you can change their outfits but you need more tech points. how many tech points do you need to be able to change their outfits.

Pokerwife1 June 9, 2011 4:19 PM

I don't have a heathen mother. I have three games going. The first one I have almost finished, only have to convert the orange and red masks; the other two games still have blue masked heathens but none of the games have or had a heathen mother. :-( Did anyone else encounter this?


When I put the dye in the pool it turns a nasty color, but no one leaves. :(

pattycake June 26, 2011 11:53 AM

to fill in the lake you have to have six children. put them all in the totem by the lake.


hey where are all you people finding this game to download?

[The best place to get the game is from Big Fish Games, and links to download the game can be found in the review above. Just click on any of the links or images in the review. -Jay]


What is up with the abandoned campsite. My village is lovely, but that campsite is an eyesore. How do you clean it up?


Okay, I cannot get the Hungry Totem dismantled. I've tried everything I can think of. I've used the bees, but it doesn't seem to affect the Red Mask Heathen, plus my villagers run from the bees also! So I can't get them to stay at the Totem to dismantle it. I need help! We have no food, weakened health, and I just started this game yesterday!

I'm good with getting the Yellow Mask Heathen away, but not the red one.


hey guys i finished all the puzzles but i dont know how to turn the orange and red mask heathen can someone help me?

Melinda Smith August 24, 2011 8:24 PM

You have to keep having earth quakes make sure you click on the area in which the heathens are standing and you will see them change it takes awhile but it works.


anyone knows how to get the 3rd house?


construction lvl 3, then you can build house 3


Kori-use lighting on the hungry totem guards, making sure all ur villagers ae out of the way and then drag them all to the totem to get it torn down as quickly as possible before the guards come back. Do the same for the knowing totem. For the rainbow totem, get the pots of dye and make the water orange. The guards run away, then you can dismantle ge totem, but just have 2 villagers going back and forth making the water orange. Strike the pain totem with lighting, then you can dismantle it. For the blocking totem, train up as many master builders as you can, strike the guards with lighting, bring all the master builders to the totem to dismantle it, and strike the guards with bees to hold them off. I think you need to fill the hollow totem with 5 children, and then strike it with lightning or something. hope that helps!!! :)


I can not convert the masterbuilder heathen I have tried challenging him with master and adept builders but neather was fast enough, HELP!


If you use the warp speed thing, it takes 500 energy and then drop the master builder. that will do it! I think. It worked for me. x


I chose a nursing mother as my startup 'team' and she's STILL nursing. its stuck at 81 minutes. does anyone know how i can remedy this?


inspiration5505 November 12, 2011 10:17 PM

I was wondering to get the Lab from the Heatheans? How many adults am I going to need to tear down the statue?


How do you create a master devote? Because I have a villager who I keep on making young again in hopes that he'll become a master devote but it never happened. HELP!!!


how do I convert a nursing heathen?


I have all three huts and I have mastered buildings and food, but it wont let me have any more villagers over 90. can i get more houses or what?


hi,umm I have a few questions :)
What is the first skill that I should upgrade with techpoints? I wanna know what would be the best as a starter. also, do I need to have a certain level of building for fixing the aqueduct? I have a master scientist and many adept builders, but it says some research may be neccesary. Oh, and What does the hand of Bloom do?


Hi, it's me again. I answered most of my questions;)
But I think I have new ones. What does the hand of bloom and the sunshine do? Also do I fill the empty totem with five kids them strike it with lightning to dismantle it?


For the hungry totem I've used lightning on the guards then used most villagers to destroy while one or two distracts the yellow masks red masks are pretty slow. I've lightninged twice and I'm already at 50% destroyed. Get lightning and kill the little buzzards!!!!! Jk u can't kill em. Be careful not too lightning ur villagers too. This is also how I got the Knowing Totem


Hey, Im pretty new to this and im struggling a little!! I need master builders to complete the aquaduct but i dont have any buildings left to built as I built the honeymoon hut and the normal hut already without knwoing this. Is there a way I can gain master builders to complete my aquaduct?


For everyone having trouble with your villagers learning Devotion... Once they have talked a a blue faced person even once and have a small amount of the devotion skill, if you set their preference to devotion they will "honor" the statue and slowly (very slowly) they will gain devotion points.


HELP - I just had an event pop up -
One of my male characters found a Heathen mask.
Should I put it on or burry it ?????


i have been playing for about a day and i am stuck....i got to level 2 farming and i am almost out of noni berries!!!! and i have no idea how to get more food other than dropping bees on the noni berries to make a little bit more...WILL SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!


Hi beetrix,

There are ways to get more food, have you read our walkthrough guide for hints and tips? Also, your question is a common one and has been answered before several times. Have you read through some of the other comments?


Ok, so I've finished everything. Now for the last red/orange heathens. Well, like you I've already hit em with a few earthquakes and still no conversion. Oh, you need to have people honoring in order to increase godly power points. I only need the golden bird which I think I need in order to convert the last heathens. Though I did convert 1 so far with an earthquake.


Correction, I just converted all but the brat
and 2 heathens without the last golden bird, so I think repeatedly hitting em with earthquakes will eventually convert all of em. Cheers, Rayzer.


I need some help- all of my villagers are weakened!! How do I fix this!? Thank you!!


I'm stuck with the last heathens in the abandoned campsite zzzzt. how to convert all of them T_T. need help


I have finished most of the game. What I would like to do is to have some of my people gain in devotion. I brought them to the large hand in the middle square but since they don't have any devotion, all they will do is want to polish it. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Mystic Magic October 15, 2012 1:12 PM

I am having problems getting a villager to master builder level - I've had the same villager working on a hut for HOURS.. and he hasn't advanced at all. Any suggestions?


Got a question how do I get god powers?


I have been addicted to this game from the start but i still cannot figure out how to convert the people in red masks..... is there a certain puzzle i have to complete or what?????


I found a much easier way to destroy the rainbow totem:

Just use bees on the red mask in the water, and wait for him to run and "hide" in another part of the water. He will stand far enough away that if you have your villagers ready, you can drop them on the totem and they won't run from him. You might have to do this several times, but this way you can destroy the totem pretty early in the game.


So I only got the free version because the only difference is a limit on the size of your village. Because of this, I'm kind of stuck right now with only 495 max god power and no children. Is there a way around this? will I lose god power when a villager dies, or should I just wait until I can have another kid to get power?

horseangel41 May 2, 2014 9:51 AM

What do I do with the cave area to the right of the lake (not the mausaleum) It's the area with the dirt, broken pottery and stuff just above the lake to the right?

jolarti March 4, 2015 9:01 AM

This is a great review but it's spilled with *spoiler* images :-(
Could you please replace those?
I myself was very unhappy to see the results of actions in this great game...


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