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The Tree of Life

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GrinnypIt's time to travel back to Isola! Yes, that magical island paradise with the odd wildlife and mysterious ruins is back in Virtual Villagers 4: The Tree of Life, the latest installment in the Virtual Villagers casual sim series by Last Day of Work. The powerhouse of the field, the game by which all other village simulations are measured, is back to delve deeper into the secrets of the island!

virtualvillagers4a.jpgThe story begins with a recap of the first three games. After fleeing an erupting volcano, some of the descendants of the original settlers accidentally find the west side of the island, complete with abandoned children, and make another thriving settlement. The second settlement having gotten too big to sustain them, the villagers send out a scouting party that discovers ruins at the north end of the island, and learn much about the history of those who have gone before. Now, the chief of the northern settlement is uneasy. The magical plants and animals that make Isola such a welcoming place to live have begun to die off. What to do? Why, send off yet another expedition, of course!

During the intro, the first of the new changes found in Virtual Villagers 4 kicks in. Rather than being stuck with a randomly generated group, you get to customize an expedition party of five. Choose from a plethora of characters of different ages, genders, talents, and personality quirks. Once the selection is made, the real fun begins. Create a thriving settlement using those five people while simultaneously investigating and solving the riddles of this new area of the island. Find food, build shelter, research technology, and explore every inch of this strange new place while keeping the villagers happy, healthy, and thriving.

virtualvillagers4.jpgFor the four or five of you who have never heard of the series it's simple. Complete tasks by picking up a villager and dropping him or her onto a particular area, like a berry bush to gather food, or the foundations of a hut to build shelter. Set some villagers to research and use the resulting tech points to purchase more advanced technology, allowing the village to grow and prosper while attempting to solve the mysteries of the island. Villagers who stay on task will accumulate knowledge, skill, speed, and expertise. Help them solve the riddles while keeping them dry, warm, and fed.

Virtual Villagers 4, like all the games in the series, runs in real time. That means even when the game is off, time is passing and events are happening. If you're going to be away for very long, slow down or stop time for your little friends. Otherwise, when you come back, well, occasionally it's not very pretty. Villagers can die of disease, starvation, or old age, leaving behind nothing but a skeleton and it's not fun to come back to those. Because of the time it takes to accomplish some of the tasks, Virtual Villagers 4 is a game best played in short segments, rather than in a marathon live session.

Gameplay has changed little from the first of the series, but new tweaks have been added, along with new puzzles to solve, new collectibles to collect, and a new mystery to solve. At the center of the story is the titular Tree of Life, a banyan tree that is near death. The central story revolves around this tree: why is it dying, how can it be saved, and why is it affecting all other life on the island.

virtualvillagers4c.jpgAnalysis: Virtual Villagers is one of the most popular village sim games around, if not one of the most popular casual games series in general. Virtual Villagers 4 doesn't change the formula much, but adds new layers of complexity that lengthen the gameplay and gives the player something to do beyond solving the central 16 puzzles. The later puzzles are especially complex, requiring a vast interwoven synthesis of technology, nature, manufactured goods, and manpower to solve. More fun for the Virtual Villager fan!

The hand-painted backgrounds and cutscenes are even more gorgeous this time around, enhanced by a wonderful, haunting soundtrack to set the mood. The menu controls which obscured the left side of the screen have been condensed and moved to the bottom, leaving the view of the stunning vistas unimpeded. The collectibles, a carryover from the last two installments, have been incorporated into the gameplay itself instead of being tacked on as an unnecessary side task. The little villagers have a wider range of clothing, hair colors, hair styles, and personality quirks than ever before, moving them ever closer to real, live virtual people rather than disposable pawns. If there's any complaint at all about Virtual Villagers 4 it's this: the jerky little animations of the villagers are getting a little old. It would be nice to see their movements smoothed over and made less cartoon-like.

Play all the Virtual Villagers games:

Nevertheless, Last Day at Work has upped the ante and produced some fascinating, engrossing, occasionally frustrating but still marvelous casual gameplay that is fun for the whole family. Fans of the series will find a whole host of new things to love, and new players are sure to be hooked by those charming little islanders. Long after all the mysteries are solved you may find yourself revisiting your industrious little people to make sure they keep on thriving. Check out the gift of gameplay that keeps on giving!

Note: Virtual Villagers 4 is as of now only available from Last Day at Work in a Developer's edition, which includes their official game guide, the heartfelt soundtrack in mp3 format, and gorgeous desktop wallpapers.

Download the demo Get the full version Also available: Developer's Edition

Mac OS XMac OS X:
Download the demo Get the full version

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

We've completed a Virtual Villagers 4 Walkthrough strategy guide to help you through...


Ooh, can't wait to try this out! :)


$20? No thank you. BigFish has set the bar at $7. This price point is not going to work.


Actually, BigFish has the previous three games for such prices. They do not have this new one yet. And when they do, it will most likely be twenty dollars.


I already purchased VV4, and am really impressed with how much it has evolved over time. Just for fun, I decided to throw this "screenshot" together of the Villagers latest discovery.


We've completed a Virtual Villagers 4 Walkthrough strategy guide to help you through...


You do understand that LDW is a really small company, the game costed a lot to make (sounds, voice-overs, hand-drawn graphics, music) and LDW can't really feed themself at $7


As soon as I got the email from LDW saying the game was out, I got the trial to make sure it would work on my computer and immediately bought the game. $20 is the usual fare for most games (not talking about BFG), so I didn't mind. Plus, it's the Developer's Edition, so for once I didn't have to wait for someone to make a walkthrough.

The only minor complaint I have with the game is some of the voices for the kids. There's one specific voice that's so high-pitched, I always loath to pick up a child with that voice. Also, when you're building a new hut, I like that you can pick where it is, but I think there should have been an option asking you if that's where you want it. I sometimes end up moving around the screen using the mouse and moving the hut as well, right when my little villagers are trying to work on it. :/


I've purchased and played the previous V.V. games and they just keep getting better. So I'm excited to try out the demo of this new one. I'm hoping they'll make an i-pod touch version.

I'd love to try the contest, but I'm an old grandma that's not too techie-minded and I don't know how to post a link to a screen shot, or do any other of the "fancy" things. Would this be something like having a blog, putting the screen shot on the blog, and posting a link to that?

I just like to play good games in my spare time instead of knitting or baking cookies. And I'm always looking for age-appropriate games for my grandchildren.

Grandma C


A steady supply of tech points with just CHILDREN, after the completion of the 16th puzzle:

Get them to pick the flowers the hummingbird has just stopped at. Each flower is worth 50 tech points.

Just thought I wanted to share this :)


Grandma C - there are tons of free image hosting services out there: Imageshack, Photobucket, Tinypic, to name a few. You can also send us the screenshot if you like, send it to our contact address (link in the site footer) and then add a comment referencing it (we'll edit the comment and put a link to the image in there for you).

You can also just download the demo and play for a while, then think up a tip to share here by drawing off your experience with the VV series as a whole. :)


Grandma C,

You do not need to post a screenshot or any of the fancy things. Just write about tips and hints about how to get the most out of the game :)

As for a screenshot,
1. Press the Prnt Scrn button on your keyboard while playing the game.
2. Ctrl + V (paste) it onto Paint (or any other software like Paint)
3. Save it after you have cropped it.
4. Upload it. (I use
5. Post the link here.


Congratulations to dogdave and RandomGuy, the first 2 winners in our weekend long Virtual Villagers 4 giveaway! Please send an email to our contact address with your full name and a statement that you're at least 13 years of age (if you're not 13, please get your parents to send an email instead).

excellentgal February 27, 2010 8:48 PM

I have been waiting for VV4 since like forever. LDW did such an amazing job with VV series and VV4 is even better, in my opinion. I tend not to look at the walkthrough until I'm really stuck though. I knew JIG would come up with review and walkthrough real soon and you did it! That is fast!
Here's the screenshot I made. Hope you enjoy it.^^

FebruaryMarch February 27, 2010 9:59 PM

I love the first three Virtual Villagers installments. Just discovered today that the new one is out, and jumped at the chance to download the demo. Haven't bought it yet, but had great fun with the hour that I did get. Now, I bring you a little screenshot I took.

I found it funny in my game that a) the Tutorial wanted you to build the loveshack in order to continue, and b) that all my male villagers seemed perfectly content to build it, while my female one worried about food constantly and wouldn't get to work.

Please enjoy!


Can you still use the system time cheat in VV4?


Hi Everyone,

Thanks, as always, for all the kind words about VV4!! We kind of took our time making it...even more than usual. So far everyone seems to be enjoying it.

Very cute screenshots you guys are making, btw! :)

Just dropping in also to say, yes, it is coming to iPhone and iPod Touch (and iPad). It will be a couple months still...we owe everyone some fixes and updates on our current iTunes games first, and Plant Tycoon is in testing and coming out (to iPods etc) next.



Arthur Humphrey and the whole LDW staff makes a great sequel for the virtual Villagers Series.


P.S. Your baby is sOOOOO cute!



I'm probably a quarter through the game, and it is as enjoyable as ever. The only problem so far is to get a villager to acquire healing skills. There is no bench as in VV3, and no means of studying herbs as in VV2.

Happy gaming,



Ewa, once you upgrade Medicine to level 3, there will be a structure you can build to study Healing.


I don't generally use the spoilers, except when there is no food. I just need to know if they are going to be able to fish or what? The blackberries are gone. Not sure what to do before they all die on me. I need 40000 for the last tech for food. Any suggestions?
Thanks, Kris


Kris, there are numerous food sources on the island, but if you haven't discovered any alternatives yet, then keep an eye out for mushrooms until you can get something else available. That should tide you over with enough food so nobody starves. The island is generous with mushrooms when you need them. :)

Here are two things you can try:

Big yellow fruit

  • Have you noticed when you have a villager shake one of these down (s)he says: "This fruit needs to be cooked"?

  • You need to prepare the earthen oven, that's the large pit of stones in the southwest corner of the island. First you need to clear it if you haven't already.

  • Next you need to get builders to bring hot rocks to the pit. You'll need to fill the pit with 4 rocks, and the rocks fade away over time, so you need to be quick about it.

  • Once you have the 4 rocks in place, putting a villager over top of it indicates it needs "to be covered". Haven't you seen something around the island that can be used as a "cover"?

  • There is a fern plant near the left of the bridge to the science lab that can be used as a covering. Now put a villager over that and (s)he will cover and complete the earthen oven where your villagers can now cook the fruit! :)


  • Before you can fish, you'll need to fix the piers, if you haven't already done so. Put a villager or two on either of the broken piers to get them repaired.

  • Next, when you place a villager on a pier, it says they are attempting to repair the fishing nets. They will try to walk over to the cloth hut to get cloth needed for the nets. If you don't have the cloth hut built, you'll need that before you can proceed.

  • If they get to the cloth hut and there is no cloth, then you'll need to make some cloth before the nets can be repaired.

  • Cloth can be made using the "pulpy vines" in a stew (cutting tool is required!). Get a villager to cut them down by placing him/her over top of the pulpy vines (located just above the fire). They'll set them on the table in the science lab. You'll need salt water and a hot rock under to cook everything up.

  • Next, place a villager over top of the pulpy vines on the table and (s)he will cook up the vines. Once finished, place the villager over top the smoking pot to gather the cloth pulp and then lay it out over the stone near the water.

  • Next, you will have to continue to place a villager on the cloth pulp until it is 100% prepared. I found that villagers don't like to continue working on the pulp, so you have to keep placing them on it until it's completed. Once complete, the villager will take it over to the cloth hut, and then you can finish your nets!


Congratulations to excellentgal and FebruaryMarch, the next 2 winners in our weekend long Virtual Villagers 4 giveaway! Please send an email to our contact address with your full name and a statement that you're at least 13 years of age (if you're not 13, please get your parents to send an email instead).

FebruaryMarch February 28, 2010 8:18 PM

Hi Jay, thanks so much! I'm so excited to play the full version soon! =)

Now...I'm sorry if I'm being a bit stupid, but which (contact) email address do you mean?

[Find a link to our contact email address in the site footer (on every page). -Jay]


I'm kind of disappointed that we didn't get more participation for our little giveaway, since we still had a few more free copies of the game.

But thanks to everyone who participated, you're awesome and thanks for your visits! :D


:( So we can't participate in the contest anymore? Or submit screenshots since the weekend is over?


If you have a screenshot to share, then please post a link to it!

But what took you so long? We announced our giveaway on Friday, and now it's already Monday. You have to keep up with the goings on at JIG or you're likely to miss out(!) ;)


Hi, I know it's late, can I still enter the contest? If not, I understand.
Here's my link:

bev2222 March 7, 2010 5:23 PM

When do the ghosts appear - I have three dead villagers but no ghosts!


i have unlocked the cutting tool but wen i put my villagers over to the pulpy vines they say their confused wat else do i need to do to make a cloth and nets


i have unlocked the cutting tool but i cant make a cloth ive put villagers to the pulp vines but they say their cofused wat else do i need to do to make cloth and nets to fish with


thank you for replying quite quick

BrightonRoxx March 11, 2010 2:24 PM

i'm not sure if the phrase 'call of nature' means the same in the US as it does in the UK.. here it's a polite way of saying you need the bathroom.. so whenever i see 'nature is calling..' i think of that!

[That's exactly what it means! :) -Jay]


I've never seen a crab even though I've got tons of fish, and I can't figure out how to fill the pool. I've tried the adept builder/scientist, but he doesn't know what to do either.

Anonymous March 11, 2010 5:48 PM

Broken link: Gives only an error message:

[That's weird, the link works just fine for me. Try this one instead: It's also available from the Walkthroughs menu in the main site menu. -Jay]


Any tips on completing collections? I have been stuck at 11/12 on mausoleum, 10/12 on flutes, 11/12 on lab equipment and 4/12 on scales for the past 3 days. I got all of those on the first day I played, then nothing new since then. I know about the fog and the wind flutes bringing more collectables, but I just keep getting the same ones over and over.


Well I am probably late for the contest, but here is my "family" enjoying a meal together in the fog. Sadly I think there is also a glitch going on because they could not all eat at once, so they would all start over and I had to pour out the stew to make them stop after about 6 trips back to the pot. Maybe they were just REALLY hungry!

And my tip is this: Teach and teach often, using a Scholar if possible. In this way your children will grow up and be ready to work, so if they come of working age while you are away they can start right in on their new job without any additional training.


I'm having trouble getting the feast stew to work. I though it was because I took too long to get everything but I keep trying. Is it still boiling if there is smoke coming off of it? When I try to put an adult on the pot, it just says an unfinished stew cooking.

Anonymous March 17, 2010 8:26 AM

This game is well worth $20 for the hours of entertainment it provides. I have spent that much on pizza and got less enjoyment. I suggest starting several tribes so that you can go back and forth, trying different tech strategies and tribe selections to see what works best for your playing style.



Thanks for the help on feast. It worked!!!!

Virtual-villager-addict March 27, 2010 6:15 AM

this game is the best, only been playing for 10 minutes, and i cant let go of my netbook XD.

Puzzles are not solved in order.
You dont have to finish building the huts at the beginning of the game and if a villager is sick try gettin a child to heal it, and by the the age of 14, they can heal villagers all by themsselves.[email protected]/4466874156/


What do you mean by, "Developer Edition??"


What does "Developer's Edition" mean?? Please explain!


Sorry, computer didn't work and at first my comment didn't show up even after refreshing the page. Just meant to post that once. Sorry!


How do you uncover the rocks that the dibree is covering, where the waterfall is supposed to be? I still need to do the second puzzle piece. I started playing this game yesterday.


I need help with the Grand Feast. I do everything in the order of the spoiler and add all ingredients before water stops boiling and it still says 'Unfinished Stew'. HELP!

Sabrina April 5, 2010 9:42 PM

I was waiting forever for this game to come out for FOREVER! When it finally did, I kept playing for ages, There was ALOT of differences, the skills move up faster and the food runs out slower... I liked the second one the best though.


I'm trying to fix the stream, I have cleared away all the debris and have tried placing a master builder on the keystone to fix the leak but its not working. Any suggestions?


I solved nearly everything. But I am finding no more scales for the fish statue. All the scales which show up are for the lab. Also the last mausoleum piece does not appear, so I am getting no ghosts.

Any tips?

koriann1973 April 13, 2010 6:01 PM

Love The game and all the others However, I have run into a snag. I have completed all the puzzles and am working on the trophies and I cant get more than 90 villagers for the population of 100 trophy. It says that I don,t have enough housing for more than that. and I cant build another hut I have them all built. any suggestions what to do?

Anonymous April 14, 2010 1:38 AM

Can some one help me how to solve puzzle 5?

ellandriel April 15, 2010 11:21 PM

I guess I am slow on the uptake...I have 2nd level of everything except do I get hot rocks?

mommarae23 April 16, 2010 3:06 PM

I have bought all of the VV games and have loved them all. This one is great but one problem that is driving me crazy. My people don't age? So far I have all the levels at the third stage, 25000 tech points to use, 5000 food, all my houses built/fishing done/pit done/ etc and yet my 5 people are still (8, 11, 15, 16, 19). My oldest three are masters in building and science, and almost farming, but they never get any older...must be a glitch in mine, but I have it downloaded on my laptop too and i have a similar problem, they age really really slowly...and yes I have all the games set at a fast pace. I would love to see this fixed. TY


For some reason, whenever I put frogs into the stream the puzzle doesn't complete. I put in the right amount and everything, but nothings changing


how to get the spear?


Hey, does anyone know when this comes out for iTouch? Thanks! :)


Help how can you empty the pot after making the Grand Feast, the stew doesn't seem to end, it's been there for 8 hours plus and Ineed to make some more cloth so I can prune the tree.

Anonymous April 26, 2010 1:02 PM

how long do you cook the stew for the grand feast. I have heated and dropped over twenty rocks and nothing.

Anna Banana Grape April 28, 2010 9:33 PM

How do you clean the tree stump?


Hi i need some help i can't get scholars because of the parenting skill my village is at maximum capacity with 95 and no one is a master at parenting ... i know they gain it with embracing and telling stories but they have been doing that for a few days now and no one is a master ... i was wondering if i can kill off my older villagers to make room for my younger ones to get a master in parenting first before any other skill.. or do you have any ideas help me please


I'm trying to solve the last puzzle. I get two leis completed, but when I'm making the third, EVERY time I drop the first child on the flower to make the lei, I get an error message and the game shuts down. HELP!


Hi how to make a soap? tnx

Check our walkthrough for the answer to this question. -Jay]

Anna Banana Grape May 3, 2010 9:00 PM

How do you make the flowers bloom?!

Anonymous May 10, 2010 7:52 PM

Where and WHAT is the KEYSTONE for puzzle #2??

Nerys13 May 11, 2010 11:29 PM

I can not get my grand feast to work. I have tried and tried. I have even watched the mushroom, the fish, the blackberry, the fruit, and the food from the bin go in. So, I known no one got lost on the way. It still stated, unfinished stew cooking. I even put in more of everything and still unfinished.

tammara May 14, 2010 1:20 PM

How do I get the cloths bolts to make the clothes???


Hi, I am trying to solve puzzle #13. I tried to honor the tree by cooking stew w/ 3 yellow herbs and fresh water. It worked once and villagers were bringing the stew to the tree. But tat that point I didnt have 3rd level of dendrology. Now I've obtained 3rd level, but I cant make the stew again. Is there any way to cook it again?


I have a problem...why does the debris keep coming back? How can I make it stop collecting?


E - The debris always comes back so you will constantly have something to train new builders with besides repairing houses, which only works up to a point.

Taylor2120 June 2, 2010 4:24 PM

how do you get a 4th hut built? I have built 3 and have a population of 100 but it says I need more housing. Am I able to build a fourth hut? Or do I just have to keep getting my collectibles?

Ray Ray June 7, 2010 9:04 AM

So i finished all the puzzles and i am going for the trophies. The one for crowd control to be exact which ask for 100 people. I HAVE 95 and it says i need more housing? how can i build more houses when there is no foundations!!! HELP PLEASE I AM SO CLOSE


Can someone post a picture of the keystone? I either can't find it or am not putting the right person on it. I have an adept builder/scientist. Help!

Emo_Muz June 19, 2010 1:34 AM

how do i save my game?

Anonymous June 25, 2010 11:23 AM

I have nine villagers, but when I try for more my game freezes.. did I do something wrong? Or is there a glitch with my game?

Anonymous June 28, 2010 7:57 AM

How can I empty the pot?? I think im making the great feast stew but im only at puzzle 3!!! Help!!

Anonymous July 24, 2010 2:43 PM

How do I make the water to flow down until the blueberries?

Terry Sams July 25, 2010 12:48 PM

In order to make spears, you need to take one of your adult villagers over to the fish skeleton. They will then take a bone to the fire, then take it up to the lab and create a spear and stack it next to the long lab table.

Terry Sams July 25, 2010 1:01 PM

In order to pick up a crab, you need two children. Take the first child, when you see a crab, drop the child on top of it. Make sure that the comment comes up stating that the child is distracting the crab. Take the second child, drop it on the crab also, making sure that it also states that the child is distracting the crab. You may have to try this a time or time. When this works, take an adult and drop it on the crab. The children are distracting the crab enough to slow it down so that the adult can pick it up. The adult will then take the crab to the pond (I don't know if there needs to be water in the pond or not), the crab will then eat them moss off the rock. You must repeat this until each of the five rocks is clean. After that, any crab you catch, the adult will then take to the food hut.


Love the game, but I basically can't stand the noises the villagers make when you pick them up, especially when you're using the same person over and over again. I also like the ambient sounds, and I like keeping the sound option on.


I went into my program files, found the sound file for the game and deleted all the noises that had anything to do with villagers being picked up. I left the ones where they say "no" or when they cough, because those can be helpful. I also found out that you can play around with renaming the sounds. For instance, you can make several copies of one of the kid noises, delete the original files (noting the file names), and rename all the copies as the files you deleted. Then, all the kids will sound the same. If you have a file converter, I imagine you can make the people sound like anything. You could probably even record yourself and insert it into the game so that every time you pick someone up, you get to hear yourself make some witty quip so you can giggle about it to yourself. But that's only for the exceptionally dorky lovers of VV4. I'd love to hear if anyone actually does that and if it works. FYI, you need to restart the game in order for the sound changes to take place.

Marcelle Martins August 11, 2010 8:39 AM

Oi! Bom dia!
Gostaria de saber quando vou poder pegar as flores que nunca desabroxam.
Se eu pausar o jogo o que acontece? O jogo ainda continua funcionando em tempo real, ou fica parado?

Beijos e se puder mande as respostas para o meu e-mail.

Marcelle Martins


Ok, so I've only just started this game, and my village is infested with wasps! Is there a way to get rid of them, or do I just have to wait for them to go away?

Anonymous August 18, 2010 12:55 PM

How can I make the strem to flow all the way down? Where and WHAT is the KEYSTONE for puzzle #2??


The musoleum pieces seem impossible to find now. I have acquired 10/12 pieces and have built 5 buildings. I have completed the lab and the flutes and have 11/12 fish scales. But I literally have not seen any musoleum pieces for maybe the last 10-15 hours of game play (real time), not even duplicates for tech points. Only additional lab, flutes and scales. Any suggestions or help?


i cant find any fish scales anywhere. i have compleated the other two collections but i cant find any fish scales. i have looked in the rock poos but i cant find any. Help!


I need help!!
My villagers won't get pregnant and I need to increase the population soon!
Any idea of why is this happening?


I am using a trackpad and can't keep 25 people in the pond for nothing. At best I get 23 in and then too many come out for me to catch.

[Best advice: invest in a small USB mouse for playing games that were designed for a mouse. You'll be happy you did. :) -Jay]

ananeimmimi September 26, 2010 11:19 PM

Hi, I am trying to do the puzzle number 15 where you healthe tree. When I get to the part where you take the adult to meditate and you hover over the flutes until you see "place to meditate" and drop the adult there, I have a problem. When I drop the adult she stays on a rock for a long time. When I click on her it says she is researching or it says nothing. Is she meditating or not and if so how long does she meditate? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


When i speed up the time on my computer the pregnant ladies wont gain any time. This has been happening for a week already. Any advice?

AnoNyMousLy December 8, 2010 7:06 PM

I've been playing for about a week and i like it, im bored with it and ready to move on, but i will leave some tips. To get someone to meditate, make sure there are no children around. Make them all go to the nursery or compete with eachother. Then sit a person who hasn't had any children yet down in the very corner by the flutes. she will meditate, a rainbow willl appear over her head, then get the soap, and have her take a bath. When she is done,she will get out by herself, and then place her in the center of the tree. She will go into the tree, and bring out something that looks like a bug. You have to have a fire going, then she will walk over and burn it. There YOUR TREE IS PURIFIED!!!

Jacqueline December 20, 2010 5:45 AM

When is vv 4 coming to iPhone ????

The Genius January 7, 2011 12:24 PM

Wait a minute, THEY CAN TALK!?

The Genius January 7, 2011 12:32 PM


The Genius January 11, 2011 8:02 PM

My VV4 is just getting to the point with the crabs, it just doesn't work and quits it, what am I doing?

Caitlin March 2, 2011 3:46 PM

I've been looking for ages, where does the humming bird appear and how often because I can't find it!

carolyna March 13, 2011 4:46 AM

hi! i have been trying to make cloth bolts, but it says cloth bolts percentage is zero all the time, it doesn't change no matter how many cooked pulps i put on. how many times do i have to keep doing? thanks


My two pregnant women aren't gaining any time. They are stuck on 24 min and 222 min. Even when I change the game speed they remain stuck. They have been like this for a couple of days. Any advice?


Hey! I have a question: I made a pot of nasty soup on accident. How can I dump this soup out so I can make something different? I did it once before but can't seem to do it now. Also, normal soups have timers but this one has been taking up space in my pot for at least an hour. What can I do?
Thanks so much!


Try to drop a villager on the low well which is this white round thing behind the cooking pot. He will go and empty the pot.

Callie R May 15, 2011 9:45 PM

How can I get the crabs? They aren't coming and I have the stream clear and running.


If you can't find the hummingbird, try dropping a villager on each "beautiful flower". You'll hit the right one eventually.
Also, when you aren't making leis, you can drop a villager on a "beautiful flower" that is fully bloomed and they will take it to the lab and increase your tech points by about 100.

Annoyed person at the moment May 28, 2011 4:35 PM

How do you make soap! Argh

Hatsune Miku May 29, 2011 2:04 PM

How do you get tech points without collectables and/or sciencetests?! iPod touch please trying to complete puzzle nine

I'm also annoyed person at the moment and Miku is not my real name
When dose vv5 come out on iPod touch?
Puzzles I need to do 9,14,15,16

Hatsune Miku May 29, 2011 5:54 PM

Hope this helps! Slight help with stone puzzle and food

after you uncover the story of the tree by clearing the moss with crabs, if you get a crab, it adds about 50 food


how do i make cloths i need them to fish i have my clothing hut up whats next i need fish


Can you change the likes and dislikes of your villagers?


Ok I have been playing this for weeks and have 62 of the 75 achievements but cannot seem to finish either the mausoleum or fish scales no mausoleum pieces have shown up at all for quite a long time. I just keep getting the same fish scales over and over. I started thinking that I put my huts on all of the places where the mausoleum pieces show up HELP

Bella Donna September 22, 2011 7:30 AM

I love the game, I have only to complete 3 milestones, I understood one is to make the lei but the flowers are not ready... Am I supposed to wait for them to get ready? And the fifth milestone has a butterfly picture, what is the puzzle?? And how do you make the grand feast? That is the platter of food milestone if am not wrong.. I'd appreciate a hand in these 3... Thanksssss

[Have you tried reading our walkthrough? There is a lot of detailed information about all the puzzles in there. -Jay]

Bella Donna September 22, 2011 8:06 AM

Oh my so sorry forget the butterfly, does someone have a spoiler for the grand feast? And a response about the flowers and the humming birds? Am I supposed to help the flowers bloom? Everything is running smoothly


I also haven't had any mausoleum pieces for quite a while. Anyone know how to fix that?

Bella Donna September 24, 2011 2:02 PM

Please the grand feast!!!!!!! Spoilers???? Please guys


does the blackberries come back and how often do they replenish. also how long does it take for the baby to be come a child. i pause the game when im away so give me these times in game time as in how long while the game is playing shall this take place?


#4? I never even completely finished #2! And a trial of #3 that I did a few years ago... I always killed em.. I restarted like 4 times ._. ... #4 is probably going to be super difficult..


I cant seem to light a fire! does anyone know how to get the dry grass? PLEASE PLEASE HELP


Hi Ally,

Just drop a character on top of the dry grass above and just a tad to the right of the fire.

hope this helps.

savannah hicks November 22, 2011 3:58 PM

i need help on the making of the big stew how long do i have to leave it or put the stuff in and how do i make more tech points


HELP!! My villagers have literally NO food left!

[For immediate help, lots of other people with the same issue as you have asked for help, and there are lots of answers to this same question found in the comments above yours. Or, try reading our walkthrough/strategy guide for how to deal with this situation. It's all there on this page already. -Jay]


Hi all of my boys died! Is there any way to make a baby now?


Hi, can you get the developers edition for P.C. or is it only for mac?

[Here's a link to the developer's edition for PC: I'll add it to the links above. -Jay]


What does it mean when a villager needs to be clean of mind what do I need to do

Ms. Awesome January 8, 2012 3:21 PM

My villager won't pick up the rock that covers up the hole to fill up the pond so my villagers can take a bath. WHAT DO I DO?


hey i have a problem. every time i make a stew, its alright. but if i leave the game, it disappears when i log back on. is this normal?


Hey, I have a Q. If you are playing on your iPod touch, how do you pause the game to get the crabs caught without having to go to the main menu? Every time I go to the menu and pause it and when I come back the crab isn't there. Please help!

[I don't think that cheat works on the iOS version. -Jay]


I can't find a walkthrough that will load. AAAH! I NEED HELP!

[We have a complete walkthrough and strategy guide on this page: You will find everything you need there. -Jay]

anastasia January 30, 2012 4:05 PM

dear ms.awesome the villager you're using has to be at least an adept scientist and an adept builder.

paperclips19 February 3, 2012 9:32 PM

Can someone help me?! I have cleared the debris to make the stream go by, but there is a big hole, so the water can not pass the hole! Sooo, how do I fill up the hole?!

paperclips19 February 3, 2012 9:39 PM

OH,and how do i make cloth?!?!?!?



You can find the answer to both of your questions in the Strategy guide section of the Walkthrough above the comments.

Simply follow the link and refer to the spoilers labeled Puzzle 2: "Stream" and Puzzle 8: "Cloth" to find the solutions.

Also, try a few deep breaths ;)


where are the crabs?


How do i lift the stone so i can bath?
Where is the crabs? I have no blackberries left, what should i do? Everybody is "weakened" WHAT CAN I DO? :o
I'm playing on my iPad, please help me 😁❤


V4cker -

There is a link to an extensive walkthrough for the download version posted above the comments. Have a look at it for some help.


What can you do when all your villagers are age 50+ and you can't make babies?


I have the game on my iphone, and my blackened rocks are covered by debris... Can anyone tell me how to get my villagers to uncover them?


Whoops! Just kidding! ( I was looking at the wrong rocks... >.


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