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The Lost Children

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JohnBThe sequel to the hit real-time simulation game Virtual Villagers is upon us: Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children. The second installment continues the story and leaves everything intact that made the original game so good. Sixteen new secrets to uncover, new technologies, and a whole new beach to explore, Virtual Villagers 2 is the perfect sequel to an already captivating game.

After exploring their corner of Isola, the villagers from the first game uncovered a path hidden in a dark cavern. Two villagers followed this path and discovered a beach filled with hungry, dirty children fighting for survival. You must help them by teaching them the same farming and research skills you learned before.

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost ChildrenVirtual Villagers is a simple and enjoyable strategy, simulation game with very straightforward game mechanics. Your goal is to keep the village thriving by ensuring everyone is well-fed, healthy and happy. In order to advance your technology and uncover the island's secrets, you must train the villagers to perform various tasks. Simply drag and drop any adult to the appropriate area to teach skills such as engineering, farming, healing, scientific research and more. Level-up these technologies to perform your daily duties more efficiently and unlock the hidden potential of the island.

Also available for iPhone/iPod Touch!

One of the most interesting things about the Virtual Villagers games is they play out in real-time. There's only so much you can do in one sitting, so you have to play in short increments several times each day. Once you set the villagers to work, leave the game, have lunch, go to school or work, then come back later in the day to see how they've progressed. Although it limits the things you can do each time you play, it goes a long way for extending the game's life.

Analysis: Virtual Villagers 2 is a fantastic follow-up to the original game. Very little was changed for the sequel, but the first one got so many things right that Last Day of Work didn't need to re-invent the concept, just tweak it. Villager management is as easy as drag-and-drop, and the new mysterious are a joy to uncover. Virtual Villagers 2 feels a bit more polished than the original in a number of small ways, such as children resembling their parents.

Play all the Virtual Villagers games:

There are a few minor bumps in the road to Virtual Villager perfection, however. For starters, the game doesn't offer much in the form of instant gratification. Once your village is running smoothly, you can leave them alone for days at a time without checking in. It comes in handy if you don't have time to play, but if you're itching for your Virtual Villagers fix, it can be frustrating. Random events seem a bit more common in the sequel, so that does help ease the separation anxiety.

Virtual Villagers 2: The Lost Children is an excellent title that defines modern casual gaming. You don't have to put in a lot of playtime to get the experience of a long, involving game.

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)


It took me a long time but here they are. The best is in caps lock

Here are all the possible recipes for the stew. I abriviated the color of the plants and they are in order from top left going clockwise.

Br= Brwon bl=Blue P=Purple B= Black R=Red O=Orange

Br+bl+p=Spicy ster, clears nose and throught

Br+bl+b=Gets drink/ thirsty very thirsty

Br+bl+r=Nature is calling/ stew makes them go to the bathroom


Br+P+B=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

Br+P+R=Gets drink/ thirsty very thirsty


Br+B+R=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

Br+B+O=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

Br+R+O=Dancing/ gives an energy boost



Br+Br+B=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

Br+Br+R=Gets drink/ thirsty very thirsty

Br+Br+O=Gets drink/ thirsty very thirsty


bl+P+B=Spicy ster, clears nose and throught



bl+B+R=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

bl+B+O=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat




bl+bl+B=Gets drink/ thirsty very thirsty


bl+bl+O=Jumpy/ allergic to this stew

bl+bl+bl=Jumpy/ allergic to this stew

P+B+R=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

P+B+O=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

P+R+O=Stew gives of sweet smell



P+P+B=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat





B+B+Br=Verry Ill

B+B+bl=Verry Ill

B+B+P=Verry Ill

B+B+R=Verry Ill

B+B+O=Verry Ill

B+B+B=It Burns/stew is verry harmfull

R+R+Br=Dancing/ gives an energy boost

R+R+bl=Relaxing/ Villager feels tired


R+R+B=Shakes Head/ tast nast, cant eat

R+R+O=Exercising/ burst of energy, lift rocks

R+R+R=Exercising/ burst of energy, lift rocks




O+O+B=Breath Deep/ no need to breath


O+O+O=Stew gives of sweet smell

You can safely browse these hints if you just need a gentle push in the right direction. Each puzzle is referred to by number. The puzzles are counted sequentially, with 1 being the leftmost puzzle in the top row, and 16 being the rightmost puzzle in the bottom row.

Puzzle 1

  • is something that will provide warmth, protection, and technological advantage to your tribe. It can be solved at the beginning of the game.

Puzzle 2

  • requires a certain level of technology and will allow your villagers to enjoy a regular, if limited, source of food.

Puzzle 3

  • requires the completion of Puzzle 2 and a skilled villager to fashion something that will protect one of the sources of food.

Puzzle 4

  • requires a certain level of technology and a highly skilled villager who will fashion something that your villagers will need in order to completely explore some areas of the village.

Puzzle 5

  • involves the flowers and herbs located in various parts of the village. This puzzle can be completed at the beginning of the game.

Puzzle 6

  • requires a villager with well-rounded skills.

Puzzle 7

  • will open up an unlimited food supply by restoring the ocean to its former condition. You will need to have highly skilled villagers and a certain level of technology.

Puzzle 8

  • reveals ancient writings. Your villagers will need a certain level of technology, as well as the completion of Puzzle 4.

Puzzle 9

  • requires the completion of Puzzle 1, a certain level of technology, a hidden item, and the flowers and herbs that your villagers can find in various parts of the village.

Puzzle 10

  • requires a certain level of two different technologies. Drag a villager to the southeast part of the village.

Puzzle 11

  • is a special building that requires a certain level of technology. You will see a foundation appear, which your villagers can work on.

Puzzle 12

  • is another special building that requires a certain level of technology. You will see a foundation appear, which your villagers can work on.

Puzzles 13-16

  • involve the recovery of pieces of the Gong of Wonder, which can be retrieved only after meeting the necessary requirements. Retrieving the pieces will variously involve teamwork among skilled villagers, purchasing of required levels of Village Tech, and completion of Puzzles 6, 9, and 10. Your villagers will reveal some clues as you try various things in the game, and there will be more specific clues that you can study when you complete Puzzle 8.

The following are detailed spoilers for all 16 puzzles:
Don't read these unless you want to know EXACTLY how to solve each of the puzzles.

Puzzle 1

  • involves building a fire in the fire pit. Drag one of your villagers to the pile of dry wood in the southwest part of the village to gather firewood. After the wood is placed in the fire pit, take a villager to the very dry grass that can be found to the west of the coconut trees. Once the firewood and dry grass have been placed in the fire pit, drag a villager there to light the fire. You will need to replenish the firewood periodically to keep the fire from going out.

Puzzle 2

  • is the construction of a dam that will divert water from the stream to an area that can be used for farming. After you purchase Level 2 of Engineering Tech, drag a villager to the rocks that are in the middle of the lower portion of the stream. You will see a message, "He/she could probably build a dam here."

Puzzle 3

  • is a scarecrow that an adept farmer can construct in order to protect the crops from the birds. Drag an adept or master farmer to the twisted pieces of wood and vines that are located in the northern portion of the village. The scarecrow requires two trips to complete, so make sure that you finish the construction, or your crops will not be protected.

Puzzle 4

  • is the fashioning of special cutting tools that will be needed to cut away vegetation in some parts of the village. After purchasing Level 2 of Exploration Tech, drag a master scientist to the northern part of the village where he will see something among the rocks near the twisted pieces of wood and vines. Your scientist will need to make a second trip to finish the tools, so take him to the twisted wood and vines to get the necessary materials.

Puzzle 5

  • is completed when your villagers learn mastery of six special plants located in various parts of the village. Drag a villager to each of them and watch for the message that each has been mastered. The plants are (beginning in the northwest part of the village and moving clockwise): the odd-looking plant immediately to the left of the very dry grass, the blue flower between the thorns and the rocks, the small lavender flower at the northern edge of the graveyard, the black flowers near the waterfall, the bright reddish flowers south of the dam site, and the large orange-red flower at the south edge of the village.

Puzzle 6

  • is completed when you have sufficiently trained a villager to become master in three skills. That villager will become an Esteemed Elder, and a totem will be created to commemorate their new status in the village.

Puzzle 7

  • is the elimination of the algae in the ocean that was caused by over fishing. After purchasing Level 3 of Farming Tech, take a master farmer or master scientist to the pond, where they will collect algae-eating fish that they can use to repopulate the ocean. Once sufficient fish have been placed in the ocean, the algae will once again be under control and the villagers will have unrestricted fishing.

Puzzle 8

  • is the removal of the vines that cover the wall on the east side of the village. After you purchase Level 3 of Culture Tech and have completed Puzzle 4, drag a villager to the vine-covered wall and they will begin cutting away the vines.

Puzzle 9

  • is the ability to make various stews for your villagers. To make stew, you will need to have purchased Level 2 of Exploration Tech, retrieved the cauldron from the wood pile, mastered at least one of the special plants, and started a fire in the fire pit. The steps to make a stew are: 1) Drop a villager on the cauldron to put the cauldron on the fire 2) Drop a villager on the cauldron again, and he or she will go get water for the stew 3) Drop a villager on any of the mastered plants, and the villager will gather herbs for the stew. Each stew requires a total of 3 herbs, in any combination. 4) Drop a villager on the cauldron again, and he or she will go get food to add to the stew. When the stew is complete, the villager will move the cauldron off the fire. Some stews are good, some are bad, and some make your villagers do interesting things. Experiment and have fun with them. You can also find different "recipe books" that have been created for the game that contain all of the stew combinations.

Puzzle 10

  • requires Level 3 of both Engineering Tech and Culture Tech. Drag a villager to the ancient covered floor in the southeast part of the village and they will begin uncovering the site.

Puzzle 11

  • is the construction of a hospital. After you purchase both Level 3 of Engineering Tech and Medicine Tech, a foundation will appear that your villagers can work on.

Puzzle 12

  • is the construction of a sewing hut, which will allow you to change the clothing that your villagers are wearing. After you purchase Level 2 of Culture Tech, a foundation will appear that your villagers can work on.

Puzzles 13-16

  • are the pieces of the Gong of Wonder. The four pieces can be retrieved in the following ways:

    • A team of 3 Master Builders can open the crate on the beach, where one of the pieces has been hidden.

    • After purchasing Level 2 of Exploration, your villagers can clear the thorns blocking access to the gong encasement, which will also reveal a piece of the gong.

    • Prepare a magic stew that will allow one of your villagers to dive for the sunken gong piece in the pond. The herbs needed for that magic stew are: one of the black flower near the waterfall and two of the red-orange flower on the south side of the village. The pictures of the required herbs can be seen in the drawings on the wall once the vines have been removed.

    • After finishing Puzzles 6 and 10, drop a totem in the center of the uncovered mosaic to reveal a piece of the gong. Once the gong is assembled you can experiment with the effects that it has on your village. You can bang the gong once every 24 hours.


I hated the first game. Maybe it was just me, but ran soooooooo sloooooow. It would take hours and hours for them to do anything at all, and then when I closed the game for 30mins and came back to it, they would all be dead. *facepalm* I loved the concept of it though, and aside from the slowness it was great.

*downloads VV2 to try*


I LOVED Virtual Villagers, and this is just excellent.

It's really going to eat into my free time, since the addition of collectibles that randomly appear make me loathe to close the game and do something else.

My only quibble thus far is that while I'm zooming around the island checking on things, I'll occasionally grab a villager and haul the poor thing to the far corners of the map before I realize it.


Now I wasted my hour and my parents would never buy it for me


Hopefully this will be an option for the winners of this week's poker tournament!


i feel stupid for asking this but...

where the heck do i get food?


Jenn, as soon as you start the game the villagers can fish. Level two you can climb the cocanut trees.


to get food, you can fish in the sea. once you get the next tech level in farming, you can climb the trees at the northwest edge of the map for coconuts, and then with level three, and once you've built the dam and irrigated the fertile soil, you can farm. Hope that helps


i have algae in the ocean now and it says that i need to find fish that will eat it. where do i find this fish?? please help. :)


oh, never mind, i know now. vv2 is A LOT harder than vv1. well, maybe because this time, i'm trying not to read the walkthrough. i'll only read it if i really need to. trust me, it's tough....:)


Someone - you've been so active here and helpful to folks who play VV, I want to send you a JIG CasualGameplay t-shirt if you will send me your shipping address and desired shirt size (L, XL, or 2XL -- Large actually fits a smallish person). Please use my email link at the bottom of the left-hand sidebar if you'd like one. My kind thanks to you.


Jay, oh, no thanks. Thank you for your kindness though. I appreciate it. :)

fluffy bunny February 16, 2007 6:10 PM

I haven't played the original, though I've been meaning to... should I play that instead, or jump straight to this one?


someone...I am loving this. It's good to see that they took so many suggestions. I am approaching VV2 a little differently than I did the the first one. I am approaching this one a little more systematically. The first one I really went through it haphazardly with no plan. I haven't had any problems with algae. You said you are trying not to read the walkthrough. What's the walkthrough?


fluffy bunny, i suggest you play the first one too. the first one is a lot easier than the second one. you should get the hang of things and then try vv2. or, i guess you can play both at once! :)

doc, i know! they toke almost all the suggestions!
i didn't have a plan either. i bought farming first, which, surprisingly, turned out to be a bad move. the algae came right after i bought level 2 in farming (climbing for coconuts). since coconuts are limited, i now have 0 food. oh well, it doesn't really matter, because my 1 hour is almost up anyway. :)
yes, i am not going to read the walkthrough (it's very hard to resist)! you can find one in


Hey, I get it! Call me thick. In the first game sometimes you would 'lose' a kid when he/she followed a face etc. in the woods. Hence: the lost children. Hey, everyone figured it out, I'm just saying it.


fishy, hey, i didn't know that! it makes sense! :)

ChristiRose February 17, 2007 2:44 AM

Someone- one of the ways to avoid haveing to fish (and the algae) if you have not solved the algae puzzle yet is to build the dam and divert the water to irrigate. This allows you to farm and get a limited source of food until you are able to solve the other puzzles.


VV2 Just started it yesterday. So far I have discovered Food is the major problem.
I would suggest not to unlock the farming tech first.Unlock the Engineering Tech and get building the dam, then you will have a sustainable food supply.


someone...have you been able to get fire? I've done the first part that I am supposed to do but I can't get my villagers to cooperate with the second part of the task. Any suggestions?


someone...Never mind...I have fire.


Did somebody opened the crate


ChristiRose, thank you. i found that out right after i posted. weird how you post a question and you find the answer right after you posted it? :) that's why i'm building a dam right now. i've still got about 2 coconuts.....and 3 villagers.....i'll survive.

doc, the fire was the easiest! it was in the tutorial. :) make sure you can keep it going.....;)


i love this game! i made a stew! woo hoo!


Wow...the creators of this game must be very very young otherwise they would not have taken the chance of offending the baby boomer game players especially the female boomers. When 2 of my villagers were working on...shall we say...parenting skills, it said the female was "elderly" and not interested. The female was 51 years of age. Elderly??? You are also working with an assumption that isn't necessarily accurate. Major major faux paux.


so how do i get rid of the algea in the water?......and how do i keep the birds from eating my crops?please help!!

fluffy bunny February 17, 2007 6:15 PM

someone: Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll download the original, then. :)


you have to take your farmer to the top for wood to make a scarecrow to get rid of the birds.


hey liked the first am loving the second. already purchased it.

mekalekahi February 17, 2007 8:07 PM

How do you build the dam?
How do you fix "weakened" villagers?
This games moves awful slow. It is me or is it true that the same collectibles will show up but you'll only get credit for finding the first one of it's type? Therefore it's not necessary to keep picking up the same ones? Confirm?


I've gotten all of the puzzles except for 2 gong pieces anyone know how you get the one at the bottom of the pond?


i really want to get rid of the algea!!!any suggestions


Can anyone help me learn how to make the water flow so i can plant food. Thank you


This link will show you both detailed and general answers to the puzzles


after you have collected an item, any duplicates go towards your tech points so keep picking them up. :)

the game's site has a good guide that answers all those questions about how to build a dam and how to get rid of the algae.


I found my own answers:

1) Build the dam after purchasing level 2 of tech and then drag at least two skilled farmers.
2) Weakened villagers often heal themselves. You can give them a less strenous task until they are better
3) Duplicate collectibles will be added to tech points, so keep picking them up

tip: Clicking the mask on the play page will provide lots of helpful hints.

That website I listed earlier really helps alot if you're looking for answers.


doc, really? i haven't got there yet. my 1 hour ran out. i ended up with 1 villager left, no food and the dam 73% done. i have a much better plan next time. :)


I never got round to finishing VV1, but i downloaded it off about 20 different websites and spent ages on it! Just realised VV2 is out! I hope i can help as much as someone !!! though i have juts started, i normally get onto it really quickly!


Grrr, the algae is really beginning to irk me. Haven't gotten the crate open...apparently it's going to take at least three master builders to do it. I'm trying to get through the game without the spoilers, but boy is it tempting to peek.
LOVE VV2...has almost everything I was hoping it would. Only thing that would have been better would have been if I could have taken all of the tech points I accumulated in VV1 and brought them with me to VV2. That would solve my algae problem MUCH faster, lol.


megan, i'm falling a bit behind in vv2 so i probably won't be helping as much. i'll be asking questions instead! ;)

Mickey, lol. i'm trying not to look either.


Hi all,

I've solved all the puzzles except finding the last two gong pieces. I know one is in the pond, but can't seem to figure out what to do with whom in order to get it out. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!


an easy way to heal "weakened" people is to drag over to the food bin thing and let them eat a few times


Diana, to retrieve the gong piece at the bottom of the pond you need to make a special stew that will help your villager breath under water. I can tell you the ingredients if you like or you can experiment for yourself.



The piece of the gong that's in the pond...I got it by accident.

I can't remember how I made a particular stew...but when the people would eat it, I got a message saying something about "stew that makes people feel like they don't even have to breathe". So, I fed my person the stew, then picked them up & placed them in the pond. They climbed up the rock pile, and dove in, and retrieved the gong piece."

Hope that helps!

I need help clearing the ocean of algae! Its driving me crazy trying to figure it out!



Is anyone else having trouble with villagers not fishing automatically? Mine won't fish unless I throw them into the ocean...they'll have zero food, and a perfectly clear ocean, but they won't fish until I make them. Frustrating.


Anyone figure out how to solve the algea problem? My Master Farmers and Scientists seem to have no interest in finding a solution to the algea eating fish dillema. Their fellow villagers are starving and it's like they don't even care!!! lol (ok, yes I know its just a game, but they are going to die). What a sad situation. Lori


CUUUUTE! They turn gray-haired as they become older! Lori, I think you have to get level 3 in farming in order to get a certain type of fish from the stream. Then put it in the ocean so that it will eat the algae.


I made the stew but no one likes it. they keep saying its nasty and unedible. how can i start over??


HI all... sorry if this has been answered previously... I am new to VW and VW2... I actualy started with VW2 but it runs soooo slow that I started version one also... HOWEVER... many of your comments talk about checking in once a day to see how your villagers are doing... I did that when I started VW2 and they all died over night!! except for one woman and a female child.. not alot of hope there for growing the population!! Soooo the question is...

When can you safely leave your villagers alone and come back once a day!?... especially since I've got the first few tech upgrades and it take a very very very long time to build up additional tech points to next round of tech levels!??

Thx... I'm unjoying the games but this could get old fast if I must pause every time I am away for extended hours...??


mickey, my people also wont fish unless i put them in the ocean. i've yet to have the algae problem due to that. *shrugs*


tra, your stews do eventually go away so if you make a bad one, just wait a little while and then the cauldron will be empty and you can try again.


I am on the vv2, where is the dry grass:(
im not doing aswell as i thought i would!!!!!
oh, this sucks i only have half an hour left!


i want that typekey thing ! hehe


Yey! I have typekey!
Jay, considering you put my comments up preety fast, can you trty and help me????
because it seems noone else is here :(


i am sooo bored


megan - I don't have the game yet, I am still waiting on a review copy from LDW. I am, however, looking forward to playing with great anticipation.

Also, if you're bored, why not pop into our irc channel. There is always someone to chat with there about games. But please do not use this forum as a chat room. It's only for posting questions and discussion about the game, Virtual Villagers 2. Cheers!


sorryto bother you again, but what is your irk channel and how do i access it?


hi all in a virtual friend how do i get the scarecrow i have tried taking a farmer to the top of the screen but nothing seems to be working


hi, i am really rubbish at these to be honest and cant get even 1 milestone - any help, for any of them? got 13 mins left lol.
got any websites to download off apart from big fish? or, those ones that take half an hour then dont work?
I cant find dry grass for the fire!
help please!


Info about the grass here.

the dried grass is up by the coconut trees.


tra.... I'm getting the same message did you figure out how to get rid of the bad stew so that you can make a new one??


Ok...please someone help with the algea problem! It's driving me nuts...does it have to do with the crate? Because I only have two master builders and it still says it's too heavy. I have the crops and coconuts..but I still want to be able to fish!


Nickel, you need level 3 in farming.

Mickey, just keep droping them in the ocean. they'll get the hang of it.

megan_xx, dry grass is by the coconuts.

seaustin, it'll eventually go away and then you can try a different combination!

Phillip, if you just started the game, i suggest you check your village more than once a day. once you think they can live on their own better, maybe once a day would be OK. but, by then, you'll probably have this connection with your villagers and will check a million times a day. ;)
you can also set the game speed to "1/2 speed".


You can get rid of a stew by exiting the game and restarting, or it goes away by itself after a while.


Hey all. I just wanted to post a comment about vv2. I Love this game and It is soooo addicting but I have gotten level 2 of all the techs and I am now stuck on what to do to get my little villagers to do something different. I got the sewing hut, fire, scarecrow, farm, extra house, 2 pieces of the gong and 11 people. What comes next? How do I get to build a hospital or school house? I'm stuck. Help please.


i have figured out the 4th gong piece. drag one of your totems to the center of the mosaic. then drag one of your villagers on to it. they will pick it up.


If the games is too slow try changing your clock time. Like tmhat you will never be able to waste your 1 hour trial time. But make sure your villagers have enough food to survive, and make sure the forage the berries, harvest the food or fish whitout you making them to do it.


omg its finally out ive been gone these past few days so i didn't know it was released till yesterday the 18th so i was like oh wow now its finally out after all that time. next accomplishment FINISH THE GAME oooo that could take some time for me. lol


I have tried to reset my clock but it is doing nothing! Has anyone else had this problem?


I hate the algae, can't seem to find the fish :(
Plus how do I stop the birds stealing my food? Its took me ages to get this far and now it seems my villagers are goin to starve!! :(
Please if anyone can help me i would really appreciate it! xx


someone...I've been experimenting with different recipes for stews. I discovered one recipe that will completely restore a villagers health. It's really nice. I can make stew and then go to details and see who's health is a little below par and feed them. I will be interested to see what it does to longevity.
Let me know if you want a little hint on the recipe.


i've tried to make scarecrow but it says unfinish scarecorw. What i have to do?


how do you reset the clock on your computer. ive seen alot of bulletins saying to do that to make the game run faster. but no one has explained how to do it yet thanx


Hahaha I love VV2.... I was dirt poor when VV first came out and so I never bought it. Anyway.... about the hospital: you need both Level 3 of Engineering Tech and Medicine Tech, then a foundation will appear that your villagers can work on.


Building a Scarecrow:

Bring an adept or master farmer to the twisted pieces of wood and vines that are located in the northern portion of the village (kind of next to the blue flower?). The scarecrow requires two trips to complete! Building the scarecrow will help keep the birds away from your crops!!

Getting rid of all the algae:

First you need Level 3 Farming Tech, then take a master farmer or master scientist to the pond and they will collect algae-eating fish that they can use to repopulate the ocean. Repeat this until enough fish is collected, and now you have unrestricted fishing.


storm and crystal, this is my opinion, but i suggest you don't move your clock time. in the past, some people did find problems with vv1 after they changed the clock. if you still want to, just click on the clock on your computer screen. a clock will pop-up and you can move it ahead. :)

Lottie, you need level 3 in farming.
random thought: scarecrows sure do help scare away birds.....but it takes more than one thing to build one....;)

doc, thanx for the tip. you'll be the first one i ask. :)

Bado, drop your villager on different things, maybe he'll find something else to add on to the scarecrow?


Just take your master farmer to wood again


Hey I put up spoiler tags but now all the stuff I posted is all gone??


Oh yeah.... a good recipe, in case anyone cares:

This is apparently one recipe that'll make your villagers healthier after they eat it:
Add the Large Orange Flower found if you hit 8
Gold Flower found if you hit 1
& Purple Flower found if you hit 3

And also, a quick way to find your way around the village, hit numbers 1-9!


where to find the black flowers i am frustrated about it and the other red orange flower please help mee
thats the only puzzle i didnt solve


Hi guys,
Just a quick thanx for all ur help!!
Yay, i won't have to quit and start over through frustration!! :)xx


how do i get crops? help me:)



You need Engineering Tech Level 2, and then you have to drag an adept builder (or two) to that middle of the lower portion of the pond.

BAH!! I can't solve puzzle six because the stupid villager I'm trying to make into the chief guy refuses to increase anything!! He's all stuck on the farming, medicine, and parenting :((!


Hi can anyone help me i keep losing all my villagers cause of starvation! So far i have bought level 2 of food and level 2 of science and now im stuck nearly no food left!! help some one how do i make stews?!?! lol thanks in advance xx


Did you get Engineering? You need engineering to make the damn...which is a great help. The crops will save you when the coconuts dry up and algae sets in.

I had a thriving population of 9 and then starvation hit because I couldn't figure out the scarecrow, now they are up to 12 and doing great...slow, but great. I know I could start over, but it's a pride thing with me now!

Good luck!


Did you get Engineering? You need engineering to make the dam...which is a great help. The crops will save you when the coconuts dry up and algae sets in.

I had a thriving population of 9 and then starvation hit because I couldn't figure out the scarecrow, now they are up to 12 and doing great...slow, but great. I know I could start over, but it's a pride thing with me now!

Good luck!


Hi yes i got engineering straight after i posted that comment and it so far about 84% compleate so i am sitting here searching for mushrooms every second haha so they dont die! i manage known again to get few more coconuts but they seem t finish now. hopefully soon i will get this dam done and see what goes on then, thanks so much for replying. Zoe


i can't seem to get any more points i got a fire and i can get fish but i can't seem to get enoff points for the coconuts


Is it just me or is this island much smaller in VVI. I have a population of 100 and it seems extremely crowded and everyone seems to be walking or running over each other.


In regards to the comment way earlier about "51" being "old" in the game and "not interested" and offending baby boomers... Don't forget we're talking about some tribe of villagers on a remote island with little healthcare for the majority of their lives. 51 is damn old in that sort of society (more like 51 = dead). It's only those of us lucky enough to live in the Western world and have access to decent healthcare and medicine that we can live above 40.


Don't know if anyone else has noticed but you can change the tombstone reading on your dead villagers. Just backspace and type in your own saying.


zoe law, i suggest you buy level 2 in construction first before you buy level 2 in farming. get enough fish to last you a while and then buy level 2 in farming. you'll have coconuts and crops for your villagers instead of just coconuts. :)

doc, yes, it is a bit smaller. but i don't mind. :)

ChristiRose February 22, 2007 5:14 AM

First of all - DO NOT TIME CHEAT IN THIS GAME!!!! whatever you do, dont do it. It will severly and completely wipe out your village. Also, it has other effects if you do this that causes difficulties and you will not be able to solve all of the puzzles.

*stepping off soap box now*

One of the new things about vv2 is that women can no longer produce children after they turn 50. Yes, some may be offended, most women are in the stages of menopause and do not breed anymore after this age. However, they are still 'interested'. In fact many of my elders are masters at parenting. Its nice because you can rapidly increase their level without getting the 'with child.'

Some of the puzzles (ie scarecrow) are a two step process. I don't remember who asked about the stews because they are short on food but that wont help you. Stews actually require food. There is also a patch coming out in which to solve the problem of the villagers not farming with the program closed until farming tech is at level three.

p.s. there is a really good stew that 'completely restores your villager.' So awesome if your villagers are elderly or weakened :D .

Reply're right about 51 being elderly in the island environment. I was looking at it in regards to the Western world. I was wrong.

ChristiRose February 22, 2007 5:28 AM

Oh yeah, another thing on the stews - sorry, I meant to mention this in my other post. If you have a particularly horribly stew (deadly maybe?? *beware, always test stew on only one villager until effect is known), you can close and then reopen and it will disapear or it will dissapear on its own time. It is really fun experimenting with these and some of the effects are hilarious!!!


Hey guys, just a quick question..... how long do mums to be carry their babies for... its just i have 2 and one is caring for 300 mins and the other 400 mins?
Just thought it was wierd how their times are so different! Cheers xx


The mothers carry for "2 years"...depending on your speed level that could be many many minutes. On 2X it's about 120 minutes. Or for me, I put them on half when its time to go to bed!!

Just a I get anything for collecting all the stuff? I mean, I know it's not a puzzle but do I at least get a party??

I just got rid of the algae! Man that took forever but I think it was worth it!


you need 3 master builders to open the cart
at the same time

ChristiRose February 22, 2007 5:23 PM

VirtyualMe after you collect each of the different sets of collectibles, you do get a little something. In fact I really like it. (and its not a party!)


what's a good way to get someone's building skill up. i'm trying to open the box or whatever near the ocean, i have 2 master builders and one adept that's this close to being master, but i have nothing to build so he can' my two master builders are 64 year old females, lol, i need to get the other one master before they die!

GirLikesWaffles February 26, 2011 4:23 PM

Okay, my village was going pretty well. But then I got back after a few hours and I have no food, and the crops are taking SEVEN HOURS TO GROW. Why? And by the time the crops are ready everyone will be dead. Help!

GirLikesWaffles February 28, 2011 7:47 PM

Okay.... I was doing well... I got 3 pieces of the gong, one of my peeps ish almost an elder, and I have plenty of tech points... But now, I have no food, there's algae in teh ocean, the coconuts are "depleted" and the crops are taking 1000+ minutes to grow! What the heck!? Why are they taking so long? What am I gonna do!? Help!

Btw, the time travel trick really works, just make sure you have plenty of food/food sources ready (i.e. The crops are almost ready, the coconut trees are plentiful.)

Newplayer March 14, 2011 4:43 AM

I'm not sure if this problem has been posted up here or something before, but I got one of the villagers to pick up the cauldron. After i saw that the villager was doing okay at fetching the cauldron, no problems, i went to get something for a while. After I came back, the villager was doing whatever it was doing and went to see the fireplace. But the cauldron wasn't there. I searched the island, dragged a villager everywhere to try to find the cauldron to no avail. So I thought of letting the fire die out and then maybe the cauldron would be there. But in case it's not there, is there another way to solve the problem? I've gotten really far ahead of the game, and I really do not want to restart it QAQ

kodak_2057 March 16, 2011 8:04 PM

I don't want to browse all of the comments (you should have a search option) since there are 29 pages! Can anyone tell me the best order to get the second and third levels of tech?

kodak_2057 March 19, 2011 9:50 PM

Not finding the "walkthrough" as helpful as New Believers was :( Is there a guide to the technologies at all? I loved being able to look at what each level of each tech would do for me, but I can't find any info. Plus the info on the game is pretty vague. I have level two farming, engineering and exploration and don't really know whether medicine or science will be a better choice for my next one. I know that culture will give me the clothing hut and science supposedly makes you get tech points faster, but no idea what medicine will do until I have level three... any help?

Juicieroot March 21, 2011 9:35 PM

if your crops are taking forever to harvest, just upgrade farming to lvl 3 and put either a master farmer or scientist into the ocean with the algae in it and they will catch the algae eating fish there and it won't run out


How do I get rid of the algae out of the water

MewMercury April 4, 2011 6:04 PM

Okay, some people above have been saying things like "i have a population of 90" or "i got the maximum population", but I have a population of 40, and whenever I try to increase it, it says "There isn't enough housing to support a larger population!" So I look around for more spots to make a hut, but there's none. Can somebody help? Thanks!


ok so ive gotten pretty far and now i have no coconuts left and my crops are taking like 80 more minutes and theres no food! what do i do!:((

xTsubakix May 11, 2011 5:18 PM

Hi! I need to gain tech points faster! I can't finish puzzle two. Is there any way to gain tech points faster an honest non downloading way? I tried to put everyone i have at the research table put i have only 2,118 from like 4 hours. Please help!


Anonymous June 12, 2011 12:25 AM

You have to clean the ocean with the alge eating fish to get unlimited fished and food :D


My villagers are all to old to have babies, what shall I do???

Tiarnie June 12, 2011 8:16 PM

How can you earn heaps of tech points if you have only four villages to do it because all the adult females are pregnant and the rest are to young what do I do I am desperate


The best way to gain tech points when you don't have any adults to spare is to have the children collect items. Each item, after the first time you collect it, is worth 100 tech points.


Can anyone pls put a list of all stews up for me?? thanks


Ok so if you are in a desperate situation like with food as I was desperate. You can pause the game and even while the game is paused items will pop up around the island. When you see an item take all of your children(quickly) and drop them on the mushroom or pebble or butterfly etc.. Then take the game off pause. All but two of the children will pick up the item. So if you have six children that you placed on a mushroom instead of 1 you will get 4. This trick saved me from starvation, but it does take patience.

random anonymous ninja June 24, 2011 8:05 PM

You can go to the options page from the main menu and control the speed of your game and set it to 2x. That can speed it up alot.


what is the best order to buy the tech things in?


I really need help!! I only have 3 villagers left - a 47 yr old man, a 51 yr old woman and a 3 yr old boy!! I can't produce any more children and I have tried resetting my time on my iPhone but it doesn't seem to make a difference! Why can I do? Is there a barrel of children or anything that could possibly arrive like in vv3? Please help I don't know what to do and I really don't want to have to start all over again as I just finished solving loads of the mysteries!!


Hey guys!!! I don't know how to make stew!!!! please help me!! I'm stuck! I'm after I made the fire and all my villagers are doing fine, but it says I don't have enough housing to make more people and I don't know why cuz I repaired THe house and made a new one but don't know if I'm supposed to make another one!!! What's the next puzzle after fire! Thnx, Sophie.


what's the next step after i've finished all the puzzle??


The patch of soil has turned onto a crops field, but it takes hundreds of minutes before they are ready to harvest. Before I know it my tribal will be already starved -.-

Any suggestions??

[Use children to gather mushrooms while you wait, and if you have enough energy, use the Bloom god power to make lots of red mushrooms, they will keep your tribe fed for a long time. :) -Jay]


Mine was eatin by a shark

Cant figure it out September 28, 2011 2:50 AM

How do I get two trained farmers? I always run out of coconuts and fish before they become trained farmers, same problem with the builders


What is the bloom god power??? My people also almost starved, so I'ld like to know how to get more mushrooms if that happens again.

IsolaGurl October 28, 2011 5:55 PM

ok, ive got a few questions:
How do you make the stew?
I cant seem to find the wood for a scarecrow?
and i have 3 builders, 1 is a master 2 are adept. Now that I have built everything that I can(for now...maybe, not really sure) how do i get the 2 adept builders skill up?

Anonymous October 29, 2011 8:47 AM

I have 90 population but it says I don't have enough housing. When I look around for it the isn't any houses to build!!!! Help me please!!!!!


IsolaGurl to find wood for scarecrow drag an adept farmer to the place immediately on the right of thorny bushes, where it says twisted vines. Make sure farmer does two trips to the wood. I think to make stew you have to buy second level of Exploration and then search for cauldron in the pile of wood on the south west corner ( or bottom left corner) and then I think you have to collect water and put cauldron on fire. Collect necessary herbs to cook. I personally advise you to make note of harmful stews, in case not to kill your entire village.
I really hope this helps, this is my first time helping someone here! XD


Now, my turn to ask questions ;)
I seem to have a mushroom glitch, they keep on appearing next to the crate ( it's not that I am complaining) do I still get 100 tech points or no? I am using an app on my iPad. Thanks in advance.

akiko village elder November 11, 2011 2:41 AM

i have a problem in my vv2. the thing is that my original villagers doesn't grow old! it was right after another two adults came falling out of the falls. and now, the two new villagers have already died of old age and i was left with two kids, 2 men, and four women with babies and were not capable of work! why didn't they grow old? can somebody help me? what is wrong?

Anonymous Harry Potter Freak November 13, 2011 3:47 AM

I've got the free version for the iPad, but my mum I don't have anymore iTunes money, and now I only have two villagers left!!! They're both elderly now, so I can't have any more babies. Is there something you can do to make them younger or something? Or do I just unpause the game and hope a new couple arrives?
Please reply ASAP!!!
~Anonymous Harry Potter Freak~

Anonymous Harry Potter Freak November 13, 2011 3:49 AM

Oh, goofy! A similar prob is already posted.

Anonymous Harry Potter Freak November 13, 2011 4:18 AM

Help is here!
Meepie - Drop your builders on the completed huts and they'll examine/fix them. It won't be a habit action, though, and it may take pretty long for the building skill to progress.
JIGuest - I'm not up to that puzzle yet, but I've read somewhere that you can bang for gong daily to improve your villagers' health.
Meg - I'm soo sorry, but I can't help you with that one. :(
Thursay and blablgaga - If you can afford it, get Level 2 of farming and the coconut trees will be ready for picking. It's limited, though, so when your coconuts run out buy Level 2 Engineering and drag your builders to the little rocks at the bottom of the very narrow stream.
Hope I helped!
~Anonymous Harry Potter Freak~


Frommis -

The bloom god power is something that is in Virtual Villagers 5, it doesn't apply to Virtual Villagers 2 unless a random event happens that allows everything to bloom.

IsolaGurl -

To make the stew you need to drop an adult onto the pot and they will fill it with water. Drop another adult on and they will bring food. Then drop adults on the three different herbs you want to add.

As for the wood, it is to the right of the briar patch, between the briars and the eventual graveyard. Hover an adult over the area until they see the twisted roots.

You can drop builders on completed huts and they will repair them. This will add to their builder skills, slowly.


JIGuest -

90 is your max population unless you have completed a collection. There are no more huts to build, but if you complete a collection it will add 5 to your max population.

Hyperdon -

You only get the mushrooms if a kid collects them, regardless of where they appear.

Akiko Village Elder -

This sounds like a technical glitch. Contact the vendor where you bought the game to see if they have a solution.


Hey I don't know how to win the fourth puzzle can some one help me please !! Thanks


my ocean has algae so how do i get food


So my 3 master builders opened the crate on the beach but when I placed someone there to retrieve the gong piece it says they are but then nothing happens. It doesn't show my puzzle as completed so I don't know how to get the piece now. Help!


hey i was just wondering can elderly villagers have babies because ive been trying but they never seem to conceive ????? id really like to know so i could tell if im just wasting time trying thanks :)


Meli -

See the walkthrough above on how to solve puzzle 4, which is the tools.

???? -

Once the ocean has algae, you won't be able to fish again until you get level 3 farming. You will also need several master scientists and/or master farmers.

Akrska -

They won't be able to retrieve the piece until you have cleared the briars in front of the cave. Have you done that?

Danica -

Once a woman gets past 50 she won't have kids except in rare circumstances. Try with someone under 50.



I have a problem with getting the last gong piece: I've uncovered the mosaic, I've put a totem on the little sun in the center and I keep dragging villagers on it but they just keep on admiring the mosaic. Did I do something wrong?


THIS ONE IS THE HARDEST!!!! i've completed all of them except the new one the third one and the second one! i keep dying on the second one!!! so irratating!


Ok. I have 0 food, 8509 tech and I am trying to build a dam, I was leaving the game for like 1 hour approximately, and do you know what? I went to the game and they are taking forever to build a dam. Last time I checked it was 41%, ((30 minutes ago)) (always approximately) 30 minutes until now, it is only 46%
How much time does the dam take?


I cant find the hospital. I got level 2 culture


I read a few comments, and the thing about the crops taking 1000+ minutes. If it comes up that the crops will be ready in 1000+ minutes, you will have to start over. The only way to have a good food source is when you do puzzle 7, because then you have unlimited food. By the way everyone...I have completed the game more than 20 times (no joke). I am an expert at this. If any of you want any help just ask.


help!!! i cant figure out where is a plant or what color is it!!


how do i uncover the mosaic i dont want to restart and i cant find out how to get the algea eating fish HELP!!!!!!!


i dont know how to cut the vines off the walls help


Barna -

You might check with the vendor where you purchased the game. Some of the earlier versions had a bug where you couldn't get the gong piece out of the mosaic.

Pipa -

The time it takes to build the dam depends upon the number of builders you are using. Pile everyone on it and it will go faster.

People -

You need level 3 medicine before you will get the hospital foundations.

cg -

I would suggest reading the walkthrough above, it has answers to all of those questions.


Pls help!!!
I was pretty far in vv2 so I didn't
go on for like week I left with
everyone knowing how to fish and
a full tree of coconuts I come back
And there is NO food three guys
(14, 19, and 4) and a stubborn old
Lady that doesnt like work or learning
Now they are all going to die because
She won't have a stupid kid!!!!

Crystal May 9, 2012 4:32 PM

Hopefully someone will be able to answer this...I finally got three master builders and I got them to open the crate on the beach. Then I got one of them to pick the piece up and take it to the gong, but randomly my other villagers completed another puzzle and then all of my villagers went to celebrate. The person who was carrying the gong piece dropped it to go and celebrate and now I can't find it. I tried to drop a villager on the broken crate and he picked it up, and then stopped and it disappeared. I would really appreciate it if someone could answer as this is the second last puzzle i have to complete.


Crystal -

Try quitting out of the game, then going back in and dropping a villager on the broken crate. The piece should still be there.

katecaron May 22, 2012 11:42 PM

Hello, I have a big (but not too big) problem. Someone said that their first original villagers did not grow up like they should. I have the same problem. Although, one of them, a female, has a baby and she'd been caring for that baby since the begining! Not only that but as hard as I'm trying to have an elder, the first villagers won't get past adept (in whichever place I make him work) for at least two out of three jobs I need to make an elder. I don't have any problems with the others but they're elderly and are about to die, leaving me with the original villagers.Am I the only one with that problem? Thanks!

starwarrior72 May 29, 2012 9:23 PM

I have a villager who is currently four, but he has exhibited this behavior since birth. At random, he will get "Jumpy!" in his action bar and jump around. At other times, he will suddenly "Running Away!" from nothing. What does he think he's doing???

starwarrior72 May 29, 2012 9:25 PM

Oh, also, I've had this before, and I've only seen boys do it. Never girls...

starwarrior72 May 29, 2012 9:33 PM

Could it have anything to do with the fact that he likes playing and surprises?


Yep, he's just playing around. Children with playful personalities will do this more often, and it's not limited to only boy children. If you have other children and you see one is "Running Away" it usually means they're playing a game of tag, and he's fleeing from whoever is "It" or he's just running for fun.

starwarrior72 May 30, 2012 6:07 AM



When is vv 6 supposed to come out? Finished 1, 3, 4, and working on 2, and 5.


2 is easy so far.... 15,000 food, and 408 tech points. And all they want to do is research. Lol!

mandarockslol September 29, 2012 7:34 PM

What order should i get my technologies in?
Thanks :)


Mandarockslol -

That is really up to the individual player, but I like to get them in this order: farming, engineering, science, medicine, exploration, culture.

catsandbowties February 19, 2013 9:56 AM

What is the puzzle with the arrow on it? It's the fourth one and it driving me nuts not to know! Help!


Heyy I really need help, I purchased level 2 of culture tech and I can't find the sewing hut. HELP!!!

pielover213321 July 25, 2013 11:11 PM

I'm always confused on these games .-.


I paused my game and still came back a few hours later to four dead and no food :( but at least they'd finished the stupid dam... What the crap?


Ok I have tried the restores all health combo for stew 3 times and it doesn't
Work! Anyone have a real one?


I have 4 totems. What do they do and where do I put them?


Oboe do I retrieve the piece from the ground if I forgot to collect it when it was cleared


What tech should you buy and in what order:

F - Farming
E - Engineering
M - Medicine
S - Science
Ex - Exploration
C - Culture

Order to buy techs in:


What they do:

F2 - Allows for coconut harvesting, and farming crops.

E2 - Allows for a dam to be constructed.

Ex2 - Allows for cauldron retrieving and cutting tool creation.

C2 - Allows construction of another small hut and a sewing hut.

M2 - Reduces disease frequency, increases average life span and increases chance of a baby when 2 villagers get together.

S2 - Increases tech point gaining rate.

F3 - Allows for unlimited fishing in the ocean.

E3 - Also requires C3.

Ex3 - Rarer collectables appear on the ground.

C3 - Also requires E3. Allows the palace to be uncovered, and the vines to be cut away from the rocks located E of the village.

M3 - Allows for construction of a hospital.

S3 - Increases tech point gain rate.

Hope that helped you out 👍.


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