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Ms.45Whether you're so ensconced in a relationship that your friends refer to you by a portmanteau nickname like "Bennifer" or clocking up so many years of singledom that you have to check to see whether there's anything in your pants, anywhere you surf on the net today is going to have hearts, lollies, cherubs and teddy bears all over it. We here at JIG are more than happy to add to your misery with a roundup of romance, dating and candy-related games.

The HookupThe Hookup - Flash mystery / adventure / gossip game. You're the new girl in town (sorry guys) and you have to dig dirt, make confidantes and win people over to your side. Information is power—the more gossip you can get about people, the more likely you are to score high in an Intense Conversation—a showdown where your success depends almost literally on 'playing your cards right'. I'm not even sure if there's an objective or if you can 'win' the game, but if you enjoy sims-style games, this is an intriguing adventure with unique gameplay and great artwork. While you're there, check out their versions of traditional puzzle games at RNIB Blind DateRNIB Blind Date - Interesting little Flash choose-your-own-adventure game designed to be accessible to sighted and non-sighted players alike. You have a choice of dates: "Tara, a sophisticated woman" or "Geoff, an Elvis impersonator." At each point of the date you choose from three options, and you win if the date ends successfully, with your date getting smoochy. It's a simple little game without a huge amount of options, but it shows the potential for adventure and point-and-click games to be accessible to a wide audience. It's also surprisingly difficult to win.

Ren'ai Games - According to Rio's site, a ren'ai game is a game or interactive novel with a romantic theme. These games are primarly download only, and gameplay is usually of the choose-your-own-adventure style, although some are more obviously novels with limited interactivity. Rio has written several games with intriguing storylines and multiple outcomes (both good and bad). JIGsterThe game I played was Amgine Park, in which you play Gen, a single teenager whose friend is determined to get her a boyfriend. One day while out in the park, Gen meets a new boy in town whose eyes make her melt. Could this be the start of something beautiful? These games are short to play, but it's lots of fun trying to get all the endings. If you like the idea of interactive novels but think you can do better than the games offered here, there are tips for creating your own ren'ai games.

Heart AttackAnd if it's simple arcade fun you're after, don't forget about the previously reviewed Heart Attack from the fine Brits at Preloaded. It's an adorable little shooter filled with charming graphics, earth shattering explosions, and exquisite particle effects.

And that's a little something for everyone to occupy your heart-filled Valentine's day. =)


Darius Young February 14, 2007 1:47 AM

RNIB Blind Date definately gave me some chuckles. I'm still giggling.


For the women they have an... Elvis impersonator?

Really... I'm happier when we DON'T get smoochy at the end. I don't find this guy appealing at all!

And the guys get a "sophisticated lady." Doesn't sound very balanced.


Weird, I'm having extreme difficulty getting Hookup to start. I was forced to open it in IE, but even then, the flash player was having issues with it.


Ms. 45, I love your intro paragraph! Have this gigantic red teddy bear as a token of that literary lovin'.

*giant teddy bear*

I've started playing The Hookup, but it's running a little slow on my computer :/
Guess I'll check it out a bit more later.


I played The Hookup some time ago and the objective of the game is...

to have a relationship with of the guys.
I managed to date both Dylan and Matthew (hope I got the names right). Is it true that you can try to date Justin too?


I too have played Hook-up. There are some glitches though. I've dated Dylan and Matthew


I need to stop being lazy and log in to typekey lol.

Anyways,I've tried the Hookup twice,always an error in like the middle of the game and closes.frustrating <:(


What am I supposed to do on days like these? Its a snow day...

CrayonxFingers February 14, 2007 4:28 PM

I've played the Hookup before. It's highly addicting.

I was actually looking for it to play recently, so this makes me happy. =D.


I've know about the hook up for since forever!! (jr high talk...)but I never considered it JIG worthy... :O
Still it's a pretty simple game. Definetly a time waster. But not bad. By the way theres no way to hook up with justin.


Teiso, the Blind Date game is intended more as a taster of how games can be developed to take advantage of technology used by disabled people, such as screen reader programs. If anyone reading this site uses Jaws or similar software, try playing Blind Date with it - it will describe the scene you are playing in detail (ie "Tara is very tall, wearing an elegant blue pantsuit and carrying a flip-top phone. She is very popular and answers the phone constantly"). It's not really intended to be a fully-developed game. I included it because it's a bit different and I was keen to avoid games that were just an old game with hearts substituted for bullets (the Heart Attack game has been added on by Jay for people who like simple arcade games).

Kate Blanquette February 15, 2007 1:29 PM

I liked hook-up pretty much, but the game is quite buggy. I couldn't get past the second day because it kept crashing.


I played Metropolitan Blues from the Ren'ai games. It was a beautiful, sad game. Kind of weird storyline.

circle_squared February 15, 2007 8:16 PM

On the Ren'ai games site, I tried out Moonlight Walks. I loved it. Although gameplay wise, I would say that many of the games are severly lacking (think "choose your own adventure" except much fewer choices). But I guess with interactive storytelling you're concentrating on story, which they nailed on the head for this particular story.

tankgirl23 February 16, 2007 2:52 AM

The hookup has a bug... sticks at the tattoo parlor.


Vault: "Metropolitan Blues" was written by me as an attempt to add a little twist to the usual ren'ai stereotype. So if the storyline is a little weird, that's perfectly okay. However, I wouldn't call it a sad game. It has a melancholic beginning, yes. However, once you get to the good endings, the mood should improve a little ^_^ Keep playing!


I got in 2 fights with Clarie, what a brat! And I had 1 fight with Stephanie, I had to calm her down after she stole something from Pretty Vacant.It was fun to shop with Megan. And is there anyway to get Justin to like you?

GIRLSFROMDABLOCK July 5, 2007 11:56 PM

My friend went on a date with Dylan and Matthew. Anyway to go out with Justin.

Don't panic when the rumor says Matthew made Megan pregnant cuz' it's not true.

And when the painting of Melissa.

It's like the most awesome game ever!!! Itotally agree with CRAYONxFINGERS it's very addicting. I've played the game for everyday for 3 days and the rumors got deeper and deeper you don't know how to maintain yourself anymore. You always get SHOCKED about the
rumors. They're CRAZY!!!!



I had a thing with Justin. I was soo close! He told me to meet him at the park at 10am and he never showed up, and everytime I talked with him after a certain point he just said the same thing; either I had to get into an intense conversation or have him walk away from me. God, I hate Dylan and Matthew.


I think i found out how to date justin!
After talking to sarah, talk to no one.. go straight to justin! that might be the way! im not sure though im still playing. good luck.


really??? for the hookup, i've dated Justin and that's it ... how do u get the other ppl???

ashlerrrrr January 21, 2008 11:38 PM

I loved The hookup.
it was fun,
and yes, there is a way to get with justin. just keep talking to him. this game is all about good choices. i had a happy ending, surprisingly...
if only my real romances would end that way...
then wed be in business....
its a great game.


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