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ArtbegottiDon't be [FOOLED] by a title like Uirdz. It's not really a word game as much as it is a high-difficulty puzzle platformer by Amalgames that uses the power of words as [STEPPING STONES] along the way. If you're looking for a more appropriately alphabet-based challenge, [TRY HERE], but if you're fixing to get your precision and patience tested, [READ ON].

Your movements (using [WASD] or the [arrow] keys) in each level are generally left to right, through a plethora of spikes to the exit. However, the exit is never unlocked until you drag all of the words from the bottom of the screen into the playing area. These writers' blocks can be used as extra platforms to help you reach the exit, barricades that block your path if you don't place them carefully, or perhaps have some other effect that could help or hinder your way out. It only takes a little bit of trial and error to see what words can do, so don't be afraid to experiment.

Uirdz contains 39 hard-as-nails levels to repeatedly die through (each with optional they're-clearly-joking target times to meet), plus one you've-got-to-be-kidding-me-hard boss level. Scattered along the way, you'll also find a handful of no-just-plain-no-why-would-they-even-do-that secret levels that will really put your platforming skills to the test. The secret levels are tricky to find, but you can usually pick up a hint or two from the [ONSCREEN PROMPTS] that pop up before each level, or from the very [WORDS] you have to drag into play. It's that extra layer of puzzle goodness that makes Uirdz a devastating platform [CHALLENGE] to behold.

Play Uirdz

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Uirdz Walkthrough

Levels 1-10

Level 1

Drag the words into the playfield and walk to the right.

Level 2

Drag the words into the playfield (ideally in the tiny holes above the walkway) and walk to the right.

Level 3

Walk to the right, THEN drag the words into the path behind you.

Level 4

Drag the words into the playfield to form a bridge that allows you to cross the chasm to the right.

Level 5

Move as far to the right as you can. The word UP will move up when it is dragged onto the field. Jump, and drag UP beneath you while you are in midair. It will carry you up to the exit. Place the other two words into the playfield wherever you want.

Level 6

Move as far to the right as you can again. Jump and place WORDS just underneath the height of your jump. Repeat this with TOO and BIG! to reach the exit.

Level 7

Move through the path until you reach the exit on the right side. Drag HARD... to the only five-space gap at the top-center of the play area, THIS and ISNT to the four-space gaps (one is in the center, one is up-left of center, one is right of center), and SO to any two-space gap you want.

Level 8

Drag (ahem) THAT WORD to the middle of the play area just above the spikes, and use it as a stepping stone for jumping across to the other side.

Level 9

Run and jump over the first set of spikes. Put DONT over the second set of spikes so that the T is lined up with the third spike from the right; run and jump over the spikes, using DONT as a bridge. Put DIE over the third set of spikes so that the D is lined up with the third spike from the left; run and jump over the spikes, using DIE as a bridge.

Level 10

Use the ?s and EYES to make a bridge over the spikes to reach the exit.

Levels 11-20

Level 11

Rather than climbing up the first alleyway, go through the hole at the bottom of the first wall. Jump out of the hole and place POSSIBLE? underneath yourself before you land on the spikes (it helps if you drag and hold the word into position ahead of time, then release when you make the jump). Use IS and IT to reach the top of the third wall. Before you jump down the final alleyway, place the ? above the last spike to stop yourself when you jump.

Level 12

Walk to the right, then drag the words into position. Put DOWN and NUTS In the left-hand portion of the flat alleyway, and RIGHT in the right-hand portion.

Level 13

Run and jump through the spikes, then drag the words into the playfield. Note that you don't want to hold down the jump button, as you only need to jump one block's height. You may want to practice this jump before you attempt it for real.

Level 14

Jump down the first alley, curving back to the left to avoid a spike near the bottom. Move to the right and align yourself with the opening in the seocnd alley. Jump and put OFF in the small gap at the peak of your jump. The room will go black, but don't panic. Jump again, and put ON at the peak of your jump (the Os of OFF and ON will be lined up vertically). Repeat this one more time with AND and you'll be at the top of the second alley. Jump down the third alley and through the hole to the exit.

Level 15

Align yourself with the opening in the first spiked alley. Jump and place UP under you to carry you to the top. Move to the right and place DOWN over the second set of spikes. Jump on top of DOWN as it moves, and dodge the spikes as you pass them. Put the AND anywhere to open the exit.

Level 16

Climb up the first alley. Put one DOWN in the four-space gap to the right of the left-most single purple block and jump on it, riding it to the bottom, dodging the spikes along the way. Climb up the third alley. Place another DOWN so it is centered over the two-space gap in the first row of spikes and quickly jump on it. As soon as you are safely through the first row of spikes, run off the DOWN to the left, then to the exit before the DOWN reaches the bottom. The remaining DOWN can be placed anywhere to open the exit.

Level 17

Place the I over the first set of spikes to act as a stepping stone as you cross. Place the AM above the second set of spikes to do the same thing. Once you reach the top-left corner of the map, jump and place RIGHT beneath yourself and ride it to the exit.

Level 18

If you can, climb the first alley without using any words; if you need help, use IS to create a landing for yourself so you don't fall the whole way back down. Jump down the second alley, and climb up the third alley until you reach the platform in the center. Jump and place SOMETHING in the nine-space gap in the middle of the map at the peak of your jump. Jump on top of the third wall. Place OFF (or if you still have it, IS) on top of the two spikes at the bottom of the fourth alley, and jump down to the exit.

Level 19

From the starting position, jump and place COMING underneath yourself to help you climb the first alley. Place RIGHT above the spikes below you, then quickly jump on it to ride under the barrier. Place UP in front of you to ride up to the top-right platform. Once there, wait for RIGHT to come through the spike; when it is close enough to the right edge of the playfield that you can jump on it, do so, and run to the left to fall down next to the exit.

Level 20

If you want, you can snake your way through the left-hand passage to reach the blue button to reset the path in level 13 (no words are required). Otherwise, use the 13 to give yourself a boost through the first tunnel of spikes in the right-hand passage. Once on top of the giant purple L, Drag LEVEL to meet with the top of the L and walk so you're lined up with the V. Jump and place RESET beneath the peak of your jump. Jump once more and move to the right (avoiding that one spike) then jump to the exit.

Levels 21-30

Level 21

Intermission! Oh. In this level, you'll want to use the words to reach the opening at the top, using RIGHT as your bottom-most word, then ride RIGHT to the exit once it passes through the spiked gap at the bottom. It may help to put LEARN and TO into place before you place RIGHT into action.

Level 22

Use GO to reach the top of the level. Place the ? on top of the left-most spike in the row of four spikes. Drag and hold LEFT to just over the five spikes to the right; jump on top of the word and release just before you land. Run to the left and fall into the gap before LEFT passes over it, then jump up and land on LEFT again on the other (left) side of the spike barrier. Let LEFT come to a stop when it hits the ? you placed earlier; jump down the hole and go to the exit.

Level 23

Place one RIGHT over the bottom set of spikes; quickly jump on it, and up to the top-left corner. Put the other RIGHT over the top set of spikes, ideally lined up with the bottom RIGHT below. Jump on the top RIGHT, then drop down so you land on the bottom RIGHT, which you can ride to the exit.

Level 24

Place DOWN above the second set of three spikes so the D and O are above two of the spikes; DOWN will sink down into those spikes. Place STEP above the fifth set of three spikes so the S, T, and E are just above the spikes. With the words in place, you can pretty much run right to the exit.

Level 25

Place OPEN anywhere in the level (ideally near the bottom); a path will open to the exit in line with wherever you placed OPEN. Drag the remaining words into the playfield, using them as stepping stones if need be.

Level 26

Place OPEN in the four-space gap in the bottom-left corner of the level. Move to the exit, then place SESAME in the six-space gap right next to your exit.

Level 27

Place ONE and WAY so they complete a giant P to the right of the O, and MORE and THAN so they complete a giant E to the left of the N. Run to the exit.

Level 28

Place YOURSELF at the top of the level, centered above the column of spikes. Put FLIP to the left of it, reversing the gravity. Move to the exit, using GO as an additional bridge if needed.

Level 29

Place FLIP at the top-left part of the map; land on it and jump into the space above the apostrophe. Place either DONT or OUT in the top-right corner to cover the spikes and bridge the rest of the path to the exit.

Level 30

Run and jump to the right; at the same time, place FLIP in the top-right corner. You should land on FLIP and be a short distance from the exit.

Levels 31-39

Level 31

Place FLIP at the top-left of the level, centered over the tower of spikes. Land on FLIP and walk to the right edge of it. Use ME and OFF as stepping stones to reach the exit. Remember that the level will go dark when you put OFF in the playfield, but you should have a path memorized by then.

Level 32

Place OF in the small gap in the first wall so it sticks out to the left; climb to the top of the first wall. Place FADE on the row of three spikes below you; FADE will naturally fade away, but it is still there, so don't be afraid to jump on top of it. Place LEAP near the top of the chasm to your right; jump on top of it and to the exit.

Level 33

Place FADE centered below the column of spikes. Use the (slash) and OFF as stepping stones to help you reach the exit.

Level 34

Place BOMB next to the wall in the middle to eliminate it. Note that the "blast radius" of BOMB is two spaces in every direction. Move to the exit, and place the remaining words in the playfield.

Level 35

Place BOMB to the right of the middle purple platform. Place AWAY! centered below the column of spikes. Jump down to AWAY! then to the bottom purple platform to reach the exit.

Level 36

Place BOMB immediately below the middle column of spikes, with the M and B lined up with the two spikes at the bottom of the column. Use DROP and THE as stepping stones to help you reach the exit.

Level 37

Place BOMB in the next to the right-hand wall. Drag and hold FLIP around the same area. Run and jump through the first column of spikes, then release the FLIP and land on top of it, and jump over to the exit.

Level 38

Place the first BOMB on the ground to the right of where you start; remember to jump to avoid being caught in the blast. Place the second BOMB in the crevice left by the first bomb. Place the third BOMB in the crevice left by the second bomb. Use the AND as a stepping stone to help you reach the exit.

Level 39

Drag and hold FLIP to the right of the first alley; fall down the first alley, release the FLIP, and fall up the second alley to land on the FLIP. Jump between the two pairs of spikes beneath you, and place BOOK just to your right at the apex of your jump and land on it. Jump to the exit.

Boss Level

After a salvo of spikes, the monster will roar at you. Place the BOMB in his mouth when he roars (the second B will actually be in his mouth, the M will be where the edge of his lip is). You will then face two salvoes of spikes before he roars; place the BOMB in his mouth in the same way. You will face three more salvoes of spikes. Note that the spikes increase in speed in the second of these final three salvoes. Place the BOMB in his mouth one final time to defeat him. Try not to cross over the ledge in the middle of the playfield, as this will cause the monster to approach you and reset the current salvo.

Secret Level Locations

Secret Level 1

Found in level 1.

Use your words to build a path that allows you to jump out the top of the level.

Secret Level 2

Found in level 10.

From the starting point, drag the two question marks to the "eyes" of the head at the top of the screen. The floor will open up beneath you, and you will fall into the secret level.

Secret Level 3

Found in level 13.

On your first attempt at the level, jump between the spikes without dying and take the upper route and jump out the top-left corner of the screen. If you fail to do this on your first attempt, the path will close off and you can only go to the right to move to the next level, but you can later attempt a tricky path to hit a reset button that opens the path again in level 20.

Secret Level 4

Found in level 18.

By the time you put all the words into place, the room will be dark (courtesy of OFF), but the path at the top-right corner of the map will also open up. Make sure you put one platform near that opening so you can jump up and out to the secret level.

Secret Level 5

Found in level 22.

Simply go left from the starting point.

Secret Level 6

Found in level 25.

You'll notice that wherever the word OPEN is, that's the row that the block will open up at on the right side. Place the word OPEN in the row your character starts off the level in (third from the top, or the second if you don't count the ceiling row), and exit through that hole as you normally would.

Secret Level 7

Found in level 30.

The normal exit for this level is the top-right corner. The secret exit is the bottom-right corner. Drag and hold FLIP somewhat close to the bottom-right corner. Take a running jump to the right, but release the word before you hit the spikes, hopefully landing you on the underside of FLIP close enough to jump through the bottom exit. This run-FLIP-land technique will come in handy in later levels as well.

Secret Level 8

Found in level 35.

Place the BOMB at the top of the screen, just to the right of the spikes hanging from the ceiling, in order to create a hole at the top of the screen. Place AWAY!!! below the hole you made, then jump onto AWAY!!! and out the top of the level.

Thanks to Peterpetrall and Emil Zaal for help with Secret Levels 1 and 8!


This is just disgustingly awful. There's asking the player to be good at platforming and then there's just demanding that the player be incredibly lucky; this entire game after the tutorial is the latter. The controls are nowhere near precise enough to prevent the player from constantly slamming their head against a roof and falling onto spikes, or hitting spikes while trying to jump exactly one tile upward. What I'm trying to say is that I shouldn't have needed something like 30 tries to get past the second room with spikes, and if the game was better designed I wouldn't have.

And then it has the crowning thing that ruins any otherwise good puzzle platformer for me: Claiming that the player hasn't "completed" a level unless they beat it under a ridiculously tiny time limit.

The idea of words that doing things (like "UP" going up) is a good one, but it needs to be the central focus of the game, instead of spikes, to actually make it a good puzzle game.


Nope! This is just beautifully amazing. There's expecting a game to never force you to play the same thing over and over until you get it perfectly (NOTE: Uirdz does not force you to do this.) and then there's just crying about choice of wording: that it says "complete" rather than something a little more verbose like "did the level in perfect time and found all the secret stuff".

COMPLETE: having all parts or elements; lacking nothing

I think "100% complete" would have been better/clearer wording but it's not something that you should allow to ruin a game for you.

The level is not complete because THERE IS STILL MORE TO DO, IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO IT. (After beating the game once, I'm going for the target times and finding the new experience really fun and different.)

The idea that it isn't a good puzzle game because it's also challenging in other ways is flawed.

One thing: if the controls feel somewhat unresponsive at times it's probably because they are. In-browser flash has a bad & inconsistent lag habit. This isn't to say this absolves Uirdz of responsibility, but I have experience with this and 'testing the game in a browser to make sure miniature lag blips don't ruin control precision' has never been high on my list of priorities. Shrug.


How to beat final boss? Where do I put the bomb?

wordmanwords January 18, 2013 6:52 PM

Rest of the game aside, I really like how the level are colored yellow ("complete") only if you both beat the level's time target and find any secret exits it has.
It means if you want to find all secret levels, you no longer need to check a walkthrough first - you can just beat all levels' time targets and see which levels become yellow (no secret exits) and which don't (secret exit!).
I wish more games had something like that as I don't enjoy searching for secret levels in walkthroughs very much (and searching for them in every single level is a definite no).


I enjoyed the game; the platforming was tough but fair. I am content with not even attempting the time trials. The one thing that took getting used to was precision jumping when using the arrow keys with my left hand. On the last boss, I eventually switched and awkwardly used a right handed mouse with my left.


Put the bomb in the boss' mouth when it roars.

wordmanwords January 18, 2013 11:14 PM

Finished it 100%, enjoyed it as well.
The time trials looked like a prank at first, but if you start trying to (awkwardly) interleave some of your keyboard and mouse actions, they'll become possible and not *Too* hard.


Can we have a walkthrough for finding the secret levels?

Peterpetrall January 19, 2013 4:50 AM

Secret Level 1

Level 1. Exit the top of the level.


Once again, the hate filled spoutings of Xindaris...

The posts of such person is the perfect example of how to review something poorly. We as a gaming community can state all the negative aspects of a game but to what end? What good does it do if we aren't able to give positive feedback alongside justifiable criticism? Unless we're able to offer something positive in a review, that could possibly help better the medium of games, the power of giving feedback becomes moot.

If we ever want to see evolution of development in the gaming community, then we as a society have to offer something in return. This is how games proper progress. In most cases, with games it's as simple as:

"While the game felt somewhat slippery in controlling the main character, the innovative thought of using words as platforms and giving them unique qualities that effected the game play was highly refreshing. I feel this could be expanded upon possibly by adding words that harm you in various ways, adding a higher aspect of puzzle quality to it's platform counterpart."

While people like Xindaris do make some valid points occasionally, These people forget how much time and effort the creators pour into these projects (their works of art) mostly so people can enjoy them, profiting nothing from it other than pleasing others. Some games won't always be good. This is where we can critique but most importantly, tell these people what we did like so they can grow. The least we can do is offer them in-depth feedback beyond "It was good. It was bad." so they can progress as developers, supplying us with something that everyone visits Jay is Games for: Free Entertainment

Sorry for the preachy rant, I feel we take what's given to us for granted sometimes.


There's supposed to be a total of 8 secret levels.


This website won't send me my verification e-mail >:(

Ah well, now that's out of the way, the final secret level is in level

35. Blast the top of the level open. I did it by placing the bomb next to the top spike on the right side and then placing the other word so that you can jump out of the level.


Asthanius January 19, 2013 3:37 PM

Can somebody post a walkthrough of the actual levels themselves? There are some (like Up Up Down Up for instance) that I just don't understand.


Anybody notice that there's a 9th secret exit on the level with BOMB BOMB AND BOMB? You can place the bombs strategically to exit the top of the screen. However, after getting the "SECRET EXIT" screen display, you are redirected to the start menu as opposed to a secret level. Interesting.

granthean October 4, 2013 6:46 PM

Almost all of the target times are impossible. You're not even able to walk fast enough.


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