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Twin Spin

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From the excellent French Flash games site, Globz.com, comes this creative action arcade game with a unique and addictive gameplay mechanic. The objective in Twin Spin is to 'walk' a baton around the play field and explode all of the balloons that exist for each level.

The only means of control is the mouse button—or use the space bar as an alternative. Click (or press) to begin walking. Once activated, the baton will spin in a circle around one of its end globes. Clicking (or pressing) again will cause the baton to stop spinning around the one globe, and begin spinning around the other. With precision timing you can master this "twin spin" technique and make the baton walk wherever you wish. A little practice is all you need to get into the swing of it.

Each level presents a new task of increasing difficulty, and each level's objective must be completed within a time limit. If you accomplish the objective with time to spare, you are awarded bonus points. You are also awarded bonus points for each life remaining, displayed as hearts.

It is possible later in the game to lose a life, of which you start each level with three (3). Lose all three and you lose 100 points, and must begin the level again. You may try a level as many times as you wish, though your score will continue to decrease with each failed attempt. Negative scores are permitted.

Analysis: While the folks at Globz call this a mini-game, Twin Spin has all the features of a well-designed, multi-level casual Web game, sans sound. In fact, the omission of any sound effects at all is the only significant shortcoming. The graphics are simple yet effective with a nice attention to detail seen in the animations and particle effects. Add to this a creative new gameplay mechanic—similar to Swinger but distinctly different in execution—and what you have is a fresh little game that is enjoyable to play. The only thing "mini" about this game is it's relatively small game window.

The gradual increase in difficulty eases the player into the game nicely, therefore making the game accessible to a wide audience of all ages. Hardcore gamers will also be challenged by later levels in the game that require deft handling of the baton to clear all balloons in time.

Simple, fresh and fun. Casual gameplay at its best. Click.

Thank you, Tonypa, for suggesting this one. =)

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Arg. Awesome game but I can't get the hang of the direction of the thing going...


A little practice and a little patience pays off with this one. =)

24 levels. Total score: 7173.

11 was very difficult until I really got the hang of walking that thing around. Excellent fun!


This is the first flash game i've ever tried to play that would not load in Opera. It didn't even look right. How disappointing.

Zengief June 16, 2005 8:49 AM

11 was hard enough that I gave up after trying 4 times or so. There was just no room for error in walking around those bombs.

How many levels are beyond that?

SeraphSoul June 16, 2005 10:27 AM

Great game, I love how the different way you clear the "ballons". Excellent find.


The game has a total of 24 levels.


If the main Globz link doesnt work in Opera (I use Opera too and it doesnt work there) then you can still play it. I think this is ok:



I have deemed lvl 11 imposible to beat except for Jay and the people that stay inside all day doing nothing but this (Jay doesnt have to he's a natural) All and all i liked the idea of the game. It also had bright colors, the motion was relitivaly easy to pick up, if i can do it anyone can lol. Btw I love your site Jay.

whitney June 16, 2005 5:13 PM

can't beat 11. what path are you taking?


To beat level 11, I walked south-west first then straight across to get the one south-east. Then straight up the middle and over to the north-west corner, then straight across to the north-east corner.

Admittedly, I gave up the first time I played because I just couldn't get 11. So I put it down and came back to it later, starting the whole game again. When I got to level 11 again, I beat it the first time I tried. Go figure. =)

Sometimes you just have to walk away and come back to things later.


Woohoo beat the game

Final score: 8922

schteeeven June 17, 2005 10:28 AM

final score: 10433


ah, now, to beat 11, i actually went ALONG the edges (right and left) -- if you go all the way against the wall, it will actually flip rather nicely and let you just fit through there.

granted, it took about 30 tries straight, but i did finally succeed. great game!

total score ~5500.


9700 even. that's better. :)

bluzfiddler June 24, 2005 3:42 PM

Guys I just can't get passed level 13. Is there some kind of secret that I am missing! There is not enough time to move all the way around.

jalhalla42 July 20, 2005 12:09 AM

Is it free to register?

jalhalla42 July 20, 2005 12:28 AM

finished with 10112. too bad im not registered


Yes, registration to the GlobZ site is free and painless. They don't even require an email verification step.

baba44713 August 11, 2005 7:02 AM

I got 11502. I registered but after submiting score all I got is the non-changing "Loading..." message and that's it. Shucks.


What's with this guys' 3 games lately? I love these games. Are they down for Thanksgiving 2006 break? :o(


Ne'ermind. Seems it was partially down for a few days. Back up now.


2leslie!: It works fine for me... Opera 9.10 b8660

Anonymous August 7, 2007 6:51 PM

they changed the url for all the sites so the links don't work and i can't play this game T-T


Final score: 9840.



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