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JayTroglodite is a simple action game that's just perfect for this time of year. The Flash game was originally created by Paul Wright and posted to the FlashKit forums, then modified by Oliver Klinkenberg whom added the graphics and levels present in this version of the game.

Use the arrow keys to control the troglodite through each level of the cave. Avoid the ghosts while collecting gems to open the door to the next level.

Straight forward and simple gameplay with nice appealing graphics and sound. A lovely Halloween treat.

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Well, this game is definately nice to play... especially after spending 15 min playing the creepy "Five Finger Fillet"


The last level was the best one. A few more of the same, or higher, difficulty would be nice. But overall a really good game.


I hate to say this, but this is a perfect example of how not to make a game. It has no options to turn off sound, which is doubly annoying because of the title screen track. Inside the game, the characters all move slowly, so the levels play slowly. Also, while the levels can only be controlled by arrow keys, you can only advance from one to the other using the mouse, making for an irritating experience. I give it a 0/3.


Awww, not even a 1 for it being a Halloween game?! Geesh. You're tough to please. =p



You can press [enter] to clear the "Proceed" screen between levels, but it sure would be nice if it told you that. Agree regarding the slow pace.


The collision detection seems to be rather fussy--there were a lot of times where I couldn't get into a little cul-de-sac even though I was standing out in the open. This makes the game artificially harder.


The suddenly appearing ghosts messed me up xD
Cute though!


this_post =+ LSK_post


after the first introduction levels, the game got weird because I got stuck while passing walls, ghosts stopped or changed their speed and direction suddenly, this game sucks.


The ghosts that suddenly appear or change pattern are part of the game, not a bug — they're triggered by enetring certain spaces. However, I think there really ought to be a sound effect and/or visual effect when that happens, to let the player know that something has changed.


i didn't think this game was too slow at all. i think that the biggest challenge to the game was in the timing... you had to wait for the right moment to walk past those two ghosts, then sneak up behind that one, and turn just in time to dodge that other one. patience really pays off in this game. i think that the additional ghosts/disappearing walls made the game more challenging as well. my only complaint... too short of a game. i'd love to see this one expanded into more levels.


I too disliked the game, although the speed of the characters is not one of the reasons. While it is slow going at time, a faster pace would ruin the timing, and after all, patience is a virtue.

On the other hand, The collision system was extremely frustating. Since it's nothing more than poorly coded object parameters, i don't see why it wasn't fixed before the game went live.

More importantly, the fact that a loss of life does not temporarily pause the game is even worse in my opinion. I lost more than once because i was sent back to the spawn on top of a monster and hence, immediately lost a second life. Again, a simple timer inserted into the respawn instructions would solve the problem.

After going through the creation process i don't see why such simple and obvious problems were ignored, and ultimately, i see the game as a poor reflection of the author's abilities.


Same Ubuntu/Firefox issue, same solution...
Game doesn't accept input until I right click and check the quality. I, too, dislike the collision detection, but that didn't stop me from loving the game. Thanks Jay!


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