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Rating: 4.7/5 (138 votes)
Comments (178) | Views (13,299)

ThomasTriachnidTri-achnid is a new action/adventure platformer created by Florian Himsl and Edmund McMillen, with sound effects by Anders Gustafsson (Gateway).

You are one of—as the author calls it—an "endangered species of exopod on the verge of extinction." It is your goal to find a safe place for your brothers and sisters, who are tucked away in a portable cocoon. You learn in the introductory cut-scene that your parents are killed, and that you alone must save your siblings. So you carry this egg sack around through the various levels on your quest for your species' survival.

Your protagonist is a three-legged arachnid-esque creature. Movement is controlled by moving the three feet through clicking and dragging. You may also use WASD keys to position the Triachnid's head for balancing. Like any self-respecting wall-crawler, your feet can attach to almost every surface.

This even includes your egg-sack, which you can carry around the levels in your mouth. If you get hurt by falling rocks, menacing enemies, or by hurting your limbs on sharp edges, you can get back to full health by catching some of the smaller insect-like by-fliers, and (surprise surprise!) eating them!

How do spiders catch flies?

In their web of deceit, of course! Naturally, you can construct your own webs, and use them just like any ordinary spider. You can attach them to walls, you can sit on them, you can cut them off again, and you can just watch potential prey getting caught in them. Using just a single thread, you can descend from one platform to another, as later levels require you to.

Analysis: The graphics are simple, yet appealing, the music enhances the atmosphere perfectly. Controlling all aspects of your beloved exopod might seem overwhelming at first, but the game introduces them quite gently during the first few levels.

Just to apply a little bit of criticism, the only feature that the game is lacking would be a save feature.

All in all, Tri-achnid is a very fresh and original title, well-designed by Florian Himsl and Edmund McMillen, both of whom have found their way into the right-click context menu of the flash application.

Play Tri-achnid


Thomas, I cant play the game. I think theres something wrong with the link.


Be patient. It's 4MB and takes a bit to load before you see anything.


its not that. Firefox cant locate the server.


Hmm, my Firefox finds it with no trouble. =/

Perhaps the domain is brand new and the address has not propagated throughout the DNS network yet?

You can play the game through Newgrounds if you're having trouble accessing directly from the author's site.


Its ok, im playing it on newgrounds.


Thanks for your help, Jay.


Nice game, and really original platforming methods. So many tricks you can do with the web and stuff. I think the tri-achnid looks cool, and the music is relaxing.

dannthemann November 4, 2006 12:32 PM

I really like the music


Hmmm, this is a great game! The unique method for moving around is...different. A little hard for me at the moment, but I think having just woke up may be a factor in my struggles ;) By the way, the white looking thing with what appears to be jaws (its near the very begining, floating is some green slime stuff) is that the egg sack im suposed to be saving? It seemed to be hurting me but it may have been falling rocks? Or perhaps I was being too rough with it and hurting the eggs and that in turn hurt me? I'll just have to play around with it again some more later on, definatly addicting! =)


Update: Florian was nice enough to add 'X' as an alternative key for creating a web thread. This is meant to help laptop users who need the CTRL key to emulate their right mouse button.


One little problem is that when I play it on my computer, it automatically goes to low quality which makes the between level text quite hard to read.

Other than that I'm really enjoying this :)


@jihiro: No, that's not the egg sack. I'm actually not sure what it is. It looks like a head from some kind of monster, but I'm not sure where it comes from.
Maybe it's from one of your parent spideys? I have no idea how big they are supposed to be in relation to the little one we're guiding through the levels.


how do i make a web jay???!!!


Ugh, this game is way too frustrating for me. The little guy never moves the way I want him too, and I can never seem to get him to hold anything in his mouth :/

Maybe if the head of the little guy was more stationary (like maybe you had to click and grab it too?) it wouldn't be such a problem.

wylie.conlon November 4, 2006 4:52 PM

What I find somewhat annoying is... the 5th level? (I'm not really counting- it's the one with the rappeling.) It's nearly impossible to actually do it!

Poppington November 4, 2006 4:58 PM

I'm pretty sure that thing at the beginning is your mom's skull. It's got the same fangs and the single eye.

The webbing system is really cool. If only you could connect strings to other strings to make net patterns.

XandraChick November 4, 2006 5:07 PM

the instructions aren't very helpful. they don't tell you about the green stuff and the white things that pop up in the second level that i can't grab, and i can't grab the egg sac. i like the different way of movement, and i love the music.


I'm having problem on the... fourth level? The one right after the water level, where you have to "fight the creatures that took the egg sac". I can't seem to get the legs to go where I want them to go at the speed I want them to go- this makes me die a lot in general from hitting things too hard and keeps me from killing the things when they get too close. Any hints or tips on getting past them in one piece?

wylie.conlon November 4, 2006 5:45 PM

Beat it! The last level is really weird...


I never thought I'd feel bad for a spider.
Clever game.


The game was a bit too slow (pace-wise, not performace-wise) and cumbersome for me, although the movement and interaction system does look promising.

But I guess I'm just too used to games where movement is supposed to be smooth, easy, to-the-point, while here it's more a core part of the gameplay.

So, looks good, nice idea, but not really the kind of game I like to play. :)


I'm really confused. I can't get him to grab anything. Space bar seems to have no effect at all. Am I missing anything? I've tried both IE and Firefox.


Nevermind. Again, I try and try and try and post and succeed. Oy.


I'm really enjoying this! Love the physics and the music. But I'm having throuble making lengths of web sticking on the other side. I can spin a web fine and I can scale down it and grab it, etc. But once I've spun a length, how do I make both ends stick to rocks? When I let go it just falls and if I try cutting it off and grabbing it and stciking it to a rock with my foot, it still falls.
Any help, please?


In case you couldn't find all the larvae, here's the complete bestiary.


Oh man that was fun. I beat it. I agree wylie.conlon, the last level is weird. For those interested:

The last 2 or 3 levels are inside the beast that killed your parents or whatever. The last level involves cutting the veins from the beast's heart. Very fun.

And for some reason the game felt very atmospheric. I think it was the music and the survival aspect of not letting your brethren in the egg sack.

Overall I loved the game. Gets a 9/10 from me.



To make two ends of web stick to two different rocks:

Start a web and attach one end to a rock (point a(, then move far enough away from point a that you have enough web let out that it will reach your point b, wherever that is. Then grab the web near your head. Not too close, because then you'll grab the egg sac. This was one of my great difficulties, not grabbing the egg sac while doing this. Then move the foot to your point b until it sticks, and let go of your space bar once it does.

I adore this game, and the ending! I can't wait for the next episode! What a creative last level, and game overall.


Thanks very much for your advice, MadWithMuchHeart- I shall try it out immediately!


Vole - theres nothing in your spoiler. Brilliant game.


I LOVE this game. Fluid, serene, tricky, and inventive.
I've been practising and am now leaping around the screen like a neanderthal spiderman!
The original webslinger!
Being from the Isle of Man we get used to throwing things around on three legs!!


I keep getting hurt for no reason!
Why does putting your own egg sack in your mouth hurt you!?

Cool idea, but WAY too difficult to control!

Revenge02 November 5, 2006 4:18 PM

The physics are awesome, but the game runs a bit slow on my computer. I can't figure out how to get the larva on the rappeling level though.

Its right above the start but behind spikes

so i keep dieing.

Littleghost November 5, 2006 4:27 PM

Ezrabbit, I have the same problem, I'll bash my head against hard rocks accidentally with no harm, but sometimes just stretching is enough to hurt me.

I'm on level 3, I CAN kill the little flying guys, but I don't know HOW I do it. Does anyone know for sure?


I have the same problem....

its not geting up there that i have a problem with (you have to catch a bird thing to fly up there may take some trys though)its geting back down i keep hiting the spikes.

Littleghost November 5, 2006 7:06 PM

Ezrabbit, I have the same problem, I'll bash my head against hard rocks accidentally with no harm, but sometimes just stretching is enough to hurt me.

I'm on level 3, I CAN kill the little flying guys, but I don't know HOW I do it. Does anyone know for sure?


How do you eat?


Huh this reminds me of a mix of both 'tower of goo' and 'feedme' games so not really that original. Its far to hard to move the arachnid about aswell so I lost interest quickly. I suppose it has potential tho, it jus needs reworking to be a lot easyer and faster paced.


Allright i got it and got thu the level.

You have to fly up to it with the bird things,then when you get the grub you put all 3 of your legs on the corner ubove the spikes, then with one leg you kinda shoot it to the left then you fo the same with the othere 2 but you have to be realy fast with this or your legs will hit the spikes. Good Luck


fun game, and for the ones that dont get how to kill,
there is a simple way,
just make a web take them out while pressing space and put
em in your mouth like your eggsack.


@ Zulaf and revenge02

you don't have to hold on to the bird on the way down! just let the bird free, stick a web to bottom of high platform, and let yourself sink to the bottom platforms


It's gone!
It's not on the server anymore!
Bring it back!


Eeeks! =O

Fixed. =)


Am I the only one who doesn't see an air bar?

Revenge02 November 6, 2006 5:12 PM

MoeDee the air bar is the blue bar opposite to your health. It is always there
I have found two glitches in this game. The first one is that webs can be anchored in air if anchored to something that later moves such as a gate, its not a really usefull glitch but still. The second one is that

the feet can anchor onto spike without you getting hurt, but it doesnt happen often

wylie.conlon November 6, 2006 6:05 PM

For me to get the larva on the level with the platforms (this worked for me, several times in a row):

Climb up and attach a web to the SIDE of the spikes.

Now let go and touch the ground, making sure you've got the rock underneath you.

Attach only two of your legs to the web, just above the head, leaving the third on the ground.

Grab the rock, swing it right until you are parallel to the ground, then quickly swing left.

As you approach the limit of the web, swing up.

There is NO NEED to get back down. Just commit suicide on the spikes, and it counts as getting the larva. (I'm not exactly sure about this, just beat the level before getting the larva and you should be fine.)


I'm having difficulty figuring out how to get the larva on the third level (the one with the flying key in the cave). How do I move the boulder there, there doesn't seems to be a glowing green crystal in the walls like there was in the second level.

Revenge02 November 6, 2006 9:18 PM

I finally managed to collect all the larva. I now hate fleeting plumes(the blue birds) since they have a desire to drag me off the map. Something i noticed on the rappelling level is that if you climb up the corpulag (the monster thing) there are some odd words at the top. The olny way to climb it is to leave the egg sack behind, to avoid going to the next level.


once you get the flying key, you need to push it into the green circle on the wall beside the gate.


Instead of doing the complicated spike trick, why not do this instead? Much simpler.

go to the pond of goop. Then climb up the rocks right above your head, there is a big green button on the very topmost left rock. Slap it hard, and it will make the spikes go away.


@dustfinger - does it actually? i thought that just opens the exit. hmm...

Anyways, this is what i did

1. you need to spin webs across and above the right side of the slime lake.
2. brush off the blue 'bird' and it will get caught in your webs to the right.
3. grab it and put it in your mouth (you won't eat it)
4. DO NOT LET GO OF ANY FOOTING. this will result in the 'bird' flying towards some spikes WITH YOU TOGETHER.
5. Position yourself above the large rock shelf (look at the radar) and let go of any footing.
6. With some luck, you'll be able to float up, reach out and hook yourself onto the large shelf without any problems.
7. grab the grub, rapple down with your web, grab the sack, and you're home free.

On another occasion, i got lucky, an earthquake actually shook the grub from the shelf for me! cool!

Cheers! Julian


here's a handy tip to 'Shake things up...'

Hit your leg down hard on brown rock (The light brown stuff) and you will create an earthquake to shake things around. This is useful for grabbing things you can't reach, as long as there is brown rock somewhere nearby.


I really love this game cause, expecially at first when user is not so scared, the strange spider acts and "lurchs" in a delicate way that makes me think about a monster pup, explorating for first time his (odd) world; and soundtrack talks about it very well :) Romantic game, hehe. Praise you.


Hang on a minute...
You create those earthquakes yourself!?
I thought they were random environmental things!


Revenge02: That ony gets you the the end of the level. I'm looking for a way to move the gigantic boulder on the left side of the map.


Does anyone know fi there will be any more games like this from the creators?


Major bug:

At least, I consider it a bug.

You should NOT be able to injure yourself on your own egg sac.
You go to put it in your mouth (on flat ground), miss by a bit, and you get KILLED!
Why does the egg sac count as something that can do harm?

This needs to be fixed!


Easy way to get the repel level larva!!!

just through the egg sac up there. it will roll down pick up the larva HARMLESSLY roll through the spikes down for you to catch!!!


oh and if you use the bird thing to fly MAKE SURE YOU ANCHOR YOUR SELF WITH A WEB!!!!!!!!!!

took me some time to relize that on lol

thelizard November 8, 2006 8:50 PM

Grah. I beat it a couple times, and got the larva above the spikes on the windy level with the fleeting plumes. However, I have no clue where Larva #5 is hiding. Does anyone have any idea where it is?

Vole, where are you? :(


Does anyone know what that song is!?? It's really awesome, kinda like something Torngat or even The Bell Orchestra would do...


i love the sound track to this one but everything else seems a bitto tiresome to me i cant beat the sceond lvl and i relly cant be bothered tryign to find out how to but that music relly makes you feel sorry for the lil fella


he looks so cold n sad and like he just wants to go home they way he blinks nnn stuff..... WAA i just cant help it i wanna hug him


I was on the level where you have to make webs to swing across, and I was nearly finished when I dropped the egg sack!! Dammit!


Where the heck is the larva in the second level? And after you tell me that tell me how to get it.


WOW this is so fun and sad in a way

3D Preacher November 13, 2006 8:30 AM

Very, very sad. The music really makes it stand out. A great game, though hard!

adam manning November 13, 2006 3:02 PM

HELP!!! on the second level (lame i know) you have to catch the bird yes? well how do you put it in your egg sack?


i dont know the button to get in the rock wat do i do!!!


i don't know how u complete second lvl help ppl!


I just realised you have to find the larvae XD Where is the larvae in the 2nd level and how do you get to it?


:0 Help me.

Im up to where you have to stop the monsters heart. But I can't pull it off. Why?


Nevermind. I killed it x3


Way cool game, almost beat it all, although I can't find two larvae and have yet to retrieve the repel larva. fun fun! enjoy everybody, especially the end...oh the gore! if anybody knows wher eot find the last two larva, postit up!


hey, the second level where you have to get the larva at the rock... ppl seemed to be having trouble, manuvering isn't that much of a problem for me. and try this: draw a web across the 2 rocks under the big rock, put two feet on it and use the other to swing... when you get going... detach the two legs at the apex of the swing and it should send you into the rock.


if stuck on the level with the monsters heart read

try spining a web and drag the heart to the wep if the veins stick out reach for them and pull them one by one if that did not work grab the heart from the web and yank the mouse....that was how i killed him.


o.k on the first level when you go up to the green sludge the white thing is your mothers head don't worry I know because this kid is an expert.On the second level the mulching(white things that pop up from the ground)they are not grabable.Also on the level where you have to fight the creatures that stole your eggsack if you go across the other side of the pool with the tadlings(tadpole creatures)in go up the wall and you will find a crevice and in there is a boulder throw it down into the water then get the larvae.

p.s the tadlings are edible.

Patogunner December 7, 2006 8:56 AM

The green thingy you need to catch is a

key, you need to put it in the green hole. you can catch it by putting a web on its way, so it gets stuck in the web.


i can't seem to find the third level larva(the level with the glowing flying crystal


well on the third level there is not actually a larva

oh yeah if you want to know about some creatures there are...

the corpulag which is that big giant slug thing, the tri-achnid itself, the fleeying plume which is that little blue bug-bird like creature,the white things that pop up on level two are (something) mulching, the tri-achnid larvae, the glom are those flying eyeballs, the tadlings which are what appear to look like tadpoles and the Itty which is those little black dots flying near the green sludge and in the cave on the first level.


im stuck where it says time to dive it says stay inside the big bubbles but how the hell do u freakin do it!


cool game but i cnt get past the one where u have 2 swing 2 platform 2 platform i do one then my eggsack drops help me!!!!


The music is so beautifully sad... I find the controls to difficult to manage, but I keep loading the game just to have that music in the background.


Sorry for double posting, but I just remembered what movies the music reminded me of:
- "Amélie" (aka "Amelie from Montmartre")
- "Hana-Bi"
- and a handful of Miyazaki movies
Does anybody out there have similar associations?


yeah, Miyazaki!
didn't know what it reminded me of; can't wait for the rest to be finished, hope it gets wierder.^-^


how do you fight the little flying creatures that sting you? I think you have to grab them and pummel them into things, but I'm not sure... does anyone have some advice?


how are you supposed to un-lock those lava, i got 2 alredy but i dont no how.


i did it in 1 day (without lave) , then i built a web like a spider on second lvl .... fun


Hard and slow but good. The music goes really well with this game. I don't see its connection with Hisaishi, but anyway this athmospheric and quite acoustic thing is an excellent idea.

malaqui you can dance, you can dance, everybuddy look at ur pants February 24, 2007 10:54 AM

to keep your egg sack safe, just build a web string, build some around it, place it in that, go ahead a bit, destroy obstacles etc, and build more webs, take egg sack and place in the middle one, soif the red enemies attack all you need to do is fight without you worrying about your eggies.

last level place egg sack on a string at the beggining unless you do collect larvae

FemmeFeminists February 28, 2007 11:21 PM

Alright, I've noticed a lot of peopel are having problems with the second level- the swinging one. Here's how you get the larvae.

First, you anchor a line across the big chasm (hold down the space button once you've grabbed a line, then put your foot against the wall- hold down mouse button, release space) then scare the bird so it will fly into your line and get stuck. Anchor your egg sack onto the same line, so you'll know where it is. anchor a nother line directly below the big rock at the very top. Put the bird/bug thing in your mouth, and lift your feet slightly off the ground. make sure you hold onto the line every so often, so you don't die. You should bonk off under the rock, so anchor the top of the line there. Climb to the top and get the larvae, then go back for your egg sac and finish the level. Ta da!

FemmeFeminists February 28, 2007 11:23 PM

Kraken, in order to beat those little red things:

Catch them in a web and eat them. They'll restore your health, and they die. A two for one!


I can't seem to get past the second level - Where do you go? Very confused.

Great game, though! It'll entertain me for hours if i don't get past it - Don't even want to get off for anything (Maybe a few things, acutally.)!


One the first level, the blinking eye? Thats a larvae! Just simply click a leg/arm, place it on the larvae, hold space, and drag it out of the ground!

I beat the level already, so if you need help, feel free to E-mail me. I just may not get it right away, or sadly, at all. So either that or post... Not to change the subject.


an easy way to beat the repeling level is to:

to beat the level where you repel to other ledgesI dropped off my egg sack at the start of the level and I made one web from one end of the level to the other one whole string and only attached it to the birds for support and that stops the egg from dropping you can practically throw it the whole way


this game is great the only problems I've had are that the game is designed with the foot the knee and the head are colidable objects. meaning the little leg things can go through objects. of ten resulting in a foot on one side and a knee on the other which if you try to move will cause damage. and the fact that if your grabbing some thing and it comes even relatively near you egg sack you immediately drops what ever your holding and grab the egg sack

Bill Right March 19, 2007 11:31 PM

Messages from creator:
On LVL 6 (the one with the platforms), drop the eggsac, go to the Corpulag (its part of the scenery, so it is harmless), climb it to the top, and there are messages from the creator in the air!!!

bluejuce March 25, 2007 2:49 PM

I attached a web to my egg sack, then tried to attach it to a wall so it would stay still, but the web touched a bird and the bird flew away!



here is a list of all the larvae on each level:

level 1: you go down a hill outside the little cave where you start off and there is a little blinking eye in the ground from under that floating rock well that is a larvae grab it, put it on your head and go to the next level.

level 2: first of all it is on a floating island up in the sky so you can make a catapult to launch yourself up or you can use the fleeting plumies which is very difficult because they usually fly towards the spikes.
once you have the larvae go to the next level.

level 3: urm...o.k theres no larvae on this level... repeat for the dumb..... NO LARVAE!!!.

level 4: theres one larvae with a tadling the method I use is to chase them till I get to the first bubble then I make a web in my hand and very quickly swipe them attach to the ground and start eating grab your kid then go to the end of the level...simple.

level 5: in case anyone forgot where we are we are at the level where you "fight the creatures that stole your eggsack" level. so straight away climb up the wall across the pond from you climb up the wall...there is a crevise there throw out the boulder then grab your baby, fight creatures, attack there nest(ball of pink flesh)(if you want) and go to next level.

level 6: now this level is quite hard because the baby is above you on the spikes so I use the modern way and throw up your eggsack and wait till it drops back down but if you want you can use the other way grab a blue birdy(fleeting plumies) and...GET SPIKED TO DEATH!!! so use the modern way.

level 7: o.k just before you get to the end of the level the baby is somewhere in this chamber so keep looking and be careful because when you here a rumbling sound it moves a couple of things with it.

last level: theres two babies on this level and they are right above the hole where you go to the heart chamber so if you don't want them to diehere is what to do... make a web just right under the place where they fall and you will have two babies then complete the level.

*trumpets tooting*WELL DONE, WELL DONE YOU HAVE GOT ALL THE LARVAE HOORAY...*mumbling* thank god now I can have my sponge bath...SO GOODBYE :-)


alaso when the game starts go to the credits and go on the name Edmund Mcmillen and there should be a new screen well to the left of that screen will be an option choice screen and click on the charecter design of tri-achnid and there are the new charaters that will come out with the next version of game...THEY ARE SOOO COOOL!!!


How do u get past the spikes on the 2nd level? anyway i luv the game


Oh, never mind, you dont have to get past the spikes. But somthing weird happens on the last level

When you grab the uvula thing, a "gate" opens to the heart, but 2 larva fall out. Put your head under the hole and they will instantly be collected. That's not the weird part, If you collect BOTH you only get credit for ONE. So don't bother getting them both.


This is kinda making me mad, I've beaten the game tons of times, and I get all the larvae but one. I know which one it is too. It's the one in the canyon-like level. (Level 6) I know it's up on the spikes, but I can't get to it. I can see some of you have gotten it, so could you tell me how to get up to it.


kurt to get the larvae on level 6 you can make a web across the canyon which is to your left and then throw your eggsack up and through the spikes when it lands you shall have the larvae in it.


try to find the larva

The One and Only Anonymous May 20, 2007 6:40 AM

what website is tri-achnid (the game) on anyway please reply today :)


You can play the game right here, silly. Just click the image or one of the links above. Or do you need a big ol' PLAY button?


I don't think many of you found the name to the song,
It took me hours, but hey, it's a pretty good song,
The Longest Night - Tin Hat Trio.
It's awesome.

Oh, and on any level where the
little ball thing keeps
shooting out those eyes
that harm you, you can
just catch them in a
web, and the ball thing
will stop producing them,
it's really easy.

This game is one of the best I've ever played,
mainly because the Story and the Music come
together so perfectly.



Nicko P. June 4, 2007 9:09 AM

There is a way to get the lv 2 larvae.Do the earthquake thing as close to the beggining as possible,and then the larvae should be sitting in on of the green pools later on.

SUPODOODLE June 14, 2007 4:19 PM

How do you create a web?

bom bom June 15, 2007 7:03 PM

just a quick question... i can get the blue fly thing into the spiders jaws, but how do i eat it?


Hey everyone..if you're having trouble, here's some tips you can kill the little flying eyeballs by eating them and to make them stop spawning tug the ball on the ceiling hard enough to make it snap off...well ok that was only 1 tip

DaNewsMan June 30, 2007 6:26 PM

If you are stuck on the heart stop level, this is how you are SUPPOSED to do it!

Once you get past the area where you pull on the uvula spin a web and leave your egg-sac in it BEFORE you enter the chamber with the heart. In order to stop the heart you must sever the three veins connected to the heart. To sever the veins, grab the clots on the veins, the red circles, and put them in your mouth one at a time. Your young Tri Achnid will bite the veins, severing them. Once all three are severed, the Corpulag will succumb to a long and painful death. Congratulations, you are officially a deadly parasite.


I beat once and I noticed something odd

There appears to be a secret stage. If you look on the map(I don't remember when you get to look at the map it's been a while since I've played) It looks like it goes up into the clouds.


On the 3rd level a maggot lookin thing attached to the spider's dude's face and crawls on it in a circle.


This game is SO awesome! I love the music.
It's sad, yet good.


I find pulling on the viens works just as well

I see what you mean jeremy, I don't know if those were there the last time I played this game. Maybe we'll find out when the full game comes out later this year.

I really hope there are more features to it than what there is currently.

also I've noticed that tri-achnid keeps his eye closed while underwater, dunno if this is a small glitch or something because the last time I played, he didn't keep his eye closed while underwater. He went through that water tunnel stage entirely with his eye closed, lol.

normality August 17, 2007 6:35 PM

Your legs can attach to the SIDES of the spikes.

I would have a screenshot, but I CAN'T PASTE IT!!!!


oy you have got to add a level maker in episode 2 PLEASE if you do ill eat my big toe and make t-shirts for you

Ragdollmaster August 25, 2007 9:03 AM

How do you kill/eat the

little blue jelly thing on the first level with the eggsack? I thought it was some kind of easter egg till it started flying. I jumped over it and caught it my web, and the tri-achnid would put it in his mouth but he wouldn't eat it :| also i can't get past the spikes...


I don't think you're suppoused to eat them, or maybe they have some kind of defense (hard shell maybe?) that the young tri-achnid can't bite through yet. Maybe later we can have a choice whether to eat those or not.

as far as the spikes go, read further up for solutions to tat.


I think the full game is coming out soon, does anyone know when?


I think the end screen after you finish all the levels available atm said third quarter, so maybe by december?


If you go up to the top of the gorpulag on the rappling level, the words say: "fixed fg", "terasound!" and "Wind!"


that was so sad, i wana hug him, poor guy lost his parents.but on a lighter noe a got revenge by finishing the game. i like hooking the blue birds and flying weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i got two birds on one foot and one on another it was really hard two pull my feet to the ground. exelent game bit slow though. my only complaint is its hard to make the second end of web stick to another rock it just kept falling off. but over all very addictive and fun 8/10

Anonymous October 21, 2007 6:33 PM

You guys know about that switch that knocks the larvae off the island, and also opens the way to the next level in the second one right?

Anonymous November 1, 2007 6:34 PM

if you holdonto the web the stop clicking while holding on you can stay on the rope without holding onto it


When will number 2 be released because at the end of the game a message is there saying the full game comes out when???


On level 1 there is a wierd thing,And its not the skull If you go to the dip where you find the first larva keep whacking the ground...eventually a brown coloured ball thing will fall from the exit. please keep this going as its interesting.


Posted by: Jeremy | July 2, 2007 6:37 PM
"I beat once and I noticed something odd

There appears to be a secret stage. If you look on the map(I don't remember when you get to look at the map it's been a while since I've played) It looks like it goes up into the clouds."

Nah there isn't a level in the clouds. After you finish the game you get access to the map for level select.There there is a cloud in the picture that looks like the thing you click on to go to a level, but you can't click it.

Also with getting the larva on the platforms in the air(lvl 6), if you're throwing the eggsack up, becareful not to overthrow or it will fly off the map. Make sure you've set up some webs to catch it when it comes back down.

Tri-achnid gets a 10/10 from me. Can't wait till the next one.


Hey, I found this game randomly while searching, and I found it pleasently challanging, yet fun still. I have a method of movement that makes it slightly faster. On flat area's, instead of lifting the back foot, placing it, repeat, I take the back foot, throw it forward quickly, then grab the next and throw as well. When the feet are close to landing, I grab the last foot and throw. This makes the tri-achnid move in a sort of jump forward, which is alot quicker.
I got thru the game in about 2-3 hours, without larvae, and I am still working on them. About the release date, third quarter should be about july to september, so I guess the game got delayed.
Hope my knowledge is helpful. Have fun!
Bio Rules


Cool game! Challenging, yet fun and addicting. I beat it without larvae in about 20 minutes. Working on larvae now.


well, to all of you that keep dying on the spikes trying to get the grub on the platform level, the solution is here. Instead of being fools and killing yourselves on the spikes, try catching a blue bird. Put it in your mouth and let go of the ground. If you throw tour weight around a bit, you can fly to the grub. When you are over it, take the bird from your mouth. Lay it on a web strand, grab the grub, then jump or fly back to a platform. Problem solved. I personally have all the grubs.


To get the larva on the second level, I just put a web between the top two floaty-rock things (one of which, has the switch on it) and then I have two legs holding onto it, and use the third to start swinging myself up and down.
Then when there's enough force, you let go really quickly, and hit the platform with the little guy on it.
Be ready to grab it though. I wasn't fast enough at one point, and hit my head on it, and hurt myself.


easy way through the level where everyone keeps dropping eggsack.
leave eggsack behind.
spin webs and jump platform to platform,making sure to connect.
after attaching 1 to corpulag,go back.
hurl eggsack in corpulags direction.
get it.
since u got webs all over where sack can fall,it wont fall.


cool game


the songs "the longest night" by tin foil hat (im pretty sure that its the longest night) it really fits in with the story!


i love this track on the game. if only i could find somewhere to download it. a nice little, moody, orchestral in a very neat and creative game like this is awesome.


Christ that was one of the most frustrating experiences ever. I did enjoy it and played all the way through, but there's gotta be a better way to do the controls! To me movement felt really clunky and the webs were incredibly unintuitive. In my opinion the sack was pretty unnecessary and just served to make me even more angry when I managed to drop it over and over while trying futilely to make a web any more complicated than a line from the ceiling to the floor.

I like the idea of being able to climb walls and use webs to make things like bridges and traps, but I think some better controls are needed, and I'd rather not have to be babysitting a giant egg sack at the same time.


i have beaten this game MANY times but i have never tried to get all of the larva before(i just got the ones that i did not have to work hard for)and have always not bothered with the 2 behind the spikes

the movement gets easier as you use it more often

this game has every type of level that i would want except one that lets you run almost continuously. the 3rd? level is the closest to this with the ring but i think that is more webbing or wall crawling


i wish you could be able to take your webs off of the stuff you put them to when you choose to


Something I would like to see developed, is an area, with it in sandbox version, an enclosed area for making simple webs, a open space free of enemies, good for making complex webs and learning how to teather down, a monster area, a trap, and you can make webs to protect from the trap.


Does anyone know if there's a point to the disembodied head (in the sludge pond) or the tumbleweed (near the larvae) on level 1?


Hola, the dismembered head is supposed to be your relative (preferably the white tri-achnid that we see in the intro)...If you try to fling yourself up you will see the Huge slug (corpulag) and from my point Of view I would say that it ate that other tri-achnid and spat out the skull.


I love this game and have played it lots of times!
I collected all the larva and so got all the cards!
Has anyone noticed that it says episode 1, does that mean there's going to be an episode 2? I hope so!

Also if I play it to long it starts to go really slow and jerky intill I can't play it even in low quality!
Does anyone else have this problem?

From ☻Peabop☺

Creature June 15, 2008 5:07 PM

I honestly want to play multi player on this. Also it would be cool if u could have multiple classes. Like a digger class which can make tunnels and sabotage. And have random things attack or just fly/crawl around. Like ants. You could raid the anthills or go into a worm nest or something. Possibly it would really be cool to fly... and also add a world editor so you can do things you want. I'm just saying that would really be cool.



Peabop: Yes, there's a second one coming out soon apparently.


I wish there was an invincibility mode, It would make this game get a 17/10. Please, PLEASE PLEASE!!!! It would be so cool and helpful.
I got killed when the tri-achnid's mother's head when it fell of me for peats sake!


If you play the game at Komix-games, you can choose what level you want to play at straight from the level select. There is no beastery though. By the way, my dad told me that the music in the game is played with an accordion. (A free reed instrument having grilles to take in air which are found on both ends of two wood boxes joined together by a bellows. The accordion has a key set similar to a piano, and when a key is pressed, it allows air to flow freely between the reeds.)


Sorry for the triple post, but I suspect that your Tri-achnid is the father of the egg-sack. The female could just be bigger. (This next part is ALL about the second level. You can call it the first level with the egg sack for specifics.) I think that your tri-achnid just doesn't choose to eat the bird.

One idea when flying to the higher block is to get to the left cliff end WHILE holding the bird (By web to make it faster). Once you are on the left cliff end, attach a web to the ground. This is your safety line. It is VERY important to keep one so you don't have to let go of the bird. You grab it if the bird is making you fly to the spikes, and then you move back to safe ground. (Keep hold of the bird, if you let go of the bird to try and get back to ground, then why have a safety web? The bird is like a mod that is held that causes you to have low gravity. And the bird can carry you since it tries to fly with you in low gravity.) You get hurt if you land on the ground too hard. So just slowly grab your safety line and move slowly (oh so slowly I suppose) back to ground. If you can't get it to work, then you can influence where you move by throwing your feet in a certain direction. Throw them up to get a boost to the rock, and if you DO find yourself above the highest rock, then by all means let go of the bird. But only if your not TOO high above the rock. Save the larva, get him to the egg sack. (Which should be safely in a web if you are like me.) To get down, just attach your safety line to the rock. If the web if directly below you, make another web and attach it to the bottom of the rock and move down. Grab the web if you want to make your way down on foot once you land on the closest rock you find.


I found something odd.

At the level when you go into the beast that killed your parents, if you don't have your egg sac, it won't let you through. So I climbed on the big thing's head and in the air were the words "fixed FG", "wind" and something else I don't remember. Anyone know what this is?


Well this was surprising. I have been playing this game on my home desktop, which has a rather slow crappy internet. I found the game was fun while slow, everything kind of creeping along, plodding if you will. It seemed to match the music really well. This was a year ago, fast forward to today with my new laptop, with good internet, I come back to try the game again. Now it runs very quickly, so fast in fact that I have trouble moving and performing simple actions from before. Just kind of a strange experience to go from a slow moving, peaceful creature to one that hops and jumps at lightspeed.


how do you do the 2nd level? i cant get past the spikes

tri achnid expert (mostly) February 1, 2009 8:25 PM

hey those quakes you really do cause them with brown stone.

to get the second larvae anchor to the ground and web around all rocks catch plumie(blue bug thing) and grab rope and head back to stop the plumie from heading to spikes attach web to top rock get larva and climb down

the weird white thing is a skull of your mom for sure and for proof climb up spikes before you die you see a coruplauge
the song is by

tin hat trio it is a accordion and something else

tri-achnid himself is adorable yet he is sad :( i just wanna hug him:)

Kratospie February 7, 2009 7:48 PM

When will Tri-achnid episode 2 finally come out? I've been waiting for 2 whole years!

tri achnid expert(mostly)/fan February 9, 2009 9:40 PM

i give the game 100/10 lol sorry just had to laugh but I'm serious.

tri achnid expert(mostly)/fan February 9, 2009 9:45 PM

I'm smart and will later reveal entire bestiary (applause)lucky you!

tri achnid fan February 15, 2009 5:10 PM

easy way to fly

grab plumie

attach egg sack to web

use egg sack to steer

'tri achnid fan /:) /:( /;) /;(

i give the game a rating of 30/10

tri achnid fan February 15, 2009 5:15 PM

great way to do stuff

attach egg sack to extra large web and carry stuff in your mouth (duhhhh... why didn't you think of that)

tri achnid fan February 15, 2009 5:40 PM

easy way to swim

make web attach tadlings frighten them and face the right way and they will take you where you want

tri achnid fan :) :( ;) ;(

tri achnid fan February 15, 2009 5:49 PM

if you let your egg sack go through the leaving thing first you can play the level again

tri achnid fan :) :( ;) ;(


at the star you see that girl she is your gf or wife or something like that and that white thing is her head if you die your head goes big try dieing its true and she lose her eye and her eye sucket is all you can see


i luved this game.
everyones saying that the controls were hard and i disagree, i adapted to them pretty easily, but my computer lags alot so thats probalbly why. i really enjoyed this game and i hope they make a part two.


love it, especially the music. The controls take a little while to get used to but all in all a very good effort


My goodness you guys, you're making the second level so complicated! There's a much easier way to get the larva that guarantees that you won't die!

Climb up to the top platform with the green switch on it (press it if you want to, it doesn't matter) Spin a web and anchor yourself to the rock! Do not cut the line. Keep spinning it from your mouth while the other end stays stuck to the rock! Catch the bird (doesn't matter how, trap it or just grab it really fast) and put it in your mouth. Detach your legs, not your web, from the ground and keep an eye on the map as the bird starts to fly you away. If the bird starts to fly you towards the spikes, take your foot and grab hold of your web for a few moments! Again, do not detach your web, just grab it! It's like a leash, the bird will jerk back towards the platforms. It may take a few tries but if you do it right the bird will not fly towards the spikes but towards the platform with the larva on it. Grab on and attach your line to there if you want.

There you go! one larva, no chance of dying!!!

tri achnid lover January 1, 2010 5:14 PM


i connected a noose to one end went to the boulder and tryed to connect my web there too but the boulder dissapeared and the gem was just a small brown rock when i chacked!


OMG when is the second version of this game coming out?

I love This Game sooo Much but I'm getting impatient... the date of the second was supposed to come out on the date you see at the end of this... when was that? some 2-3 years ago?!

MethanalCHO January 28, 2010 7:25 PM

A truly touching game, though a little hard.

One thing, though: the way I saw it, the white spider who gotten eaten was the player's wife, and the larvae was their children.


Mm. I found the navigation too hard... I couldn't pick up the egg sack. :P

crazitaco July 28, 2010 10:06 PM

fun game i actually got used to the controls fairly quickly, i tend to throw my achnid foward rather than take steps. one thing i noticed is that he is easier to control on a slow computer. i tried playing on a newer computer and the controls felt way too loose like he fell too fast. i love that last level :P
i really love this game, i wish they would make the second one already. (if they do, they should make it possible to attach one web to another to make more realistic patterns.)

randomclover August 1, 2010 12:41 AM

it is kind of depressing when

you walk out of the cave that you start in and go to the left, you can see your parent's skull

lizardizzle September 13, 2010 12:39 AM

This game makes me so sad because part 2 will probably never come out. :(


The game will not load for me. (sad face)

[Please try it again. There was an issue with the server. -Jay]


I cannot grab ahold of the egg sack.

I can only push it. "Space" does nothing.

Magicmagi December 7, 2010 5:12 PM

I loved this game so much when I was younger. I could never understand it, and after a few very thought-out tries, I gave up. Now that I'm older it's definitely worth a replay to actually win :D


I won the game, but the text on the beasiary is unreadable. I got the Corpulag, Triachnid Larva, Hermetic Muskling, and tadling.


I need the description for Tri-achnid and Itty.

Corpulag: At the top of the food chain these behemoths burrow through the mountainous rock of the lthic alps like a hot knife through butter.

Tri-Achnid Larva: In the larval stage of development, these baby tri-achnids ride on their mothers heads when they travel.

Hermetic Muskling: These subterranean creatures live in small groups and feed of off itty larva and pipe reed roots, an indigenous plant that grows around ponds in the lower regions of the lithic alps.

Tadling: Tadlings are the aquatic larva of the Glutmander, a large nocturnal carnivore that can jump 10 times its body length.

Fleeting Plumes: These aerial creatures are feathered power houses, collecting rocks many times their weight to form stone nests where they raise their young.

Glom: The glom are vampiric parasites that feed off of Corpulags and other large creatures. Once inside their host, the glom making breeding hives from collections of dead flesh.

winfrith_279 December 13, 2010 6:21 AM

Great game, managed to complete level 6 with no webs :) but no larva though.

crazitaco May 29, 2011 10:20 PM

i think the controls are easier on a slower computer O_O
ive been playing this at home and it lags a bit, so when i played it on my friend's computer, i couldnt control the creature because he was too floppy. i think if they made him less floppy, he would be easier to control.


I finally got around to playing this again, on a faster computer (one not made pre-2006). I enjoyed it... but I accidentally closed my window during the first "internal" level, because I was pressing w and I hit command (on a mac) instead of control. Maybe I'll try again another time.


I finished it now, pretty satisfying. I wish the developers didn't give up on episode two though...
Here's a blog post about what would have been episode two.
(There are two videos on youtube about an early version of 2 also).
I would have liked to see this world fleshed out some more.

If you're on a fast computer, make sure to set quality to high in the options... I only realized that until after I finished the game.
Tri-achnid is rather immersive - the perspective, the movement, the pace, the gameplay, and the music really make you feel like you are a spider-like creature, on an (somewhat) epic journey.
I also think that the tri-achnid is the parent, not a child.


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