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Treasure Seas Inc.

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Rating: 4.1/5 (128 votes)
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PatrickTreasure SeasHave you ever wondered about what happens to all the bling that gets lost in the Bermuda triangle? Wonder no more! Treasure Seas Inc. is a business that makes its profit looting the submerged caves of a remote archipelago. Created by Felix Wiesner, this game will have you driving a cruiser around, submersing a sub, and looking for treasure. Treasure buys upgrades that allow you to explore further. It's like Metroid at the waterpark!

Move around with the [arrow] keys, deploy and re-attach the sub with the [space bar]. Treasure SeasThe [A] key is the action button, with it you can pick up treasures, buy things, and make menu selections. Your sub has only so much oxygen, only so much battery power, and only so much tolerance for water pressure. When you run out of oxygen you begin to suffocate, which will cost you a life if you don't get out quick. Running out of electricity forces you to alternately press the [S] and [D] keys, like you're paddling. Too much water pressure will destroy the sub, costing you a life. Guess what happens when a shark gets you?

Analysis: This game is a lot of fun, polished and professional. Best of all, it offers a robust feeling of exploration that is a nice departure from platform games based on the same dynamic. Having to balance your pressure plating, oxygen reserves and battery supply when deciding what to buy makes the upgrading somewhat strategic. The lack of a clear end-game is somewhat disappointing; you simply snatch up all the treasure you can and try for a high score (measured in gold). The saving/limited-lives scheme is a bit awkward, you have three lives that can never be replaced once lost, and a single save point. The lives serve as a buffer against mistakes, like a deep endeavor that over-stretches your oxygen tanks, but you ultimately end up back-tracking to the save point on a regular basis. Maybe making a save point at each end-town would have been more elegant.

This is a primo release, so treat yourself to a tropical tour of tossed trinkets.

Play Treasure Seas Inc


The game itself is cool, mostly, but the incredibly unforgiving lives/save point system is almost a deal breaker. It is really easy to die, really hard (time consuming) to save your game, and the penalty for dying is extreme.

On top of that, if you choose to reload after a death rather than soldier on, there's no simple way to do so.

If this game were reworked with a "death is a score penalty" theme, or something similar, I would like it a lot more.

AndrewBagel February 12, 2008 1:28 PM

I found it a lot too easy to die. But, the controls were clear and the game is fun.


The game can be interesting. But... the progress, and the parts you have to buy... its just way to confusing.

Example. If you buy the wrong upgrades... then your up you know what creek, then you can't paddle.

I also agree its way to complex for the saving and annoying.

Yet another complaint that i found... was the stores and what they sell. Example: there was one store... offering Extra plating for 7k.... and extra plating for 8 k. So, figuring on the better deal for better armor, i spent the extra K, and got the 8k... which gave me the same level as the 7k, and when i returned to the store, the 7k had dissapeared for another 8k.... the system for buying and that... seems too messed up.

There is no descriptions for what the upgrades do *most of them*, There's no accurite things like depth gage. With the exact same upgrades, i dived to a depth, and was crushed... but *having saved before* when i dived down again, i was able to go deeper then before, to grab the treasure i was after.

I feel the game has good idea behind it... but it isn't the best it could be.


Alright, now I have a question. How do you know when you've won? I have all the upgrades, and I might have all the gold. Does the fact that the game hasn't ended mean that I don't have all the gold yet?


you need to die 3 times to submit score.


I thought the game was pretty sweet. Took me about 45 minutes to complete. I thought the dolphin hint system was pretty clever as chests on the edge of the map were out of range. My final score was 21356!


The game definitively has an end!
When you pick up all treasurechests, you get to the list.
Only way to improve score after that is to limit the things you buy..


btw: if you are missing some chests, scour the map you find in one chest on each "road" of the triangle, but if you just follow the wall on each tunnel it isn't that hard to pick up all the chests.


Overall - i'm still playing it, so it isn't terrible.

That said, I have another complaint to add to the list.

"Hey, you know I'm not paying you for sleeping, right?"

If you have the sound on, you hear that about every 10 seconds when you aren't moving. Which is ok . . . except it's also when THE GAME IS PAUSED! It's annoying!


how do you move???? all i can do is drop and hook up to the boat! help?


Nice glitch, if you open a map (any map once you get one) while on the surface and press down right before doing so you'll have infinite oxygen when going under, (as long as you don't re-check the map under water).

Makes the game more fun to be honest with you.

So hit space to leave the boat and immediately press down and then the map button (1-3) then hit that map button again while pressing down and you should have infinite oxygen.

Also, when battery power runs out the only penalty is that you go at the lowest propeller speed while hitting S and D alternately to keep moving.

minigame master February 14, 2008 9:25 PM

Kind of like Mother lode, isn't it?
Hampster; use the arrow keys.


@ minigame master: the arrow keys arent doing anything! i think there might be something wrong with my keyboard.

bill-o-bong February 16, 2008 9:23 AM

alright, i have all the gold, and almost all the items, all i need is the seagrass, i can't find it anywhere. does anyone know how to get it?



The seagrass is the little wavy things you see all over the place. You'll kick yourself when you realize what it is.


where can i get a map?


Maps are found in treasure chests that look exactly like the regular ones. I found mine in mid-level chests, but they may be random.


Fun game, though one thing...

I'm a submarine, not a seal. You should be able to fight back against those (censored) sharks!


Hey, does anyone know what the stingrays that float around do?


I've gotten all the way through this game, having picked up every treasure I can find. The game tells me I'm missing one. So, I made copies of the 3 maps, and crossed the treasures off as I got them (I've been home sick all weekend with very little to occupy my time). I have all the treasures. The game still tells me I'm one short! Do you perhaps have to catch all the seagrass too? I'm certain I have all the treasures, and I'm wondering if this is a glitch anyone else has run up against?


I like it, but it's save / load take too much time. A hotkey for quick-load would be nice..

Anonymous April 5, 2008 1:41 PM

another tip: you can revisit "joker" treasure chests to get gold from them. if you spring a jack in the box, die, come from your last save point, and retry it after a while.


Helpful info / walkthrough
I had it all written down anyways

Helpful info
You do not need to die to submit your score, but you can die to submit your score if you choose to. You need to find all of the treasure to finish.
I suggest getting the large propeller as soon as possible, it helps save on oxygen, batteries and you move way faster so you do nto have to play as long. You will need the floodlight as soon as you run out of treasure you can visibly see.
Buy the items at the cheapest places first, so you can upgrade a little faster.
Seagrass is worth money! Collect all you can.
Watch out for sneaky sharks when surfacing. It is easier to see them when going down, but coming up it will often be dark and you cannot see them.
The maps should help you to not do so much back tracking. Keep track of where you have gone so you do not have to spend time checking where you ahve gone to find that one last treasure.
My final score with all seagrass and treasure collected
and two men left, darn shark!
Map and location of items on land

You must press A to get off of the map whether you changed Routes or not
Nalani Route: Seaman's Cove, Tabaco Isle, Dolphins Creek
Maka Koa Route: Corall Village, Mermaid Bay, Neptunes Island, Seaman's Cove
Alohi Route: Corall Village, Whales Home, Turtle Isle, Dolphin's Creek
Seaman's Cove: battery pack x2 $8500
Tobaco Isle: plating $8000; battery pack $7500
Dolphins creek: oxygen $7000,8000
Corall Village: Sell seagrass
Mermaids Bay: Save
Neptunes Island: floodlight $7000; oxygen $9000
Whales Home: medium propeller $6000; large propeller $8000
Turtle Isle: plating $7000

Locations of treasure maps
These really help once it is too dark to see where you are really going.

Maka Koa map 1 - Under Corall Village on the left in the dark
Alohi root map 2 - Near Dolphins creek in the dark, not in the tunnel to the right
Nalani root map 3 - directly below Seaman Cove, Second ledge in the dark


if you do the map thing press down on arrow key be fore pressing one of the map buttons you get unlimeted oxygen then you use up your battery so you have to pettal then when the warning sign comes up and its making the warning noise you run into a shark and let it chomp u and you got unlimited eveything but you have to pettal to go

blahblah July 31, 2008 10:30 PM

i found a cool glitch, were you fly up into the sky. you use uour submerine to go beside any of the mainlands, and try to get on it, and angle your sub upwards and stuff. soon you will be driving on land. try mooving up,and you will be flying! do not go up too high or you will loose oxygen, and if you start to loose air come down, unless you have gone into "the point of no return" and you cannot get back down and you will soffacate and die. cool glitch tho.


a couple of things:
First off, the unlimited oxygen cheat; all I did was surface, gain all my air and I had unlimited oxygen. I did not have to to my map.

Second, that flying cheat does not work. DON'T TRY IT. You'll probably just end up getting stuck in the wall and dying like I did.

This game is really fun and a good time waster. If you like this definitely try motherload.


Here is where you get the very tough map to find in:
"Treasure Seas Inc."

Alohi Route: Search somwhere all the way in the southeastern corner at the bottom.(Don't go into the cavern though.)

If it's not there then it's location is random.



Am I the only one that absolutely can't play the game because of the horrendous massacre of any semblance of basic grammar? It's like they think apostrophes give you the plague or something.


I would love to see a treasure seas 2, with minimal changes. I love the animation, but I HATE the life system. I would suggest a penalty of 2000$ every time you die (lose all three lives), and if you don't have the money then you lose part of your submarine.

hotcocoa June 1, 2020 11:35 AM

Is there still people playing this now? I used to play it when i was a kid with my brother :-) replaying it now brought up so many memories im glad it stayed intact after all these years, great game I had tons of fun playing it 10/10


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