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Travelogue 360: Rome

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Ms.45Travelogue 360: RomeTravelogue 360: Rome is the second in a series of 3D hidden-object games by Big Fish Games (the first was set in Paris), and it is a great introduction to the genre. If you're already a hidden-object expert, you may find the search a tad easy, but the visuals are exceptional and worth the virtual trip to Rome.

The basic gameplay is simple: Find objects in a screen crowded with images. The names of the objects can be a bit vague, so "mouse" could refer to the mammal or the computer peripheral, which is all part of the fun. What makes the Travelogue games a bit more challenging (and unique!) is the amazing 360 degree view—you are positioned at the centre of an image and, using your preferred navigation method (keyboard, on-screen pointers or on-screen compass), can look up, down and behind you for the requested object, and even zoom in to identify items. Travelogue 360: RomeThis particular game immerses you within some of Rome's most impressive palaces, hotels and even cosy old antique shops and delicatessens. If the 3-dimensional search intimidates you a bit, you can turn off "Expert Challenge" when you're creating a profile—it will cause the list of objects to highlight the names of items that are in your current field of view. Unlike the Hidden Expedition games, the list wraps, so be sure to scroll down to make sure you're not missing anything.

Travelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the Necklace is held together by a mystery plot. You must find letters and news items related to the disappearance of an entire family—related vaguely to terrorism, insanity and the search for eternal youth. Travelogue 360: RomeThis is the weakest part of the game since you will always find the requested objects. There is, therefore, little challenge to solving the 'mystery'. In addition, the plot doesn't really make that much sense and isn't tremendously compelling. Fortunately, I'm here for the gorgeous visuals, not the plot, and it doesn't really disturb the gameplay—it just doesn't add anything to it.

As you solve each different location, it is added to your travelogue, allowing you to go back and look at the scene without the hidden objects added. When you complete each scene, you'll be rewarded with a Fun Fact about Italian life and history. In between scenes, you have to complete a mini-game, which may be a jigsaw puzzle, card game, spot the difference, word search or object-find by silhouette.

Travelogue 360: RomeOne limitation to the game is that there is limited ability to make it easier or harder. In response to complaints about the highlighting in the word search list, Big Fish has introduced the "Expert Challenge" feature where you can turn highlighting on or off. But even in timed mode, the countdown is nowhere near as challenging as it is in games like the Hidden Expedition series. I am also less than thrilled by the mini-games—I do like Spot the Difference, and the Italian solitaire game is an interesting way to keep with the theme, but I find the jigsaw puzzle too easy and the silhouette game is not very difficult when similarly shaped objects are two millimetres wider than each other.

Hidden object games can be a bit generic in their offerings, but if you've never played one or you're a total addict, Travelogue 360: Rome - The Curse of the Necklace is a gorgeous place to start.

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Big Fish Games


I hated that software bigfish installed with this demo. It put stuff on my desktop, it put stuff in my start menu, and it did not deinstall it, when I removed Travelogue 360: Rome! :-(

Nasty stupid little advertisment software <:(


I continue to receive comments like this whenever we feature Big Fish releases.

I have complained to them before about it, and I just sent in another complaint. If something isn't done about it, we may stop featuring Big Fish releases altogether.

Update: I just received a response from Big Fish and I do understand their rationale for keeping the BFG Game Manager around following an uninstall, even if it may be against the wishes of those users who are more technologically savvy. The Game Manager is designed to be an easy access portal to other games you may have downloaded from BFG. For the average user, this is a desirable utility. To the more experienced user, it may be a nuisance.

evlQQlynn July 1, 2007 6:58 PM

First time poster, long time player...love the site Jay. I'm a die hard hidden object (& escape) player and I agree with you Jay on the cool scenes. The highlight is the only reason I didn't buy this one. Rather annoying. The BFG installer is for the birds also. Have you seen Play Secrets of Great Art? Looks rather interesting ;-)


Thanks evlQQlynn! :D

I think perhaps because the scenes are so vast in size, being able to rotate a full 360 degrees around to look for hidden objects, the word highlighting was standard. Most likely so the game wasn't overwhelming to first time and novice players.

However, as Ms .45 pointed out in the review, the new Expert Challenge feature turns highlighting off by default. You must specifically uncheck the Expert Challenge box if you want highlighting turned on.

If you downloaded the game prior to the date of this review, you may want to write to Big Fish customer support and inquire about getting the newer version.

And yes, Secrets of Great Art is currently available at CasualGameplay, and we're play testing the game for a review. I take it you would recommend it?

evlQQlynn July 1, 2007 9:03 PM

Yea, first time players, ok. I will look at the feature off. I did like the Paris 360 better tho.
I do like the Secrets of Great Art because there are pictures I haven't seen and it's pretty "neat" ...if ya will.....

evlQQlynn July 1, 2007 9:05 PM

your testing, i bought, LOL

francine July 29, 2007 10:39 PM

what happens at the end...every place have been found and i dont know what to do? thank you, and the game is rome the curse of the necklace

Peggy A. June 15, 2009 2:01 AM

I just started Rome 360 and I found all the objects in the first two locations, then it says to go swap items at the Emporium. So I go to the Emporium to find the newspaper article and I am there forever clicking every pixel of the screen as I can't see ANYTHING that looks like a newspaper article. Am I approaching this wrong? when I click the "hint" button, it just wastes a hint and does nothing but turn the letters on the find list green. I know I'm just not getting something but it's kind of a bummer because I just started the game!
Any input regarding this would be greatly appreciated!


I have exactly the same problem as Peggy - I go to the Emporium to find the newspaper article and I am there forever clicking every pixel of the screen as I can't see ANYTHING that looks like a newspaper article. Am I approaching this wrong? when I click the "hint" button, it just wastes a hint and does nothing but turn the letters on the find list green. I know I'm just not getting something but it's kind of a bummer because I just started the game!
Any input regarding this would be greatly appreciated!
What is going on here? It's not a game if you can't progress!!


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