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Rating: 4.4/5 (42 votes)
Comments (87) | Views (12,819)
JonahTrappedIt's not everyday that you get to see a game designer mature through his games, but the Trapped series provides a window into the Flash experiences of its creator Matt Ruggia (AKA lost50). This series of 5 adventure puzzle, maze games starts with a minute long "training level" and progresses to 30 minute long (if you play it ten times and memorize the maze) high quality casual gameplay experiences.

You are a lonely little arrow, trapped, as the title suggests, in a maze full of simply-shaped enemies set on keeping you there for eternity. Using the arrow keys for navigation, you must battle and puzzle your way through many rooms, sometimes with the aid of a map and your trusty, upgradeable weapon: the bomb.

Various installments feature everything from boss battles to fellow trapped arrows. The games feature a wonderful host of bad guys, each with its own attack pattern, abilities, and health. Often an unlocked door will pit you against an ambush full of various enemies. Strategy comes into play as you must keep in mind your own health level to get a good score at the end. Also nice is that you can choose between five music tracks instead of listening to the same loop over and over.

Although the fourth and fifth installments are really the most developed in graphics and in gameplay, it is worth playing the first three to get the full experience.

Play Trapped Then play level 2, level 3, level 4, and level 5.

The entire collection can be found here.


Oooo, 1 and 2 were fun. But wow, bell curve learning in stage 3. Still, good mini-games!


Oooh, I've beaten all of these a long time ago; I actually played them in reverse, starting with level 5 and progressing down to level 1.

Didn't realize these were never featured on JIG, but I have to concur that this Trapped is an awesome series.

Scott Shipley August 6, 2007 12:40 PM

I don't get the Push Skill under the purple diamond... help!

Scott Shipley August 6, 2007 12:42 PM

Oh wait... I got it under control... never mind!

bigman_on_campus57 August 6, 2007 12:46 PM

Good game, but most of the levels have been out for a very long while.

Scott Shipley August 6, 2007 12:49 PM

OK, now what's the code for the steel door?

bigman_on_campus57 August 6, 2007 12:55 PM

Nevermind, I don't think I have ever played the first or second.

paradox28 August 6, 2007 2:05 PM

I'm on level 3 and stuck. I'm at the room where a mysterious voice says I need to follow its pattern. I'm pretty sure I've copied down the pattern of the green tiles correctly. I've tried walking over the tiles in the order and I've tried walking on the tile and hitting enter when I'm on each tile. Both haven't worked. I'm missing something as I guess I'm not "following its pattern." Any help?

paradox28 August 6, 2007 2:12 PM

Nevermind, I didn't fully read all of the directions before starting to play.

MuteVampire August 6, 2007 2:32 PM

The code is random for each game, and is found by killing the first boss and looking at the question mark in the room behind it.


Im stuck on level 3 i have no money, i dont know how i would get money, i cant get the bomb and i have checked everywhere and i do not see any sign of a green key...and whats with the room with nothing in it execpt a little devil thing that follows you??? Can someone help me???


Im stuck. Got to the room with the bomb on level 3 but dont know how to get it. I think you need it to blow a hole in the wall with a crack in it.


lvl 3: To get money

When you have got the bomb, go to the room with the flame man in who follows you around, then blow him up. Might take some time to get him to be on bomb when it explodes. Then go bomb the crack in the wall to get the green key.
Follow the hint on the question mark square for that room.

1st time making text in a spoiler box, hope it works


I always liked these games. It really is interesting to see the author develop. But it's starting to feel like the rigid grid system is more confining than it's worth. I get cramps from hitting the arrow keys repeatedly.


walk through for level 5 please!

Schmorgluck August 7, 2007 6:46 AM

I don't get how to play this game. When I finish level 1, it displays a success message and the code for next level, and nothing else. I've tried to click everywhere, I've waited for several minutes, but nothing happens. How do I go to the next level ?


i don't get level 3 at all. i've got a room with green squares which light up in a random pattern. what exactly am i meant to do there?


I spent the past hour played through the games, i did 1,2,3,4 without much trouble, and then 5 was a killer.

5 i spent ages going through the rooms when i became stuck at one point, only to find that...

...A brown block was sliderable...

...In the middle of a room with 2 turrets in the corner.

After that i countinued without trouble for a looong time... however i had to give up after i started getting RSI.. urgh..

Fun games though.


oh but how to get the blasted bomb on level 3?


These are the kinds of games that I love, and I'm very pleased that the size of the games and the novelty of the puzzles expanded as the author progressed. I was a little disappointed, though, that the emphasis evolved from puzzle-solving to twitch-timing over the five episodes. I would have preferred more focus on inventive puzzles and less on "drop the bomb and time the explosion properly."


So the password you get from Level 1 is useless? And the coins you collect in Level 4 are useless? This seems like bad design to me, especially since there's a room whose only purpose is to give you coins after solving a puzzle. It wouldn't even be that bad if it were a matter of "Are you a bad enough dude to collect all the coins," except that there's a room with respawning enemies that give coins every time they're killed. What's the point?


I got to what was presumably the "end boss" of Level 5, but couldn't figure out how to damage it. :-(

I played through the other 4 levels years and years ago. Still fun to play again, of course.


uh, this is dumb but i can't get anything at all on level 2. please help

Stickman August 7, 2007 7:22 PM

The Trapped series are my favorite platform game, I've played them so many times I could do it with my eyes closed!(OK, maybe not).

One more thing: I know this isn't the right topic for this, but has anyone noticed that at the top of the new JIG page there is a point-and-click game? Until now, I've lit the letters C, L, M, P.


Click on the stickman and then at the fire. He will pick up a torch. Go back to the other side and run the mouse across the weeds (those little plants around the lake, I don't know if that's their name)so that a mage fly from behind the tree (I think it only happens after you have lit the P). Click the mage, pick up the wand and drag it to the stickman. Then, just complete the minigame. (pick up all the bubbles until your O2 bar turns green and a red, bigger bubble appears, pick it up to light up the C)


Click on the stickman and then at the fire. He will pick up a torch. Go back to the other side and keep clicking at the button on the bottom of the L, so that the bugs around the torch go to the left instead of back to the fire (make sure the right lamp is lit). Quickly click the L button again and then click the right lamp, so the bugs should go into the L.


Simply click the hole in the tree on the left and then, when the bugs are almost under the M, click the button in the M, and the bugs should be sucked in. (requires timing)


Click on the stickman and then at the fire. He will pick up a torch. Go back to the other side and click the bottom of the P.

I also got a frog to climb the A

Drag and release the rocks that are next to the fire so they break, and click the tree so that a new rock falls down. Repeat this until a frog falls, and get him to cross the lake by clicking on him and putting the cursor at the opposite side you want the plant to go.


I found a glitch in Trapped 4 that made me invincible. I don't know how I did it, but my health constantly regenerates, then goes to 10% when it gets up to 100%. I might die if I get hit at 10%, but besides that, I can't die. Woot.


Please, please, please- someone post a walkthrough for episode 5. BTW, there is lots more after you kill the Boss. I can't tell a person how to beat it- I took advantage of the fact that you can die an infinite amount of times, it just lowers your "ranking". I don't care about my rank :-)

ilovecheese August 8, 2007 2:33 AM

Aha!! I love this game..my favourite amongst all! After the fire-man thing in level 3, it was surprising easy, but very intelligent indeed.

Monty Zoomer August 8, 2007 5:55 AM

5. I'm in a room with 5 blocks (with marks on them)surrounding a door and blue disc, They look like they should be mined but just change colour and shake a bit but don't seem to want to give in....... suggestions?


i finished level 1 and now i'm stuck at the black screen with the password to level 2.
can someone help me?


never mind. the episodes are not grouped together in one game.


So, did anyone get into the White room in Trapped 5?

I had forgotten about not being able to get into it until I finally beat the darn thing and it reminded me I had missed the secret room.

Advises the Credits:

1) Go down four rooms from Start.
2) Go right one room from blue door room.

Hmmmm.....and it wasn't such an amazing game that I want to play through the whole thing again just to get in there. Maybe another time.


Jacob, I managed to get the second part of the white key by

blowing up the top of the room that is one right of where the blue key is found, right where the blue block came to life

but I still don't know how to get the other piece. anyone else find it?

Scoobysnack August 8, 2007 3:29 PM

Great games ... the first couple were pretty easy. Level 5 took me an hour and a half. The only disappointment was that I finished the game without going through the white door, and it's too much effort to start over just for that.

scoobysnack August 9, 2007 10:19 AM

For those of you having trouble with level 5, I put together a complete map (minus whatever is through the white doorway).


This is just a map, it doesn't show the progression through this level, and I think the code and the colored blocks are random (so this won't help with that).

Great game, only I there was a save feature. Also, I'd like to know where both halves of the white key are.

Sesquiped August 9, 2007 4:41 PM

I accidently found the other half of the white key

in the third room down from the start (with the X's and ramdom moving baddies). Place a bomb to the left of the right most, top X. The button will remove a block and reveal a teleport.

I killed the first boss, got the code and now I'm stuck...


Every time I have to manipulate blocks, boxes, or whatever around other immovable objects and onto buttons, or whatever, I am reminded of Blobbo. I wish I had a non OSX mac so i could relive this great game.


The white key thing doesn't really help too much

it's a guide to the enemies, but not the bosses.

Definately best of the lost series (i tried trapped 4 a year or so ago, but got stuck somewhere, schooled it this time around).

Fried Chicken August 10, 2007 11:20 AM

I'm playing Trapped 4 and I can't find the Purple Gem. Can anyone help?


I'm totally stuck on level 2. How do I use the purple thing? I can't seem to do anything with it. Do the gray tiles in the upper room have some function? Help please!


I found the first half of the White Key in the X room. But where is the second half? I've gone both to the room right of Blue Key Room, and to the room right of the Blue Door Room... I can't friggin' find it. Please, any advice (a decent description preferrably) would be nice.


OK, so -- About the White Key --

The first half can be found in the room with the X's. Once you have acquired the Super Bomb, approach the X's to the far right of the room, and lay a bomb next to the one on top. Detonate the bomb, and a nearby block will explode, revealing a button. Press the button, and a portal will appear in the center of the room. Now, yep, you guessed it, step into the portal, and it will take you to the room holding the first half of the White Key.
Now, the second half is even easier. You know the room holding the Blue Key? Good. Well, go to that room (note: you can do this procedure both BEFORE and/or AFTER you get the Blue Key), and then exit that room via the door on the right. Now in this room, you will see three blocks against the north wall, and a group of six or eight blocks in the center of the room. Approach the top three blocks, and one of them will attack you (crazy crap, I know). Bomb the crap out of that Evil Block, and then place a Super Bomb against the section of the north wall where that son-of-a-gun was laying dormant (centering the bomb should do it). Detonate the bomb, and, wah-lah, a door will appear. Enter the door, and you will find a room with a random block in the center of it. This room is stupid and pointless, but the door on the right wall will lead you to a second room, this one holding the second half of the key.
I apologize if my description seems sloppy, but trust me, that is probably the easiest way I could have explained it.

And as for what is behind the White Door --

It's a statistics guide to the six different types of enemies. Personally, when I saw what it was, I was extremely disappointed. I was really hoping it would be a Projectile weapon, or a mini-game, or a special ending, or SOMETHING of the sort. But no, it was a guide. Some believe the three Bosses should have been included, but sadly, they were not. Perhaps you will value this item more than I; but to each his own, I suppose. Enjoy (maybe).


You should change the main link to go to http://www.newgrounds.com/collection/trapped.html
I spent 10 minutes just looking for level 2


Zero-K - a link to level 2 is already provided in the review above.

In any event, I've added the link to the entire collection to the review as well. Cheers!


May someone PLEASE tell me how to get the bomb?I've tried forever to get it but i couldn't.PLEASE someone tell me!
Jay this website is the best in the UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep it up!

confussedgirl September 8, 2007 2:09 PM

hey i cant get to level 2 it just say level 2 password


stuck in lvl 2 how do you turn on red, blue, light blue and purple?


Here's a hint on beating the first boss in Trapped 5:

Keep weaving in and out of the blocks, and as long as the boss isn't going forward for two spaces, his tongue won't hit you. Just keep weaving and quickly planting and detonating bombs and you'll have it in no time.

Also, I have wondered where the Trapped character gets all his demolitions stuf and is able to lug it around with him... ;)


Argh! Can anyone help me with the second boss? It's being a major PITA right now..


How do you do the room in level 3 when:

you're on one side of a pit and on the other side there's a bomb that moves the opposite direction you move?

Please help!
oh by the way I like your spoiler tags

and I like

how you can put spoiler tags inside other tags. I like the POOKEY example.


I beat levels 1, 2, and 5. 1 and 2 were considerably easy. 5 was real hard.
I also almost beat 4... got to the very end, with the

purple star thing

then I died
By the way, ken, to get the colors lit press enter while you're standing on them.
also in 4 I like the

yellow guy who you had to bomb

that was a clever implement.


As I said before, may someone please tell me how do you get the bomb on level three? PLEASE tell me, to me it feels 100% impossible.


I agree with Soren.
I think:

you have to get to the same square as the bomb


Thats also impossible.


No, it's not. I just know it. I'll try it.
Yes, it works! I won level 3!!


I almost beat trapped 4 when a bug made unable 2 move @ 10% health.

Oh and the blue dude you corner is right.

you kill the big star by killing the little star that follows it! :O


I like spoiler tags!
Oh and I also like in trapped 5, the

living blocks

I also think folks should know

There's a room with 3 blocks on the top one is alive,

kill the living block and bomb where he was, adventure through the door and go right, you just found the white key front (ignore the disco block )


I have the same question as Neddo:
What are the coins in level 4 for?
Please post a response.
Now I'm going to put a lot of spoiler tags for the guide to the bosses (click twice for each boss).

1. Just bomb his head. Keep your bombs away from exactly 2 spaces away to avoid the tongue

2.When he shoots, reflect the center shot with the bomb.

3. Let the turret hit his head.

andy(imagirl) September 28, 2007 4:44 PM

i cant figuire out #3 with the green floor block pattern. way to fast for me. plus i blinked. i beat #1 & #2. awesome.

i love your site, Jay. ive never posted b4 but this is like the only game site i play on.


Here's the combination to the green floor pattern in level 3, for all you people (I found it out in two ways: one being I tried it on a slow computer, and two because it says on the Trapped 3 page of www.newgrounds.com)(press the pattern in the order of the numbers):

1 4 9
7 8 6
5 2 3



Go right until you hear the mysterious voice.


Press A on the green lights in the pattern shown above.


Go down and through the portal.


Go right and down until you see a bomb across a pit.


Try to get to the same square as the bomb (it's very tricky, I can't remember how I did it).


Go back to the portal room and down, not through the portal.


Try to get the bomb on the same space as the "fireman" when the bomb explodes.


Once you have, get the $50 bucks!!


Go through the portal, get back to the start room and go left to "SHOP". Wait until Wednesday in-game and buy the "Turn Skill" for $50 (rip off, in my opinion).


Place a bomb next to the cracked block in the start room and wait till it explodes.


Go down, get the green key, go up and unlock the green door. Go through.


Press "A" on the buttons to make the "O" move, get it to E-4 and press "A" on the middle button.


Go up, avoid the green blobs (they hurt you) and go right.


Press all but the first buttons (counting from the left) to make the half-circles turn, then press the first button to make the cannon thing shoot a red blast which will bounce off the half-circles.. If the blast hits the multicolored block, you can leave the room. Once you do...



Like I said, can somebody PLEASE tell me what the coins are for in level 4?!? To be honest, I'll say that I'm tired of waiting for an answer.

By the way, Jay, your site rules! I can find all my favorite "casual games" on your site!



walk at the left wall 3 times and cross, you should be able to figure it out then


in trapped 5 you know the room with all of the xs and that thing you step on to move a door? well step on that and press a 2 times and a portal appears to take you to a key part. i advise you not to go through all of the trouble doing this for all you get is a stupid enemy guids


Farrhago, the 2nd boss

Use your bombs to deflect back his fireballs.


This game rules!
By the way, if anyone can correct my walkthrough for level three, please do.


I've got past the boss #1 now what?


I know this is a little late but...




in response to "I am reminded of Blobbo. I wish I had a non OSX mac so i could relive this great game." from Sesquiped

do you, or anyone here happen to know where i can find a walkthrough for blobbo? would be greatly appreciated.
Have tried to contact the maker, for full version but not sure if he is still operating.


ps i have an OSX mac and use a classic application thing to play blobbo, perhaps u could try that!


Omigosh, my first walkthrough everwas a success! You're absolutely welcome.


Oops, I meant to give credit to Soren.


Thank you to all whose comments above helped me to write the walkthroughs.
Trapped, Trapped 2 - Can't get to the next level?

That is because you are not supposed to be able to. The next levels are on another page. The links are at the bottom of the review at the top of the page.

Trapped 2 Walkthrough


Follow the question marks directions, this helps if you have notepad open. Or go to the lower left corner and go 4 over and one up then press enter.

Blue key

You need the blue water boots to cross the water. See black door help below.

Spiky red thing circling around

Can't get past it? Stop try so hard, get a distance across the room from it across from the doorway you want to enter and just run for it! If you get caught just quickly double a direction other then left (that is up, down or right); sometimes this takes a couple tries.

Room with white and color blocks and a multi colored block in the middle

Step on the center block press enter, follow the directions. It is blocked in, in the room you started the game in. To find it (the purple diamond) go left three rooms and down one, go into the portal. To place the block face the empty space and press enter. Now you have a push skill. To use it go left one room and up.

Can't move the block?

You need the push skill. See above colored blocks help.

Nine colored grid block

Stand on it press enter, follow instructions. Go left two rooms to do so. the colors are red, blue, light blue and purple. Stand on colored stripped block and press enter to get password.

Black blocks with colored outlines and a block with rainbow stripes.

Go right two rooms and see above nine colored grid block help.

Black door

You need a password. Get it from the room blocked by the circling baddie. See the colored block helps.

run into door until it says something is blocking it, then press enter. Click in the grey area so you can type then press enter.

Trapped 3 Walkthrough
See wG's walkthrough above and Nc's comment after if you are still stuck on how to catch the


Trapped 4 walkthrough by skullbone2267 from newgrounds
If this is missing information you need just look through the reviews for the game on newgrounds.

in this review i will reveal how to beat this game: in the very beginning push the slitely darker blocks into the holes they will fit perfectly and a red key will appear pick it ujp and og out the door. Outside there are x's there is a special way around these x's that is easy to find out anyways avoid the shots of the turret and get to the door on the left go through it and follow the blue guy chase him down through the door below you in the next room then keep following him he will give you bombs that you can use on blocks with the line through them and to kill enemies except for the turrets leave there and go back to where the x's and the turret was find your way to the door on thje upper part of the screen go through it there will be little places where you can walk and blue things which will take you across the black spots follow the road until you get to the other door there are x's in that room too so watch out for them go get the coins in the upper left corner then blow up the fractured block before you go in go to the room on the far right go to the upper left corner blue thing once and press a twice then go to the bottom left corner and press that blue thing 3 times go through the opening and get the key leave and go through the door in above you now you can see red masks they move in any direction they want so it is tricky to blow them up with the bbombs but you gotta keep trying to do it with them cujs they are your only weapon when they both are killed get the green key and leave now go through the door to the left that you have postponed going into you will see a color wheel coming at you the trick to this is to go up the little loop and press z when he enters it wait on the bomb until he gets next to you and its at one then run and he will blow up get the coin and go through the door once you've killed both leave the room and go back to where you saw the first turret you will come back to this part later now back at the room you see a blue door go through that now that you have the blue key and avoid the turrets shot and get to the yellow thing you will be in the dark place go over to the question mark without being hit and look at the message it will show you a pattern of red things it looks like this:
0 0
0 0
go back on the yellow thing to leave go back to the room with the first turret and the x's and go through the door on the far left where you saw the blue guy instead of going through the door that you follow the blue guy through go through the one on thje bottom of the screen there will be little pad things enter in the pattern you saw before by stepping on the pink dots and pressing a when you press a they light up put the pattern in that and press a while on
the blue thing and a door at the bottom of the screen will open go thorugh it and get the map now leave and go back through the room with the first tureet and the x's go through the door on the far right and find your way to the green door at the bottom of the screen you have a green key so it will open go through the door on the right side now there is a mini game get the coin in 20 seconds here are explicit instructions for it:5 paces up 4 paces right 2 paces down 2 paces left 6 paces down 2 paces right 2 paces up 4 paces right 1 pace up 4 paces right 3 paces down 5 spaces left and press a on the blue thing one space right 6 spaces down 7 spaces right 4 spaces up 2 spaces left 2 spaces down 2 spaces left 2 spaces up 1 space left then get the other two coins if you beat it in 20 secondshen leave go through the door at the bottom finish the puzzle in there by pressing a on the blue bottuns then leave before you go through the next door go back to the room wiht the turret and x's and go through the door at the top then find your way through this room again then go to the room with on the left kill the circles again and go onto the yellow circle thing once through that go through the door on the bottom of the screen there will be a worm thing to kill it go on the sides of the room and as it gets far away lay a bomb and move away form the bomb it will run over it and lose part of its self until it is completely gone and pick up the coins aorund the room the go through the door at the bottome and pick up new types of bombs that you lay down and when you press z again they blow up (hehe) now leave there back to the room that you came in through with the yellow thingy and go through the door on the right avoid the turrets shots and make your wayt to the blue thing while on it press a and go on the yellow thing in the middle of the room now kill the enemies with your new bombs and make your way to blue thing press a and get the yellow stone then leave and find your way back to the room with the first turret and the x's and go through the room on the right and make your way through to the door on bottom of the screen this might take a while in the next room you will see and rocket shpaed thing in the middle gnore it and go through the door on the bottom and if you havent workjed through this puzzle do it now its prertty easy just press a on the bnlue things and another door will open to the next blue thing uintil they are all pressed on and go through the last door openned on the bottom go see how there are gems in the little boxes go to the last one that isnt filled and press a it will put the yellow gem ion and a white key will appear pick it up leave until you are back at the room with the turret and the x's go through the door at the top and find your way through that again go through the door to the left and kill the rainbow circles again then go to the yellow thing again and go through the right door here is the sub boss to kill himplace a bomb on the ground make him step on it and blow it up and dont let him get hit by the turret it will hurt you not him only the bombs can kill him collectr the coin and go through the door to and kill the yellow things to get through the door and now its time to kill red things then go through to the door this part is tricky you have to get the block into the square at the bottome right corner of the screen its pretty easy and if you mess up just leave the screen and start over then when this is done you can go into the screen with the final boss to kill him you must destroy the little purple thigns with your bombs and he will be trying to hit you with things too so watch out when you destroy enough little purple stars the game will be over

Trapped 5/Level 5 - Walkthrough / hint through


To see most of the map look at scoobysnack's comment above.
It is not necessary to buy the map; it just shows you the rooms you have not been to yet.

Warning! When you get the area with the water

there are moving blue blocks that you must destroy, don't let them catch you off guard.


go to the room with the turrets in opposite corners that previously had the green chaser in it. The block in the middle of the room in the "I" shaped blocks moves.

Moving/blowing up blocks

Once you get the super bomb you can blow up the cracked blocks.
There are movable brown blocks that look just like all the other blocks in the room. If you are stuck it may be because you have not moved them. There are only two.

Need a password?

You go through a door to get it after you beat the first boss.

Baddie help

Get the white key and get the baddie guide through the white door.
Orange - Easy prey. Set a bomb and wait for them to get near them then set them off. They have to be right next to it or at an angle right next to it to get hit. Don't be afraid to set the bomb off and then place a new one; they are random so they may not go back to that spot for a long while.
Blue (cat-like) - They follow you. Drop a bomb while you are running from them and blow it up as they get near it.
Green - They follow you. They go invisible, beware you cannot see them, unlike the blacks. Drop a bomb while you are running from them and blow it up as they get near it. When they disapear just keep moving. I think they also can be damaged by the turrets. They cannot be damaged while invisible.
Black - They follow you. Drop bombs as you run and set them off when they get near. They cannot be damaged while they are invisible. Keep moving and keep an eye on them.
Moving blue blocks - They follow you, set bombs as you run and blow them up as they get near them.
Pointy blue baddie - doesn't move much, attacks if you get near him. Try to place bombs on a corner adjacent to him and set them off.
Squid (purple?) They follow you and like to hide behind blocks. They shoot at you. Try not to be directly across from them. Put a bomb behind you in the path way and detonate as they get near it.

Blue key

You have to beat the second boss to get to the raft so you can go on the water and press the light blue button that is blocked by a wall; when you press the button the walls move so you can get out and get the blue key. Though it might be that you get the super bomb after one of the bosses. I am not sure. Either way you have to get the raft to get to the blue key.

Orange key

You have to buy it and you have to have the blank key too. It is much later in the game. As long as you explore all of the rooms you will find it. I am pretty sure that it is in a room that you can only get to be raft, which is along the route you take to untrap the blue key.

White key

Piece one:
In the room you first encounter the blue blocks there is a hidden door. This room has water on the bottom and above is the area where you can walk; there are six blocks in the middle and one in two of the corners; the moving blue block you destroyed is no longer there. The moving blue block was in the middle between the corner blocks. Put a bomb by that wall to reveal a hidden door.
Piece two:
Three rooms down from the starting room there is a room with X's. In this room there are nine or so blocks in the top and bottom right corners of the room and a few scattered blocks in the middle that make you always have to go around them to get where you want to go. There is a hidden button near the doorway on the right above the X next to the doorway, to the left of that X place a bomb. Enter the portal get the other half of the key.

Can't find the white door?

It is through the first portal you found. That portal was in the upper left side of the map. Find that portal and go to the right.

Color block puzzle

Didn't look at the blocks thoroughly enough earlier to remember where they go?
If they do not change game to game then follow this: The green one is three spaces from the right wall, three floor spaces between it and the wall. All of the other blocks are one left of the green, no floor space in between, just one row over.

Shooting puzzle

Easy. When you have the pieces in place then press the blue button. Move the odd piece to the bottom row. The top most curve is the last one that bounces the ball onto the half circle. It should be easy from there. It will not work if you do not use all of the pieces.


Boss 1: Avoid being in front of him or he attacks you. To kill him bomb his body. If you put the bombs directly in front of his path he will eat them. I went around the corner and put one down in the direction he was going to be chasing me. That usually got him.
Boss 2: Bomb to stop him when he is coming after you. To kill him bounce his fireballs back at him with a bomb. Detonate just as he shoots them at you. It is easier to bounce them if you put your bombs farther out so you have more time to react. If he comes after you he does not stop until you bomb him or get hit.
Boss 3: Let the turret ammo hit his head.

fesdfsdf May 19, 2008 2:47 PM

I cant pass level 3! I used your walkthrough and the tip but...


Thank you SO MUCH for the white key hints, SHA and for helping me with Trapped 3, wG.


About the voice in lvl 3:

The level 3 "mysterious voice" changes slightly each game.

Go in and out of the room to see the pattern again.

this series of games is great :)


for trapped 3, the order is: 1 4 9 7 8 6 5 2 3


I'm stuck on level 14.


How do you get past the code?!


Level 5 that is for the one coded door.


I'm stuck at level 3. When I go to question mark, it says place O in E-4 and push "a" key in middle circle. What does this mean? Please help.


A really cool trick that I discovered is

If you are in a room with blue blocks or movable brown blocks & a cannon, you can push the blocks in front of the cannon to block it's shots!

Anonymous March 27, 2009 4:48 AM

where do you find the blank key

Ann Quark August 2, 2009 5:25 AM


Level 5 is real fun for me. Nevertheless, I got stuck

with this white key, which I found however. The problem is that it would have open the white door, but then, there is no way of buying the orange key, although the white key still remains in my inventory. Has anybody any idea of resolving this, except from starting the game again from the beginning and buying the orange key before opening the white door ?

Thank you so much for helping me, such miserable I am for not being able to end the game... :D

Ann Quark August 2, 2009 5:34 AM

@JIguest :

What a strange question, for the way of finding the white key have been already explained above in the spoilers.

Great thanks to Sha for having posted these hints, which are very helpful. :)

Ann Quark August 2, 2009 6:28 AM

I have made a little mistake, actually, by confounding the blank with the white key... This is because I am French, and "blank" is the same origin than "blanc", a french adjective which means "white", as well as most of latin languages. Why is english language so weird ? Héhéhé !

For those who are interrested, "blank", in french - I suppose that there are plenty of compatriots playing here - is "incolore", simply.

Well, I say it again : do not mess white with blank ! ;)

Ann Quark August 2, 2009 8:03 AM


May I apologize for the quick remark I made you ? Because I have found the blank key! Here is my spoiler :

You may have noticed that there are some rooms where there are black holes. As a matter of fact, you can reach the other, diving into the black hole, facing right the side you want to reach.
Afterwards, you will find the second boss very soon - quite hard to kill, but really not impossible - and then you get the raft one or two rooms later. Go round the water with the raft, in every room where there is water, and you will get the green key and the blue one.
Then, go and open the green door, and wandering, you cannot miss a shot puzzle, which is quite simple to resolve. When resolved, the doors open, and - miracle ! - a couple of rooms later, you will find the blank key !

And, adding to this, a link to a map of the rooms which is a real cheat, but also a precious help when you get stuck:

I haven't ended the game yet, but I think I am on the way. :D


Level 5 walkthrough that's almost complete, but I'm stuck.


When you start, head down 3 rooms. Kill all the enemies on the way. On the last room, when you kill the enemies, a door will open. Enter it. Then kill the enemies in that room, and a door will open. Enter that too. Once you kill all the enemies in there, some blocks will move and a blue action button will be open. Step on it, and press A, and another room will open. Kill all the enemies in that room, and progress to the next room on the left. Kill all the enemies in that room, and move on to the next. Deja vu? This is the 3rd room you visited. Get on the blue action button and press A. Then return to this room and pick up the key.


Go up one room, right one room, and up two rooms. Kill all the enemies. There should be a yellow door. Walk up to it, and go inside. In that room there is a powerup marked "P". Pick it up. It is your push power.


Go right one room and down one room. Notice the blue block blocking an entrance. Move it out of the way, and enter. You will find a treasure trove of items. Take the coins, the lifepacks you can get later if you need them (they heal 50% of your life). Exit the room, then go down (a room), then left twice, and down, and left. Again, another blue block. Push it out of the way, and enter the portal behind it.


Go up twice, to a shop. Notice the orange key option there. Buy the map if you can afford it. It's extremely helpful. Go back to the portal room, and go right, and up.

4.2, stuck?

The block in the very center of the room is movable. Move it, and press the action button under it. When you enter the next room, there is a tile with a gray dot on it. If you walk on it, a block blocking the entrance to the next room is moved. Kill the entrance, and a block in the top-left corner will shift, revealing a blue block. Move the blue block to the gray-dot tile. The action button to the right resets the block.

4.3, stuck again?

In the next room, move the block in the center, just like last time. Press that button. In the next room, there is a question mark tile that says beware. Kill the boss in the next room, and move on. In the next room is another question tile. Read it. It will tell you a password. Remember it.


Go left and down a bit until you come back to the portal room. Enter it, and go right and up. You will see a closed door. Enter your password there. Go inside, and pick up the red key. Go right twice to the red room. Kill all the enemies, and go up. Deja vu? This is the treasure trove room. In the next room there is a blue block and a tile with a spot. Move the block onto the spot. You will be enclosed from the other side. In the next room you will acquire the super bomb.


When you go back, there is a block with a crack. It will take a few bombs to blow it up. Go left, down, and left twice, down twice, and right. You will see more blocks with cracks. Blow those up too. Enter that room, and kill all those enemies. Go left, and there is another cracked block. Break it. Kill thoes enemies, and there will be also 2 enclosed enemies blocking the doorway. Free and kill them.


Go down a room, and kill those enemies. Go down and right, and there will be a locked door. Approach the top row of blocks, then one of the blocks will jump up and start attacking you. Once you kill it, enter the next room. Break the wall and kill those enemies. Go down 2 and left, and all those bricks are living. Kill them. Go left, and another block puzzle. Solve it (no help here). Enter the next room, and there are 2 more living blocks. Kill them, and go down. "Bottomless pit warning!"


Kill those enemies, and go left. Break the blocks, and go up. There is a lifepack there (gray tiles are moving platforms). Go left, down twice, and into the portal. Remember? A lifepack here if you need it. Use the platforms to get to the right side. Kill all the enemies in that room. In the center is a cracked block. Break it, and press the button.

And I'm stuck. Can someone help?


The password for the metal door is randomized, so is the color block pattern.

Ann Quark August 14, 2009 6:36 AM

Again, the link to the map - as I have noticed that the one I have written above in a previous post does not work, for I certainly must have made some mistake while writing it :

To Fire : I came to end the game, but as it was a couple of days ago, I cannot remember how - I could have tell then, but I had to leave my machine. However, I just can remember that

once you get the blank key, the very end is really close. I think that if you follow the instructions given by Sha in his post above and if you look at the map, the solution comes almost easily.

A small advice again :

When you enter a room where there are ways which seem unreachable for they are beyond black holes, as a matter of fact, you can reach the other side in stepping to the hole at the right side - try several sides, and you will come to find very certainly. You cannot find the last keys, neither the last boss, unless you step to the black holes

Joey Theer April 18, 2010 2:22 PM

In Trapped 3, I tried to follow the pattern exactly, even watching it in slo-mo, so I know I got it exactly right, and I still can't open the bottom doorway. Help, Please.


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