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Rating: 4.7/5 (202 votes)
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Transylmania!Continuing the cuteness from yesterday is this Halloween-themed platformer from Zeeks!

In Translymania!, you play as a cute little vampire whom is trying to get some rest. Unfortunately for you, those pesky villagers are up to their antics again and have invaded your castle. They are milling about everywhere and disturbing your sleep. Use your vamptastic powers to turn them all into the undead, and return to your coffin before sunrise.

Use the [A] and [D] keys to move left and right, respectively; press [space bar] to jump. Use the [W] key to turn into a bat and fly. To turn the villagers into the undead, either sneak up behind one or land on his head. Once all the villagers are snogged, your coffin will open allowing you to get into it and end the level.

Look out for things that could hurt you: spikes, flames, water and sunlight—beware of windows that might fling open at any instant.

This darling of a game is very well constructed with tight controls and solid gameplay. Simple and accessible, and voraciously vampirific.

Play Transylmania

Play Transylmania 2


This game is so cute! And it's very addictive!


Thoroughly enjoyable game. I felt that what really made it work was the whole mechanic of turning villagers into vampires. It's extremely satisfying to turn into a bat and swoop down onto an unsuspecting villager. Speaking of which, was I the only person who spent nearly all of the game in bat form? Oh, and Jay, you might want to change your review slightly; 'Snog' means something completely different in Britain.


Well, that was somewhat enjoyable except way too short and easy . It took less than 10 minutes to finish the whole game!


As always, a nice game you've provided us, Jay.

Actually, I don't have a lot interesting to say, just wanted to try my typekey account... :)


What the heck am I doing wrong? In the first room I turn the 2 villagers into zombies and then nothing happens I can't leave the room no coffin appears to get into. Am I missing something?


aRGH! does anyone else experience this? all the music from the intro, and the different levels just plays on top of each other. TOTALLY ruins it for me. Its a shame too, cause I can tell its a fun game.


Wulfo - lol, actually that word was indeed chosen by design. Afterall, how does a vampire make someone his/her victim? =)

Amanda - There are small arrow heads along the periphery of a room indicating where to move to the next room. Each level is comprised of several rooms and you must navigate to them all to complete a level. Sorry, I did not mention that in my little mini-review.

JP - I experienced a similar problem—when starting a game, the backgrounds were missing and everything was black (using Firefox 1.5 beta 2). Switching to Safari fixed the problem.


Dammit. For some reason, everything loads but I can't move at all...


Did you click on the screen?


Yeah, of course I clicked the screen. Nothing. The animation was running, but I couldn't control the character.


Indeedly cute little game. I liked the added touch of giving the vampire a stuffed animal. ^_^ It's all about the little details...


Speaking of little details, I especially enjoyed the little smacking noises the vampire makes when he wakes up.




Gee, that vampire looks like he had just escaped from Terrence and Phillip show...


Very cute and addictive, the graphics are a joy. Just one thing - you've mistyped the name all the way through the review. :)


yeah, in britain snogging is 'kissing heavily'


Such a cute game...I Love it


it take me short time finishing it but it was a good game. i make more than the first highscore but im not register... xD


hey jay! check this!


its the second part!


Great game, fun gameplay, and... Awww! Whatta cyoot wittle wampire!

I'm going to check out the second part now!


Gah, this would have been a much better game if I could have used the arrow keys rather than this W-A-D nonsense.

Capt_Poco April 29, 2007 11:03 PM

There's a sequel out!

But it sucks....


The sequel is GREAT! Really cute and totally kicks ass! Try it. You'll see.



Hmm, this game doesn't load properly for me. Don't know why.

And I can't do the carridge bit of the second one:P

oh wellll

Sidd Finch October 28, 2007 12:04 PM

Jacob. to pass the carriage level you pretty much have to ignore the guys on horseback. don't try to kill them. just avoid the arrows from the armored guy.


Oohkay, thanks. I shall give it a go now

This ones working for me now as well, I just wasn't giving it enough time to load before

Sidd Finch October 30, 2007 11:09 AM

there is a bug with the sequel. if you beat the game, you get a flash with a white screen. then it takes you back to the main menu. no "victory" image or animation at all...


Hey everyone, Just thought I'd let you know Transylmania 2 was updated recently (mid-late October 2007). There are now handy tutorial markers in the levels to help out as well as various tweaks to make the gameplay a little friendlier then the version you may have played before. The carriage level and monster lift level have also been changed up.

Regarding the end animation, it used to be 'skippable' if you pressed any key during it, this ability has been removed. Sidd Finch, I'm guessing this may have happened to you which is a shame because I find the end animation to be quite enjoyable. Hopefully you'll give it another go to see it!

Thanks for playing everyone!


My only complaint would be how hard it is to control this little guy. Otherwise, a great old school Halloween twist with NES in the mix.


Level codes

level 1


level 2


level 3


level 4


level 5


level 6




Is it me, or does the link not work anymore? It's taking me to go.com.

Lisa Cappiello April 12, 2010 1:33 PM

We love the funschool website at our school here. I love it so much, I have even showed my daughter the site at home. However, on both our computers at school and at home, we have a problem on the games that require you to use the arrow keys for navigation. Everytime you use an up or down arrow, the whole screen moves and you can no longer see the game. Does anyone know a fix for this probem?

Anonymous April 19, 2010 2:38 PM

Lisa - We have the same problem. I am playing another game and the screen constantly moves up and down. Can anyone help?

Anonymous May 3, 2010 9:29 AM

Lisa i have the same problem please can someone help us?

Anonymous May 18, 2010 1:47 PM

Link is broken.

[Thanks, fixed! -Jay]

Anonymous March 22, 2011 7:42 AM

Don't know what's going on, but on level 2, something crashes and hurts the character, but it's not visible on the screen.

Tried reloading, but it's persistent...and unfortunately renders this adorable little game completely unplayable.

[This issue should now be fixed. -Jay]

Mr. Fahrenheit March 24, 2011 12:30 AM

When I first saw this, I thought, "Cool, a vampire monster game whose main character doesn't sparkle!" I thought it was going to be fun.

Unfortunately I keep messing up in timing badly in the first, and it's annoying to have to redo every single level just to access a level I've already reached. Can't you just let me start then?

I thought the sequel would be better, but the flying animation is very frustrating - I rocket upwards at the speed of light, so it's practically impossible to maneuver onto an enemy's head. If it was just a bit slower, it'd be so much more enjoyable.

Anonymous October 18, 2011 3:56 AM

Let's see...The first one was pretty quick and easy, but the second one had a nearly uncontrollable character whose kick, specifically mentioned in the tutorial as something to help defeat enemies, rarely worked and piss poor hit detection.

It seemed that the pixel you needed to hit to defeat enemies was caught in a valley of pixels that caused you damage. And why the hell can you not hurt enemies when you're flashing? I'm supposed to run away and try again when I could just kill this dude and move on? Oh wait, I can't, he's a Frankenstein's monster and my foot went through his skull, but I got hurt. 1/5.

This game is 4 years old. I hope the dev learned what a border is in that time.


Agree about the second game having poor control, kicks register a quarter of the time, and I don't know if it's intentional but my vampire moves across the screen at lightning speed. Makes it hard to control.


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