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Totem Tribe GOLD

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Totem Tribe GOLD

JohnBTotem Tribe GOLD is a new and expanded follow-up to the original Totem Tribe, the series of simulation games sprinkled with real-time strategy and hidden object elements. Not a proper sequel and more than an expansion, expect to find new challenges, ten new levels, different puzzles, and almost twice as much gameplay as the original Totem Tribe. Translation: say goodbye to the rest of your day.

Totem Tribe GOLDThe storyline follows Aruku, the young chief of the Hawk tribe, who wants to create a better future for her people. Follow her from island to island as you explore the terrain, building structures that allow you to train workers, scouts, fighters, and other units to help defend and colonize the land. You don't have to worry about resources or anything like that, just make sure you have enough workers so new buildings are completed quickly.

Each island comes with its own set of objectives that can change as you play. You might start off looking for a particular item or talisman but soon discover a friendly tribe in need of your assistance. Maybe you have to attack a band of evil mushrooms, or just find a bunch of items scattered throughout the jungle. The variety of challenges is one thing that keeps Totem Tribe GOLD fresh and fun on every single level.

While you build things and scour the landscape, you'll notice some items littering the ground. Shells, stones, gems, treasure chests and much more can be found all over the place in Totem Tribe GOLD. Most of these can be collected with a simple click of the mouse, while others require a puzzle to be solved or a group of items to be found beforehand. This hidden object element is one of the things that makes the game such a draw for casual players. There's always something to discover!

Totem Tribe GOLDAnalysis: If you're like me, you probably clicked the "download" link right when you saw the letters T, O, T, E, and M. The original Totem Tribe game looked innocent enough, but once you started playing it you realized how difficult of a game it is to put down. The simplest elements from simulation and real-time strategy genres are gracefully incorporated into the game, giving you all the pleasure of building and managing a village without any of the hassle. Then, pour on top of that a bare-bones hidden object game and you've got a dangerously addictive formula on your hands. Go ahead, try to stop playing.

One great improvement in Totem Tribe GOLD is the ability to navigate visited islands from an attractive overworld map, peering in to see how many gems you have to collect in each area. This makes going back to perfect your game much easier. The addition of a guard tower building also makes it safer to send your warriors away. No more leaving your village unguarded while you wage war across the island!

Not everything was improved in this pseudo-sequel, as there are still a few rough spots in the gameplay that could use some smoothing out. The biggest area that could benefit is unit control. You can only direct your units by type, not by individuals or even user-defined groups. This is especially troublesome when you want to split warriors to tackle multiple enemies or have workers build several buildings at once. You can't really do this in Totem Tribe, forcing you to allocate your resources either all the way or not at all.

Totem Tribe GOLD isn't a reinvention of the Totem Tribe series, and it really doesn't need to be. Hours more gameplay, new things to discover, and a brand new round of RTS/sim/hidden object entertainment will keep you happily engrossed for days on end.

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Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Totem Tribe GOLD Walkthrough: General Information

  • This walkthrough is in seven sections: General Information, Islands part 1, Islands part 2, Islands part 3, Islands part 4, Lists of collectibles, and a FAQ.

  • This is not a sequel to Totem Tribe, rather it is an expansion of the original game.

  • Many of the islands (especially the early ones) have different maps, some puzzles have been changed or omitted, and at least one island (Lost Temple) is now gone.

  • 10 new Interludes have been added to the game.

  • There is one new type of building: The Guard Tower.

  • Basic strategies are the same as in Totem Tribe.

  • Each island has a main objective, and several side objectives.

  • If you leave the game before completing the main objective, the game will return you to that particular island to complete. If you leave after completing the main objective you will go to the world map.

  • If you are stuck on an island and are unable to complete the main objective, you can leave the island and try to go to a different one. The way to do this is to quit out of the island. Then, at the main menu, hit play. The game will ask if you wish to complete the game in progress. If you answer no, you will go to the world map. WARNING: Using this trick will erase any progress you have made on the island.

  • As you play you will notice a rainbow forming in the background, from the sea to the moon above. This is the rainbow road, and it is being built from the gems you find on the islands. Find every gem and the rainbow road will form a bridge to an interlude, the Guardian Moon.


  • When you open the game a world map will appear, showing all of the islands. You will proceed in a linear fashion at first from one island to the next.

  • The icon on your destination island will glow to show that it is where you need to go next.

  • There are 20 chapters in the story, and you will proceed from 1 to 20 with some interludes in-between.

  • When an interlude becomes available, both the interlude island and the next chapter island will glow. You can choose which one you wish to tackle first.

  • Once you have completed the main objectives on an island you can quit out to the world map.

  • You can return to already completed islands when you have new powers or artifacts to help you complete side quests.

  • You can click and drag around the world map to see the islands as the entire map is too big for one screen.

  • Once on an island you will notice that it is mostly black. This is the "fog of war", and can only be dispelled by having one of your villagers walking into it.

  • You can only see a small portion of the island at a time, move around by clicking and dragging on the background scenery.

  • There is an overview map in the lower left corner of your screen, it shows the entire island area and can be very helpful in navigation.

  • On the overview map, green dots (moving or otherwise) represent villagers or buildings that are yours. Yellow dots (moving or otherwise) can be other tribes, buildings, or the animals that populate the islands. Red dots are enemy combatants or buildings that can be attacked.


  • Your own village is made up of five types of people: leaders (Aruku and Guro), workers (builders), warriors (a variety of different types), guards, and scouts (explorers).

  • Most battles require a balance of several different types of warriors. Some enemies require more specialized villagers. Airborne enemies, for instance, can only be fought by archers or shaman.

  • Normally, the only types of villagers that can be directed around your map are the warriors and the scouts.

  • Workers will walk to building construction sites, otherwise they will simply mill around the village.

  • Your leaders will normally stay with the village as well. There are exceptions to this rule, on islands where the leaders are the scouts themselves.

  • Scouts can be moved by using the scout flag (flag with an eye on it). Click on the scout flag in your menu then place it where you want your scouts to go.

  • Proceed cautiously when scouting, enemies can emerge unexpectedly and your scouts cannot fight. Scouts are very vulnerable until you can find the invisibility cloak, then they can explore anywhere without being seen by the enemy.

  • Warriors can be moved by using the war flag (flag with crossed swords). Click on the war flag in your menu then place it where you want your army to attack.

  • Certain warriors are more effective than others against different types of enemies, so it is useful to have a mix of close in fighters (basic warriors, cave men) and warriors that fight from a distance (hunters, archers, shaman).

  • Guards will patrol near their guard towers and will not move out with the rest of the army.

  • Your leaders must be protected. If Aruku or Guro die, you will have to start the island over.

  • You will run into other people on your quests, villagers (both friend and foe), animals (both friend and foe), helpful hermits, wise men, witches, and lots and lots of enemies.


  • In order to have villagers, you must build. There are three building types: those that produce villagers, those that are research oriented, and towers.

  • Huts will produce workers. The more workers you have, the faster construction will be completed.

  • Scout camps will produce scouts, used in exploration.

  • There are a wide variety of buildings to create warriors: barracks, hunter camps, archery ranges, shaman tents, etc. Some can be built immediately, some have requirements before they can be built (i.e. archery ranges can only be built if there is already a barracks and a workshop built).

  • Pull up your building menu (the hammer icon) and hover your cursor over a type of building. It will tell you if there are any requirements to build it (other buildings) and what structures it allows.

  • Research buildings allow you to improve your weapons, improve warrior or doctor skills, improve the efficiency of towers, or power up spells.

  • Buildings in a village must be built close to each other. You cannot build very far away from the other buildings. The exception to this rule is towers.

  • Towers can be built anywhere you can find enough clear land (without obstacles) to build. You can even build towers on remote islands where the workers cannot reach. The towers will build slowly, but they will build.

  • Towers can be used for several purposes, offensive, defensive, and visual.

  • Regular towers, arrow towers, flame towers, frost towers, and lightning towers can all be used to fight enemies, either defending the village or creating support for your troops as they fight an enemy elsewhere.

  • Guard towers are strictly defensive, build them to create guards who will patrol and protect your village even when the main army is away fighting the bad guys.

  • Mud towers are defensive, they shoot mud to slow down an enemy but don't actually do damage. They are most helpful when fighting fast enemies, such as the beetles on beetle island.

  • Frost and Fire towers can also be used to break down fire and ice barriers that prevent you from exploring parts of the island.

  • Towers can be built at the edge of the shoreline, enabling you to see farther through the "fog of war" than you would with scouts. These are especially helpful for spotting small islands that have useful items unreachable by normal means.

  • If you don't like the placement of a building, open your building menu (the hammer icon) and you will see an icon of a hut with an X through it. Click on this and then click on the building you want to get rid of and the building will be destroyed.


  • Each island hosts a large number of collectible items, each used for a different purpose.

  • Every island (except for Guardian Moon and Inside the Comet) has small gems scattered about. Collecting them helps build the rainbow road to Guardian Moon.

  • Although most small gems are found easily on the ground, some are hiding inside chests, in hidden valleys, pyramids, or other places.

  • When you are in the world map you can hover your cursor over an island that you have already visited to see if any gems have been left behind. The cursor will list the number and color of any gems still to be found.

  • Late in the game you will find a magnifying glass (in two parts) that will help you locate difficult to find gems.

  • It is possible when you are building your village you managed to obscure a gem location. If necessary, you can go back and destroy your buildings to see if you obscured any gems (or other collectibles).

  • Each island will have a specific type of collectible, fruit, leaves, nuts, etc. Find and pick up these items (by clicking on them) to be used for a wide variety of reasons: to open chests, to activate idols, to give to helpful hermits, etc.

  • There are another category of collectibles that are not usually just found, they are earned by opening chests, trading for them, completing objectives, etc. These items have a wide variety of uses.

  • You will be collecting both light and dark totems to help advance the story and fight the evil comet.

  • You will be collecting certain items that, when brought together, can help you acquire other items. Collect antique coins (found on 7 different islands) to acquire the marketplace. Collect shark teeth or feathers for the wise men on Firefly Island. Collect power gems to open a chest on Tetala. Collect scarabs to open the Gazing Canyon and Pyramid Interludes. There are a lot of these multiple collecting efforts throughout the game.

  • There are also a series of treasures, diadems, amulets, cloaks, etc. which can give your villagers a boost in their powers. Most of the treasures have to be earned by solving puzzles or opening chests.

  • In the game you will find two types of chest: small wooden chests that can be opened simply by having a villager walk over them, and large silver chests that require other items or puzzle solving to open them.


  • There are puzzles on many islands of several different varieties. Rotating picture puzzles, "light all the balls" puzzles, match puzzles, etc.

  • Some puzzles have the same solution from game to game. Some puzzles (such as the sacred summator) change from game to game. In the case of the latter, the walkthrough will give you a general overview of how to solve the puzzle rather than an exact solution.

  • For the slider and rotating picture puzzles this walkthrough will include a screenshot of the completed picture for reference.


  • Build fast. After the first few islands, you will probably get sneak attacked at your building site more often than not. Concentrate on getting at least a few fighting buildings and towers up to defend the village before you concentrate on other things, like huts, research buildings, etc.

  • Make sure you have a good variety of warriors. A mix of close combat and far combat soldiers are versatile enough to handle a wide variety of enemies.

  • Arrow towers are your friends. Fire towers, frost towers, and lightning towers can be useful occasionally (mostly to break through fire and ice barriers), but they have a long reload time between shots, making them vulnerable to fast moving enemies. Arrow towers shoot much more rapidly, and when built in clusters can defend each other as well as a village much more efficiently.

  • Guard towers are helpful on islands where your village is likely to be attacked while your main force is away. The towers themselves don't fight, but produce guards that will protect the village ferociously.

  • Mud towers have limited usefulness. They are great for slowing down a quick enemy (beetles), but cannot defend themselves without help from other supporting towers, making them only useful in certain situations. If you're not fighting a fast enemy, don't bother with the mud towers.

  • When you have limited space, build lots of shaman tents. You can fit three shaman tents in an area that would hold only one barracks, allowing you to build a much larger army. In combination with a hall of mysteries (which allows you to really power up the shaman) shaman are very efficient soldiers.

  • Don't neglect medical care. Build one or two witch doctor huts to provide medical help for your army. And don't forget to build an herb garden, to make the witch doctors more efficient.

  • Always make sure to have some archers. Aerial enemies (dragons, flying eyeballs) can only be brought down by archers or shaman. Archers are also useful against most ground enemies.

  • Build first, then research. You cannot build and research at the same time, and you can only build one building at a time. The best strategy is to build a barracks, workshop, and archery range. Then research the arrows to their maximum potential, put up a few arrow towers for defense, then concentrate on building the rest of the village.

  • Do not go exploring until you are done building, at least not until you have the invisibility cloak. Your scouts can find enemies and bring them back to the village before your army is ready to handle them. Once the scouts are invisible, go nuts with the exploring (except in the last chapter, inside the comet).


  • We don't recommend using cheats for any game because not only can they ruin the experience as intended by the game designer and developers, they can sometimes even ruin the game file itself making it impossible to play without reinstalling. So, while there have been a few handy cheats for Totem Tribe offered up in the comments for those hopelessly stuck in a spot in the game, we offer them up to you here with the caveat: PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK. Of course, always, always, always back-up your Totem Tribe directories before you attempt any cheats. If you don't know how to do that, then you probably shouldn't be attempting anything here.

  • Even with the magnifying glass and the island listing of gems still left it can be difficult to get the rainbow road to 100%. The "paint" cheat can be used for both gems and any other collectible in the game. In order to make it work, you have to have administrative power over your computer and will have to change the settings on the folders in Totem Tribe GOLD from read only to allow editing.

    1. First, exit out of the game completely.

    2. Next, locate the directory in which the gem images are stored: C:\Program Files\Totem Tribe\data\texture\game\item

    3. Make a backup of this directory for safe keeping.

    4. The gems (there are 7 of them) are all stored in files named like this one: gem_green.png

    5. Right-click on each and select "Open With" and choose Paint (the program included with Windows).

    6. Paint will come up with the picture you chose.

    7. The easiest thing to do is to choose the spray paint option and the larger 'speckle' and choose a color like burgundy or purple or something that more than likely isn't in the level.

    8. When done, choose 'save' (don't choose 'save as').

    9. Launch the game, and your gems should be much easier to see now!

  • There is another cheat called the "fog of war" cheat, which will remove the black "fog of war" from the island.

    1. First exit the game if it's open and running.

    2. Next, locate your Totem Tribe game directory and back it up for safe keeping in case you do something wrong.

    3. Locate the following file: Totem Tribe\data\cfg\gamevisual.cfg.xml

    4. Right-click the file and choose "Edit" on the menu.

    5. Scroll down to the middle of the page where you'll see a line that looks like this: FF000000

    6. Change FF000000 to 00FFFFFF

    7. Save and close the file.

    8. The next time you launch the game, all the black fog will be gone on every one of your islands, but the black will remain on the minimap until you remove it using normal means.

Totem Tribe GOLD Walkthrough All Islands (Part 1)

Chapter 1 - Tetala Island

Main Objectives:

  • Chapter 1 is mostly tutorial and will basically walk you through most of it.

  • Make a camp.

  • Build 3 huts.

  • Build scout lodge.

  • Explore Island and find the Tear of Heaven (head north/northeast).

Side Quests

  • Find the gems of power to open the chest (requires visit to 7 different islands, see Seagull Island for the clues).

  • Screenshot.

  • When you have the gems, come back and place the gems on the pillars surrounding the chest.

  • You will receive part of the magnifying glass.

  • Kill the great white shark for a shark tooth (requires scuba equipment and harpoon).

  • When you have the scuba equipment and the harpoon, swim your scouts to the northwest corner of the map, there you will find the great white.

  • See the Side Quests portion of Lonely Iceberg for instructions on how to fight the Great White.

  • Collect the shark tooth.

  • Go back to find any missing gems.

Chapter 2 - Mushroom Island

Main Objectives:

  • Make a camp.

  • Build a barracks to train fighters (preferably 2 or 3).

  • Find Guro (the wise man).

  • Defeat the evil mushrooms.

  • Build the first barracks immediately as the bad guys will attack near your village site. Once the first barracks is built, build additional huts for workers, then a second barracks, then a scout lodge. You can build a third barracks if you can find the room.

  • Once the mushrooms close to home are defeated, explore south. Find the six stones to build a ford to the southern part of the island.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once you find the mushroom home base direct your army there until both mushroom spawning houses are destroyed and you will find Guro.

Side Quests:

  • Go back to find any missing gems.

Chapter 3 - Dolphin Island

Main Objectives:

  • Find the Dolphin Totem.

  • Explore the island.

  • Read all of the guide stones.

  • Build a hut (or huts) first for the workers, then build a scout lodge.

  • Start exploring the island with your scouts. Pay special attention to the guide stones.

  • Notice the piles of rubble next to dolphin statues on the coastline. Build towers on these places to see smaller islands across the water.

  • Screenshot.

  • One of the towers will reveal the Dolphin Totem.

Side Quests:

  • Collect 8 shells to open the chest and get the Diadem of Courage (your fighters will produce 20% more damage).

  • Screenshot.

  • Solve the dolphin puzzle to get an ancient coin (you will eventually collect 7 of them).

  • The dolphin puzzle is one of those "click one spot and it affects itself and two other spots" type of puzzles. The objective is to light up the entire puzzle.

  • Screenshot.

  • Return when you have scuba equipment to get the chest on the small island (when your scouts can swim, after Shark Archipelago).

  • Opening that chest will get you several small gems.

  • Go back to find any missing gems.

Chapter 4 - Monkey Island

Main Objectives

  • Find Monkey Tribe Village.

  • Fight off Shade.

  • Get Monkey Totem.

  • First build a barracks and two towers (build the towers on the south end of the camp area).

  • Then build a scout camp and 2 hunter camps.

  • Mushrooms will attack in several large waves while you are still building, so it is important to build the barracks and towers first.

  • Once you've killed off the local resistance and built up the village, head south/southeast to find the source of the mushrooms.

  • Go south/southeast cautiously with your army, not your scouts. Watch out for the thornflowers along the way, spiky plants that will shoot at your people.

  • When you see a thornflower set your army on it to kill it.

  • Eventually you will find two giant mushroom homes that are spawning the mushrooms. Set your army to destroy both homes.

  • Screenshot.

  • Destroying one of the mushroom homes will get you the Pendant of Nature Force (this gives you a 7% chance for a building to be instantly built).

  • Keep moving your army south around the island until all thornflowers have been killed and you find the bridge at the south of the island.

  • Send your scouts across the bridge to find the monkey tribe, but keep your army there near the bridge, you will need them.

  • As soon as you find the tribe they will ask for help. Bring your army across the bridge to fight the shade.

  • Notice some of the towers in the monkey tribe village are smoking, repair them so they will help in the fight.

  • When all of the minions are defeated, the tribe will give you the Monkey Totem as thanks.

Side Quests:

  • Where the shade was defeated, a green monkey statue head will appear, take it. Show the monkey head to the chief of the tribe to unlock Liana Island.

  • Explore the rest of this side of the island with your army as there are a lot of thornflowers that need to be killed.

  • Notice that when some thornflowers die they leave behind spiky green chestnuts. Pick these up (9 total) to open the chest on the north end of the western half of the island to receive another antique coin.

  • There are two places on the island shores that have rubble on them, build towers there to see distant islands and pick up additional gems.

  • There is a curious blue sphere on the western island in a temple-like structure. You can't use this yet, you need the Sphere of Clarity to activate it.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once you have the sphere of clarity, click on the blue sphere and it will reveal a hidden land.

  • Inside the hidden valley are more small gems.

  • Once you have the scuba gear swim your scouts to the southwestern part of the map, in the corner. There you will find an island with a seagull nest and a feather.

  • Screenshot.

Liana Island (Interlude)

Main Objectives

  • Find the Monkey Statue.

  • Restore the Monkey Statue.

  • No building, just exploring, this time with the Chief of the Monkey Tribe.

  • As you explore the island you will notice small glowing green dots. These are fireflies, collect them.

  • Screenshot.

  • You will also see bunches of bananas, collect them.

  • Screenshot.

  • Go north and you will find the broken monkey statue. You now need to find the pieces to restore it.

  • Eventually your progress north will be stopped by mountains and a dark forest. You will need 20 fireflies to light the forest.

  • When you've explored all of the island you can reach, you should have 15 fireflies.

  • On the eastern edge of the island you will find a large palm tree growing right against the water. Click on this palm tree and it will fall down, forming a bridge to an island to the east (three clicks).

  • Screenshot.

  • Once on the other island you can find the additional 5 fireflies needed to get through the jungle.

  • Towards the northeastern tip of the eastern island (Rhesus Island) you will find a wooden chest. The chest contains the tail of the monkey statue.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once you have 20 fireflies go back to the main island and use them on the dark forest. This will open up the north portion of the island for exploration.

  • Screenshot.

  • As you head up the west coast of the island you eventually find the ruins of the monkey city. There you will start to see monkey statuettes, collect them.

  • Screenshot.

  • You will find a silver chest surrounded by pillars. You need 12 of the monkey statuettes to open this chest.

  • Screenshot.

  • Keep going north on the west coast and you will hit mountains, with a cave. Go through the cave and you will emerge further north.

  • Screenshot.

  • North and west of the cave you will find another palm tree right on the water. Click on the tree to climb it and you will see an island to the west, with a piece of the monkey statue (arm).

  • Screenshot.

  • Further along the north coast you will find a silver chest that wants 6 monkey tokens to open it.

  • Screenshot.

  • When you can explore no further, head back to the ruins of the monkey city and head east through a gap in the mountains.

  • You will come upon a silver chest surrounded by obelisks. Solve the obelisk puzzle to open the chest.

  • Although it looks like there are 4 obelisks in the puzzle, there is a fifth obelisk, north of the grouping, also included.

  • Screenshot.

  • The object is to get all of the symbols on the front of the obelisk the same and glowing.

  • Moving the symbols on some of the obelisks affects the others.

  • Do the northernmost first, then the one north of the chest, then the other three.

  • When all obelisks are glowing, the chest will open and give you the monkey hand.

  • Near this puzzle you should also have found the 6th banana, near the chest.

  • That silver chest to the north wants 6 monkey tokens, but you have 6 bananas.

  • You need to find the 6 hungry monkeys, and give them bananas for tokens. Click on the monkeys roaming around the island. Most will say walking or thinking, but there are 6 that will say "hungry".

  • Screenshot.

  • The monkeys move around randomly, so good luck. You will find one or two hungry monkeys over on Rhesus Island to the east.

  • When you have the 6 tokens give them to the chest and receive a piece of the monkey statue (chest).

  • Find all of the monkey statuettes (12) and go to the chest surrounded by pillars.

  • Place the monkey statuettes on the pillars to open the chest and receive the second statue hand.

  • Now go back to the statue and reassemble it, starting with the chest.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once the statue is assembled it will give you a new challenge, collecting bananas (again).

  • Collect 24 bananas to make an offering to the statue.

  • Give the 24 bananas to the statue and your objectives are complete.

Side Quests

  • Up near the chest that wants 6 tokens is a cave, mostly hidden by a palm tree.

  • Screenshot.

  • Go through the cave and you will discover a secret island in the far northeast with a wooden chest. That wooden chest contains the orange gem of power.

  • Screenshot.

Chapter 5 - Seagull Island

Main Objectives

  • Build up a village.

  • Find the workshop and collect 5 gears to repair it.

  • Find the old man and get the quest to remove the crows.

  • Kill all of the crows and find the old man's pebbles to get the Seagull Totem.

  • There won't be any attacks here, so build another hut for the extra workers, then the scout lodge, then a barracks.

  • Start exploring the island. Collect any acorns, walnuts, or gears you might see.

  • The old man's house is on the northeast edge of the island. The workshop is towards the west.

  • Find the 5 gears to restore the workshop. Once you do that, you can build an archery range. You need archers to get rid of the crows.

  • Talk to the old man and he will ask you to remove the crows and find his magic pebbles.

  • Build an archery range (you must have found the 5 gears and restored the workshop to do this). Only archers can eliminate the flying crows.

  • Position your army at each tree with a nest in it and wait until they eliminate the crows. The crows will drop the pebbles as they die. There are 6 nests and each nest will drop 2 pebbles for a total of 12.

  • Give the pebbles to the old man to receive the Seagull Totem.

  • Screenshot.

Side Quests

  • Just below where you establish your camp is a ring of guide stones (you will find a gear at the center). These guide stones will give you the clues to locating the 7 gems of power needed back at Tetala Island.

  • Screenshot.

  • The clues are:

    1. White. Wings of the Bird (Seagull Island).

    2. Orange. The Realm of the Monkeys (Liana Island).

    3. Green. Dirt and Goo Swamp (Witch Island).

    4. Red. Stones and Rocks (Red Rock Island).

    5. Yellow. Eternal Desert Sands (The Great Desert).

    6. Blue. Soothing waters of the Oasis (The Oasis Interlude).

    7. Violet. Ruins of Deserted City (The Abandoned City).

  • Another guide stone lets you know that you can find the white gem of power in a hollow tree. The hollow trees have large holes in their trunks. Click on every hollow tree until you find the gem.

  • At the northwestern part of the island is the millennium tree and two chests. Collect 12 acorns and 12 walnuts to open those chests.

  • The acorn chest will get you the Heart of Bull Gem (Your people will regenerate 20 health points per second).

  • The walnut chest will get you another antique coin.

  • Screenshot.

  • Go back to find any missing gems.

Chapter 6 - Red Rock Island

Main Objectives

  • Build 10 huts.

  • You already have 2 huts, so you only need to build 8 more.

  • However, be warned, you are going to be attacked, so don't build all 8 at once.

  • Instead, build 7 huts (being sure to keep the coastline on the south clear).

  • Build a barracks, a workshop, an archery range, a scout camp, and a hunter camp.

  • Surround your village with 2 - 3 towers at the north end and the southeast end (making sure to leave room for that last hut).

  • Once all of your defenses are in place, build the last hut.

  • Also build at least one tower on the south beach of your village.

  • The first wave of attackers will come in simultaneously from the north and southeast. The towers will take care of many of them, and you can move your army around to take care of the rest.

  • Once the first (ground) wave is defeated, you will get the ability to upgrade your towers to arrow towers. Do so immediately!

  • Within a couple of minutes the second wave will hit, this time flying dragons (which only your archers and arrow towers can take care of). This wave will also come over the water from the south, so make sure that you upgrade the south tower first.

  • Once the second wave is defeated, repair all of your buildings and brace yourself for the third wave, which will be a combined air/ground attack.

  • Fight off the third wave and you will have completed the main objectives.

  • If you explore the island to the south and southeast (do not go north between the mountains yet) you will find an idol that wants 8 cactus flowers. The flowers are pink and are on some of the cacti on the island.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • If you can find all of the cactus flowers and feed the idol, you can get the meteor shower, which can help in the fight but is not needed.

Side Quests

  • Once the three waves of attackers are destroyed you can explore the island.

  • When going north be very careful: there are some mountains there, but only have your scouts go outside the mountains on the east or the west, not through the pass.

  • At the end of the pass are more enemies, as well as an object frozen in ice.

  • Collect all of the cactus flowers and feed the idol to get the meteor shower.

  • Take your army through the pass to destroy the remaining enemies.

  • Don't forget to have the army destroy the lair as well. When the lair is destroyed you will get a scarab.

  • After the lair is destroyed use the meteor shower on the frozen block to get the Hunter's Lucky Stone (Your hunters will move 10% faster and do 10% more damage).

  • On the far south of the island is a silver chest with a slider puzzle. Solve the slider puzzle (a picture of a dragon) to get the red gem of power.

  • Remember that the missing piece of the puzzle will be the center piece.

  • Screenshot.

  • When you have scuba gear and the harpoon come back and swim your scouts east and slightly north of your village.

  • There you will find a small island with several small gems and a great white shark.

  • Kill the great white for a shark tooth.

  • There is another small island in the far northwest corner of the map with a small gem.

  • Go back to find any missing gems.

Totem Tribe GOLD Walkthrough All Islands (Part 2)

The Great Desert (Interlude)

Main Objectives

  • You can't build here, you can only explore and solve puzzles.

  • Explore the island with your scouts. When they find small yellow obelisks click on them for clues.

  • Screenshot.

  • The obelisk clues are:

    1. Sobek - Crocodile.

    2. Anubis - Jackal.

    3. Horus - Falcon.

    4. Apis - Bull.

    5. Bastet - Cat.

    6. Thoth - Ibis.

    7. Khnum - Ram.

  • Once you find and click on all of the obelisks staffs will appear at the bases of each one. Go back to each obelisk and pick up the staffs (7 in all).

  • On the northwest side of the island (west of the gates) you will find a bone chest. Attack the chest with your army to get the eighth staff.

  • Screenshot.

  • Ranging down from the gates are a series of eight interconnected temples. Click on each temple to find which god they are dedicated to.

  • On the side of each temple is a stone with a hole in it. Only the stones next to the first two temples have open holes.

  • Screenshot.

  • The object is to (1) place the correct staff in each stone (which opens then next two set of stones) and (2) Arrange the lights that go from the staffs to the temples in order of size.

  • First, start with the first two (southern-most) temples, Thoth on the left (Ibis) and Anubis on the right (Jackal).

  • Place the Ibis and Jackal staffs and the temples will light up.

  • Warning: If you place the incorrect staff into the hole, the hole will close up and your staffs will scatter around the island, requiring you to pick them up again.

  • Place the next two staffs. Seth is, by process of elimination, not the crocodile, Jackal, Falcon, Bull, Cat, Ibis (a type of wading bird), or the Ram.

  • Use the statues between the staffs and the temples to move the light balls so that they go from the staffs to the temples from smallest to largest.

  • Once that is accomplished a symbol will appear on the temple. Note the colors, it will be important later.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once all eight staffs are in place and the temples lit up, the gate to the north will open. When the gate opens you will find a scarab. Take it.

  • Explore through the gates and you will find two giant obelisks that require 8 scarabs.

  • Once you find the obelisks you have completed the Main Objectives.

Side Quests

  • Once you've opened the gate, bring your scouts through and have them search thoroughly to the east of the sphinxes (see screenshot below).

  • Screenshot.

  • Moving the scouts into this position reveals something hidden in the mountains to the east, the Yellow Gem of Power. Take the gem.

  • Come back when you have the scuba gear and swim your scouts to the east. There are a couple of islands there with a temple and several small gems.

  • To proceed further you need to have found all 8 scarabs (Red Rock Island, The Great Desert, The Oasis, The Abandoned City, Skull Island, Mist Island, Volcano Island, and Beetle Island).

  • When you have the 8 scarabs, put them into the two towers you found through the gate on the north end of the island.

  • Screenshot.

  • The towers have now become a puzzle. Go back and look at the 8 temples that you lit up to open the gates.

  • Each temple has a symbol on it in a different color. The object is to get the scarabs in the towers in the same order as the temples.

  • For the left tower, from top to bottom, you want the scarabs to be yellow, red, green, blue.

  • For the right tower, from top to bottom, you want the scarabs to be blue, green, yellow, red.

  • This opens a passage to a new area, The Gazing Canyon.

  • Screenshot.

  • Instructions for The Gazing Canyon will be in part two of the walkthrough, after Beetle Island, where you will find the last scarab.

  • Come back when you have the three rosaries from the pyramid, as well as the black and white oil of the magi (Blueberry Island and Ghost Island).

  • First find the four obelisks that have cups around them on the map.

  • Screenshot.

  • Notice that the locations of the obelisks roughly match the clusters of beads on the rosary.

  • You are going to reproduce the three bead patterns of each of the rosary sections on the obelisks, using the white and black oils.

  • Screenshot.

  • Match the patterns on each obelisk and the temple in the southeast will light up. Click on the temple and you will get a piece of the amulet. Repeat this procedure for the Abandoned City first and the Oasis last (as you will need to fuse the pieces of the amulet and the machine to do so is at the Oasis).

  • Screenshot.

  • Go back to find any missing gems.

The Oasis (Interlude)

Main Objectives

  • Find the Scarab.

  • Still no building, and you are exploring with your main characters, Aruku and Guro, so be cautious.

  • Go north/northeast until you find the tents. This will trigger a mini-game.

  • For the water puzzle fill up the 8 measure jug, then pour it into the 5 measure jug (now the 8 measure jug has 3 and the 5 measure jug has 5). Empty the 5 measure jug and pour the 3 from the 8 measure jug into the 5 measure jug (8 measure jug now empty, 5 measure jug has 3). Fill up the 8 measure jug and pour it into the 5 measure jug, which will fill up the 5 measure jug and leave the 8 measure jug with 6. Empty the 5 measure jug and pour from the 8 measure jug, filling the 5 measure jug and leaving 1 in the 8 measure jug. Empty the 5 measure jug then pour the 1 from the 8 measure jug into the 5 (8 measure jug is now empty, 5 measure jug has 1 in it). Fill up the 8 measure jug with water, then pour into the 5 measure jug, which will put 4 in the 5 measure jug and leave 4 in the 8 measure jug.

  • When you've completed the puzzle you will have a pitcher with 4 units in your inventory. Give the pitcher to one of the tents and you will receive an orb of energy.

  • At this point it is time to explore. You will run across three different types of items while exploring: gold cobras, gold ostriches and gold eyes of Horus. Pick up these items as you find them.

  • Be extremely cautious and explore northwards first. There are enemies in the south that will kill you.

  • The one place it is safe to explore southwards is hugging the coastline, between the mountains and the water. Down there you will find an idol that wants 7 eyes of Horus.

  • In the oasis itself you will find another idol that wants 9 cobra figurines.

  • North of the tents you will find a bridge going to another part of the island and another puzzle.

  • This puzzle is one of the "rotate the pieces until you get the picture" types of puzzles.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once you solve the puzzle 5 more figurines will drop from the sky. Pick up the figurines.

  • There is a silver chest up here with a copper lock. You don't have the key for this yet, so keep exploring.

  • Continue exploring northwards across the bridge and you will find an odd crocodile head machine near the waterfall.

  • You should have gathered enough cobra figurines by now to activate the idol in the oasis (thunderstorm). Give the figurines to the idol and charge up the thunderstorm.

  • Time to tackle the south.

  • Slowly move your scouts south, directly south from the tents.

  • You will notice the entrance to a narrow valley, take your guys in there slowly and not very far.

  • If you go in far enough you will find the last eye of Horus figurine to activate the other idol (Idol of Divination). Give the eye of Horus figurines to the idol and charge the power of divination.

  • Use the power of divination on the dark areas to the south and you will see the enemies and their lairs.

  • Recharge and keep using the powers of divination until all of the black area is gone and you can see your targets.

  • Do not attempt to fight these things with your two lone warriors. Instead, use the lightning strike you got from the other idol to hit the lairs.

  • Keep recharging the lightning strikes and using them on the lairs until both are destroyed (usually 2 strikes per lair).

  • When each lair is destroyed you will find 2 keys (one iron, one brass).

  • You will also find 2 silver chests where the lairs were, one with an iron lock, one with a brass lock.

  • Use the keys on the chests (iron key for iron chest, brass key for brass chest).

  • The iron chest will give you part of a copper key.

  • The brass chest will give you a second part of the copper key.

  • Continue using the Idol of divination to remove all black areas from the map.

  • West of the rotating puzzle you will find a hidden island with another orb of energy. Take it.

  • You should now have 2 orbs of energy and 2 pieces of a copper key.

  • North by the waterfall is the odd crocodile-head machine.

  • Use one orb of energy on it and it will open.

  • Place both the copper key pieces inside the open mouth.

  • Use the second orb of energy inside the open mouth. The figure will shut and fuse the key parts together. When it opens again take the copper key.

  • Use the copper key on the silver chest to the northwest of the rotating puzzle to get the scarab.

Side Quests

  • Between the two lairs in the south is a hidden oasis with a silver chest in it. The chest wants 11 ostrich figurines.

  • You should have found the last ostrich figurines in one of the narrow canyons leading to the lairs. Give the 11 ostrich figurines to the chest to get the blue gem of power.

  • Screenshot.

  • Continue removing the black areas to find more small jewels.

  • The rest can only be done after you've found your way through the pyramid.

  • Come back when you have the three rosaries from the pyramid, as well as the black and white oil of the magi (Blueberry Island and Ghost Island).

  • First find the four obelisks that have cups around them on the map.

  • Screenshot.

  • Notice that the locations of the obelisks roughly match the clusters of beads on the rosary.

  • You are going to reproduce the three bead patterns of each of the rosary sections on the obelisks, using the white and black oils.

  • Screenshot.

  • Match the patterns on each obelisk and the temple in the southeast will light up. Click on the temple and you will get a piece of the amulet.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once you have all 3 pieces of the amulet go to the crocodile-head machine and place all three pieces in it.

  • Screenshot.

  • Click on the machine to activate it and get a complete amulet.

  • You can now go back and complete Firefly Island.

The Abandoned City (Interlude)

Main Objectives

  • Find the scarab.

  • Build fast, you'll be under attack soon. You will be fighting both ground and air forces, so you need archers as quickly as possible.

  • Build a Barracks first, then build two towers to the northeast and northwest.

  • Build a workshop and an archery range.

  • Convert the towers to arrow towers.

  • Build another hut for workers, build a scout lodge and a hunter camp.

  • You can begin to expand northward, but remember that enemies will come from that direction.

  • Build two more archery ranges (you will need them), a couple more hunter camps, and more arrow towers.

  • Once you have your base established, explore with your army (not your scouts). There are a lot of enemies out there.

  • Keep check around your towers. When an enemy is killed it sometimes leaves something behind. The waterdrop looking things leave behind water drops, the flying eyes will drop demon wings, the stone monsters will drop rocks, and the dragons will drop lava stones when they die.

  • Collect everything dropped by an enemy, you'll need it.

  • Explore northwards first, then head west, killing everything you find.

  • When the fighting is done you should have also found the tent where the nomad is living. He will want 10 hearts of stone (from the stone monsters) and 10 demon wings (from the flying eyes).

  • If you don't have all 10 of each item, go back and look, especially in the rubble of the city and near your towers. The items will sometimes "pulse" to show you where they are, and they can be hard to find in the rubble.

  • Also on the island are two wooden chests. Have your guys walk across the chests to open them and get the name tablets.

  • Give the nomad the wings and the rocks, and you will get a glyph of air and a glyph of earth.

  • Screenshot.

  • South of the nomad's tent is a chest surrounded by four little altars. Click on the chest and it will say: "Fire burns, water flows, wind blows, earth grows."

  • Obviously you need 4 glyphs featuring earth, air, fire, and water. You get the air and earth glyphs from the nomad.

  • On the northeast of the island, on the coast, is a large tower with three bowl-like structures on its side. Place lava rocks (from the dead dragons) in each bowl and the tower will activate.

  • Once the tower activates a ship will appear and bring you the fire glyph.

  • Screenshot.

  • In the rubble of the city (north of your settlement) you will find a peculiar looking fountain with a snake decoration.

  • You will need 24 droplets of water to activate the fountain. After exploring and the battles you should have 23.

  • to the southwest of your settlement is a small island (you can see part of it from the shore).

  • Build a tower on the island (yes, you can do that even if your workers can't get there) to show the rest of the island. You should find the last water drop there.

  • Screenshot.

  • Use water droplets on the fountain to activate it and get the water glyph.

  • Screenshot.

  • You should now have all 4 glyphs. Go to the chest with the altars and place the glyphs according to color (blue, white, red, and green) to open the chest.

  • Screenshot.

  • Opening the chest gets you the scarab.

Side Quests

  • Now time to tackle some of the toughest puzzles in the game.

  • There are two large "screens" with notches in them in the abandoned city.

  • Screenshot.

  • Place a name tablet in each of the "screens" to activate the puzzle.

  • These puzzles are like the 4 color process of color film, four transparent layers on top of each other (in film it is a green, red, blue, and black & white layer).

  • The arrows on the sides and bottom each control 1 "layer" of the image, moving it horizontally or vertically.

  • 8 clicks of an arrow will return the "layer" back to where you started.

  • Try to identify a simple area, a face or arms (a dark area) and move the layers until the image starts to gain some focus.

  • Screenshot.

  • Continue to fiddle with the layers until the picture comes into focus.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once the picture is in focus it is simple to move it in the frame so that it is centered.

  • Screenshot.

  • When the picture is in focus and framed properly you will get a reward. The above examples are from the picture of King Tut and his wife Ankhesenamen, which gets you a flail. (The picture also might be Akhenaten and his wife, it's definitely New Kingdom whatever it is).

  • Here are screenshots of the other puzzle:

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • When both pictures are complete you should have a crook and a flail.

  • Just north of the snake fountain is a silver chest with a statue standing next to it.

  • The chest has an image of a crook and flail on it, and the statue is without a crook and flail (all the other statues like this have a crook and flail).

  • Use the crook and flail on the statue to open the chest.

  • Screenshot.

  • This will get you the violet gem of power.

  • Come back when you have scuba equipment and swim your scouts to the southeast section of the map. There you will find a small island with several small gems.

  • Come back when you have the three rosaries from the pyramid, as well as the black and white oil of the magi (Blueberry Island and Ghost Island).

  • First find the four obelisks that have cups around them on the map.

  • Screenshot.

  • Notice that the locations of the obelisks roughly match the clusters of beads on the rosary.

  • You are going to reproduce the three bead patterns of each of the rosary sections on the obelisks, using the white and black oils.

  • Screenshot.

  • Match the patterns on each obelisk and the temple in the southeast will light up. Click on the temple and you will get a piece of the amulet.

  • Screenshot.

  • Go to the Oasis to get the third and last piece of the amulet.

  • Go back to find missing gems.

Chapter 7 - Witch Island

Main Objectives

  • Find the witch's hut.

  • Cure your sick people.

  • Destroy the source of infection.

  • Take Aruku and Guro west and then north, exploring the island.

  • As you head into the swamp you will see strange, olive green roots that look like lizards with their heads cut off. Pick up the roots as you go.

  • Screenshot.

  • Eventually you will find the witch's hut. She will ask for 10 of those funky roots to help cure your people.

  • Keep exploring the island until you've uncovered all of the land that you can. At the north end of the island you will find a nasty shadow creature.

  • You will also find a pass that is blocked with ice. You can't go through there yet, so keep exploring until you find all 10 roots.

  • Give the roots to the witch to receive a worker from the witch. Bring your folks back to the village and use the worker to build a witch doctor hut to cure your villagers.

  • Once the witch doctor hut is built, time to build an army.

  • Build a barracks, a workshop, and 2-3 archery ranges, as well as a scout camp and a hunter camp or two.

  • Don't forget to do the research with the workshop to increase the accuracy of your archers.

  • Once your army is built up, lead them to the tower with the shadow to attack.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once the shade's tower is destroyed, your main objectives are complete.

Side Quests

  • According to a guide stone at the north end of the island, you can find the green gem of power in one of the green pools of swamp mud.

  • Click on each green pool of swamp mud until you find the gem of power.

  • You will have to come back when you either (a) have the ability to build fire towers, or (b) have shamans who can fight with flame to finish the rest of the island.

  • At your base build a smithy, Wiseman's house, and a laboratory. If you don't have room demolish some of your huts.

  • Build a tower as near to the ice blockage as you can get it then convert to a fire tower.

  • Bring up your scouts by the tower and wait for it to destroy the ice block.

  • Screenshot.

  • Explore this little strip of land. There are three wooden chests that you can open by having your scouts run across them. They contain a bunch of small gems and an antique coin.

  • On the south part of the strip of land is a silver chest, surrounded by "singing stones".

  • You need to click the stones so that they vibrate. You will need to determine the correct order to click to get all 7 stones vibrating. See the screenshot below for the order.

  • Screenshot.

  • Getting all stones to vibrate will open the chest and you will get the sphere of clarity. This can be used on any island that has one of those odd crystal spheres that don't seem to operate.

  • Come back after you've visited Firefly Island and you will find a feather beneath the seagull nest on the eastern strip of land, just north of the singing stones.

Blueberry Island (Interlude)

Main Objectives

  • Find the Raccoon Tribe.

  • Find the missing pages of the Book of Healing.

  • Heal the Raccoon Tribe.

  • You're alone here with only Yukun, no other villagers, so no building needed.

  • Start searching to the north for the Raccoon Tribe.

  • Once you find the tribe Yukun will stay at the village and you will be exploring with the tribe's scouts.

  • Continue to search the east part of the island, looking for sticks of wood (you need 16) and pages of the Book of Healing.

  • Most of the pages of the Book of Healing are on the west side of the island, the sticks of wood are on the east side.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once you've collected the wood place it on the bonfire in the middle of the village.

  • When the bonfire lights place the cauldron on the fire.

  • Screenshot.

  • Now you have to collect berries and mushrooms on the west side of the island. Click on berry bushes to collect berries. Collect brown mushrooms, not red. The red mushrooms are poison.

  • Screenshot.

  • When you have collected 8 brown mushrooms, and 6 each of blue, red, purple, green, and yellow berries, then you are ready.

  • Hover your cursor over the book in your inventory and you will get a clue to the formula:

  • 1 red, 3 purple, 1 _____, __ green, 3 _____, 2 _____, 3 yellow, 2 red, 2 blue, 3 green, 8 mushrooms, 1 yellow, 1 purple, 1 green, 2 yellow, 3 blue.

  • Using a process of elimination based on how many berries you have, the formula is:

    • 1 red, 3 purple, 1 blue, 2 green, 3 red, 2 purple, 3 yellow, 2 red, 2 blue, 3 green, 8 mushrooms, 1 yellow, 1 purple, 1 green, 2 yellow, 3 blue.

  • Add berries and mushrooms precisely in the order and amounts as the formula. If you mess up, you'll lose your berries and have to start collecting again.

  • When the cure has finished working, you will receive 3 flasks to go cure the hunter camps on the west side of the island.

  • Place a flask on each of the 3 hunter camp tents on the west side of the island.

  • Screenshot.

  • Mission complete.

Side Quests

  • Come back when you have the scuba gear and the harpoon.

  • Swim your scouts to the southwest and you will find an island with some small gems and a silver chest that has been sealed by the Magi.

  • When you have gotten a seal of the Magi (in the Gazing Canyon) you can use one to open the chest and get White Oil of the Magi, which will be used after you have finished the Pyramid.

  • Screenshot.

  • Swim east from the chest island and you will encounter a great white shark. Kill the shark for a shark tooth.

  • Keep swimming your scouts east to the southeast corner of the map. There you will find an island with more small gems and a seagull nest. Collect the feather.

  • Go back to find small jewels.

Chapter 8 - Skull Island

Main Objectives

  • Destroy the enemies to get the totem.

  • You will occasionally be attacked from the south and southeast, so build fast and keep your warriors on the south edge of your settlement.

  • You also get a new type of building, a smithy that will help improve weapons for your ground warriors.

  • Build a barracks, workshop, and an arrow range first.

  • Build a string of towers at your south/southeast flank, one on each coast, then one in the middle, then two more to fill the gap (5 in all) and convert to arrow towers ASAP.

  • Screenshot.

  • You will see a lot of bones on the ground, either in a classic bone shape or in a skull shape. Collect them for the idols you will find.

  • You will also see some rusty keys on the ground, collect them as well.

  • To the southeast of your camp you will see an idol that wants 20 bones (Idol of Peace).

  • Once your tower defenses are built, build a scout hut, a smithy, a witch doctor hut, and several hunter camps, moving northwards.

  • At the north end of the island you will find the house of a wise man. He will ask you for any papers you find after you defeat the enemy.

  • Also at the north end is an area with rubble, build a tower there to see a distant islet that has another idol, this one wanting 10 bones (Idol of Purity).

  • Screenshot.

  • Once all of your structures are built, research the weapons in your workshop and smithy to the highest level you can attain.

  • Time to go looking for the enemy.

  • If you have enough bones give them to one of the idols and charge it up.

  • Gather your army at the edge of your settlement, then send them to attack the 3 enemy settlements.

  • Watch for bones, the skeletons drop them as they die.

  • Collect everything from the destroyed settlements, bones, keys, and papers.

  • Watch out, when you destroy the 3rd enemy base the mountains to the east will erupt with enemies that will immediately attack your home base. Get your army home fast.

  • Explore to the east, taking care to go north or south around the mountains. You will notice a dark area with red sparkles inside the mountains, that's where the last enemy is.

  • Muster your army near the Idol of Peace.

  • Build 3 supporting arrow towers at the entrance to the hidden valley. This is for defensive purposes if your army falters and the shade gets past them.

  • Move your army into the hidden valley and fight.

  • Screenshot.

  • Beat the shade and get the totem.

Side Quests

  • Give the papers you found when you destroyed the enemy camp to the wise man to get the plans for another building, Wiseman's house. This building allows you to build mud towers and research more efficient basic towers and movement.

  • On the far east of the island is a bone chest. Send your army to defeat the bone chest to get a scarab.

  • Screenshot.

  • On the southwest part of the island, below where one of the skeleton bases was, is an area with rubble. Build a tower there to see a small island with a chest that requires 7 rusty keys.

  • Use the rusty keys you picked up to open the chest and get antique coin.

  • Screenshot.

  • Just south of the hidden valley is another silver chest. This one requires 25 bones to open and gives you the Traveler's Boots (all of your people will move 25% faster).

  • Screenshot.

  • Come back after you've visited Firefly Island and collect a feather from underneath the seagull's nest (in the valley where you had the final fight).

  • Come back later to find any missing gems.

Chapter 9 - Frozen Vale Island

Main Objectives

  • Find a way through the ice blocks.

  • Build up a village, make sure you have an archery range.

  • Build one of every building, including a plain tower at the north end of your village near the ice blocks. Do not convert the tower, leave it plain.

  • Once you have scouts start exploring to the west. You will come across two types of shells, white and an orangey brown, collect both.

  • To the west you will find the Polar Bear Tribe. Their leader offers to help you if you help them by finding 8 pieces of coal.

  • Continue to explore and pick up shells and coal.

  • As you explore you'll find a guide stone that tells you "black bird stole black stone".

  • To the northwest is a seagull nest that has been taken over by crows. Attack the nest to get a piece of coal.

  • Screenshot.

  • Another guide stone tells you to look for coal where the fire has burned. Search fire pits for a piece of coal.

  • Screenshot.

  • There are 8 pieces of coal total, 6 on the ground, one in the nest, and one in a fire pit.

  • Once you have all 8 pieces of coal, give them to the Polar Bear Tribe (the largest of the tents) and you will get a new building (laboratory) and the ability to upgrade towers to fire towers.

  • Upgrade the plain tower in your village (the one built near the ice) to a fire tower and it will attack and melt the ice.

  • Screenshot.

  • Continue to build towers and upgrade them to fire towers near all of the ice blockages. Once the blockages are gone you can explore the rest of the island with your scouts.

  • At the far northeast of the island you will find the idol of divination, which wants 25 of the brown shells to activate.

  • Screenshot.

  • Finish finding the 25 shells, activate the idol, and charge the power of divination.

  • Use the power of divination to remove the black areas from the map and find the totem.

  • You will find the totem on a little island on the far eastern side of the map, almost dead center between north and south.

  • Screenshot.

  • Pick up the totem and you have completed the main objective.

Side Objectives

  • On your travels north you will find the hut of a hermit, who will ask you to free his penguin friends from the ice.

  • Most of the penguins will be freed if you use fire towers on the main passes, as the trapped penguins are also right there.

  • There's a small group of penguins on the far east of the island. Build a fire tower there, free them as well, and once all penguins are freed the hermit will gift you with the Healer's Globe (all your doctors have 20% more health points and move 20% faster).

  • Screenshot.

  • Scattered around the island are pieces of fishing tackle. One piece is hidden in a wooden chest just north of your camp. One piece is hidden on a small island to the south, which you can only see if you build a tower (or use the power of divination to remove the black). The other three pieces are scattered around the island.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once you have all 5 pieces they will assemble into fishing gear.

  • Find where there are ripples on the water (this changes from game to game) and use the fishing gear on the ripples.

  • This will get you a fish. Give the fish to the hermit (he of the trapped penguins) and you will get a map to lonely iceberg.

  • On the northwest side of the island, right by the shore, is a silver chest that wants 30 white shells. Collect the shells, open the chest, and get an antique coin.

  • Remove all of the black area to search for any hidden jewels.

  • At this point you can go back to Witch Island to melt the ice blocks and complete the island.

Lonely Iceberg (Interlude)

Main Objectives

  • Find the Alchemist's Village.

  • You cannot build here, so if one of your warriors dies, they are gone and cannot be replaced.

  • Fun, you will be attacked immediately. There will be intermittent attacks later as you get through some of the ice blockages.

  • Since you can't build towers, you will have to find the missing ice crystal pieces to remove the ice blockages.

  • Keep your scouts and your army together as you move around.

  • When you find an ice crystal piece, try to attach it to an ice blockage. Each piece is unique to a blockage, so you might have to try several different ones to get the right combination.

  • Screenshot.

  • White crystals against a white snow/ice background are deadly difficult to find. If you were ever going to use the "color in" cheat, this is the place to do so.

  • Remember to have your army nearby when breaking an ice blockage, some breaks will lead to attacks.

  • Once you find the Alchemist's Village (slightly north and east of your starting position) he will ask you to help him make a "Twilight Mixture". In exchange he will give you the ability to produce ice towers.

  • Read every guide stone you come across, there are clues as to how to make the mixture on the guide stones.

  • The ingredients can be found in wooden chests.

  • Watch out! Once you get to Station B (the scout hut north of the Alchemist's Village) dragons will attack.

  • Screenshot.

  • Eventually you will find 8 ingredients and 7 clues to creating the potion.

  • Your 8 ingredients are: permanganate, ammonium, quicksilver, vitriol, magnesium, aurum, charcoal, and alkali.

  • The clues are:

  • Aurum + Quicksilver = Amalgam.

  • Midnight Salts + _________ = New Moon Elixir.

  • __________ + Salamander Dust = Phoenix Oil.

  • Magnesium + Permanganate = Salamander Dust.

  • Ammonium + Alkali = Restoration Liquid.

  • Vitriol + Charcoal = Midnight Salts.

  • In the first round you will mix together 2 ingredients each to create 4 chemicals from your 8 starting ingredients.

  • You will then mix together 2 ingredients each from the 4 to create 2 chemicals.

  • Combine the last 2 chemicals and you will get the Twilight Mixture.

  • Start with the ones you know, Aurum + Quicksilver, Magnesium + Permanganate, Ammonium + Alkali, and Vitriol + Charcoal.

  • To mix, add each ingredient to the lab, one at a time, and pick up the resulting mixture.

  • Screenshot.

  • When you are done mixing the 8 ingredients, you should have Amalgam, Restoration Liquid, Midnight Salts, and Salamander Dust.

    • Midnight Salts + Restoration Liquid will get you New Moon Elixir.

    • Amalgam + Salamander Dust will get you Phoenix Oil.

    • Mix the New Moon Elixir and the Phoenix Oil to get the Twilight Mixture.

  • Put the Twilight Mixture on the Wiseman's house and you will get the ability to make frost towers.

Side Quests

  • You cannot do the side quests until you have the scuba gear and the invisibility cloak.

  • Once you have both, click on the scout lodge that is northwest of the alchemists village.

  • They will ask for the invisibility cloak. Click on the scout lodge again and they will agree to work with you.

  • Wait for the scouts to emerge then send them into the water below the scout lodge. They will find a wooden chest there with the harpoon.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once you have the harpoon, your scouts will be invisible to all sharks except the great white.

  • Send your scouts exploring, and watch out for the great white. Head south, then east, then north. Avoid the northwest portion of the map at first that is where the great white is lurking.

  • How to fight the great white: When the great white goes for one of your guys, pick him up and pull him out of the way while the other one shoots. Then get the other one out of danger. Keep pulling them out of danger and letting them shoot until they kill the shark. Once they do, you will get a shark tooth.

  • You can now go to Tetala, Shark Archipelago, Red Rock, and Blueberry Islands to get shark teeth.

Chapter 10 - Island of Yeti

Main Objectives

  • Track down the Yeti.

  • Get the last totem.

  • Build quick, enemies will come in from the west and southwest.

  • Build a barracks, workshop, and an archery range. Then get some arrow towers to the west and southwest to help defend.

  • Build one of everything else, including a laboratory so you can create fire towers.

  • If you have room build a second archery range.

  • Research up your weapons and such in the workshop, smithy, Wiseman's house, and laboratory.

  • Only explore the strip of land to the southeast, it leads to an idol (Idol of War) that wants 12 pieces of amber. Collect amber as you go.

  • Screenshot.

  • There are two lairs, one to the west of your village, one to the southwest. Once everything is built and researched, attack and destroy each lair.

  • There are woods to the west of your village, you can explore them safely once the lair has been destroyed.

  • The only way to proceed now is to the southwest, which is blocked by ice blocks. Build a tower right next to the ice blocks and convert it to a fire tower.

  • While the fire tower is fighting the ice blocks, muster your army nearby.

  • Screenshot.

  • There is a yeti camp just to the southwest of the gap of the ice blocks. Bring your army through and destroy the yeti camp.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once the camp is destroyed keep your army mustered in the same spot.

  • Explore with your scouts and you will find another ice block to the south.

  • By this time you should have found all 12 pieces of amber (one is on a little island to the north of your village). Feed the amber to the Idol of War and charge it up.

  • Build two towers by the ice blocks, convert one to an arrow tower (to help with the fight) and one to a fire tower.

  • Screenshot.

  • When the ice blocks are destroyed, move your army in to fight the yeti.

  • There are 4 igloo structures to destroy. When you've destroyed them all (including the big one to the south) the big yeti will attack.

  • Defeat the big yeti and you get the last totem.

Side Quests

  • South of your village you will find a silver chest with 4 dead campfires surrounding it.

  • Screenshot.

  • In the woods to the west of your camp you will see floating yellow lights. Click on them (you have to be fast) and collect 4 to light the campfires.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once you have 4 lights use them on the campfires around the chest to open it. You will get the Bracelet of Hawk (your villagers will train 20% faster).

  • Explore the southern area below where the giant yeti was. There is a wooden chest there, open it to get the map of the Rimy Isles.

  • In the valley where you fought the final yeti is a chain of mountains to the east, which appear impenetrable.

  • There's a guide stone there which will inform you of a secret passage.

  • Screenshot.

  • Lead your scouts through the secret passage to find a secret valley where a trader resides. If you have all 7 antique coins (found on Dolphin Island, Monkey Island, Seagull Island, Witch Island, Skull Island, Frozen Vale Island, The Rimy Isles) you can get the ability to build a marketplace.

  • After you've visited Firefly Island, come back and collect the feather from the seagull's nest (southeast of the marketplace).

  • When you have the scuba gear swim your scouts to the southeast corner of the map. There you will find some gems.

  • Go back to find any missing gems.

The Rimy Isles (Interlude)

Main Objectives

  • Find the village.

  • Fight the Yeti.

  • Rescue the Walrus Tribe villagers.

  • You won't be able to build here.

  • Move your army north immediately, that's where the Yetis will be coming from.

  • Collect pine cones and fir cones along the way.

  • Once the Yetis are defeated move across the bridge to the north and you will find the village.

  • The bridges are broken, so you will have to find bridge parts to repair them and explore other isles.

  • You are also looking for an axe and a hammer to repair the workshop and smithy.

  • You won't be able to repair every bridge.

  • Once you hit the village you will acquire scouts. However, there are enemies lurking on many of the islands, so explore with your army. Move your army south over the bridge to the island you started on, then move them to the south edge of that island.

  • Use the bridge part to repair the bridge and go across.

  • Screenshot.

  • You will be confronted with several yeti, as well as some sort of sorcerer. You will also find the axe on this southernmost island.

  • Screenshot.

  • Defeating the sorcerer will get you a thawing potion.

  • Destroying the last igloo will get you a key.

  • Pick up the axe and use it on the workshop back at the village. When the workshop is functioning again, research all of the weapons as high as you can go.

  • Explore the western tip of this island to find the next bridge segment.

  • Below the ice blocks to the east is a chest. When you have 8 fir cones you can open the chest to get a bridge part.

  • Screenshot.

  • You can't get through the ice blocks to the east right now, so repair the bridge on the northeast side of the island and move your army across.

  • On this island is a barely functioning arrow tower that will aid you in the fight.

  • Keep going north and kill everything you see.

  • The hammer is on this island, pick it up and use it on the smithy to repair it.

  • Screenshot.

  • Pick up any thawing potions dropped by the dead sorcerers.

  • Get another key from destroying the igloos.

  • Use the smithy to research weapons as high as you can.

  • Repair the bridge to the north and move your army across.

  • Kill everything on this island.

  • On this northeasterly island you will find a silver chest that wants 8 pine cones, and an idol (Idol of Flame) that wants 5 winter fruits.

  • By this time you should have 5 thawing potions from killing 5 sorcerers.

  • Go back to all of the islands and look for trees that are frozen (not pine trees and not bushes). Use the thawing potion on these 5 trees and get the fruit they bear.

  • Screenshot.

  • Use the 5 fruits on the idol (Idol of Flame) and charge up the flame power.

  • Gather your army on the southernmost island by the ice blocks while you are waiting for the flame power to charge.

  • Use the flame power on the ice blocks and move your army east through the mountains.

  • On the other side of the mountains is one more Yeti stronghold to destroy. Destroy it and get the 4th key (you should also find your 8th pine cone here).

  • Explore the far east side of the island to find the last bridge piece.

  • Repair the bridge just north of the Yeti compound you just destroyed.

  • Take your scouts across the bridge to the next island. Here you will discover a prison with the rest of the Walrus Tribe.

  • Use the 4 keys you got from destroying the yeti igloos on the corners of the prison to release the villagers.

  • Screenshot.

Side Quests

  • Go use the pine cones on the silver chest to get an antique coin.

  • Come back after you have the scuba equipment to check out the last island, southeast of the island with the idol. There you will find two wooden chests with a bunch of gems.

  • Come back to search for any gems.

  • At this point you can go back to the Island of Yeti (if you have all 7 coins) and get the marketplace.

Totem Tribe GOLD Walkthrough All Islands (Part 3)

Chapter 11 - Cradle of the North

Main Objectives

  • Find the World Seal.

  • Build up your village. You won't be attacked immediately, so take your time and build as much as you can.

  • You will need fire towers, so don't forget to build a smithy, Wiseman's house, and laboratory.

  • Research all of your weapons and other things (like the fire tower) before you proceed northwards through the ice block.

  • Go ahead and explore while you are building.

  • You will find an idol to the west of your village. The Idol of Protection wants 25 ice crystals to activate it. Collect ice crystals.

  • Screenshot.

  • Also to the west of your village you will find yet another hermit. This one agrees to help if you rid the waters to the west of the sharks.

  • The best way to kill the sharks is to build arrow towers on the shore near the hermit's hut.

  • Screenshot.

  • When the last shark is killed the old man will give you a Shaman's mask. This allows you to now build Shaman tents.

  • Build a couple of Shaman's tents (as many as you can fit in) to train up some Shaman.

  • Your way to the north is blocked by an ice block.

  • Build a tower near the ice block and convert it to a fire tower.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once the fire tower has cleared the way keep exploring northwards with your scouts.

  • When you have enough crystals (25) go ahead and activate the Idol of Protection.

  • To the far east you will find a small portion of land inhabited by penguins. Look closely, there is a narrow path southwards from here that leads to a small island.

  • Screenshot.

  • Eventually you will find the way north blocked with another ice block. However, you cannot build towers here.

  • Fortunately, your new Shaman fight with fire. Bring your army to the ice block and wait for the Shaman to destroy it.

  • Breaking through this block will expose the World Seal. Your new objective is to find out which altars to put the totems on to activate the seal.

  • These altars are scattered all over the island, so keep exploring.

  • Continue to explore north with both army and scouts (there will be more ice blocks) until you have covered every piece of ground you can.

  • Read the guide stones for clues on where to place the totems.

  • The Clues are:

  • Monkey is smart, try hard to find it.

  • Dolphin lives in water.

  • Bigger water creatures require more water.

  • Ice will not scare polar bear.

  • Lizard lives among rocks.

  • Slightly to the northeast of the world seal is another idol (Idol of Storm) who wants another 25 crystals. When you have found all of the crystals (50 in all) feed both idols and charge them up.

  • Screenshot.

  • Notice on your overall map that the altars show up as yellow dots.

  • Look closely at the very top of the map, directly north from the World Seal.

  • There is a mountain range there with perhaps something yellow hidden in the black.

  • Build a tower on either side of the range to see in there and you will find a hidden altar.

  • Screenshot.

  • Time to place the totems. The hidden altar at the far north that you just uncovered is monkey, so place the monkey totem on that one.

  • There are two altars surrounded by water, one on the east (below the penguins) and one on the west (where you killed the sharks). Since the bigger water creature needs more water (according to the clue) and there is more water around the east island, place the whale totem on the east island and the dolphin totem on the west island.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • Just north of your village (between your village and the hermit's hut) is an altar surrounded by ice crystals. Place the polar bear totem there.

  • Screenshot.

  • To the northeast is an altar surrounded by rocks, this is where the lizard totem goes.

  • Screenshot.

  • To the northwest is an altar that has seagulls flying around it. The seagull totem goes here.

  • Screenshot.

  • Before you activate the seal, build another tower by the fire tower at that gap to the north of your village, and convert it to an arrow tower. Also move your army to that gap.

  • Once the seal activates you will be in for a big fight, so make sure both idols are charged up.

  • Once all of the totems are placed, click on the world seal to activate it and brace yourself.

  • Use the thunder and shield power to help with the fight.

  • Once you've destroyed all of the shadows, you've completed the main objective.

Side Quests

  • On the whale totem island, that you reached by that secret, narrow path, is another path leading southwards. Take your scouts down that path to the wooden chest and get the Pendant of Power (you have 10% chance of using a spell without losing it).

  • Just north of your village is a small valley surrounded by mountains and water where there is another wooden chest. Come back when you have scuba gear to open that chest to get some small gems.

  • On the west side of the map is another small island. Come back with scuba gear and swim your scouts to that island to find a small gem.

  • In the northwestern part of the island, north of where the lizard totem went, is a seagull nest. Come back after firefly island and collect the feather.

  • Go back to search for any gems.

Chapter 12 - Mist Island

Main Objectives

  • Read all of the obelisks.

  • No building or fighting this time, just your main character Aruku exploring.

  • There are two types of clouds up here, solid, white, opaque clouds which are barriers, and lighter, more transparent, mistier clouds that can be dispersed with lamps.

  • Head east, remembering to move your character up to the very edges of the clouds to see things that may be on other paths.

  • Collect the activators for the lamps as you see them.

  • When you reach a lamp, use an activator (sphere of light) to clear the path ahead.

  • Screenshot.

  • You need to find and read all of the obelisks on the island.

  • Screenshot.

  • Also pick up crystals, shells, and notice where lightning strikes.

  • Head east until you see the first lamp. You will find a sphere of light below and to the left of the lamp.

  • Activate the lamp and keep heading east until you hit the first obelisk. From there you can go north and south.

  • North is a dead end, but there is lots of stuff to collect so go that way first. Then head south from the obelisk until you hit the second lamp.

  • Activate the lamp and continue to head south, turning to the southwest. You will find another lamp, another sphere of light, and another obelisk down here. Read the obelisk, activate the lamp, and head west.

  • Keep heading west and you will find a third obelisk, a tower, and another lamp. You can find a sphere of light at the very bottom of the screen. Move Aruku to the edge of the clouds on the south part of the path to clear the darkness and you will see the sphere.

  • There is also a "secret" path through the clouds on the north side. Take Aruku through that path to clear darkness and find more items.

  • Screenshot.

  • Activate the next lamp and head north.

  • You will hit another obelisk and lamp. Read the obelisk, activate the lamp, and continue heading north.

  • Eventually you will reach another obelisk, near one of those blue globe in a temple things. Read this obelisk and you will have completed the main objectives.

  • Screenshot.

Side Quests

  • Once you've read the last obelisk, you can continue eastwards.

  • You will hit another lamp, and will find the sphere of light north of the lamp. Activate the lamp and continue to head east.

  • Notice that this lamp has cleared the path to join up with your original path when you started.

  • Now head north, and you will find some gates with a lightning symbol on them.

  • Screenshot.

  • You need to find a lightning shaped symbol to open these gates. Head south to the main path, then west to the last obelisk/blue sphere, then south about halfway.

  • If you look closely at the overview map, you will see a little path going off to the east. Send Aruku down that path to clear the darkness to the east and you will find the symbol.

  • Screenshot.

  • Pick up the lightning bolt (Rune of Lightning) and put it in the gate to open it. Direct Aruku through the gate to meet the old Wiseman.

  • The Wiseman wants 4 thunderbolts, you can find them where lightning struck the ground. Notice that lightning is striking the ground right there. Wait a minute and the first thunderbolt will appear.

  • Screenshot.

  • Head south until you can go no further, then head east, retracing your steps from the beginning of the island.

  • When you get as far east as you can go, you should be at the first obelisk you found. This is also where you first saw lightning. The thunderbolt is on the ground by the plant surrounded by stones, almost hidden by the clouds.

  • Screenshot.

  • Head south to the water, then head west until you are near the third obelisk. Here you will find a third thunderbolt.

  • Screenshot.

  • Keep heading west until you hit the tower, then go north. Keep going north until you are about halfway up, at the site of the 4th obelisk. On the opposite side of the path you will find the last thunderbolt.

  • Screenshot.

  • Give the thunderbolts to the wise man to get the ability to build a sky hall and a lightning tower.

  • On the southwest corner of the island is a tower. If you click on the tower you will find that the keeper wants a gift, something that can be found in water.

  • Screenshot.

  • On the southeast corner of the island is a small pond/lake, with a giant clamshell sitting next to it. Click on it and it wants 14 smaller shells. You should have been collecting the shells from the beginning, but if not go back and pick up all of the small shells.

  • Give the shells to the giant clam and get a pearl.

  • Screenshot.

  • Now give the pearl to the tower and you will be able to see the area beyond the tower to the southwest.

  • There you will find the Amulet of Wisdom (you now do research 25% faster).

  • Screenshot.

  • Remember the blue sphere thing at the northwest corner of the island, near the last obelisk? If you have the sphere of clarity, click on this sphere to uncover a hidden land on the other side of the pond/lake.

  • In this new area you will find 2 small gems and a silver chest that requires 21 crystals (you should have been picking them up from the beginning).

  • Screenshot.

  • Give the crystals to the chest to get a scarab.

Chapter 13 - Scorched Island

Main Objectives

  • Find and defeat the Wolf Tribe.

  • Build up a village. You're going to be doing a lot of fighting, so squeeze as many barracks, archery ranges, hunter camps, and shaman tents in as you can.

  • You will notice that at either end of the island are some strange, cave-like structures called fiery lairs. No, that is not a good thing. Make sure to build two towers near each lair.

  • Screenshot.

  • You have time, you won't be sneak attacked, so really build up and research your weapons.

  • On the east side of the island you will find a silver chest, which requires you to build a fire, frost, and thunder tower to open it. Opening the chest gets you the Crown of Defender (Towers are built 25% faster).

  • Screenshot.

  • At the north end of the island are three small paths leading to the main island.

  • Screenshot.

  • While you are building and researching, you can send your scouts up the left-hand path to explore.

  • Explore to the north of the left-hand side of the big island and you will find a chest (that wants 11 wolverine claws) and an Idol that wants one ice crystal. Start collecting wolverine claws.

  • Screenshot.

  • The right-hand path will lead to the enemy, but don't take the fight there until you've built everything up and are ready.

  • The reason you're building towers near the lairs is that once you defeat the enemy, then they will sneak attack your village, so you need some defenses there.

  • As you go up the left-hand path there are mountains to the right. There is actually a passage through these mountains, you have to guide your scouts through them.

  • Screenshot.

  • You will meet a tribe there that has trouble with dragons. When you meet them, dragons will appear in the area where the silver chest and idol are at the north end of the left side of the big island.

  • Send your army to fight the dragons. You can build arrow towers to support the fight.

  • Once you defeat the dragons, the tribe will give you an ice crystal. Use the ice crystal to charge up the Idol of Frost.

  • Muster your army and head up the right-hand path to meet the enemy.

  • As soon as you defeat the tribe, release your army to go back and meet the sneak attack on the village.

  • Explore the area and you will find the way north barred by a gate with a fire symbol. You can find the symbol on the ground where you destroyed the Wolf Tribe Village.

  • Screenshot.

  • The wolf tribe are poor losers and will attack your village with magic.

  • Muster your army again, and bring them to the gate with the fire symbol.

  • Use the fire symbol to open the gate and send your army through.

  • Once you defeat the village completely you will get a Shaman Mask and the Wolf Totem.

Side Quests

  • Up the center path from your village is a flame wall that prevents you from going further. Build a tower, upgrade it to a frost tower, and when the frost tower destroys the flame you will find a small gem.

  • Just north of the first village you defeated, on the eastern coast, is a fire wall. Build a frost tower to remove the fire wall, and take your scouts through. There is a wooden chest there with some gems and a wolverine claw.

  • Screenshot.

  • Just to the west of where you defeated the second village is a double fire wall. Build a frost tower to remove and search with your scouts. There is a narrow passageway north leading to a wooden chest containing more small gems and another wolverine claw.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once you find the 11 wolverine claws, use them to open the silver chest on the northwest side of the island and get a map to firefly island.

  • Come back when you have scuba gear and search the ocean to the west of your village. You will find a small island there with a small gem.

  • There's a small island to the east of your village with a seagull nest. Come back after firefly island and collect the feather.

  • Go back to search for gems.

Firefly Island (Interlude)

Main Objectives

  • Find signs of the Wolverine tribe.

  • No building or fighting, you are just exploring with Guro.

  • Firefly Island is actually three islands, the one you start on, and two smaller islands to the southeast, connected by bridges.

  • As you explore there are three kinds of leaves to be collected: linden leaves, maple leaves, and oak leaves.

  • Screenshot.

  • Explore each of the islands and you will discover that you are blocked from the north and south ends of the main island, and from the south ends of the two smaller islands.

  • You will also find little statue heads that will give you clues when they are clicked on.

  • Screenshot.

  • These are clues for the Owl Glade, located in the center of the bigger island.

  • The object is to turn the eyes of the owls the correct color, and each is a different color.

  • The clues are:

  • Northern owl is neither red nor yellow.

  • Western owl is not red and not blue.

  • Yellow owl is not western nor eastern.

  • Green is not western, blue is not central.

  • Middle is not yellow or red.

    • By that logic, the western owl is neither red, blue, yellow, or green, so it must be purple.

    • The middle owl is not yellow, red, blue, or purple, so it must be green.

    • Northern owl is not red, yellow, green, or purple, so it must be blue.

    • Eastern owl is not green, blue, purple, or yellow, so it must be red.

    • That leaves the southern owl as yellow.

    • Screenshot.

  • Click on the owl heads to change them to the proper colors.

  • If you have the colors correct, the owl heads at the northern and southern blockage on the main island and on the southern end of the easternmost island activate.

  • The northern owl (main island) wants 12 linden leaves. Give the owl 12 linden leaves to remove the blockage.

  • Screenshot.

  • Go through the now clear valley and meet the sage who wants a shark tooth necklace (6 shark teeth).

  • Head down to the southern blockage on the main island.

  • The southern owl (main island) wants 12 maple leaves. Give the owl 12 maple leaves to remove the blockage.

  • Screenshot.

  • Go through the now clear area and meet the sage who wants the Amulet of the Magi, which has been broken into 3 pieces.

  • Go over to the easternmost island at the southern tip. The owl there wants 12 oak leaves. Give the owl 12 oak leaves to remove the blockage.

  • Screenshot.

  • This sage wants 8 feathers to make a headdress.

  • Once you make it through all 3 barriers, the main objective is done.

Side Quests

  • You will need to go back to several islands to find the items requested.

  • The shark teeth can be found on six different islands, but you need (a) the scuba gear, (b) The cloak of stealth, and (c) the harpoon before you can collect them.

  • The islands are: Tetala, Lonely Iceberg, Red Rock, Ruins of Dream Shore, Blueberry, and Shark Archipelago.

  • Give the 6 shark teeth to the wise man on the north side of the main island, and he will give you a shark tooth necklace.

  • To get the feathers you will need scuba gear.

  • The feathers can be found on 8 different islands, each will be found on an island that has a seagull nest (tall tree with a nest in the top). The islands are: Beetle Island, Monkey Island, Witch Island, Blueberry Island, Skull Island, Island of Yeti, Scorched Island, and Cradle of the North.

  • Give the feathers to the wise man on the south end of the eastern island, and he will give you a headdress.

  • On the south of the southwestern island are three statues, and an area you can't get into.

  • Put the shark tooth necklace and headdress on these statues.

  • Screenshot.

  • To get the amulet you will need to get through the pyramid, and do some tasks in the Great Desert, the Oasis, and the Abandoned City.

  • Once you have the complete Amulet of the Magi add it to the third statue and you will unlock the south area of the island.

  • Screenshot.

  • Move through the gap and you will find Guro's old tribe, the Wolverine tribe.

  • You will also acquire the wolverine symbol, which will allow each building to train one extra person.

  • There are several small gems to find scattered in and around the village.

Chapter 14 - Volcano Island

Main Objectives

  • Find the Totem of Snake.

  • Move your warriors to the southeast side of your buildings, skeletons will attack from there.

  • Quick build a barracks, workshop, and archery range.

  • String 3 towers to the southeast, within sight of the pyramids that are spawning the skeletons. Immediately upgrade the towers to arrow towers.

  • Screenshot.

  • On the eastern edge of your village is a valley with a flame wall. Build an arrow tower just to the left of the first mountain to protect against attacks from flying eyeballs.

  • Screenshot.

  • Pick up pieces of obsidian when you find them.

  • Now build up your village. Research your weapons and towers.

  • Once you have some warriors and archers go ahead and attack those pyramids to the southeast of your village. You will defeat a large skeleton and get a rusty sword.

  • To the south of your village is a training ground. The Battle Master there wants 3 rusty swords to give you the secret of a new building.

  • Screenshot.

  • Continue to build up your village. There's going to be a lot of fighting and you're going to need a lot of warriors. You can expand your village into the area where the pyramids were if you need the extra space.

  • Once everything is built and all of your resources researched it's time to explore the island.

  • My favorite strategy is to string out arrow towers as I go (those flying eyeballs are everywhere) to provide support for my troops.

  • Start building arrow towers southwards from the training grounds.

  • You will soon find a valley with a flame wall to the south. Move your army down there and then build a frost tower to break through the flame wall.

  • Yes, more eyeballs will attack. Once the flame wall is gone take your scouts into the valley. You will find a second flame wall which you can't get through (no room to build a tower) and a temple with an old man. The old man wants a scroll of ice magic to give your shaman the ability to fight with frost.

  • You will also find an idol that wants 8 pieces of obsidian.

  • Screenshot.

  • Keep moving your army south and then turn east.

  • You will find more skeletons at the southwest corner of the island, but they are behind lava rocks so you can't get at them.

  • On the very southwestern tip of the island is a chest that contains a scroll fragment.

  • Start heading east and you will find yet another flame wall. Keep your army there as you build a frost tower to break through.

  • You will also meet an old hermit who wants lava rocks. Lava rocks can be found in lava pools, so click in every lava pool you find.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once the flame wall is cleared you will find a small canyon with a wooden chest. The chest contains 3 pieces of obsidian.

  • Keep moving your army east.

  • On the southeast corner of the island you will find another chest with a scroll fragment, and two pyramids. Attack and destroy the pyramids to get a sword.

  • There's an idol here who wants 8 pieces of obsidian.

  • Whatever you do, do not go any further north from this point. Manually move your army south, then west, then north along the western coast back to the village.

  • Time to tackle the valley just east of your village.

  • Move your army in front of the flame wall and build a frost tower.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once the flame wall is gone move in and destroy the pyramid.

  • Now build a string of arrow towers across the north shore heading east. Build lots of them.

  • On the eastern tip of the island you will find yet another obsidian loving idol. Yes, it wants 8 pieces.

  • Keep building towers down the east coast, you will soon encounter your last pyramid.

  • Move your army to the northeastern tip of the island, then to the pyramid to destroy it. Here you will find the last sword.

  • You will also find several lava lakes, and should have gotten all 6 lava stones.

  • To the east of the pyramid is a chest with the third scroll fragment.

  • Once the fight is done, move your army back to the village.

  • Take the 6 lava rocks to the old guy. He will activate the sphere below his house. If you have the sphere of clarity, you can click on the blue sphere and find a hidden valley with gems and obsidian.

  • Take the now complete scroll to the hall of mysteries (back on the east side of the island). This gives you a shaman mask, a new building, and you can research new powers for your shaman.

  • Give the three swords to the guy at the Training Ground and you get another new building, and more things to research.

  • Research all topics at the training ground and the hall of mysteries.

  • Charge up any idols that you have enough obsidian for.

  • Remember that second flame wall below the hall of mysteries, the one you couldn't build a tower for? Now your shaman can use ice magic (if you researched it) to break through.

  • Take your army down to that valley, attack the flame wall, then attack and destroy the two pyramids inside the valley.

  • You should get several pieces of obsidian, a scarab, and a Blessed Ring (Witch doctors and shaman receive 15 armor points) once the pyramids are destroyed.

  • Hopefully you now have enough obsidian to activate and charge up all three idols.

  • In the northeastern tip of the island, where you defeated the pyramid, build as many arrow towers as you can fit into the space. While you are doing that muster your army there as well.

  • The big enemy is in a valley just south of there. Brace yourself, tough fight ahead.

  • At first the valley is dark with red sparkles. Move your army inside there and you will soon see the skeletons and a pyramid.

  • Destroy the pyramid and a giant shade will attack. It may wipe out your army on the first go, that is why the arrow towers are there, as the shades will then proceed to head to your village.

  • Use the charged spells from the idols and repair the arrow towers if possible until your army regroups.

  • Once the king shade is defeated you will get the Snake Totem.

Side Quests

  • Go back to look for gems.

Chapter 15 - Beetle Island

Main Objectives

  • Crush the bug and get the totem.

  • Build up a village. You won't be attacked as long as you don't go through the mountain pass to the northeast, so take your time and get everything built and researched.

  • Your best fighters will be archers, and archery towers and mud towers will be your best defenses, as the bugs (especially the big one) move very fast.

  • While building and doing research, you can explore the western part of the island heading north a little ways (along the shore).

  • Build two towers near the entrance of the pass to the northwest, an arrow tower and a mud tower. If your hunters venture out there they may draw some bugs in who will attack.

  • Once everything is built and researched up muster your army and move it through the pass.

  • On the north side of the pass immediately build a tower and convert it to a mud tower, then a second tower converted to an arrow tower.

  • The bugs move fast, so the mud towers are absolutely essential to staving off the attacks.

  • Once you are in the area north of the pass, you will eventually spot 4 holes in the ground where the attacks come from.

  • Next to each hole build a mud tower and an arrow tower and keep your army in the center, near the guide stone.

  • Screenshot.

  • The attacks will come in waves. First, the smaller bugs will erupt from the holes. Once they are defeated, there will be a pause, then the big bug will emerge and run from one hole to another. Once the big bug disappears, the smaller bugs will attack again.

  • The cycle will keep repeating until the big bug is destroyed. That big bug moves fast, so the mud towers are vital to slowing it down.

  • When the bug is defeated you will get the totem.

Side Quests

  • Just north of where you start building your village you will find one of the seagull nest trees. If you've been to Firefly Island a feather will appear at the base of the tree. This is one of 8 islands where you can find the feathers.

  • Screenshot.

  • There is a small island to the southeast accessible via bridge that you can also explore.

  • On the southwestern tip of the smaller island is a wooden chest with an energy sphere. Collect it.

  • On the smaller island, to the north, is a flame wall. Build a frost tower to get past the flame wall and find a silver chest and a curious device that requires 4 energy spheres to activate.

  • At the southern end of the small island is a large flame wall surrounded by 7 smaller devices. You must light all 7 devices to douse the large flames. Yes, another "keep clicking until they are all lit" puzzle.

  • Screenshot.

  • Solving the flame puzzle will get you a rune of earth.

  • Just northwest of where the battle with the bugs took place is a gate. Put the rune of earth on the gate and it will disappear. There is a wooden chest behind the gate with another energy sphere.

  • Screenshot.

  • As you are collecting the chest behind the gate, look closely at the ground to the west. There is a hidden path to another small island.

  • Screenshot.

  • North of the battle area is a flame wall, build a frost tower to get past the flame wall.

  • Screenshot.

  • Past the flame wall is a wooden chest with a third energy sphere.

  • Explore to the northeast and you will find the witch from witch island. She will offer you help if you will plant and harvest a seed she gives you.

  • Screenshot.

  • Farther northeast from the witch's hut is a wooden chest with the fourth energy sphere.

  • Time to turn your attention to the small island to the west.

  • Follow the secret path to the small island. At the southern tip of the island you will find a bowl.

  • Pick up the bowl, and sow the seed in the green patch of earth below the spring.

  • Screenshot.

  • Use the bowl on the spring, then water the plant.

  • You will need to water the plant 2 more times. There are 2 more springs on the island, one within your village, and one north of your village on the west coast.

  • At each spring use the bowl on the spring, then use the bowl to water the seed.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • After watering the seed 3 times it will grow and you can harvest the fruit.

  • Click on the plant 3 times to harvest 3 fruit, then give them to the witch. This gains you a new building, the Herb Garden.

  • Remember the strange device on the north end of the southeast island? Add the 4 energy spheres to the device to open the chest.

  • Screenshot.

  • This will get you the eighth and last scarab. At this point you can go back to the Great Desert and use the scarabs to open the Gazing Canyon.

  • On the far southeast of the map is a small island with a wooden chest. You need to come back after you have scuba gear to get to this chest.

  • Opening the wooden chest on the southeast island gets you the Necklace of Spirits (Shaman have 25% more health and slowly regenerate it).

The Gazing Canyon (Interlude)

Main Objectives

  • Reach the Pyramid.

  • Build fast. All enemies this time around are flying eyeballs, so you will need archers, arrow towers, and shaman.

  • Build three huts right in front of the portal.

  • Quickly build a barracks, workshop, and archery range, taking care not to go near the wall of mountains either to the north or south.

  • Once the workshop is built quickly research up the arrow power to the max.

  • Start building arrow towers, at least three just south of your village near the mountains, then start stringing the towers westwards. Move your army west as you build to support the towers.

  • Screenshot.

  • Build a second string of arrow towers against the northern wall of mountains, at least 4 or 5.

  • Once your towers are built, build the rest of your village. Concentrate on archers and shaman. Make sure to build a hall of mysteries and a temple.

  • Start exploring with your scouts. You will find yellow and blue stars as you explore, collect them.

  • Screenshot.

  • Identify the flying eyballs' home bases, the eye nests.

  • Two of these are reachable by your army, two are not (there's also a fifth, but you can't find it yet).

  • Attack and destroy the eye nests, starting with the three to the south. Use your army for the ones you can reach. For the ones you can't, charge up meteor spells in your temple and use those.

  • As you destroy the nests you will find black balls in the wreckage, pick them up. You will also find one of the balls in a wooden chest on one of the paths to the south.

  • Screenshot.

  • Attack the north eye nest, which is nestled by some strange structures.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once the nest is defeated, build a tower between those two structures and you will see the final nest across the gorge.

  • Screenshot.

  • If you have the two black balls that fit the patterns of those two odd structures, insert them now. A walkway will rise up that will allow your army across to fight.

  • Keep hitting the nest with spells from your temple (frost seems to work really well) until that nest is destroyed, and you have collected a 6th black ball.

  • Take a close look at the four strange structures by your village.

  • Before you do anything, muster your army between the structures.

  • Now add the last 4 balls to the structures according to the pattern.

  • Screenshot.

  • A walkway to the pyramid will rise up, and you will be attacked by the guardian.

  • Screenshot.

  • Defeat the guardian and you can access the pyramid.

Side Quests

  • Before you fought the guardian you should have found 6 yellow stars and 6 blue stars.

  • Move your scouts over to the pyramid door and you will find the 7th yellow star (on the pyramid wall) and the 7th blue star (in the gorge below the walkway).

  • On the paths to the southwest and northeast are 2 silver chests, one wants 7 yellow stars and one wants 7 blue stars.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • Open the chests to receive two seals of the magi.

  • You can now go back to Blueberry Island and Ghost Island to open the chests sealed by the Magi.

The Pyramid Part 1 (Interlude)

Main Objectives

  • Explore the tunnels.

  • No building, no fighting, just exploring with Aruku and Guro.

  • As you go through the maze you will find a lot of dead ends at first.

  • Do not get your scout flag too far ahead of Aruku and Guro, they can get lost easily.

  • There are 4 ways to open these dead ends, Unlit sconces, Bull Statues, Raised bricks, and Trick floor tiles.

  • Click on unlit light sconces to light them, and open previously closed tunnels. You will find the first one by itself, the second is a group of three that can be lit by clicking on one of them.

  • Screenshot.

  • There are 3 raised bricks to click on and they are difficult to see, so look closely. They look like a white or black rectangle against the wall.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • There is one trick floor in this section of the pyramid (there will be another in the next section). The trick is to have each character stand on each section of the floor. Since the sections are separated, the way to do this is to plant your flag on one section, then grab one of your characters and drop them on the second section so that both are depressed simultaneously.

  • Screenshot.

  • There are several statues of bull heads in the tunnels, you want to pull down one of their horns.

  • Screenshot.

  • You will find 6 of the bull heads by themselves in dead ends. The 7th and 8th are in strange rooms with towers of scarabs in them.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • When you activate both of these bulls two things happen, a new room opens up, and the scarab towers activate, creating a portal where you can travel instantly from one room to the other, enabling you to move from one side of the maze to the other more easily.

  • The new room is halfway between the two scarab rooms. When you enter it you will find a silver chest and a floor tile puzzle. You must make sure each floor tile is depressed by moving both Aruku and Guro onto the tile. However, each tiles affects other tiles. Yes, another one of those puzzles.

  • You might also notice the wall painting, one person is holding an ankh, one is not.

  • Screenshot.

  • When you get all of the tiles recessed you will receive the second half of the magnifying glass.

  • Congratulations, you have just completed the main objectives for this half of the pyramid.

Side Quests

  • Go back and search for small gems with the new magnifying glass.

  • Go back to Firefly Island and create the feathered headdress and the shark toothed necklace. Even if you've already done this, go back anyway and you will get the Ankh that you need to do the next section of the pyramid.

  • Now that you have the magnifying glass you can go back to other islands and track down missing gems.

The Pyramid Part 2 (Interlude)

Main Objectives

  • You cannot do this part until you have gotten the ankh from Firefly Island.

  • Start in the room you ended in the first part, with the two pictures, one holding an ankh, one not.

  • Screenshot.

  • Place the ankh you got from Firefly Island on the figure without an ankh. This will open a panel in front of you for the second half of the pyramid.

  • As you travel you will notice both black and white pebbles scattered around. Collect them.

  • Screenshot.

  • As you explore you will also find wooden chests. These chests will either have ankhs or pattern tablets in them. Collect them. You will eventually find 6 ankhs and 3 pattern tablets.

  • Screenshot.

  • In this section there are no more bull statues to activate. Instead, there are raised bricks, unlit sconces, and trick floor tiles.

  • There are 4 raised bricks in various sections:

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • There are 5 places where there are unlit sconces. Three places are single unlit sconces.

  • Screenshot.

  • Two rooms have two sconces each on some smaller structures. Light up the sconces in these two rooms and the rooms will connect.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • There is one recessed floor tile in this section, and it's a doozy.

  • It's in a corridor that is at the northern part of the map, and the tiles are so far apart you almost can't fit them into one screen.

  • Screenshot.

  • The trick is to drop down the overview map, giving you just enough visibility to see both at once. Drop down the map by clicking on the arrow symbol on the upper left of the map.

  • Screenshot.

  • Plant your flag on one tile, wait until they gather, then grab one and drop them on the other floor tile.

  • If you look at the overview map, you will notice that to the north is a large black area, this is a hidden room.

  • You will be ready to open the room when you have explored all of the other corridors, and collected 17 black and 17 white pebbles, 6 ankhs, and 3 pattern tablets.

  • In the corridor to the southeast of the blank space there are three wall drawings in need of ankhs.

  • Screenshot.

  • In the corridor to the southwest of the blank space are three more wall drawings in need of ankhs.

  • Screenshot.

  • Place ankhs in all 6 of the drawings to open the room.

  • You will find three silver chests, 4 obelisks, a machine called a sacred summator, and one more each white and black pebbles.

  • Screenshot.

  • Collect the pebbles and brace yourself for the puzzle.

  • First, this is a puzzle of binary addition. If you do not know how to add in binary, here's a brief rundown:

  • In binary code, 0 + 0 = 0. 1 + 0 = 1. 1 + 1 = 10. 10 + 10 = 100, etc. When adding 1s together in a column (for larger digits) remember to put the zero down and carry the 1.

  • For more on adding in binary, see this link: Adding in Binary.

  • This puzzle changes every time you play, so I cannot give you an exact solution.

  • Read the obelisks first, this will tell you which color is 1 and which color is 0.

  • For this example (in these screenshots), black is 1 and white is 0. This changes from game to game.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • Using the obelisks determine which color is which. Now time to tackle the machine.

  • Place white and black pebbles in the hole in the machine (the machine will take 6 each time).

  • Place a pattern tablet in the slot in the middle.

  • You will now see three rows of black and white pebbles. The top two rows are fixed (cannot be changed) and are the math problem.

  • You need to adjust the bottom row colors to match the solution.

  • In the case of this example, the math problem is 011001 + 010100.

  • The answer to that would be 101101, or black, white, black, black, white, black.

  • Entering the correct solution opens one of the chests and you will receive a rosary.

  • Screenshot.

  • Complete the puzzle two more times, using all of your pebbles and pattern tablets, and receive two more rosaries.

  • Once you have the three rosaries you are done with the pyramid.

  • Time to take the rosaries and the white and black oil (found on Ghost Island and Blueberry Island) and head to the Great Desert, The Oasis, and the Abandoned City.

Totem Tribe GOLD Walkthrough All Islands (Part 4)

Chapter 16 - Shark Archipelago

Main Objectives

  • Find the totem.

  • No building here, and just scouts to guide around.

  • The Archipelago is a chain of islands, so there are several to be found. There are also a lot of sharks.

  • Explore the beginning island (pink crystal island) thoroughly, and pick up all blue and green turtle shells you can find.

  • Hidden by the spring on the south of the island is a valve handle or wheel, collect it as well.

  • Screenshot.

  • Stand on the northwest corner of the island and you will see a small island further to the northwest that has a turtle shell to collect.

  • On the south end of the island is a puzzle. This is a simple "rotate the pieces to make a design" puzzle and when you complete it you will receive a pink crystal.

  • Screenshot.

  • At the center of the island is a strange gold device, surrounded by small stones in a circle. Place the pink crystal in this device to activate it.

  • You will be using this device (and others like it) to get around from island to island. The effective range is inside the circle of stones.

  • Place your scout flag by the device and when your scout enters the circle, click on the device to activate it.

  • You are now on what I call main control island. Notice that there are four devices here, three around a center one with a white crystal.

  • However two of the devices are missing crystals.

  • A guide stone lets you know the island is too dirty, so explore and click on each pulsing mound of dirt you find. Also collect all turtle shells and skulls that you find.

  • Screenshot.

  • When you destroy the last mound of dirt you will find a yellow crystal (travel stone). Insert it into one of the empty devices.

  • At the south end of the island you will find a guide stone inside a circle of flowers. The guide stone says that the flowers know the truth.

  • Screenshot.

  • Move your scout inside the circle of stones around the devices, and click on the white device to activate it.

  • You are now on yellow crystal island. Here you will find a scout lodge (and acquire a second scout).

  • Inside the small stone circle by the device is another valve wheel, collect it.

  • Screenshot.

  • Explore the island carefully. Note to the southeast you can see the top of an arrow tower, so there is an island over there.

  • At the southwest end of the island is a mountain ringed by lights that change from red to white. You want to change them to a pattern identical to the "flowers that know the truth" from the main control island.

  • Screenshot.

  • Pick up the blue crystal that you get when you solve the puzzle, and transport your scouts back to the main control island.

  • On the northwest part of main control island you will find a device that has three towers and three balls. The object is to use the buttons between the towers to move the balls from the upper tower to the lower left tower.

  • Screenshot.

  • When you complete this you will get an energy sphere. You will also notice a turtle shell that was hidden behind the top tower.

  • Collect the energy sphere, place the blue crystal in the last remaining empty device, move your scouts into the circle and activate the device.

  • Explore the island and find all of the turtle shells.

  • On the southwest part of the island you will find a device, two smaller ones and a larger one. The valve wheels go in the smaller devices, the energy sphere in the larger one.

  • Screenshot.

  • This will cause water to drain from the northwest side of the island, allowing you to reach the wooden chest (and exposing some more turtle shells. In the chest is scuba gear.

  • Screenshot.

  • Now your scouts can swim, but be careful, there are sharks in the center, two groups of them moving constantly in a counter-clockwise direction.

  • Keep your scouts around the outer edges of the islands, and explore all of the dark areas moving outwards, avoiding the area southeast of the yellow crystal island (the island where the scout shack is). There are sharks on the outer edges here.

  • Move your scouts to yellow crystal island and hold them there.

  • Watch the two groups of sharks circling the center of the archipelago. Once one group has passed the island, swim your scouts frantically for the center. There is a small island there with a silver chest and some turtle shells.

  • Screenshot.

  • To the southeast of the yellow crystal island you can see a tower. Watch the sharks, and move your scouts there carefully when the sharks have passed. The occupants will demand 24 green turtle shells to use their tower, which you should have found. If not, go back to all the islands and look for missing shells.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once you give the shells to the tower wait until it kills all of the sharks around it, then explore the southeast part of the map.

  • While you were exploring the other areas of the map, in the southwest area you should have found an island with an energy sphere, and collected it.

  • Screenshot.

  • On the far southeast of the map is a small island with a tower and a place to put the energy sphere. Place the energy sphere and the tower will light up.

  • Click on the tower until the beam of light is pointing to the west (left).

  • Screenshot.

  • Scroll to the west until you see a tower that is lit up. Make sure that the beam of light from this tower is pointing north (up).

  • Screenshot.

  • Scroll north to the next lit tower. Point this one to the east (right).

  • Screenshot.

  • Scroll east to the next lit tower (it is very close). Point the next lit tower to the south (down).

  • Screenshot.

  • Scroll south to the next lit tower (the one on main control island). Point this tower to the west (left).

  • Screenshot.

  • Scroll west to the lit tower on blue crystal island, and point it to the south (down). This will activate the last tower, way in the south, that has a silver chest sitting next to it.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • Collect the orange water drop from the silver chest.

  • Move your scouts to main control island, either using the crystals or swimming around the outer edges of the island.

  • Place the water drop in the gate and collect the wooden chest. This will get you a shaman mask.

  • Screenshot.

  • Hopefully you have all 32 blue turtle shells needed to open the silver chest in the center island. If not, go back to all the other islands and look. They like to hide them behind rocks, trees, and those light towers.

  • Give the 32 shells to the silver chest and get the Shark Totem.

Side Quests

  • On the far northwest side of the map is a silver chest guarded by ghosts.

  • Give 9 skulls to silver chest guarded by ghosts to get the map to ghost island.

  • Screenshot.

  • After you get the harpoon, come back to tackle the great white.

  • Move your scouts to the south of the small central island where the sharks are circling, and let them kill the two bunches of circling sharks.

  • Now move them north of the central island to tackle the great white. When they kill the great white you will get a shark tooth.

Ghost Island (Interlude)

Main Objective

  • Build up a village. Train as many warriors as you can.

  • Don't go exploring, you may entice enemies back to your village.

  • On the north edges of the village you will find a glowing fox statue and a chest that simply tells you to dispel the depressing dark.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once your village is built up and everything is researched, start searching through the woods to the northwest.

  • You will find two skeleton/ghost armies fighting each other, one coming from the south, one coming from the northeast. They will attack your guys if they spot them.

  • Move your army between the two ghost armies, and build two arrow towers in the path. This will keep one of the armies from your back.

  • Screenshot.

  • Trace the fighters south, they originate in a spot just to the west of your village, on the other side of the mountains.

  • Keep moving your army south, building towers as you go, until you find the red fox village. They are in an eternal battle for the red fox crown.

  • There are three bone chests there, destroy them all, one at a time.

  • Screenshot.

  • Each bone chest will disgorge a really nasty giant skeleton. When you defeat the skeleton you will get a piece of the blue fox crown.

  • Defeat all three and you will have the complete crown.

  • Now turn your attention north, and do the same thing. Build towers, move your army first north then west until you hit the blue fox village.

  • Gee, they want the blue fox crown.

  • Destroy the bone chests and fight the giant skeletons to get the pieces for the red fox crown.

  • Screenshot.

  • When you have the crowns, give the blue fox crown to the ghost chief patrolling the blue fox village, and give the red fox crown to the ghost chief patrolling the red fox village. All fighting should stop and you will get 2 foxy stones.

Side Quests

  • Continue to explore the island and the surrounding ocean.

  • On the far southwest of the map you will find a small island with a wooden chest. That will get you a 3rd foxy stone.

  • East of the top of your village you will find another small island with another wooden chest and a 4th foxy stone.

  • On the far northwest of the map is yet another small island with a wooden chest and the 5th foxy stone.

  • Now place a foxy stone on each of the green fox statues around the island.

  • This will disperse the darkness and open the silver chest on the north end of your village. You will get the Vial of Longevity (Your people are now 20% more healthy).

  • Continue to search the ocean, there are other small islands with gems.

  • At the south end of the island, hidden by mountains, is a silver chest, sealed by the Magi. You cannot open this until you have completed the Gazing Canyon.

  • Come back when you have the seal of the Magi and use one to open the chest and get Black Oil of the Magi, which you will use after you have completed the Pyramid.

Chapter 17 - Island of Worship

Main Objectives

  • The first objective is to find the temple, which is north of where you start. One of your hunters will stumble on it within a few minutes. DO NOT CLICK ON THE TEMPLE! This will trigger a battle you are not ready for.

  • Build your village and do all of the weapons research you need. While you are doing this search with your scouts.

  • In front of the temple are two stones, build arrow towers near these stones.

  • Screenshot.

  • As you explore the island you will find 6 different idols, and 5 different kinds of fruit on the ground, oranges, bananas, pineapples, papayas, and star fruit. You will need to collect 12 of each type of fruit.

  • For an overview of fruit finding, consult these two screenshots:

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • Each idol wants 12 of a specific kind of fruit, except for the paired idols at the far north end of the island. Each wants 12 papayas, so you have to choose which one to use. The one on the left is the Idol of War, the one on the right is the Idol of Protection.

  • DO NOT FEED THE IDOLS! At least, not yet.

  • Once you've gotten your army built up, all research done, and found the fruits, click on the temple. Evil Aruku will appear between the stones to tell you about the idols, then your village will be attacked.

  • After that, feed each idol its fruit and charge it up, one at a time. Your village will be attacked after the third idol, and after the fifth one, which will be the boss fight.

  • Muster your army to the front of the temple before feeding and charging the fifth and last idol.

  • Make sure all of your buildings are repaired and ready before charging the fifth idol.

  • Boss fight!

  • Defeat evil Aruku and you will get the Lion Totem.

Side Quests

  • North of the temple you will find a silver chest surrounded by 4 obelisks.

  • The object of this game is to get the symbols on each obelisk turned so that no two symbols are repeated either on the obelisk or in a row.

  • Some of the symbols are "fixed" and won't turn, so that will give you a start.

  • Screenshot.

  • This will get you a new type of research, the power of Thunder.

  • North of the obelisks are three Mayan-style pyramids.

  • If you click on them they tell you that there is nothing there.

  • Keep clicking on them, one of them will give you jewels after several tries.

  • At the bottom of the map is a mountain range that you cannot get into.

  • Use the idol of divination to remove the black area and you will see a button inside the valley.

  • Screenshot.

  • Push the button and the rock that was blocking the east side of the mountains will disappear, allowing you to bring your scouts in.

  • The chest on the east side will give you the Masking Cloak (your scouts are now invisible to enemies).

  • Push the button again and the rock on the west side will go down, allowing your scouts to get in on that side (move your scouts out of the valley first).

  • The chest on the west side will give you the 5th Shaman mask, which allows a new building, a Temple.

  • At this point you can go back to Lonely Iceberg and get the Harpoon.

Chapter 18 - Ruins of Dream Shore

Main Objectives

  • Find King Shade's hideout.

  • New building: Cave of Trials (trains cavemen).

  • You won't be sneak attacked here, so take the time to really build up your forces.

  • While the building and researching is going on, go ahead and explore with your scouts. You will find several areas of black dots, either falling inward or flowing outward. These are transportation portals.

  • You will need to figure out where the portals go in order to move your army.

  • The portal near your village will take you to the southwest corner of the map, a transportation hub, that has three outgoing portals.

  • Screenshot.

  • Start sending your scouts through the portals. Once they know the way, the villagers will know as well.

  • Once your scouts have explored all of the portals start them swimming through the center of the island.

  • You will eventually find that there is one group of enemies to the west, three groups to the east, and the boss fight in the middle (you can't get to the boss fight until you defeat the other four).

  • Keep exploring the area and find all of the stones that look like the "singing stones" from witch island. Click on each one to make it vibrate.

  • Screenshot.

  • At the far south of the map is a lone portal surrounded by water, that only your scouts can reach. Bring them down to this portal and through, and they will arrive at a small separate island in the northwest side of the map.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • On this little island you will find some gems and the last singing stone.

  • When you have each one vibrating, that portion of the island holding a wooden chest near your village will align so that you can walk to it.

  • Screenshot.

  • Walk your scouts to the chest and collect the Tribal Amulet of Great Warriors (Cavemen will move 20% faster).

  • Normally this would be a side quest, but there are two advantages: It makes your cavemen faster (if you are using them) and it gives you room for another small building, like a Shaman tent.

  • Once all the building and researching is done, muster your army near the portal at the south end of your camp.

  • Plant the war flag on the shadows on the west side of the map and wait for the battle to finish.

  • When it does, you will find a black blob on the ground where the large shade was defeated. Pick it up.

  • Plant your war flag on the shadows in the middle east section, your army will go directly there from the western section.

  • Wait for the battle to end and collect the black blob.

  • Battle the other two armies on the east side and get two more black blobs.

  • Once all four shadow armies have been defeated let your army go back to the village.

  • While your army recuperates from the battles, turn your attention to the hole in the center of where you built your village.

  • Around the hole are 4 lamps. Put one of the black blobs in each of the lamps to create the portal to the King Shade Boss Fight.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once the portal is created, plant your war flag on it and the fight will begin.

  • When the fight ends you will get the Crow Totem (and your entire army will die).

  • After this chapter, you might want to go back and finish Firefly Island, The Great Desert, The Oasis, The Abandoned City, and the Pyramid.

Chapter 19 - Comet Crash Site

Main Objectives

  • Find a way to approach the comet.

  • No building, just exploration and puzzle solving with Aruku and Guro.

  • You will find blue, green, and orange crystals scattered about, collect them.

  • To your east you will find three idols. They want 9 thurisaz (green) crystals, 7 ur (blue) crystals, and 5 fehu (orange) crystals.

  • Screenshot.

  • To your west you will find a crystal pedestal. You will get a new goal, destroy the crystal pedestals. You can destroy this one by placing a totem (any one) on it.

  • Screenshot.

  • West of the first crystal pedestal you will find another. This one must be activated before it can be destroyed.

  • To activate it you need to light up the small gold balls, not the larger ones. And the small balls need to be lit blue. You can accomplish this in three clicks on the larger balls.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once the pedestal is active you can destroy it with another totem (again, any totem).

  • You will find the way north blocked by thurisaz (green) crystal formations.

  • Read the guide stones and you will discover that thurisaz (green) crystals can be destroyed by lightning, that ur (blue) crystals can be destroyed by frost, and that fehu (orange) crystals can be destroyed by meteors.

  • Once you find all 9 thurisaz (green) crystals, give them to the idol and charge up the idol. The hardest to find crystal is on the shore northwest of the idols, across the water. Walk Aruku and Guro close to the shore and you can see the opposite shore.

  • This is the Idol of Storm, and once it is charged you can use the lightning to destroy the thurisaz (green) crystals blocking the path.

  • Screenshot.

  • North of the blockage you will find a crystal pedestal surrounded by small metallic squares. This is a hidden match 2 game, just match pairs of symbols to remove the squares.

  • Screenshot.

  • Once all of the squares are removed the crystal pedestal will activate. Destroy it with a totem and you will find a previously hidden ur (blue) crystal.

  • Northeast of the blockage is another pedestal and another puzzle. There are three black lights, three white lights, and a neutral light in-between. This is a classic jumping peg puzzle. The button below is to reset the puzzle in case of difficulty.

  • Screenshot.

  • Move the first white light forward one space. Now jump the first black light over the white. Move the middle black light forward one, leaving a space between it and the last black light.

  • Now jump the first white light over the black, then jump the middle white light over the black. Move the last white light forward one, leaving a space on the far right.

  • Jump each of the black lights forward, leaving the blank on the far left. Move the first white light forward into that space, then jump the rest of the whites forward.

  • Move the middle black light forward, then jump the last black light forward.

  • Once the lights are reversed the crystal pedestal will activate and you can destroy it with a totem.

  • You way west is blocked, on the south by the ur (blue) crystals, and in the north by fehu (orange) crystals.

  • Find the 7 ur (blue) crystals and feed the idol. Charge up the power of frost and use it on the ur (blue) crystals blocking the southwest passage.

  • Screenshot.

  • Proceed west and south cautiously, you will run into thornflowers. Once you find them get Aruku and Guro away quickly before they get killed.

  • Recharge the frost idol and use the power of frost on the thornflowers.

  • Screenshot.

  • West past the thornflowers you will find another crystal pedestal. Destroy it with a totem.

  • Once you have all 5 fehu (orange) crystals (you will find the last ones by the crystal pedestal to the west) charge up the last idol with the power of meteor shower.

  • Use the meteor shower on the fehu crystals blocking your path to the northwest.

  • Screenshot.

  • Keep exploring to the northwest and you will find the last crystal pedestal.

  • The object in this puzzle is to get rid of all of your coins.

  • There's an easy way to do this. First, find the well that takes 1 tin coin and gives you back 2. Put tin coins in there until you have 6 total (3 times).

  • Then find the well that gives you 1 copper coin for every 2 tin coins. Put all of your tin coins in that well and you will get 3 copper coins back (for a total of 6).

  • Now find the well that takes 2 copper coins and doesn't give anything back. Put all of your copper coins in there and you're done.

  • Screenshot.

  • Destroy the crystal pedestal with the last totem.

  • Now that the island is little more than scorched earth, you need to find an entrance to the comet.

  • The entrance is in the valley to the north, but the way is blocked by all three types of crystals. Charge up all three idols and destroy the crystals.

  • Screenshot.

  • Explore down the valley. You will find the entrance near the south end. Move Aruku and Guro into the mouth of the opening and you will have completed the main objective.

  • Screenshot.

Side Quests

  • Go back and look for gems. With the scorched earth, they are easy to find.

  • On the south end of the island, where you began, is a curious looking item, a crossbow with some controls.

  • The top two buttons move the crossbow's aim, the bottom two control the power.

  • Turn the bow to the left one click, until it is pointing at the mound with blue crystals. Set the power to 2 greens.

  • Fire the crossbow by clicking on it three times. After three hits, the mound will be destroyed and you will get some gems.

  • Screenshot.

  • Now move the bow two clicks to the right, so that it is pointing at the orange mound near the idols.

  • Set the power to 3 green and shoot 3 times to destroy the mound. More gems!

  • Screenshot.

  • Now move one click to the left, so that the crossbow is pointing due north.

  • Set the power to 5 green. You are aiming, not for the first green mound at the neck of land, but at the one slightly north and west of it.

  • Shoot 3 times to destroy the mound and get the gems.

  • Screenshot.

  • Go back to the map and check if there are any missing gems. If you have found them all, your rainbow road will be 100% complete and you can travel to Guardian Moon.

  • Screenshot.

Guardian Moon (Interlude)

Main Objectives

  • Explore guardian moon.

  • Just exploration with Aruku this time around.

  • Head south and start exploring. You will run across pools of water that tell the history of your people.

  • You will also occasionally see lightning striking, remember the locations.

  • Screenshot.

  • As you find the south most pool you will see an energy sphere on the west side of the pool. Take it.

  • Screenshot.

  • You will use these energy spheres to power the light towers that expose more of the moon.

  • Screenshot.

  • As you continue exploring you will also find lightning traps, collect them.

  • Screenshot.

  • You will come across a silver chest in a field of small balls. You need to light up the balls to open the chest.

  • Screenshot.

  • The trick to this puzzle is this: for each ball you want to light up, you need to click that ball, then each ball in the same row and same column as the original ball. It's a tedious way to do it, but you will end up with each ball lit.

  • The chest will give you the Relic of Prosperity (You will get +1 inhabitant in every building).

  • Next to the light tower northeast of the puzzle is a spent energy sphere, collect it.

  • Screenshot.

  • North and east of the ball puzzle is another puzzle, this one featuring a grid with a mini-Aruku.

  • The trick is to navigate mini-Aruku through the grid. There are 4 buttons to help you control mini-Aruku, and you will notice the three balls at the bottom of the puzzle. These are your tries.

  • You have to get from safe square to safe square in 3 moves or less. The safe squares are the ones with orange circles on them.

  • Navigate through the maze from safe square to safe square until you get to the top. The prize will be an energy sphere.

  • Screenshot.

  • Use the energy sphere on the device just west of the puzzle and you will open up more path to the west.

  • Before you move on, there is an exceptionally difficult to see lightning trap hidden by the statue head just west of the comet pool.

  • Screenshot.

  • Up in the far northwest corner of the island, near the pool that shows the future, is another lightning trap, hidden by the mist. This is the 4th and last lightning trap.

  • Screenshot.

  • To move further you need to charge up the spent energy sphere you picked up. Place the lightning traps in the 4 locations where you saw lightning (southwest corner, southeast corner, east of the mini-aruku puzzle, north of the comet pool).

  • This will power up a device near the statue head on the southeast end of the island (next to one of the lightning strikes). When all 4 balls in the device are lit up, put the energy sphere in the device to recharge.

  • Screenshot.

  • Place the energy sphere in the device next to the "Victorian villager" pool to clear the way to the temples.

  • Screenshot.

  • As you go around the pool that shows the future destruction, you will find another device that needs an energy sphere. The spent energy sphere is hiding near a plant on the northeast corner of the pool.

  • Screenshot.

  • Charge up the sphere using the lightning device and use it to open the way to the main temple.

  • When you reach the temple the tear of heaven will appear in your inventory.

  • Put the tear of heaven into the water to purify it.

Chapter 20 - Inside the Comet

Main Objectives

  • Don't enter this chapter until you have completed everything else. Once you start here, you cannot go back to the other islands.

  • Explore the inside of the comet.

  • Actually, don't explore. Seriously, don't.

  • This is the boss fight to end all boss fights.

  • This can actually go 3 ways: you lose and have to try again, you win the evil way (this involves sacrificing the lives of your followers), or you win the good way (this involves two massive boss fights).

  • Build fast! Build 3 huts, then place towers all around them in a circle. Convert 2 of the towers to guard towers.

  • Build a barracks, workshop, and archery range, then upgrade the towers to arrow towers. Research up your arrow powers to the max.

  • Random attacks will come in two areas, one in the west, on in the south. Make note of the areas and build a circle of towers around where the enemies appear. Convert them to mostly arrow towers with at least 1 guard tower.

  • Now build your village. You will need lots of warriors, so concentrate on shaman tents, they give you maximum bang for your buck.

  • For every 2 - 3 buildings, build another tower or two, mostly arrow towers with guard towers here and there. While your army is off fighting the bad buy, your village will be attacked from multiple directions and these towers will help protect it. If Aruku or Guro die, it's all over.

  • A marketplace is a good idea, build one and do the research so that you can get another extra person per building.

  • Build a Hall of Mysteries and research all of the Shaman powers to the max.

  • You'll also need at least 3 temples, more if you can squeeze them in.

  • Don't forget witch doctors, an herb garden, and a training ground.

  • Don't worry about any types of towers other than arrow or guard towers.

  • As you build towards the walls, you will notice areas that might be paths but are blocked by crystals. Every time you identify one of these areas, build at least 2 arrow towers flanking it.

  • Screenshot.

  • There is one pathway out of the area you are in, it is located in the northeast area. Definitely do not go through there yet, and build two arrow towers flanking it.

  • Screenshot.

  • Research everything to the max and use your temples to fire up some spells (shield spells are the best).

  • Once you are ready, take your scouts through the only way out and explore the tunnels. They will lead you to the stone monster and your first boss fight.

  • Screenshot.

  • Muster your army at the entrance to the tunnels. Once they've all gathered, send them to fight the big stone monster.

  • Keep an eye on your army and assist them with spells. Check back with your village frequently as the attacks there will have damaged buildings. Repair the towers and other buildings and keep going back and forth between your army and your village.

  • Eventually (hopefully) you will destroy the stone monster. Unfortunately, this will reveal its true form as a giant alien squid thing.

  • Screenshot.

  • This is an even tougher fight, as the alien is protected by the obelisks around him. At this time, use your scouts and start exploring the tunnels, which have opened up.

  • Don't forget to check back with your village frequently as the attacks against it are getting stronger.

  • Find all six purple obelisks and click on them to destroy them. This will weaken the alien squid somewhat.

  • Screenshot.

  • Screenshot.

  • While exploring you will also notice giant holes with teeth in some areas. One of the obelisks is behind one of these holes, so you might lose a scout or two.

  • Screenshot.

  • Here's where you make your choice: You can feed your army to the holes and win that way. Simply plant your war flag at each hole and wait until 30 to 40 villagers have been eaten. You've fed them enough when purple flames shoot out of the hole. Then move to the next hole.

  • Feed all of the holes and you will get the evil win. Guro will leave in disgust and Aruku will become a great tyrant. Her name becomes synonymous with witch.

  • Or you can just keep fighting the alien squid. When he is nearly dead the purified tear of heaven will appear. Use it on the creature to finally defeat it.

  • Good ending! The tribe becomes prosperous and Aruku's name goes down in history as the savior of her world.

Totem Tribe Gold Walkthrough: Lists of Items and Where to Find them

Shark Teeth (6)

  • Tetala Island

  • Shark Archipelago

  • Lonely Iceberg

  • Red Rock Island

  • Ruins of Dreamshore

  • Blueberry Island

Gems of Power (7)

  • White. Wings of the Bird (Seagull Island).

  • Orange. The Realm of the Monkeys (Liana Island).

  • Green. Dirt and Goo Swamp (Witch Island).

  • Red. Stones and Rocks (Red Rock Island).

  • Yellow. Eternal Desert Sands (The Great Desert).

  • Blue. Soothing waters of the Oasis (The Oasis Interlude).

  • Violet. Ruins of Deserted City (The Abandoned City).

Feathers (8)

  • Beetle Island

  • Monkey Island

  • Witch Island

  • Blueberry Island

  • Skull Island

  • Island of Yeti

  • Scorched Island

  • Cradle of the North

Scarab Beetles (8)

  • Red Rock Island

  • The Great Desert

  • The Oasis

  • The Abandoned City

  • Skull Island

  • Mist Island

  • Volcano Island

  • Beetle Island

Antique Coins (7)

  • Monkey Island

  • Dolphin Island

  • Seagull Island

  • Skull Island

  • Witch Island

  • Frozen Vale Island

  • Rimy Isles

Shaman Masks (5)

  • Cradle of the North

  • Scorched Island

  • Volcano Island

  • Shark Archipelago

  • Island of Worship

Amulet Pieces (3)

  • Solve the obelisk/rosary puzzles in:

  • The Great Desert

  • The Oasis

  • The Abandoned City

Magnifying Glass Pieces (2)

  • Tetala Island

  • The Pyramid (first part)

Totem Tribe GOLD FAQ

  • How do I get to those distant islands?

    • Sometimes there is a hidden path (barely noticeable) that will enable you to walk, but for the majority you will have to wait until you get the scuba gear (aqualung) on Shark Archipelago.

  • What's the deal with these globe in a temple things? I click on them and nothing happens.

    • You cannot use those things until you have the Sphere of Clarity (found on Witch Island). Once you have the sphere, you can click on those globe things and they will reveal previously hidden lands.

  • Where do I find the Magnifying Glass?

    • The Magnifying Glass is in two pieces: one is on Tetala Island (in the chest opened by the gems of power), the other is in the first part of the Pyramid.

  • How do I use the Magnifying Glass?

    • Find an island where you know there are gems still left. When in the island pick a spot and click on the magnifying glass. If nothing happens, move to another area and try again.

    • If there is a gem in the area, a rainbow colored circle will appear when you click on the magnifying glass, centered on the gem.

    • Once used, it will take a little while for the magnifying glass to recharge to be able to be used again.

  • Help! The sharks on Shark Archipelago keep killing my scouts!

    • If you are trying to get to the center island, keep your scouts on one island and watch the overview map. You will see the two groups of sharks as red dots circling counter-clockwise.

    • As soon as one group goes past, get your scouts into the water and heading for the center as fast as possible.

    • After finding the center island, don't try to swim in this area again until you have the invisibility cloak and the harpoon.

    • To get to the tower island in the southeast: again, watch the overview map. Don't put your scouts in the water until the sharks have moved around to the other side of the tower island.

    • Once you pay the tower the requested turtle shells, the arrow tower will kill the sharks in this area, making the waters safe.

  • How do I get past Fire Walls/Ice Blocks?

    • The first method is to build a tower, a frost tower for fire walls or a fire tower for ice blocks. The tower will automatically attack the obstruction when it is updated.

    • Some fire walls or ice blocks are in an area where you can't build. Shaman in the latter stages of the game have power over both fire and frost, and can fight the fire walls or ice blocks to remove them.

    • An ice block can also be destroyed by the meteor spell, if you have a handy Idol with that spell or a temple.

  • How do I open the interlude islands?

    • Some interludes will become available automatically.

    • Other interludes require that you find information about the island (either from talking to someone or a map). Check the Chapter sections of the walkthrough, they have details on how to find this information.

    • The Gazing Canyon (outside the pyramid) will not open until you find all 8 scarabs and you solve the scarab tower puzzle in the Great Desert.

    • The Pyramid will not open until you manage to complete the Gazing Canyon.

  • How do I find the coins/feathers/shark teeth/scarabs/etc.?

    • Check the lists section, which lists all multiple items and where they can be found.

  • How do I find the Aqualung?

    • It is found on Shark Archipelago. See the Shark Archipelago chapter in the walkthrough (Main Objectives) for details.

  • How do I find the Masking Cloak?

    • The Masking Cloak is on the Island of Worship. See the walkthrough in the Side Quests section of Island of Worship for details.

  • How do I find the Harpoon?

    • The Harpoon is on Lonely Iceberg, but you cannot get it until you have the Masking Cloak. For details on how to get the harpoon, see the walkthrough Lonely Iceberg Side Quests section for details.

  • I'm having trouble finding the last maple leaf/banana/ice crystal/whatever.

    • The game has a new mechanic, making it easier to find items. When it is the last of an item (the last banana or whatever), move around the island slowly. The item will pulse, so look for movement.

  • I see a seagull nest on Witch Island, but there's no feather underneath. Where's the feather?

    • You will not find the feathers until you have been to firefly island and talked to the wise man who wants feathers for a headdress. Once you do that, go back to the islands with the nests and the feathers will have appeared.

  • How do I fight this great white shark? It keeps eating my scouts!

    • The great white is tricky because it can see through the invisibility cloak.

    • Swim your scouts out to the great white. When they get near they will shoot a harpoon.

    • As the great white attacks, grab one scout and drop it out of the way so it can shoot again. As the shark goes for the other scout, move him out of the way. The shark should then turn and go for the first scout. Wait for the scout to fire, then pick him up out of harm's way.

    • Keep alternately dragging your scouts to safety and allowing them to shoot until they kill the great white.

  • How do I get to Guardian Moon?

    • In order to reach Guardian Moon your rainbow road needs to be at 100%.

    • Hover your cursor over the rainbow on the world map and it will show you what the percentage is.

    • Hover your cursor over the islands you've been to and you will see if there are any gems still left to collect.

    • Use the magnifying glass (once you've found it) to help track down any missing gems.

    • When the rainbow road hits 100% Guardian Moon will be available.

  • I'm on Liana Island, and I can only find 15 fireflies, I need 20 to get through the forest!

    • On the southeast side of the island is a large palm tree growing right at the water's edge. Click on the tree a couple of times to knock it over and you can walk on it over to a second island. There you will find the remaining 5 fireflies.

  • I can't find the monkey arm on Liana Island!

    • This one is easy to miss. On the northwest of the island is another big palm tree growing right on the water. Click on it and your character will climb the tree, enabling you to see a small island to the east where the arm is.

  • What is the object that goes in the upper right (or wherever) in the treasury?

    • Here are screenshots of the treasury with all of the items. This is after the Guardian Moon, and before Inside the Comet.

    • Screenshot.

    • Screenshot.

  • Help! I can't find this particular treasure on that particular island.

    • Check the main walkthrough of the islands. The walkthrough not only lists the strategies on how to win, it also lists the chests, puzzles and hidden items and how to acquire them, with the exception of the small gems.


smjjames August 1, 2010 6:17 PM

Cool! I'm a fan of the Totem Tribe game myself. :) Checking it out.


smjjames -

You won't be disappointed. Love, love, love how they've integrated the new stuff in with the old stuff!

smjjames August 1, 2010 8:08 PM

Bah, I'm stuck on

Lilana island, not sure if I need more firefflies or something.


smjjames -

You need 20 to light up the forest, I presume you only have 15? You might want to take a stroll around the waterfront and check out any trees.


I LOVE this game! So much better than the original! One of my favorite things about the new game is

that on the main map screen, it tells you which gems you are missing on each island! Number and color!

However, I am disappointed that I believe this game

doesn't retain the ability to change the individual files of the objects on your computer to make them easier to find. Can anybody verify this to be true?

Once again, this is an awesome game and I HIGHLY recommend that anybody who even slightly liked the original should buy this game.


Allie -

You can indeed use that cheat, but you have to have administrative privileges on your computer and you have to adjust the settings on the folder holding the images to allow for modification. However, if you do this, remember to back up the original files first, as any kind of alteration of the game can lead to problems and you might want to restore the settings back to standard.

Anonymous August 2, 2010 12:50 AM

There's also a new thing where the last object of a particular type will magically become easier to find. Say you have 14 out of 15 Maple Leaves, and the last leaf was half-hiding behind a tree, it will show up in front of the tree and pulse a little. Very helpful, especially in combination with a particular special item you can get later.

berserker August 2, 2010 1:44 AM

>Mac OS X:
>Not available.

Actually this game is available on Mac OS X as well. If you download the game under Mac it downloads Mac version.

[Yes, that's true, thanks for pointing that out. I'm actually playing the Mac version, so I'm not sure what John was thinking when he designated this as Windows only. In any event, I've updated the review accordingly. -Jay]

Bettina Nerd August 2, 2010 4:05 AM

On Liana Island.


3 banana bunches and only 1 hungry monkey to feed it to. Received a monkey coin.

Using FOW cheat I see:

island w/remaining fireflies and no way to reach it.


Bettina Nerd August 2, 2010 4:11 AM

The enlightening power of the post. Found the solution:

That tree looks a little wobbly. You know, the one right on the water? Maybe if I whack it a little ...


It's a great update; most of the old islands have gotten a minor/major overhaul (I ran a bit around in circles trying to find the old man on Seagull island), and the new ones add interesting elements. I also like how it's added to the story, making it seem less like your buxom leader is the only person actually doing anything what so ever.

However, I find I am stuck in the Grand Desert.

Try as I might, it will only let me put down all but three staffs in the correct holes outside the temples. Once I've put down Seth's staff, it just doesn't open the next holes. (staffs are triggered for pickup/use once you've looked at all the god-obelisks and beaten the bone chest to a pulp).

Did I forget to do anything needed to trigger the last part?

As for Liana - there are some elements that can be interacted with. Both some that can be clicked, and some you can only activate on touch with a character. And some things have to be whacked more than a few times to work.


@Bookend: I ran into the same problem last night with the Grand Desert isle.

I actually had the last three staffs as well, but the holes just wouldn't open.


So, does anyone know about the last 3 staffs with the holes that won't open??

Anonymous August 2, 2010 10:53 AM

The Grand Desert:

The glowing lights leading from each staff to its temple need to be in order.

Anonymous August 2, 2010 10:57 AM

I love this game. But i can`t find "white gem of power", please help!!!


Darryl -

As for the staffs:

When you place them, do you notice the balls of light going from the staffs to the temples? That's a second puzzle as they need to be in a particular order.

JIGuest -

The White gem of power is:

On seagull island, in a hollow tree. Click on any tree on Seagull that has a hole in it and you should be able to find it.


Ack! I'm really stuck at two places. (I gave up on both eventually)

The abandoned city. Those two pixelated puzzles almost had me pulling my hair out! Any hints for these?

The oasis. More specifically, the water jug puzzle. I have seen puzzles like this before, but never with these measures of jugs. You have a 5 measure jug and an 8 measure jug, and you need to make exactally 4 measures. Does anybody have a walkthough for this puzzle?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


Allie -

Abandoned city

Those pixelated puzzles are a bear, no doubt. See if you can group together the dark areas first, then once you have at least a fuzzy idea of what the picture is you can fine tune it. Each arrow moves some of the pixels either horizontally or vertically.

The Oasis:

For the water puzzle fill up the 8 measure jug, then pour it into the 5 measure jug (now the 8 measure jug has 3 and the 5 measure jug has 5). Empty the 5 measure jug and pour the 3 from the 8 measure jug into the 5 measure jug (8 measure jug now empty, 5 measure jug has 3). Fill up the 8 measure jug and pour it into the 5 measure jug, which will fill up the 5 measure jug and leave the 8 measure jug with 6. Empty the 5 measure jug and pour from the 8 measure jug, filling the 5 measure jug and leaving 1 in the 8 measure jug. Empty the 5 measure jug then pour the 1 from the 8 measure jug into the 5 (8 measure jug is now empty, 5 measure jug has 1 in it). Fill up the 8 measure jug with water, then pour into the 5 measure jug, which will put 4 in the 5 measure jug and leave 4 in the 8 measure jug. Hope that helps.


Has anyone been able to find the fishing pole on Frozen Vale? I am going nuts trying to find it!!


Someone help me please

1st - there's no magnifying glass ??

2nd - i think it was on Skull island, there is a chest for 25 bones but there are only 23 ?

3rd -on Mist island there are some blue cristals, but for what ?

And finely - Lonely iceberg, the scout needs me to find some cloak ?

A.Alaalas August 2, 2010 6:35 PM

Totem Tribe Gold downloads but doesn't open properly on new HP 5107c, only jittery graphics and unreadable text. Can't find log info as stated at their website.


Please help!

I can't find the yellow or orange gem of power. What island are these on?
Also I can't get the last two gems on Liana Island. I can't build so I have no scouts to swim and explore. Any suggestions?



the fishing pole is curved around a rock. I think it was towards the bottom middle of the island--it's reddish.


HELP! In the abandoned city, I killed everything, but don't have enough rock souls or whatever they're called to give to the hermit. Had enough Dragon wings. Do I find them behind those pixelated pictures? If so, then I'll never get perfect in this game because those things are seriously torture!!!!

Tracy Moses August 3, 2010 12:44 AM

Hi is there a totem tribe gold walkthrough coming? This game is killing me, I loved the first one but this one has me really stumped in a lot of places, to many to list on here and a walkthrough would surely help!!!!

[We are working hard at finishing up a walkthrough for Gold that we will be posting here very soon! Please check back. :) -Jay]

Gabriella August 3, 2010 1:32 AM

Anybody knows how to find the orange Gem of Power?

Anonymous August 3, 2010 2:52 AM

Does anybody know where to find the monkeys left arm?

Gabriella August 3, 2010 3:10 AM

Great! I finally find the orange gem of power!
There's a secret entrance in the mountains at the north of island.


Stuck on Liana island...found everything except the statues left arm...
Any idea of where to find it?


For anyone who got the game last time and is wondering if it's worth it: I did the beta test and within an hour finished the trial. I bought the game immediately.

One would think the game wouldn't offer much to people who are already familiar with it, but there's a lot of new stuff even in the old areas; improved gem finding; lots of new levels... And I'm already crossing my fingers they make a whole new Totem Tribe because I loved the new puzzles that much. (The Egyptian isles are great!)

The only thing I had to run to find help with was finding one of the power gems, the rest I figured out on my own. And less trouble finding the normal gems.

Definitely worth the money :)

Anonymous August 3, 2010 5:51 AM

Hi gabriela.

In what island did you find the orange gem? It's almost the only thing I have left....
wanna finnish this game !!!! :)))


Stuck on the Oasis. I've 11 ostriches, 4 eyes of horus, and seven cobras. I've solved the jug puzzle and placed the orb. Cannot figure out next move, please help!!!


Thanks SO much for all the help so far! I finally finished those horrible pixelated puzzles! I just have one more question about the abandoned city: What am I supposed to do with the dew drops and lava stones I found? I know I have to get glyphs somehow, but I have no idea how to do it! I have 24 dew drops and 9 lava stones. Thanks again!


Forget that!! found out what I was doing wrong!!!


@ Allie:
use lava stones with three "dishes" on the tower somewhere on the east coast
use dew drops on the fountain (i'm not sure about this, maybe you should do something before that, but i forgot)


@ Jarlath:
have you find the passages to the south, where the stone people live? if u didn't, find them, don't fight, just go through quick to reveal and take gems and other stuff...


Two questions. Where can I find the yellow gem of power. I can't find it anywhere! And what are the black and white beads for in the pyramid? I also have 3 blue tablets that I also have no idea what to do with. And I think I'm missing one Ankh key. Where can I find it? I appreciate any help.

Anonymous August 3, 2010 4:50 PM

Totem Tribe Gold on Blueberry Island, I have found 9 mushrooms and 6 each of blue, red, green, and yellow berries and can find nothing else so far though I have been over the island with a fine tooth comb and the magnifier. According to everything I have read there are only supposed to be 8 mushrooms, but usually the numbers are in even increments. So are there 10 or more mushrooms? Is there something else hiding for the potion? Arggghhh what do I do now???


Oops, that first question was not the one I meant to ask. I meant to ask where I can find all the sharks teeth? I have only found 3 so far on these islands:

shark archipelago, the lonely iceberg, and the other was I believe the egyptian level right before the pyramid. I forget what it's called.

Please help me!


The orange power gem is not too hard to find. It's on Liana Island. There is a secret passage in the most northern mountain that will take you to another corner of the map...

I am completely stuck on the Egyptian oasis. Can't find the remaining cobra tokens (I have 7), don't know what to do with te ostriches (found 9)... Help!!


Please, please some help! I have the stupid, stupid, pixelated pictures just a tad away from being clear, but I just can't seem to find the right combo to make it perfect. What is the clue or step or whatever to work those darn things? I have completed 90% of the game and need this to continue. Thanks

Anonymous August 3, 2010 11:13 PM

Is anyone else experiencing bugs? I'm at the stage before the comet crash, going back to collect gems, etc., but every time I try to return to SEAGULL ISLAND or FIREFLY ISLAND the game encounters an error. I haven't sent a log to ENKORD (as the software requested) yet, but wanted to know if anyone else was getting buggy toward the end ...

sbateman August 4, 2010 8:31 AM

On the pixelated puzzles;
each arrow mores 1 0f 4 layers downward or toward the right, click 1 arrow 8 times will take 1 of the 4 layers full circle; experiment clicking 1 layer at a time to see if you can line up lines/colours,etc.
if you want to move the whole image down or to the right then click ALL 4 arrows once: THIS WILL SHIFT THE picture 1 place to the right/downward;
hope this makes sense,
1 picture is 2 egyptian ladies sitting facing each other, and the other is 4 standing figures.
when completed the will each drop a staff which you fit into the statue next to the chest which says "cross&bow image"


My husband and I are both hooked on the first one and now the new one. I pray there will be more! I just finished Guardian Moon. I have to admit I was stumped several times, but between the two of us, I made it through. One hint I found is the dramatic music when you enter an area that has sharks to kill for teeth. Did not think I would ever get what was needed for Firefly, and then felt let down that only a small area was left to explore after all that work. The improvement I would like to see is to be able to clear out ALL the dark on all the areas. Thanks for such a great game.


Oasis Hints

You need to solve the multiple-squares picture puzzle, once you solve it, it should give you the remaining eyes of horus and cobras. You can use those to activate idol of storm (attack spell - when you wanna *kill* some monsters) and idol of divination (remove the dark area so you can see - lots of tricky dark areas, so use this a lot). Once you got these 2 spells, everything else is easy.



Ive only got 5 out of 6 sharks teeth and gone mad going around in circles trying to find which island the last shark is on? Can anyone help?


I have encountered a snag and would like to know if anyone else has encountered the same problem. When breaking the Light Totem Crystals on Meteor Crash Site Island I am unable to do the last one. I know that in the first game there were purple prisms you had to light up, but they aren't in Gold. Any suggestions? Please help. Thanks.


As to the monkey's left arm on Liana Island... in the northwest corner of the island there's a palm tree, and if you click on it, your character will climb the tree so you can see the arm. Hope that helps!


Jo, the crystals on the crash site

you need to power up all three idols and then zap all three with their powers.

sugaree401 August 5, 2010 6:54 AM


the last purple crystal on comet crash site doesn't have a puzzle anymore. Just bring your people as close to it as possible and it will activate. You might have to click a bit :)


the shark teeth the wiseman is talking about will happen later on in the game. you will eventually get a masking cloak. Go back to the lonely iceberg. in the top n/w-ish corner you'll see a scout lodge labeled Station B. Click on it and if you have completed the right stuff and are ready,, it will activate the scouts. (if not, keep playing till they work). then you can begin swimming without fear of sharks. In a few of the levels there will be a great white shark swimming with all the others. You kill the GWs to get the teeth. The best way to do this is to put your scouts near the shark, let him shot one harpoon, then quickly drag him away to avoid getting eaten. repeat till it's dead!

Blueberry Island Potions:

1) mushrooms are not used in the potions, they are used later
2) the berries will be continuously replaced on the bushes in time, because you'll ned a whole bunch to figure out the correct formula through trial and error

correct formula:

1r, 3p, 1b, 2g, 3r, 2p, 3y, 2r, 2b, 3g

sugaree401 August 5, 2010 6:59 AM

The puzzles on Abandoned Island:

If you think these things suck, you are not alone! Everyone has problems with them! I scoured forums to get help, and here's what finally made sense to me:

Woodlandpearl at the Enkrod forum told me:
What helped me in both pictures was identifying one object in each picture. For the top picture there is a "crook" shape object and I lined everything both vertically and horizontally with that object. Once the picture was focused, I had to move it up or down (or both) but I clicked each arrow one at a time to go across and did the same on the bottom row.

For the bottom picture, I focused on the headress. I did the same thing above on this one.


Does anyone know how the 5 totems, with monkey pictures on them, are supposed to be? I have been trying for days and can't figure them out!!!


Shark Teeth can be found on the following islands:

Tetala, Shark Archipelago, Lonely Iceburg, Red Rock, Ruins of Dream Shore, Blueberry.


@rnbabe. I am assuming you are talking about the mokey totem poles on Liana island. In that case: here are some hints.

Each totem pole affects others when you click on one of the pictures. The trick is to make each one complete in a certain order so that you don't mess up the ones you have already completed. The center pole affects all the other poles, so you will complete that one first. After that, the northern pole is only affected by the center pole, so that will be the second one you will complete. The southern pole is affected by the northern and center poles, so that will be your third one to complete. The eastern pole is affected by the northern, center, and southern poles, this will be your fourth. And finally the western pole is affected by all the other poles, so this will be the last one you complete, as it does not affect the others at all. Once again, in order of which you should complete:
1. Center
2. Northern
3. Southern
4. Eastern
5. Western

Hope this helps!


Thanks, sugaree401, that was very helpful. I thought I had a major problem with the game. :)

Now, however, I'm frustrated with the light puzzle on Guardian Moon. Can anyone help me out with that? And is there any way to reset the thing?

StealthBunny August 5, 2010 6:47 PM

Garhrr! Skull island, how do I get into the dragon skull chest? I've been smashing my head against the monitor over that one for an hour now!


Stealth--attack the skull chests either with a tower or people.
2 days I've been trying those pictures!! I have completed everything there is to do on all the islands without the pictures, but now there's nothing left to do except open the chest, so I can move on. I get the pictures just one pixel from being crystal clear and then no matter what adjustment I make, I can't get them that one final "click" better. What am I missing/not getting/understanding? I've read the above posts and I still end up, basically one adjustment from victory. My love for this game is now becoming misery..


OMG--I GOT the Puzzles!!! Here's how light dawned on marble head...I assumed that when the previous posts said move a section at a time, they meant each arrow represented a vertical or horizontal section--wrong! This is what worked for me--

imagine a drawing that is on four separate transparent pages each on top of one another, so when each page is perfectly lined upon the pages before and after it, it looks like one image. Now, if you took each page and moved it to the right or down, the imagine would then appear fuzzy. So, the arrows do move the imagine to the right or down, but not a section, it moves that whole "page". SO, pick an item that you recognize, like the staff or a head, whatever and then keep that layer there. Move on to whatever arrow floats your boat and click on it until it looks like that image on that layer lines up with it (pick one item to focus on, not the whole layer). Once you do this a few times, on most layers you can actually see that image move across the "page". Once you see what I'm talking about, it makes it a whole lot easier to move the layers into place. Don't worry about getting the picture in the right position on the page, once you get a clear page, see above posts to move the whole intact page to the right position. I hope this helps!

sugaree401 August 6, 2010 2:08 AM

guardian moon light puzzle:

First start with one unlit light. Then click on every lit and unlit light in the same column as the original unlit light. Then click on every lit and unlit light in the same row as the original unlit light, but don't click on the original unlit light you originally chose. After you do that do the same thing for another unlit light following the previous pattern. Eventually, you will keep doing this until the puzzle is complete.


Has anyone completed the pyramid maze?? I can get half way and that's it. I really really want to get the rest of the way through the maze!! Please help if you can.


Loving TTGold - but stumped: how do I get to the great desert please?


I can't complete the rosary beads and the oil I have tried several times and nothing happens need help.



tika402 , you probably missed a stone to push or a bull to click or a light that isn't on or there's a part where the floor moves OR if you have an ankh and haven't put in one the girls hands...If you placed an ankh, then you need to leave the puzzle and go get the other ankhs (like going back to firefly after getting the teeth and feathers). I hope this helps...
Carol--Do you have ALL the black pearls to make the final necklace? There should be three necklaces. You can leave the pyramid after making two and go back out the other parts of this island and use them...

StealthBunny August 6, 2010 2:38 PM

FL GAL, re: Skull Island - "Stealth--attack the skull chests either with a tower or people."

ChestS? As in PLURAL? There are more than one on Skull Island???? I only found one! Oh...for the .... blanketyblankblankgrumble....

Anonymous August 6, 2010 4:26 PM

I have the three necklaces and the white and black oil but I must not be placing them right I have tried to follow the necklace but things are not working out for me maybe a video will come out soon that will help. I really appreciate you answering back.



Stealth-sorry, wrong island. I haven't done Skull in a day or two. I believe the chest on Skull needs bones. Does that sound right? I know the idols needs bones and some of those bones are tricky to find. And I recall you have to come back to this island, not just for a feather, but maybe after you can swim? Can you swim, yet?


Thanks for the help with the monkey totems....IT WORKED!!! Yea!


Necklace and oil solution

On each of the desert levels there are tower things with three fire pits at the bottom. The necklace is your guide on which oil to put in each pit. So, find the farthest top left tower and look at the necklace and see that it has four groupings of 3 beads. Black, white, black or white, black, white and these sorta correlate to where the towers are on that level. So, the top left pattern on the necklace will tell you what oil combo to put in the top left pit. Once you do one, you'll get it :)


Okay I have to admit I am stumped. Totally and completely stumped. You are all talking about necklaces, extra ankhs and where the feathers are and I have no idea where to find any of this. I finally got the two oils and have no idea where to get the extra ankhs, any of the feathers or the necklaces. Could someone please give a spoiler on where to find these things?? Please??!!??


Anyone tell me where I get the harpoon? Thanks.


Thank you starting at the left was what I need got it thanks again


Figured out the harpoon mystery -


this game is super!!!
can anyone help me with the liana level??
I have 3 bananas and 15 fireflies what can I do??
Please help, I'm loosing my mind!!!


Hi sjana again.

I found out a lot off liana, but now I have one banana short.
I made the statue but he wants 24 bananas and I have 23.
Can someone help me??


tika402. Have you been to firefly island? It sounds like you haven't been there, yet. That island is to the far right on the world. I think once you explore that island, you'll then figure out what you're missing :)


sjana--that last one is probably

hidden in that thick bunch of trees right below the center mountains and I think the fireflies are really heavy there


I might cry soon....seriously. Okay now I figured out the maze and have a bunch of pearls and have the big machine in the center of the maze once. But nothing else has happened. I don't have necklaces and can't figure out how to make them. And do you guys know where to find the feathers? Like what islands they are on? I've been to a few big nests and found nothing. Please help me!!


At the comet crash site.. I know where the final five gems are.. but I can't seem to get to them.

Anyone have any idea?


THE MAZE!!!!!! I started it once and then could not get more than a third of the way through. Started over again and have made it half way through and am stuck!!!

I think there is a pattern with the bulls and and hula girls and birds on the walls but have not figured it out yet. Could be a pattern with the lights as well - on/off, colors, etc. I have clicked on everything I can think to click on.

Can anyone help?? arg!!!


And Power of the post..


Sammie...I had the same problem but went and did the main quests on Firefly island and was able to get more stuff figured out within the maze!! Thx to FL GAL!!!!


Okay finished the maze, got the necklaces, used the oil, got the amulet. Is that it? Was that why I did all of that work?? *sigh* Now I just have to find those last two feathers and I can finish the game!!


Nevermind.....found a walkthru. Sorry Jay.

Slackermom August 7, 2010 8:07 PM

I am going c r a z y trying to find the last two maple leaves. I've looked at a walkthrough with a screen shot and I STILL can't find them. What to do? I know if I find the 11th leaf, the 12th will pulse and be easier to find but I've spent like 1/2 hour looking . . .


To ALL who are stuck with the maze:

first, you do it in 3 stages, so don't freak when it seems you've gotten no where. second, you must get through firefly to finish. Ok, as you traverse along the maze, collect all the black and white pearls you find. The last black one is in the room with the machine (last stage), it's at the feet of the "guard" on the rightish wall. You will need 17 of each color. You will need to click each bull you see and make sure every light you see is on. Most are easy to tell, a couple aren't. Along the way, you will see spots on the wall that look weird, usually a rectangle in the wall(I think there are 5/6)--click on it. For the bulls, lights and the walls pieces, very close to where you click another part of the maze will open. You'll know when you get to an end of a stage because you will receive an item for your inventory. Leave and go finish that quest. When you're done with that quest,(getting an ankh), you can go back to the maze and do some more. The maze is done when you've made three necklaces. Take these to the levels on the desert--and don't forget firefly island is the key.


2 of the maple leafs are really tough to find. I found that if I ran along the water and focused more there, the leafs would pop out of my side vision. So, try focusing on where you know there aren't any--I know it sounds weird, but I fond the final two when I wasn't looking right at them. One by the water and the other farther inland...I hope this helps


Help! Scorched island.
I am stuck on collecting wolverine claw... I got 10 ady, one more to go.


HELP!! Scorched Island

I'm stuck on collecting the last piece of wolverine claw...

I really want to get the map, can anyone help me???


Those temples are a great help. Once you have the possibility to build them, prepare a spell. Tnen destroy and rebuild them, and prepare another spell. You can do the same spell more often, it will only build up. What I do... when there is no immediate threat I build tons of huts, so I have loads of builders, then build up my army the same way, make sure I keep my shaman tents... and get all the technology... Even when you destroy the buildings after finishing the tech and upgrades, you'll still benefit from it. And that will give you more space for building fighter's buildings.
So now I defeat King Shades in a few seconds!


bon -

If it is the last claw, move around the map slowly. The last of any item will "pulse" to make it more visible.


I am not sure what the name of this island is... but it is near the yeti island and is made up of several small islands connected with bridges...the objective is to save the kidnapped walrus people...I have 7 pine cones, 5 thawing potions, and three keys... I have cleared 4.5 of the islands and am stuck... I cannot build, I have no way to break the ice blocks impeding my progress...I need one more pine cone to unlock the chest. Believe holds another bridge piece and a way to get past the ice blocks...any suggestions?


My treasury is almost complete! But I am missing one item that I just cannot find anywhere! It's on the first page of the treasury, on the right side, in the outer circle, right above the Heart of Bull and below the Pendant of Power. Does anybody know what this item is, or better yet, where I can find it? Thanks so much!


Ok, really stupid question :) I'm stuck in the pyramid maze, but I haven't been to firefly island yet. I know I need to head there, but when I click on 'quit' it takes me back to the main menu! Is there a way to get back to the island map without finishing the quests in the pyramid since I can't finish the level without going to another island first? I feel like an idiot!! Thanks in advance!


Spyce -

You are on the Rimy Isles. What you need to do is:

You've found the idol on the northernmost island, correct? The one that wants 5 winter fruit? You need to look back on the other islands and look for trees that appear to be made of ice. Not pine trees, and not bushes, but actual trees. Use the thawing potions on each tree (5 in total) and collect the fruit from each tree. Give the 5 fruit to the idol and charge it up, it can help you break through the ice barriers.


Corinne -

There is a way, but it will remove all of your progress in the pyramid. Quit out of the pyramid to the main menu. Then hit start, and it will ask you if you want to continue the game in progress. Hit "No" and you will go to the map, but your progress in the pyramid will be lost.



THANK YOU!!! At this point I'm so ready to get out of there I will happily start the level over! :) Hee hee. Thanks again!


Ah, the power of the post. Nevermind, I found the item I was looking for! Thanks for all the earlier help too!!!!


Okay I am seriously stuck. I am sitting at 98% for gems. I have been over every island inch by inch. I can't find another gem to save my life!! The only thing I can think of is that I am missing an item. Which I am. It is the one between the fast boots and the heart of bull (red triangle gem thing) an the main treasure page. If anyone know what that treasure item is and where I could find I would be SO gratefull! I am getting desperate here!!!


Alright, I'm sick of hunting for bunches of bananas.... I've got 23 and need one more. Anyone care to list the locations of the bunches?



The gems you are looking for should be very easy to find. The great new addition to this game is it tells you on the map screen which islands hold gems you may have missed. AND I am assuming you have the magnifying glass that specifically locates the gems on the island. As for the item you're missing, don't worry. Once you locate all the gems, you will unlock Guardian Moon that holds that final item. And what a fantastic item it is!

Good luck finding those gems!

JazzGma March 5, 2011 3:33 PM

The picture with the crook on the Abandoned City: I can't get the picture to center. I used Crl to move all layers together on the flail picture, but it is not working on the crook picture. Any ideas out there?

Anonymous May 1, 2011 2:40 PM

Help! Where can I access the frost and thunder? Anyone know??

Arienserinde May 3, 2011 3:30 AM

Help! I'm stuck on Oasis.

I've correctly assembled the square jumble, but the extra gold pieces won't fall, is there something else I have to do??

Arienserinde May 3, 2011 3:39 AM

Ooops, Nevermind,

had the jowl tile (behind the little bush) sideways

. Fixed it now.

Sonnola May 3, 2011 5:36 AM

I have a problem, why can't I to go to Liana Island?


Please help i need to turn on all the little fire pots :( i stink at this can someone tell me how???? Thanks

ManiacalZebra May 4, 2011 9:15 PM


Take the Money Head from winning the battle on Monkey Island and give it to their tribe's chief. That will open the island.


On which island?

ManiacalZebra May 4, 2011 9:19 PM

For anyone having trouble getting the Great Desert to open, I found out that there is a bug in some games. You have to go to Enkord's (the maker of the game) forums for this game. There is a thread there about this problem. A few posts down, there is a link for a zip file to install. That will open up the missing interludes.


how do you get the shark on blueberry island when you can only have two scouts?


@mongo: are you trying to kill him or swim around him? I just left-click continuously the scout so the shark goes away :)

btw, I'm stuck in the pyramid... I'm pretty sure that I've turned all the lights on, pressed all the buttons place all the amulets I had on the wall figures but still missing one amulet and therefore there are unaccessible rooms :(


Yay I finish the game
Thank you for your Guide
it's really helpful


i found the last room,

next to the room you end in in part one. i forgot to lit a lamp in the first blue room

hobnobkitkat May 9, 2011 1:31 AM

After a LONG time and your wonderful help, I am almost ready for Guardian Moon. However, I am missing one of the gems of power - I think it is the violet one (it is the leftmost one when I look at the treasure chest). However, I have opened the chest that should have had it and (I think!) collected it. Anyone got any idea what might have happened to it? Or is it a different one I am missing? I am never going to find the remaining gems without the magnifying glass for sure. Thanks

Ms Washu May 9, 2011 3:08 AM

It's finally over!

Total Population: 1578
Buildings Constructed: 565
World Explored: 98%
Gems Collected: 1001/1001
Quests Completed: 227/227
Time Spent: 30H 37M
Game Rank: 71%

That was fun.

hobnobkitkat May 9, 2011 10:59 AM

Worked out it is the red gem I am missing, not the violet one (though the one I have sure doesn't look violet!!!!)

hobnobkitkat May 10, 2011 12:22 PM

I finished too! Can't believe I only played 30 hours and 55 mins - it feels like I have been playing forever!!!!

ManiacalZebra May 12, 2011 4:19 PM


The red gem of power is on Red Rock Island. Violet in in the Abandoned City.


Please help! I'm inside the Pyramid and the portal is open, but I cann't enter the room in between the two rooms.


I've find the room (the 3th time I played it the room opens)

ManiacalZebra May 13, 2011 12:44 PM

I finally figured out that the Dragon slider on Red Rock Island isn't so hard after all.

I found a program that solves sliders, and while setting it up, I noticed that the puzzle is just rotated 180 degrees. Slide the top middle piece into the center and rotate the rest in a circle until it's right side up, then slide the center piece to the middle bottom.


Help!!!!!On The Gazing Canyon i cannot built a thing, i have only a few scouts and a few warriors.What did i do wrong?


i cant find all six ankh's in pyramid level 2 please help

ManiacalZebra May 29, 2011 4:00 PM


You need to build a hut before you can build anything else.


In the first room you go into after opening the 2nd half of the pyramid, one sconce on the right is unlit. Light that sconce and go BACK to the last room of the 1st half. On the right side of that room is another room with an ankh.


On Firefly Island, I have 10 maple leaves but cannot find the last two! Help!!!

steeverv73 June 16, 2011 2:02 AM

okay, am i stupid or what? am i the only one having this particular problem? on the oasis, how do you EMPTY the jugs? i can fill 'em, just can't get them to empty..... and to the programmers.....i absolutely HATE these type of problems!!! HATE HATE HATE them!!!! should at least give us an option to skip what we can not do on something like that; incur a penalty, whatever, just DON'T MAKE ME DO IT!! pretty please with sugar on top?? i have the walk through "solve" of it, but when it says to empty the jug, how do you do that? i must be stupid..i've been playing the game for TOO long, i think....:):) thanks to anyone who can help!

ManiacalZebra June 16, 2011 8:17 PM


Click on the jug on the side, then click on the well. That will empty the jug.

steeverv73 June 17, 2011 1:16 AM

thanks, maniacal zebra! i finally figured it out, i HAD been playing the game too long and was punch drunk...:)....i just figured it out today...duh! now, if i can just find that last maple leaf, like everyone else....sigh... :)
LOVE the game! have fun, and thanks again!

steeverv73 June 19, 2011 6:17 PM

okay, help anyone? with the magnifying glass, i only have ONE STINKING GEM left to find on rimy island, a white hexagonal one; when i attempt to use the magnifying glass, it 'donks' on me, and won't let me use it; does this mean the gem is not hidden and is in 'plain sight' (yeah, right, if it WAS in plain sight, i could FIND IT!!) this is all i have left between me and the guardian moon, and i would REALLY love to get there for once; OR does anyone have suggestions on where to look for a white hexagonal gem on rimy island? i have been looking for DAYS now and i'm just dejected and in despair!!! thanks!!

ManiacalZebra June 19, 2011 11:05 PM

That "donk" just means that the gem isn't in that particular part of the island. You have to scroll through the entire island, clicking the magnifying glass every time, until the gem is in the screen. It will show a rainbow-starry oval, and the gem is somewhere in there. It's just a little more tedious than hidden object-type games where it goes straight to what you're looking for. It also takes a minute to recharge between searches.

steeverv73 June 20, 2011 3:10 AM

oh!! thanks, maniacal zebra; i didn't understand how the magnifier worked; i'll keep searching; and yes,it is tedious, as it takes so long to recharge! but this last gem is all that is keeping me from the guardian moon, and i want to get to that level; i've not ever made it there before and i'm just DETERMINED to get there! i appreciate your help! thanks EVER so much!

steeverv73 June 20, 2011 5:24 AM

HEY!! i WON!!! completed the game! defeated the evil ....uh....monster....thingy....

Total Population 1392
Buildings Constructed 485
World Explored 100%
Gems found 1001 out of 1001
Quests 227 out of 227
Time 26H19M

game rank - 70%...

hmmmmmmm not as good as i expected....must try again! :)

my thanks to everyone who helped me! i hope you have had as much fun as i did!

ManiacalZebra June 20, 2011 4:44 PM

Congrats! Glad I could help.

To raise your game rank, try building more. More people and buildings helps the rank. When you go back to look for gems, build while you're there. Then, after the Relic of Prosperity on the Guardian Moon, go back to ALL of the places where you built and you'll get even more people. Also, you can destroy buildings that are research only, since the research will stay once the building is gone. You can build the Marketplace, research the Comfortable Dwellings that lets you have one more inhabitant per dwelling, then destroy it for more room. Just remember that some of them have to stay to build certain other buildings. That should give a real boost to your rank.


Hello, I'm searching for a green gem on mist isle. Thanks


saphir -
Check the walkthrough above the comments. It tells where to find all the items.


thank you


Thanks, but the gem's position don't showing to the walkthrough.


Hi. I'm on the comet crash site and I can't destroy my last pedestal. It's the one with no obvious puzzle right next to it. It located in the west, the middle one. It is not activated and I can't figure out how to do it.
Please help me

ManiacalZebra July 15, 2011 4:06 PM


There are two that don't need to be activated first. If it already has a totem disk on it, just put another on it to destroy.


The small gems must just be searched for. If you've found the pieces of the magnifying glass, you can use it to search for any missing gems. Just keep moving around and clicking the magnifying glass until it shows the circle where it is.


Thank you to answer me
Sorry for my English but i am French. What was this pieces of magnifying glass?


So I have the pictures all lined up and in focus but it wont drop the flail and crook.... Is there something I am doing wrong?


Hello everybody.

I'm totally addicted to this game but i'm also stuck.
I can't find the shark tooth that is supposed to be on ruines of dream shores. Is there anybody who can help me, please?

Anonymous July 27, 2011 10:35 AM

Sorry if the answer were already given but I do not manage to kill the white sharks. How is necessary it to proceed. Thank you


Can someone please tell me where to find the harpoon?


marie -
Check Chapter 9 in Part 2 of the walkthrough posted above the comments.

Anonymous August 20, 2011 2:37 PM

Please help, I'm on the guardian moon and I can't light up all the 16 light! I am so frustrated! Is there a trick on this one? Thanks in advance for the help


JiGuest -
Check Guardian Moon in Part 4 of the walkthrough above the comments to see if you missed a step.


Cannot find the 25 brown shell for the life of me. Can anyone help?


Paul -
You might want to have a look at the walkthrough above the comments.


TY for the reply, I got it. You gut's are either absolute genius's or have the patirnce of Saints. How you can get these details are absoluely astounding to me. That being said, I am so dumb,I need a screen shot to identify the staff tokens for all of the animals as I cannot find the right ones in Totem Gold with the Pyramids and the staffs...Please someone help!!!


I am stuck on Liana I have only found 6 bananas i have been searching for 3-4 days and used different maps found on the web and still nothing there is no more on my island


I have finished totem gold once and am about to delete and start again for the second time as comet crash site shows 5 green gems missing, but neither the magnifiing glass nor I can find them. Are they really there.


Paul -
Have a look at the extensive walkthrough posted above the comments.


It's a shame that older people (I am 70) grew up in an era of "just do it " ask no questions and figure it out by trial and error. My six year old grandson showed me the error of my ways and we completed the game. How?, by actually reading your walkthrough comments. I am trying to adjust to this new way of life and read and listen more often. Thank you for your time and consideration.

FYI Enkord does not respond to any emails. Even from the company that processes his on- line orders.

I love this game are there any others like it in your arsenal?



Hi Paul, I'm glad you found our walkthrough and comments helpful for you and your grandson.

This game is pretty special and there's not a lot of games like it, I'm sorry to say.

If you're open to something a little less casual, Blizzard's Warcraft and Starcraft series are similar in terms of real-time strategy. Really great classic games. I'd recommend starting with the original Warcraft. You can probably find it at Best Buy cheap, or part of a collection.

greatgamer November 21, 2011 6:48 PM

I can't find the coal pieces (2 is the amount of pieces i can't find) for the bear tribe leader! I tried the directory cheat, but all it shows is code, and nothing to paint!

ManiacalZebra November 26, 2011 9:41 PM

If you opt for paint, it's in




I need help on Firefly Island. I can't find the last maple leaf. I started over this island 3 times, but still I can't find it.
Can someone help me?


Someone help me in that puzzle on guardian moon!! this is my current position (x=lit ball)
o x x x
o x x x
o x x x
x x x x

what do i do after this?


The game downloads fine, but doesn't open properly on my computer. I'm running Windows 7 so I'm not sure what the issue is. The text is unreadable, and half the graphics do not show up. My computer is a year old, this has not happened with any other games I've downloaded and played since purchasing this new computer. Does anybody have a idea how to fix this issue, thanks


I can't find the last Ankh. I'm in part 2 of the Pyramid. Need 6, three on each wall. If I don't find it I can't go into the hidden room and will not get the necklaces and what ever comes after that. Something is wrong! Other comments above said the same, but no reply to their questions. I have all the other items: 17 each black/white pebbles,3 tablets and 5 ankhs(should be 6). I have checked the walkthrough and have done all lights and bricks also popup tiles. Are all the Ankhs in chests? where else would it be? All the corridors look the same as in photos. I really need some help, please answer.


I missed the last light - I cannot remember where it was except that it was very hard to find and once I found it i wondered how I missed it! I know that it was in the second part of the pyramid but you just have to scroll over every part checking as you go. I have played through 3 times and miss it every time - I should have taken a screenshot sorry. Good luck Sondra.


Hi Paul

Check out the westward series - I personally started on westward 3, then did 2 and westward 4 then westward kingdoms. They are brilliant and very addictive. I wish there were more like these. Another series that are good are the tradewinds series.


Lonely Iceberg & Blueberry does any one have any tips in obtaining the sharks tooth on these islands?


how do you unpause the game


help! cant find pendant of nature or relic of prosperity.... their all i need 2 get 2 guardian moon!


The developers are making a sequel to this game called Totem Tribe II: Jotun. They are launched official website of the game recently at:
It is the sequel to original Totem Tribe and Totem Tribe Gold


Help! How do I get an ice tower?????


I have gotten all the gems except for Island of worship. I'm missing one of each of these: orange, yellow, blue, purple and white. I have been through the island from top to bottom with the magnifying glass numerous times. no luck.
Any thoughts on this? I can't do guardian moon until I have those gems.


I am trying to find the totem of the snake. I can't build frost towers. What do I do? I had them on another level, but they aren't available on this one.


Why an i not able to get the extra towers? I had the frost tower earlier, then when I needed it again, i couldn't upgrade to it. Now I can't upgrade to a mud tower. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?


gmajoe -

There are some good tips about towers in the walkthrough above the comments. Check the General Information section.


Samantha Monaco -

To get a frost tower you need to have solved the lonely iceberg. Once you do that, you need to build a smithy and a workshop, which allows you to build a wiseman's house, which allows you to build a laboratory. Once you have a laboratory you can upgrade to fire/frost towers.

Dawn M. Wells -

There are gems hidden in one of those pyramids on the north of the island, the ones who say there isn't anything there when you click on them. Check the walkthrough above for details on how to get them. Have you also explored that hidden area at the very bottom?

gmajoe -
See my answer to Samantha Monaco about the frost towers. Upgrading to the mud tower requires the wiseman's house, which requires a smithy and a workshop.


I had the frost towers on an earlier level. I couldn't get them on another level that i needed them, but was able to to get past that level. Now i am on the one with the beetles, and can't get the mud tower. Am I going to have to go back an do the level where I first got the frost tower?


How do I get back to an interlude??


On te lonely iceberg, i can't find the arum. any clues?


gmajoe -

To get the mud tower you need to have built a smithy, a workshop, and a wiseman's house. Once you have built those, you can convert a plain tower into a mud tower.

To get back to an interlude, simply find the island on the main map and click on it. This is also how you get back to all of the other islands.

As for lonely iceberg, look for black areas that you haven't explored, and look for wooden chests.


can't fine Liana Island.... Help please???


Does anyone know if I can destroy one of my own buildings or pick kt up and put it back in another place? I'm stuck on dolphin island because I don't have scouts anymore so I can't use my scuba gear and I have no room to build a new scout thing.

ButterflyLady1 April 13, 2015 3:48 AM

I really find all the comments helpful but the link to bring up page 2 of the comments is broken for me. Page 1 and page 3 work fine. I hate that I might be asking a question that was answered already on page 2.

mrsjackb2 July 31, 2015 6:45 PM

I am at 99% all islands show no gems remaining. In treasury I am missing 1 item looks like a mug and is next to triangle thing. I read a reply you posted saying not to worry it would show up in guardian moon. Only guardian moon doesn't open. Can you please help me?


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