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JoshToriFlashRecently featured in a Weekend Download feature, Toribash is still making headlines more than two years after its release. Its creator, Hampus Söderström (a.k.a. "Hampa"), a Swedish software developer, recently converted this fan-favorite to a simpler flash version, aptly named Toriflash. For all you hard-core Toribash fans, this means you can enjoy a quick rumble from any PC with Web access, perhaps if you're at work and you'd like to pretend you're sucker-punching your boss in the face. And for those of you newbies who haven't played the original yet, Toriflash might serve as a lighter introduction into the whole Toribash phenomenon. (Just search "Toribash" on YouTube to see what I mean; fans have made hundreds of videos of their favorite face-smashing, limb-ripping moments, reminiscent of the Line Rider phenomenon.)

The objective and gameplay of Toriflash is nearly identical to its predecessor, although obviously toned-down in both graphics and physics so that it could be ported to flash. Two fighters stand side-by-side. You play Tori, the red fighter, and your opponent is Uke, the blue fighter. By manipulating eight different joints (shoulders, elbows, hips and knees) target attacks toward your opponent to score as many points as possible. Just as in Toribash, the characters are subject to rag doll physics; the goal being to contract or extend various joints in order to spring your warrior into action. Just a click of the mouse extends or contracts each joint, causing a number of different actions when used in combination.

In each match, you have 500 "frames" in which to fight your opponent. After setting your initial joint manipulations, a single tap of [space] will begin the match. The timer will freeze every 30 frames (or one second) to allow you to re-adjust your joints and attempt to perform new moves, or perfect one in progress. If you'd like the action to speed up, just hold down [space] and the frames will go by without stopping.

Analysis: Toriflash is currently still in its beta stages, which will probably be apparent whether you've played the original or not. Newcomers to the game may find the learning curve a bit steep. Oftentimes your character will just flop around a bit, arms and legs flailing, unless you have a specific, intentional strategy worked out. (Ironically this can still rack points up, as any offensive tap to the opponent scores.) The majority of moves available in Toribash just aren't possible in Toriflash, including the ability to grab your opponent. To sum it up, yes; Toriflash is a watered-down version of the original, missing most of the features that turned Toribash into an overnight classic. However, that doesn't mean that you can't have fun with it, whether you're a Tori-fan or not. Half the fun is inventing your own moves, discovering what combinations of body manipulation will cause the most damage to your opponent. My suggestion is to remember that Toriflash is still in the early stages of development. If you don't bother questioning it's worth as a fully-functional game yet, you just might just have a blast.

Play Toriflash


But it's not really toribash though is it...


Ok... silly to criticise a game in development, to the fully fledged version... still amusing though!


This is fun, and I think I even find it a little more entertaining than Toribash for being that much simpler.

Quick removal of Uke's left leg, left arm and head:

click right shoulder, right elbow, left hip, left knee *space*
click left shoulder, left elbow, right hip, right knee *space*
click right knee -space-
click right hip, left hip, left knee *space x 2*
click right elbow, right shoulder, right hip, right knee, left hip, left knee *space*


This completely un-fun to me. I've never played the full version, so maybe I'm just missing something, but all I did was click a few times on the arm joints and it beat the dummy up. The rounds seem way to short, the moves seem far to limited, and the opponent doesn't ever do anything.



Normally I totally suck at this sort of thing, but this time I found a good one.
To remove the left lower arm

right elbow, right shoulder -spacebar
right knee -spacebar
right elbow -spacebar

Remove left arm, left lower leg, head, and right arm.

right elbow, right shoulder -spacebar
right elbow, right hip, left hip -spacebar [this takes out the arm and lower leg in the same turn, cool!]
right knee, left knee -spacebar
right hip, right knee, left hip, left knee -spacebar
right shoulder, right elbow, left hip, left knee, -spacebarx2
right hip, right knee -spacebar
right elbow -spacebar

Necroarkher May 15, 2008 11:05 AM

Well,it's a pretty nice attempt at porting it to flash,but it's missing the ability to relax and hold joints mostly. 7/10


Jaguar: Toriflash is still in its early stages, but give it some time and you can actually pull off some neat moves. Fun for a few short rounds while stealing some time away from work. It's still nothing in comparison to the full downloadable game, though.


Try this to remove both of Uke's arms, his left leg and his head. Plus hit his head in midair, and catch it at the end.

1. both hips,(space)
2. both knees, (space)
3. both knees, (space x2)
4. both hips, (space)
5. right hip, (space)
6. left hip, both knees, (space)
7. left shoulder, left elbow, (space x5)
8. both hips, both knees, both elbows, right shoulder, (space)
9. both knees, both hips, (space)
10. both shoulders,right elbow, (space)
11. both hips, left knee , both shoulders, right elbow, (space x2)


Here is a sequence of moves I came up with:

1. Click right shoulder, left hip. (space)

That'll take off Uke's left forearm in one shot. After you do that, try this.

2. Click left shoulder, left elbow, right elbow, right hip, left knee. (space)
3. Click left knee. (space)
4. Click right hip. (space)
5. Click right shoulder, right elbow, left knee, right knee. (space)

That last move will take off his head and the rest of his left side. If you want to knock his head off the screen, follow that with this.

6. Click right elbow, right hip, left knee, right knee. (space)
7. Click right knee. (space)


My high score is 59,103. Decent for Toriflash, but nothing compared to what's possible in the real game.


I'll admit it: the real deal is too complex for me. This, on the other hand, is pretty fun.

Radixhnd May 16, 2008 3:08 AM

Here's a good starter. I really like this one. Of course it looks like the high scores involve less intuitive ways of getting to the goal... like five rounds with no joint changes.. followed by bashing off the head and catching it.

I like this one as it bashes the head right into the ground. Hehe.

le, lh, ln, rh (sp)
ln (sp x2)
lh, rs, re, rh (sp x2)- jump up
re (sp) - bash head into ground
le, re, rh, rn (sp) - remove arm and leg

zbeeblebrox May 16, 2008 4:25 AM

I hope the replay feature gets implemented in a later version of this. That's one of the more awesome things about the real version.

Superslash May 16, 2008 12:38 PM

I like it but it's got the same bad-dream physics that the real one does, it feels like no matter what I do it's impossible to move forward because everything just sends me up into the air a bit to float around.


Oh it is just the bad estimation of physics your mind interprets while making any move in the game. If you get into it you really have fun and can show off with your physics impossibilities. People aren't as strong as they seem in the game but the physics is quite right in the dismemberment issues making it so if you tried any Toribash moves in the real world thy will hurt a lot. Toribash is one of the best physics game I have ever seen.

danield May 17, 2008 2:13 AM

I have an intro that's pretty great:

Left hip, right hip (space)
Left hip, right shoulder (space)
Right hip, right elbow (space)

You should know what to do from there ;)
I've gotten particularly high scores with

Right elbow (space)
Left hip (space)
Right hip (space)

I have some scores upwards of 180,000 with this, mostly from juggling the head, although there are much more violent sequences possible after the intro at the top of my post :)
Fun game! Heck of a learning curve though.

Superslash May 17, 2008 8:34 AM

Zace: Um, what?

I'm talking about how even shoving directly against the side wall just sends me straight up instead of towards the other guy, and how in the full game it's very difficult to actually move forwards instead of just flopping up into the air.


...did anyone tell this fellow what 'uke' means? Maybe if the kid-safe search is on, it could get overlooked, but otherwise... lol.


well, uke means sort of "passive", and being uke the dummy on which tori unleashes its deadly power i don't see a more fitting name :P


@Shudog: I'm pretty sure the meaning you're thinking of originally derives from martial arts. :-P It's the person a move is being done on.

Anyway, does anyone care to explain how to juggle the head? I've been trying for a long time and haven't been able to catch it.


Ahhh I see. Well hopefully the colloquial side of the internet won't jump to the same conclusion I did. Heh heh.

danield May 18, 2008 6:07 PM

@Lizard: Using this sequence

Left hip, right hip (space)
Left hip, right shoulder (space)
Right hip, right elbow (space)
Right elbow (space)
Left hip (space)
Right hip (space)

puts the head in position above you for some fun. I'm not sure what you mean by "catch"-- you can't grab things in this game. By juggle I just mean bouncing the head to myself in the air or off of walls.


Comrade danield, I used your combo, and while Tori got 151597 points VS Uke's 6292 points...

....both dummies lost their heads. Uke lost his to Tori's combo, but Tori lost HIS when Uke's head hit it.

Talk about losing your head over a combo.


Aha! Thanks Danield. By "catch" I simply meant getting it into a position where my arms could get at it. I managed to kick it a couple times, but I knew there must be a way to bash it down with my arms. Mwahahahaha!



(using danield's sequence)
Left hip, right hip (space)
Left hip, right shoulder (space)
Right hip, right elbow (space)
Right elbow (space)
Left hip (space)
Right hip (space)
(followed by)
Left Knee (space)
Right Knee (space)
Right Elbow (space)
Left knee, right knee, right elbow (space)
left elbow (space)
left shoulder, right elbow, right hip, left hip (space)
(space x3)
right hip (space)

danield May 23, 2008 9:00 PM

@Motz: that's amazing.


WOO! the only reason i'm good at theis is because people send the script for the moves... wow... good game, even though i suck.


-right hip,left shoulder(space)right shoulder left hip-
this will blow his leg :)





A simple move really to take out the left arm of Uke. Sorry I can't do that spoilers thingy and most of you will probably already know this.


Right shoulder, right elbow (space)
right elbow (space)

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

Anonymous August 3, 2008 2:29 PM

@lizard, i tried your combo, but instead of knocking the head off,it knocked the left arm off instead. is it worong?


It won't work for me. Is my computer too slow? Or is it a common problem? Please help.

awesome guy December 14, 2008 5:08 AM

I can take of his upper arm in one hit:

right shoulder, right elbow, right knee -space-

also I can hammer in his head (LOL):

right shoulder, right elbow -space-
right knee -space-
right elbow -space-
right shoulder -space- POW!!!

take off his forearm:

right elbow, right hip, right knee -space-
right shoulder -space- it might not look like it at first, but you've just hit his arm off YAY!


I got

77862 points!


OMG. UKE WON!!!!!!
tori got 435 and uke got 541

I dont know if you can search highscores, but if you can, i entered my mame as Total Uber Fail.

WyndFox June 2, 2010 11:08 PM

Hahah, I managed to do a flip kick and knock his arm off.


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