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Top RPGs to embark on a journey back in time

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History might not have been your strong suit in school. In fact, learning dates and names of half-forgotten battles can be plain tedious if your teacher isn't much of a gifted and rousing storyteller.
While history lessons can easily put students to sleep, though, historical events have more meat to their stories when rooted in their proper context. And video games are the perfect vessels to breathe life into legendary figures of old or conjure up the atmosphere of bygone days in interactive fashion.

Mixing exciting exploration and action-packed storylines, many RPGs have drawn inspiration from real-life events and settings to add historical flair to their narratives. So, care to travel to Central Europe or draw your katana to repel hordes of Mongolian invaders? There's no need for a time machine with these immersive RPGs on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

Ghost of Tsushima

The bloody Sengoku Jidai period and its never-ending internal strife among competing warlords have provided the backdrop for epic action-adventure titles such as Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and Total War: Shogun 2. In a bold move, however, Ghost of Tsushima shifts the narrative to delve into the lesser-known Kamakura era.
The game lets you step into the shoes of a 13th-century samurai, Jin Takai. As Mongolian armies threaten to swarm over the island of Tsushima, Jin swears to defend his land by any means necessary, even if it takes embracing unconventional tactics that may stray from the ways of the samurai. While the game revolves primarily around close-quarters combat, its expansive and vivid open world leaves you free to explore breathtaking sceneries whose aesthetics evoke classic Japanese paintings.
Liberating villages controlled by the invaders and levelling up to kill enemy leaders remain the focal points of the story. Yet, more contemplative moments await as you compose haikus or relax in a hot spring. Interestingly, this critically acclaimed RPG is the work of an American studio. But Sucker Punch developers worked closely with Japanese experts to ensure maximum cultural and historical fidelity, and it shows throughout this fantastic samurai adventure.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance

The Kingdom of Bohemia stood as a beacon of affluence and culture in the early 15th century. However, the demise of Emperor Charles IV plunged the realm into turmoil. Once a prized territory of the Holy Roman Empire, Bohemia now grapples with rampant warfare and corruption.
Amid this chaos, Henry, a blacksmith's son, witnesses the brutal death of his parents. Driven by vengeance and the need to fend off the invaders, he rises to the challenge to avenge his family and restore the rightful king to the throne.
Developed by the Prague-based Warhorse Studios, Kingdom Come: Deliverance transports players into the core of Europe. With its dedication to historical fidelity and meticulously designed open world, this action role-playing title ranks among the best medieval RPGs. Real historical characters like Sigismund and Wenceslas IV even pop up to delight history buffs. Gameplay-wise, authentic combat styles and weaponry are a treasure trove for fans of stealth and hand-to-hand combat.

Like a Dragon Ishin!

Like a Dragon Ishin! is a fun historical spin on Sega's staple franchise. This spin-off title puts you in the shoes of Sakamoto Ryōma, a samurai opposing the shogunate, who finds himself embroiled in political drama upon returning to his hometown. Roaming around the streets of Kyo, the game's take on real-life Kyoto, you may cross paths with quite a few historical figures of the late Edo period.

But in true Like a Dragon fashion, historical accuracy quickly takes a backseat to exhilarating combat and side quests. From the seedy red-light district of Gion to the shady Mukurogai area, the game's open world comprises as many moneymaking bounty-hunting tasks as street fights with random thugs and minigames like Texas Hold 'em poker. Seven card games are available in Kyo's gambling den, located in the Rakugai district.
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History is full of larger-than-life characters and twists of fate so incredible that works of fiction pale in comparison. There's no wonder the gaming medium has turned to real-life protagonists and events for inspiration. So, whether you feel like exploring 19th-century Japan or medieval Europe, the games listed above blend historically-authentic environments and intoxicating action.

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