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Top 5 2D platformer video games under $5

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With massive numbers of photorealistic video games out in the market, it feels refreshing to play 2D platformer games that seem to be saturated with a sense of nostalgia regardless of whether they are old or new. Some of these platformers contain adorably pixeled worlds with a perfectly picked color palette while some border with the more realistic 2.5D or 3D graphics.

For the fans of Steam games, here are the selected five 2D platformer video games that are bound to provide a memorable experience. However, these recommendations are by far not the only gems in the genre, so if you want to check out other options, there is a whole collection of 2D platform games to suit your playstyle preferences.


nihilumbra1.jpgThis 2D platformer, developed by BeautiFun Games, delivers a spellbinding world of delicate aesthetics, from the choice of colors to the landscapes you get to see as you traverse through the land known as The Void. The setting perfectly conveys the ethereal art style, and the gloomy mood of otherness is reinforced by undoubtedly some of the best soundtracks composed by Álvaro Lafuente. Your character, named Born, is trying to escape from a consuming curse and The Void is determined to claim him, plunge Born back into the nothingness he rose from.

The side-scroller is rather intriguing due to gameplay mechanics - to progress, you must paint the landscape and breathe life into it and shape it to your advantage through colors which you learn one by one, the starting color being blue. Further on, the more colors your character knows, the greater and more various synergies you can create. The in-game narrator ponders many pseudo-philosophical questions that play perfectly into Nihilumbra's premise. A seemingly simple 2D puzzle platformer seems to harbor quite complex themes and curious gameplay mechanics.


limbo1.jpgOne of the most popular 2D side-scroller platformers is Limbo, a mysterious monochromatic game that doesn't shy away from disheartening themes. It's one of the games that seem simple at first due to the minimalist art style, however, soon enough proves to be challenging. For those who think that children are nothing but adorable, the developers from Playdead decided to prove just how unsettling they can be in the hell called Limbo. Your only goal here is to get out of this place as soon as possible.

You assume the role of a boy that wakes up in this strange world and gets attacked by a huge spider, who afterward allows you to pass further on. Here you will find no dialogues and no explanations provided, it's just you and this eerie world of black-and-white, and an extraordinary gaming experience. You're bound to encounter creatures of various kinds that you ought to evade if you're to leave this disturbing place in one piece. The brilliant platformer is a must-have for those that favor atmospheric games that offer something different for a change.

Hyper Light Drifter

hyper light drifter1.jpgDevelopers from Heart Machine have created a title that celebrates the best of the 2D platformer genre. Hyper Light Drifter is a classic 16bit platformer with elements of RPG and engaging gameplay mechanics that attracted quite an impressive fanbase for a 2D title. The beguiling colors of the landscapes create a strong atmosphere that amplifies the vivid gaming impression caused by the story on which you embark in the role of a Drifter.

Drifters are those who collect and maintain knowledge and all things forgotten in the tides of time, and you happen to be plagued by a vicious disease that you must seek ways to put an end to. The fast-paced close-quarter battles pose a serious challenge even to some of the most skilled gamers, but every moment spent in this captivating game is more than worthy. The real challenge, perhaps, lies in finding your place in the world enshrouded in silence about itself and its origins, and likewise, the charm of Hyper Light Drifter lies in the mystery as well.

Sonic Mania

sonic mania1.jpgIt's hard to find someone that is not familiar with one of the most iconic characters in the history of gaming - Sonic the Hedgehog, and it's no surprise that Sonic Mania has made it to the top 2D platformer recommendations. This game is a perfect choice for those that want light-spirited gameplay with well-known characters like Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and more. Sonic Mania brings back the magic of the franchise whose popularity peaked in the '90s and today instills a pleasant sense of nostalgia.

Developers created a Sonic platformer that is so reminiscent of the Genesis-period which old-school fans will be more than delighted to relish, and younger players will find the swashbuckling gameplay exceedingly entertaining. The gameplay of this side-scroller revolves around dealing with obstacles by jumping and running, but the key trick is that your speed is that of Sonic's, so it takes time to adjust to the exhilarating speed - maybe you'll even be fast enough to glimpse the beautiful background landscapes at such inhuman pace.

My Friend Pedro

my friend pedro1.jpgDevolver Digital's 2D platformer at first glance seems like a fun game but it turns out to be... a fun game with quite a bit of a twist and violence. If you thought that platformers could be lacking in suspense, then you definitely have never played My Friend Pedro. In this game, players assume the rule of a human character whose friend, a banana, mind you, is named Pedro and eggs you on to do the dirty work of taking others to the other side. Needles to say, this bullet ballet platformer game is quite bananas.

While the banana is tutoring you on killing, you get to play the assassin with a gunshot in your hand but it all comes down to the correct movement and parkouring as you are taking out your targets. On your long journey of murder, you will come across crazy gamers, bounty hunters, and other kinds of violent characters that definitely aren't your everyday villains. If you're looking for a modernized 2D platformer with fast-paced gameplay and a talking banana that ever chats about murder, then Pedro should be your friend too.

Discover more great deals

Although the recommendations are offering 5 different adventures with distinct game worlds, characters and storylines, there are more 2D platformers out in gaming marketing that worth your attention. The list of video games you can purchase for less than $5 or generally at cheaper prices is extensive and are a great option for budget gamers. However, if you want more, digital marketplace Eneba offers a variety of games: from the classic 8-bit platformers to the most popular modern triple-A titles. In the store, you will discover not only a myriad of video games but also great deals for expanding your gaming library at affordable prices.

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