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Top 4 - The Evolution Of Tennis Video Games

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Lately, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding tennis video games. In 2020, Andy Murray, who is an ambassador for HEAD, achieved success in the virtual Madrid Open following the cancellation of the real tournament due to the global pandemic.

The 2020 tennis season brought forth exciting discussions for tennis enthusiasts, introducing the release of two sequels: Tennis World Tour 2 and Australian Open Tennis 2.

This review explores significant tennis games from the past, shedding light on both historical favorites and recent additions to the gaming scene. Additionally, the realm of tennis gaming has expanded beyond virtual matches, with enthusiasts engaging in friendly betting tennis, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience.

TENNIS, 1984

Nintendo makes fun video games, created a game called Tennis. This game was super cool because it was one of the first 18 games you could play on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), a game console. People could enjoy playing Tennis not only on the big NES console but also on a portable device called the Game Boy in 1989. How cool is that?

The Tennis game let players have lots of fun. You could play all by yourself against the computer or with a friend. You could even team up with a friend and play together against the computer. It was like being on a real tennis court, hitting the ball back and forth!

As time passed, Nintendo didn't forget about Tennis. They made it even better for new game systems like the Wii and Wii U. Imagine playing Tennis by swinging a remote control - it felt like you were really playing tennis in your living room! The game got even more fun and realistic.

And guess what? Tennis found its way into another game called Animal Crossing on the Nintendo 64. In Animal Crossing, you could play Tennis as a little game inside the bigger game. It's like having a mini tennis match while you're pretending to live in a cute virtual town.

So, Tennis has been around for a long time, and it keeps getting better and more exciting on different game consoles. Nintendo made sure we could keep enjoying Tennis in lots of different ways!


As we travel through the years, tennis video games have become even more interesting and challenging. One game called Virtua Tennis, also known as Power Smash in Japan, is a great example! This game wasn't just about hitting the tennis ball back and forth - it had many cool things to do.

In Virtua Tennis, players could explore different modes and play on various court surfaces. It's like having different adventures in the tennis world! One mode that stood out was the World Circuit. In this mode, players started at a tough spot - ranking 300! Imagine starting from the bottom and working your way up to become a tennis champion.

But becoming a tennis superstar in Virtua Tennis wasn't easy. Players had to complete training exercises to improve their skills. It's like going to tennis practice to become better at the game. As players did more workouts and won matches, they didn't just get better - they also unlocked new exercises. It's like leveling up in a video game, and it made playing even more exciting!


Mario, the famous video game character, first tried out tennis on a game console called Nintendo 64.
Now, Mario didn't stop there - he continued his tennis journey on different devices like the Game Boy, Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS. It's like he's a tennis superstar, playing on all kinds of gaming gadgets! Each time he picked up his racquet, there were new challenges and exciting matches waiting for him.

One time, in a game called Power Tennis, Mario did something really funny. In the beginning, he hijacked a whole tournament! Imagine being eliminated from a tournament but deciding to take charge and make it your own. That's exactly what our adventurous plumber friend did - he turned a tough situation into a wild tennis party!

And there's more! In another game on the Game Boy Advance, Mario wasn't the only interesting character. There was this champion named Dweezil, and he had a quirky way of dealing with new players. At first, he refused to speak to them! It's like he was a bit grumpy or maybe just super focused. But here's the fun part - as Mario and other players kept challenging him, Dweezil started warming up to them. It's like making friends on the tennis court while swinging those racquets!


Let me share with you a fascinating story about a special tennis game that not only entertained players like HEAD ambassador Andy Murray but also turned into a big deal in the world of esports. The game we're talking about was the one Andy Murray played on his PlayStation 4 to secure victory in the virtual Madrid Open back in 2020. This happened when the real-life tournament couldn't take place because of some tricky circumstances.

Guess what? It wasn't just Andy Murray having a blast with this game. Kiki Bertens, a talented women's tennis player, also clinched the virtual women's title in the same game. It's like these tennis stars jumped into a virtual world, grabbed their controllers, and played an epic tournament on their gaming consoles!

But hold on, this game didn't just become popular in 2020. Back in 2018, gamers from different countries all over the world were competing in this very game. The winners from these local battles then faced off in a grand tournament held at Roland Garros. That's like the ultimate showdown on the virtual tennis court!

Now, what makes this game even more special is its connection to the famous Parisian clay courts. In 2019, a special edition of the game, known as Tennis World Tour, was released, and it was all about Roland Garros. It's like bringing the spirit of the French Open right into your gaming console! Players could experience the thrill of playing on the same courts where real tennis champions made history.

So, you see, this tennis game isn't just about hitting balls on the screen. It's about creating virtual tournaments, having esports competitions worldwide, and even connecting to the iconic Roland Garros in Paris. It's like stepping onto the clay courts without leaving the comfort of your home!

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