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The Effects of Video Game Play on Academic Performance

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Are video games as harmful for young minds as many people believe them to be? Or maybe there are some positive effects of youngsters diving deep into the world of virtual reality? Will you fail all your classes if you spend a lot of your free time escaping from the problems in the real world? Keep reading if you want to learn the answers to these questions.

The correlation between video games and academic success is complex and dependent on various factors. It's essential to be mindful of the potential risks and benefits. After all, it is possible to play video games in a balanced and responsible way and still have fun.

It is completely understandable when students look for a reliable online company to buy term paper samples when they lack time to cope with writing assignments on their own. However, it is worrying when the reason for not having enough time is video games. Even though a personal assistant can help them overcome writing challenges, students need to pay close attention to the studying process instead of focusing on the virtual world of video games. Otherwise, they risk to face some of the following consequences.

Negative Effects of Video Game Play on Academic Performance
Time displacement
Playing video games should not be a priority for any student. It should not take away from time dedicated to studying and turning in assignments on time. Placing the fun of completing another level or helping your team defeat others can lead to missed deadlines, poorer understanding of the material, and, ultimately, lower grades.

Video games can be a major distraction, leading you to put off studying or homework until the last minute. Coping with important assignments under the pressure of tight deadlines is never a good idea. It can create stress and contribute to poorer academic performance.

Sleep deprivation
Late-night gaming can disrupt sleep, leading to fatigue and poor focus in class. It can negatively impact test performance and overall engagement in learning. On top of that, having a healthy 8-hour sleep is crucial for every student's well-being. Therefore, it is bad for your health to prioritize gaming sessions over sound sleep.

Cognitive deficits
If you keep playing the same games over and over again, you do not give your cognitive skills a chance to develop. You stay focused on the same skills that do not get better because you keep doing the same things. Try to diversify your gaming approach and play different game types to avoid facing cognitive deficits.

In some cases, playing video games can become addictive, leading to a compulsive need to play, even at the expense of academic responsibilities. Your brain will see gaming as the activity that brings pleasure while studying is something that requires additional effort and often brings no fun at all.

There Are Some Positive Effects Too

Cognitive skills
According to the review by Kühn & Fachner, certain types of video games, particularly strategy games and puzzles, can improve cognitive skills such as attention, memory, spatial processing, problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making. These skills can be beneficial in academic settings, especially when playing video games without sacrificing your precious sleep hours. It is crucial to remember that no matter how great the benefits of boosting your cognitive skills might be, excessive play still has many negative effects.

Hand-eye coordination
Action video games can improve fine motor skills by enhancing hand-eye coordination and reaction time. In some cases, you can turn the process of playing video games into training sessions that boost your physical health and improve your reaction speed.

Some video games require players to juggle multiple tasks at once, which could potentially improve multitasking skills in other areas of life, including academics. And we all know the high value of this skill when you are a busy student trying to combine writing papers with work and social life. Nevertheless, the type of activities you try to combine using multitasking skills matters as well. Ensure you do not sacrifice quality while trying to save time.

Motivation and engagement
Educational video games can effectively engage and motivate students who struggle with traditional learning methods. Playing them can lead to improved focus and academic progress. For instance, many apps use gaming to teach people foreign languages. If a similar strategy works for you, don't miss the chance to benefit from it.

Online multiplayer games can provide opportunities for social interaction and collaboration. People often say that the social networks you build play a crucial role in your personal and professional development. So why not use video games as a starting point for building friendly relationships with others?

So, Do Video Games Stand in the Way of Your Academic Success?

The first conclusion we can make is that moderation is the key element of playing video games without negative consequences. This 2010 meta-analysis considers 67 previous studies on video game play and academic performance. After analyzing the data, the study concludes that playing video games moderately for less than an hour per day does not have a significant impact on academic outcomes. However, excessive play for more than two hours per day may lead to a slight decrease in grades. Therefore, you need to control the time you spend playing and make sure this exciting activity does not interfere with the studying process.

Also, consider some individual differences. Students have different learning styles and preferences, so the impact of video games will vary from person to person. You know yourself better than anyone else. Analyze your behavior and make sure that playing video games is just a way to have fun. You can easily replace it with any other activity that inspires you.

Remember that the type of game you play matters. Different genres of games offer different cognitive and social experiences. Some games may be more beneficial or harmful than others. You have learned from this article that strategies and puzzles can be a great way of improving your skills. It's up to you whether to choose these game types or not.

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