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Together Alone: Love in Limbo

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Rating: 4.4/5 (65 votes)
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Together Alone: Love in Limbo

elleBen and Isabelle are on the outs, in more ways than one, but that's the least of their problems. Stuck in limbo, battling dark forces that threaten their very existence, each are alone yet must find a way to work together to, um, "survive" their predicament. Via the [arrow] keys or clicking adjacent tiles, help Ben and Isabelle navigate their paths, breaking the tiles behind them until they reach their exits. This tile-removing puzzle game begins rather easily but quickly gains momentum; each of the 75 levels pose their challenges even with special abilities from power orbs and the aid of Ben's dog, Marley. If Together Alone: Love in Limbo sounds familiar, that's because it is...

Together Alone: Love in LimboWe originally met Ben and Isabelle's alter egos in Qwok Games' first incarnation of Together Alone when it was a much shorter game with a simpler, sweeter story. It may technically be the same game, but more has changed than you may think. Revising the user interface to be more intuitive—including keyboard commands such as [U] to undo a single step or [R] to restart from the beginning of a puzzle—adding diverse puzzle elements, and tripling the number of levels, creators Jan Niestadt and Gijs Rosengarten have evolved Together Alone: Love in Limbo into a richer, more polished, and more substantial game then its predecessor. Additionally, the simple character interactions of the first have been developed into a full-fledged—and immensely snarky—narrative, replete with complications and twists which enhance and mirror the gameplay. It's a bit what you'd imagine a game made by Charles Dickens and Danny DeVito would look like.

Together Alone: Love in LimboIt's hard to find fault with the results without nitpicking, so here's a nitpick: in some ways it's almost too complex. The evolving black comedy of the story panels, which are interspersed between levels, and the wide range of puzzles, many of which require a lot of back-and-forth between characters to solve, make this a hefty undertaking, not a light jaunt of laid-back game playing. While it's easy enough to skip past the story or disable it in the options, you can only skip a few puzzles before you're required to stick it out and solve your way through, taking a bit of the casual out of the gameplay. Then again, that's hardly a complaint, especially if you're craving this style of puzzle. In fact, once you make your way through the first 75 levels, you can continue on with a level editor and player-made puzzles. Together Alone: Love in Limbo is overflowing with hours entertainment, a remarkable treat for fans as well as those new to the genre.

Together Alone: Love in Limbo


Any tips on lvl 23? It has been mostly cake till now.


Beat it. Cut your path 2x. Any tips for lvl 24?


Beat it. Check out the tips and tricks page.


For tomorrow, this was one of the best puzzle games ever !

CrankYanker April 15, 2014 9:24 AM

I like how the tiles make a (relatively) 'applause-like' noise when they break. Makes me feel like someone's cheering for me as I play the game.


I'm a little confused by the story. Are we supposed to be rooting for the characters to get back together? They both seem like terrible people.


fun fun fun! luv the story too! thanks :)


the dog reminds me of Brian from Family Guy :)

Patreon VIP abfdrumz April 15, 2014 9:15 PM

@elle: I'm thinking it might also be a "Marley & Me" reference. :)


Yes, the dog's name is totally a reference to Jacob Marley fro m Christmas Carol :-)


Hey everyone, thanks for the compliments! And yes, the story is very loosely based on A Christmas Carol.

If anyone is stuck, just ask (here or on the QwokGames forum), and I'll add some hints for that level.

Thanks for playing!


I'm stuck on 38.


Never mind, power of posting (and of hints).

Now, I'm stuck on 41, and no hints are available.

Patreon Contributor Questioner April 19, 2014 3:53 AM

Sylocat (Level 41):

(U=Up, D=Down, R=Right, L=Left)

Ben: R,D,D
Isabelle: R,U,U,U,R,R
Ben: D,R,R,U
Isabelle: D,D,D
Ben: D,R,U

Then you only have to walk them to their goals.


Thanks for providing the hints Questioner, you beat me to it! I've added them to our hints page (with credits), hope that's okay with you!

lizzaann April 24, 2014 2:01 PM

Really struggling with level 58, and nothing in the hints for it.

I'm probably missing something obvious...


Hi! I can't find out what the little orbs are good for, for example in level 21. Or do I perhaps miss something in the keyboard use? I only use the arrow keys. Thanks or your help! B


Hey B!
The orbs give your character a chance to use a power.
For Ben

hold shift and then chose a direction via the arrow keys. He will jump over one empty space.

For Isabella

just holding shift will tilt the screen, letting her walk diagonally.

Hope that helped =)


Thank you, Lori.h!


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