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Titan Lunch Retaliation

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Rating: 3.9/5 (96 votes)
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TrickyTitan Lunch RetaliationAfter a tough morning of crushing your enemies, seeing them driven before you and hearing the lamentations of their women, it seems only fair that an Aztec-Warrior-Viking should be able to sit down and enjoy a comically large meat-leg. Sadly, it seems the fates have conspired to rob you of your spoils. Such a theft cannot go unpunished! It is your right, nay your duty as the strongest of your Viking-Aztec-Warrior clan to launch yourself into battle (horizontally) and en-sword all comers for the sake of vengeance. Titan Lunch Retaliation by Berzerk Studio is an action game that's clearly on the list of what is best in life.

A one button game, with the only input being the click of the mouse, your goal is to launch your Warrior-Viking-Aztec as far as you can, in hopes of regaining your stolen lunch. Once you click the meter for your initial jump, you launch yourself into the air. While in flight, click the mouse to shoot out your grappling hook into one of the many creatures about the landscape. If you connect, you pull yourself onto them and, after a gory finishing move, launch yourself off and up with a burst of speed. Every so often, a mini-boss will appear that is dispatched with a quick time event. Each launch earns you cash, used in the store to purchase upgrades.

Titan Lunch Retaliation doesn't break much ground in the genre, but it's simple, bloody, and MANLY. It's more likely to cause a testosterone overdose than pose a significant challenge, but it does have its charms. Particularly, it keeps the action at a constant pace. Unlike some other launch games, there's never a lull where you feel at the mercy of the physics engine. The animation is smooth and, while a little repetitive, it's still quite satisfying to slice open whatever eyeball, jellyfish, pterodactyl or demon the game throws at you. Also, please note that this game noticeably improves with the sound on: it might not be clear what that latin-chorus in the background is chanting, but they seem quite emphatic about it. While a greater variety of enemies at the outset would be nice, in the end, Titan Lunch Retaliation is perfect for relieving a little stress and wasting a little time.

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I played this yesterday and while it's fun and creative it's also quite frustrating.

There is no end (that I found) - the bosses just repeat. Dangit, I want my meat-leg back. Why set up a story if you won't resolve it? Also it made spending time getting additional upgrades a waste.

Also more than once I plummeted all the way to the bottom without having seen a single enemy that wasn't already behind me. Poor game mechanics, there. And hit detection seemed really sketchy.

Fun, but far from polished.

baramburum September 6, 2011 2:01 PM

I coudn`t stop playing. Only one negative - there are no end, it is cycling.

Learn from FLIGHT game !


Did not enjoy this.

Patreon Crew SonicLover September 6, 2011 2:44 PM

I've gotten all the upgrades and all the achievements... now what do I do?


It lags intermittently whenever I click to use the grappling hook so I have to guess and preempt hoping that this time the lag will match up with the gap I left... kinda sucks.


I think there IS an end, but the bosses cycle seem to shorten up. I think it just repeats until you hit a certain distance, rather than you beating all the bosses. I haven't gotten that far, yet, so I can't be sure of that, though.

This game is man at his most man.


Is it a bad sign that I knew it was by Berzerk just from the screenshot?


Graphics remind me a lot of old impossible Amiga game Gods, I don't think I ever got past the third level of that one. But yeah, this game sure is relatively fun.


I managed to get a glitch where I targeted an enemy that was right next to the boss, launched off, and it somehow slowly forced me off the screen. I just keep flying. I'm in triple digit thousands, and going on and on and on.



I am in the same situation! Last count I am approaching 2 million pts!! Yea for me!


This is an excellent little game. I'm disappointed that there's no real resolution to the whole meat leg thing (and Tricky, you implied in your review that there would be! *shakes fist*), but the music and the graphics and, well, let's face it, the gratuitous violence just kept me coming back for more regardless.

I have taken to calling it 'God of War Lite' among friends and family, since the actual title is a little too wordy for everyday conversation. :P

My mom, who absolutely ADORES God of War, also gives Titan Lunch Retaliation two thumbs way, way up. Her only complaint was

that you didn't get to rip the wings from the harpies and other flying things before flinging their writhing corpses into the abyss, and that your wanton slaughter could use some species-specific animations to go along with the species-specific screams; the lack of variation certainly isn't game-breaking, but would have made the constant tedium of going through every stage over and over again a little less tedious.

My family is weird.

Anyway, I did encounter one fascinating glitch:

I believe I'd fallen off the eyeball god/boss-and got "caught" on a flying monkey, so that he and I just sailed off into the sunset forever, encountering plenty of clouds but no other monsters or bosses or anything, while the distance meter kept going. Using my grappling hook didn't affect my trajectory, and I stayed directly above that monkey no matter what I did. I finally got to 20,000 M and felt bad that in so doing I'd gotten Epic Flight, so I went to the shop and that seemed to reset it.

Now, off to slaughter me s'more eyeballs!


asfghn, you have a very, very cool mom.


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