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Rating: 3.7/5 (70 votes)
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MarcusTiltSome of the best games are ones that simulate a real-life puzzle, such as a Rubik's Cube, or physics games like Crazy Machines. One of my favorite physical puzzles has always been the wooden labyrinth. You remember, the game where you turn knobs to roll the little steel ball to the exit, without hitting any holes along the way? Even though the solution was the same each time, I would play Labyrinth for hours on end, trying to make it to the exit faster and faster.

Tilt is an example of the wooden labyrinth in digital form, and an excellent one it is, too. Using the mouse, you tilt the board up, down, left, and right to direct the ball to the exit. Of course, one of the advantages of a digital version is the fact that the maze configuration does not have to stay static, and it certainly doesn't here. There are 66 different levels, many of them devilishly hard.

The game starts off simple. Just make your way around the walls and get the ball to the exit. But soon, extra elements are introduced. Now you are trying to get two different balls to two exits simultaneously. Okay, not so hard once you get the hang of it. But then it becomes three balls to three exits. Then four. Then the balls are different sizes, and must be directed into specific areas. The levels eventually become less like Labyrinth and more like those small plastic cube puzzles where you have to get all the metal balls in the holes at the same time. Throw in other obstacles, such as pads that slow balls down or attract them like a black hole, and things can become an exercise in frustration. And that's only half-way through!

Analysis: Truth be told, I was expecting fewer multi-ball puzzles and more variations on the original wooden labyrinth, but Tilt's variety does keep it interesting. Later in the game, the mix of classic mazes with more puzzle-like levels becomes much better. The special pads make many levels less about careful maneuvering and more about coming up with a strategy to get the ball to the next "safe" section. Your only competition is the time it takes to complete each level. You have an unlimited number of "lives", and can reset a level at any time, should you get stuck.

TiltTilt can be played either in the browser window or full-screen. To get the full experience, and to increase your accuracy, I would suggest playing full-screen whenever possible. The gameplay seems to smooth out, making the board much easier to control, and allowing you to make minute changes in the tilt.

The one real gripe I have is the way that the game saves progress. You can continue where you left off after a fashion, not having to play through all 66 levels in one sitting. But in order to continue, you have to play through the level previous to the one you are currently playing. You know, the one that took you 2 hours to finally beat? If I've already beaten a level, I don't quite understand the purpose of making me finish another level in order to not have to replay the first one. [NOTE: Since this review was written, this feature has changed. It is now possible to continue from the last level played.]

That issue aside, Tilt is one of the finest implementations of Labyrinth that I have ever seen in Flash. The controls are easy to understand, and 66 levels will give you literally hours of gameplay. So jump into the labyrinths of Tilt and see if you can come out a winner!

Play Tilt


Anonymous March 17, 2009 6:22 PM

I don't know if it's just me, but when I click the link to "[PLAY NOW]" on the page, nothing happens. In fact, none of the links on that page do anything for me. Hope I'm not the only one.


All the links work for me, JIGuest, and I'm able to play the game as expected.

I'm using Mac OS X with Flash Player 10.

When you say "on that page" you're talking about the developer's site and not here on JIG, correct?

JC Lisbon March 17, 2009 7:03 PM

The one feature lacking here is the ability to turn both knobs at the same time, quickly enough to make the ball jump over the tiny wooden walls. That was the only way I could beat that labyrinth.

Anonymous March 17, 2009 8:23 PM

The link on the JIG site works for me. It's the link on the developer's site that doesn't work. It works in internet explorer for me, but not firefox. Weird.


Sounds like a Firefox extension conflict. Ad blocker maybe?


Maybe something is changed since the review was written, but I can continue from the last level I played, not the last level I finished.

Anyway, fun game. I'm currently stuck at level 35, after million failed tries I need to take a break.


Maybe update the review?
I nearly didn't try this because of that fact.


Very relaxing. If you have a steady hand, take your time, and take advantage of the "friction" the goal areas provide, then it gets much easier.

I'm up to level 57, but I think I've had enough for now.


The links on the dev's site aren't working for me either. I'm using OS X, Flash 10, and Firefox. I turned off all my extensions and it didn't help. Not only does the "Play Now" link not function, none of the other links on the page work.


Where do you see a "Play Now" link? On the game's main title screen the link reads: "Play Tilt".

I'm also running Flash Player 10 on Mac OS X and Firefox, and the links work just fine.


Agent Icarus March 19, 2009 2:15 PM

The links don't work for me either, I see "Play Now!" for two games (Tilt, Tevlon 3D) but neither does anything.

I'm using Chrome on Windows XP.

Shame, I used to love the little wooden labyrinth.

ThemePark March 19, 2009 4:25 PM

For those having trouble playing Tilt, I would suggest enabling Javascript if you have disabled it. I assume it might help, since the Play Now link uses Javascript to load the Flash movie.

The Play Now link is underneath where the Flash movie should appear, which is why you probably haven't noticed it, Jay.


I used to spend hours playing with my uncle's "labyrinth" in his basement. now i don't have to fly to atlanta! great game.


The links from this site take me to http://devm-games.com/#tilt where I see a DevM-Games banner, a menu bar (Game, DevLog, About), and two short game descriptions (one for Tilt, one for Tevlon3d). In each of the game descriptions is a [Play Now!] link which my status bar tells me does the following:


But it doesn't. JavaScript is enabled, Flash is most recent version, all Firefox extensions are turned off... This is just weird.



The link from this page opens in a new window. In that window I am unable to use the navigation bar. I cannot delete all or part of the site address or type in anything new. Is this meaningful to anyone?

[Edit: The javascript pop-up (by clicking on the image or the "Play Tilt" link at the bottom of the review) does not provide a navigation bar (unless you right-click and choose 'Open in new window'). It is provided for a quick-play convenience. Alternatively, you may click on the game title HTML link within the content of the review (the first time it is mentioned) for a new browser window. These are the standard links and behavior you can expect to find in all our reviews. -Jay]


Hi smoke.
There seems to be some sort of problem with javascript in your browser.
Anyway, try using this url instead



Thanks a lot, Jan. This URL works in Opera (http://devm-games.com/#tilt doesn't work for me).


This game is really well done and realistic but i find the levels quite repetitive. congrats to the programmers though.

Christine March 23, 2009 1:28 AM

I don't know if it's a glitch but when I played level 12, there was a large ball and a small ball. I ended up driving the large ball into the small hole and it got stuck. lol.

I ended up resetting the level, but although that might be realistic, no matter how much i shook it it wouldn't budge from that small hole :P

Patreon VIP Chiktionary November 11, 2009 2:07 AM

Really clever concept for a game that I would have thoroughly enjoyed past level 7 if it hadn't have reminded me of the silver balls in the plastic boxes with tiny, tiny holes...


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