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The Sims 3 (mobile) Review

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EA's Sims series of simulators is native to the computer, and the first games in it were released on the PC. However, with the growing popularity of smartphones, and most importantly - their technical capabilities, developers have a great opportunity to port their hits to this convenient platform. Smartphones are always at hand, which is what developers use. Gameplay in mobile games is often tied to logging into the game several times a day, which would hardly be possible on a computer. With smartphones, the entire gaming world is always at the user's fingertips.

The games from the Sims series fit perfectly into this concept. In fact, mobile Sims resemble a more advanced version of the Tamagotchi game popular in the nineties. You need to check in regularly to check what your Sims are up to, not hungry or idle. At the same time, you can also download Sims Mobile on a PC - we will talk about this below. And now let's see if the mobile versions of this game are worth attention at all.

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Mobile Sims - Overview.

The first Android game in the Sims series was called Sims Freeplay and was released several years ago. However, it is still played today - after all, this is the first game that is officially free, and the big-name inevitably attracted many users.

Among the shortcomings of Sims Freeplay at the moment, outdated graphics and interface can be noted. Donat and other "charms" of mobile games are also inevitably introduced into it - such as, for example, energy. All this leads to the need to constantly enter the game or pour money into it. And if you can still put up with such a scheme - now almost all mobile free games operate according to this model - then the graphics and interface look like they are from the last century. And this is a serious problem.

Of course, the authors also understood this, so they quickly thought about releasing a new part of The Sims on Android. The game received a simple and clear name: Sims Mobile. The development was carried out for quite a long time.

It first appeared in the test run mode on Google Play back in May 2017, and in the spring of 2018, users in most countries of the world could enjoy the game.

The gameplay itself has not changed much. We start with two Sims who can have fun, meet, chat, build relationships and go to work. Certain actions require the expenditure of energy, which is replenished when performing certain tasks - for example, sleeping or going to the shower. Work, on the contrary, spends energy but generates income. In general - everything is like in real life!

Also, many types of activities take a lot of time - up to several hours. This is what makes it necessary to enter the game many times a day. We must remember what this or that Sim is doing, and at the moment when he is free, give him a new task so as not to waste time.

In addition, you can unlock two slots for new characters, but this will require in-game currency. You can either buy it or earn it, for example, by watching commercials or completing special tasks. The second option is more complicated, and you will have to save for a long time, but it is free.
In the original The Sims, buying new furniture always had some immediate benefit: more expensive furniture accelerated skill development, plus Sims generally enjoyed living in beautiful, well-furnished homes.

There is nothing like this in The Sims Mobile - buying furniture does not bring immediate practical benefits to either the Sim or the player himself. New furniture increases the level of "prestige" (vanity) and serves, by and large, only to show off it to other players - but this is too little motivation.

If the process of acquiring furniture and household items were made meaningful, players would develop an emotional attachment to their virtual home; the feeling that they really have it. But that doesn't happen in The Sims Mobile: players aren't interested in interior design or Sim development, they just log in, complete quests for rewards, and log out. So, if you are here because of your interior design ambitions, better use them in real life with the help of homelegance.

According to the game designer, players who enter the game only for a reward in the form of coins or items are unlikely to stay in it for a long time.

Launching Sims Mobile on PC.
Perhaps many users will enjoy the simplified gameplay of the Sims mobile version so much that they will want to install the game on their computer. And they have such an opportunity. There are Android emulators - programs that allow you to run mobile applications under Windows.

There are many such programs, but Bluestacks is in the lead. This emulator is very convenient and has rich functionality, but the main thing is that it is able to run almost any Android game.

The interface of the program strongly resembles standard Android smartphones, so it will be difficult to get confused. Bluestacks also has Google Play, from where you can download mobile games. Apk installation is also available.

And don't forget to make yourself a really comfortable gaming setup.

Mobile Sims turned out exactly as expected. Tasks, restrictions on the number of characters, "donate" currency, and other joys of ftp games. However, the graphics in Sims Mobile are kept quite at a high level, so the game is not ashamed to download on a PC. There it will look very dignified.

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