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The I of It

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MikeThe I of ItSince I no longer watch children's programming, I rarely think of alphabetic characters as dramatic protagonists any more, but the letters of the alphabet really have a lot of personality and narrative potential. Do K and S resent C for horning in on their territory? Is it agoraphobia or contempt for the other letters that compels Q to stay at home unless U is close behind? What sort of twisted inter-literal love triangle makes I go before E, except after C? And what happens when a formerly happy literal couple decides to call it splits? This last is the premise behind The I of It, a unique puzzle platformer from Gameshot, in which the "t" of the word "It" runs off, prompting "I" to set forth on a quest find him.

You control the bereft "I" with the [arrow] keys or with [WASD]. "I" can move left or right, but cannot jump. It can, however, stretch and shrink by moving up and down. This allows "I" to get to places otherwise inaccessible, by shrinking to fit small passages, or by stretching to grab a ledge with its top serif. Other features, like moving platforms and unusual gravity, help "I" to navigate various obstacles and hazards, in its quest to reunite with "t".

"The I of It" is short, but that's okay! With a few exceptions (the dart-throwing level comes to mind), each level explores the mechanical concept of the game in a unique and interesting way, so the whole package feels like it is just the right length. A large part of the fun is in the presentation. True, the simple line art and loungy soundtrack are not award quality, but the central conceit is quite clever; namely, that the game is really a storybook, which is perhaps appropriate for a game with literally literary characters. Each level begins with a dramatic phrase ("Suddenly,..."), and a properly (if synthetic) storybookish narrator kindly introduces new puzzle elements and pardons character deaths. It's a cute idea and makes an already enjoyable concept more charming. Play "The I of It," to rediscover how nice a character a letter can be.

Play The I of It

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

The I of It walkthrough

Tutorial 1

Move to the right of the screen.

Tutorial 2

Shrink down to fit through the passage and proceed right.

Chin Up!

Move to the right of the block. Stretch so your top serif reaches over the top of the block, then move to the left. Shrink to climb up, then move to the right.

Over a bit?

Stretch and grab the rightmost ledge, then shrink to climb. Move to the ledge on the left, then proceed right.

Ceiling I

  1. Move to the right of the first block, stretch, grab, and shrink.

  2. Move right to the second block, then right to the ceiling.

  3. Stretch and grab the third block, the one closest to the floor. You'll have to position yourself so you don't snag on the fourth block.

  4. Shrink to climb, then juke to the left before quickly moving to the right, so you land on the fourth block. Proceed right.

Big Red Button

  1. Stretch and grab the lone block on its right side, then shrink to climb.

  2. Go right to head toward the button. Stretch to pust it and open the door.

  3. Move to the floor and head right out the door.

Flying bombs!

Shrink to avoid the bombs, then proceed right.

Flying Arrow

  1. Stretch and grab the moving platform.

  2. Shrink to climb, and the platform will clear you across the pile of blocks; be sure to shrink enough to clear them.

  3. Move off once you clear the pile and proceed right.

A bit harder!

  1. Stretch and grab the first block, then shrink so the bombs pass under you.

  2. Move off and do the same for the other blocks. You should have enough time to clear the bombs if you are quick enough and can stretch while moving.

  3. Be sure to shrink all the way, especially for the second block.

Elevator I

Shrink to fit in the elevator, stretch to push the button, then proceed right.

Don't touch the spikes!

  1. Move onto the first moving platform. It will stop moving if you are also touching another part of the floor, which you can use to control when it moves.

  2. If you wait for the other moving platform to turn around from the far right, the two platforms should meet in the middle.

  3. When they do, move to the second platform and proceed right. This one might take a few tries.

More Spikes

  1. Stretch and grab the first platform from its left side, then shrink quickly to climb.

  2. Fall on the block to the left of the spikes, then grab the platform from the right side. Again, the platform won't move if you are also touching anything else, and you want the two platforms to meet in the middle.

  3. When they do, move to the second platform, and proceed right once it carries you over the spikes.


Stretch and grab the block from the right side, shrink to climb, and move to land on the button. Proceed right as you float to the ceiling.

Many Blocks

  1. Stretch down to grab the low block on its right side, then shrink as much as you can to climb down.

  2. Move right through all the blocks as far as you can, shrinking as needed.

  3. Stretch to the floor once you have gone as far to the right as possible, then shrink while moving to the right. The lack of gravity means you will float gently off the screen.

Ceiling Spikes

Stretch to the floor, then shrink as much as possible while moving right. You should float right past the spikes.

Watch that moving platform!

  1. Stretch to the floor, then shrink and float under the wall of blocks.

  2. Stretch from floor to ceiling again and move to the left as far as possible to avoid the troublesome moving platform.

  3. Just as the platform moves offscreen to the right, shrink quickly and maneuver through the spikes and above the path of the moving platform.

  4. Move to the right, close to the spikes, and stretch to the ceiling once the platform passes moving left.

  5. Shrink quickly and float offscreen past the spikes before the platform catches up with you.

Bomb Maze

  1. Once the bomb passes, stretch to the floor, then shrink.

  2. While floating, you can stretch and shrink to crawl down to the floor before the bomb passes again through the middle of the screen, then move to the right to enter the maze.

  3. Follow the maze to exit. You can stretch and shrink to jump over the blocks in your way, thanks to the lack of gravity.

Spikey Hall

  1. Do a quick stretch-shrink to jump over the little ledge, then position yourself in the middle of the first spikey shaft.

  2. Stretch to the floor, then shrink, and continue to stretch and shrink as you float along until you are able to clear the first shaft.

  3. Do another quick stretch-shrink to jump over the ledge above the second spikey shaft.

  4. Stretch to the floor, shrink, and maneuver around the spikes as you float up. Then exit to the right.

GRAV again

  1. Position yourself so you are just above the precipice.

  2. Stretch all the way to the floor, then shrink and float around the spikes and towards the red button.

  3. Be prepared to move quickly to the right when you hit the button, as the gravity will turn off.

  4. The door will also open, and you can exit to the right.

Elevator II

Shrink to fit in the elevator, stretch to hit the button, and proceed right.

You must be this tall.

Stretch as high as you can go, and the obstructive T will fly away. Exit right.

Sad X

Move to the right and shrink to talk to X. Move to the left and stretch up to grab the balloon. Bring the balloon to X to make X happy and get out of your way.


  1. Stretch up to grab a dart.

  2. Move all the way to the right to get ready to throw. Press [space] to throw. Stretch and shrink to aim.

  3. Grab more darts for more attempts.

  4. You need to hit the target 5 out of 6 times, and it will eventually start moving. It's easier to hit the moving target if you time your throw when the target changes directions.

Hot Wire

Grab the hot wire and navigate through the maze by moving, stretching, and shrinking I. The long diagonal passages are easiest if you boldly move and stretch (or move and shrink) at the same time.

Up and Down

  1. The blue field with the Up arrows will make I stretch; the Down arrows make I shrink. Shrink as much as possible and move right through the first blue field.

  2. Shrink down again and move through the second field.

  3. Stretch as much as you can and move back to the left to grab the block, then proceed right.

Spikey Up and Down

  1. Stretch up and move right to grab the first of the row of blocks. Move left onto the ledge.

  2. Stretch and grab the topmost block and shrink to climb.

  3. Move left onto the nearby floating block and right onto the row of blocks (You'll make it if you keep moving).

  4. Move off the blocks to the white space between the two fields, making sure not to enter the rightmost field until you hit the ground.

  5. Shrink down and move throught the field to the right.

  6. Move as far to the right as you can without hitting the spike, then stretch and grab the moving platform, shrinking and moving to the right as quickly as possible. Otherwise you will be pushed into the "Up" field, which will lead to spikey death.


Move to the right, shrink to fit through the passage, then stretch to grab the balloon. Shrink to exit passage and fly away.

The air was full of danger!

  1. Shrink as much as you can and move a little to the right.

  2. Wait for the bomb to pass the bottom of the screen the second time, then move quickly to the right and stretch to grab the block, and shrink before the bomb passes the middle of the screen.

  3. Stretch up to the top of the screen as the bomb makes its topmost pass, move off the block, and shrink before the bomb starts its next run from the bottom.

  4. You should be able to outmaneuver the bomb at this point, floating towards the top right corner.

Cloud, Spike, Bomb

  1. Immediately move to the left, then to the right as you float to the top of the screen, avoiding the spikes.

  2. Stretch to grab the block to the left on its right side, the one with the spike pointing up. Shrink as much as you can without dying.

  3. As the bomb gets about halfway through its upward pass, move right and float around the bomb and other obstacles. After you let go of your balloon, continue right.

The Lower Case

  1. Move underneath the floating dot and stretch up to grab it.

  2. Maneuver and shrink down so you are resting on the lowest clouds, then stretch to grab the lowest ledge on the right and shrink to climb.

  3. Move left and proceed left to the exit.

Enjoy the ending!


Arainach May 6, 2011 3:13 PM

Interesting concept. But my goodness does this "Then..." screen get annoying. It serves no useful purpose.


Quite good, indeed. Takes about a dozen minutes to finish, and I just love the mouthmade sounds.


I know why the "t" left...

All the "I" wanted to talk about was himself!



Nice game does sound like those narrative tapes, the "Then..." is to gives this game a narrative style, like when it narrates some actions of "I".
The game was great to play for the weekend, thanks.

DJBlayde May 6, 2011 5:56 PM

I... should have quit rather than spend my time with that...

The "pay off" I m o wasn't worth the effort. YMMV of course. :)

Byronyello May 6, 2011 6:17 PM

This game is great. The narrative style is quite humourous, like when he says " 'Ouch!' cried I, then died." i would love a sequel. So would T.


I haven't laughed this much playing a game in a while. I just about lost it when the narrator said "hit my baby one more time".

Anonymous May 6, 2011 6:36 PM

The ending... if you have a good sense of humor, it is hilarious. If you don't, you will likely end up throwing your computer at a wall.


What a charming little game.

Katherine May 6, 2011 9:21 PM

I loved it. Really brought back memories of watching British children's TV as a kid (they didn't have many NZ TV shows when I was young).

octochan May 6, 2011 10:41 PM

That was certainly different. I'm thinking he should make some kind of game based on Silverstein's The Missing Piece next.
"Oh grease my knees and fleece my bees, I'm lookin' for my missing piece!"


As strange and surreal as The Yellow Submarine was, in that British sort of way...


MAN! I was playing this game at work and then I got rudely interrupted right as I got to the end and MISSED the ending! Could someone please post what the T said in a spoiler alert for me? :(


The ending made me chuckle.

Brian Lutz May 7, 2011 12:15 AM

Very clever little game.


Quite an enjoyable little blurb of a game. The narrator was the best part...even made all the fatal mistakes enjoyable.

4everSones May 7, 2011 2:38 AM

LOL!! i always laughed at the narrator's "hit me baby one more time" XD

JustMe May 7, 2011 5:03 AM

clever puzzles without being too hard to just enjoy playing (and off-the-beaten-path -- loved the zombies for a while, now they're getting to be like Match-3), clever controls (the growing and shrinking to manipulate objects) and narrator who kept me giggling all the way through.

Two thumbs up and a snap.

Anonymous May 7, 2011 8:38 AM

At the end of the game:

i said, "T! Why are you uppercase now?" and T said.... wait for it.... "I ate a bit." I am not joking.

EAKugler May 7, 2011 9:07 AM

It would have been nice if there were a mute function. I think all games should have one. That way I can still listen to music and not have to listen to whatever happens to be coming from the game. Otherwise an outstanding little game.


Reviewer Mike:

"And what happens when a formally happy literal couple decides to call it splits?"

Do you perchance mean "formerly"?

Billy Nitro May 7, 2011 9:55 AM

"elewator". Love it.


@Byronyello i see what you did there... :)

Very great game. I loved the unique puzzles and the whole theme was just charming. Here's hoping for more like this.


Something I noticed about the ending:

(I'll try and explain this in lamens' terms)
In computing, letters are usually presented by eight bits (eight 0's or 1's in binary like 11011011)
So I followed my hunch and found:
T is 1010100; and t is 1110100
So for 't' to become 'T' it has te "eat" the bit second from the left (1110100 -> 1010100).

Just an interesting little fact :)


Okay, it's a brilliant idea, and I like it quite a bit... but the narrator is going to give me nightmares. The cavalier way he says things like "'Ouch!' cried the I, and then died." scares me. A lot. But it's still hilarious. (Also, I think he said 'elewaytor'.) I like his accent.


If we could combine this game with "Silent Conversation," we'd have the greatest game ever.

nerdypants May 7, 2011 10:39 PM

What an interesting game! Not just interesting, but fun, too. My only complaint, as someone else mentioned, would be the lack of a mute button. After a while, that narrator got to be a bit much for me. ("Yes, I get it, I died again! Shut up!")

I love Silent Conversation!

breakstress May 10, 2011 12:15 AM

This really reminds me of Monty Python for some reason.

The ending ...iT was just perfect.

mr1black May 29, 2011 7:21 PM

Great game! Old brittish children's programme combined with typicall Monty Python humour and all that in delightfull puzzle game. Also, some avoidance levels remind me of old Commodore 64 games..
"I" wants sequel!


What is his accent?


I hate this game...

But its so so stupidly addicting! I can't get past hot wire! I'm so frustrated!


I feel so stupid for stressing over this game! It sucks! [But is very entertaining! :P]


Wow, that robot voice really got annoying very quickly. Pronunciation was all over the place.

Pandragon June 16, 2011 7:42 PM

"I ate a bit" was the best joke in flash game history. Period.

qwerty12345 August 3, 2011 7:54 AM

I love this game so much! Fustrating at times, for exsample, the hot wire level, but overall it is a very entertaining game and I would recommend it! :)


Note to future players: If you have a hard time with some of the boards. It may be because your browser is set to zoom at less than 100%. If you have the correct zoom factor you should see the words "walk through" on the top left of the flash window.

If you want to make the "Hot Wire" board more difficult, play it for ten minutes on 83% zoom (using Chrome).


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