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The Humble Indie Bundle #2

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The Humble Indie Bundle

JohnBIt's bundle time again! Following the massive success of the original Humble Indie Bundle as well as The Indie Love Bundle(s), The Humble Indie Bundle #2 comes along with five great indie games, each available for Mac, Windows and Linux, with no DRM and a price tag of whatever you want to pay. Yay!

Why so humble, you ask? Because you get to decide where the money goes. You can distribute the cash between two charities (Electronic Frontier Foundation or the Child's Play Charity), send it all to the developers, or even tip the Humble Indie Bundle folks themselves. Then the games are all yours to play or gift as you please.

Here's what's available in The Humble Indie Bundle #2:

Go check out The Humble Indie Bundle #2, get a few really great games, and help out a few charities/indie devs. You've got until Tuesday Saturday (12/25) before the sale ends!

UPDATE: Pay more than the average and you'll get all of the games from Humble Indie Bundle #1 included FREE! WOW!


Awesome bundle once again, my wife bought it for my stocking and won't let me play it till Christmas though. I'll probably grab one for my brother as well.

flowerfoot December 17, 2010 8:05 PM

Yesyesyes! I love you all. I was just talking about the Indie Love Bundles the other day, which I unfortunately missed when they first appeared. Winter Break has reared its head and I plan on playing my games from the last HIB (I never did beat Aquaria and maybe I'll get the nerve for Penumbra).

I was wondering why an Indie Bundle didn't pop up sooner for the holidays.


I bought last year's bundle and I can't say enough good things about it. You can definitely purchase with confidence here, and there are some fantastic titles available. Just consider, when you're paying, that the proceeds are intended for charity (unless you set them otherwise). :)

I also wanted to mention that there is no time limit to download your games, and I just recently received Steam activation codes for all of last year's titles that I'd bought to boot. They really do a bang-up job.


A number larger than 0 is required for purchase. ( Sorry, Im having a rough ecomony this year)


Lovely bundle. Set my price to 25 dollar, and was well worth it.

Also, do not forget to turn off the charity donation so that max money goes to the game developers.

Both Braid and Osmos have been great games so far.

Cortex Command was a bit of a disappointment, the game has clumsy controls and is not complete yet. They did promise to keep releasing more complete versions of that game.

Didn't play the other 2 games yet, Osmos and Braid where to good so far :)


@ Creed: then how are you paying for the internet?

Unfortunatly I'm not much of an platform-, horror or action player. I bought last years bundle spontaneus, only to discover none of the titles were interesting for me. Machinarium made up for it this year though. :)
I believe I donated $30.00, evenly spread over everything. I'm aware not everyone can donate as much, but I'm glad I could give at least this amount.


i always love these bundles. i feel kinda sad that i cant pay much though, but i get cortex command again.


@Isa WP

Well, if you're truly interested in how I pay for the internet I bundle my cable , phone ands internet...like 90% of the population. How do you pay for the internet?


@ Creed

Well, I guess that was predictable. I'm sorry, I thought your comment was a little rude because this project was not set up to give games away for free. I also thought you must have at least a penny to give away if you're really short on cash.


The second highest donator is notch, the creator of Minecraft, which is one of my favorite games.


Great bundle, very innovative pricing scheme. I got last years bundle and still haven't worked my way through Aquaria, but World of Goo is still one of my all time favorite games.

I had wanted Braid and Machinarium for a while, so I'm happy they're included this year. Cheers!


Ohboyohboyohboy! Anudder bwundle! And Braid on Linux!


CortexCommand is woefully incomplete. There's plenty of stuff IN the game, there's just not a lot of structure to it. It's a wonderful sandbox for now, with updates promised.

Nobody's mentioned Revenge of the Titans yet. It's a very fun tower-defense type game, with arcade-style elements (like clicking on your resource towers to get more $ and clicking on the attack towers to reload them) and a lovely retro look.



Have three of the games but have bought the bundle for $30 in anticipation of receiving my Open Pandora Handheld device which runs on Linux.

Great endeavour and great pricing structure.

Happy Christmas


I bought this recently, and it's awesome. I'm gettinng it as a gift for two of my friends, too.

Also, Cortex Command... everything about it is AWESOME. Especially the soundtrack.


Isn't it until this Friday or Saturday or so? Timer shows 5 days and 10 hours left.

I already have Machinarium and Osmos... I'm planning on getting this for the others, but I don't yet have a PayPal or Google Checkout account.

@D0rus: "Also, do not forget to turn off the charity donation so that max money goes to the game developers."

Or, you know, just donate more so that some goes to charity as well.

@sirgren: I'm surprised somebody beat notch, considering he donated $2000.


It looks like Braid has a problem running on OS X 10.5.8, but the Humble Bundlers tell me they're working on it (and you should be able to download the fixed version as soon as it's ready).


Holy crap they are now giving away Humble Bundle #1 if you already bought Bundle #2, and you may still get it if you donate more then $7.50 ..

This is incredible. :D


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