The Game You've Been Calling Solitaire Is Actually Called Klondike, and This Is the Best Way to Play It

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When somebody says "Solitaire", the game that pops into your head is Klondike.

That's the free Solitaire variant that has come bundled with Windows PCs since time immemorial, and it's also what you're getting when you head to

Before we break down the reasons why is pretty much the best possible way to get your Solitaire fix, here's a refresher on the rules.

Klondike is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. 28 of these cards are dealt in seven piles. The top card on each pile is dealt face-up, while the rest are face-down.

That bit is called the Tableau. The remaining 24 cards are called the Stock, and these go in a pile, face-down, just above the Tableau.

The aim of the game is to sort all of the cards in the Tableaus and the Stock into neat, orderly piles, arranged by suit and number, in the Foundation. And you can only get there by moving cards of alternating colors and sequential numbers onto each other.

For example, you can move a 7 of either Spades or Clubs onto an 8 of Diamonds or Hearts. You get the idea. Once you've uncovered an Ace you can send that up into the Foundation, followed by a 2, a 3, a 4, and so on.

At any point you can turn over either one or three of the 24 Waste cards, and if it's usable you can bring it into the Tableau, or even straight into the Foundation.

That's the game. You've definitely already played it.

The reason we recommend playing Klondike right now on is that it comes with a comprehensive array of features.

You can make use of hints, change the backgrounds, and pick from a selection of card designs.

Plus, the site keeps a running record of your playing statistics, so you can see at a glance how many games you've played, what your winning percentage is, your best time, and much, much more.

Basically, everything you could possibly ask for in a Klondike game.

To get started, head to now.

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