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The Bonte Room

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Bonte RoomBart Bonte sends word of his brand new point-and-click adventure, The Bonte Room. And besides being a rather typical escape-the-room type of game, it is an exceptional effort.

The stylized graphics are simple yet pleasing, and the puzzles are all quite logical. So logical, in fact, that the game comes off as rather easy and a bit short, and yet those qualities never stopped anyone from having a good time with one of these games. Plus, there is a video game to play in the room: Does that make it art imitating art?

Nice job, Bart ...about the art. Now do your part... Click.

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

nice game. here's my walkthrough (insert ascii art here):

1. click on dog poster until it is leaning to the right. get paper from lower lefthand corner. (it's yellow and difficult to see)
2. get metal tube from lower left corner of soda machine.
3. play dog hop game. it's pretty easy. at the end, you will get the hint "a one to one square"
"one to one" = 121 squared = 14641
4. enter this into code. get key
5. ohno! it's rusted! it won't work.
6. find which button on soda machine stays on ( i don't know if this is random or not), then find the next button that stays on (if you mess up, you have to start over). once you light all , you get the power drink.
7. get the fish net from under the couch -- it's at the lower right, kinda hard to see.
8. use the tube on the sink to stop it up, then fill it with water.
9. use the net to catch the fish, and put it in the sink
10. add the power drink to the fish bowl. it's highly caustic!
11. add the key to the bowl, it removes the rust.
12. use the key in the door.

13. freedom!


Weird, I *just* looked at this game a few minutes ago... Good game, but really easy. I take forever on these, and it only took me a few minutes...
But it's a cute little game anyways.


Very nice lookim game ya got there!

The hopping game is very addictive. :)



lol the video game was really easy. i done it on my first go!


by the way is there any point in the video game?
ive found a silver tube, a peice of paper and a fishing net. ive probaby got to find something to put the fish in so i can fish him out. i thought the sink would do it but he says it would be a waste of water...i dont know what to do!!!


seriously im crap at these games


hahaha, you just have to think logically about them is all.

Yes, there is a point to the video game. You receive a clue when you win.

A waste of water? Hmm, maybe because the water will all run out through the drain? Hmm...


Put the tube in the water sink, fish the fish out of the aquarium and put it in the sink.


Played the dog hop, figured out the safe code

do use a calculator

not all spaces are used

but can't seem to find anything beyond the note, net, key and pipe. Fish is in the sink. Now what?


umm can someone tell me where that piece of paper is...im sure its easy to find but i cant find it and ive been playin this game for quite a few mins.


amanda the note is

hidden on the wall

behind something on the wall


I need help with the code.

I get that it's 121, but what does square work out as?


Oh, and Aly. A clue for advancement:

Try making a power solution


How are you at math, Wulfo? =)


Pull out your calculator, Wulfo. You are on the right track.

how do you 'square' a number?

multiply it

by itself


ok that was a nice easy one.



There are not many items, only Paper, Pipe, Net, Key, Drink


read the paper it will give a clue on how to get an item


Take the clue it gives you at the end literally


Coke does it to teeth



It's a funny little dog...
I could do that forever.


Ok, I've got all the items except the drink and have the fish in the sink. The only drink button that doesn't blink is the powerdrink, but what do I do after that?



then find another one that doesn't blink


I just cannot figure out how to get that darn drink!!! :( I know which one to select, but nothin's coming down the chute.


Ah... nevermind. I figured it out and escaped.


spoke too soon ;)

it's about the buttons ... gotta use them all

Made it out in 30 minutes (sheeesh)


hey umm you know you aid there was a clue at the end..well i dont know if this is it but

DOGHOP- a one to one square game. is that the clue?


adaptor - yep! it sure is. =)


im stuck on the drinks machine i have two not blinking but now what?


okay thanks jay


found a calculater and done it in 16 minutes..wooooo


i like watching the fish at the end!


got it figured out i got kind of stuck on the math, so heres a spoiler for the other idiots

say the words one to one sqaure

still dont get it? click below

121 squared

on a side note, i beat the game without finding this note everyone is talking about. i guess it isnt neccessary, but what does it day?

ShadeOfLight December 23, 2005 12:48 PM

That was all easy, except for figuring out the code. I played the Doghop game at least 20 times. :) My first time through the game was 29 and my 2nd run through it was 0.

For anyone that needs help, here is a walkthrough:

You start out in a room with a door, plant and picture in front of you. Click on the picture until it says "Who's that dog?", and is tilted to the right. Under the picture is a tiny little piece of paper, click it to get it.
Now that you have the paper, click on it. "You won't get a drink when the lights just blink."
Hmm.....what could that mean? For now, click on the left side of the screen and you'll see a sink and a vending machine. Remember the piece of paper you picked up? It was a hint for this. Click the buttons in order: 5, 2, 4, 7, 6, 1, 3. or powerdrink, diet coke, beer, water, juice, coke, lemonade. A powerdrink should pop out, click on it to get it. Before you leave this screen, look at the bottom left of the vending machine is a little circular thing, click on it to pick it up. Now use the shiny silver tube you picked up on the sink and fill it with water. Now click on the left side of the screen twice so you're at a chair and an arcade machine.
Under the chair to the bottom right is a little thing sticking out, click on it to get it. It's a fishing net. You can also play the game DOGHOP if you want, to get a clue for the combination. The clue is DOGHOP-A one to one square game.
Click on the right side of the screen so your
at a fish bowl and a locked box. Use the fishing net you found to take the fish out of its bowl. Before you leave this screen, you can open the box if you want. The combination is 14641 (121 multiplyed by 121). Once you open the box, take the key inside. It is unusable for now.
Click on the right side of the screen. Now, put the fish in the sink. Okay, now go back to the fishbowl. Remember the powerdrink you picked up earlier? Use it on the fishbowl and then put the key in. Now, take the key out and it should be shiny. Use it on the front door and you're out.


I made it out in 16 min. That dog game took me awhile.


I can't figure out the drink machine!!?? I've read all of the postings and feel like a total idiot that I can't figure it out! I have the net, key, tube, note and the fish is in the sink.


NVM!!! sheesh!


I paricularly liked the doghop game and the clue to opening the safe...very clever. :)

The part with the vending machine seemed highly unintuitive to me.

Maybe it was because that's not how drinks are normally dispensed, and the paper didn't mention anything about having to press ALL the buttons. I noticed that the fifth button was the only one that didn't blink, so I pressed it, waited for a bit...nothing. Then I thought that it might take a little while for the drink to drop down, so I went and made myself some lunch and came back 10+ minutes later, still drink-less. :D


ZK, I did the same thing....GROAN!

Great game as usual Jay!!


nice game. here's my walkthrough (insert ascii art here):

1. click on dog poster until it is leaning to the right. get paper from lower lefthand corner. (it's yellow and difficult to see)
2. get metal tube from lower left corner of soda machine.
3. play dog hop game. it's pretty easy. at the end, you will get the hint "a one to one square"
"one to one" = 121 squared = 14641
4. enter this into code. get key
5. ohno! it's rusted! it won't work.
6. find which button on soda machine stays on ( i don't know if this is random or not), then find the next button that stays on (if you mess up, you have to start over). once you light all , you get the power drink.
7. get the fish net from under the couch -- it's at the lower right, kinda hard to see.
8. use the tube on the sink to stop it up, then fill it with water.
9. use the net to catch the fish, and put it in the sink
10. add the power drink to the fish bowl. it's highly caustic!
11. add the key to the bowl, it removes the rust.
12. use the key in the door.

13. freedom!


I love the little fish swimming around in the bowl at the end (the last option; Go watch the fish!?)... I was staring at it for 10 minutes... So pretty... :P


Heh, easy game. Hardest part was the vending machine. Had to click around a bit.

Jay, this is a pretty good site you have here. I use it a lot.

Haha, the fish is admittedly fun to stare at. I also love DOGHOP, no matter how easy it is.

Dayumm if you need help, I can help you dayumm.


I must add... 17 minutes, but only because I played DOGHOP for about 5 or 6 of those minutes.


that was verrry easy :D
I think I'm getting good at this. lol

Telletubbies X December 24, 2005 12:41 PM

You use the tube to block the drain. Then catch the fish and put him in the water. You find the stuff by looking on the ground.


thx ShadeOfLight for the walkthrough!! i only needed help after i got the drink tho..finished it in 7 mins!!


it wont let me use things :( do u just click on them and drag them ? plz help any1 ? :(


Sweet stuff, Jay!
Took me 9 minutes, and I'm usually crap at these games!


a little easier than other games.

do power drinks really take the rust
out of things?

thanks Jay.


Where do you find the fishing net?


under the couch is the net


HELP!!! I feel so dumb I don't get the Doghop :(



a one to one square game



ok got it in 12 minutes!!!


LOL it only took me 2 minutes...WITHOUT ANY of your help!!! should have told me.....so i wouldn't have to waste my time!! oh well... THANKS ANYWAY! GREAT GAME!


This 'easy' minigame frustrated me for ages so when I finally worked it out, I thought I'd help others as frustrated as I was.
Number the squares 1-8 from left to right, and hit the yellow button when the blinking light is on the square referred to -



Kat, the answer is yes.
You can also use it to make an old car clutch work like new ;)

omega steve7 January 28, 2006 2:15 PM

lol i did it with no help in 3 mins lol


how do u get the drink out of the machine and also can someone tell me the code that,what do u do with the piece of paper?


I had to stop playing the minute it said "okay, I catched the fish." How can you be smart enough to design an entire game, but not smart enough to say "caught?"


> "How can you be smart enough to design an entire game, but not smart enough to say "caught?"

The same way you can be smart enough to read English, but not smart enough to realize there are others in this world for whom English is not their native language.


this game is sooooooooo easy i beat it in 9 min. still fun. great graphics

slc-girl April 4, 2006 6:56 PM

wow that was really easy with the walkthrough lol the only part i couldnt get was the vending machine and the code;)


only thing i needed help on was the safe game! i usually cant do these games... that was easy.. did it in 9 minutes

Loppper June 4, 2006 9:22 PM

This reminds me of the movie SAW.


yay! i completed it woo hoo! thanks for the walkthrough shade0flight! amazing game!


Finished it in two minutes! Woohoo!


Thanks for the great games.
I really appreciate your work


I made a complete walkthrough for those forsaken ones...

Easy to read, only ten simple steps.

1 - Click the dog picture 3 times. Take the yellow note sticking out. (A little hard to see)

2 - Rotate to the right.
Click the thing on the right side, under the couch. You will obtain a fishing net.

3 - Rotate to the right.
Press 14641 and then the big button. Take the key.

4 - Rotate to the right.
Click the labels in this order, going from the top to the bottom.








Take the powerdrink.

5 - Take the tube from the left lower corner on the coke machine. Use it with the sink. Click on the sink again.

6 - Rotate to the left.
Use the fishing net with the fishbowl.

7 - Rotate to the right.
Use the fishing net with the sink.

8 - Rotate to the left.
Use the powerdrink with the empty fishbowl.
Use the key with the purple fishbowl. Take the key out again.

9 - Rotate twice left.
Use key with the door.

10 - Aaaah! Fresh air!

Kamacaze July 10, 2006 3:56 PM

yay i complited it

the second time

Kimberly July 13, 2006 5:32 PM

yay, i have a record! i made it out in 8 min; !!!!

Ingvild July 14, 2006 6:33 AM

Hah, I did it in 2 minutes!:D


i feel really stupid hehe i cant do it i have put the fish in the sink ive got the tube and the fishing net i have done the doghop game but cant figue anything else out please i need some help thanks xx


finished it with no help at all yihiiiiii....
its hard but not hard enough for ME!!
muwahahahaha..... anyway make a harder game for me Bart thx


Yay, I beat it. 10 Minutes, lol. Well, probably about 15... I tried to play it but it closed itself. >.< lmao


any of you tried the bonte room 2 or free the bird... ? they're better than bonte room 1


i never get the litle things like 121 squared omg i just dont think like that.


the safe code is



Vey nice game! Nice work Bonte ;)


Whoo! 3 min!


Ok Ok I have found the note I have the fish in the sink and I dont have the key I have completed the game and I Know the square root of 121

How do I get the key

How do I get the coke the light on the power drink doesnt flash but nothing else comes out


erri, the code is 121 squared. not square root. :p that should give you the key.

you should get the powerdrink after you leave all the buttons NOT blinking. how? try looking for another button that doesnt blink after the first one. :)

sammywammy2344 October 23, 2006 11:50 PM

that was WAYYYY to easy. i got out in 5 minutes. i gotta play the 2nd one......


i dont know if any1 else managed this but i did it in 1 min acording to it i didnt need help at all cuz im gd at math and the game was easy


I got out in 3 mins... nice game but 2 easy :)


the note says

you won't get a drink when the lights just blink


3 mins too...

under the portrait is a paper,
it doesn't REALLY matter.
Under armchair is fishnet
don't catch fish yet
behind machine is tube
stick in sink and let water flow!
now get the fish and let it go
(in the sink)
code is 121 times 121
who doesn't know!
then get the power drink
and pop in the now empty fish bowl, pop the key from the safe, open da door!

bernadette January 9, 2007 7:10 PM

i made it in 1 min


Well guess what? I finished it in less than a minute!! So HAA HA!!! and it was my first go!?


i finished it in 1 minute with no help HA!!!


it waz an easy game.
made it out in 7 min


go fishey go yay for fishey although i dont know how he got back into his bowl


so it took me 43 minutes...i think too much..dont think too hard guys..


ha ha it took me a whole 15 minutes thanks to the walk through



When I go to catch the fish in the fishy tank with my net, it says...

I could catch the fish, but the fish would not be too pleased...



You probably wouldn't be too pleased either if you had no place to go where you could breathe easy ;o)


I did it in 29 mins it soooooooo easy!!!!!!!!

cherry baby May 7, 2007 3:43 AM

I can't seem to get the power drink out it just keeps saying selecting a powerdrink but nothing comes out?

Gabriel May 9, 2007 9:05 PM

30 seconds hahahaha

tiffany May 16, 2007 8:48 PM

game was very easy and it only took about 3 minutes for me to finish. allthough the pop machine was a little tricky


The code to the drink machne is,
Also the code for the ssafe is 14641.=)Hope this helps!
And here is a s far as is got
Do the dog thing( if you need help just look up the walkthrough) then us the code on the safe and get the rusted key then get the pipe behind (on the left botom corner)and put it in the sink. Thats as far as i got! Enjoy!


The vending mashine thing is stupid. and the game is boring and I usually love escape games.

Anonymous June 12, 2007 5:12 PM

how do you put the drink in the bowl?

Gutt Rambole June 16, 2007 5:24 PM

wow, you have a great imagination to come up with these games. I couldn't do it with out reading the walkthrough.


yay!!!! really easy! finished it in 4 minutes! P.S.

i tried the walkthru at the top of the page after i finished it and it really works!!!

try that for everyone stuck.


NOOOOO I literally was just about to put the key in the door when I accidentally clicked an advert.....

So I didn't get the satisfaction. :(


yay i finished it in 1 minute because i copied one of the walkthroughs. Here is how you solve the drink machine puzzle

you press the 5th button first then the 2nd then the 4th and then the 7th and then the 6th and then you grab the power drink then get the fish net from under the chair/couch then you get the pole from under the drink machine and put the pole in the sink and run the water and then get the fish in the net and put it in the sink and put the power drink in the bowl and enter 14641 an the thing next to the bowl oh no the key is rusted put it in the fish bowl and then i becomes not rusty and then i think you know what to do next...

you escape duhh!!

if anybody did`nt know that go to a doctor you probly have half a brain


got it in 1 min Nice game no



What was the point with the piece of paper?

sillybuttons August 27, 2007 6:22 AM

a bit short. i spent longer on the doghop game than i did on the actual room. still a decent game though.


cant find the net, i know its under the couch.. cant see it


even with walktrough i used 40 min to finish the game

fred fred burger November 15, 2007 9:34 PM

heres ho u do it
1.go to the room with the chair, there is something sticking out at the bottomright click on it
2.go to the vending machine bottom left click
3.vending machine5 botton on there first then 247613 power drink pops out
4.use net to take out fish
5.put tube in sink fill sink upput fish in sink
6.put 14641 in safe box thing take out key
7.put power drink in fish bowl put key in fish bowl key becomes clean
8. go to door use key


There is actually a walkthrough in that bonte homepage. But I think this one is easier than the bonte room2, so just spoiling some hint and items can be fun enough!

There are items:

a yellow piece of paper
a key
a power drink(soda can)
a fishing pole
a black tube

Some hints:

*You need to play the game in order to find out the password and get the key. Hint: *= multiply, power of2
the password also has 5 digits.
*Read the yellow piece of paper and you'll know what you've got to do with the coke machine and how it works.
Hint: if you really don't get it, check the posts above.
*The fish needs to be removed from the bowl if you are going to suceed in the game.
Hint: the fishing pole is usable here along with tube
*Remember, the key is a rusty old key something has to be done to the key in order to get out of the room.

This is just a post for those who don't like too much spoiling and some hints when stuck. Anything you realy don't get, just check the above posts for answers!


okay here it is get the yellow paper while the dog picture is right then get the fishing net under the couch(botom right hand corner)then get the tube from the botom left hand corner of soda machine play the dog game if u beet it it will say 121=14614 enter that into the red code box thingO NOES THE KEY IS RUSTED. light the buttons on the soda machine(it has a certain pattern)bottom to top or 1-7 push button #3,6,4,1,2,7,5 u should get a power drink put the power drink in the empty fish bowl pu the key in the fish bowl it will unrust the FREEDOM!


I suck at this game and it took me a while to get the DOGHOP but I got it. What I don't get is why take the poor fish out of the bowl? Why not just put the powerade in the sink? It makes no sense...

Anonymous October 25, 2008 7:38 AM

I did it in 13 minutes.

Froobington December 22, 2008 11:09 AM

phew! i made it.... i am really rubbish at these games i've only ever completed ONE by myself :P


ok, tiny corners of things sticking out with miniature hit boxes are not puzzles, puzzling, or interesting -- they're just annoying. also, would be nice if i could have emptied some of the soda onto the floor (not my freakin' room), poured in water from the sink, and dipped the key in the can... which is what i wanted to do before i gave up and read that those little smudges aren't lazy art, but in fact necessary game pieces to this convoluted puzzle.

andr01d April 9, 2017 6:46 AM

Found this game really tedious (especially arcade sequence.)


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