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Super Serif Bros.

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Rating: 4.6/5 (23 votes)
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Super Serif Bros.

In what may at first appear as a bunch of strange characters littered across the screen, Super Serif Bros. is actually an intricate and well-designed puzzle game with similarities to classics Rogue and Lode Runner.

The objective is fairly simple: using the arrow keys for movement, navigate the player character (I) through each level to collect all of the gold (£) and then make it to the exit (E) safely. Along the way you will find a multitude of characters with special behaviors, such as elevators ("), conveyor belts (()), moving platforms (T), activation switches (~), and the like. There is even an occasional enemy thrown in that will give you chase, or fall on you.

With 19 levels to play, and probably more on the way, Super Serif Bros. will turn you inside out by the time you make it through and beat the game. That is, if you can beat the game. The game starts off easy with several training levels, and then ramps up to some that are down right devilishly difficult.

And when you're done with the levels that Rob has concocted, there is even a level editor with which to create your own(!) Although there is presently no way to add your own designs to the SSB game page (UPDATE: Now there is!), since the levels are pure text you can post them here as comments if you like. Then just copy, paste into the game's editor, and voila!

Analysis: Spoiled by the lush, photo-realistic game graphics of late, we have come to expect them from the games that we play. And yet Super Serif Bros. proves that a game doesn't have to look great to be fun to play. Rob Allen has masterfully defined a wide assortment of clever contraptions, whipped them into shape with his brilliant level design, and brought them all to life with Javascript in a browser (he recommends Firefox over IE.) The result is likely to be the best puzzle game with the worst looking graphics you will play this year.

Remember the Hapland series? Yeah, well this is from one and the same, Rob Allen. Need I say more?

Play Super Serif Bros.

Cheers to Yuval for suggesting the game. =)

Update: I have had so much fun with this great new puzzle game that I threw together a GUI level editor for the game in Flash that should help make the level editing task a bit less tedious. I handed it off to Rob Allen who made some improvements to it himself. While Rob is working on a repository for level uploads to his site, I have added a feature to the editor that allows you to upload your levels directly as a comment posted here on the SSB review page. Check the walkthrough section for details, or jump right in and create a level.

Update #2: The SSB Level Pit is now open for business!


Well, I had prepared a lovely level for this review when I saw that you were writing it, and went to test it when it was done, only to discover that once you hit the play button, there's no way to get back to it. So, uhm, if you're writing your level in the text box provided, copy it somewhere else before you hit play. 'Cause, you know. Smashing your head against the wall after spending an hour and a half designing a level isn't much fun.

As for the game itself, very enjoyable. It reminded me of the text-based games of my youth. NetHack, anyone?


That's definitely a word to the wise. Sorry you lost all that effort, Iggy.

Rob recommends using a text editor for composing your levels, and I couldn't agree more. Levels are simply 25 lines of 80 characters each. By using a text editor your originals stay safe. Oh, and be sure to use a mono-spaced font.

Incidently, Eli has written a review of NetHack that we'll be putting up here later this weekend. =)


Dang, Jay! I was going to suggest this game! Oh, well... Anyways, I'm stuck on level 11.


anyone have any clues for 12?


wow this is really really nice :)


hey can anyone help me on level 8?? i seem to be missing a gold...i can't see where all of them are?

MatrixFrog July 15, 2006 4:53 AM

Regarding level 12, have you figured out what = and ' do? I know that - is a floor you can drop through, but as far as I can tell, = and ' are just regular flooring. Figuring out what makes them different from # is probably key.

MatrixFrog July 15, 2006 5:11 AM

Okay, I got level 12. I'm not sure how to give any hints, but the single quotes (') seem to be pretty unimportant. The equals signs are not, and once I discovered their function, I realized I had seen them before.

What the = does is

creates copies of whatever is above it

so hopefully that will be a good hint.


Yes, it's amazing, Tsuken. I can't get over how well everything works together. The guy is a genius. =)

Here's a walkthrough for level 11:

This level takes quite a bit of patience and good timing.

  1. First you have to get both Is over the pacing b/ds, which is not easy. As the b/ds are moving right, drop down on top of them and just as you anticipate them moving another step to the right, press the right arrow and hold. If done correctly both Is will climb back up to the other side of the crevice.

  2. Now it's safe to drop both Is down to the lower level. The left I will come to rest next to another pacing b/d, which becomes very important to making it through the level. Note that just one single step to the left and you will fall off a cliff if the b/d is not blocking the way. So be sure the b/d is blocking the way any time you need to move the other I to the left.

  3. Move the right I to the right until it's on the elevator ("), and take that up to the ledge and get the moving plaTform. Take the platform all the way to the right and climb the ladder to the top. STOP.

  4. Timing is crucial at this point. Move left only when the b/d is blocking the left I's path. You will only be able to move a few spaces at a time, so be patient. Make sure you don't stop on either set of x's or you will die. Continue moving left across the plateau until you get to the switch, and activate it. Almost done.

  5. With the right I on the switch and the left I still next to the pacing b/d, wait for the b/d to block once more and move left one space. This will put the right I up against the wall.

  6. Now it's almost safe to grab the gold, so move to the right 3 spaces only. The left I will drop down to the right of a wall. Move left 3 spaces to move the right I back up against the wall again. Move right 4 spaces to get the gold.

  7. You're done with the left I on the lower level now, so run to the right as fast as you can. Climb down the ladder and get on the moving plaTform. All that's left is to get back across without getting hit by the acid rain that's now falling. Timing is critical. Use the fact that there are spaces in between each set of raindrops (%) to your advantage and level 11 is done. Congratulations!


Hey Rae - getting the gold in Level 8 is tricky, especially one of the two underneath the Y tree, top and center.

Try this:

Push the O off the ledge and drop down on top of it. Jump off to the left of the O and push it up against the other O already on that level. Now you will be able to climb over both Os and grab the gold under the tree. Sneaky, eh? ;)


oh my god, thanks jay! i didnt realize the two O wouldnt move when pushed together...i keep trying to find a way to drop them off to the conveyor belt! thanks! it's getting so hard though, ive barely passed lvl 10 and it took a lot of thinking.


This was awesome, even though the last level made me go crazy! It was so hard to focus on both characters without dying...


Level 13 - kill me now.

That aside.... I love this game! Regardless of the insanely hard (though perfectly doable) final level, this is definitely one of the better games I've seen in a long time.

The gameplay is like some crazy-ass combination of LodeRunner and BlockDude

It may be possible to use pastebin (http://www.pastebin.com) to share levels..


Jay, I fully agree, Rob Allen is, in fact, a genius. just reading his farticles cracks me up...
oh, and by the way, when I suggested the game (yesterday) it only had 9 levels... so...

jay, check out "rrrr that's 5 r's" site, they have a new game called help hellen.


wow!! apparently he also changed a few levels...


..Level 9 has me stumped.

I can't seem to figure out how to get the 0 across the two line gap without getting it stuck. I can, however, get my double to go in the gap so I don't get stuck. Thus, the tag for potential spoilage.


This is so strongly reminiscent of ZZT...


Care to enlighten those not familiar with what ZZT stands for? =p

(thinking... ZZ Top?) o_O


Ben - hint for level 9:

Let the O get stuck, that's where it needs to be


I just beat all 13 levels. 13 is not that bad once you understand the principal of how it works.

anyone make any levels?


ZZT is a top down action/adventure game. It came with its own editor and fairly robust object-oriented scripting, and many high quality games came out from fan work.
Apparently, it's even freeware now, and a link to the game file is found at wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZZT). Burger Joint (http://madgames.adventuredevelopers.com/zzt/burgerj.htm) is one of the cooler fanmade adventures that takes ZZT far away from the usual caves with pi-tigers and umlaut bears.


Thats a very good game. Nice find, Jay!


Ok so I can't figure out how to get the £ in level 9 to finish it....any hints?

Zachery July 15, 2006 7:47 PM

Wow. This is the first game I've been able to complete without any spoilers whatsoever. I'm proud of myself.

Level 9:

Go right with the left I until you reach the underscored landing.
Go down, then to the left until the tilda.
Push down.
Go right as until you drop on the parentheses.
Get onto the " elevator and go up until the left I reaches the main platform.
Move both Is up into the next level.
Go right until one I is on the other.
Go up, right all the way, then up.
Go left, but watch the lower I. When it is above the elevator, go down to the parentheses. Those will prevent it from falling into the hole.
Push the O off the cliff.
Follow the O off the cliff. Move to the right, then push the O into the gap.
Move the lower I up so that both Is are on the same level.
Go left until one I is on the other, keeping going left.
When the leftmost I gets the £, move right to the exit!

I'm working on a level. If think it is good enough, I'll post it when I finish.

Carolyn July 15, 2006 9:27 PM

This game kind of annoyed me and I'm not sure why.
It reminded me of Rogue, which I used to play years ago and I think was one of the first computer games? I can't seem to find the one I used to play anymore...I found an online version that runs a bit slowly, but it'll give you a feel of the game.
Burger Joint was pretty good, I'm sure it gets addicting! But right now I'm missing the Rogue I used to play...

sweetie July 15, 2006 9:39 PM

cute, but it runs really slow on my computer... : (


this is really fun, but is it supposed to flash like that? *twitch*


It was pretty easy pickings up to 9... it's got me stumped.

I'm giving myself at least 10 minutes before I go for any hints, though... argh, gotta figure this one.


Hey, I just finished creating a level editor in Flash to make the task a bit less tedious.

Now let's see some new levels!! =D


Hah, I got 9 and 10 by my self *beam*

I'll try and do some levels after I beat these last three.


No hints required for 11... just pure evil. >_



For the reference of level editors and folks who need a hint, I'm going to try and write down what each object does;

"L" collectable to unlock exit
. becomes :?
# regular platform
- drop-down platform
\|/ regular walls, afaik
0-9 timed platforms (at least 3 to push a boulder across)
~ trigger
@ clears when you press a trigger
() directional conveyor belt
x allows you a split second to cross; eats you after that time
: becomes ; and lets boulders through
[] chases player right/left, kills on contact
" up and down movable platform
T left and right movable platform
O boulder
eE closed/open exit
% acid, kills player
{} push things aside, kills player
X instant death
? ??? (dissapears on playing level)
= reproduces most any death/movable/collectable object
& unsure, doesn't kill, can be walked on

Feel free to correct that as I probably screwed up somewhere.


Awsome level editor, Jay! I might have to make a level...

MatrixFrog July 16, 2006 4:09 AM

You forgot

& which turns into a 0 and then disappears if there are 0's next to it.


OK can anyone give some more help with level 12?

It's pretty clear I've gotta

manufacture boulders

but I can't work out

how many, where to put them, and whether the lower I should be on their left or right

Capuchin July 16, 2006 5:11 AM

Completed it. ;)


i agree with adam, 13 isnt actually that hard, you just have to remember where the one on the right has to go and move in time (dont need to watch the one on the right at all)

awesome game


Great GUI level editor! only one suggestion. I am having trouble seeing where my current character is lining up with others. So, would it be possible to have the squares above/below/right/left highlight when your mouse is over a certain square? (like a crosshair)


Man, my NetHack background is working against me a little here...

"e" is a floating eye, "&" is a demon, and once I tried controlling the @, wondering why I wasn't having any reaction...

But it IS a great game.

Dustfinger July 16, 2006 1:35 PM

Haha that was pretty fun, but I didn't like how there wasn't any sound. And I only got to level six, LOL.


OK, that almost gave me an aneurism, but I finished level 12.

Now I've seen level 13. I can see what needs to be done, but there is no way I'm coordinated enough to do it.

rumrummyrum July 16, 2006 2:07 PM

If you press "c" on the keyboard, it skips a level


Alright...for the life of me I still can't figure out level 12. Pish posh to vague clues, I need a quick and dirty answer :-/


Oh never mind...I just got it...duh.

For those struggling:

You can take the T across and pass UP through the - to get the boulders in place

Capuchin July 16, 2006 2:37 PM

For BSC (total solution to 12 - from memory)

get to the T that goes unter the starting platform, come up the other side of the boulder
Push the boulder left, drop 2 down the side of the high wall, and 1 to the left of it, then push the boulder all the way to the left such that its only just off the =s.
go back onto the T, come up the other side of the boulder.
Push it off the right edge of the platform.
Should be able to get the other I to the £ now.
Get the top I to the exit :)

Capuchin July 16, 2006 2:40 PM

Dammit bsc, now i look (more) stupid (than usual)


Well folks, unfortunately my MovableType comments code strips out extra spaces, so we can't post levels right here in the comments at present. I'm trying to figure out a way to fix that without mussing other things up, though not sure I will be able to.

I believe Rob is currently working on a way to upload levels to the SSB game page.


I wanted to complete this without using any hints, but I had to get some help for number 8 because I honestly didn't know that placing two 'boulders' next to each other would prevent you from pushing them. Having done this, I wanted to finish the rest completely on my own, but number 12 was killing me until I realized that...

There is an 'elevator' on the edge of the middle platform. I just saw it as a continuation of the dots. I was messing around with it for nearly a half hour until I realized it.

For that reason, this game would be infinitely better if there were just a few basic colors thrown in, so you could spot unique characters more easily. As it stands, it's still pretty cool. I love puzzle games like this.


OK finally finished level 13. A little sleep made the coordination necessary possible.


"done with the levels that Rob has concocted, there is even a level editor with which to create your own(!)"

You fill me with more happiness than a toad in a Radio Shack... and perhaps even more than that... -MANAX


Level design by Eli:



Ok, so I figured out a way to upload levels here, and you can do it right from within the level editor. There is an option to "Upload to JIG" in the Save dialog, which will upload the level in a spoiler just like in the comment just above this one.

For levels uploaded in this way, you must use the level editor to convert them back into level text, since I had to do some conversion to hexadecimal to preserve all characters uploaded here on the blog.

To select all characters in an uploaded level:

  1. First pop-open the spoiler

  2. Position the mouse cursor just to the left of the beginning of the long line of numbers

  3. Click and drag straight down until the whole line is selected

  4. Copy

  5. Click "Load" in the level editor

  6. Click inside the text box that pops-up

  7. Paste

So easy. =)

If you've already been playing around with the editor, you may need to empty your browser cache to get the latest version.


I can't beat Level 12 despite the hints (which have been helpful nonetheless). Anyone know how?


Level 12 walkthrough

Step One

Top I: Move left until you drop onto the platform to the left of the one the O is on. Move left onto the " (vertical moving platform). Use the vertical platform to get you up to the top platform, then move left off the edge of it, so that you land on the T (horizontal moving platform)

Step Two

Top I: Move right until you are one space to the right of the O, and then move up through the platform so that you are beside the O.

Step Three

Top I: As quickly as possible, move the boulder at least 3 spaces left so that it is on a = and somewhere above the middle of the ledge below. (ie not above the last # to the left) Return to the T, and move it as far right as possible.

Step Four

Bottom I: Let a single column of Os form, then push the bottom O two spaces to the opposite side of the column from you. Then push the next bottom O two to the other side. Continue making a platform until you fill in the space to the left of the tree that the gold is sitting on. DON'T step off the platform until you can get on top of the tree. Get the gold.

Step Five

Top I: Get back onto the top platform, push the O off it to the left, and keep on moving left to the Exit.


whoa just finished 13 in the like 10th try... even after I freed the left I, I had some problems getting them both back as the lower one didn't want to move first o.O


Level design by Laq:


Zachery July 17, 2006 9:07 AM

Level design by Zachery:



I haven't noticed any comments so far regarding level 14..

There are letter I's, a 'Lira' symbol, and letter e's that capitalize when the lira symbol is collected. So it has all the elements of a level, has anyone solved it? I suppose the assumption is that it is not meant to be solved as there isnt a level 15... right?


Hmm, Rob must have been busy because when I reviewed this game a couple of days ago there wasn't a level 14.

That being said, I doubt he would have made a level that is impossible to solve. He is, however, capable of some rather extreme puzzle designs.


Very nice level Zachery. Quite easy but tricky.


Regarding Level 14. I don't think it is beatable. However, you can press on the switch and make the Os drop along with the Key. If you get the key, you die. If you let it drop down, the gate opens but there is now way to get to it.

Also, on the gameplay window at the top it has the words "I'll give you munchkin" Does anyone think this means something?


> Also, on the gameplay window at the top it has the words "I'll give you munchkin" Does anyone think this means something?

Yes, it means that Rob is dementedly fermented.

Two sheds July 17, 2006 1:48 PM

Level design by Two sheds:




Wow. That is a hard one, Two sheds. I don't think I'm quick enough for those curly braces.


Minor note: the editor lacks the characters "A", "^", and "°" from level 13. Not a big deal, since they're merely decorative, but maybe it would be possible to include an option to type characters instead of just "drawing" them?


I'll get those new characters added to the level editor soon.

In the meantime, you can just ctrl-click on a character button, which allows you to enter a new character of your choice.


New chars added. ;)

You may need to empty your browser cache to get the new version.


Level design by dj:


easy on the way, harder on the way back


Holding shift on the editor to fill no longer works for me. Also, it looks like you can submit your maps to "the pit" now and can mae a title. This is available from the play menu


Oops, my bad. Fixed.


Has anyone else tried (without luck) to play this using Safari? I get the initial page, I assume I click "jump to level 1" to start, but it doesn't take me anywhere. Any advice?


Hey Rob, it appears this game doesn't work at all with Safari. It seems like your choices are limited to IE (which is plays horribly on) and Firefox (which plays it fine).


I can confirm that the game does not work in Safari (1.3.2).

However, I can also confirm that the game runs fine in Camino (which isn't surprising since it's also a Mozilla-based browser), and in Opera.

So it looks like Safari is the only one without support.

lavkian July 18, 2006 3:53 AM

TwoSheds' is easy save for timing that damn platform >_<

I'll get it here any minute now... with some luck.

lavkian July 18, 2006 4:11 AM

Good design on DJ's, but easy. :)

Solutions for both:


Run right, hit the switch, grab the "L"
Run left to the edge, wait for the "[" to pass under you, THEN drop
Run left, ride the elevator up, exit


Right, time the "b" to the right
Up the elevator, right across the "T", hit the switch
Down, watch the "{"s. The left one will be closer by one or two #'s when it hits the other. Get a feel for the right timing, then dash right as soon as it turns right.
Take the elevator up two spaces, then trap the "{" on the left.
Repeat with the other brace.
Move up the -'s, mind the breaking floor and grab the "L"
Now go down the -s or just drop off the edge, doesn't matter. Get on a lift, then trap the "{" on the opposite side. No excuse for dying here :p
Mad dash to the left, but don't try it all at once. Cross the x's, stop, cross the acid, stop, wait for the "b".
Time it across and a winner is you!

We need more like TwoShed's, but I suck at building these things.


Little H.ell in the Level Pit is driving me bonkers!

I can get alllllmost to the end-to the " elevator above the exit, and the T-platform in the upper right reachable from that elevator-but I can't get to the exit.

What am I missing?


Never mind! I figured out Little H.ell, the top-rated Level Pit level. Walkthrough:

* Move left to the elevator, then up to the T platform.
* Get the money, then keep moving right until you climb the @ stairs and fall.
* Move right, off the cliff, then down through the little funnel at the bottom of the level.
* Activate the switch, then IMMEDIATELY run left to the elevator, and take it to the top.
* Move right, drop down onto the T again, then move left to the first elevator. Ride it down.
* Sneak right under the falling %s to the next elevator. Take it all the way to the top.
* Move right, onto then past the boulder. Push the boulder off to the left and follow it down. Then push it right (quickly across the 3) so it falls into the funnel.
* Continue across the funnel and the 4s to the elevator on the right. Take it up to the T, and ride the T left.
* Push the second boulder to the trapdoor (collecting the money as you do), pause while it falls through, then keep moving left until you can climb down through the - floor. You'll wind up in the funnel.
* Push the boulder right across the 3s, dodging the %s. You'll either push it off the edge or it'll be blocked by a % and you'll climb over it.
* Fall onto the exit.



Hey Jay, can you add the characters < and > to your editor? I discovered them while making my new level the other day.

I doubt I'm the first to find it, I certainly don't want to search through 200+ levels to find out.


Hey breach, I just updated the editor to include those characters, thanks for letting me know about them!

Did you know that you can ctrl-click on any of the character buttons to edit them? Then you can input any character you like.


I'm stuck on level 7, can i gain some advice?
Right, i've got the first two £'s, but for the last one you need to press the tilde.

To get there, you need to push the O which inadvertantly runs down the timer on the 33333 "bridge"

I'm stuck.


Level 7? U just go-go-go without looking back and you'll get to the E. You don't need the 3 bridge there is a T below.
Anyone figured out if level 14 is just a joke? or


What do each symbol means?


here's what the keys do:

I you
E exit
x and X kills everything on it
T moving plaform
other letters float
@ disappears into a 0 when ~ is pressed
% kills you
( moves every thing left )-vice versa
= duplicates everything on it except you
" lifts you up and down(whee!)
capital o is a rock
pound sign you must collect
.,; and : let % and O through
arrow keys well,i don`t have to tell!


i'm real stuck on 13, scrap hints an tips, give me a dirty walkthrough


Level 13:

Step 1

Wait for the "I"'s to drop. Read ahead before going any further, because timing is now needed.
Press down when the "]" is about underneath the "I" in the bottom right. As quickly as possible, press left, then down, then hold left, making sure that the right "I" makes it past the barrier with an "A" on top.
With the left "I", keep alternating going right and left one space to dodge all of the "%"s. The pattern of them falling is 2 to the left, 2 to the right, 2 to the left, etc...

Step 2

make sure that you keep the left "I" constantly dodging the "%"s
When you are ready, at a time when the "%"s are coming down on the right side, (where you would usually just press left once to dodge them) hold left, then when the right "I" is at the """ hold up. you need to do this quickly so that the right "I" reaches the platform, before you need to press right to dodge the next "%" with the left "I". You are now safe to take your time with just carrying on dodging the "%"s with the left "I".

Step 3

still keep dodging the "%"s
When the left "I" is on the left hand side, hold left. When it is on the right side, just wait. Do this until You get across to the "#---#". Press down.
When the left "I" is on the right hand side, hold right. When it is on the left side, just wait. Do this until You get to the next "#---#". Press down.
When the left "I" is on the left hand side, hold left. When it is on the right side, just wait. Do this until you are next to the "O". You are safe to keep dodging the "%"s to the left and right.

Step 4

still keep dodging the "%"s
When the left "I" is on the left side, your right "I" should now be right next to the "O". Press left.
Just dodge the "%"s like normal, and you will find that the right "I" will get rid of the column of 3 "O"s.
When the left "I" is on the right side, hold right, which will bring the left "I" to safety and now be with the right "I".
No more timing is needed from this point on

Step 5

bring the "I"s up through the two "#---#"s
hold left until one "I" is on top of the other.

Step 6

keep pressing right until one of the "I"s is under the column of 5 "#"s

Step 7

press left then down. Hold up to get both the "I"s on the same platform.

Step 8

Press down then keep pressing right until both "I"s are under the platform between the columns of "#"s. Press up, then hold left/right to get one "I" on top of the other. Press up then keep pressing left until you have the "£".

Step 9

keep pressing right until the "I" that got the "£" is on top of any of the "#"s. press down, then hold right. One "I" will get on top of the other and collect the "E".
Completed! =)


And just so that everyone knows, level 14 is actually impossible to complete, it's just a funky way to show you've completed all the levels made so far =P
If you reeaaally want me to go through every single little detail of why you can't complete it then see below =P

So to begin with, pressing right or left to start off with will not effect the top "I", and the bottom "I" will just fall off which doesn't really help anyone.
It is clear then that the *only* other option is to press down, which will get rid of all the "@"s, and the "£" eventually gets eaten by the "x", so collecting that is not the issue. All that needs to be done is to get to any of the "E"s.
There is nothing to link the 2 "I"s together in any way, to try and get them to help eachother. There are clearly no obstacles to try and use to get to the other one, or any lifts ("), or any numbers or "&"s which could cause a chain reaction to reach the other one. The bottom "I" has no way to get upwards, and there is no safe passage for the top "I" down to the bottom level. Anything from the top level will just go along to treadmill and then fall to it's doom. Therefore, we can take the situation of each "I" seperately to see if they can reach an "E".
The bottom "I"
doesn't take a genius to figure out that things aren't looking good for this little fella. The switch has already been activated (as I figured it *must* be to begin with) and then going in either direction will result in a tragic, poitless suicide.
The top "I"
It cannot move right, so the only way it will be going is left. I will now divide this up into 2 situations.
Situation 1
if you are quick enough with holding down left straight after pressing down, then you will climb ontop of the falling "O" and straight onto the "D". If you held down left for too long, you will end up on "THAT", left of the "O", which I will go through later as it occurs in situation 2. You can go ontop of the ":" but it can't do anything to affect the situation. The only place left to go is right, and you fall into the exact position of the start of situation 2.
Situation 2
You have let the "O" fall, and going left puts you ontop of the "O" on "THAT".
If you go to either side, pushing the "O" will do absolutely nothing except move it to a different place on "THAT" or make it fall off the edge and get mutilated.
If you keep going left on "THAT" then you will ride the "T" as far left as you want until you hit the wall or realise that you aren't *actually* getting anywhere or realise that your pointlessly trying to complete a level that was designed only to show a message. Whatever your reason is, the only place to go is back to "THAT" with absolutely nothing having been changed and having just wasted a fraction of your life like I am doing right now in making this thing...
If instead you decide to go right, you will cross over to the "W" using the "T", and then you will just fall to your doom. Why keep going right? Well there's no way to go up or down and going back will leave you in the same position with nothing changed.

I hope that maybe this has put some of you at peace lol =P
If you could be bothered to read that and see anything I haven't noticed or have overlooked then please say. I'm pretty sure I covered everything, but maybe not *shrugs* (does it really matter that much anyway? Probably not, but oh well)

Sethum May 1, 2007 5:10 PM

Jay, the level editor is great, but you forgot one symbol: "`", which makes the > and It's use is best seen in the Rock-o-matic from the level pit

The "Legend" of symbols is below

I == Player (falls, moves)

£ == Gold (falls, collectible)

O == Boulder (falls, pushable)

e or E == Exit (requires all Gold to open)

- == Platform (vertically climbable)

= == Replicator (copies object above down)

X or x == Trap (destroys objects above)

: or ; or . == Tumbler (lets non-floating objects fall, except for Player)

% == Spike (instant death on contact)

) or ( == Conveyor (moves objects above sideways, change direction when "`" is pressed)

" == Elevator (movable vertically)

T == Cart (movable horizontally)

@ == Gate (disappears when "~" is pressed)

& or ? == Rubble (disappears when touching a "0")

9 or 8 or 7 etc. == Timer (counts down to zero when falling object on it)

~ == Button (makes "@" dissappear)

` == Switch (makes ">" and ")" and "}" change direction)

b or d == Slow Cart (moves slowly, changes direction when stopped)

] or [ == Critter (falls, moves, changes direction when stopped, kills player)

} or { == Flying Critter (moves, changes direction when stopped, kills player)

> or
" x " or " x " == Create Boulder (turns "¦" into "A" and

" : " or " . " == drops "O" when "x" is moved over, all

" A " or " ¦ " == 3 must be stacked as shown)

everything else == (just floats in place, like "#" "\" "Y" "|" "^" "°" etc.)

Let me know if I got something wrong.


what does ° do?


sorry about double post but the reason is that it comes up on the editor and i don't know what it does (that symbol) pleeeeaaaassssee can someone work it out and tell me?

shasta_828 February 28, 2008 4:46 PM

This is my first attempt at a level. Normaly I would not post a first attempt, but the guys in the office say it's pretty good. Hope you like it.

Sorry I could not upload it to JIG as explained above.


oh thanks jay.

i was just wondering. and also, i had already checked Sethum's spoiler =)

Nooteboom March 19, 2008 4:37 PM

Hey, can anyone beat this level? http://www.foon.co.uk/farcade/ssb/?lev=6047

This one is tough!!

Anonymous May 1, 2008 10:28 AM

So, what is the deal with SSB now? Are the levels going to be cleaned up, or will it all have to start over?

Anonymous August 23, 2008 7:27 PM

for some reason the game doesn't load for me, something about "can't find web address".

QwertyuiopThePie December 6, 2009 1:50 AM

I'm afraid it seems all of foon.uk is down, and the internet archive didn't preserve the game. Too bad, it was one of my favorites.


Yay, it's back! No level pit, though. I be saddened.


There is something missing!
did you know that "n" and "u" have a purpose?
They bounce up and down switching between the two characters. Also can someone tell me how to get a WORKING lev. ed. ? P.S. THIS GAME IS TOO EASY!!! I WISH THERE WERE MORE LEVELS!!! b.t.w. level 17 is possible. BYE!


I am stuck on level 18! It is just a blank screen, and it is called "BLANK". I am very... well, my name says it all.


The link doesn't work.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawm4xUFYr5uE8CnSsuwLfb5Q3_nLdq-YqiA May 11, 2012 1:32 PM

This game is dead. Literally.
When going to the game, it says: 404 Not found.
And if you are going to the site self (without the /farcade/ssb ) , you will be sent to a weird game. Huh?


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