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If you visit here often then you may know that I like to change the appearance of the blog from time to time to keep it looking fresh. The ability to change appearance easily is one of the great advantages of using Cascading Stylesheets (CSS) when developing for the Web. With CSS, changing entire color schemes and background images can be made simple as clicking a button.

For those who are not as fond of the darker Halloween/Thanksgiving colors, you may now choose to revert back to the previous month's stylesheet by using the Stylesheet switcher in the sidebar. Or, simply click one of these buttons...

Your choice will be saved as a cookie on your computer for 30 days. After that, the current style I have chosen for the season will prevail. New buttons will be added to the switcher as new styles become available. Your feedback about this feature is welcome and encouraged. =)


Nice. I prefer the previous layout, as the Halloween one looks very dark and low-contrast, at least on my monitor. Thanks for that!


hurray! Now I can go back to normal, as the Halloween one feels weird after October ends.
I can't wait for the winter theme *cough cough*


That's really useful - I was getting sick of not being able to read anything! :)


That is such a good idea! The seasonal themes can get a bit annoying after a while (not yours, Jay), so it's nice to be able to switch. All websites should do it!


I had to mess with my graphics card configs to be able to see the halloween theme... guess my monitor is just plain crap. Soooo... it's good to have the original theme back. :)

On the other hand, people seem to have really liked the halloween theme (the ones that could actually see it!), so, cool feature. If you have the time and wish to do so, add some non-holiday alternative themes. I kinda think it's meaningless to use a holiday theme when that holiday is long gone.



Woah... my eyes! It's so bright! *blink, blink*

Jay, I really like this new feature. It sort of feels as if we get to help you decorate... unfortunately, it sounds like more work for you, so we aren't exactly helping... but it is still quite cool :) Would you, at least, like any ideas for color schemes?


Nice one, that's such a great idea! I loved the halloween layout, but it is a relief to get back to something lighter afterwards.


Excellent. I'm with Kinestra. Love the Hallowe'en colors, but ready for the black-on-white/grey again!


I like the "old" color scheme more because it has the pretty purple in the background. Ooo...purple...


Once again jay, you improve your site even better then it is, I missed the old layout, halloween one was too dark:)


Yeah, it is like turning the light swith on :)


OMG it's like you can read my mind! I was just thinking the other day, how nice it would be if I could switch back to the previous purple/green theme. Though I like this current theme also very much, it is nice to be able to switch themes depending on one's preference and mood! Yet another great feature on this excellent site!

One word: Jayisgreat ;)


Hi Jay,

I really like that you added the switch feature!

As much as I enjoyed the Halloween/fall theme, I work in a dim room where it was hard to read with the darker colors. Thank you for taking the time to make the switch available for those of us that needed it!

BTW... I love your site! I am a die-hard game player who loves variety... your site has made my life a brighter place! =o)

I appreciate all the hard work that goes into making your site MY favorite site!

I have recommended your site to all of my game-playing friends and family... they are all hooked now and love it too!

Thank you from ALL of us!!!

OK... I'm going to go check out that new poker game now... (so many great games, so few hours in a day... sigh... I may have to stop sleeping altogether!)


Wow, Zole, thanks very much. =)

And thanks to everyone so far for your feedback. Maintaining an accessible website is important to me and, without your valuable feedback, it is difficult to know what works and what doesn't.

What I am curious about is this: since I am now setting your style choice in a cookie, your preferred style will now override any new styles I create. Should I override your style preference when adding a new one? Or simply create an entry announcing the new theme and leave it up to you?


Karmen - I am always open to new ideas, especially when it comes to the artistic side of things.

I am no artist. I consider myself more a technologist, and therefore do the best I can to make things aesthetically pleasing around here.

If someone were to come up with a new banner for the site, I would certainly consider creating a new stylesheet to use with it, or even accept suggestions for that as well.

Are there any kind folks out there who have the talents to help out? Just say the word. =)


Just a quick note to say that the spoiler tags appear to have been shunned by the stylesheet switcher, as they are still in the halloween colours.

And seeing as everyone else is singing the praises of jayisgames, I too have fallen in love with the site since stumbling on the crywolf post a few moons ago. Keep up the stellar work :)

Addendum: I forgot to put my email address in when posting this, and am now on a page with no background at all (a kind of lo-fi jayisgames), though the text is still the same.


Thanks, Tobey. I appreciate the bug report. I hope to have everything ironed out soon.


I luv'it, I luv'it, I luv'it!!!!

Honestly, I turned my computer on this evening, thinking "it's been a few days ago that I checked Jay's website, but I was soooo fed up by the Halloween outlook..." (maybe because I'm Dutch and we don't *do* Halloween in The Netherlands?? :)).
So, I like that I can switch back, I like even more the fact that you make the effort to give us this opportunity (isn't CSS a wonderful thing???). If you make another style in the future, I don't mind having my chose written over. It would be great though, if you give us the chance to chose again by then.



In response to your question:

I myself would prefer if your new style would override the cookie. That way, when I log into the site it would be a pleasant surprise!

A question for you now...

Have you considered making T-shirts available to your adoring fans? =o)


Hi - I agree with zole (override the setting). So here is my vote. :)


Love the (optional) new look, but I found perhaps a bug? On Firefox I was unable to edit my favorite games using the new style layout. Switched back to classic and it worked just fine.


It's me again - I have noticed that using the "search" restores the "dark" stylesheet pernamently, so I need to switch it again. Bug or feature?




Love the purple! The other was too dark for me.


I like the blue stylesheet... a lot easier to read :)


Michal - that would be a bug. Thank you kindly for alerting me to it. I will get right on it. Cheers!


Ok, the search bug has been fixed. Thanks again Michal!

Aly - I don't seem to have a problem editing favorites with either stylesheet. Can you give me some more detailed information, such as your platform, OS, and describe exactly, the best you can, the behavior you experience when editing Favorites? Thanks very much for your help! =)


I vote for override w/ new css.


the stylesheet switcher isnt working for me...i cant change to any of the other styles


What browser and OS are you using Sean? The Stylesheet switcher uses Javascript to do its magic, do you have Javascript enabled in your browser?


I'm using Firefox 1.5 on Windows XP... and no dice on the style switcher. It just reloads the page, but the style is the same. I do have Javascript enabled.

For the record, it doesn't work with on my IE 6.0 for Windows either. But instead of simply reloading the page, it takes me to the current archive page (with the same style).

Can I make a suggestion? Having a built-in stylesheet switcher is nice, but if you're going to have alternate stylesheets, they should be labelled as such in the code. That way browsers that recognize them will allow users to change stylesheets through the browser, just in case the built-in stylesheet switcher fails to work (or the user prefers to use the browser).

José Ribeiro August 27, 2009 1:58 PM

The style switcher ain't working for me, both on Linux and Windows. I wanted to play the old banner game. In both cases it gives me an "switchCSS is not defined" error, so I suppose that you've dropped the style switcher a while ago, since this is an old post.

[Edit: Yes, the old style switcher script is no longer functional since we radically changed the site layout (and hence all the CSS stylesheets) back in June '08. However, we are very nearly ready to roll out a new stylesheet switcher. If you keep it to yourself, I'll send you a beta link via the email in your CG account. :) -Jay]


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