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String Avoider

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JohnBString Avoider is an online flash game where you slide a string through a series of mazes using your mouse. Coded by fwe and part of the Gamenet network, String Avoider has the nasty habit of being both addictive and maddeningly frustrating all at once.

Stringavoider.jpgLevels are composed of black blocks that are strictly off-limits to your happy little string. Slither through narrow gaps and round sharp corners while gritting your teeth in suspense. Bump the wall just once and you'll have to start over (and see a dentist). Your long string trails behind and can be shortened by pairs of scissors found in some levels or by pressing "S" at any time (at the cost of one life, however).

A nice feature about String Avoider is the ability to make your own levels. The editor allows you to fill a grid with walls to make your own mazes. These are playable through the main menu and stick around even after you stop playing the game.

The physics of String Avoider sometimes feel a little unrealistic, but it's a mechanism you quickly adapt to. Unfortunately there's no level skip or password feature, so no matter how far you make it during one sitting you'll have to start over for the next.

Go play String Avoider, the best use for a bit of string since dental floss! Thanks to Duki for sending this one in.


Cool, I'm the first to comment! Cool game Jay. Thanks.


Cool game.

Anybody have any tips on the face level? eek.


Ha! Nevermind, I got it!


any hints for level 11 its well hard!


the trick is not to hit the side :P
i did well but then i lost :(

any tips

Mordecai April 7, 2006 6:02 PM

That was pretty fun. I played it before, but on a finger pad thing for a laptop...it was a bit harder. Some levels I had no choice but to use S. I didn't even know you could do that until this review ^_^

Score 1108...


I got to level 15, called Face It, then I hit the wall in the end and got a bit rushed and lost 4 lives in a row or something and then had none left :)

always take the outside of corners


nice game


uuuuh... ok, how do you start it? there's 5 blue blank rectangles and I've clicked on each one... has it just not finished loading? The music is going.... waaahh!!

TornadoTK April 7, 2006 9:59 PM

meewa: Try clicking on them again, but look at what the line does. It's pretty neat.

Mordecai April 8, 2006 12:08 AM


You just need to hold the mouse over the button, and wait for the string to shrink until it disappears. It's unusual yes :P


Can't beat level 11, probably because I have hic-ups!


Fun! But you really should warn us to clear our desks off so we have room for mouse manuevers. And maybe a second mouse pad to give you extra moving space.


can someone help me?

i cant ever get passed the face level any tips??



hit the 's' key to shorten up the string. You'll lose one life, but that'll probably be a lot less than you would lose trying to beat the level without shortening the string.


The game's quite fun, even though a bit frustrating at times. I've played it maybe four times now and reached level 25.

There do, however, seem to be a few bugs. In some cases, the string will go red as if you had hit a wall, even if you didn't. I once even had this happen to me on level 1 where I couldn't have possibly hit a wall, as there wasn't one nearby! Another thing: I could use the 's' key only once; I'm not sure, however, whether it was a bug or a feature.


Hey. Has anyone got past level 22 because i can't!!! Any tips?
For the face problem, i just got really tight into the corners, and go back on yourself if you have to.


thankyou bj8rn that got me past the face level :P :)


laurs: first of all, you need a steady hand. Secondly, you need an awful lot of patience. I managed to screw up this level several times because I got careless after getting past the first tricky part. Get the scissors first, then go almost all the way down before turning around and heading right. After that, make a few circles in the large 'box' to line yourself up for the narrow bit; do the same in the other large 'box'. From the corridor opening from the big box to the right, head almost all the way to the right edge of the screen before turning around. Then head down towards the End box; keep as close to the right wall of the corridor as possible. That way, you should be able to just keep clear of the corner to the upper left.

I hope this made sense to you :7


More general tips: In turns, try to keep as close to the outer wall as possible. When you get stuck, don't hesitate to turn back and try again -- especially in tight spots. Sometimes, running a few loops can help to straighten up the string and keep it clear of a tight corner.

Still haven't gotten past 25, though...


Woo, I did it! After a lot of cursing and lots and lots of stupid mistakes, I completed the game! Unfortunately, with a score of 1147, I wasn't probably anywhere near the top of the high score chart.

There's 27 levels altogether, and I must say that level 25 is the hardest one. It's the only one I haven't been able to complete without pressing 's'. Compared to 25, the last two levels were a piece of cake...


I'm glad to see people enjoying my game. Level 25 I admit is unbeatable without shortening the string manually.

Please note that the S key was a cheat (even though it takes away a life) You can also gain yourself 20 lives by holding the word HI while in game :D


Hey string avoider is a pretty cool game but i think the music at the main screen of the game is awsome too. What is that song called?


i need help on level 4.p:s press (S) to make the string longer

Anonymous November 2, 2007 1:36 PM

I know it sounds lame bu im stuck on level 8 egypt... God I suck!

anonymous21608 February 16, 2008 9:10 PM

anon 11/2
Egypt level

you have to go around the bottom once, hugging the wall, then to the middle level (the one that looks a bit taller than the others) and make a circle around there too, before heading up the rest of the way.


i completed the game and my time was 34.16 didnt tell me my score tho!

mmmmmmmmmmm April 9, 2009 5:56 PM

play this level:

Thinner Thinner Thinnest|Callum|360,100,10,-50,260,50,110,10,250,50,30,10,250,60,10,60,360,100,10,40,350,140,20,30,260,100,-10,40,250,140,20,30,250,170,30,30,250,200,40,30,370,170,-30,30,360,190,-20,40,360,190,10,40,340,200,-10,30,360,230,-10,-10,360,220,10,40,350,240,-30,20,360,220,-10,40,350,220,-20,20,330,240,-10,-10,300,270,20,10,340,250,30,70,250,260,30,70,270,320,100,10,340,300,30,20,250,320,20,10,250,220,30,40,270,230,30,30|290,70|290,280|300,250


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