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Strike Force Kitty

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Rating: 4.5/5 (620 votes)
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Strike Force Kitty

drstrosyThe Princess Kitty has been captured by evil forces...er, foxes...and the Kitty King has sent you, his strike force, out on a rescue mission. Strike Force Kitty is on the job! This adorable new action arcade game by Deqaf Studio (makers of Dangerous Adventure) takes the familiar mechanic and turns it into a completely unexpected (and seriously amusing) geek fest. As you travel, you'll meet a cast of strangely recognizable characters, from V to Freddy to a certain tomb raider. And that doesn't even scratch the surface of wacky references. As your fox nemeses are banished, you pick up their costumes and weapons, outfitting yourself as all sorts of funny folks with special buffs ranging from critical hits to healing, and which can improve your health, attack, or stamina. So choosing your equipment and placing your stat points, granted from leveling up, is the key to success. Fortunately, the payoff in this game isn't just the rescue of the princess, but the game itself which is just plain fun to play. Leveling up is dependent upon gathering fish which count as points in the game, and winning an entire outfit from a fox requires multiple battles. But as you move through the new maps that open up after every boss is defeated, you'll be able to make more decisions regarding your gameplay.

Strike Force KittyTo be fair, the game can be pretty grindy, as all games of this type can be, and it would certainly benefit from a fast forward button. There are four levels through which your intrepid kittehs must traipse, and it takes a good long while to gather enough equipment and points to make it to and past even the first boss. Depending on your current goals, you can choose to start from the castle after each defeat with a full stamina bar just to breeze through for fish points, or simply pick up in the level where you were killed with the stamina you had going in and try to force someone to give up their outfit. So much cuteness and so very very many options will make this a grinding player's dream game, but even if you only make it to the second boss, you'll get a kick out of the characters. Each level replay is quick, the enemies stay in the same place (which lets you strategize), and the fact that your strike force skips as they move through the forest will add to the preciousness overload that makes this game special. The game doesn't have a save function, so be sure you have your flash set to "Unlimited" if you want to hold on to your data. Now, get to it. There's a princess to save!

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trewerty June 25, 2014 4:39 PM

I feel I have to show something for all my time spent grinding through this game, so here are the names of the characters each complete set of clothes/weapons creates (including the addition to Health/Attack/Stamina stats in parentheses) and the effect they provide...

Character page 1/8:

1. troglodyte (1/3/0) Double damage. Chance 20%
2. roman (2/2/0) Blocking enemy attacks. Chance 20%
3. minion (1/1/2) Sight traps. Distance in one cell
4. cook (2/1/1) Blocking enemy attacks. Chance 20%
5. ballerina (1/1/1) Attract fish. Distance in one cell
6. droog (2/2/3) Not rebound after the collision. Chance 20%
7. archer (2/2/2) Double shot. Chance 20%
8. boxer (2/4/0) Double damage. Chance 20%
9. monk (3/3/0) healing all cats on 1 point every 3 seconds
10. arbalester (2/3/1) Double shot. Chance 30%

Character page 2/8:

11. lara (2/6/0) Double shot. Chance 20%
12. billy (3/3/2) Sight traps. Distance in one cell
13. bride (4/4/0) Blocking enemy attacks. Chance 20%
14. walter (8/0/0) Not rebound after the collision. Chance 20%
15. winfield (2/4/2) Attract fish. Distance in one cell
16. friday (4/6/0) Not rebound after the collision. Chance 20%
17. frederick (6/5/0) healing all cats on 1 point every 3 seconds
18. lun chi (0/5/1) Blocking enemy attacks. Chance 20%
19. ren (3/9/0) Not rebound after the collision. Chance 20%
20. kyu (3/9/2) Double damage. Chance 20%

Character page 3/8:

21. viking (7/7/0) Double damage. Chance 30%
22. hermes (5/4/5) Attract fish. Distance in two cells
23. knight (8/6/0) healing all cats on 2 point every 3 seconds
24. warrior lady (6/7/0) Double shot. Chance 30%
25. H.G. Poter (5/9/0) healing all cats on 2 point every 3 seconds
26. death (12/6/0) Double damage. Chance 30%
27. willy (7/5/6) Attract fish. Distance in two cell
28. sparrow (7/6/5) Sight traps. Distance in two cell
29. olorin (4/14/0) healing all cats on 2 point every 3 seconds
30. ashley (0/8/8) Double damage. Chance 30%

Character page 4/8:

31. kevin (7/8/7) Double shot. Chance 30%
32. great vampire (9/0/4) healing all cats on 2 point every 3 seconds
33. guido (4/14/4) Double damage. Chance 30%
34. blue girl (20/0/0) Double shot. Chance 30%
35. lowenbrau (10/10/0) Blocking enemy attacks. Chance 30%
36. bending Unit (9/9/8) Double damage. Chance 30%
37. crowbarman (10/10/6) Sight traps. Distance in two cell
38. kpock (12/14/0) Double shot. Chance 30%
39. sirk (11/15/0) Double damage. Chance 30%
40. nya-nya (22/0/0) Double shot. Chance 30%

Character page 5/8:

41. ninja (8/10/10) Double damage. Chance 40%
42. 47 (0/25/0) Double shot. Chance 40%
43. bold-faced (16/12/0) healing all cats on 3 point every 3 seconds
44. right-man (8/24/0) Double damage. Chance 40%
45. elect (0/13/10) Sight traps. Distance in three cell
46. beggar (9/12/9) Blocking enemy attacks. Chance 40%
47. jew (8/14/8) Attract fish. Distance in three cell
48. terry B (8/0/8) Double damage. Chance 40%
49. chef will (18/12/0) Sight traps. Distance in three cell
50. solidman (8/22/0) Double shot. Chance 40%

Character page 6/8:

51. clown (0/22/10) Not rebound after the collision. Chance 40%
52. bat (0/24/8) Blocking enemy attacks. Chance 40%
53. cybercop (0/32/0) Double damage. Chance 40%
54. wade (18/14/0) healing all cats on 3 point every 3 seconds
55. monocular (0/14/15) Double damage. Chance 40%
56. gulo gulo (15/26/0) healing all cats on 3 point every 3 seconds
57. metalman (20/15/0) Double shot. Chance 40%
58. captain (11/6/11) Blocking enemy attacks. Chance 40%
59. spartan (22/26/0) Double damage. Chance 40%
60. meathead (25/0/0) healing all cats on 3 point every 3 seconds

Character page 7/8:

61. p-turtle (15/14/11) Sight traps. Distance in four cell
62. y-turtle (13/14/13) Attract fish. Distance in four cell
63. b-turtle (11/24/11) Blocking enemy attacks. Chance 50%
64. r-turtle (10/26/11) Double damage. Chance 50%
65. oroku saki (15/25/0) Double damage. Chance 50%
66. indie (14/14/14) Double shot. Chance 50%
67. come here! (19/20/0) Double damage. Chance 50%
68. tundra (20/19/0) Blocking enemy attacks. Chance 50%
69. 117 (16/16/10) healing all cats on 4 point every 3 seconds
70. flywalker (0/21/0) Not rebound after the collision. Chance 50%

Character page 8/8:

71. smuggler (22/19/0) Double shot. Chance 50%
72. darth father (15/30/0) Double damage. Chance 50%
73. superwoman (15/15/14) Sight traps. Distance in four cell
74. wonderman (0/30/0) Blocking enemy attacks. Chance 50%
75. cherry (20/14/11) Attract fish. Distance in four cell
76. cragman (15/31/0) Double damage. Chance 50%
77. rinku (28/20/12) Blocking enemy attacks. Chance 50%
78. brer (14/32/0) Not rebound after the collision. Chance 50%
79. plumber (14/32/0) Double damage. Chance 50%
80. waka-waka (35/0/0) Attract fish. Distance in five cell

I recognize most of them, but if anyone can tell me who 14, 37, and 60 are, or what they're supposed to be referencing, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

LaserGhost June 25, 2014 5:46 PM replied to trewerty


14: Rorschach, Watchmen
37: Gordon Freeman, Half-Life
60: Meat Boy, Super Meat Boy

trewerty June 25, 2014 10:44 PM

Thanks, LaserGhost...now I can sleep. :-) And thanks for the review, dsrtrosy. Game reviews and comments from the JIG community are why I come here for all my casual gaming info.

goku90504 June 26, 2014 2:55 AM

I'd like a map of which enemies i need to smack again an again to fill out my equipment list something like enemy 1 in area one is equipment column 1 or better yet a visual map if someone can make one


ran into a bit of a glitch. 'scraped' my way into the second zone then decided to restart from scratch... was only like 6 levels in... so cleared data, started 'new'... and started from 'zone 2' with zero upgrades and zero stamina... was literally start, die, start die... and no level select to go back to the first level.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnrLT_DgOiK7Leoj0eRHY69GNEFT33XtTU June 27, 2014 12:35 PM

Is there some kind of keyboard recognition issue with this game? I had the exact same problem on Kongregate. For the first 3 or 4 plays it would NOT react to the keyboard at all.

Eventually it does.

This plays like complete SHYTE on Kong, due to their current issues with flash games.


Cannot get past 2 pages of costumes, always falls short of the milk after ren and kyu, whether I attack them, try to jump them, take the high road and attack lun chi, jump over lun chim they just go no further.

https://www.google.com/accounts/o8/id?id=AItOawnrLT_DgOiK7Leoj0eRHY69GNEFT33XtTU June 28, 2014 1:08 PM

Found a glitch on level 2, I was on the bottom level and some Harry Potter kitty was trying to shoot fireballs at me. But he was on the MIDDLE level. Game just got stuck there. I had to restart the level.

This might be better if you COULD jump over 2 kittys.

At the moment I pretty much can't kill anyone on level 2.
I got as far as discovering a Kitty that looked like Bender.

WAY too many ! hazards to avoid on level 2, difficulty ramp is just silly.

shipoopie June 28, 2014 7:39 PM

Glitch: If you get into a fight by jumping down on an enemy and you still have a kitty up on a ledge he will not jump down. I had a kitty with the bow and arrow do that just now. The game figured it out and quit the level. Just have to remember about that.

shipoopie June 28, 2014 8:18 PM

I can't get to level 2. Is there a trick to it? I'm wearing the best speed headgear but I run out of stamina.

Also to clarify, the game quit only because my last kitty was up on a ledge and the enemy was below and neither of them could attack the other.

ginny.r.brock June 28, 2014 8:19 PM

On the chests...

I think some of the costume pieces will not drop from the foxes, they have to be pulled from the chests.

Also, the chests may not be random. In my testing, once a chest read 'empty' that position chest would always be empty, but other positions on the same row may still contain loot.

ginny.r.brock June 28, 2014 8:20 PM

shipoopie - you have to skip a bunch of the fights (jump over the foxes, or get on ledges above or below them) to conserve stamina and get to the higher levels.

shipoopie June 28, 2014 8:47 PM replied to ginny.r.brock


I tested that and found the chests to be randomly empty, not permanently.

shipoopie June 28, 2014 8:59 PM replied to ginny.r.brock

... but I think once you've gotten all the ?'s that those chests are for, then they will always be empty. I don't know why it keeps giving you keys after that.

Still not getting to level 2. You can't avoid all the fights. There's two that you can't avoid.

shipoopie June 28, 2014 9:32 PM replied to ginny.r.brock

Oh I see now. I didn't know that those paw numbers could be used to make things stronger.

shipoopie June 28, 2014 10:08 PM replied to ginny.r.brock

But I don't like how every enemy in level 2 is stronger than the boss in level 12. :-(

shipoopie June 28, 2014 11:02 PM replied to ginny.r.brock

More glitch:

Even if your first kitty jumps over an enemy or a hole, there is a chance that the remaining kitties will still fall into the hole or cause a battle to begin anyway.

I guess a tip for the glitch where the last kitty in the row staying on a higher ledge if they have a range weapon is to not put a range weapon on the last kitty.

shipoopie June 29, 2014 2:10 AM

I got to the end and tried to play through the whole thing in one go but it crashed my browser. Then after I restarted, the speed was doubled and sometimes it wouldn't recognize some keypresses and the timing of some jumps became impossible. But, I kept playing to get all the ?'s taken care of but the longer I played, the choppier it got. Not even puting the quality on low fixed that. Can flash games have memory leaks? These problems made me give up on playing all the way through in one go because I could only get two levels in before I slid off a ledge because it wouldn't jump.

I wish the !'s would be on the dots for each of the inventory segments instead of making me guess where the new items are when the ! disappears. There should also be a ! on each new item so you can know what it was easier.

The most awesome part of the game was

the pacman head!

Thelenius June 29, 2014 4:29 AM

The glitches and lag make this an incredibly frustrating game. I would have finished this ages ago if the game would register key presses correctly. After finally getting together a good enough team, I started ignoring the foxes and just played the final level repeatedly with the purpose of getting to the end in mostly one piece. This took dozens of tries, because my kitties would always miss a jump and fall in a hole or crash into groups of enemies. Simply because hitting 'up' would, every now and then, do nothing. If it weren't for the unresponsiveness, it would have taken a couple of tries maximum.

After a while of playing, the game will also start to lag. The lag will get worse, and force you to play the game in short bursts (which can be a good thing for a procrastinator). Deqaf's previous game, Dangerous Adventures, had the same problem as well. It's sad, because both are interesting and addictive games, but suffer from the same mistakes: bad coding, lack of instructions and mangled English.


I had the same problem in Chrome. closing the game and reopening it fixed it, as for what caused it I'm not sure but I did briefly try to start from the second stage unaware that it would give no stamina. I'd gone back to playing normally since then though


Well, I've been playing this game for over six hours now, but I can't seem to get past the second level. Every time I defeat the second boss, I just start the third level with no stamina left whatsoever. Am I missing something here?


This game has been updated to the latest version, which should help with lag in later levels!

Antroplasm March 23, 2015 5:37 PM

No. 14 is Rorschach a.k.a. Walter Kovacs from Watchmen

elyse May 22, 2020 11:33 AM replied to trewerty

is there certain costumes or something that i need to wear to beat the first level because ive been playing for three months and i still cant beat the first level


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