Spooks: Spy Academy

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Spooks: Spy AcademyThis rich media Flash game, designed by the folks at Preloaded, is from the website of the BBC drama Spooks, a weekly spy series in the UK. The well-designed and immersive game features narrative by "Harry", head of the MI5 counter-terrorism department, who provides much of the story behind the game via live captured video segments.

Spy Academy offers a variety of training modules that help you learn the necessary spy skills needed to become an MI5 operative and to move on to the game's more advanced assignments. There is a total of 10 training modules in which Harry will put you through your paces testing skills in various areas: Defuse, Intercept, Identify, Codebreak, Gas, Profiler, Bugging, Sniper, Polygraph, and Range. Participation in these drills will assist MI5 command in ascertaining S.R.L. (speed, reaction, logic) levels in a controlled environment.

Each of the training modules is in the form of a mini-game, most of which will be familiar game concepts. For example, Defuse is a game of Simon that begins with a 3-code sequence that builds to 12 under a time limit of just over a minute and a half. Upon successfully parroting back each incremental code, you must then cut the appropriate wire to defuse the bomb.

A separate module keeps track of your scores, charting the relative progress in each of the training modules and assignments. Site registration is required to save your scores between sessions. There is also a chart averaging all registered player scores for each of the modules.

Spooks: Spy AcademyThe overall interface to the game and to each of the modules is consistent, reflects the theme of the game, and is very well done. The featured "gridOS" resembles a standard GUI operating system desktop with movable windows, and icons that open with a double-click. The desktop interface is instantly familiar with icons representing folders and documents that serve to organize the game's various modules. The video introduction and narratives by Harry add a special immersive quality to the game by addressing the player directly and driving the story forward. The module-based training games allows the player freedom to select the games in any order, and to repeat any at will. And text files accompany each video segment for accessibility to deaf and hard-of-hearing gamers.

There are a couple of interface bugs I uncovered whilst playing. Most were minor annoyances like a help window popping up at a very small fraction of the size it should have been. Although resetting the game seemed to fix the problem, if I hadn't been registered I would have lost my scores.

All things considered, I would still highly recommend this game due to the variety of games it offers, as well as its engaging theme and well designed interface. Click.


Love the page jay, and gotta say that I'm addicted to Spy Academy. The whole set of games they offer are well thought out, are easy to pick up, and most offer a decent learning curve.


is completing assignment 9 the end of the game? there seems to be a slot in the stats for assignment 10, but i can't find that mini-game anywhere...


There seem to be a few bugs... one being the storyline update feature. After I complete a GRID mission, I have to log out and back in. There are some scoring issues as well.. mainly GRID mission 3 seems to cap out at 51%, no mater how well you do. The Overall average of 47% on that level seems to accurately reflect that bug.. or else there's something that EVERYONE is doing wrong.

On the whole, I wasted a good 3 days of my life on this game. Tons of fun!


can sombody email me some tips on the missions


crazycatalan April 5, 2005 5:02 AM

well I have a 57% on the 3 Assignment. the question is you must wait for the CPU to attack some of your positions and then steal the ones you can steal, so you finish with more positions (8 of 10, when possible) under control.

the asn 10 is the first mission on the spy academy (defuse), i guess. i'm trying to understand the logic on that mission. it is not the most repeated wire, neither the least repeated one. somebody has a clue?

there's a bug on the 7th assignment too(the one where you "patch circuits"), on the upper left corner sometimes there's weird stuff going on.

TornadoTK April 11, 2005 10:30 PM

This game rocks.

ASN 10 for the GRID missions does not exist. That's why everone nailed a zero.

On the defuse mission, the bomb will flash you a set of lights. You must repeat the pattern on the square buttons, just like Simon. The pattern will grow longer, but eventually it will show you which wire to cut.

I wish they added to this game, or someone would create a sequel...


Yes, I agree... I would like more... all that patching has gotten to me...


Once you've done all the missions, if you leave the site then come back there's a big assignment under 'infiltrations'. It starts off with a heller level of patching, then goes to a video thing, then next to a big lock-picking thing and I don't even know what comes after that.


My only prob so far is that after completing the sequences for the bomb defusal, I cant see any clue as to which wire to cut!
I got it right once by cutting red but ever since themn, all that way then faliure!!!
Anyone help?
This is the training, by the way!


After completing the sequences all the lights will go on in a specific color. When the lights are green you have to cut the green wire, when they are red -> cut the red wire ...


In fact there IS a grid 10. You have to go through the Infiltration to receive ratings for this grid.

I think it's just a GREAT GAME!


I'm confused on what I need to do in the patching exercise... help please!


I dont under stand the Second Assignment ive done it ten times and got a score higher than 7o,ooo each time. Very Annoying. Very Confusing . Very Addictive. Very Cool . (:p)(|:)


Meg you have to get the dots in a line. Infiltration is so freakin hard havent been able to get past the security cameras


hey can anyone help, I can't get past the descrambler mission what is the overall score i need.


Hi, I just discoved this last night & was playing obsessively till 2am. I've just gone through the academy & the defuse, but can anyone give me tips on the GAS game, I just can't get past vent 2 - but then I'm not a young whipper-snapper who plays computer games. Is it just practise? I just can't seem to move quickly enough.


I just finished assignment one (and passed in the 99th percentile)... this is the phone number tracing assignment... and it won't let me progress to assignment 2. Any ideas why?

Pamela Douglas May 7, 2006 7:23 PM

Yes, I finished assignment 2 yesterday, and couldn't start no 3, but when I logged in today it was there. Maybe it updates when you log out


how do you get to grid 10? i've completed infiltration, but still have no idea if it even exists


Great Game, but hang on. I traced the phonecall for assignment 1(nearly strained my neck doing it), but it still won't let me on to assignment 2!! Why? How come?!



Log on to your personal details, then exit them. Go back to the computer monitor and the next mission will be available...

Anyone know if there is anything after "Infiltration"?

Anonymous June 11, 2007 5:51 PM

when i finish the car chase one, it just say "stop and exit the vehicle dell-rope' and reapeats it over and over again


Help, having trouble patching. know i have to get them in a line, but have only managed 3 lines. anyone any clues as to how to beat this before i have to give up



Does anybody have a tip for the mission Trace?

Liam Dempsey May 29, 2008 9:37 PM

I can not get any score on the 'intercept' training mission. What exactly should I do ? I can get near, but not meet the red car.

Ola Nordmann December 24, 2008 1:26 PM

I just did the Infiltration mission. Did I finish the game after that? If so, this game is way to easy to beat.


How do i do the car chase one? The opponent is much faster than me, and also too clever! Pls help.


Hmm... since the show ended, the game appears to be down... anyone got a mirror?


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