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A good movie is worth watching. Spin is a good movie. Well, it is not really a movie. It is more like a short film, but that is not the point. Just go watch it.

Spin starts out with the main character coming across the scene of an accident. He stands off to the side and controls the scene via his portable turntable setup. Unfortunately, messing with fate has its consequences. I can't say more without giving away some of the interesting twists in the film. The premise of the story is interesting enough that I would enjoy seeing more episodes involving the same character.

It should be noted that there is no spoken dialogue worth mentioning. However, there is a large amount said through looks and body language. The main character in particular is able to convey a wide range of meaning just through his eyes. Everything from casual indifference mixed with confidence to disbelief and determination is shown solely through his eyes. The music also plays a huge role in setting the mood and moving the film along. I still have some of the tune stuck in my head.

It is good to see an independent film made with this high of quality and still maintain its original edge. Many independent films have a tendency to shock and disgust the view in a lame attempt to appear original. This one does not do that. It is original and feels good to watch it.

Since it is shown in a flash player it is viewable across platforms. The high bandwidth selection is unfortunately just a larger version without an improvement to the quality. It therefore comes out grainy looking where the normal version does not. It would be nice to have the option of downloading a file that could be stored and played at anytime, but I understand that continuing traffic to a site is its lifeblood. Overall: a USDA Grade A quality movie created by Double Edge Films. Click.


An excellent short film, and an excellent review to match. Nice job Zengief.

I especially liked the non-verbal communication in the film, as you pointed out. Words are unnecessary when we speak the universal language of love. It is not the things we say that defines us, it is what we do.

The streaming of the movie on my end couldn't keep up with the playing of it. To preserve my experience, I clicked the pause button on the movie controls until the movie was fully loaded. I recommend doing that or else the movie may keep stopping throughout.


I could hate you... so many plans for this morning, but again stucked at your site!! :)

Best thing: this time not in a stupid, useless but very funny game but in this very nice movie. It's definately a "happy ending" movie and very, very nice made!

Indeed it is the best to keep it on pause until its fully loaded.


Loved the film. Hilarious + Thought - Provoking.


That was, for want of better word, WHAO. The sound was unbelievable -- the beats are stuck in my head too.

Thanks for sharing this! Now off goes I to share with friends and family.


Yea, I saw this bit a while back...
THE REAL LESSON IS: You can't change time, because something is still bound to happen...

Yea, I see were really getting into the entertainment business... We gonna do flash everything now? I would suggest stuff, but I would never review it... cuz I ain't that good with words. (SEE :?æ)

Prins Umulius August 30, 2005 8:36 AM

Freakishly good film!

Just thought i'd like to add that there is an "el-crappo" connection button in the right bottom corner. Keep up the good work Jay!


Really cool video jay! just wish it would load faster....


Wow. What a nice short film. I wonder how long it took to make it? Anyways they should have put a high quality version on BitTorrent or something other P2P network...


Ugh, extra-small flash movies. What ever happened to mpeg?

christine August 30, 2005 1:22 PM

I loved the expressions on the angel character, and the ending was great. "Sheesh! another disaster to fix ... aah just a doll no whoop ... nnn ... well... okay, OKAY! -- zip zip zip -- NOW I'M DONE!! 'm outta here!!"


I couldnt help but laugh when the granny got hit by the car... does that make me a bad person?

good movie though


First post to this great site, thank you for providing such a wonderful escape..

Great movie, and to Jack.. Be glad its in Flash, the current 'trend' is this iPod Podcasting crap that requires Quicktime / iTunes to be loaded for non iPod users.. Sadly it seems that the race to provide internet content has switched from 'get it to the most people' to 'get it to the cool people with iPods'.

This is beginning to get worse than webmasters using Real Media! :)


Shastanna August 30, 2005 8:12 PM



just beatiful.


This is a takeoff of an old Twilight Zone Episode.... or at least that is where I first saw the idea... crappy stop and start movie...


Darren: I have a feeling you're having the same problem I am, which is that the site is overloaded and streaming FAR too slow.

(On my incredible work connection (about 10Mbps) I'm pretty darn sure it's not My fault. ;)


John - I'm going to have to disagree on a number of levels with your statement that podcasting is "crap".

1. It isn't. Podcasting is, IMHO, the new media. Some of the content out there is better, more entertaining, more thought-provoking and better presented than anything I have seen or heard on TV, radio or print.

2. Your technical statement about having to have iTunes for non iPod users is also, I'm afraid, totally incorrect. I do not own an iPod and never plan to, but I've been listening to podcasts for months before iTunes began its podcasting thingy. There are a number of excellent "podcatchers" other than iTunes. I don't know what system you use, but I personally am on Windows and use iPodder Lemon, available free at http://ipodder.sourceforge.net/index.php. Anyway, it's also available for Mac, Linux and GNU.

I've also heard good things about Ziepod, although I haven't tried it out (released just this August). www.ziepod.com

If anyone has no idea what podcasting is, where have you been? No, just kidding. Try http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Podcasting.


Double Edge Films here. Thanks for your comments.

Jamin Winans wrote, directed, edited, and composed SPIN.

3 days, 200 shots in Downtown Denver. Thanks for checking it out and passing it along.

We created it to cross promote with our feature film 11:59 which just screened at the Montreal World Film Festival. We think it went well..but who knows..its hard to tell.

If you want to know more about us check out our website.



This was fantastic!! Loved the concept, and it was carried through really well!! No dialogue was needed for it....in fact, I think dialogue would have taken away from the experience of the film. The music, the expression, the bpody language, they all speak more than any dialogue would have.

I also had some issues with playback of the film while it was still loading, but waiting until it loaded completely took care of that.

Wonderful film, and I really enjoyed it!!


this was a awsome film, mostly because i look up to this guy and plan to become a DJ when i get older. i almost fell over laughing at the old lady. anyway i think the guy is so totaly HOTT. this film is= SUPERFABLOUS, and may i say that it would be a good idea to get a ipod. it makes u look rich, HA later<3


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