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Spikey's Bounce Around

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Rating: 4.3/5 (28 votes)
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JaySpikey's Bounce AroundA crowd pleaser from one of our Friday link dumps, Spikey's Bounce Around is another casual game offering from the budding and talented team at Donut Games, of Sweden.

In this arcade action game you are given 10 tries per level to release all the butterflies while accumulating points. Butterflies are sealed in jars that must be broken to release their contents. A jar will break if it reaches the ground, thereby setting the trapped butterfly free.

Your only recourse to save said butterflies is to toss a little spikey creature around the play field to plow through the plants the butterfly jars rest on. You will have to plan your moves wisely if you are to release all butterflies for a level. Make use of the wooden (brown) wall structures to reach higher areas, since some wall structures spikey will cling to and, in later levels, some items spikey will bounce off of.

Control is entirely mouse-based. Aim the trajectory for Spikey by positioning the cursor where you want it to go, then click the mouse button. Release all butterflies to advance to the next level.

Analysis: With simple to grasp, intuitive controls and colorful pixelrific graphics, Spikey's Bounce Around is a delightful game to play for people of all ages. It's a light-hearted game that offers a relatively simple challenge, and that's a good thing. The game plays a bit like the recently reviewed Peggle, only in reverse. Instead of shooting down at the items and locations, you shoot up at them.

I did encounter a small bug with one of the levels, however, but nothing that will ruin the experience for you. In one of the games I played, Spikey clung to the wall on my last shot before the last jar reached the ground, which released the final butterfly. The game told me I had failed, though, and I was forced to replay the level again. A relatively minor issue that probably won't occur that often.

Another hit from Donut Games. Looking forward to what they come up with next.

Play Spikey's Bounce Around


Looks like the site's down.


Please reload the page. I had some trouble earlier with the page, but it should be fixed now. And the Donut Games website appears to be fine as well.


Thank you for recommending this! I wouldn't have tried it out otherwise, but it was a lot of fun to play. :)

Scoobysnack April 25, 2007 5:55 PM

Great game...lots of fun to play. Definitely dangerous at work, but a good timekiller.

happyatom April 25, 2007 5:57 PM

Pretty interesting game, good for a bit of time wasting. Graphics are interesting, not really the kind I like though. Overall, a pretty cool game :)


Once the bees come out I'm pretty much screwed.


I agree with Suho .. once the bees come out its pretty difficult - Short and simple game lets you dive right in .. Fun =)


I really enjoyed this game as well - but like others, once I hit the bees, it was game over for me!! But it was a lot of fun up until then! :)


Huh. I remember playing this when It came out, but I also remember it being much harder. I guess I got better! Schweet.


Nice game, but when you come far enough, it is quite painful to start over again.

Infinite lives cheat anyone?

Ezrabbit April 26, 2007 6:47 AM

Level codes are a much needed feature!
Other than that, good stuff!

brothershamass April 26, 2007 8:05 AM

I thought they were wasps?


Ya fun stuff but it sucks to start all the way from the begginging every time.


I can't play on this computer to check this out, but hadn't you failed? You may have beaten the level, but you couldn't very well advance to the next without Spikey...

Superslash April 26, 2007 6:13 PM

Got a 1-shot on level 5. Reminded me of all those times I was playing sonic2 and could put the controller down and wait while he bounced around the bumpers.


Very good game. Although being able to earn extra lives (and having level codes) would be a welcome addition. Level 13 is insanely hard ;)


Not bad, but I can't really play this game because I don't have the patience to go all the back to the beginning every time I make a mistake and have no shots left.


Good game. The last two levels are pretty hard, but still doable. Nice work.

On that one level:

your goal is not to free the wasps, it's to free the butterflies. Leave the wasp jars alone, and you can beat that level quite easily.


Shifty May 7, 2007 1:28 AM

I like this game a lot but there is a really bad element in the design that needs to be fixed.

Level five is the first level to take off energy.

Losing energy here or in any of the levels after for the first few times through isn't too painful.

However, later on it is a source of frustration. If you lose energy here you can just throw away your game.

The aiming game screen isn't big enough and the aiming isn't accurate enough to have only three points to loose through eleven stages.

Castle Smasher gives the option of more defenders or more projectiles after each level. This game could do similar. Reset the energy each level. Give chances to gain more. Or maybe even let people continue the game at some point.


Almost all of the emulators for old school video consoles have a way to save the state of your current game. Is there anything like this for online games?


I can't get past level 38. can anybody help?


Omg. This game is mighty addictive. Haha. But I'm stuck on level 38, "this may hurt a bit". Anyone know how to get past it? ; D


level 38:

just done it. take out the left hand butterfly via timing your release and bouncing off the screen bottom,spikey then sticks to the wall,next move is to time your release going over the rotating spikes and the trajectory should enable spikey to fall onto the right hand side butterfly releasing it.

[Spoiler taggs added ~Kero]


level 43, any help?


I cant get past level 23- introducing wasps. How do you get up to the upper ones? I can get up there occasionally, but then end up letting the wasps out and they kill me. I can avoid wasps, or I can get up to the top- but not both! Help!


I am playing on the Iphone app, not the computer, if anyone knows how to beat that level!


Katie I'm on iPhone too. To beat that level fire spikey to the left wall and free that butterfly at the same time. Then fire above to the top it doesn't matter about the wasp. spikey should stick back on the left wall if he doesn't start again. Then fire spikey over the middle wall. From there it should be easy :)

I'm stuck on iPhone level 35 if u get to that and beat it tell me.


I play on the Iphone also. Any suggestions on how to get past level 38 "this may hurt"? Been trying to get past it for a week now.


level 38 spoiler is above!!!!


Does anyone know how to beat level 45 up and back down. Always 1 shot short


I play the iPhone version and have 3 stars on every level bar 1. Could anyone tell me how to get 3 stars on level 33 - stinger swinger. Really annoying nnow


I also have 3 stars on every level except 32: Stinger Swinger. 3 stars requires 900 points, but the best i have done is 713. Did you ever figure it out?


Finally! I was stuck trying to get three stars on stage 32: Stinger Swinger also, but I finally did it.

First jump should be up and to the right, off three bumpers, and end up on the left wall, almost even with the horizontal bumpers. My second jump was aimed just to the right of the center of the top left circle bumper, and Spikey took care of the rest. It took me a few hours of trying this before it worked, but I did it a second time within 15 minutes. Score= 1,058

Amy Pardy April 1, 2010 3:57 PM

How do you do level 33 One shot?? I really cannot do it help please!!!! :)


I need help with the lvl called staircase thanxx


Level 45 (Up & Down again) seems impossible to me .. anyhelp?

Qritiqal April 19, 2010 5:48 PM

Level 45 solution (not optimal)

1) free the butterfly to the left
2) free the butterfly to the right, try to end up as high as possible on the wall
3) bounce off the floor and up into the opening -- if you needed to use an extra shot to get there that's okay
4) work your way up without wasting any shots
5) You should be at the left wall slightly below the butterfly and about to free it with 3 shots left
6) time your shot to miss the spike, make sure you get the extra shot and free the butterfly
7) use your remaining shot(s) to free the last two butterflies with a bounce off the bottom bumper

Qritiqal April 19, 2010 5:55 PM

Level 33 solution (near optimal)

1) aim your shot at the brown edge of the top left flower
2) you should go over the wall, bounce off the floor bumper, rebound off the ball, off the floor again and then up over the final wall freeing the butterfly and (possibly) clearing all remaining flowers

Anonymous May 22, 2010 9:57 AM

I am stuck on level 38! Help! Driving me nuts! Where can I find a solution?


Can someone plz help me finish this game...I always need one more shot on level 50!!! I'm going nuts!!!


Hey I have 3 stars on all levels butI'm stuck on level 47 and can't get it! Help?!

Anonymous July 13, 2011 5:26 PM

Please some one help me get pass level 35 been stuck on it for 3 days now!!!! Please help!!!!!


LvL 45 is annoying the crap out of me. Haven't used any walkthroughs yet, but would appreciate if someone could post a link to a utube video of how this is done, the comment above, while descriptive, only gives the common sense strategy. Please post a video? =X


i am playing on my ipod but obviously am now on the computer and i am stuck on level 35 called staircase can anyone help?


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