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Rating: 4.8/5 (428 votes)
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PatrickSonnySonny is most likely the best Flash RPG yet made. Imagine fluid battles that don't feel like a grind, complete with fluid animation and tactics that are actually interesting and fun. Now, imagine that you're a superhuman zombie. Yes, Sonny, this is it.

The interface is all mouse driven as we've come to expect with Flash. In battle, you and your allies are on one side and your enemies are on the other. Clicking on a character brings up a contextual ring of orbs representing the techniques you can use: for enemies you will see attack options, and for yourself and your allies you will see buffs and healing options. Instead of magic points you have health and focus. Using a technique usually costs focus and a certain number of turns before you can use it again. Winning battles gives you money and experience, which allow you to get better gear and level up. You can also spend points on increasing your stats and investing up the tech tree. While not necessarily revolutionary, Sonny is executed so smoothly and with such balance that it makes Flash seem as good as any other platform for a game design of this type.

Analysis: This game is a textbook example of staggered variation, which means the battles offer a lot of distinct feelings based on who you're teamed up with and who you're fighting. In some cases, you may be depending on your ally to give you the recharge, in other cases, you'll be waiting for your opponent to use a technique that puts its guard down. The game continues to feel fresh and demand tactical adaptation throughout, this is no mere climb up the experience ladder. The story is fairly shallow, but uses some interesting narrative techniques in its understated ambiguities, including the nature of the protagonist and his relationship with other NPCs. At the end of the story section (semi-spoiler) the context of the final fight left me questioning something I never looked into, and a jaunt into the inventory screen confirmed my hypothesis to chilling effect. The fourth act is a more open-ended, game-y scenario you could invest a lot of time in, at which point the system is pushed to its beautiful limits, and the major flaw of the game, the relative stupidity of your allies' AI, begins to show wear.

Created by Krinlabs, Krin has outdone himself with this one. Treat yourself to a superb RPG experience.

Play Sonny


phantomphan1990 March 25, 2008 12:15 PM

Wow, I can't believe how long it took for jayisgames to submit this on the blog...I played and completed this brilliant game a couple of months ago and heartily recommend it. It's a totally immersive experience.


Just out of curiosity, about how long did this take you to finish?


i was playing this game a like 3 months ago and i loved it was hooked (playing it at work for hours) but i got stuck on the 3rd boss and sorta gave up >.> over all great game even though i didnt get very far xD

captainlepton March 25, 2008 1:50 PM

I picked this up about three weeks ago when I noticed its large number of plays on armor games. It will completely blot out your life until you get sick of it. For the love of Splod please don't play this game even once, you will be hooked forever.

scoobysnack March 25, 2008 1:57 PM

Fun game! Great story and enemies. One word of warning, when you win an item in a fight make sure you click "proceed" before you click on "inventory" -- otherwise you'll lose what you gained in the fight and have to do the fight over. (Took me two times to figure that one out.)

scoobysnack39 March 25, 2008 2:07 PM

Sorry for the double post - I just realized why I didn't keep some items after a fight. You have to select the item when it shows up in the middle of the screen (under "Victory! You have found the following items") -- once you click on the item it will move to your inventory screen.


"At the end of the story section (semi-spoiler) the context of the final fight left me questioning something I never looked into, and a jaunt into the inventory screen confirmed my hypothesis to chilling effect."

What is this referring to? I finished the game a few months ago, but don't remember anything particularly chilling about the final fight.


I don't know if it's just me, but this game seems to be on a different level than the vast majority of flash games out there. This game and Iron Dukes are elevating flash games, in my estimation, from a web toy you only play when you don't have the time to play a real game to something worth considering in the same thought as other quality independent games that built their own engine. I never really thought flash would get there, but with games like this I am willing to consider the alternative.


This is a wholly awesome game.

Of note, although it is credited to Armor Games, is it done by Krin of Krinlabs. He made the Sinjid games as well, and you can see some storyline discussion and development stuff for Sonny 2 on their official forum (Kinlabs dot com).

The game itself is just as the review describes it; awesome. Though this review is a little late, I beat the game about a month ago, and as of now Sonny has over 1000 strength for me (You won't get this much by the end of the game. I trained to death afterwards.). >.>

Marvel111 March 25, 2008 3:40 PM

Loved this game till the end. It has a shotty finale. Anyway, Its great, hope there is more to come


Is it possible to actually use the guns as guns? So far, it seems like the player can only use them as swords.


Wish he hadn't pretty much given up on the plot after the first section, it's a concept I've always loved.

Really addicting game, although after playing a few different classes, I feel like they're unbalanced. Guardian seemed easiest by far. But maybe that's just me.

And you can replay boss fights as many times as you like, they drop different items (although I got the same weapon three times by chance).
Anyway, love it.


Thanks, JJW. I've updated the review with the acknowledgement. It's something we strive to include with every review. It just got overlooked this time.


Buggy - I keep looping through the same battle. I had advanced past it, then died then started saving, and now I'm just in the same battle over and over but able to increase abilities. Using Firefox, others on site mention similar bug.


I have the bug too.


Wait, Have you tried clicking on the world map button and seeing if you can go on to the next area? that worked for me.


I played this game a month or so ago on the Armor Games site. I liked the first chapter and the story it introduced, and didn't mind the second chapter too much. While I'm fine with playing an RPG without being able to control everyone in your party, I found it annoying it the third chapter.

The second-to-final battle (against that count something-or-other), I was playing a Guardian with 1,000 HP and the count had over 30,000. Obviously, this made it necessary to rely on the Paladin you joined in that battle, but the boss consistently attacks the Medic who ends up not healing at the right times and dies in less than ten rounds. After that, the count goes for the Paladin (who was doing 1,200 damage compared to my 200) and kills him in 2-3 rounds. After that, I'm by myself and the count still has 10,000 HP. I had to do that battle at least 10 times before luck had my Medic cure himself enough for the Paladin to kill him.
Of course, this was made worse when I had to fight the Paladin in the next battle and the whole thing repeated itself (Paladin always targets the Medic who dies all too fast and I can't deal enough damage to kill him before then).

I ended up getting frustrated since you gain less and less experience as you use the Training Grounds (I was at a level when I was getting 1-2% exp per battle), and gave up before completing that chapter. Had a similar fate in Mardek, Chapter 2 with bosses that are seemingly vastly overpowered. While I don't mind the occasional challenge, I'm not a big fan of having to pull from the story to level for an hour to beat one boss (I've consulted various walkthroughs for strategies on both Mardek and Sonny and have not managed to win either of the boss battles that I came across).

Once again, it was a well-done game with a plot I liked, but I couldn't manage to get past one frustrating part that killed the fun for me.


Hi, to those that mentioned that bug... it's not(well, let's call it an oversight) , if you lose on the first fight in a new area after beating the boss in the last, the game takes you back in the last area.

You just have to press the lower/central button to navigate to the next area, or you will fight the boss forever.

As for the game, like someone said it's really of superior quality compared to 99% of the other flash gamer available. Nothing really new in itself, but quite a feat to realize in flash, big kudos.


I'm with johnr. I finished this a while ago and don't remember there being any revelation at the end. Could someone spoil me so I don't have to finish it again to look for it? BTW for those people having trouble with particular fights, sometimes it just boils down to luck. I remember retrying some tough fights many, many times and eventually the enemy AI would just slip and, for instance, not target the same guy 2 times in a row which would give me the opportunity to pull through.

Blizzardfyr March 25, 2008 8:27 PM

Could someone post a walkthrough of sorts? For example, what to buy, how to beat enemies, etc.? In the second area, I'm really having trouble...


This game ROCKS! All the fun of RPG, upgradeable combat without any boring puzzle crap to get in the way.


Anonymous March 25, 2008 9:31 PM

very nice game, i've finished it in about 3 hours

But you can play it forever actually, there is a special area after you've finished...


Peter Hosey: You can only use the guns as melee weapons.

Blizzardfyr: In terms of purchasing items, I've found that for the early Zones, a decent strategy is to focus on a certain stat (and abilities affected by that stat). For instance, my main attack for a few stages was Smash, which does damage based on your Strength statistic. Alternatively, you could try the magic attacks, which it seems to me are generally based off of the Magic statistic alone or in some cases the Magic and Strength statistics combined. In the long run, you'll want to have your statistics relatively balanced- you'll miss out on a number of good abilities if you only raise / purchase items that boost your Strength statistic.

My personal strategy for most fights is:
1. Buff : I use an ability that increase my defense in some way (e.g. Iron Skin)
2. Debuff / Damage-over-Time : I use attacks that either do damage over an extended period (e.g. Wound) or in some way cause the target to receive more damage (e.g. Sunder).
3. Attack : I simply use the most powerful attacks that I have at my disposal for a few turns.

When the buffs and debuffs wear off, I examine the situation. If the enemy is relatively close to dying and/or I am in okay status HP-wise, I just press on with the attacks. If the enemy still has a ways to go (or if there may be no clear winner) I re-buff and re-debuff.

Hope this helps!


Is there a term for this sort of combat where you charge across the battlefield, swing at the enemy, then flee back to your friends every single turn? I've been calling it "zero-dimensional combat" (unlike 1D as in Bard's Tale or 2D in the middle Ultimas), since there is no functional difference between ranged and melee weapons. I've been seeing this a lot in recent free RPGs (DragonFable, Marduk, Ethereal Dreams).


Is there a way to transfer this to my hard drive? I have a pretty slow connection and don't want to have to wait for the loading screen every time I want to play.


"At the end of the story section (semi-spoiler) the context of the final fight left me questioning something I never looked into, and a jaunt into the inventory screen confirmed my hypothesis to chilling effect."

What does this mean?? I've finished it, I've looked into the inventory screen...yet, no chilling effect...


I should have heeded captainlepton's advice. Arrrrg... I'm hooked. I hadn't played one of these type games in many years.

It gave me flashbacks to a long time ago (just after the dinosaurs when extinct and PC's were invented), when I played an ascii text version of a game like this on a portable PC (40 lbs was considered portable at that time in history). By todays standards it would be considered laughable but at the time it was incredibly engaging, and had me hooked.

It's déjà vu!


Is there a term for this sort of combat where you charge across the battlefield, swing at the enemy, then flee back to your friends every single turn?

Not that I'm aware of, but why are you acting like this is a recent development? RPGs have been doing this ever since the mid-80s... see any Final Fantasy, for example.


I'm on the beach, and


is giving me a headache. I'm a level 10 Guardian. Any advice?


RPGs have been doing this ever since the mid-80s... see any Final Fantasy, for example.

Only Japanese ones, as far as I know. Apart from a few early ones back when a battlefield of more than 0 dimensions was too technically difficult to implement, Western RPGs seem to have disdained this style for being too simplistic and dull.


"At the end of the story section (semi-spoiler) the context of the final fight left me questioning something I never looked into, and a jaunt into the inventory screen confirmed my hypothesis to chilling effect."

What he means is that

Your ally is also a zombie, instead of a human.

Anonymous March 26, 2008 6:41 AM

i couldnt get past the sensei :

Groogokk March 26, 2008 8:10 AM

The violet button in the main screen says that you can reassign your skill points "only" five times a day. What day is meant here? Real life days, or stages? Has anyone tried this out?

Also, does anyone know the maximum level a character can achieve in this game?


I think the "Chilling Realization" that Patrick is referring to is...

Veradux is a Zombie too.

Please correct me if I am wrong.



Gammler -

I had the same problem. What I ended up doing was reassigning the stat/ability points to be more of a "support type" class instead of an attacker with the goal of keeping the paladin alive as much as possible. So, I put things into healing (heroic motivation is great since it also gets rid of negative debuffs), putting buffs on the paladin (aggression), and hitting the boss with things that made him more vulnerable to the paladin's attacks (wound or magic bolt)

I also have a question about the last area.

I keep on getting these "ghost medallions" from the training area. Anyone know what they are? And should I bother keeping them? (Because my inventory is getting full).


@All: re: chilling realization: That's it? I thought that was revealed much earlier than the final battle.

@Groogokk: Five times per real life day. Don't accidentally hit the button (like I did) and then go into a battle...

@WW: They have no use, other than being something to sell. Same as the item in the other practice area (that you can visit only once per real life day).

MeatShake March 26, 2008 4:53 PM

It's weird, I just discovered this game 2 days ago, and I check today, and it's here!


Tim333:RPGs have been doing this ever since the mid-80s... see any Final Fantasy, for example.

Miko:Only Japanese ones, as far as I know. Apart from a few early ones back when a battlefield of more than 0 dimensions was too technically difficult to implement, Western RPGs seem to have disdained this style for being too simplistic and dull.

I haven't played on a console since Atari started numbering their systems. Where is the appeal to this system? It manages to be unrealistic, extremely silly looking, and very resource intensive with all those animations. Is it so hard to implement Ultima-style combat (perfected in the mid-80s)? Are there any recent RPGs where ranged weapons have actual ranges?

Theprogram00 March 26, 2008 6:38 PM

I played this a while back and absolutely loved the game. I love RPGs and this to me is one of perfect forumla. To me, storyline isn't a big issue, so I found the game had the perfect amount of storyline. The Skill Tree was also sufficient to be able to make a character that best suits you.

Great game, only problem was that it ended too abruptly.


I finished this game already some weeks ago :) I played it with all chars and found the warrior (or was he called destroyer?) the easiest to finish the whole game with.


Konrad: Are there any recent RPGs where ranged weapons have actual ranges?

No, it doesn't seem like console RPGs really do that kind of thing. I have long been a fan of PC tactics games (usually they have a ton of RPG elements, too), like Fallout/Fallout 2, Jagged Alliance 2, etc., where range and cover and line of sight and all of that good stuff comes into play.


@Konrad: I think all games abstract reality to varying extents because otherwise it would just be real-life all over again. The designer's decision to use '0-dimentional' combat puts the focus on the other aspects of gameplay. Although Ultima is a design success, we don't want every subsequent game to simply copy them just because it worked. Not all game styles appeal to all people; I for one quite like the Final Fantasy approach.


is the sensei's(spelling?)weapon obtainable?
how about the zpci captain's armor?

and the baron:



I have a question about the later levels-- putting it in spoiler tags to be safe.

On the fourth stage, the second boss-- I don't remember his name but he has a ridiculous amount of HP. Is there any trick to beating him other than doing a whole lot of leveling first? I regard the prospect of that much mindless clicking with some distaste, I must admit.

And a second question regarding items:

Once you have every applicable piece of equipment bought from those three shops in the fourth stage, is there any point in continuing? Will there be another stage after the fourth, in other words, or at least a greater variety of equipment available sometime after I've beaten the second fourth-stage boss?



The second boss on the fourth stage uses a buff/debuff that dramatically increases the damage he deals, but also dramatically weakens his defenses. Wait for him to cast it, stun him so he can't kill you, and let your allies wale away on him. Get Veradux in full Pally armor and hope he casts a poison bolt; it does insane damage.
After you beat the second boss you don't get any new equipment, at least not when I beat it, but you do get two more bosses. There are tricks to both of them as well.



Use an ability that stuns him every time he powers up, like Break. He won't get the chance to attack you and your people can do plenty of damage to him each time that happens. It takes some time to finally beat him, but it works without having to spend hours leveling up. I haven't figured out anything special for the next boss though, so good luck with that...


2 Peahen

I stopped playing the game at this boss too - if you talk about a doctor with crowbar with 100 000 HP :)
One little note - if you manage to take his HP level to less than 99 000, he will heal himself with 200 000 HP without paying any Focus for it. Thus stupid leveling up your character will not help, too.
But i think i know how to kill him - i just have too little patience to prove it myself.

You need to take his HP count below 99 000 simultaneously stunning him and then cast Subversion. He will heal and kill himself at one moment. But you need to do this solo, as your team members can hit him at the same move and thus heal. Soloing him is possible, but you need something to defend yourself - like full Intervention (this boss does not deal damage more than 600 and does not throw Lightning), something to take his HP down quickly, something to stun him, something to regain Focus, and you will need Subversion, which costs 4 AP at its own. These calculatons result in something like 20 ability points total, and my 15th level is surely not enough for killing this boss. Interestingly, the boss level is displayed as 22, from which i can conclude that the Doctor was intended to be killed by the way like described - 22th level should be enough to do this, but not enough to overcome his healing abilities.


sorry, 99 000 in the previous post should be 90 000 :)


I'm not sure I like the idea of an RPG where different skillsets are required to beat different bosses...It does add an interesting puzzle element, but on the other hand, it takes away the fun of fine-tuning things to your play style. At least there's no real penalty for re-specing, other than perhaps having to wait a day if you don't find something that works within five tries.

Overall, the game's pretty awesome, though. I've always kind of wondered what the zombies were thinking.

JoeyJoJo March 27, 2008 4:44 PM


Thanks for that strategy - it worked big time!

I used a mix of stun moves and power moves to get him to 90,000 health - I also had to wait and take a few lumps before I could use the stun/subversion combo. You definitely have to be at a top level to beat this, namely to survive his attacks while your power moves cool down.

The last one is a whopper of challenge:

Three enemies, two are relatively weak while the middle one has a power move that does about 5000 damage. You definitely need subversion and a combo of blocks to prevent from getting hit by that shot. The move is telegraphed as his focus has to be at 100% (100 that is) before he can use it.


Thanks guys! That was a great help. I've also discovered something intriguing in the comments page to the game itself:

If you drag a piece of equipment from your Inventory menu onto your Abilities menu and deposit it onto your stats, whatever bonuses it provides are added directly onto the aforementioned. I'm going to pretend for the sake of my sanity that this is not a cheat but a discreetly beneficial way of getting rid of equipment you don't need anymore, as an alternative to selling it in a shop.


Gammler -- my strategies as a Guardian (EXTREME spoiler):

For the Baron, I took 4 Heroic Motivations, 1 Iron Skin, 1 Suppression, 1 Electro Bolt, and 1 Quick Strike. I spent most of my time using HM on whoever got hit with Lost or the atk that causes 80 shadow dmg a turn. Electro Bolt was saved for single buffs on the Baron.
For the Paladin, I changed out an HM for a Wound and focused on keeping Veradux alive, hitting Paladin with QS as I could and using EB to take off Paladin's buffs.
That, plus patience, equals success.


I made a mistake at the last level on board of the ship and returned to it, now it will play that level over and over again! is there a way to move ahead or do I have to play from the very beginning?



Dude, see that big brown button in the bottom center? That's the world map. Use it to move to the next area.

JakeIsGames March 29, 2008 12:51 AM

Click on the Map icon in the screen between battles. It's a brown square to the right of the inventory/abilities/save/options/re-spec buttons, and right below the "X" quit button.

This will take you to the map, which will let you go to the next level.


I'm stuck!

The last boss (I believe), Doctor Herregods, is just lame. He can regenerate full health without using focus at all! How is it possible to beat him? Seems that the only way to win is to stun him every round and let my allies take care of him. However, given the power of my allies, that would take approximately 135 hours, 52 minutes and 10 seconds (*joke*) to kill him. And should I miss just once, he will be able to restore full health, and the process is repeated again.


I completed the game. I only got like 4 abilities I was able to purchase... come on now, we should get like a lot more ability and stat points per level up, I feel like I got gipped. Didn't get past the first row. I was expecting the game to go on a LOT farther than it did.

That complain aside, perfection.


For fighting some of the superbosses.

The strategy of subverting against the superhealer (Doctor Something) worked perfectly. I was able to beat him at a fairly low level (not even near 20) by investing in Shatter Bolt - a 2-turn stun.

The 3-dude combo is harder. I'm still working on cracking those ones. One thing I haven't been able to test yet is using Subversion, Disruption, Break, and Shatter Bolt.
Use Disruption (level 1) to change his 100 energy to 85 energy, then use Shatter Bolt and Break to avoid his Speed x%500 supercritical buff (3 turns). Fight for a while.
Once he recharges, subvert the shot on yourself to recover your (by this point considerable) lost health. Duke it out until he charges again and by that point, you should be able to disrupt and stun again.
If anyone tries this, please tell me how it goes.


Oh, hey. I beat him like that. Yeah, it works.

That is, as long as you bring disruption twice...

So yeah, through farming of the Paladin and use of the trick Peahen mentioned, I have beaten everything.

By level 18.

Using only Sonny and Veradux.

Seandude March 30, 2008 8:31 AM

I'm confusied about how to beat the first person on zone four.

He keeps using a buff that heals him 1000 health every turn. then he uses fate to kill all of us in 1 hit.


Can somone tell me the strategy to beat the Paladin? (Helps defeat the baron. The fight after the baron.) I am a level 14 destroyer.

Matt Weiner March 30, 2008 10:41 AM

Taybo -- have you been filling up on one ability before you purchase the next? You only have to put one point in an ability before you can get the next one.


Seandude - here's how to kill the first 4th level boss and avoid his buffs/instakill

Use electric bolt to null the 1000hp/turn buff. When he uses Fate (instakill) immediatly use Heroic Motivation to nullify it. Shouldn't take too long to take him down as long as you keep using the nulls


No, I haven't been filling them up. I've upgraded them maybe a couple times. Still, though, there is no way to complete that upgrade tree in the span of the game.

Matt Weiner March 30, 2008 6:39 PM


I think that doesn't work unless Sonny is faster than his allies. I find that, the turn after he casts Fate, even though I cast HM Amber dies at the end of her turn anyway, before I act.
Which makes the solution to make sure that Sonny is faster than everyone else, I guess. Is this what you've found?


Oh, that honourable Ghost Samurai, offering to help train Sonny with a fight to the death... I always hated turn-based RPG critters who could heal themselves before you even got a second character.

At least that made shouting "SONNY SMASH" while finishing him off with the appropriate skill slightly more satisfying.


Sonny's Guide to Optimized Competitive Playstyles: the assassin!


The Assassin excels at speed and strength in that order, but loses out on magic and has low vitality. Since every battlefield is flat and everyone just trades swings, this means you'll hit hard and first, then take lots of damage in return. Single duels can be easy, but parties with a healer and a magic blaster guy with debuffs can be dangerous


Speed, strength, and vitality should go in that order. Since magic won't help you, let Veredeaux be your magic healing zombie. Since strength is secondary, head straight for Master Strike; Break and Sunder are also useful, more so than Wound. Still, put two Master Strikes up at all times. Brutality can work if you don't have any other things to invest in.


You can use Agression on Veredeaux and Heroic Motivation on yourself if you get Sundered. Otherwise, Iron Skin is really useful for protecting yourself in the early game, and the rest in its tree can help you if Veredeaux isn't enough. If you ever find yourself triple-teamed by heavy damage dealers, take one point out of Master Strike and put it in Block, which will replace Suppression. With Block, it doesn't even matter if you get stunned; just hope everyone attacks you.

Overviews for the other paths will be forthcoming, if other people don't beat me to them.


Sonny's Sorta-Walkthrough: Guardians

If you're having trouble with picking which path, or accidentally misplaced your ability points, here's some idea of which goes well with what.


In slang, that'd be the "Tank". Slow, but strong. You could either put all your stat points in Strength, Magic or Vitality, or even mix it up, putting the majority into whichever stat you wanted to focus on. Either way, Aggression is a must-have.

Offensive Options

You can increase Strength to take advantage of Bash, Heroic Motivation (or Reform) and Wound. Use Break if you need to stop someone from using their buffed attack, and investing in Vitality secondarily will make Blood Focus and Blood Strike extra-useful.
Focusing on Magic with some extra Strength will make Flame Strike devastating through most of the early game, make Motivation even better, and allow you to use Electro Bolt instead of Break. Magic Bolt will be less useful later on unless you spend more points in it, and Blood Focus will help when your focus runs out.

Mend and Defend

Disruption deals no damage, but cleaning out enemy focus first makes the fight much easier later on. For the mixed version, Electro Bolt and Motivation can get rid of buffs, which is very useful in later stages. Block and Intervention will help you stall a lot longer when taken together, and the more heavily you rely on Magic, the less appealing Reform is. If you go completely magical, Void and Subversion are more helpful in Stage 4 than anywhere else, so you can hold off on those.

"And that was where it all began..."


The single most disappointing moment in the whole game, unless you ignore everything everyone says.

Sonny_Fan April 1, 2008 10:24 PM

Anyone gone past Zone 4: Stage 38

Tips for destroyer appreciated. Bought all the lvl 10 clothing for destroyer (no secondary arms)

Maybe I should switch class. Gunslinger looks decent with Magic 300+.

Anybody made it to the "real ending?"


The Baron sounds so ridiculous when he's hit. 'Oh?' 'Ouch.' and (vulgar)

such a bitch!

But I still can't beat him easily.



You're not fooling anyone.


I have a question...

What about the tape that "Louis the Blind" hands you at the end of Zone 1?

I mean, come on... He promises to tell you everything after the two of you get off the ship. After he is unceremoniously blown-up by the ZPCI guys, he gives you a tape with no way to play it. The Ghost Fisherman in Zone 2 even comments on not having a tape player and then,

And where is the "bigger city" over the mountains past the Shamans in Zone 3?

Don't get me wrong. I love this game, but does anyone else feel that it is a little "unfinished". It seems like the everything up the the fight with the three Shamans was pretty well laid out, and then it was decided to just let Zone 3 be the last final battle with an extra zone added for a few really tough boss fights with no connection to the story.

Anyway, that's just my two cents.


Vince, remember the spoiler tags!


It always seems as if the foe people are smarter than Sonny's friends. Some of them can go first, team up on Sonny with their strongest special attacks, and kill you on the first turn; your Combat Medic who obviously has Heroic Motivation will never use it on himself when afflicted by the delayed insta-death Fate. Even worse is when he Re-energizes your teammate who'd used Re-energize on himself the bloomin' turn before.

As fun as the game is, it would be more fun to get to play as all the main characters; that way, I wouldn't have to keep resetting the fight against Ignition until everyone manages to accidentally get everything right.

Sonny_Fan April 7, 2008 10:24 PM

lol @ PandaKnight

I am stuck on Doctor Herregods. 1million health 400 focus with ability to heal itself regardless of focus.

Any tips playing destroyer class level 14?


I can't kill the Paladin!!!


After a week and a half of intense playing - it felt longer - I just finished Stage 40 as a Level 24 Guardian, but I had the sound off so I don't know whether there was an announcement. Question:

Is the game basically over? Do we never work up to six players? I guess that that's ok since five robots who don't work together could be pretty frustrating. Of course I can't complain about the the allies' limited AI, since if the enemies had better AI I wouldn't be able to beat them.

My biggest troubles along the way were Rockstar:

Use Disruptions.

and Doctor Herregods:

I kept him under a (2/5) Void buff and then when it was time for him to Reform I gave him an Inversion and he blew it. He may have had other buffs on him at the time and I also gave him a Shatter Bolt before the Inversion just to give him time to get his Reform ready, but I don't think that they're necessary. My experience was that without the Void, he was smart enough to wait for my Inversion to wear off.

About the surprise:

I noticed at some point that I was green but only now on this site do I find out that that means that I'm a Zombie. My Veradux, however, is black, not green, but his eyes are glowing; does that mean that he is a Zombie also?

Great game. Thanks Krin and Thanks Jay.


Sorry, that's "Subversion" not "Inversion", three times in my comment.


Is it just me or are the skill trees the same for every class. If that's true it will suck big time.

Finished guardian class but am sorely dissapointed with the other classes. I expected a new set of skills.

Anonymous April 13, 2008 12:53 PM

I cant do the trick with the useless clothing, it wont let me go to my abilities page


best RPG flash game ever!!!


I just beat Stage 38 Omen as a Level 20 Destroyer. It was pretty nerve-wracking hoping that I wouldn't miss at a critical time. Also,

Even after I worked out a strategy, it took several attempts, since Omen would weirdly sometimes take two turns at once and sometimes give me two turns at once. Thus, in one of my game attempts, he went into hyper mode and attacked (and killed) Veradux in the same turn. While in the game that I won, when he switched on the hyper buff and I hit him with a Break, he twice just sat there, each time allowing me and my allies to get in two attacks each.


i beat ignition


how did you beat Omen, post how you did it, pleaseee


Andez: Well, the details have faded already from my memory, but I see in my spoiler that

I had to hit him with a Break every time he went into his hyper buff. Over time Veradux would happen to get in one or two Acid attacks (59,000+) and Amber would get in lots of attacks (13,000+), and it would all add up. My job was to protect Veradux and Amber and myself and knock out Omen every time he went crazy.


Let me ask you something:
i've beaten more and more times the three shadows in stage 41 (i'm level 35 destroyer) winning the golden something 4000 $ worth but the game doesn't go on! What's wrong?!



After you beat the trio, there's nothing. I believe that it's the last battle. Congrats. Win. Nothing.


is there anyone after omen ?


i beat omen and now struggling on the Doctor...lol


Item cheat=confirmed

I rule but stuck on count.
Random commet


nvm beat it to omen now stuck on that


to those who think that there are only 3 people:think again!!!

In the seemingly empty space there are 3 people:gligus the destroyer,teco the guardian,and katelin the gunslinger


Thanks Wade about the three allies. I totally missed that.




The glitch is

Press any item in your inventory so it "sticks to your mouse. Now click the option button and then click anywhere on the option screen. Now you will get the weapon stats on you without using it. You can do this again and again and again and your stats will just keep rising. If you re-spec you will loose your "extra" stats


The paladin boss is freakin insane. can anyone give me any tips to use to beat him?


@f0bia- Thanks for that tip. It sure puts the advantage in my favor :-)

Nellis May 1, 2008 3:39 PM

Ok, this is really cool:

So I was fighting Omen and I just lost one of my allies. So he charges and I am like, "Ah well. I am going to die anyway." So I use Coup De Grace, and I hit him for TONS of damage, he went to go to attack me and I was like, "This is it..." and guess what....HE MISSED. I was like "Woohoo!". But I died anyways.

The game was fun. I had to use that item glitch, though. One shot kills!

Vergil2256 May 1, 2008 7:26 PM

thanks for the glitch! now i can kill the paladin in one hit! get a ton of powerful items, do the glitch, and save you get to keep the stats, and your like a god!


Wow, the glitch is insane. I'm glad I passed stage 40 already or I would have been tempted to cheat. But don't waste it...

Use it on your allies and the extra stats won't disappear when you respec! Give the girls tons of Paladin armor.

Nellis May 2, 2008 1:16 PM


It doesn't work with allies. Only you.

Aegeus May 2, 2008 3:01 PM

How do you beat the battle before the Baron, against the ZPCI team? I can almost kill the sniper in 1 hit with coup de grace, but not quite, and if he survives he'll go into enrage while I'm buffing myself and use Shock (or whatever his stun attack is) to one-shot me. Even if I dispose of the sniper, all the elite has to do is stun veradux while the medic shoots, and veradux doesn't have the health to survive 2 rounds of shooting. Do I need more HP? Should I invest in Intervention to bail Veradux out?
I'm thinking that

If I re-spec to focus more on Master Strike and Coup de Grace, I can take down the sniper in one hit and maybe deal enough damage to keep the Medic busy. Alternatively, I can move a point into Shatter Bolt for the 2-round stun, which will keep the elite off-guard long enough to kill the medic.

NjaARd May 2, 2008 3:54 PM

How to beat Dr. Heregods (or whatever he's called)

Whenever you get his HP below 992 000 you just use subversion (subversion is an attack that swithces damage to healing, and healing to damage) then he heals himself for 2 000 000 HP... (whenever his HP gets below 992 000 he heals himself).

Hope that one helped



Nellis about the Glitch:

It works on allies for me; I've turned Catelin into a real monster. It's just a bit more work; you have to click on her each time before you click on each clothing item...

Krin: In the weapon store in the Valley of Illusions, why does the blue "Frost Lantern" give Fire Piercing? Is that a joke, or did an orange "Fire Lantern" mistakenly get combined with a blue "Frost Lantern" that was supposed to give Ice Piercing?


what are best weapons for every character ( im on the last zone )


Andez, I like:

Veradux: Armor - All 5 Paladin items; Primary arms - "Judgement" rifle.
Amber: Armor - 2 Paladin items and 3 Assassin items; Primary arms - "Judgement" rifle; Secondary arms - "Murder".


Anyone see Subversion? Subversion is a Tier 8 skill that turns healing into damage and back again. (hint HINT.) it is really useful, so long as Veradux doesn't try to heal you if you use it on yourself. (allies for healing, enemies who heal themselves for damage.) It looks like a half-white, half-black circle at the bottom of the ability tree.

Chrisirhc1996 May 11, 2008 8:11 AM

I know the NaN glitch

die on your first battle and reload the character

seriously it works

Chrisirhc1996 May 11, 2008 8:25 AM

it gives you

NaN gold, NaN skill points, NaN attribute points and more!


Hi. this game is amazing!

I was wondering if you could reset abilities and skills because I think I should not have used my points the way I have.



Storyline was pretty weak

I still don't know why he gave me a tape that I never got to watch/listen to. And the ending really felt cut-off, as if there should've been more to the storyline but the productio nteam ran out of time

Anyways, the gameplay is good
For the post-game bosses:


His fate is his most effective move. You have a few options here:
- get more speed than your allies and use heroic motivation(upgraded a few times so it doesn't cure the wronf effect) to save them.
- Go solo, and use "block" like mad. You can still take teammates if you do this, but they won't last too long.


Omen has a powerhouse attack - he casts an ability so as to make his next attack do about 2000 damage, but he takes somewhere around 20 times as much damage while he has that effect up. Your options are:
- Use a guardian team-mate with the most vitality boosting equipment you can find (he'll be able to take a hit and not die)
- Stun omen at this point, so he can't use his move, and let your allies do the hard work (just don't miss with the stun attack!)
-Completely disregard your allies, and use block a lot. (If you get lucky and use block just right, you'll be able to attack in his weak point here too!)

Dr Herregods

Put him down to 990,000 health, and then use subversion. He'll try to heal himself for 2,000,000, but he'll end up killing himself.
Using the two-turn stun attack(Shatter bolt) when he gets close to 990,000 might be helpful. Note that your allies will heal him at this point if you aren't careful.

Shadow team

The side shadows are pretty weak, and can be finished quickly enough. As for the central shadow, he's more difficult. He has an attack that uses up 100 focus and does about 6000 damage. Your options are:
- Use disruption (decrease enemies focus) so he won't be able to cast it. The chance of missing with disruption makes this quite risky. He will then proceed to use other effective moves, such as speed +500% for three turns (OUCH! - can be stopped by electro bolt)
-Disregard allies (This is what I usually do - I found it to be the easiest for this boss) Use block (you'll want block equipped twice) whenever he has full focus, and he'll use up all of his focus on a completely blocked hit, leaving him with no focus for his other moves. Use high-level interventions repeatedly to block his basic attack. (the only thing he'll be able to do until he restores focus, at which point you block and he watses his focus again) Then it's just a matter of time until you finish him. A few upgrades of regeneration (try for 7 focus recovery each turn) and you should finish him with no trouble.

As a question - is my re-energize different from my computer allies'? Mine says "restore 40 focus", while theirs restore 10 focus per turn for about 10 turns. ANd then there's my ally Assassin's awesome speed move (+500%!!) that I don't think I can get.

Oh, and Zato: Re-Spec is one of the options in the bottom left area of the screen. It resets your points and abilities so that you can use them in other ways instead. You can use this Re-Spec button five times per real-life day.


Re:sensei sword
yes it is obtainable
heres its stats:

Moon Struck Horrors
Physical Piercing+38
Text:you can hear tormented screams


you, in fact, CAN use the rifles as guns, just use a magic attack like magic bolt, and the projectile will be shot out of the gun! viollia!


whoa! i was playing my 47th or so playthrogh and i was training at the ghostie beach , and somehow i obtained THE MOON-STRUCK HORRORS!!!!!!!!! woot. so if you need a new weapon and you are at that point, then just train.
just like in shadow of the warrior.


dO nOt Re-SpEc WhEn UsInG tHe ItEm ChEaT!!!!!!!
you will lose all your stats gained by itemizing!
YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
on a lighter note, here are the best skills for all the classes

guardians focus on magic AND strength, and since flamestrike combines both into one superpowerful attack!


obviously, coup-de-grace. destroyers have high strength, and that damage bonus is a great way to boost it into the thousands.


a fully upgraded magic bolt will do the trick. there arent very many skills that depend on magic alone, but magic bolt is one of the best, it just takes a while to fully develope.


this one is tricky, assasins use their intense speed to subdue their foes, and no skills depend on speed, even combined with another stat, this ones tricky. either use coup-de-grace (if you choose to focus on strength), magic bolt (if you choose to focus on magic), or flamestrike (if you want to focus on both, note: this is highly unrecomended, you wont have much in either).

best move overall

heroic motovation, by a long shot. this move is a must-have, and you should fully-upgrade it ASAP. this move depends on strength AND magic, like flamestrike, but if you have high strength or magic, it wont matter, note: it works best with a guardian, but anyone can use it, and dont fall for reform, it may heal more, but you can only heal yourself.


to answer the question about why sonny's re-energize and his ally's re-energize are different, origionally, veradux's re-energize retored 40 focus, and applied a buff that makes the focus go up by one every turn, but most of the time, veradux used it when they had full focus, due to a bug. so krin changed it to restore 10 focus a turn instead of just one, but to be fair, he removed the get 40 focus on casting so the move wasnt over-powered. but he didnt realize that was worse than sunny's re-energize, and that veradux cast it less, so most of the time you have to rely on veradux to restore your energy, even after you get the skill at level fifteen, which is WAAAYYYY to late, it needs to be at level 2 or something. once, i made the mistake of taking quick strike off my move roster for the paladin, and since quick strike, suppresion, and re-energize are the only moves that dont require something to activate, i was stuck with zero focus (making me incapable of action), and died the next turn, due to my inability to heal, i am glad i loaded up veradux with the survivor gear (using the cheat, of course. 99 bucks for a huge defense boost. HIGHLY RECOMENDED!!!!!)
or else he would have gotten ahhnialated with the paladin's frequent enraged attacks. jeez, i got sooo off topic there, anyway, thats my two cents, now exuse me, i have to go preform CPR on my neighbors cat. L8R!


i cant beat

the group consisting of a totem, a rock golem, and a shaman of life in the third zone. I am a level 11 destroyer

Any help!!!


It is possible to get the zpci Captains Sword


I used the item cheat and it also works 4 me. Whoever discovered it u rock. Now 4 the first time when i met veradux zombie guy i had more health then him


yes it is posible to get the zpci captain's sword. when u aquire it the text tells you(if you hadn't already guessed) that zpci means

zombie pest control inc.


wonder what the other corperation means...

Matt Weiner May 31, 2008 9:11 AM

Am I the only one who uses

regeneration? It seems like it's a lot more effective than re-energize; put a few points in it and you're restoring more focus than you can ever restore with re-energize, without having to waste a turn to do it. Admittedly you can only restore your own focus but it seems like Veradux restores other people's focus more; and Sonny's focus is the most important here, because he doesn't make dumb choices like everyone else!

I used this to beat Ignition without ever re-speccing, though it took a long time. I think I was at level 13 Guardian.

I had Veradux and Gligus. Don't take Amber to fight Ignition, even if you start out faster than her she'll cast Shadow Blend; and if she's faster than you, you can't heal her before she dies from Fate.

I wasn't even at the best setup, since I was trying not to re-spec, which means I'm carrying Block to fight Dark Omen (by the way, what happens if you upgrade Block)?

Regeneration was restoring 6 points of focus every round. This is absolutely crucial because it means that if you alternate Heroic Motivation and Quick Strike you still gain 2 points of focus that turn. At that rate you never run out of focus, or very slowly. I had Heroic Motivation at 2 levels (three would've been even better) armed three times, Electro Bolt at one leve (all you need) armed twice, and it's very important to keep Quick Strike on; I think I also had Aggression and a Shatter Bolt or two but those aren't important here.

The key was that

Ignition has no way of regaining focus. Fate costs zero focus but Flame Strike and his healing buff cost focus; if you can last long enough he'll run out, and he'll only be able to do Quick Strike and Fate.

To wear him down I

cast Heroic Motivation any time anyone gets hit with Fate (duh). I also cast Heroic Motivation any time anyone got two Burnings on them, just in case they got hit with Fate next (it took me a little trial and error to find this out). If you have three levels of HM you can wait until someone gets hit with another Burning. I also hit him with Electro Bolt whenever he got Dark Regeneration, though this probably isn't even necessary; if he's down to zero focus you're going to beat him even if he has full health. The rest of the time I just used Quick Strike so my focus would stay high.

I got careless and lost Veradux eventually; he only had one Burning on him but his hit points went to zero! It would probably have been smarter to go with Teco instead of Veradux, for higher hit points. You often have to use Heroic Motivation on someone and wind uphealing them to full hit points anyway. It's important to keep at least one teammate alive; when Ignition is spreading the attacks around you don't have to use HM that often, but if he's hitting you with all the attacks then you have to use HM whenever he hits you with enough Flame Strikes, and whenever he hits you with Fate, and you'll have to use HM so often you may lose Focus. (If Ignition was smart he could do this even when you have multiple people alive! Fortunately he's not smart.)

Anyway, eventually

he used so many Flame Strikes and Dark Regeneration that he had no Focus left. Then it was easy -- smack him with Quick Strike or whatever you have, Gligus keeps hitting him, his Quick Strike doesn't do much damage, when he hits someone with Fate heal them (and you'll heal all the damage from his Quick Strikes), and he'll get worn down. Very easy to keep Focus high here.

The only complaint about this is how long it took -- the bosses seem to have such high point values that even if you're on a winning strategy it can take a long time to execute, as you're trying to wear them down. Though maybe that just means I need cleverer strategies! Anyway, I don't know if I have an approach that works for Omen yet.

Matt Weiner June 2, 2008 6:01 PM

If anyone's out there... sometimes when I'm fighting Omen I find my buffs wearing off at double the normal rate, and sometimes I don't get to take actions at all. This happens even after I've removed the Cripple buff. Is this supposed to happen? If so, how does it happen and what can I do about it? When this happens I can't win, because my Block wears off instantly.



the other one isn't a corporation

GSG9 is the german special forces (like SAS)

it's short for Grenzschutzgruppe 9 which means Border Guard, Group 9

i'm not sure why they are in there though...


Matt Weiner June 4, 2008 4:22 PM

Answering my own question about Omen (which I see Dov also asked above):

I think it has something to do with speed and Cripple attacks. I made sure to take off Cripple as soon as I got it and it didn't happen again. Then I think once when I was fighting Herregods with Amber and Katelin, one of them Crippled him and we had similar effects.

Beat everything as a lvl 18 Guardian without ever re-speccing.

jackson June 7, 2008 2:32 PM

I love the soundtrack of this game.


ok how is a person sposed to kill Doctor Herregods he has 100,000,00 health and heals 300,000 health somone tell me how

Ben Poupore June 9, 2008 7:23 PM

This is one of the best games I have ever played online.

Until I learned to cheat, it was really fun, challenging, and exciting, all at once.
I hope no one posted these already:

You can drag weapons/armor/etc. from your inventory to the abilities tab, and drop it onto the middle area, and it will give you those attributes.
Also, you can do a training battle, win, and when the screen fades out, hit the "x" button, and when you re-load the game, you will level up and have infinite money.
(Note: you must have the "auto-save" option on.

These two cheats, in conjunction with one another, work extremely well.



How did you do the infinite money cheat? Everytime the screen fades out I can't click x

iownall June 12, 2008 5:47 PM

What happens when you upgrade block?

Brandon June 19, 2008 3:45 AM

Hey how do you do the NaN cheat I cant figure it out???


How do you do the NaN cheat

chees_man June 23, 2008 10:15 AM

actually you can use the glitch on your allies just click on their little portrait then go to the options screen.
also my main hits over 57200

Anonymous July 7, 2008 4:22 AM

On the last zone (Illusion Valley) press tab 17 times then press enter, you will go into a battle with nothing. Skip your turn and the battle ends. You get infinite money and a level up.


How do I beat the Ignition the last area? He has the Fate attack and it kills with 9999 damage, so it's obviously one hit kill. Any advice?


I don't think Sonny is the best RPG in Flash--it's just the RPG with the best production values. Mardek and Telepath RPG both have more interesting characters and stories, for one thing. And Sonny can't even touch Telepath RPG Chapter 2 when it comes to intense tactical battles.

AOT Master July 14, 2008 7:32 AM

I think both the item cheat and NaN money cheat can deal up to over 1 000 000 damage.

I used lightning bolt: with strength: >10000 and magic: >10000 can cast >500 000 damage.

Then that means to say that Dr Herregods will be gone in one hit

Anonymous July 17, 2008 3:04 PM

how do you get the other three characters to fight with you?

Anonymous July 18, 2008 11:59 AM

You may have figured that the Center Shadow on the last level can kill you with one or two hits, so I recommend using Shatter Bolt on him first, then Disruption to keep him from crushing your entire team in five to six turns.
By the way Guardian is the best class because of its high health.


How do I kill the one million hp boss?



There's a comment at the top of this page about that...

Try subversion. You have to time it just right, though, so count off when he heals.



Doctor Herregods heals for 2 million when he only has 1 million! He heals when he gets below 980,000hp

How do I beat him?


Does anyone know a really fast way to get money/items?


For ignition

If he uses fate on someone, you can also use subversion on them and they will be healed 9999 hp.


I think the game is more or less a "Sinjid" copy...(and yes it's by the same author)

The introduction is quite decent, but the story progess less and less in the process, and eventually the game play goes into the endless
"Fight/Level UP" cycle with no meaning at all...

The battle, even with the author's tweak(mentioned in an update note), still goes too slow. In later parts the enemy's hp goes ridiculously high and it takes forever to end a battle, something that shouldn't happen in a decent RPG. I have to agree with Craig.

If only Krin could get over this "HardCore" obsession (that a wearing down a boss with soaring high hp is exciting) and study more on balancing instead...it'd be as good as MARDEK.

3 out of 5 from me.


Using the item glitch, I was 1 hit k0ing in stage 3 hitting over 1000 damage at level 9.


Stuck on stage 34. Help me.


There is a cheat in the game actually,but it is very expensive.

Click on inventory and click on any weapon.
Don't drop the weapon and click on option button.
The weapon will be on the option screen and then drop it anywhere.
It will be gone, but the stats will be added. In other words, you can stack multiple weapons.

With that, I completed the game in level 18 only. Strange, but I have 10,020 strength.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]

iParkOnYou October 21, 2008 9:19 PM

Hey guys, I know you guys probably have lots of questions about Sonny.

just a hint on the game, you can "cheat" in it. I don't recommend it because it ruins the fun out of the game. I suggest to complete the game, and the 4th stage if you can, then email me if u really need the cheat, and other tips and hints about the game.

Well, I was hooked on this game and was intent on finding every secret, and I read the armor games blog. The creators said something about Sonny 2, and it would tie all the random tidbits about Sonny, and those "WTF?" moments. For example, why would there be a rockstar in the shaman land? and so on.

Have Fun,

iParkOnYou :)

iParkOnYou October 21, 2008 9:27 PM

Oh, and also, sorry for the double post, but, the cheat I said above has to do with dfgmsrn's post, except its more efficient, and there's a downside to using the cheat. Some of you may have found out already, but

If you decide to invest in this cheat ONLY, make sure you pick the skills you want to pick, because if you reset your skills, your stacked stats go away. Also, the weapon/armor stacking only works on you. So you can't stack on other people. In the last stage however, I would say this cheat is the easiest way in defeating all the bosses and using a small amount of time.


Here's a list of all the weapons, armor and stuff you can win fighting

Zone 1

Engineering Gloves
Final Bosses:
M7-V Rifle
ZPCI Blade

Zone 2

Training fights/battles:
Ghostly Mask
Assassin's Tunic
Helm of Peril
Armor of the Fallen
Hunter's Helm
Hunter's Armor
Training fights/battles/final boss:
Moon-Struck Horrors
Final Boss:
Crown of Frozen Shadows
Grand Master's Gloves
Armor of the Teacher
Legplates of Icy Doom
Footguard of the Shore

Zone 3

Training fights/battles:
Breaker's Gloves
Breaker's Axe
Breaker's Boots
Breaker's Mask
Breaker's Armor
Striker's Gloves
Striker's Leggings
Striker's Mask
Striker's Armor
Tribal Blade
Tribal Dagger (assassin secondary)
Mender's Gloves
Mender's Axe
Mender's Leggings
Mender's Boots
Mender's Armor
Knight's Leggings (destroyer)
Knight's Boots (destroyer)
Knight's Helm (destroyer)
Knight's Armor (destroyer)
Cannibal's Hunger (destroyer primary)
Stone Club
Final Boss:
Paladin's Helm
Paladin's Gloves
Paladin's Armor
Paladin's Leggings
Paladin's Boots
Blade of Light

Zone 4

Ghost Medallion (value 500$)
Special Training:
Convoy Package (value 2000$)
Battles/final bosses:
Champion's Trophy (value 4000$)

Elmertjeuh November 11, 2008 5:32 AM

hi i just signed in but how can you use the cheat and what is the cheat i'd like to know?



I'm not sure if this is the cheat you're referring to, but I'm sure this will help.

This is the cheat.

Go to your inventory and look for an item with stats. Now click on that item, then click on Options. When the Options box opens, click anywhere inside it. The item should disappear. I don't remember if you should either close the box or the box closes itself, but check your inventory anyway. The stats of the item should have been absorbed by your main character. This works for allies too, as long as their photo is highlighted. It works great for bosses. I hit an average of 2,000s-3,000s. It's a bit low, yes.

One more thing...
Never ever hit the re-spec button if you use this cheat.


Here is a cheat for you all. first, grab an item from your inventory. then, while holding the item, go to the options menu. Last, drop the item in the options and you will gain stats.


How do you get the other characters?

[Edit by Kayleigh]


the reason why it's "unfinished" is because the story is continued in Sonny 2.


Oh, and the others are greyed-out. Shift-click on them to activate them.


Hmm. When I was training on my first play-through at Ishiguro's Rest, I found... MOON-STRUCK HOORORS! I was only level 5, but by the time I got to the sensei, I was level 7, and I was like "OMG HE HAS MY SWORD!".

Crabz5000 March 13, 2009 10:43 PM

I found another way to do the item stacking cheat:

in the inventory screen grab an item attached to one of your characters (it HAS to be attached, it can't come from the inventory), change characters (still holding the item) then drop the item on the stats bars (piercing and defense) the character will now be wearing the item, but the previously worn item's stats stay (in addition to the new stats) this as also a way to attach class specific items to anyone

hope this helps

Anonymous December 4, 2009 8:24 PM

i lovED this game. note the past-tense. it was excellent for the 1st 2 world stages, then got to the Baron Brixius level, which is impossible to beat. whoever said the AIs are smarter than your friends and kill them all off 1 by 1 is right!
@Gar:I do that too!
I dont see the point of 0-dimensional rpgs, but with Sonny its forgivable. I found the destroyer by far the easiest. My opinions of classes:

destroyer is best, good strength and damage. Then guardian, for all-around defense. Then vanguard or whatever its called for ok at everything. Then assassin, for low health.

please help! im stuck on:

baron brixius with destroyer

sorry if its too long!


that's no cheat just another way to

wear an item. Same thing happens when you take an item from your inventory and put it in the slot it belongs in.

Sorry to burst your bubble. :(
Whoever suggested using


on healing people, you're a genius!
Also: how do I get stats attached to myself without wearing the items?! But i already know the

options screen cheat

I want something less expensive!!! Please help!

[Edit: Comment edited. Please put spaces after punctuation and put your commenter name in the space provided. It helps to keep all our comments on the site easy to read and uniform in appearance. Thank you! -Jay]


Sorry for the double post, but i think baron brixius says the stupidest things when you hurt him:

he says all this:
something I cant quite tell, but it sounds like Scratchy Fish! I know that doesn't make sense, but still.

He says all this and probably some more.
sorry again for the double post


Sorry! Triple post! But, I figured out the answer to my 2nd post problem:

I just do training fights, take the guy's stuff, and use all that!

I'm so sorry I posted 3 times in a row! Please forgive me!


WOWWW!!!!! Me, Veradux, & the Paladin just dominated life on the Baron level! We each had most of our health, too. I wish I knew how we did it, but my best guess is

I did a bunch of training battles. Each one at this point is worth about .3% experience, but it amounted toward me being level 15 & 4% destroyer. That wasn't all, though. I also took stuff from my training enemies & did the

item on option screen

glitch. That made Veradux very long-living. Plus, we both dealt tons more damage. I recommend improving Veradux, since an unimproved Veradux is good for only healing. No damage, no vitality, nothing.

Hope this helps!


Sonny was a great game, but it gets kind of hard, the reason for that being that the enemies' hp skyrockets. It's helpful if

you get higher in magic, then work on strength. Don't focus too much on how good your healing is, because Veradux takes care of all that.

P.S. I beat the game in around 2 1/2 months. Hope this helps :)


WOWWWW!!! Just had the most amazing idea, had to post it! :) For Ignition, the 1st guy on the Valley of Illusions, just do this:

When he uses FATE on somebody, use SUBVERSION, which is a good move for healers. It'll HEAL them for 9999 damage! :D

@JIGuest who suggested

pressing Tab 17 times, then Enter

That just sends me into a battle with Ignition. Maybe a mistake in how many times to press it?


Those people who think the Paladin is hard, I thought it was relatively easy. Certainly, if you beat the Baron without an extreme gift of miraculous luck, you can kill the Paladin no problem. I beat the Baron after using that glitch, but it took me about a month. The, 1 turn kill on Paladin. Seemed easy. Maybe I got lucky. I don't know. If you

are relatively good, spent some glitching on you & your allies, & have decent armor & weapons

, you should be able to kill the Paladin easily. My team setup:

Me, Teco, & Catelin. You need either Veradux or Teco, who is smarter. Then, pick your favorite one from the others.

Hope this helps :P

101Chameleon December 21, 2009 6:43 PM

To beat the baron:

You just need to keep the paladin alive for 17-18 hits against the baron. That should be enough to kill the baron without cheating. You probably should have a fully leveled up heroic motivation to heal teammates.


I'm a Destroyer, so I'm not much for healing. I only have 2 moves that help people rather than hurt them.
I have subversion, which is good for 2 things:

1. Hyper-healers who can kill themselves with healing.
2. Allies who have a buff that hurts them.

I also have Heroic Motivation. Not much to say. Heals. The end. But 101Chameleon, you're going to regret not using the glitch later. Just so you know, do this:

Go to the inventory screen. Whoever needs improvment, click their portrait. Take an item. Click once so it "sticks" to your mouse. WITHOUT dropping it, go to Options & click in the gray box. Your item will go away, & they will absorb the stats.

Hope this helps. :P


sonny cheat when you get to the fourth world the first guy you face will have a magic attack called FATE it will kill you unless you get rid of it there are two ways one use suppression it switch healing with damage vice versa or use hero motivation.

P.S hope this helps


1st of all, please add spoiler tags to your comment, to see how to do this look at the Notes about Leaving Comments. 2nd of all, it's not Suppression, that's the block you start the game with. It's called Subversion.
Hope this helps :)


Sorry, I don't quite understand why you would do this, or what it really does, but here's what to do:

Make a new game. It must be in an empty slot. Die on your first battle & reload. The 4 worlds will flash by. To click on anything, you have to figure out where on the screen it is, then click on it when it comes around again. Here are the side effects:
Unlimited money $$$
Unlimited Atrribute points. It says NaN for Ability points too, but it won't work.
If you go into a battle, it'll be with nothing. SKIP YOUR TURN! You'll win & level up. There's no point really. It just does these.

Hope you enjoy it. :)


Dose anyone know what happens when you beat the game? Please tell me


Someone please explain to me why is there a ramdom rockstar in the shamon land?


@ lad12:
I don't know what happems when you beat the game, but in answer to why there's a rockstar hanging out with a stone club in the Great Plains, I know how you can find out. In a comment by iParkOnYou, it says that:

Well, I was hooked on this game and was intent on finding every secret, and I read the armor games blog. The creators said something about Sonny 2, and it would tie all the random tidbits about Sonny, and those "WTF?" moments. For example, why would there be a rockstar in the shaman land? and so on.

Hope this helps :)


Am I the only one who after defeating the mighty Dr. Herregods with a simple trick(

Get him down to 900,000, then use Subversion

),laughed at the puniness of that Shadow team, even the leader Shadow? Wow, 28000 HP. (sarcastically)SCAARRYY. :P


Um, I beat the game. The Shadow Team died. Now what? It gave me a Champion's Trophy for beating a Major Boss, then it sent me back & the next Progress Battle was them again. Where's the story ending???


the ghost medallions can be sold for $500 each


I'm trying to beat zone 4 and training against the illusions and every time i beat them i get a "Ghost Meddalion" what do i do with it?


For Doctor Herregod:
Get him down to 99,000,000 health, then use a stunning attack(Break or Shatter Bolt)
when he is stunned, use Subversion(ability) and when he is un-stunned he will heal and kill himself, because Subversion changes healing to damage
NaN cheat:
save game
enter a battle
win the battle
as the screen is fading black, hit the red exit button
load the game again, and you will automatically level up and get unlimited money


How to beat the whole forth stage in a few easy steps (and glitches)

step 1: Enter the Valley of Illusions stage.

step 2: Press the "tab" button on your keyboard 17 times, no more no less.

step 3: Press the "enter" button on your keyboard, or return if you are using a mac.

step 4: The two previous steps should have lead you into a battle. Choose to skip your tur. In result the battle will end.

step 5: You should now be in the battle victory screen. You have now gained infinite money.

step 6: Hit "proceed" and return to the Valley of Illusions.

step 7: Choose the third store and buy any amount of "Destruction"'s (level 10 Destroyer Primary Arms).

step 8: Go to your inventory and pick up one "Destruction".

step 9: While you still have a "Destruction" selected, go into the options menu and click anywhere on it. This should increase your strength and health.

step 10: Repeat steps 8 and 9 about 100 times (if you run out of "Destructions", you can always go back for more). This task may prove to be very strenuous.

Final Product: You should be able to do ridiculous amounts of damage while also have thousands of health. You might still need "Subversion" and something to stun Doctor Herregods (perferably "Shatter Bolt")

Hope you all enjoy!

Anonymous December 3, 2010 8:08 PM

Speaking of which, why isn't there a Telepath RPG article on here? This article has the only mention of it on the site.


hey , I'm fighting with ignition , because my health is 21.879 , he use fate , and I keep attacking him , my health only lose a little , and for all , thanks for posting many cheat , all of it I have tried , and working , b^_^


The game is easy. It took me days to end it.. :)


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