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Sonny 2Reader reviewThe following is a reader-submitted review by Terry:

Suddenly, you're awake. Memories from the past flood your mind. It's still dark outside and there are so many questions that need to be answered. But the most pressing matter is the tape you clutch in your hand. What secrets does it hold? How can you unlock its mysteries? Before you or your friend can say another word, a motorcycle leaps into the scene, its rider attacking both of you and making off with the tape. With nothing more than a metal pipe in your hand, you follow the bike towards a secure complex in the distance, hoping to get the answers you've long been looking for.

This is how Sonny 2, a sequel to one of the best tactical battle games on the Web, Sonny, begins. Sonny 2 is a turn-based action RPG where you buy equipment, level up, and train after each fight, all in preparation for the next round of combat. It's extraordinarily detailed without being too overwhelming and boasts a high level of polish.

The sequel packs a ton of features not available in the original Sonny. Dozens of voiced lines, five new chapters, all new enemies, skills and weapons, plus a brand new game engine and a great new soundtrack. It's remarkably faithful to the original, and everything that made Sonny so great is abundantly present in Sonny 2.

When you begin the game you have the option to customize the difficulty, which mainstream build you want to go for (thus affecting your skill tree and which abilities you can use in combat), and whether you want to play the tutorial. Soon you'll enter battle and will level up, giving you a chance to spend attribute points on your character's vitality, strength, instinct, speed, and a host of skills. This is the meat of the game: customizing your character to get stronger and eliminate the enemy. And it's all handled with a smooth grace both casual and more dedicated gamers can appreciate.

Analysis: Krin Juangbhanich worked on Sonny 2 for almost a year, creating a polished (and lengthy) final product that boasts three separate character classes, hundreds of new items, and a Player vs. Player arena mode. The low-profile launch acts as an open beta of sorts to help wipe out glitches and polish the game before it makes its rounds across the Web.

Voice acting is top notch, just like in the first Sonny, though this tends to create a long loading time. The music is also superbly composed, as it really creates an atmosphere of tense action in each fight scene. The story composition is packed with both serious and sarcastic moments, sprinkled with references to the real world. For example, later in the game you may get a "Bugo Hoss" armor piece, switching the first letters of a popular clothing brand.

Next to a bug or two which will be hammered out in later updates, there are no real flaws in this game, only nitpicks. For example, zone three was a bit of a filler level, with only 2-3 scenes with actual voice acting, and no groundbreaking plot advancements. Also, the game has a tendency to let fights go on forever, though this has been reduced quite a bit from the original Sonny.

One new feature we found especially intriguing are AI stances, allowing you to steer your fellow combatants tactics from full defensive to a relentless offense. The visuals have also received an upgrade, and the local PVP arena is great if you want to test your fighting skills to the extreme.

Sonny 2 fulfilled the promises made by the first Sonny, and Krin has really listened to the audience and adjusted the game accordingly. With upcoming tweaks and improvements, this may be one of the best strategy/RPG Flash games you've ever played. Until Sonny 3 comes out, of course!

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I'm leaning towards "cheesily delightful story" actually.

There's an ice storm today in my local area so it looks like I won't be leaving the house... so it's a perfect day for this to be released!

I got a little nervous when:

Veradux got a shiv to the forehead in the opening cutscene. But...

he got better.


Sweet! I'll play it right now :) 5/5 vote from me already! Impossible for this to be a let down.


There's a bug when you enter Zone #2 and pickl training without going into a fight BEFORE, which levels you up to level 30 instantly.

I'll be playing this for long...:D


What does instinct do? I don't know whether I should be upgrading it or not.


Lovely, about to play. This will be great.


Is it me, or do some of the attack abilities seem flaky? Sometimes my leading strike is distance based, other times not. Sometimes my destroy will hit for 130, other times 17. Sometimes I'll recover no focus, and other times 50. Maybe it is all by design and it is merely the fact that I just started playing, but I feel a disconnect and lack of faith in my abilities- different that Sonny 1.


How to kill

the Baron? He has 80k Hp and nearly 1 hits Sonny Oo


Wow, there is so much to this new release! If I didn't have papers to grade, I would be under the covers with my laptop and a cup of cocoa all day. Hope you have fun, Joye!

So much work--it's like three games in one. Really nice job, from what I can see in a 15 minute look. I know what I'll be doing all break!


Max level and infinite money

When I did training in the second level the first time it just cycled through backgrounds so I quit the game. I went back to fight the end boss from level 1 again (last spot I saved) and when I won I got a second sword. I tried the training again and went instantly to level 30 and infinite money.



It's a fairly bad bug, isn't it? :) My character is rather advanced after I did that by mistake

Bradley Darling December 19, 2008 10:41 AM

Whoo! Finally! There's /supposed/ to be an ice storm in my area too, so this is perfect!


I love the fact that ythe game was so anticipated, that you didnt ever give it a full review until later!


Is this an element of play or a bug:

Twice now (once with Felicity and just now with the second battle in the second map) when I have hit the Spacebar to skip the dialogue, the whole battle has ended. I've won something and I've gained experience, but I didn't actually beat the challengers.

Is that supposed to happen? I figured it was part of the game with Felicity, but I don't play with sound so I don't know what is happening in the story!


Maybe its worth mentioning that game is over 20 MB (took me nearly 10 minutes to load). Not sure if there is option to download it but that kind of size kind of kills the idea of online game.


The enlightend helm is glitched.

It cycles through all the wearable equipment,lol


how do i beat the baron?

The_Corruptor December 19, 2008 5:01 PM

There's some status effect the baron gives himself that does him selveral thousand damage each turn. I still haven't beaten him, but I went from him being near full health to him at half health in only three turns.

Pity I didn't notice the 2000 damage per turn her was dealing himself :p


for some reason every time i face the baron, he will use the tick tock move so i lose 10% of my health each turn, but for some reason i lose about 50 or 60 percent of it instead... its a really annoying bug


The Baron:

Just simply hold out until he tick-tocks himself,when the "nightmare over" buff is cast,its one turn till he dies.

The part after that is cheesy and funny.


After playing this game yesterday and today I think this game is worse than Sonny 1. The skills aren't as tactical as the previous game. It's mostly just about damage. Not so much about stunning at the right time or defending at the right time.


I find this game has potential to be good, but it is like a prerelease. Like it wasn't fully tested to its full ability. Very little has changed from the first Sonny, and the opening story doesn't say how or why you are suddenly stripped of your money, your items, or why your medic friend is still around.

I do like that you can now control (roughly) what your partner does, by saying neutral, super defend, or super offence, but the dammage system is very discouraging.

They kept the 'reset' stats ability, but the bar for that, is way too high. Like I had hit level 3 or 4, and the skill reset was at like 120 gold. I hadn't even MADE that much yet, let alone think of resetting skills.

IT has potential, but it still has too many rough edges to make the game fun.


I just beat the baron using nothing but disrupt. Make him kill himself!


Darn. Just as I was recovering from Warfare 1917.


ok am i supposed to take random damage for no reason at the second area?


Awww....Tunnel Beast. So cute! I want one! Oh, wait, I gotta kill it. Darn.


Wait... the bug didn't happen for me. The first thing I did was a training battle. Nothing happened out of the ordainary.


hipeople - I know they are working on fixing the bugs as quickly as they're found, so it may be that the bug was fixed by the time you tried it.


Phew .. two and a half hours gameplay in heroic mode, but.. some polishing must be made in my oppinion, psychological is kinda overpowered with the right build and pure instinct attributed.
Beaten the game in lvl 24 and i got 118 vita, 22 str, 490 inst and 112 spe.

Good night :p

frustrated gamer December 19, 2008 9:59 PM

How do u beat level after baron?

Daniel matheson December 19, 2008 10:13 PM

does anyone know how to beat level after baron?


The link to play the game loads the page but the area where the game should be is white!


What gives?


I'm stuck on the City Council with a Bio player. They have a shield that is higher than anything any of my players can throw and it lasts for 98 turns. What am I missing?


I like all the voice acting, and don't mind the wait, but it sounds as if the guy who did the Mad Scientist lines was trying to sound like Heath Ledger's the Joker all the time.

From what I could tell from gameplay terms, Veredeux can "knock you silly" a lot better than Sonny can, with an attack that deals much more damage than anything else, as well as a better healing ability than what Sonny can max out. This is probably because I chose "Easy" first, though.

I could nitpick all night, but I'm just gonna go and enjoy the expanded zombie-hero game now.


how do you kill baron 48k on he has 48k hp and destroyed me in 20 seconds


Played through as a warmblooded hydraulic, using gear with physical piercing. It's an effective, high-dps build, although I think you miss out on some interesting complexity when focus management becomes a non-issue. (And you're immune to Silence, too!)

I also think that combat in Sonny 1 was more tactical in terms of timing stuns and other control-type abilities; I won this game just by throwing lots of damage at every opponent. It was fun but not engaging in the same way.

Sarah: you don't have to break a shield all at once, it "remembers" how much damage you've done to it.


Is it just me, or is everything backwards? I seem to be controlling Veradux rather than Sonny...although Veradux seems to have Sonny's abilities. And when I click on an enemy to attack him, I attack the other enemy instead.

Is anyone else experiencing this? I am confused.


Meh. I liked Sonny 1 a lot more. The skills were more tactical. Even though there was 1 set for all classes... I still felt each had more potential than these. These skills are boring. Too much focus management. Boo hiss. What a let down.


i think this game has great potential, but some things that i dont like about it are the fact that you have none of the previous games abilities to choose from while the medic still does , the fact that you are so weak in the beginning that your partner does almost all of the fighting, and if you dont have the graphics AND the effects on the lowest setting possible, the game goes so slow that it takes like 10 minutes to complete one fight.


The Baron:
I figured out that if your a Bio classed(the one you picked in the beginning) you can get the skill called "Disrupt" and "Integrity" and continuously burn The Baron Focus. Which causes the baron to have 0 Focus and use his skill "Deep Burning" , which causes him to lose Hp for Focus.

Note: You can put up to 4 Disrupt in you action bar/circle.


This is a great little game...

After a bit of a time beating the Baron... I really thought he was invincible for a while. But I respeced my guy and went on to finish the whole thing in about 5 hours.

I enjoyed the cheesy story line.. I wish the 3rd charcater had been a bit better, since she was way less powerful than my other two by the time it came time to use her.

some notes on how I beat the game as a psych:

I used a combination of dark echo's which puts a debuff on the enemy... then hit em with corruption which requires a buff to hit.

This take a bunch of mana or focus on later levels so I bought up the tree that gets you to electrical storm, which replenishes focus. You can load two of those which will give you all your focus back.

once dark echo and electric storm were maxed out, I put points into the two buffs, salvation and destruction.

Later I played with some other things, but salvation is important later on as the mobs focus on you and you alone... if you healer guy isnt buffed it can be too much to survive.

Just remember to focus on one guy at a time... and your through.

Overall, a very satisfying waste of a few hours. I may even play it again with the other character types..


Oh lord.
Just when I thought I could recover from RPGs, this comes along.


Gee, this is tough i like it a lot more the number 1 though.

thedudester7 December 20, 2008 11:13 AM

how do you beat captain hunt and the zpci people on zone 2?


focus your dps on the captain, when he goes down the fight ends. If you cant, get better gear or respec :)

thedudester7 December 20, 2008 12:30 PM

how do u beat the move energy shield?



stun/disrupt the sniper when he buffs his damage and piercing to avoid being one-shotted

focus fire on hunt until his men drop their own shields and cast "desperate shield" on him

take out the men while hunt is stunned and shielded, then finish off hunt when the shield expires

caps lock is cruise control for cool

thedudester7 December 20, 2008 1:02 PM

I still can't beat Captain Hunt.

thedudester7 December 20, 2008 1:38 PM

how do you beat the real hobo

thedudester7 December 20, 2008 3:05 PM

1 had 3000 health now i have only 1500

thedudester7 December 20, 2008 3:20 PM

How do you beat the hydra and fire claws?

thedudester7 December 20, 2008 3:36 PM

How do you get your health up higher?


Dudester, you're getting annoying.
Great game, btw. Beat it as a Hydraulic.

iParkOnYou December 20, 2008 4:39 PM

How do you beat the hydra and its companions? I always get triple teamed and then my two teammates die because I'm not there

PantomineX December 20, 2008 5:17 PM

Hey, after you defeat the Biron, can you face him again in the training zone?


the hydros and fires are very easy if you are a hydraulic, as you can easily do massive damage to the fires, but in order to beat this if you are another rank, you must makt it so that the hydro is eeither stunned or can't use focus, as he has no attacks that require 0 focus. During this time, attack the fires and continue to prevent the hydro from attacking

iParkOnYou December 20, 2008 7:38 PM

I just defeated the hydra and its companions.

what I did was I was hydraulic so I bought the Lavastone Barrier, and the Frozen Runeblade. I used ice attacks such as Glacier, flash freeze, and mind freeze. I was level 20 at the time so that helped. I speced so I got crystal ice. I destroyed the two lava things with my partners on Relentless Mode. I used a combination of all my abilities I listed, as well as the two abilities I got to start.

iParkOnYou December 20, 2008 7:43 PM

@ PantomineX:
I beat the baron already and you can fight both his hidden and his normal form in the training place.

thedudester7 December 20, 2008 7:50 PM

how do you beat hydra and fire claws as a biological?


Hi, I play Sonny, too, and I am in the third zone. At the end of zone 2 (Captain Hunt), I got an weird item -->

Flexible armor. The picture is constantly changing it's armor type like, pants, headwear, gloves, etc. but also to weapons. When I click on it it disappears but is back if I open the item manage menu.

Does somebody know what this weird item does?


What are the enemies you can't fight in training mode other than bosses? My inventory is nearly full because I want to keep all the items you can only get once and I don't know if the enemy that dropped it is in Training Fight.


Gar: Take note that the doctors names are

Leath and Hedger. Seem familiar?


Yeah, I was stuck on Baron Brixius for quite awhile too... I'd whittle him down to around 32000 and then die. Eventually though, I managed to beat him and coasted through the rest of the game dying only a couple times.

Overall, a very good game. Now to beat it with the other classes =D

darkzodiac6489 December 21, 2008 3:41 AM

for beating the hydra

The two fire heads on the side are really weak to shadow. I was a lvl 20 psychological and just killed both of those off with the base shadow move that doesnt cost anything. Then you can use the healing/shield spell that has a yingyang symbol and just chip away at the hydra. Pretty simple.


I found a particularly effective Psychological build for maximizing damage.

I maxed out Terrify and Epiphany, and took Overdrive. For stats and equipment, I focused almost entirely on instinct, and spread the rest between strength and vitality. For other skills, I took Implosion for damage, but didn't use it much, and Electrical Storm/Charged Blood for focus regeneration. However, I almost never use up all my focus anyway.

To use this, I would hit one enemy with Terrify on the first turn to counteract the self-damage from Overdrive, and by level 13, I would generally be healing 100 health or so more than that. Second turn, I would cast Epiphany on one enemy, which would deal about 200-300 per turn for 7 turns. Next, I would spam Dark Infusion on an enemy other than the one on which that I used Epiphany. It would hit for about 300, and after stacking a few turns, it would deal 200-300 damage per turn after that. By doing this, every turn I'd be hitting one enemy for 300, and the other for 400-600, and any buffs or debuffs from my allies would magnify that even more. Being able to kill two enemies at the same time was pretty useful.

Unfortunately, I can't beat the Baron with any build I have tried for any class.


How do you beat the pink bunny in zone 4 as a bio?


i am on the captain hunt and zpcl sniper and zlpc medic who do i need to defeat first


This game has great potential and it is awsome.but the battle right before the mayor in the last level is a hard level. So many defensive buffs cancelling pretty much a lot of damage!so the battle takes forever


lol to beat the pink bunny just die and set your team on tactical and they do the rest exactly how i beat him heehehe


This game I'm starting to find very annoying. I'm in the 2nd zone. I'm a hydraulic, and I go into avenger form at the beginning of every battle. During one battle, I was doing 400 damage per attack. The next... I was hitting for 150 max. What is wrong with this game?


how the heck do you beat the hydra and fire claws? those things just keep burning me to death


** how do you beat the hydra as a bio? a keep hacking at it but the fire claws just keep burning me down. any ideas?


the real hobo:

I beat him as a biological. just keep using agile exposure to weaken him, let his funny debuffs start working against him, set your teammates to relentless mode, and he's dead.

nightmunky December 21, 2008 5:21 PM

@ dante

use envenom against fireclaws, make sure you have a high strength and vitality, then attack hydra with leading strike and destroy


lol in the tunnel of illusions you fight a bug called 'gregor' just in case nobody else has done AS drama, i think (it may be unintentional) that its reffering to the play 'Metamorphosis'...just a random piece of information nobody cares about :)


Hydra (as any class)

The fire claws are extremely weak to Shadow, Poison, and Ice, so use your main character's elemental attacks on them.

The rest is straightforward.


I'm stuck on the City Council with a Bio player too, any ideas how to beat them??

thedudester7 December 21, 2008 9:19 PM

the move FORCE FIELD is a pain.

[Edit: Thedudester7, please refrain from using profanity. Future comments containing any bad language will be automatically deleted, and your account may be banned. -Pam]


here is an effective build for psychological:

use all attribute points on instinct. give all your ability points to shock therapy, free will, and terror.Then move along the electric tree til you get to wraith form,then use it at the start of all battles, next use terror, after that use 3 shock therapies (have them in your bar along with 1 free will, wraith form, 2 terrors, and 1 electric storm)to begin the battle with the enemy at at least 3,000 less hp (plus all your partner's damage)


what would be considered better for a lv. 13 bio;
venom smite:
instinct +3
strength +19
vitality: +12
poison piercing: +48
rune blade:
speed: +18
vitality: +11
instinct: +11
strength: +24
physical piercing: +53
i rely heavily on envenom and infect please tell me. i'm currently usin rune blade but i think venom smite might be better.


I'm playing as a Hydraulic and Gregor seems impossible to defeat.
When I try to chip off his health, he uses his "roach" skill and recovers most of it. Help? :P


what would everone consider to be the best ability sets for each class?
please post your answers.


Lite - on Gregor as a hydraulic -

You have to stop him from casting that roach regeneration spell. I re-speced so all my skills were based on suppression, so he couldn't get a chance to fire off that spell, while my teammates pounded on him.

Mind Freeze - Stops him from using "Roach" as he can't do anything using focus.

Flash Freeze - Stops him from casting it entirely.

Regulate - Is useful for chipping away at his focus - if you keep it at zero, he can't cast "Roach".

Vascular Arrest - reduces the amount of healing he can do.

I found that a combination of the first three and my teammates were sufficient to beat him. I suggest letting Gregor use up his focus until it's down to about 20 or less, and then regulate him constantly so he doesn't have any focus to use.


The game has good potential and could become better than sonny 1 but its so glitchy. I'm a physcological and I enter one battle and I deal around 200-300 damage and in the next battle i deal like 50-100, what on earth is happening?

Anyway, im stuck on the Baron on Zone 2, any tips for a physc?

needhelpplease December 22, 2008 6:04 AM

how do you beat clemons the deciever?


can anyone tell me how to defeat the city council in area 5? i am bio class.

theo a.k.a hawkblood December 22, 2008 7:39 AM

Ok for all you guys wanting to no how to kill the Hydra as a Bio..

heres the way

if your level 20 heres a good build for you :)

vicious stike at level 4

savagery level 4

sharpe sences level 4

shadow blend level 4

and with your remaining 4 i recommend either

or integrity

ive got them all ..

ok and now your skill bar

should go like this

vicious strike x2
sharp sences x2
shadow blend x1

then you will have 3 spaces left over..

in my free spaces ive put in subversion, leading strike, and destroy.

ok now to kill them you put on sharp sences, then shadow blend, then vicious strike the fire claws and then vicious strike again then get your focus back

take the claws 1 at a time

put veradux on planuex mode he wil keep you alive but if he isnt then put him on aggresive and then put suversion on the person that has the lowest health as the claws attack the person with the least ammount of health and then when the claws heal your man put veradux on planuex again the next turn

hope this helped :)



What do you have to increase per class?
I am Biolgocial and I give strengh en speed the attribute points.. is this good way?


well i used enrage for me then destroy and how do you defeat gregor


hey all i beat the game yesterday with a psychological level 25 vitality: 209 strength: 72 instinct: 409 speed: 108

but i think i found a glitch. has anyone else experienced somewhere in dystopia that they take pretty much random ammounts of damage ranging from about 600 to 2500?

i figured i must have missed something where someone said i was gonna die if i didnt do "this." i went to all the different areas and the same thing happened every time.

then i thought about all my abilities.

DO NOT USE RETROGRADE!!! it switches your damage given to damage you do to yourself. not really sure y but thats what it did to me. if it hasn't happened to anyone else then im not sure y it happened to me

thedudester7 December 22, 2008 11:44 AM

tips on beating the mayor as a biological


the baron is actually super easy. i beat him on my second try with no issues. here's how:

equip disrupt the maximum number of times and keep casting it on him. he will kill himself while trying to regenerate focus.

sonny's man84 December 22, 2008 12:55 PM

I'm still stuck on the baron with a physc. I have re-speced twice and still cant find a way to beat him. If anyone knows please tell me.


This is a much easier way to defeat the Baron for psychaotics

Get level 2 haunt to drain his focus, then when he gets to zero focus and regenerates, use level 2 implosion and he will do 200% more damage to himself, on my game that took it from 5000 damage to 20000 damage. Try to stay on the defense until you get a chance to use this combo.


Is anyone else having the experience that the Hydro's direct heal consistently lands for less than 2*Str?

sonny's man84 December 22, 2008 1:35 PM

thanks john. that was a really helpful stratagey. any tips to beat him as hydraulic?

repairmanman December 22, 2008 1:46 PM

i find that force feild can be overcome by smashing the sheild to bits. even if it is recast or has numbers left you can still do damage.


I have found a great way to win with the hydraulic class.

this is what you need to do as soon as you start the game train until you are level 10,(make sure not to spend ability points before you reach level 10)oky now go to the ability page and at the 2nd column put 1 point in cold neurology, then put 1 point in guardian form. after that go to the 3rd column in the abilities page, go to warm neurology put 1 point in it, then put one point in avenger form. make sure to equip these two new moves on your bar(you can have them both buffed on you at the same time) and always put all of your atribute points for strength.

Also if you need to beat baron brixius with a hydraulic class make sure to get to level 20 before facing him even with the two transform moves he is very chalenging on easy!

Billy_Kane December 22, 2008 2:36 PM

Does anyone know how to kill the Baron as a Hydro? The only move that can take away his focus is regulate and its absolutely horrible. It only takes 5 focus, and by the time I do eventually get his focus down, he just uses energize. I really need some help.


I don't know if this is going to help the hydros playing the Baron but

I didn't equip enough heals as a Bio and managed to get myself killed when the Baron was at about half his hit points -- oops -- but I'd set my teammates to Phalanx just before I died, and they took him down without taking him to zero focus. They just kept healing each other and beating on him when they were healthy. So, maybe classes that can't drain his focus can load up on heals, set the teammates to defensive, and wear the Baron down.

One thing I noticed was that it seemed as though, when I died, the Baron's attacks switched from "Tick Tock" to "Nightmare's Over," which seemed to do a lot of initial damage and none thereafter. Does the clock on "Nightmare's Over" do anything? Is it just something that gets in the way of dispelling negative buffs? Since I don't know how to dispel Shadow buffs anyway I'm not sure it makes a difference.

WillyWonka February 15, 2009 8:25 PM

Anyways Yeah I can't get past a certain part of the game. Quite difficult, because I may not have analyzed the person carefully. Anyways if anyone still needs help with Bio, I can help. And whoever needed help with Baron, I posted two comments about it, for Bio only though. Btw is anyone still on this post.Doesn't seem like too many comments. Is this game old, already? It feels as if people are thinking of it as old?


Nah, I still play this game. Willy Wonka, love the name. I've been singing "I've got a golden ticket" since I saw that.

Anyways, was the glitch fixed?


If you mean the glitch about "wearing things underneath" in the original, yes.

Germ with hard G February 26, 2009 8:54 PM

whats up with level after the baron?

jim jim March 1, 2009 8:27 PM

honestly i dont see how hydro cant beat the baron. i had a harder time on psychological with the baron than hydro, dupleting his focus on psychological was way harder than hydro

Anonymous March 2, 2009 1:57 PM

I dont know what class I am, but I start out with the vapour cannon and slam ability

and I NEED to beat BARON.
I'm yanking my hair out. Please comment on how to beat Baron!

Jonathan March 7, 2009 11:38 PM

Need some help with the baron?
First answer this question.
I can only help you with one kind of class, it is
A)Phsyc B)hydro C)Bio

Correct. Get level 2 haunt and cast it on the baron. Once he gets to 0 mana, use level 2 implosion, when he uses a spell to heal his mana, he'll basically hurt himself...badly. Tip:also use protecting and healing attacks since this guy hits a lot.





WillyWonka March 12, 2009 8:57 PM

Ahahaa, nice monster! Yeah I do still play this game, but I guess I'm just an odd one? Anyways go for it and ask for bio help if ya need it from me[:


im very suprised nobody has talked about a bio, poisen build

i easily beat the game using a biological based with poisen abilities.

Almost all available skill points went into str, with a few in speed so i wouldent miss so often.

4/4 integrity
4/4 corrosion
4/4 envenom
1/1 toxicant form
4/4 acidic blood
4/4 endurance
3/3 evolution
4/4 savagery

combat aciton bar:
2 Corrosion
4 Envenom
1 Toxicant form
1 leading strike, for when i was silenced

now you may notice that i have no heal skills, i let my teamates fend for themselves, equipping them with defense equipment and putting them on defense modes if need be, for the most part i was the one doing all the damage.
simply use corrosion on your enemies either before or after toxicant form, then envenom them, repeat. While in Toxicant form you heal massive amounts of hitpoints every turn, taking care of your health. If you are having problems put some points into vitality.
For equipment use psn peircing gear of course, and anything that increases your stats the most, most importantly str, but vit and speed don't hurt you. (nor does instinct but you wont have much use for it) I didnt have much problem beating the game on heroic.

did anybody use felecity in their party? i found her to suck and die, but that may be because i lacked support skills for my team


i got baron down to 8,000 with only roald left, then he used that nightmare thing lke 5 times and 4 of them expired, then roald died and we lost! explain

Anonymous April 7, 2009 2:56 PM

is there a way to beat baron with every type of style

sorin craciun April 9, 2009 8:09 AM

when baron cast tick tock spell,then he will cast echoed scream,that is the problem,you must keep battle long,he will cast holy scars and then use a spell with high damage,when is used the glitch(i do not say the glitch)he is casting tick tock and echoed screams on him after a time.


The most powerful build is....

Lightning psycho.

Here is the tree -
Terrify - 1 point, pre-req for free will.
Free will - 4/4. Great shield/heal. Will keep you alive in need, and makes you invulnerable when used with ultimatum.
Traumatize - 2/2. A two turn stun, that also takes off focus. Great for the baron, and otherwise useful move.
Shock Therapy - 3/3 Great attack spell. It deals damage and debuffs. NEVER MISSES!!
High voltage - 1 point, pre-req. Weak spell, because it buffs the enemy.
Electrical Storm - 4/4 Costs no focus and restores 60 focus over 2 turns (20 when you connect, 20 more next two turns). Max this, it will save you from the move silence
Wraith form - 1/1. Nice buff, and available right after E-Storm. Get it. Note that when it runs out, if you got an extra turn on the enemy, they will now have TWO turns, so be ready.
Nightmare - 1. Pre-req for ultimatum, but useful against the Act 4 Boss Hydras.
Ultimatum - 1/1 THE ULTIMATE MOVE. Heals to full, and reduces further damage and healing by 95%, lasts 20 turns, and takes 5% of your health each turn. Casting Free Will will stop the health loss and make you invincible (damage is reduced before being applied to the shield).
Haunt - 1 point. Nice for the baron, and pre-rreq or sacrifice.
Sacrifice - 2/2. A super buff. you lose a teammate, but your instinct is buffed by 60% and you heal to full each turn, or 5 turns. With this and wraith, your Shock Therapies will be hitting upwards of 6k.
Retrograde - You might need this (and betrayal) for opponents like Gregor the Roach, or anyone who heals a lot. Respec as necessary.

Action bar -
2x shock therapy
1x wraith form
1x ultimatum
1x free will
1x sacrifice
1x traumatize and 1x Electic storm or
2x electric storm

Against the baron, add haunt and another traumatize, in lieu of sacrifice and something else. you can also add implosion to speed things up.

[Edit: Spoiler tags added. -Pam]


Oh, i forgot about charged blood.
Obviously, max it, it passively ups your damage.

There are two approaches to a fight:

Offense - If you aren't expecting immediate death, pop wraith form, the sacrifice, and smoke the enemy.

Defensive - When faced with highly dangerous foes, like the blood hounds, cast ultimatum, the free will, and then start buffing.

On easy difficulty, you will not be using ultimatum all that much, as foes arent that bad.
On challenging and heroic, it is necessary, because your health will be low.


i have a simple question to you...

i'm playing the german version and i realized that my teammates attacked with simple physic attacks with no use of focus and i dont know how to make that silly attack xDD someone may tell me how to make a physic attack? i dont want to cast spells everytime cause i think that it will take to much focus later^^


how do you beat the baron

LoveThisGame April 20, 2009 7:41 PM

I haven't seen anyone post a good guide about a poison bio. I've tried them. Boring, long, harsh. The main of it is to take hits and heal, and let poison eat them, attacking only when you need to re-apply, de-buff, or when none of the above appear and your HP is ok, attack or buff yourself or a teammate. I haven't gotten far with a P-bio, but they're pretty cool. For hydras, a C-hydra buffs, de-buffs, and stalls, while a W-hydra de-buffs and attacks. Interesting. Hybrid maybe? Buffing AND attacking or SUPER de-buffing? Lol.

LoveThisGame April 25, 2009 11:39 AM

lol,thanx Arius,great guide,love the electric pyscho!! :D

(ima higher level then the guide,and it makes it even MORE fun)


how do beat the baron boss dude in the ice place?

i beat it easy May 3, 2009 3:42 AM

bio is the easiest class,

just did the preditor form then toxic from then that pierce ability then destroy and BOOM like 6769 damage ( on Mayor ) (when you lvl invest in strength and speed, try to keep them equal or close to)

psychoachu May 3, 2009 12:24 PM

Is psychological supposed to take damage after every attack? everytime, after I attack, i take like 300 damage for no reason

Anonymous May 4, 2009 4:53 AM

How do you beat the first guy in zone 7? He's really tough.

tommydean May 6, 2009 12:07 PM

Hey, I'm on level 23 on challenging mode. I can't beat the Android guard and his 2 riot police in zone 5. Any tips?


simplest way to beat any enemy as hydro is flash freeze and mind freeze

Anonymous May 11, 2009 8:28 PM

Does anyone know how to get to and kill the mayor with no training fights and no replaying defeated bosses? its an in-game achievement, and required for a kong badge.


Great build for the last two chapters, where

you only have bosses to fight

Bio Speed Class. Just put all your points into speed, get hugely speed-boosting equipment, then invest one point in Slash through infect to get to Withdrawal. Max that out, and it does %260 of all your stats. That's actually not that good for the skill points you have to invest, but then go down to the bottom, invest one in sharp senses, then max out shadow blend. It ends up multiplying your speed by five, and if you maxed that out, you get serious damage on the withdrawal. That's not enough to one hit Kill the bosses though, so go through the left-side predator skills to reach agile exposure, and max that out. If you use shadow blend, then expose your target with that maxed out, you do double damage on that insainly powerful withdrawal. Any passive boosts to damage, or going Toxicant before the shadow blend will make your power level go WAY over 9000. Actually, I usually hit for about 30, 000. If you manage to get to level 7, there's an armor set that's great for this build, but that's tough to do. I have gotten up to over 50000 with it though.

KingGreed May 15, 2009 3:07 AM

WoW... everybody is talking bout the Baron. It was hard alright. It took me 3 times to finish him.


In the end and i was gonna win, he did something to himself that deals himself a lot of damage. I noticed when i used "infect", full level, i had high strength and i maxxed out the passive poison buff and i was in toxic form. I dealt 12k damage, but thats not all, since its infect, it dealt an overtime damage that dealt 3k so in total...."15,000"

It was amazing for me coz my friends can only do 13k.


Lol! I defeated the baron by hydraulic abilities!

But this is a hint to all kinds:

Use everything to destroy the baron's FOCUS...it will make the baron use 'deep burning' and it will cost his health!


Hey, what is the Unknown Condition in the boss in the train?

Matthew May 21, 2009 12:50 PM

Help me on Baron I don't know how he gets tick tock but

Please Help Me!!!


How many zones are there?

I already killed the Supreme Court Judge at least three times as a level 28 Hydraulic in Heroic Difficulty mode.


sometimes you 'miss' a hit, sometimes not.
what caracteristics are taken into account by the calculation of succeeding?


To pint:

If your speed is not good compared to the enemy's speed then you are likely to miss.
In the first Sonny I had the impression that if I didn't click solidly on the center of the weapon then I was also likely to miss, but in Sonny 2 I don't see that effect.
Sometimes I've gotten the impression that low focus can cause missing, but I'm not sure.


To destroy the baron and ur the biological,

use disrupt, upgrade twice and then use against him, ten in another 2 turns do the same and keep on going


thx Dov.

btw, I healed myself a couple of minutes ago for 200 000 health :)


hey does anywone have tips to beat the guys at the very end of zone 2, its the sniper, madic and cpt haunt?

im playin as a bio

WillyWonka June 6, 2009 11:44 AM

I can help you Luke[: The Sniper,Medic, and Captain Hunt are rather difficult, took me about 3 tries to beat them. But after a while you start to understand how to beat them. I may not have beat them in the best way, but it seemed to work for me. You can try if you are Bio, this is what I did...

Medic & Sniper

Just use your three men, and take him out quickly, you may have to wait out a few rounds when they put up the shield, but you can still take them out. They don't have too much health, and are rather easy to kill.

Captain Hunt

He may take a bit longer to kill, because he has a shield up for a long time. Wait it out until his shield is gone, then you can take him out easily. It's very difficult to take out his shield, because it takes around 45,000 damage I think. Once you take out the Sniper and Medic, he doesn't do too too much damage, and it's easy to kill him.

Anyways I hope I helped. [:

Anonymous June 7, 2009 6:10 AM

There is a peculiar glitch (I think) in Sonny 2. When I played on Heroic mode, there was a 6th zone, called 11 Sanctum: The Supreme Court. However, I got stuck on Captain Hunt and started again on easy, only to find the 6th zone had disappeared, with no way of unlocking it. What is wrong, or is this normal?


i love the sonny rpg series. Just finshed two and i'm going to go back and play it again as a different class.

Can't wait until sonny 3.


How to beat the bosses?

Okay.. people complain bout Baron but it was superbly easy. Get 3 Reform on your Action Circle so that you can heal whenever tick tock is used. When tick tock is used ON YOU, Crystallize the Baron so you can heal yourself. Then prepare to attk Baron.Start with predator form and attk. Repeat this. Get Veradux on Defensive mode and when you get hit, Phalanx mode. Get Roald to go reckless mode. For Hydra, I dunno what is the problem. It's so easy.. I beat it on my first try. I aimed the Hydra while my mates attack the Fire Hydra. For the Mayor, by the time I got to him my strength was 450+ so he was easily beaten. Aim the Mayor himself, not the Pet Hydra thing.. Cos the Hydra has the shield. If you can, kill the mayor before he uses the 400% extra damage buff.After killing him, help you mates with killing the hydra. For cases where force field is used, if its not for 99 turns, crystalize the force field guy. And for the cases where it is blocked by 20x, 40x or 450% of allies strength, dun worry, just attack it. It will soon break.

Tip to start off stronger - After the first fight when you start the game, which is the Prison Guard. Re-spec for
$7(The amount of money you have then) and you get 15 more ability points.


What is the best equipment for a 29 lvl. Bio?

Anonymous August 9, 2009 1:00 PM

How do you defeat Gregor, the little cricket thing?

Anonymous August 10, 2009 7:12 PM

This was the easy game i beat the whole thing in 1 day. The best is pscholo class. the last boss was so easy i didnt lose a single man. I have the top armor and weapons for all guys and i hit up to 2500 in a single attack. baron is easy lower his focus then he recovers it but loses major life then you attack with everything.


Best damage combo for biological

Crystalize your enemy
Use toxicant form
Use shadow blend(max level)
Use agile exposure(max level)
Use withdrawl(max level)

Does 30000 damage in one shot.


Gah! How the heck do you beat the Twisted Experiment on Hero Mode with a Biological?


Alrihgt, so I managed to beat it. Tips on battle in ice village where you fight 2 mages and a knight on Heroic mode?


To beat the knight and two mages you equip disrupt level two three times. Then equip reform three times. Put Veradux on phlanax, and Roald on relentless. Then keep disrupting the mages to prevent them from using doom. When one mage is at low, switch Roald to phlanax and use subversion on the mage. He should kill himself, then it's easy.


btw, the withdraw combo may be the best for the endgame, but there's a more useful combo for phychologicals. Put one point on high voltage, two on retrograde, one on overdrive, and three on shock coma. Then go traumatize, high voltage, high voltage, shock coma, shock coma, high voltage, retrograde. Guarenteed to kill any enemy without a shield in one shot. And if any of the debuffs/buffs get dispelled, it won't work.

Plus I didn't make this up, I got it from someone else.


i was stuck in a level...so i start a game with psycho class.nothing incredible.But when i start,roald and veralux was at level 14 and i was on level 14 too but with the first weapons and my inventory.so i finished the fight and i was in the train versus the hobo.BUG NEED TO BE FIX !


To beat the baron, ANY CLASS.I read all the posts. I'm suprised no one noticed.

The Baron took me maybe 15 tries to beat. I got pretty fed up. But found out the secret.

Take at least 2 healing spells. If you are hydraulic, take the ice shield spell. Take anything that helps defense or healing. Unlike the other posts, don't worry about focus drain. Let the baron kill both your teamates. Hold defensive and keep healing. Baron will begin to do thousands of damage to himself each turn. Meanwhile you will get the 'Nightmare over' trait, which heals you and gives you focus each turn. Eventually the baron will do over 90,000 damage to himself in one shot and die.

See, easy! And he has some great items you can find if you fight him in training matches. Personally, I'm sick of his face...


For psychaotics trying to kill gregor It is simple

Just use a level 2 retrograde!. A level 2 can be cast on emnimens"

[Edit and spoiler added ~ Kayleigh


Why does everyone always talk about the baron? It's not like he's hard. Personally I beat him on every class on heroic on the first try. Plus for phycologicals, you can easily kill the baron at level 13 with the combo I posted earlier, so with phycologicals it's a bit easier.


Where is retrograde on the ability tree? Either I am blind or its not there. I do not see anything with the name retrograde.


I destroyed the Hydra first try as the biological... Veredux's powerful heals were to much them to damage me really.

I just went all out with slash, break and wound
on the fire claws, and i kept on using destroy and leading strike one after the other on The Hydra, as i have that passive ability which restore focus maxed.

I have Roald on relentless mode when the unit i'm killing has the lowest health, and he has the gun that gives like 450 odd fire piercing.

I didn't use anything the Hydra is weak against i don't think.

Much to easy considering how most think it's hard...

Anthony knows all January 8, 2010 8:33 AM

Lol i tried earlier to post an "all around approach" to the baron, but then my captcha thing didnt work, so..... decided to try again.

Lets start with biological. There is an easy way and a hard way to beat him. The easy way is to USE DISRUPT 4 TIMES ON UR ACTION BAR!!!
as people say, he killz himself pretty fast becuz of buff. The hard way is to put everyone on defense, and keep healing until ONE of the tick tocks is over. Then he goes into nightmares over buff and you deal like 50k damage. easy enough?

My favorite class, the psychological. this one is too easy, but its only one way this time. use the haunt moved maxed out on ur action bar and then use implosion. As ppl say, it does a lot of damage depending on ur instinct. keep it up until he dies, yadda yadda now the hydraulic.

Hydraulic is tough agaist baron if you dont know how to use it. First off, get maxed out focus draining moves, and then have any healing moves at your disposal. keep the focus draining on high so that its the same effect as bio: he killz himself with buffs.

Hope this helped, and im happy to take any questions you have (unless its about tick tock, because you just heal and wait)

Anthony knows all January 8, 2010 8:40 AM

This is a very long guide on bosses

I was reading all these comments on these "how do i beat....?" Im going to post how i beat all the bosses as a biological on heroic.


not that hard, just use destroy and wound if you have it, set veradux to defensive.

Baron Brixius:

Lots of people have trouble with this, but it really isnt that hard. As many people say above, using disrupt on him all the time does work, and it only takes up to 3 tries to work. If for some reason you dont like that, then you COULD use destroy with stat boosting moves like sharp senses and enrage. Either way, he uses tick tock, hold out until nightmares over, and he takes like 50k damage, so easy battle. Case closed. And by the way, for hydraulics, use any focus reduction moves and put ur team on phalanx, works just as good.

Captain Hunt:

This one baffled me for a while, as the sniper is obviously the major problem in the scenario. While most people say that you should go for him first, this is a horrible idea. What you want to do is get to the level where you can use Crystallize and then max it out with a re-spec. then equip it twice and crystallize the sniper and THEN the medic. When they are both crystallized, just keep attacking Hunt with leading strike to get more focus (crystallize costs 70 focus). When hunt goes into his stunned mode, put veradux and roald on relentless. if done correctly, then everyone shoudl attack the sniper. so now you have an almost dead sniper, a stunned hunt, and a crystallized medic. once the sniper is dead, you can either attack the medic, or keep crystallizing him and lower hunts hp until roald lets you go.

The Real Hobo:

i dont understand why its so hard, but obviously people have trouble with it. this simple: heal and let his buffs kill him. BOTH VERADUX AND ROALD SHOULD BE ON PHALANX!!!!

Clemons the Deciever:

Most people have trouble with this because of buffs. Easy guide for you, the unknown buff is like subversion, so when other bad buffs are on its good, and NEVER EVER HEAL UNLESS THE UNKNOWN BUFF IS OFF. then when clemons is revealed, just put veradux on defensive and roald on relentless, and you should win.

I actually have a seperate part for the tunnel of illusions as it is the most annoying thing thats on the game, not even the corrupter gets close (who by the way is not in thisa guide :P ) to how much i loathe it.

this one is easier than it looks, but its all about timing and not missing. The way i myself did it took a lot of tinkering until i perfected it, but it works well. Have one maxed crystallize, animalism, sharp senses, enrage, and break on your bar (all maxed out).
start the fight with veradux and roald in any position you want, and then crystallize the roach. obviously this disable roach vitality, so you have time to use all those stat boosters, adn in this order: animalism, sharp senses, and enrage. when he gets out of crystallize, put roald on defensive and veradux on phalanx. then strike the roach down with destroy. if your lucky (unlike me) and you dont miss, then you just repeat the cycle one more time and he should be dead. if at any time he uses roach vitality, then use break and if you have it disrupt so that he cant attack.
mokoshotar: hes a wolf, you get bitten, and use destroy. i advise that veradux and roald are defensive, cause the wolf can hit down your hp pretty fast, and if you lsoe a teammate normally you die.

the Bunny:

As everybody knows, the bunny is just about the scariest thing in the game because of its high attack and those terrible buffs (they still haunt me to this day....). You can get creative here, because there have been many times in which i have gotten the bunny down to low hp and then i missed and then died, but thats because im cursed with missing all the time. The best strategy is to use the crystallize strategy ive used this whole time! There is one thing, and that is your teammates. Keeping them alive is next to killing the bunny, because theyre the only distraction you have and the best source of healing (except yourself).When you use the stat booster moves here, its tricky because sometimes the dumb bunny waits an extra turn before he buffs the holy hand grenade, which then makes your destroy move half as potent. it takes many deaths to get it right, but when the bunny is HHG (holy hand grenaded) AND you have your boosted stats up AND you have 100 focus, you can possibly 1 hit KO him if your strength is really high. the highest ive ever hit on the bunny is 11670 becuz strength is the only thing i use my points for (i mean who doesnt?) and then just die until i get lucky :p. Once you have defeated this evil monsrtosity, you should have no other problems in the game except maybe the police colonel (unless you are on herioc, in which case you have MANY more problems than a pink bunny).

The Magical Monkey:

i know he comes before the bunny but i forgot about him. just use disrupt and destroy with defensive partnerrs and he wont last long.

The Hydra:

I know that this is what you have been waiting for, or you scrolled down here, butthis is by far the cheapest boss in the whole game, but not the hardest. people always complain that his twop friends just fire you down and burn you to death. while this is true, It is of no concern of mine. If you are an in depth player, you might have been smart enough to do this, but get good armor. When i say good armor, i do not mean riot armor or andriod, i mean fire-proof armor! i know that its a hard concept to grasp, but if you get pieces of armor that have a fire defense, then magically, all those stacking, cheap fire moves start hitting less! This couldnt be easier, because depending on how your sonny is trained, you just might wanna re-spec. I suggest that a strength/vitality split is the easiest path out of it, but speed is also important. as with Captain Hunt, use crystallize on ONE fire hydra or w/e (havent fought it in a long time) and then use the other on the hydra. you want to take care of the fire hydras first becuz they do the most damage over time, which hits you hard when your at the end of the battle. once you get the one dead, go for the other fire hydra NOT the hydra (trust me on this) and then once theyre both dead, just crystallize hydra, heal ur allies, and plow into the hydra. Not hard, right? just required you to use a little more of your brain.

All of the hew:

dystopia place is annoying, i understand, bnut im not going to go through every battle like the tunnel, only the ones that i have seen on here and that i have had trouble with in the past.

City Council:

Yes, they are annoying, and yes, they heal a lot and YES, they have 300 mana but so what? is that all you can throw at us Krin? Anyway, the way that you beat this is a new approach, not just the crystallize thing (but it does work well on this level). It sounds hard, but its simple. as we all know, when one dies, the other one then gains full control and then starts being a word i cant say on the forums. So to stop this, you can attack both at the same time. Let me point out now: ANY STRATEGY WITH DISRUPT WILL NOT WORK, JUST TAKE IT OFF YOUR ATTACK CIRCLE NOW! they have like 2000 mana, it only drains 100, and they gain like 300 per turn. SO instead of being driven crazy by the council, put veradux and roald on aggressive or relentless ( i advise relentless) and then switch them to defensive whenever somebody is below 1200 hp (for the reason that the council member after the others death CAN hit up to 1200 and higher, so watch your back). WHen veradux and roald attack the council member near the bottom, you attack the one at the top, and try to even out their hp without taking too much time to do this. The mroe time spent on this stage, the harder it becomes. Once one dies, the other SHOULD BE a one or two hits away from death, but for now, jsut put veradux and roald on aggressive and use BREAK. its my favorite move, and it comes in handy all the time. While hes broken, just use leading strike and then destroy and he should be dead.
Police Colonel: If you cant figure this out by yourself, then its kinda hard to believe you got this far. When he has guns blazing buff, use crystallize. when he gets out of crystallize, break him. he should eventually go to reloading and turn blue. thats when you put everyone on relentless and go all out on him. Once he loses his reloading buff, put everyone on defensive and get focus for crystallize. he can sometimes be guns blazuing and reloading, and then he can 1 hit KO you even when he has like 1 hp. just heal when he crystallized, use destroy when reloading, and he should be dead.


Yes, shes back, and you might have a moment of scare. If ur smart like me, then you will see that her level is one. Who else in the past has been level 1? jail guards? yes. Roald when you DIDNT FIGHT HIM? yes. Cult followers after brixius is dead that you DIDNT FIGHT? yes. Those miners that... you get the point. you now have felicity on your side, but she really isnt that good no offense. i stick with veradux and roald because they are the best allies. felicity is good when you have short quick battles.

The Mayor:

How could i ever leave him out? He of course is the final boss on the easier modes, and he can be a pain in the rear end when not taken care of correctly. First order of buisness: destroy the defensive turret. It will come back to haunt you if you dont kill it immediately. easiest way to do this? crystallize! yes, we go back to my faithful crystallize strategy, as it works fabulously here. just crystallize the mayor, own the turret, and then use the stat boosters to do large hits on him. Of course, his buffs are a problem, but there are the few ones that will bost your life by like 40000 points (yes i know, its scary. as a matter of fact, i re specced a lvl 30 of mine to all vitality and battled him, and he had 112800 hp! i was astounded, but the funny part was that the mayor hit liek a 12000 on him and the bar only moved a little!). Once your done with the mayor, you win the game, but dont just go to herioc yet! the mayor sometimes drops a weapon called death sentence, which is super vital if your doing herioc as you shoudl know. if your maxed out strength and you use all ur booster stats AND all this other stuff that ill talk about below, you can hit very very high with the sword, around 20000 for amateurs, 30000 for those who embrace the game, and 50000 for those who are pros, have no life, are very smart, or all 3. Below i have all my personal record of high hits, glitches, and the likes, but dont think that you can do this( I have this super cool comuter that you can do all sorts of stuff with that kinda makes it unfair. Like below you will see that the hit i got on clemons was forged, and thus would not be that high normally, i just needed an opponnent with enough life to practice it on.) I hope that this albeit long guide helped, and that it answered questions about the bosses of SOnny 2.

By the way, best bio build:

max speed, maxed out corrosion,toxicant form, shadow blend, agile exposure, and withdrawl in that order used is about 30-50k damage.

High Score Hits!

These arent all of them, just the ones that were cool/were for revenge.

Jail guard: max hit 33400
Felicity: max hit 9978
Baron Brixius: max hit 55,670(he hit himself :p)
Captain Hunt: max hit 20700
The real hobo: max hit 10200(i was only 23)
Clemons the Deciever: max hit 129600(long story)
Gregor: max hit 13400! i savored it!
Bunny: max hit 42500(so far highest real hit)
Hydra: max hit not known (never fought it twice)
Mayor: max hit 32000

and special for ppl who have beaten herioc!
The Corrupter: max hit 56300 (took me a long time to find the best group of moves)

[Edit: Spoiler added ~ Kayleigh]

sdfesdf March 2, 2010 6:55 PM

hey guys i am having difficulty with android and riot police in zone 5. i am using hydraulic at level 19 and have been struggling for over a week. NEED HELP


OK, I kinda deserved those comment deletes, but I asked what Veradux said when he critical hits, & I just heard it!
It is:

"I will knock you silly!"

Oh, & Roald goes:

"Get outta my way!"


I think Hydros are the worst class, you might want to just consider switching & doing the game as a better class. If you don't like that, try, uh...lemme think, hard. I don't know, do Hydros have an ability letting them stun or remove buffs? Try that, & use Roald & Veradux, NOT FELICITY!
Hope that helps!


I have a very confusing batlle here. I know that recent guide said not to be intimidated by the City Council, but as a Level 22 Psychological, not some kind of fearless freak, I am scared! They immediately cast 99-Turn shields for 3000 damage that CANNOT BE DISPELLED! Please, please, PLEASE, PLEASE help! In return (yea there's a reward!), you will get my best answer to ANY question you have about the game! Please note this is MY best, not THE best. Still, keep my reward in mind & please help!
Thanks ;p


Whoopsies. Disregard my Council complaint, easy as pie! I penetrated one's shield, the other took control & got a lousy focus-regenerate buff. Wow, I made such a big deal over nothing. Sorry! ^_^'


5h0rty- just wait out the shield and when the 99 effect hits 95 or 90 you will be able to hit themand they only gain 300 not 3000.oh yeah and also if you have trouble waiting it out use some type of move that can help you stay alive.(i use sacrifice)

jeremy booth April 28, 2010 7:42 PM

I'm stuck on beating the two city councils in area 5. I really need help please

Edward Lamb June 18, 2010 2:01 AM

lmao, did anyone notice that next to the crowbar that the prisoner drops in zone one it says, " the weapon of free men". I wonder if it a nod to Gordon of the Half-Life series.


how to kill the baron as bio:

reset your ability points and get disrupt, and upgrade it. then clear your ability pan and put in 1 leading strike and 4 disrupt and fight.
use the disrupt to get rid of his focus and finaly, watch him kill himself by using deep burning on himself (deep burning makes him recover 100 focus per turn for 3 turns and makes him take around 3000 damage for 3 turns.


hi i beat the game in one day and it was easy baron and the council are the hardist. hint be a water dude


OK, Hydro is easy. To beat Baron just use Regulate and let your teammates do the fighting. Have Veradux heal and Roald attack.

Sonny2stuck July 12, 2010 4:07 PM

Defeating the hydra as an biological is really easy. Use the skill Infect on those fire hydras and they will die immediatly (i still dont understand how but it is how it is) then you can defeat that hydra.


To beat the hydra/fire claws is simple as a bio
max out envenom and equip it 2 or 3 times in your abilities. envenom both lol. you can hit them if you want but there screwed. then focus on the hydra :)

ranger1989 October 6, 2010 9:54 PM

hey Zerox0 thanks for your defeating baron tip

JayBizzle October 17, 2010 7:21 PM

Anybody have a good Hydraulic build?


When I was battling Clemens,I died because of the unknown buff. The CPUs are now killing him. It has been 5 minutes since I died, and the computer allies are still alive.


I just found a powerful combo for a bio

turn yourself into a predator then shadow blend then use the agile exposure to the enemy then vicious strike him

note: shadow blend,predator form,agile exposure and vicious strike needs to be in max to inflict more damage
I killed captain hunt by using this

Anonymous March 30, 2011 10:49 PM

Shadow psych and poison bio are my favorite, i soloed heroic with them hehe

hydraulic is awesome class May 2, 2011 5:01 AM

i haz beaten the game with hydraluic! defencive hydraulic is too low dmg and offencive hydraulic sucks which is why most people dont play hydraulic but its an awesome class! i sometimes hit for 1000 WHEN I HAVE AN ICE SHIELD AROUND ME!


i have seen many complaints about the hydra and fire claws it is VERY EASY to beat them you use electrical attacks commen psyc build with shock therapy does 2500+ damage to fire claws and hydra is easy anyways


The easiest way to kill the baron in my opinion is to use psycho class and fully upgrade haunt and traumatize haunt maxed makes him lose 5 focus per turn for 40 turns and traumatize knocks him out and maxed makes him lose 15 focus per turn the key is to make him lose all focus so he will allow damage to himself about 2000 per turn or holy scars which is your damage times 400 or 500% it's also good to have will power to heal yourself and your allies

bubba883 April 5, 2012 6:06 AM

When playing through the game as psycho on heroic for zone 7, try and make your skill tree look like this

---Tier 1---
Dark echoes 1
terrify 4

---Tier 2---
Destruction 1
betrayal 1
traumatize 1
free will 4

---Tier 3---
salvation 1
shock therapy 3
retrograde 2

---Tier 4---
tenacity 5
high voltage 4
insecurity 3

---Tier 5---
electrical storm 4
charged blood 5
electron charge 4

---Tier 6---
wraith form 1

Experiment with those, you will need them at one point in time or another.

IdozenCair April 6, 2012 7:39 AM

How to defeat the Baron using all three classes:


Get Integrity 4/4 at the start of the game and also Disrupt. That way you can Disrupt the Baron every turn and remove all of his focus. Put Veradux on Phalanx and Roald Tactical.


Have Traumatize 3/3 and use it as much as possible on the Baron. Put Salvation on Veradux and put him on Phalanx. Use Electrical Storm and Shock Therapy as your main attack and you can slip in Wraith Form in the middle if you want.


Have Mind Freeze, Flash Freeze, Regulate and Ice Wall. Combo:
Mind Freeze-Regulate-Flash Freeze-Regulate
Rinse and repeat. Use Ice Wall instead of Regulate if your teammates are in trouble. Put Veradux on Phalanx.

sonicscrewdriver May 18, 2012 3:24 PM

This game has so many comedy moments.

You fight the exploding rabbit from the Holy Grail and the cockroach from Kafka's Metamorphosis.

For the final boss you get to beat up Boris Livingstone, the city mayor.

We just had more mayoral elections in London so that cracked me up. I was imagining a half-half hybrid beast, white-haired cycle-riding newt lover. No wonder he was easy to beat. He was too busy picking fights with himself in lifts.


This game still rocks and I'm still hoping for a Sonny 3 nearly 5 years later. I've also said this at Kong, but I'll say it again: I'd gladly pay for an iOS port of this game (and I bet a ton of other people would, too).


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