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Snail Bob 2

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JamesSnail Bob 2Sequels are much kinder to our friend Bob. Unlike the first game, where he lost his house in Arthur Dent fashion, here he simply has to get to his grandfather and give him a birthday gift. He is a snail in a hurry in this avoidance game from Hunter Hamster - it's up to you to make sure he makes it in Snail Bob 2, a point-and-click puzzle game from Andrey Kovalishin, Maxim Yurchenko, and Dmitry Petyakin.

Bob seems to have little care for his own welfare; in most levels he will simply move forward regardless of hazards. You can stop him by clicking on his shell, will give you time to manipulate the levers, switches, buttons and slides that remove obstacles out of his way. Clicking on Bob moves him along again and once he exits the level you have to do it all over again.

Fortunately, saving this snail is a gratifying experience, which has nothing to do with whatever karmic currency you might reap from it. As with the first game, Snail Bob 2's puzzles are interesting and fun, but not terribly difficult. It escalates the difficulty slightly, and there is always the pressure of losing points for every second you play, but it's not out to drive you mad. Instead every screen has a charming uniqueness to it. The same could be said for the first game and it is to this second outing's credit that it recycles little to none of the original levels, but reuses many of the mechanics.

In a strange way this is more of the same without being more of the same at all. Then again, it's about a snail with absolutely no Darwinian sense relying on your need for a high score. Normality doesn't operate here.

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Walkthrough Guide

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Snail Bob 2 walkthrough

Level 01

Push Button A to activate the fan. Pull level B to move the spikes.

Level 02

Click on Bob to stop him, then wait for the rock to roll down and hit the orange switch. After the gap is covered, move onto the far right platform and push button A.

Level 03

Click on button A (the '4' on the left-hand side) before the Termisnail reaches Bob.

Level 04

Pull lever A (on the vacuum), then press the three buttons (B) to guide ants to the three orange buttons.

Level 05

Flick the level (A).

Level 06

Click on Bob to stop him. Wait for the bug to walk onto the platform, then flick the level (A). Click on Bob to make him walk. Before he reaches the gap. Press the punch button (B) to knock the bug off the orange button.

Level 07

Activate the magnet with the top button (A) and then pull the level (B). Wait for Bob to get close to the edge, then click the button (A) again.

Level 08

Click on the balloons to shift Bob in a direction. Avoid the killer plants.

Level 09

Wait for Bob to get onto the turntable, then press the button (A). Use the two directional buttons (B) to shift the see-saw. After Bob hits the orange button, use the directional buttons (B) again to change the seesaw direction. When Bob is at the button, shoot him backwards with the spring button (C).

Level 10

When Bob reaches the television, shift the four switches (A).

Level 11

Pull the lever (A), then drag the bouncing pad (B) to move Bob along.

Level 12

Push the first fan button (A). use the directional buttons (B) to lower the high fan. Push the three remaining fan buttons (C,D and E).

Level 13

Click on the lever (A) and then click on Bob to stop him every time the Eagle attacks.

Level 14

Rotate the crank (A) until the sucker attaches on Bob. Reel him up. Then use the harpoon (B).

Level 15

Flip the lever (A), then use the directional buttons (B) to move and drop the crate on the far left. Use the pump (C) to float the platform up.

Level 16

Stop Bob. Use the right-hand balloon (A) to blow the boat towards the left edge. Flip the lever (B), then send the boat back with the left-hand balloon (C). Send the boat back to collect Bob and take him across.

Level 17

Pull up the first block (A), then press the button at the middle top (B). Move the bottom block (C), then stop Bob once he is on the platform. Press the Top button (B).

Level 18

Stop Bob and flick the lever (A). Wait for the hole to fill up, then start Bob and flick the lever again.

Level 19

Use the lever and directional buttons (A) to rotate and drop the blocks. Drop in this order: Red, Green, Blue, Purple. Push the elevator button (B).

Level 20

Stop Bob. Flip the lever (A) and hold in the button (B). Wait for the snail to be taken by the ship. Start Bob.

Level 21

Push the button (A). Push all the subsequent buttons.

Level 22

Stop Bob once he reaches the orange button. Press the top left button (A). Wait for the bug to reach its orange button, then press the top right button (B). Have Bob drop down onto the platform and then hit the spring button (C) when the bug is above it.

Level 23

Click on the woodpecker (A). Use the saw (B). Start Bob and wait for him to reach the halfway point on the log. Release the rock (C).

Level 24

Stop Bob. Flip the lever (A). Press the button (B) to release one barrel. Flip the lever (A) again and move Bob onto the log. Press the button (B) to release the second barrel.

Level 25

Stop Bob. Press the button under the platform (A). Use the suction cup (B) to grab a gift, then shoot it forward with the left-hand spring (C). Bounce the gift up with the bottom spring (D) and across to the platform with the right-hand springs (E). Raise the platform again with the button (A) and start Bob.


Michelle June 21, 2011 8:24 PM

Ohh, that was so cute! I couldn't help but feel sorry for the caterpillar guys who wanted to eat poor old Bob. They were crying! Ohh, my heart breaks!

I thought the level designs were really clever. There were a lot of interesting mechanics (like level 14 with the suction cup/plunger thing and level 15 with the air pump), but nothing was confusing. And the characters were cute, funny. Really nice game, thanks for the post!

mr1black June 21, 2011 8:45 PM

Cute game. Perfect for the kids.

MtDewed June 22, 2011 1:49 PM

That's more my speed LOL, I even went and played the first one. I see why it's called Snail Bob ... The artwork is just like the snails on Spongebob Squarepants. Might even be the same artists.


awwwwwww that was so cuuuttte!


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