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Settlement: Colossus

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GrinnypWith hidden object games dominating the casual gameplay market, what can developers do to keep them fresh? They can try fusing hidden object goodness with other genres and see what happens. Alawar Games has come through and created an odd, unique, and fun hidden object/casual simulation hybrid, Settlement: Colossus.

settlementcolossus.jpgOur story begins with a group of wandering folks, led by their emperor, valiantly searching for a place to settle. Eventually they find the perfect location. It has everything; a plain surrounded by a natural harbor, forests, and mountains. Now that they've found a place to settle down they need food, since they're all a bit peckish after that marathon trek. Oh, and they need firewood, too, to keep warm. And some sort of building material for shelter. And while you're at it...

Like many a casual sim, once the story starts resources need to be gathered, technologies researched, and a village built. Unlike casual sims, though, you are not assigning your little characters to gather those necessities. Instead, you personally will be bringing home the bacon, so to speak, with a series of hidden object scenes in which you can gather the needed food, firewood, or other items. As you do so, your people will politely let you know when other things are needed, like better houses, a farm to produce more food, mines for ores, a blacksmith shop, etc. all the way up to a pagan temple to worship the gods. Along the way as you supply the goods and build the new technologies, you will also face a series of mini-games that allow for better access to new supplies.

settlementcolossus2.jpgGameplay is easy to pick up. To begin, areas that have resources will have little bubbles showing what resources are available in that location. Simply click and you are in a hidden object scene. Gathering resources is simple at first, but becomes more complex as more resources are available in an area. Your ability to gather is limited by what you can carry, so it takes some strategy to decide which resources you need more of (food, wood, clay, etc.) and which can wait until later. Adding complications is that every time you enter an area you will see not the same hidden object scene but a whole series of different locations within that area, as well as resources that hide in different places every time. As you add manufacturing buildings to the town you can go to them as well to gather manufactured goods, but each time you do it uses raw resources that you will have to replenish, which in the end means lots of hidden object finding. In the end you will be building a thriving civilization, as well as one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

The mini-games come in different varieties: puzzles, hidden object type scenes, and even adventure style scenes where you might have to not only find various components but determine how to combine them to accomplish the tasks. The puzzles are all familiar, pipe puzzles, jigsaw types, etc., but are beautifully presented and oftimes quite difficult. Fortunately they can be skipped if you so choose. There is a nice refillable hint timer available for the adventure type scenes and the hidden object scenes, but it is non-directional. It can point out an object, but not a specific type of object, rather one chosen at random.

The story is broken up into chapters, each introduced with a cut scene explaining the story of these wandering people and their mysterious, 300 year old emperor. Each chapter has a main goal, certain primary objectives necessary to achieve that goal, and several secondary objectives that help you along the way. Resources are displayed across the top of the screen, and there's a handy tasks menu to keep track of what has been done and what needs to be done. The locations on your main village map will also let you know if they are out of resources so that you can gather more. As you complete each chapter your little village grows until it eventually becomes a mighty city.

settlementcolossus3.jpgAnalysis: With Settlement: Colossus, Alawar has created something unique with its fusion of hidden object gaming and casual sim-style gameplay. The hidden object scenes create a more immediate, immersive experience, rather than the usual method of setting tasks and sitting back to see what happens. With the constant need to gather raw materials and goods, along with the mini-games, that means a lot of engrossing gameplay.

The standouts here are the lovely artwork. The main village map shows not only your settlement but the faithful population as well. The hidden objects scenes are vibrant and photo real and incorporate lovely little touches that make them come to life, like buzzing insects, hopping frogs, rain, etc. Lively music and realistic sound effects add to the experience. The cut-scenes fill in the (somewhat familiar) story of the people, accompanied by a competent voice-over by the mysterious Emperor.

The downside, if you consider it one, is the repetition of the hidden object scenes. Entering the farm to gather food, for instance, can mean using up your garden tools, necessitating a return to the forge to gather more tools, which means a trip to the mountains to mine more ore, then a trip to the forest for more firewood, all of which use up food resources, which means another trip to the farm...basically, there's ample hidden object finding necessary to complete the game. Even though each location has several different scenes that rotate, you will end up familiar with each one during the multiple trips necessary to accomplish every task. Although the mini-games help break things up, towards the end of the game the hidden object hunting can get repetitious.

Settlement: Colossus is still a lot of entertaining casual gameplay crammed into an attractive package. Due to the nature of the frequent visits to the hidden object scenes, it is a game that is most fun played in small bursts of time, rather than in one marathon sitting. Bucking the trend of ever shorter hidden object games, Settlement: Colossus is something that will keep you occupied for hours and hours as you work towards your final goal. Gorgeous to look at and fun to play, this unique hybrid is a winner. Now go build a civilization!

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Walkthrough Guide

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Settlement: Colossus Walkthrough

General Tips and Strategies

  • Keep an eye on your food and firewood at all times. Without these resources, you will be unable to enter the resource gathering areas and your settlement won't function.

  • Each resource gathering scene has one or more resources available at any time. These are depicted in the location's icon on the settlement map screen. Not all the available resources will necessarily be available every time you visit the location.

  • Time passes in the game only when you collect resources, and every visit is one day. There is a daily cost in food and/or firewood which increases over the course of the game. In addition, sometimes tools are required - for example, pickaxes are required to mine ore.

  • You can end a resource gathering scene with your collected items before you fill your basket at any time by clicking Menu then Map. However this is not advised as you will still pay the full cost of the day's resource gathering.

  • Each chapter contains both primary and secondary tasks. Secondary tasks are not necessary to complete the chapter but often yield artifacts or rewards which will help you greatly throughout the game. Be sure to complete any secondary tasks before you finish your primary tasks, as the chapter will end when you complete the last primary task.

  • Often artifact quests will be presented as well. These are indicated by a person with an exclamation mark over their head. Generally it is wise to complete these when they are presented as they are generally timed to reward you with a tool that will help with your current tasks.

Trophy List

  • Trophies are awarded throughout the game but have no impact on gameplay.

  • Magnifying Glass - for completing 5 levels without using a hint.

  • 5x5 - for finding 5 items in 5 seconds.

  • Speed - for finishing a level in 20 seconds.

  • Accuracy - for 12 successful clicks in a row.

  • Puzzle - for completing 10 mini-games.

  • Food - for saving 750 units of food.

  • Basket - for gathering 1,000 items.

  • Sundial - for playing for 2 hours.

  • Gold - for saving 100 units of gold.

  • Researcher - for completing all of the research.

  • Chest - for acquiring all the artifacts

  • Expert Hand - for completing all the mini-games

  • Colossus - for finishing the game.

Artifact List

  • Artifacts can be found in resource collection scenes, as a result of research, or later in the game, purchased from the Oracle.

  • Basket of Plenty - upgrades basket to 12 slots. Obtained after researching Baskets.

  • Golden Scissors - +2 reed for every reed. Found at Lake in chapter 1.

  • Book of Mushrooms - +2 food for every mushroom. Reward for secondary task Poisonous Mushrooms in chapter 2.

  • Clay Idol - +5 clay. Reward for Quest: Clay Figure in chapter 2.

  • Magnet - +5 ore. Reward for Quest: Magnet in chapter 2.

  • Grindstone - +10 firewood for each log. Found in the mountains in chapter 2.

  • Magic Seeds - +5 food for food on the farm. Reward for secondary task Seeds in chapter 2.

  • Sauna - +5 stone for every stone brick. Reward for secondary task Plumbing in chapter 2.

  • Large Basket - allows you to carry 13 items in basket. Reward for Quest: Vegetables in chapter 3.

  • Torches - +5 stone for every stone brick. Reward for Quest: Torches in chapter 3.

  • Sand - +5 clay for every clay collected. Purchased Oracle temple.

  • Paint - +3 garden tools. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Varnish - +5 clay dishes. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Super solid Alloy - +5 pickaxes. Reward for Quest: Plow in chapter 3

  • Bug Potion - +5 food. Reward for secondary task: grapes in chapter 3 or buy at Oracle temple.

  • Magic Acid - +3 gold per gold collected. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Scarecrow - +5 food. Reward for Quest: Scarecrow in chapter 4.

  • Lubricating Oil - +15 scissors. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Carpenter's Ruler - +5 planks. Reward for Quest: Rulers in chapter 4.

  • Lightning Bugs - +10 firewood. Purchased at Oracle Temple.

  • Fertilizer - +5 grapes. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Stone Crusher - +5 marble for marble collected. Reward for Quest: Stone Crusher.

  • Wind Stone - +5 stone bricks. Found in mountains in chapter 5.

  • Fire Stone - +5 wheat. Found in cavern in chapter 5.

  • Earth Stone - +5 food. Found in forest in chapter 5.

  • Water Stone - +5 food per fish. Found in harbor after Fishing is researched.

  • Magnifying Glass - +3 jewelry. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Dynamite - +5 gems. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Rain totem - +5 grapes. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Fish food - +5 food for fish. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Magic gem - +3 gold. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Rain Totem - +5 grapes. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Inspiration potion - +5 statues. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Power artifact - +5 columns. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Speed Potion - +5 jewelry. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Thirst Potion - +5 grain. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Bravery Artifact - +5 pearls. Purchased at Oracle temple.

  • Oxygen Potion - +4 pearls. Purchased at Oracle temple.

Chapter 1: Primitive Age

Primary Task - Care for the People

  • Collect 10 berries at the lake. Berries will give you +3 food apiece. You will see at the top of the screen a region that shows you what resources are available in the scene and how many slots in your basket you have filled (at this point your basket can hold 10).

  • Collect 10 brushwood in the forest.

  • Notice at the top of the main settlement screen your food and firewood resource indicators show the resources you've collected.

Primary Task - Reed

  • Click on the campfire in the center to start researching technology. Click on the highlighted icon (the only research area available) in the research tab to research Braiding. Clicking on the research icon will tell you how many resources are needed to do the research. In this case, Braiding costs 5 food and 15 wood. The Braiding technology gives you access to reed - an important resource you will need to do research from now on.

  • Notice the next research area: Baskets. It requires 30 reed to research.

  • Go to the forest and collect 30 reed. Notice the window at the top of the screen in the resource scene that shows you the available resource types in the area. It shows brushwood, berries, and reed. If you find all of any resource type, it will disappear from the box.

  • Each reed collected in the area will add +5 reed to your inventory.

Primary Task - Collect Mushrooms

  • Click the information area (campfire) to research Baskets (requires 30 reed). If you don't have enough reed, keep harvest resources at the lake and forest scenes until you have 30. You will receive the artifact Basket of Plenty which upgrades your basket to 12 spots. You can now also collect mushrooms (each is +5 food).

  • Collect 15 mushrooms at the lake. Notice that the lake icon on the main screen shows that Golden Scissors are also available in the scene. Find the three pieces of the Golden scissors at the lake.

  • You will receive the artifact Golden Scissors which adds +2 for every reed you find in a resource area.

  • The results of your lake scene will show you in green text what your bonuses were for possessing resource-increasing artifacts.

Secondary Task - Poisonous Mushrooms

  • Clicking on a red mushroom in the forest will trigger this task. Find 6 red poisonous mushrooms in the forest to complete the task. This might be over several trips to the forest area.

  • Note: completing secondary tasks is not necessary to finish the chapter. If you complete all the primary tasks of a chapter, it will end, even if you have incomplete secondary tasks.

  • As a reward you will receive the artifact Book of Mushrooms. This adds +2 food for every mushroom collected.

Secondary Task - Bridge to the Caverns

  • When he appears, click the man with the exclamation point over his head on the left side of the screen. This will open a puzzle.

  • Solutions: Screenshot 1. Screenshot 2. Screenshot 3.

  • You will receive access to the caverns resource area, which has lots of clay.

Primary Task - Build Clay Huts

  • Go to the development screen to research clay (15 firewood, 10 reed). Clay takes one day to research and you won't have access to it immediately.

  • Once this research is complete, you will be given this task. You will need 75 clay and 55 reed.

  • After completing this task, the chapter will end. Make sure you complete any secondary tasks that you want to before upgrading the huts, because you will be unable to revisit them.

Chapter 2: Ancient Age

Primary Task - Mountains

  • Go to the newly available mountains area and collect resources. You will find ore (+5 ore per ore collected).

Primary Task - Properties of Ore

  • Collect 30 units of ore in the mountains.

  • Go to the development screen and click the ore icon to research the properties of ore (requires 30 ore).

Primary Task - Build a Forge

  • Collect ore, clay, and reed until you have 70 ore, 50 clay, and 50 reed.

  • Click the Forge icon in the development screen to research the forge. A

  • Note: as a shortcut for researching new buildings, you can click the tool icon on the building site on the settlement map instead of going into the development screen through the campfire. The forge building site is near the lake. When you have the necessary resources, the tool icon will have green highlighted border.

  • While waiting for the forge to be built, stock up on brushwood in the forest or lake.

Quest: Clay Figure

  • Click the exclamation mark man near the caverns for an artifact quest.

  • Collect the 10 gem fragments, 5 chain pieces, amulet frame, pickaxe handle and pickaxe head in the hidden object scene. Screenshot.

  • Combine the pickaxe handle and head in your inventory.

  • Combine the gem pieces and the amulet frame in your inventory for a puzzle. Assemble the amulet from the pieces. Use the color of the pieces as a guideline - the green pieces go toward the bottom and the blue pieces on top. Screenshot.

  • Use the chain on the ceiling of the cavern. Then use the magic amulet on the end of the chain. Light will be reflected to show you where to use the pickaxe. Dig in the highlighted areas with the pickaxe until you find the Clay Idol artifact. This artifact adds +5 clay for every clay collected.

Quest: Magnet

  • Click the exclamation mark man near the forge for an artifact quest.

  • Find the bucket, hammer, empty sack, and 10 pieces of metal in the hidden object scene. Screenshot.

  • Combine the metal with the empty sack in your inventory for a sack with ore.

  • Use the sack with ore on the anvil. Use the hammer on the sack for crushed metal.

  • Fill the bucket with water from the puddle on the ground.

  • Use the crushed metal on the walls of the cavern until you see it stick to the wall, then use the water to reveal the magnet.

  • Pick up the magnet. This artifact adds +5 to every ore you collect.

Secondary Task - Logs

  • Research the Axe (40 ore, 10 firewood, 20 clay). This gives you access to a new resource - logs. Logs give you +20 firewood per log collected.

  • Go into the forest and collect 10 logs.

  • Note: after researching the axe, keep an eye on the mountain resource region for when the Grindstone artifact appears on the icon. Find the pieces of the grindstone in the mountain to sharpen the axes and add +10 firewood for each log collected.

Primary Task - Farm

  • First you will have to research Garden Tools (40 ore, 20 firewood, 20 clay).

  • Go the forge and collect 75 garden tools.

  • Now you can research the Farm (50 ore, 75 garden tools, 20 reed) once you have enough resources.

Secondary Task - Seeds

  • Once you start researching the farm, magic seeds should show up in the Lake area icon as an available resource.

  • Go to the lake and click a pile of seeds to trigger this quest. Find 8 magic seeds at the forest and lake.

  • Reward: artifact Magic Seeds. These add +5 to food you grow on the farm.

Secondary Task - Search the Maze

  • This appears to become available once you start research on the sauna. Click the exclamation mark man near the caverns.

  • This triggers Quest: Maze. Click the torch once to pick it then drag it around the paths of the maze until you have found all 10 bricks.

  • You will receive 50 bricks for completing this task.

Secondary Task - Plumbing

  • Once you have built the Sauna, an exclamation mark man will appear next to it with a secondary task.

  • Complete the plumbing puzzle to complete the sauna. Solution: Screenshot.

  • Reward: Artifact Sauna. Workers get an extra +5 stone for every stone brick collected.

Primary Task - Stone Houses

  • Research the Pickaxe. (40 ore, 20 wood, 20 clay).

  • Now you can research Stone Houses (150 stone bricks, 50 clay). This will complete the chapter.

  • Tip: before you do this, make sure you have built the Sauna and completed the secondary tasks - they will make collecting the resources much faster. You also won't have another chance once you've completed the chapter.

Chapter 3: Middle Age

Primary Task - City Development

  • You will need to build a Potter's Shop, and a level two farm and forge. This task is quite large and you will probably have to complete several of the other primary and secondary tasks in order to complete this one most efficiently. There are a number of ways you can proceed, particularly if you already have enough resources to pursue available research. The following is the order that I recommend.

  • First build the level two forge (75 ore, 60 stone bricks, 30 clay).

  • Research the Shovel when it becomes available (80 ore, 60 wood).

  • Then build the Potter's Shop (75 clay, 60 bricks, 30 reed). You will need clay pots for the level two farm, so build the Potter's Wheel upgrade (90 clay, 75 firewood).

  • I suggest you build the Oracle Temple and buy the Sand (+5 clay), Varnish (+5 clay dishes), and Paint (+3 garden tools) artifacts before building the farm.

  • Finally build the level two farm (115 stone, 60 farming tools, and 60 clay dishes).

  • Also research the Kiln (90 clay, 80 firewood, 70 reed) to get access to clay bricks.

Quest: Vegetables

  • This task comes up in the first few days of chapter 3. Click the exclamation mark man near the farm and complete the puzzles.

  • Solutions: Screenshot 1. Screenshot 2. Screenshot 3. Screenshot 4.

  • Reward: artifact Large Basket. This allows you to carry 13 resource items.

Primary Task - Build a Heathen Temple

  • Research the Heathen Temple upgrade (40 stone bricks, 15 pickaxes).

  • Completing this opens up primary task Build an Oracle Temple and secondary task Schedule Days Off.

Primary Task - Build an Oracle Temple

  • This task becomes available after you complete the Heathen Temple.

  • Research the Oracle Temple (30 clay, 60 stone bricks). This allows you to buy artifacts from the Oracle.

  • I recommend you buy the Sand artifact (50 clay, 50 firewood) soon after building the Oracle Temple - it will make all the clay upgrades much faster.

Secondary Task - Schedule Days Off

  • Research the Schedule Days Off improvement (500 food).

Quest: Torches

  • After the Potter's Shop is completed, this artifact quest will be available.

  • Drag the torches into the tunnels such that every path is lit. Solution: Screenshot.

  • Reward: artifact Torches. +5 stone for each stone brick collected.

Primary Task - Cellar

  • Research the Cellar upgrade (25 shovels, 50 stone bricks) to increase your food.

Quest: Cellar Light

  • This quest will appear near the cellar after it has been built.

  • Arrange the torches so they project a beam of light onto the lamp. Solution: Screenshot.

  • Reward: 25 shovels.

Quest: Magic Stones

  • The oracle will give you the Magic Stones artifact quest around the same time you have the option to research Mining.

  • In the hidden object scene, collect the hook, axe, bucket, stone, and 5 pieces of rope. You can't yet reach the gems across the river. Screenshot.

  • Use the axe to chop open the big stump it was resting on. Collect the two gems inside.

  • Combine the hook and rope in your inventory. Use them on the other side of the river to collect the three visible gems.

  • Fill the bucket with water from the river. Put the stone in the fire. Pour the water over the stone for the last two gems.

Quest: Caterpillars

  • Click the exclamation mark man near the farm to being the Caterpillars quest.

  • Find the 15 caterpillars in the hidden object scene. Screenshot.

Secondary Task - Grapes

  • Shortly after building the farm, the Oracle should present you with the Grapes task.

  • First research the plow (60 ore, 40 firewood).

  • Afterwards, research the Vineyard upgrade (70 reed, 40 garden tools, 25 shovels). Tip: you may want to do the Cellar Light quest first since the reward is 25 shovels.

  • Researching the vineyard will make the grapes resource available on the farm.

  • Collect grapes at the farm until you have 30.

  • Reward: artifact Bug Potion (+5 food).

Quest: Plow

  • This quest becomes available after you start researching the Plow technology.

  • Assemble the plow from the pieces available in the scene. Solution: Screenshot.

  • Reward: artifact Super solid Alloy. Gives +5 pickaxes.

Primary Task - Mining

  • Around the time you start researching the farm, you will get a notice that you can research Mining.

  • This will allow you to collect gold. You can delay this task as you won't need gold in this chapter.

Primary Task - Build Clay Brick Houses

  • Research the clay brick houses upgrade (100 clay bricks, 50 clay dishes, 50 reed).

  • Be sure to finish any quests or secondary tasks you want to complete before beginning your research.

Chapter 4: Golden Age

Primary Task - Carpenter's Shop

  • You are going to need a lot of building materials in this chapter. Stock up on stone bricks, clay bricks, and clay. Be sure to buy any Oracle artifacts that will aide you with building materials as soon as you can.

  • First upgrade the Forge to level 3 (100 stone bricks, 50 clay bricks, 50 clay). Then buy the Circular Saw upgrade (75 ore, 75 firewood) when you can. You will need the circular saw for the Carpenter's Shop.

  • Then research the Carpenter's Shop (100 stone bricks, 50 clay bricks, 40 clay bricks). You will want to immediately research Planks (25 axes) afterwards - they are needed in many other tasks. These will give you access to the planks resource in the Carpenter's Shop.

  • Finally upgrade the Pottery Shop to level 2 (150 stone bricks, 50 reed, 50 clay).

Quest: Scarecrow

  • This will become available after you begin research on the Carpenter's Shop.

  • Pick up the pumpkin, shirt, hat, rope, large stick, small stick, shovel, 5 bell pieces, and knife. Screenshot.

  • Use the knife to carve the pumpkin head in your inventory.

  • Use the large stick on the hole in the ground. Then use the shovel to fill the hole.

  • Put the pumpkin head on top of the stick. Cross the small stick as arms over the large stick and use the rope to fasten them together.

  • Complete the scarecrow with the shirt, hat, and bells.

  • Reward: artifact Scarecrow +5 food.

Quest: Gears

  • This should become available soon after researching Planks. Solution: Screenshot.

Quest: Termites

  • At some point in the chapter, the Termites Quest will become available at the Carpenter's Shop. Solution: Screenshot.

  • Reward: 50 wood planks.

Primary Task - Build a School

  • This will become available after you have begun research on the Carpenter's Shop.

  • Once you have Planks, you can research the School (75 planks, 25 stone bricks).

Primary Task - Build a Market

  • This becomes available once you have built the Carpenter's Shop.

  • After you have built the School, research Trade (75 food, 5 gold). You will need to complete the Scales quest to finish your Trade research (see below).

  • When you have completed Scales, you can research the Market (75 planks, 100 stone bricks, 75 clay dishes).

  • Once the Market is complete, you can use it to exchange a limited number of goods. The resources available in the Market are generally rather scarce but can be very helpful in meeting the requirements to complete Research when you are just a little short.

Quest: Scales

  • Before you can complete your research on Trade, you will be given this quest. Solution:

    2 3 1 3 3; 3 1 2 2 2 3 3; 3 3 1 2 3 1 1 1

  • You will then be able to build the Market.

Quest: Rulers

  • Stock up on planks and then research the furniture upgrade (75 planks).

  • You will be given this quest at the Carpenter's Shop. Solution: Screenshot.

  • Reward: Carpenter's Ruler. This gives you +5 planks per plank collected.

Primary Task - Wine

  • This task will become available after the Pottery Shop has been upgraded.

  • You should have already built a Vineyard in the last chapter, as a secondary task. If not, research it now.

  • Research the level 3 Farm upgrade (125 stone bricks, 100 clay, 50 planks).

  • At the Potter's, research the Vase (150 sand, 100 fire). These are used for storing wine and give you the Wine resource at the farm.

  • Go collect vases and wooden dishes until you have enough to research Winemaking (100 grapes, 30 vases, 30 wooden dishes.

  • When complete, Wine will be an available resource at the Farm.

Secondary Task - Cheese

  • After you have completed the school, the Cheese task will become available.

  • After researching Furniture, research Wooden Dishes (20 axes, 30 planks). You will then have access to wooden dishes in the carpenter's shop.

  • Research Cheese (75 clay dishes, 30 wooden dishes) at the Farm.

Primary Task - Sheep Breeding

  • This task becomes available after you have built the School.

  • Research sheep breeding once you have wine and cheese. This will cost 75 scissors, 100 food, and 30 reed.

  • This will give you access to the Thread resource, found at the farm. It will also open the Cases quest.

Quest: Cases

  • After researching Sheep Breeding, you will receive the Cases quest.

  • Move the crates out of the way to get to the exit. Solutions: Screenshot 1. a href = "https://jayisgames.com/images/settlement-colossus/settlement23.jpg">Screenshot 2.

  • Reward: 50 grapes.

Quest: Boiler

  • Research the upgraded Sauna (50 clay bricks, 25 tile, 30 clay dishes).

  • After you begin research, you will be presented with the Boiler quest. Use the items in the scene to complete the Boiler. Solution: Screenshot.

  • Also research Hairdresser (25 scissors).

Secondary Task - Smelting Furnace

  • This becomes available after you research the Scissors at the upgraded forge. You will probably want to buy the Lubricating Oil artifact (+15 scissors) at the Oracle Temple when it becomes available as scissors can be a rare resource.

  • After you have built the School and researched Trade, you can research the Unknown Material (30 pickaxes, 30 shovels). This will give you access to the coal resource, a much more efficient way of gathering firewood. You will also have the option to research the Smelting Furnace (125 clay, 100 ore, 50 clay bricks).

  • The Smelting Furnace will add 5 to your ore collecting and allow you to do more things with ore.

Primary Task - Upgrade Oracle Temple

  • After completing the Market, this task becomes available. This will give you access to more artifacts, so you should try to complete it soon after it is available.

  • Research the Jewelry Shop (100 stone bricks, 75 planks, 50 clay).

  • When the research is complete, research Jewelry Making (25 gold).

  • Collect jewelry at the jeweler's shop until you have 60 for the Oracle.

  • Be sure to have completed the Winemaking task and have wine available at the farm. Collect wine until you have 30 for the Oracle.

  • Build the Oracle temple (60 jewelry pieces, 50 planks, 25 wine). You will have to finish the Constellations quest first (see below).

Quest: Constellations

  • After you begin researching the Oracle temple, you will receive this task.

  • Solutions: Screenshot 1. a href = "https://jayisgames.com/images/settlement-colossus/settlement25.jpg">Screenshot 2. a href = "https://jayisgames.com/images/settlement-colossus/settlement26.jpg">Screenshot 3. Screenshot 4. a href = "https://jayisgames.com/images/settlement-colossus/settlement28.jpg">Screenshot 5. a href = "https://jayisgames.com/images/settlement-colossus/settlement29.jpg">Screenshot 6. a href = "https://jayisgames.com/images/settlement-colossus/settlement30.jpg">Screenshot 7. a href = "https://jayisgames.com/images/settlement-colossus/settlement31.jpg">Screenshot 8.

  • When complete, you will be able to finish the Oracle temple.

Secondary Task - Lighting in the Mines

  • After you have access to Cheese, make sure you have at least 10 cheese and then buy the Lightning Bugs upgrade at the Oracle Temple. These give you +10 firewood.

Primary Task - Houses with Roofs

  • This task should appear when you upgrade the forge but save it for the last task after you have completed all the others.

  • You will need to research Tile (150 clay, 100 firewood) after you have completed the level two Pottery Shop. This will make the tile resource available in the Pottery Shop.

  • Research Tile Roofs (75 tile, 200 stone bricks, 100 planks).

Chapter 5: Modern Age

Primary Task - Build a Stone Quarry

  • Stock up on building resources and then research the Stone Quarry (150 stone bricks, 150 planks, 50 ore).

  • Research Marble Processing at the Stone Quarry. (50 stone bricks, 50 pickaxes, 25 axes). This gives you access to the marble resource at the stone quarry.

Quest: Stone Crusher

  • A quest opens up at the Carpenter's shop after you build the stone quarry.

  • Assemble the machine using the pieces in the scene. Solution: Screenshot.

  • Reward: Stone Crusher artifact (+5 marble)

Secondary Task - Gems

  • Collect 50 gems in the mountains and caverns for the jewelry shop.

Primary Task - Medicine

  • Research the University (25 tile, 150 marble, 75 stone bricks)

  • When it is complete, research Medicine (150 food, 25 wooden dishes, 50 wine).

  • You will be given the Gold Scale quest (see below) to obtain papyrus. Once this is complete you'll have papyrus for the pharmacy and can begin research.

  • Research the pharmacy (10 tile, 75 sand, 100 reed).

  • While the pharmacy is being built you will need to complete the Potions quest (see below). Afterwards you will have completed the task.

Quest: Gold Scale

  • You have to balance the scales using the provided gold pieces.

  • Solution: Numbering the pieces 1 to 6 from smallest to biggest,

    1 2 3 6; 2 5 6; 1 3 5 6


  • Reward: 50 scrolls of papyrus.

Quest: Potions

  • You must add the ingredients to the potion in the correct order.

  • The order is different every time. Complete this by trial and error.

Primary Task - Build a Harbor

  • Research Stone Piles(50 stone bricks, 50 pickaxes, 25 axes).

  • Upgrade the Farm to level 4 (25 tile, 75 garden tools, 50 clay bricks).

  • Research the Wheat Field (50 garden tools, 25 shovels, 35 wooden dishes) after you've upgraded the farm. This gives you a new farm resource - wheat.

  • Research the Bakery (100 planks, 75 clay, 30 clay bricks).

  • Once you've collected 75 wheat at the farm, you can research Dough (75 wheat, 40 wooden dishes, 25 olive oil).

  • Build the level 3 potter's shop (25 tile, 150 planks, 30 clay bricks)

  • When you can, research the Harbor (100 planks, 75 thread, 25 tile).

Primary Task - Build a Holy Place

  • Research the Olive Grove (75 garden tools, 25 shovels). This gives you a new resource on the farm - olives.

  • Once you've collected 50 olives at the farm you can research Olive Oil (50 olives, 100 clay pots, 25 wooden dishes). This gives you the olive oil resource at the farm.

  • Research the Holy Place (100 stone bricks, 75 marble, 75 olive oil).

Quest: Oil

  • This quest is available after researching Olive Oil.

  • You need to get four units of oil in the five unit jug just using five and three unit jugs. Solution:

    Fill the 5 jug and pour it into the 3 jug. Pour the three jug back into the vat. Then pour the 2 units of oil into the 3 jug. Fill the 5 jug again, and pour into the 3 jug which is filled to 2. This leaves you with four in the 5 jug.

  • Reward: 50 bottles of olive oil.

Quest: Cockroaches

  • After you've built the bakery, a cockroach quest is available.

  • Find the 20 cockroaches in the scene. Solution: Screenshot.

  • Reward: 50 loaves of bread.

Secondary Task - Find Magic Stones

  • The Oracle gives you this task after building the stone quarry. You must find four magic stones hidden throughout the settlement. The locations may differ from game to game.

  • Wind Stone - +5 stone bricks. Found in mountains.

  • Fire Stone - +5 wheat. Found in cavern.

  • Earth Stone - +5 olives. Found in forest.

  • Research fishing tackle (75 thread, 100 planks) at the harbor.

  • Water Stone - +5 food per fish. Found in harbor after Fishing is researched.

Primary Task - Establish Holy Days

  • You must have built the Holy Place to get this task.

  • Research clay modeling (50 clay, 25 fire) at the Potter's Shop. Then collect at least 30 clay models.

  • Research Holy Days (75 wine, 30 olive oil, 30 clay figures).

Primary Task - Marble Houses

  • After completing all the other primary and secondary tasks, research Marble Building (150 marble, 50 clay bricks, 50 tile).

Chapter 6: Modern Age

Primary Task - Stone Quarry

  • Your first task is to upgrade the Stone Quarry (100 marble, 25 planks, 25 tile).

  • When complete, research Statues (75 stone bricks, 50 pickaxes). This gives you the statue resource at the stone quarry.

  • Then research Columns (75 stone bricks, 50 pickaxes). You now have the column resource at the stone quarry.

  • Tip: Try to get the Inspiration Potion and Power Artifact from the Oracle temple early in the chapter, as they will speed gathering of statues and totems.

Primary Task - Big Harbor

  • Upgrade to level 2 carpenter's shop (100 stone bricks, 50 clay bricks, 50 tile).

  • Then research Shipbuilding (75 planks, 50 thread, 50 ore).

  • Research Papyrus (50 planks, 25 axes, 25 clay pots).

  • This allows you to study the Academy and to collect the Papyrus resource at the Carpenter's Shop.

  • Research the Academy (100 columns, 75 statues, 75 papyrus).

  • When this is complete, research Cartography (50 papyrus).

  • Finally, you can research the upgraded Harbor (100 planks, 75 marble, 50 thread).

  • Before you finish the Harbor, you will be given one quest: Cannon (see below).

  • When the Harbor is complete, you can research Sea Trade (50 gold, 50 wooden dishes, 75 clay dishes).

  • After you have Sea Trade, research Pearls (100 reed, 100 planks, 50 thread).

Quest: Cannon

  • Assemble the cannon using the pieces in the scene. Solution: Screenshot.

Quest: Coins

  • When you begin building the Harbor, the Coins quest will become available.

  • Pick up the sickle, key, axe, oil, and 7 coins. Screenshot.

  • Pick up the shield and find the coin under it.

  • Use the oil, then the key, on the rusty padlock locking the chest and take the three coins inside.

  • Use the sickle on the seaweed on the left for three more coins.

  • Use the axe on the broken vase near the seaweed for three more coins. Then use it on the broken wall of the ship for the last coins.

Primary Task - Pastry Making

  • Upgrade to level 2 Bakery (25 tile, 75 planks, 75 sand.

  • Research Pastry Making (75 grain, 100 grapes, 25 olive oil). This will give you a new resource Cakes in the Bakery.

Secondary Task - Temple Decoration

  • This involves a few quests, once you build the Temple for the Colossus task.

  • Quest: Wall Paintings - Solution: Screenshot.

  • Quest: Columns -Screenshot.

  • Quest: Horseman Statue - You must complete the work the sculptor started.

    First just the sandpaper to polish the shield and helmet. Then use the chisel to remove the horn and extra tail. Use the hammer to straighten the spear and hammer in the loose nails on the shield. Finally paint the eyes and front hoof.

Primary Task - Colossus

  • This task begins when you have upgraded the stone quarry.

  • Research the level 3 oracle temple (50 marble, 25 column, 75 statues).

  • Upgrade to level 2 jeweler's shop (25 tile, 50 clay, 75 marble).

  • Research gem processing at the jeweler's shop (50 gems, 50 gold).

  • Build the Temple (100 marble, 100 columns, 75 statues).

  • Afterward, secondary task Temple Decoration will be available.

  • Research consecration (50 olive oil, 50 wine, 50 clay figures).

  • Now you have to gather the materials to build the Colossus. Go to sea and pearl dive. After, you will have two new artifacts available from the Oracle to speed up pearl collecting - buy them as soon as possible.

  • Gather the 125 pearls for the Colossus with the help of your artifacts, and use the Harbor to trade the 100 ivory. Gather the 150 gold by trading and collecting.

  • Build the Colossus. Congratulations, your settlement is complete!

Special thanks to Eileen for this fabulous walkthrough!


Pretty lousy few days at JiG. As I write this, here are the posts on the front page:

Settlement: Colossus ... 1 vote, 0 comments
Weekend download ..... 0 comments
Quantz .................... 5 votes, 1 comment (about a technical matter)
Drift Runners 2 .......... 3.5 rating, 1 comment
Roofed .................... 18 votes, 6 comments
Link Dump Friday ....... 34 comments
Babylon Sticks ........... 4.8, 12
Boss Rush ................. 3.7, 19
Chaos Faction 2 ......... 4.1, 13
Monkey Go Happy 2 .... 4.2, 18
Cosmicube ............... 3.3, 12
Escape to the Spa ...... 3.8, 64

Recapping: 3 games with too few votes to rate, 2 entries that aren't rateable, 3.91 average rating (3.77 if you eliminate the cartoon), 15 average comments (10.5 if you eliminate the "I'm stuck" escape game comments).

Obviously I love the site enough to do a crude analysis of its recent posts, so this is intended as constructive criticism. I am amazed by the treasures you find, and the offbeat but intelligent way you write about games.

But this feels lately like an unenjoyable place to be, and I don't think I'm alone in feeling that these are not particularly uncommon streaks of boredom in the past year or so. I would like to say that you're no more responsible for a poor crop of games than a movie reviewer is for summer schlock, but I think we all know that's not an apt metaphor.


We, too, have been underwhelmed by some of the content released in the last week or so, and yet there were several stand out releases. A couple weeks before that, was an amazing week for new releases.

As long as I have been maintaining this site, since 2003, there have always been periods of feast and famine. It comes with the territory and should be expected.

We will continue to work long hours, as we always do, to bring you the best of what we find from the corners of the globe, be certain of that.

For weeks like this, our archives offer thousands of excellent games to enjoy, for I am sure that on one person has played them all. Instead of complaining there is nothing on the front page you enjoy, try looking through the tags listings or the Best Games list for something worthy of your time and attention. There's a treasure trove of fantastic games we've covered over the years.

And if it's browser games you prefer and you're visiting us on a weekend, that listing will omit all the download games that we keep to the weekends only. It can also be sorted by rating to help find all the best browser games we've featured over the years.


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