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MeaghanSequesterThe existence of life after death is a tricky debate that has spanned across the world and across time. Are we spirits? Are we angels? Do we become trees? Does my spirit linger around to haunt my poor younger brother in his dreams and request he find my soul? Maybe not me but the girl in Sequester, an experimental puzzle platform game created by Tony (Antony Lavelle), is pleading with her brother to brave Limbo and its eerie entities, gather her soul, and give her peace at last. A tall order, especially for a little kid, but caution be damned! If he can't do it then what other hope is there?

You start the game in your bed. The [arrow] keys are all you'll need in terms of movement. Press [left] or [right] arrows to move left or right and use your [up] arrow to jump. When you reach a door press the [down] arrow and you'll exit the level. There are levers through the game that you must stand on to trigger. Each lever will responsible for a different colored cloud that is solid until you hit the lever. You'll know when a cloud is no longer solid because it won't sparkle. Spikes and getting caught by the dead souls means death and you will start the level over again. The game is one large cube that allows you to run left or right through open paths to come upon a new area of exploration. Falling also allows you to get to the next face of the cube. Your biggest goal is to get to the doorway and move on to the next area.

Fans of Cardboard Box Assembler and K.O.L.M will feel a small touch of nostalgia when seeing the style of Sequester. While it is very similar to both games Sequester is not as packed with the need to obtain items (like legs, or random gems) as it is about accomplishing a goal. At times all the falling into the unknown can be irksome, but it's nothing that can't be handled if you pay attention to your surroundings. With a story that will make you want to call up your sibling (or possibly that best friend who might as well be a sibling) and profess how much you care about them this game is a poignant reminder of how quickly life can be taken and how important it is to cherish the moments you do have. With equal parts eerie and touching, Sequester is not a game that will easily be forgotten. Nor is the lesson that you shouldn't touch dead things.

Play Sequester

Thanks to Unknownymus, Zach, Asaf, and Adom for sending this one in!

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Sequester Walkthrough

Chapter One: Threshold

Level 1-1

  1. Go to the far right.

  2. Continue going to the far right.

  3. One more time to the far right.

  4. Go through the door, press the down arrow.

Level 1-2

  1. Go left.

  2. Keep going left.

  3. Left again.

  4. Go through the door.

Level 1-3

  1. Go left.

  2. Continue going left then go down the first ladder.

  3. Go right and up the ladder.

  4. Go left and up the ladder.

  5. Go right.

  6. Go right and jump down.

  7. While falling make sure that you get to the far right side, otherwise you will hit spikes.

  8. When you fall on the landing go right.

  9. Go up the ladder then go left.

  10. Go through the door.

Level 1-4

  1. Go right then jump through the vortext box.

  2. Go left and up the ladder.

  3. Go right then jump up and move left.

  4. Go through the vortex box.

  5. Jump and go right.

  6. Go through the door.

Level 1-5

  1. Go right three times.

  2. Jump on the lever to switch it.

  3. Go left and fall through the ground. Stay in the very center because you need to hit a second lever that's located in the middle of your drop.

  4. Go right.

  5. Go right twice more.

  6. Go through the door.

Level 1-6

  1. Go left and up the ladder.

  2. Continue going left.

  3. Go left again and jump through the vortext box. Water does not hurt you, however it makes you rather sluggish so jumping high is not as possible.

  4. Go right and jump into the vortex box.

  5. Go right and jump into the vortex box once more.

  6. Go left and through the door.

Chapter Two: Roots

Level 2-1

  1. Go left.

  2. Go left then jump and go right.

  3. Jump on the lever to activate it.

  4. Go left then right.

  5. Go right up the stairs.

  6. Continue going right and drop down, then go left.

  7. Go left and drop, then go left again and drop once more.

  8. Go right and drop.

  9. Go left, then right, then left again and drop.

  10. Go through the door.

Level 2-2

  1. Go through the path on the right.

  2. Go right three times then hit the lever to activate it.

  3. Jump up then go right.

  4. Go through the door.

Level 2-3

  1. Go left twice.

  2. Go up the stairs and go right. Hit the lever to activate it then drop down vast to avoid the dead spirit.

  3. Go right three times.

  4. Jump up the ladder and step on the lever to activate it.

  5. Run left and go up the stairs, then go up the ladder.

  6. Go right through the vortex square.

  7. Go through the door.

Level 2-4

  1. Go left and drop then go right and drop.

  2. Go left and drop.

  3. Go right then drop then go right again.

  4. Go all the way right, be careful of jumping over the spikes.

  5. Go right and drop.

  6. Go left then right and drop.

  7. Go left then right.

  8. Step on the lever to activate it then run to the left quickly.

  9. Drop through the blue bridge and fall into the water. Go right and drop.

  10. As you fall move towards the left and land on the green bridge. Go left and drop.

  11. Go right and drop then jump left to hit the green lever and activate it.

  12. Drop to the right.

  13. Go left and drop down into the water, then go right and drop down.

  14. Move left and aim for the center.

  15. Go through the door.

Level 2-5

  1. Go right and drop.

  2. After you've fallen in the water climb the stairs and go left.

  3. Go all the way left, make sure not to fall.

  4. Go left and drop to hit the yellow switch. Run to the right immediately after the switch is activated.

  5. Go right and drop. Once you land go left and drop down.

  6. Go right and hit the lever to activate it then go right and drop.

  7. Continue going right.

  8. Go right then drop in the middle open space.

  9. Go left then drop.

  10. Drop down amongst the three souls and hit the switch.

  11. Go down and go through the middle opening on the floor.

  12. Go left and drop down instead of going all the way left. Go right and drop through the middle opening on the floor.

  13. As you fall aim towards the right to land on a platform.

  14. Go right and go through the door.

Level 2-6

  1. Go left three times then jump into the black abyss.

Chapter Three: Lacuna

Level 3-1

  1. Go down right and hit the purple lever then jump down to the left.

  2. Aim for the left so you land on the platform. Go down the ladder and hit the blue platform.

  3. Go back up the ladder then fall down. Aim for the right side so you land on a platform.

  4. Drop down and flip the purple lever once more. Go across the bridge to the left and hit the green lever.

  5. Go right once more and hit the purple lever, then go left and fall.

  6. Aim for the left and go down the ladder. Hit the blue lever again.

  7. Go back up the ladder and move right.

  8. Drop down once more and land on the blue platform. Go left and hit the yellow lever.

  9. Go right and drop down.

  10. Aim left and go down the ladder. Hit the blue lever. Go back up the stairs and fall.

  11. Aim for the right side and activate the purple lever. Go to the left and hit the green lever.

  12. Go back and hit the purple lever once more. Go left and fall

  13. Aim left and fall until you reach the platform with the green steps leading to the purple lever. Go up the steps and hit the purple lever.

  14. Go right and fall.

  15. Go down and go through the door.

Level 3-2

  1. Go right.

  2. Land on the top right platform and go right once more.

  3. Drop down and go left.

  4. Land on the top left platform and continue moving left.

  5. Drop down and continue going left.

  6. Land on the top left platform and continue going left.

  7. Drop down and continue moving left then go through the door.

Level 3-3

  1. Go right and go down the ladder. Drop down all the way.

  2. Drop onto the platform then move left until you fall onto the floor. Go right and go down the middle opening.

  3. Land on the box and move left or right but continue going down. Drop down and move left the fall.

  4. Aim towards the left side to land on the left platform.

  5. Go left and jump up. Keep going all the way left then go down the ladder.

  6. Go left.

  7. Continue going left.

  8. Jump up and go left then jump again and continue moving left.

  9. Drop down.

  10. Go left, drop onto the center box, then continue going down by dropping down the middle opening.

  11. Go right, then move left. Go down the ladder on the far left side.

  12. Drop down then go right and enter the doorway.

Level 3-4

  1. Keep moving right until you come to the ladder.

  2. Go up the ladder and move right.

  3. Touch the rabbit.

Level 3-5

  1. Go right and jump down.

  2. Keep going down until you can't fall any further. Go left.

  3. Go left and drop down.

  4. Once you reach the end go right.

  5. Go right and go down.

  6. Go right, in the circle continue moving right. Avoid the dead soul and make sure not to fall through the opening in the middle of the ground.

  7. Go right and fall down.

  8. Go through the door.

Level 3-6

  1. Go right then move left and go up the ladder. Aim left when you reach the top to jump over the ladder.

  2. Go right and go up that ladder. Aim right when you reach the top to jump over.

  3. Go right and go up the ladder. When at the top go left and touch the necklace.

Chapter Four: Odium

Level 4-1

  1. Go right and fall down. Make sure to avoid the spikes on either side.

  2. When you land on the floor go right.

  3. Jump up to the top where the purple lever is and hit it. Run back down to the water before the dead soul gets you. Go down the water and fall down the open space.

  4. When you land on the green bridge go left. Fall down the open space.

  5. Go down and move right. Watch out for the dead soul. Go to the green lever and hit it to activate it.

  6. Go left and go down the open space.

  7. Go left. Jump down and continue going left. Jump down.

  8. Go down to the floor then go left through the water and through the open space.

  9. Go left to the door and enter it.

Level 4-2

  1. Go right down the stairs and continue right.

  2. Jump up the stairs and keep going right.

  3. Go right twice more then fall down the open space in the room with the diagonal blue light.

  4. Go left then drop down and hit the yellow lever. Quickly move left.

  5. Drop down. Go right and drop down once more.

  6. Go left and drop down the small space to get to the green lever. Hit it to activate then move right and drop down.

  7. Aim left and continue falling. Once you hit the stairs jump up and go left.

  8. Go left and drop down. Continue falling until you come to a stop then move right.

  9. Drop down through the yellow cloud and then move right.

  10. At the bottom go through the small space in the middle then continue moving right.

  11. Go down and go right. Jump up onto the blue bridge and jump across until you're at the top right. Move right.

  12. Drop down and hit the blue lever then run down to the right, then go left and fall through the ground where the green cloud is. Watch out for the dead soul.

  13. Drop down until you're at the door then climb up the ladder. Jump right over the obstruction and go right.

  14. Continue going right and drop down.

  15. When you land in the room with your bed go left and go down the small space. Don't touch the lever simply continue falling.

  16. Aim left until you land on the stairs then go up left where the green cloud is. Go left through the space.

  17. Go left and go through the door.

Level 4-3

  1. Go right but drop down the open space on the far right. Aim towards the right so you will land on a platform then move right.

  2. Drop down but aim right so you don't fall onto the spikes. Keep going right and once again when you drop aim towards the right to avoid spikes.

  3. Drop down and stay towards the left but not too far left otherwise you'll miss the platform with the blue lever. Stand on the lever to activate it.

  4. Jump twice and go down the far right open space.

  5. Go right twice then drop down. Stay towards the center to land on a platform.

  6. Move right and drop down, stay towards the middle right area. Drop down the opening but aim right to land on the platform. Run and drop down the far right open space.

  7. Drop down and stay on the far right to land on a platform.

  8. Go down and go through the door.

Level 4-4

  1. Go up to the right, then go down to the right.

  2. Go down and go left. When you drop at the top of the stairs continue moving left.

  3. Hit the blue switch and keep going left. When you hit the top of the next staircase continue going left.

  4. Go through the blue cloud and hit the purple lever to activate it. Go right.

  5. Go through the door.

Level 4-5

  1. Go right and jump down the first open space.

  2. Go left and hit the purple lever.

  3. Go left and aim left when you drop to land on the platform with the yellow lever. Stand on it to activate.

  4. Move left and fall down.

  5. Keep towards the center until you pass through the lever then aim left to land on a platform.

  6. Go left and fall off the square but aim right to get onto the square below the one you were previously standing on. Step on the lever to activate it.

  7. Drop down towards the right then fall through the open space at the far right.

  8. As you fall aim right so you can land on the first square on the top right.

  9. Go right then fall down the first open space on the left side.

  10. In the room with the purple square aim right as you're falling to land on the second left bottom square.

  11. Move right and fall down the open space.

  12. Stay in the center so you don't accidentally hit other levers.

  13. Go through the door.

Level 4-6

  1. Go right and jump up on the ladder and move up.

  2. Go left at the top of the ladder.

  3. Go left and drop down.

  4. Continue going left and drop. Once on the green cloud staircase go through the space and move right. Jump over and hit the green lever.

  5. Go right and fall.

  6. When you stop falling move right.

  7. Jump over the ladder and keep going right.

  8. Go right until your at the opening on the ground under the green cloud. Go through the opening then move left.

  9. Drop down until you're on the platform with the yellow lever and walk on it to activate.

  10. Drop and move left as you go.

  11. Keep going left then drop down the open space.

  12. Keep going left then move right and hit the green lever. Keep going right.

  13. Drop and go right so you're on the landing with the ladder that goes down. Hop over the ladder and continue moving right.

  14. Go up the green staircase and go right through the yellow cloud.

  15. Go down to the door and go through.

Chapter Five: Knot

Level 5-1

  1. Go right and drop down then continue moving right.

  2. Drop down and go left.

  3. Drop down then go right once done falling.

  4. Go right and drop down further until you land on the purple cloud. Move left and activate the blue lever.

  5. Go left then drop down and move right. Jump down through the open space.

  6. Go left, fall, and continue moving left.

  7. Go left into the room with the four blue squares. Drop to the floor and go right.

  8. Continue going right then fall through the open space in the middle of the ground.

  9. Go left and fall down the open space on the far left.

  10. Go into the room that has the door and land on the bottom right platform. Keep moving right.

  11. Go right and fall down. Move left and activate the yellow lever.

  12. Go right, drop down, then move left and go down the empty space in the ground.

  13. Move left then drop down and move right.

  14. Once in the room with the four blue squares go right.

  15. Keep going right and fall into the open space on the ground. Go left and drop down. Keep dropping until you're in the room with the blue lever.

  16. Jump over the lever, jump down then move right and go down the open space on the ground.

  17. Go right then drop down till you land on a platform. Go left and jump on the ledge with the blue cloud.

  18. Drop down and go left. Continue going left and hit the purple lever. Drop down and move left. Jump onto the far left ledge on the bottom area.

  19. Go left and drop down until you're at the door then enter.

Level 5-2

  1. Go up right until you reach a point where there are multiple paths. Go down to the right and drop in the T-Section moving towards the left.

  2. Keep going left and drop down. Once on the ground continue moving left and make sure you land on the platform to the left of the door.

  3. Drop down and go right then go through the door.

Level 5-3

  1. Go left and go down the ladder three rooms then go left onto the platform.

  2. Go into the room. There should be a single blue cloud going vertically and to the left of that should be a blue lever.

  3. Go down to the left and drop down. Go right once you stop falling.

  4. Go left then jump right into the vortex box.

  5. Go right and drop down then go left and make sure you hit the blue lever.

  6. Jump over the open space on the ground and move left.

  7. Jump across over to the door and go through.

Level 5-4

  1. Go left and avoid the spikes.

  2. Drop down and go right down the staircase.

  3. Continue moving right and jump over the open space in the middle of the floor.

  4. Drop down and keep going right. You want to fall through the open space on the far right of the room with the dead soul in it.

  5. Keep going right past the Don't room. Go right until you reach the area with spikes on the right wall and you can only go left. Drop down and go left.

  6. Go left and avoid the spikes. Go left until you reach the room where the door is upside down. Hop over the open space in the middle of the ground and keep going left.

  7. Keep going left until you reach the room with the two ghouls in it. Drop down and go through the open space in the very bottom middle of the ground.

  8. Go left and go through the door.

Level 5-5

  1. Keep going and falling left until you can land on the square with the vortex box on it. Go through the vortex box.

  2. Go through the door.

Level 5-6

  1. Go right until you come to the room with lava. Jump up to the left and jump in the lava.

Epilogue: Gateway

Level E-1

  1. Go left into the vortex box.

  2. Go right, down, then left, then down, then right and jump into the vortex box.

  3. Go left, watch out for spikes.

  4. Go through the door.


  1. Go right until you're at the door then go through.

Level E-3

  1. Go right, then go down the ladder. Go left.

  2. Drop down and avoid the center because there are spikes.

  3. Aim towards the left after you pass the spikes that are on the far left and the far right. You need to get on the far left platform to get to the door.

  4. Go left then go down the ladder, right and then down the next ladder. Go left and up the ladder then right again.

  5. Go through the door.


I really like this one. It all comes together, from the music to the kid's animations, from the atmosphere to the (sometimes multiply-soluble?) puzzles.

I didn't quite understand

the "It was you all along" part. Does she just mean the "please don't go" part was him? That didn't seem a huge revelation to me, especially since we didn't yet know the kid was mute.

StitchingSin June 2, 2012 5:26 AM

Just finished, and I think it's really good. The art is lovely, the music is appropriate... just very well put together. Though I found it slightly disturbing as well, in that

it seemed like the girl was making her kid brother work through her teenage issues, particularly the level where it says 'I can date who I want, you're not my real dad'.

But that might just have been me. As for the thing mentioned before, about the

'It was you all along',

I felt like it was meant to indicate

that the brother was the one keeping her there with his issues, rather than her own baggage.

But again, that might just be me. Sorry for the long-winded opinions... Just a really good game that fired up my neurons in more ways than one, which is almost always a bonus for me.

jcfclark June 2, 2012 11:07 AM

Great game from animations to atmosphere. Wonderful dream-like quality. But, I must have taken a wrong turn in level 2-5 because I got stuck in a "room" with sides too high to jump and no other way out, so had to close the game out to start the level again. TG my game was saved!

MyOwnWorstNME June 2, 2012 11:39 AM

If you get stuck, you can press 'R' to restart the level.


I like your interpretation better, StitchingSin.


This game reminds me of The Maxx, especially

the bunny thing...

really atmospheric and fun to play :)


A bit on the wall about this one. I dig the atmosphere and the story, but the sluggish gameplay and unresponsive controls make it really hard for me to actually enjoy the game.

I'm currently on 2-5 and I hope the game doesn't last too long. I want to see how it ends but I don't know if I have the patience to keep it up for too many more levels.


I finished all the levels and re read all the story line but I im still wondering about the game. was it because his sister never got to say goodbye in the end, or maybe the fact that she had so many things to talk about in her life and how messed up it was that just having someone to talk to let her leave that place. all in all its that mystery that keeps me wondering what kept her there in the first place that keeps bringing me back to this game.


Fantastic. Not only is the gameplay excellent (what an impressive concept and execution!), it speaks to the narrative. There are a lot of games that try too hard to be dark and evocative, and though it might be simplistic for some, the genuine intimacy of the story generates real chills. Reminiscent of Gateway, or Trapped � the subject matter is not quite as unnerving, the emphasis is definitely on the puzzle work.

I found the controls to be just right, and I'm on a slow computer, so you might want to restart a level in case there are errors. There is a tiny percentage of areas that are true dead ends, but the scant number of these speaks to how well-designed this game is. Play it! Skip a level if you're stuck, it's worth it.


P.S. Fans of Dead Like Me

may have some perspective on the whole sibling perspective question. Little kids *do* pick up on things.


There's a way to beat 5-1 without using the magenta lever. I accidentally did it, but can't figure out how I did.

zgyt4033 June 5, 2012 4:29 AM

There is a different edition with more level before May 28th. I wonder what's the end of that

inheritance.fan June 5, 2012 4:29 PM

This was really sad and I actually found myself tearing up near the end of it.
I'd like to know whether the dream(s) represented some form of closure for the boy, since he was smiling somewhat as he set her necklace on her gravestone. Does he now speak?


With a plot as clich�d as it is poorly handled, Sequester misses the mark with maniupulitive platitude that ultimately is inconsequential to the story as a whole.

Its experimental gameplay mechanic could have been its saving grace, but because of the opaque foreground obscuring key gameplay features, players are left disoriented and frusterated quickly.

Couple this with serious bugs and oversights, including open sides that should have been closed, buggy jumping and diagonal platforms that lack slope, Sequester offers no enjoyment on any level.

Faint praise can be given to the game's use of high-quality vectors and clear sound, as opposed to the easy method of making everything low-resolution and indistinct. Indeed, this was probably someone's labor of love, but who it was meant to appeal to is beyond me. Probably those new to experimental games.

Overall, 4/10 for good effort but atrocious execution.


Rather long game - since I've set my cookies to delete every time I close my browser, I decided to be determined to play it in one run. That said, it is not fair to judge this game on just world 1 alone - I'd say you'd have to be able to complete world 3 at least.

It does take a bit to get used to the cubic world - but once you do, it doesn't become too hard. I don't find it too repetitive, either - though that does require some patience.

Here's more fuel for the psychological soup:

I think that, yes, partially, the first 4 worlds is about the sister unloading her teenage emotional baggage [as well as providing the player with backstory], but it was also about the sister teaching her little brother about how she coped with death (and dead things). In a very weird sense, this allowed the brother to slowly accept her death as well.

For a mute boy, he can sure wake up with a noise. I'm not questioning his muteness - emotional baggage is a rather confusing thing - but I think he ought to be fine once his emotional knot is untied.

The sister makes note that she was jealous of the brother all along - most likely (though not written) due to the fact that her step-father never seems to let her do what she wants (aka date her boyfriend as well as any other 'normal' teenage thing) whereas the little brother gets all the love and affection. Yes, rather cliche for step-parents, but it fits the bill. The brother adores the sister, didn't even understand any of above, and started this entire thing because he couldn't accept her death.

In fact, I believe that is what this game represents - how the brother somehow mentally connects with his sister in the graveyard (in fact, you see this graveyard in the background ever since 1-3) and the sister thought she was the one that was trapped all along (she's dead, after all). I think that's why she went off with her memories - she thought that she might be able to go off to the afterlife once she resolved her problems ["It's not my memory - mine are all gone!" "Did I dump all my baggage?"] - obviously, this was the complete opposite! This also fits the epilogue levels - the brother realizes that it was all in his head, not the sister's, and that his sister didn't mean to be "mean" or anything to him, and these levels were to show how he realizes this and was coming to acceptance - going back to the graveyard 'mentally'

ratkorga June 23, 2012 3:44 AM

I really liked the cube navigation and thought it was handled really well. There's a bit of weird bugginess in 5-4 (I think that's the one - where two sides have O's and the other four sides are connected by one long hallway thing) where on one of the sides when the hallway is vertical, if you're in the upper right jumping up a slope and trying to jump up a side you actually jump up two sides. Didn't help or hinder playing any.

I'd have enjoyed more levels of more puzzle-type difficulty; 5-1 was probably the one I liked least because it's the one that felt most like I was wandering until I won, while 3-3 (I think? The one with the grid bounded by ladders) was the level I most enjoyed resolving. Those more interesting and complex without being totally wandery levels are not that common, unfortunately, but the story and the music help to carry those levels, along with the basic pleasure of rotating the gameworld.

Regarding the story itself - it's a good idea but needed work to really work. I don't really think that a game that can be played this quickly should have an ending cut scene - I'm not a big fan of cut scenes in general. If they'd simplified the ideas in that closing scene down and built it into the last couple levels that would have made it feel less like the story and game were vehicles of each other and more like they were a coherent unit. And

for the bunny to serve a purpose as worth having be its own prop in the game, shouldn't the prop itself become relevant again later on? It seemed like much of the story was just a bunch of loose threads thrown out there to see what stuck, which again is part of that lack of coherence.

Looking forward to more games from Lavelle!

MtDewed June 26, 2012 9:24 AM

Not a bad game. I can see where it would be fun. But the controls were kinda tricky for me. Knowing what to do was one thing. But making him do it was a different story. I never made it out of chapter one lol

sunnylauren June 26, 2012 9:12 PM

I really liked the game, even though I'm bad at puzzle games so I had to use the walkthrough like an instruction manual :P. But as for the story...

I think the "it was you all along" was referring to the fact that the existence of the little boy was the reason for the girl's issues with her stepdad.


I didn't think the girl's views on death were healthy at all. How in the world was that supposed to help the brother? It was kind of creepy, in a way that made me keep playing in hopes it would resolve itself.

The ending

didn't satisfy me at all. I never figured out where the necklace originally came from, and I don't feel like anything got resolved. But for some reason, I absolutely loved this game and its unconventionality. 5/5.

hogpotter July 1, 2012 3:57 AM

I really enjoy playing this game. I would give 5/5. However I do notice some of you are confused about the plot... I have certain views about the plot, I hope they can help :)

The thing holding the sister and preventing her to forward into the light, I assume, is the brother himself. In the epilogue (or maybe chapter 5, I forgot) there was a memory "PLEASE DON'T GO" and the sister admitted that it was not her memory. It was the brother's. The brother was shocked at his sister's death and so he went mute since her death. I assume that maybe the brother used to go on night-time wanderings to his sister's grave.

As for the existence of the necklace, even I am confused. Maybe the brother had been holding the necklace since his sister's death, keeping it with him; and this abstractly meant preserving her sister's soul in this world... In the end of his dream, the brother left the necklace on the grave, and in that way his sister is set free.

lycyfyrsam September 1, 2012 8:01 AM

as of 083112 this game has some weird interference w/ an advertising soundtrack that plays beneath its own soundtrack. for some reason there's a double stream or a double track or something. i've tried it a few times & it does it every time. no other game or website is giving me the same experience so i do believe theres something wrong here. dont know what, too overworked to figure it out but i think it's good to give you guys a headsup. hope it helps.

[Thanks for the note. Looking into this -Jay]


I found out that the game hosted on any site other than Armor Games was a hacked version that was originally uploaded without permission to Newgrounds and it propagated from there. A viral unlocked version has yet to be released.

Today we have received an authorized build of the game directly from Antony, the developer of the game, and have his permission to host it here.

lycyfyrsam November 13, 2012 3:41 AM


thank you. it is a really wonderful game, one of the best i've ever played. it's very rare for anything in any media to have so much soul these days. this one does. exceptional in that way. the game is very well done too.


Had a bit of spare time, so thought I'd write a transcript of the game - the white writing that appears in levels is in capitals, what the girl says is in normal text with speech marks.


I-1 - "Little Brother?"
I-2 - "Little Brother? Are you really here?"
I-3 - "I'm trapped! I can't get out! Have you come to help me?"

Chapter One - Threshold

"It would be my birthday today... If I were still alive."

1-1 - "I died exactly one year ago. Mom and Dad had planned a surprise party for my 18th but... I never turned up. They always used to chew me out for being late for things. If kind of find it funny if I weren't dead."
1-2 - "My boyfriend was supposed to get me to the party, right? But we hit traffic. Literally. I died instantly... He cracked a rib. That was just like him, you know? So insensitive."
1-3 - "I kind of remember how my last gasp tasted. Like... Blood and breath mints. Then I was pulled out of my body, dizzily rising, whooshing up into the sky! I felt so free! Except, all of a sudden I stopped going up. I began to feel heavy, like I was more solid than the world. I was pulled back down, then through the ground, and since then, I've not been free at all."
1-4 - "I'd been here for a year since the accident. Are you dead too? I doubt it, you look as perky as ever. So what are you doing here? Are you visiting?"
1-5 - "Whatever, I am glad to see you. If you're visiting that means you'll be going back right? If you're going back, can I follow?"
1-6 - "It's cool that you're here, by the way. You got taller! Way to go!"

Chapter Two - Roots

"This place is seriously messed up."

2-1 - "Is it my birthday today? Is that why you're here? Has it been a year already? Time passes differently here. It's kind of... Gloopy."
2-2 - "These puzzles are way beyond me. You were always better at puzzles than me, right?"
2-3 - "See those creepy blobby things? I think those are souls and I think I'm one of them. What I need you to do is to find me."
"Uh-oh! See that? I don't know what those... Dead things are. But they hate... Well, I guess they hate everything. Like I did when I was 14. Try not to let it see you!"
2-4 - "Ok, little brother. We're looking for my Soul, right? Just keep going forward. I think I can feel you close by."
2-5 - "Shhh! There's another... Dead thing. I don't think they can hear me though. I might be in your head. Pro tip: don't touch the dead things."
2-6 - "We need to go downwards. Where it's dark and dim and where the monsters live. I bet you're just dying to find out what's down there, right? What can I say, I'm desperate! And it's not like we can go get some ice cream instead!"

Chapter Three - Lacuna

"I couldn't figure this out. Maybe you can. You were always better at figuring things out, right?"

3-1 - "Hey! Check out the memory! Memories sometimes leak in this place. Gross! That one is totally messed up!"
3-2 - "Hey little brother. Be really quiet here, ok? Until we know there's nothing... Hostile around."
3-3 - I don't know why I'm here but... I guess I was a bad person? Sorry that's really embarrassing, finding out your big sister was a bad person. If you can get out maybe I can follow and then I'll try harder ok? I promise."
3-4 - "I had a rabbit once. This is before you were born. I'd forgotten all about him. Oh God Mr. Apples. He really loved apples!"
"I came home one day and Mr. Apples was dead. I held him and cried and cried. He was cold and stuff and his fur felt wrong..."
3-5 - "You never had any pets did you? Fish don't count. You can't hug a fish. Maybe you didn't have pets because I freaked out so much over Mr. Apples. Man I really lost it when he died."
3-6 - "This must be me! Oh yes you feel very close now! Touch the necklace, little brother. I think it will bring you to me..."

Chapter Four - Odium

"I'm sorry. I... I can do this. Let's move on."

4-1 - " Anyway. We're on our way to a new place. A bad place. I can feel the hatred. The loathing. Like the smell of wet socks on a radiator. Rising up."
4-2 - "Mom told me I could forget about it if I put it in the ground. If I said goodbye first and then put it in the ground. So that's what I did. I forgot all about him."
4-3 - "Oh no. NO NO NO. I don't want to remember this. I buried this. I put it in the ground!"
"Oh, Daddy. Oh God I still miss you.... I'm dead and I still miss you. This is... I can't deal with this!"
4-4 - "My dad died before your dad married my mom. I was only little. It wasn't fair."
4-5 - "I guess you always knew we had different dads. But with little kids it's hard to tell. But you probably didn't know how freaked out I'd been."
4-6 - "If you get back, tell your dad I'm sorry, ok? It was... It all felt like I knew what I was doing back then. I guess I needed to feel in control."

Chapter Five - Knot

"The worst thing is, this is me. This is my hate."

5-1 - "It feels like there's noting left for me here."
5-2 - "There's nowhere else to go! Did I do it? Did I dump all my baggage?"
5-3 - "What's this? It's not MY memory. Mine are all gone! Please? Please what?!"
5-4 - "I think this place is all tangled up! Like my life got all tangled up in something else..."
5-5 - "Go!? I'd love to go! Believe me that's be just PEACHY'"
5-6 - "Oh my God! It's you... Isn't it!?"

Epilogue - Gateway

"Please don't go, you're my sister."

E-1 - "Oh little brother has it been you all along?"
E-2 - "And I bet you never knew why I was so jealous of you. I wasn't very nice sometimes."
E-3 - "But, I guess that I'm you're sister. And you're my brother. And in the end that's all that matters."
"I guess I never got to say goodbye did I? I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to leave you, it was just an accident!"


"Did you wonder why he never spoke? Turned out he'd been mute since I died. Didn't say a word. Poor little kid."
"And he had nightmares. But my parents didn't know because he didn't make any noise! So he just sat there under his duvet and waited all night for morning to come."


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