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Rating: 4.3/5 (111 votes)
Comments (83) | Views (16,665)
seppukuties.jpgzxoAttention all you hippy, vegan, hemp-wearing, spruce-hugging Gaia-worshipers: this game encourages the mindless slaughter of cute animals. Tony (of Shift fame) apparently isn't trying to tap the PETA crowd with his latest puzzle/platformer release, SeppuKuties.

The story begins with a pack of cuddly woodland creatures suddenly finding themselves homeless at the hands of big brother and his menacing chainsaw. So, the lot of them decide they need to get to Paradise Meadows, where frolicking and rainbows surely await. The path is long and tortuous, meandering through grasslands, tundra, mountains, forest and swamp. To advance along the path they need to collect a golden acorn from each level (obviously).

Help them get to the golden acorn by using the [arrow] or [WASD] keys for movement. Out of the cuddlement of doe-eyed creatures will emerge an individual, randomly selected. It might be a fluffy bunny, a ridiculous raccoon, a bouncing bear, a fuzzy fox, a melodious monkey, a lovable lion or an endearing elephant. Let's suppose it's a bunny. Hippity-hoppity across the land, collecting acorns you go. Hey, what's that? Spikes! They look sharp! Watch out bunny! WATCH OU…

Hmmm. That was unpleasant. No matter! Another ball of cuteness will take her place. It's the elephant! Maybe Mr. Elephant can trample the spikes!

Or not. Poor guy.

Turns out all the animals behave (and die) identically. Fear not, though, for their deaths may not have been in vain! Since another animal immediately takes over upon death, you can sacrifice some creatures to get to places you don't expect to come back from. Also, the cute carcasses remain in play, and can be used as a stepping stone across the spikes. You start with 30 animals to last you 21 levels, so there is some wiggle room, but be conservative nonetheless.

The levels are are fairly typical platform constructions, except some make use of the Box2d physics engine to introduce tipping, tilting, swinging, and rolling not normally found in puzzle platformers. Still, the difficulty level is pretty low, and those looking for a challenge should attempt to spend the fewest lives possible in passing them all (Tony claims 5 is the theoretical lowest). Also, each level earns a grade based on the number of deaths and the regular acorns collected. Earn A's on each level in a stage to earn a paw-print reward. They don't really do anything, but you can say you've earned them!

The greatest thing about SeppuKuties is that it almost makes you not want to complete the levels, on account of some adorable animal is going to meet a nasty death. I mean, who can resist those huuuuuge eyes, or the cluster of cuteness all bobbing their heads in time and swiveling around to watch the current Kutie in action? I certainly can't.

Can you?

Play SeppuKuties

Cheers to Mags and Sphax for sending this one in!


seppuku means



How do you beat 5-2? The wagon just get stuck in the spiky hole and no matter how much i push it wont budge...


that is such a sad ending.. after all that... sighs..

Rob Anybody November 11, 2008 2:45 PM

@ Simpan:

Unfortunately, it will require a spiky suicide



Use a dead animal to level out the spiked hole


I beat this a few days ago with 25 friends alive. It's really not all that difficult.

The only levels that absolutely require you to sacrifice a friend are

1-3, 1-4, 2-2, 3-3, and 5-2.

I've been told that you can abuse the wagon physics in 5-2 to save a friend, but they said it's almost impossible to pull off, and they were only able to do it by a stroke of extreme luck. It's pretty obvious you're intended to lose a friend there.


A skeleton can be used to cover up the hole so the wagon can pass.


Haha wow, the ending was totally unexpected.


Stuck on Level 20! (aka 5-4) Help?!


Okay, so I have all the pawprints except Swaintastic Journey, but I cannot figure out how to save two more friends.

I'm leaving one friend behind on levels 1-4, 2-2, 3-3, and 5-2, but three on 1-3. Does anyone have any idea how to save those last two friends?


@: Blahp

For level 20 (5-4).

Level 5-4 is about timing. Grab the first key right after the large whitish ball lands in the ditch. Grab the second after the brown ball hits the tall wooden block. Then get the last key when the tiny ball falls into the little slot. All that's left is to wait until the two little balls give you a chance to escape and go for the acorn.

wildflower November 11, 2008 4:04 PM

Such a cute game. It is simple enough I never got discouraged, and just twisted enough to be cute and funny. Love all of Tony's games so far.

Johnny McNugget November 11, 2008 5:05 PM

Andrew, re: 1-3

I got the about 3/4 of the way there, then committed suicide. My next guy jumped through the key and landed on the dead one, then jumped to the gold acorn.


@ Andrew:

To solve 1-3 with only one death requires some planning ahead

maybe you can pre-place a 'stepping stone' where you might need one after picking up the key


... and if they even equipped the game with an opportunity to kill the music...


It doesn't make any sense that you can push platforms and vehicles around from within the vehicle itself.

That's my only pet peeve about the game; apart from that, I think it's interesting how such a children's book style game has such a dismal story.


How do you do 1-2 without sacrificing?


Re: 1-3

There's another way of doing it that involves a physics glitch, which is more time consuming. (I didn't realize you could kill yourself at that point)

Get the key, and make sure you die where the next friend can get to it. Have the next friend sit on the first one's corpse. Nudge it over to the left a little bit, and the skeleton will start sliding across to the right. Stay on your morbid raft, moving a little bit to keep yourself from falling into the spikes, and you'll get across eventually.


Well, this is not my game, ceratinly... Having missed a jump with THAT one pixel like 10 times in a row made me feel angry - not the mood a good casual game should bring :D


One more thing. Found it kinda odd that an elephant can jump just as far as a little fox :)

I guess it could make a more interesting game - having different animal species with different skills.

Molchanoff November 11, 2008 6:24 PM

So i was on a level and decided to commit seppuku over a pit of spikes and it resulted in taking about 5 or 6 lives and leaving the remains piled in a tower. I've been able to recreate it a few times, but idk if it works for all levels (i was on level editor).



Move the little block over until you can make out maybe a pixel or two of white between it and the wall. Jump up and start running and jumping against the big one. The vibrations will eventually push the little block over enough. Also, sometimes when you jump at the big block, jumping again at the height of your jump will propel you up and over.


I definitely agree with "missing that one pixel" and how frustrating the game can be. I refuse to even play it past 1-3 because the only way I can even think of avoiding the ridiculous slippage is by

using a dead animal on every square of spikes.

Maybe an "unlimited mode" where you can just kill as many as you want is in order?

As for beating 1-2 without sacrificing anybody,

if you repeatedly push on the little block and run away, you'll get it completely out of the way and the big block will be floating. At that point all you have to do is hop up the platforms and brush against the side of the big block, and it should fall.


I beat this game a few weeks ago and I hafta say, It's pretty fun! Me and my friends challenge each other to see who can finish first.
fun fun! :D


when i first saw it come out, i didnt know whta it was, cause i knew tony was making a game called "greater good" where you sacrifice faceless people, but changed the whole layout. would have probably gotten more hits if called the same thing


Really? In 5-4, I just picked keys at random times. It was right the first time.


How the heck am I supposed to get past level 3-1?

Patreon Crew SonicLover November 11, 2008 7:16 PM

I beat this on another website. When I saw the ending, I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry, but I was leaning towards the latter. I mean...

The "Paradise Meadows" the animals have been after all this time turns out to be a fancy shopping center created by the humans. The animals are practically heartbroken, their last hope of a happy life quashed... seriously, who cracks a smile at that?


yes Al. R, seppuku is a Japanese term for a ritualistic version of suicide.


bioLarzen, there's a mute button in the lower left corner of any level.

Denzel, you can avoid the slippage (if you mean what I think you mean) by simply making sure that you're falling straight down after your jump. The more you move when you die, the farther the carcass will fly.


How do you get past 5-1 without killing anyone? I've gotten all the others you can, but that one is my white whale!


@ Jai

the key to doing that one with no fatalities is to jump toward the green key and pull back before you fall in, its somewhat hard to do.


I only have two animals left, what can i do?


what level are you on?


I just got the 25 animals left achievement, it takes some creativity though.

I'm going for the all A rank one once I get home, that on should be easier.


i guess you missed some of the acorns


Ha. Whenever I hear a platform game described as "easy" I perk up because I'm terrible at them. I like to play them, I'm just not good at judging pixelated distances; I have similar problems with shooters.

Sure enough, I got to level 1-3, killed 6 animals in my attempt to get across the spikes, and closed the window. Easy? Not for me. And the small number of lives ensures I'm not even going to try this one.

Easy mode, game developers! C'mon. You can do it. I'm not asking you to dumb the entire game down and alienate your "hardcore" audience; just make a wimpy option for those of us who cheerfully admit our suckiness. (Wan Hazmer made an easy mode for the Last Canopy directly to my request in the comments during the JIG competition, so hey, I might as well try requesting one again. Consider it an open request.)


i certainly see your point


i dont get what the description for the best achievement talks about, i did all achievements in 1/2 hr


here's a level I made, I'm usually not too creative so don't expect too much.



well, not everyone is good at platform games, so for some people it would take a while to have 25 creatures left at the end of the game.


I love this game! I think that the difficulty is perfect with how your lives work: it allows you to make lots of mistakes early on, then earn them back later. I really don't get why some of you guys are deterred at early levels.


The ending was really sad. ='(


stumped on 3-1; can't reach the red key... not even with sacrifices. Any help?


@ jevos

to get the red key you have to first get the green key, climb up top get the blue key then push the ball so that the steps fall


I'm leaving 2 on 3.3 and 1 on 5.1, please help me!


@ Jim 3-1

Exactly how do you get the blue key? Green raises the platforms on the right, then I stand on the Red one. Jump as I might, I can't get over the stairs that I need to push.


I'm not sure how this happened, but my screen suddenly removed everything but the creatures, who have all turned into lions by the way, and the glowing acorn.  Also, next to lives and time it shows 99 and next to the acorns it shows NaN/un. I'm not sure if this is a spoiler or not, but I posted a pic of this in a spoiler tag. 


Also, clicking Restart does not fix this.

Don-Peanut November 12, 2008 5:27 PM

ok so now I only need to finish 5.1 without leaving one..., can anyone help?


Great game, but going back to beat a level with less lives does not give me more lives on the back end like I believe was stated. Don't know how to get game to reset to all lives on the first level. Anyone know. Tried deleting all my browser history, cookies, temp files, etc...

Also, on level 1-2 if you push the small block just enough to where it is still holding up the big block and then go jump on the corner of the big block it will push the small one all the way in and the big block will drop allowing you to reach the goal with no lives lost!


How do you do 2-1 without dying?

Don-Peanut November 13, 2008 1:53 AM

@Marbles, run!

MobiusPoint November 13, 2008 11:04 AM

I found 5-2 easier to do with 0 deaths than 5-1.

You just have to jump at the right times. After you get the key, hold right and jump two or three times. Then when the second wheel is falling into the hole, jump again.


How do you reach the highest two acorns in 2-2 without committing seppuku?


What a fun little game! One of the few games I actually bothered to get all the achievements on, although whether that's because the learning curve and replayability are spot-on or because there's not that many...
- =P

Only levels I found to contain necessary deaths:

1-3 (2), 1-4, 2-2, 3-3 - it was more luck than skill for 5-2, though.


Keep running/jumping, eventually you'll get them (I think it's to do with the way the acorns pulsate slightly).

Neat concept, good physics, funky music...sequel, please!


This is a great game, and I found it surprisingly addicting. I can't get 3-2 without a sacrifice, though. I can't get to the red key otherwise. And, I can't beat 3-3 with less than two sacrifices. No one gets out of the green key pit alive, and I can't get past the spikes at the end without a sacrifice. Help? Those are the last two I have left...


I got 3-2 but not 3-3... SO CLOSE.
However, I can't beat the last level without killing someone. I can't get out of the key pit alive. Is that necessary to get the last pawprint?


Oh my gosh! When I was little, I remember watching a cartoon movie just like this! I can't remember what it was called, but now that I think about, I'm surprised so many animals get killed off in that movie...


I was not able to do 3-1 without a death to reach the blue key. However, I was able to get 5-2. I was playing on a different site- maybe that's a difference?

When you lose an animal to getting squished if you don't move after getting the key, it seems as though it always gets past the bump due to momentum from impact. So if you wait until the last moment to jump, the first wheel seems to make it, and from there you just keeping pushing like always.


Guys, you don't need to die on 2-2. That said, it took me a good 15 tries to get it.

So you can win with 27 left :) (1-3, 1-4, 3-3)

The Great Dane November 25, 2008 9:30 AM

Tip for 3-3:

Jump on a falling rock and jump on to avoid being trapped.
You can get the key and the nuts without dying, if you push the big rock at the top, so it tips over.
You have to spend a life on the spikes.

Tip for 3-1:

Jump twice at the back of the stairs. You can actually get on top of them, if you do this, without killing someone

I finally got all pawprints.


for anyone stuck on 3-1, there is another feature of the game that no one has mentioned, which i found by accident.

you can kill yourself on the spot by pressing shift

this is the only level i had to use it on.


Level 5-2 can be beating with no lives intentionally. I just completed the last achievement on Kong with 26 lives left.

When you first hit the key, jump straight up high into the air before the wagon hits the ground. That'll remove the excess weight allowing the wagon's front wheel to pass over the bump.

Stand just to the left of the middle peg. When the back wheel goes into the hole, do a short jump and immediately press forward. The timing on this is a lot more difficult, but you want to try to jump AS the wheel is entering the hole. If you do it right, your lack of weight on the wagon will let it bounce a little after it hits the hole, and since at this point you're pushing forward, you'll keep it from rocking back.


Just so you know...5-2 does not require the death of one of your precious little creatures. What you have to do is...

jump before the wagon hits the ground and stay off while the first wheel rolls over the spikes. Then, push as hard as you can until the second wheel just gets into the hole and jump again. After that start pushing again and you're home free.


whats the trick with trying to get 3-2 without a sacrifice?? how do i clear the lava with the key...

help pls?? <3


nvm i got it
2-3 with NO sacrifice

jump high and hit the grass block from the right side towards the spikes. might take a few tries but eventually u fit and can then jump ontop and climb to the second grass block. push it so it falls [so u dont need the key]. then jump on the top grass block bc they are now stuck together. once its free. go back up and push the other end so the block swings and now u have ladder to jump to from the block in the lava to the block against the towers with acorns and then to the end! :] u saved an animal yay


crap i meant 3-2. spoiler above. sorry guys inversed it. answer above

ShadowfaxSTF December 10, 2008 3:47 PM

Here's a walkthrough for ALL the levels. Credit especially goes to the commentors above, most of this is copied-and-pasted from their solutions, but put into one convenient walkthrough.

[World 1]

1-1: Pretty straightforward.
1-2: If you repeatedly push on the little block and run away, you'll get it completely out of the way and the big block will be floating. At that point all you have to do is hop up the platforms and brush against the side of the big block, and it should fall.
1-3: Maybe you can pre-place a 'stepping stone' for use right-after picking up the key? Grab the green key, take a friend 3/4 of the way on the red path, commit suicide (Shift key), and let your next guy jump through the red key and land on the dead friend. Then jump to the gold acorn. REQUIRES 1 DEATH.
1-4: Pretty straightforward. Grab the blue key, that friend will die. Then hop onto the swinging ball to catch the acorns. REQUIRES 1 DEATH.

[World 2]

2-1: Jump onto the moving "U" dirt platform and drive it to the right. When it falls, jump onto the right arm of the "U", which'll stand above the lava. Jump to the green key, and *immediately* start running to the left back to the "U" to avoid being crushed. It's easy to collect the acorns after that.
2-2: Get the red key, that friend will die (with many attempts, some have been able to save him, but it's not necessary for the badge). Get the green key and *immediately* jump right and out of the pit. Jump onto the rock and collect those 4 acorns (will take quite a few jumps to touch them, but you can do it). Jump onto the rock platform and get it spinning/moving over to the right, to knock down the blue key. Grab the last 4 acorns and finish the level. REQUIRES 1 DEATH.
2-3: Grab the red key; a multitude of rocks will fall down but there's only 2 that will reach you anyway. Jump over each of the 2 when they roll to you. Hop over to the second stepping stone and nudge the last rock into the lava. Use the remaining stepping stones to reach the golden acorn.
2-4: Grab the red key and *immediately* drop to the floor level and stand next to the wall with the green key. When the green key rolls and touches you, *immediately* jump left onto the dirt platforms. Then proceed to the finish area.

[World 3]

3-1: Stand on the step just before the spikes and jump over them to the green key. Jump over the spikes again and climb the green steps to the red platform. When you reach the dirt wall, just keep going left while jumping until you scale it, then grab the blue key. Push the small dirt circle to the left until the giant dirt platform falls and makes a new path to the red key. Go back down, get the red key, and finish the level.
3-2: Jump high and hit the grass block from the right side towards the spikes. This might take a few tries but eventually you'll fit and can jump on top (don't shove the grass block toooo far). Climb to the topmost grass block and push it so the strung grass block falls (now you don't need the key). Then jump on the fallen grass block because it'll stick with the lower one. Once it's free, go back up and push the topmost block so the strung one swings over the lava. Now you have a ladder to jump to from the block in the lava. Proceed across the towers with acorns and then to the finish.
3-3: Get the green key, jump on a falling rock, and jump on to avoid being trapped (this'll probably take a few tries). Grab the two acorns to the left now. You can get the key and acorns over the lava, if you push the big rock at the top, so it tips over. You will have to spend a life on the spikes to make a stepping stone, so drop straight down onto the spike pit. Use your second friend to land on his corpse, jump out of the spikes, take the last 2 acorns, and finish the level. REQUIRES 1 DEATH.
3-4: Pretty straightforward. Grab the red key, run to the green key, wait for the boulder to roll past you, then race to the finish.

[World 4]

4-1: Keep in mind that jumps with a running start will carry you farther. Hop on the first grass block, and jump left to touch the green key (you really don't need the red key). May take a few tries; if the grass block tilts away from straight up-and-down, restart the level. Once you've gotten the green key, hope across the 3 grass blocks towards the end.
4-2: Pretty straightforward, it's just a matter of timing. Fall straight down which'll grab the red and green keys. Wait a split second and walk over to the yellow key, the grass cart should catch the two falling keys (may take a few tries to get this right). When the cart reaches you, touch the blue key. Let the last key *and* the rock fall down, then grab all the cart's keys and proceed to the finish.
4-3: Get the red key and *immediately* jump right and out of the pit. Get the 3 acorns on top, and push the small dirt block all the way to the right. Get the green key, grab the remaining acorns, and finish the level.
4-4: Pretty straightforward. Get the red key, keep walking forward to make the ship move. When you get the blue key, jump off into the golden acorn.

[World 5]

5-1: Get the first red key and all the acorns, then touch the second red key. The answer to getting the green key without fatalities is to jump towards the key and pull back before you fall in; it's somewhat hard to do but not impossible.
5-2: Get the two lower acorns first by jumping over the spike pit. Now about the cart... When you first hit the key, jump straight up high into the air before the wagon hits the ground. That'll remove the excess weight allowing the wagon's front wheel to pass over the bump. Stand just to the left of the middle peg. When the back wheel goes into the hole, do a short jump and immediately press forward. The timing on this is a lot more difficult, but you want to try to jump AS the wheel is entering the hole. If you do it right, your lack of weight on the wagon will let it bounce a little after it hits the hole, and since at this point you're pushing forward, you'll keep it from rocking back.
5-3: Jump across the blocks until you reach the red wall. Commit suicide (Shift key) and have a second friend use the corpse as a step to reach the next floor. Get the remaining acorns. Now jump onto the *very* right edge of the grass platform and run left, taking all the keys and jumping at the end to the purple key. REQUIRES 1 DEATH.
5-4: This level is about timing. Grab the first key *right after* the large whitish ball lands in the ditch. Grab the second after the brown ball hits the tall wooden block. Then get the last key when the tiny ball falls into the little slot. All that's left is to wait until the two little balls give you a chance to escape and go for the acorn.

[Final Level]

5-5: This is a tricky level but still not as hard as some earlier ones. The goal is to get the grass platform spinning fast, so jump onto the platform (I suggest landing in the middle, then jumping again to land just-right of center) and as your landing makes it spin, you'll fall down to grab the key. Since it's spinning, jump on it so it "grabs" you as its arm swings past, and keep jumping to stay on top of it, until the right platform is close enough for you to hop on. Then you just fall down the right pit (don't touch the wall, it has spikes) and make your way to the golden acorn.


For 5-3:

No need to lose a life: Tip the swinging platform by jumping into its side from the platforms where you start. Keys will fall down and you can catch them by jumping.


5-2 no lives lost - partially figured out

After releasing the wagon, jump up to get the SeppuKutie off the wagon as the first wagon wheel goes into the spike trap. The first wheel will get out of the spike pit and your SeppuKutie will land.
The second wheel is the part I haven't figured out and honestly I am not going to spend anymore time on it. I tried jumping or constantly running but neither of those worked- maybe this is where the luck comes in.


Never mind my last comment. I see that 5-2 has been figured out. :)


@ joye:
I too am just not good at platformers, to the point that I can't enjoy playing most of them due to either dying too much too early, or getting stuck. (Or just getting frustrated enough to give up on the game in the first level.) I especially dislike most platformers with enemies to avoid / shoot before they shoot you / defeat with some arcane, carpal-tunnel-inducing combination of keystrokes at just the right timing and sequence.

This is a shame, as I have long enjoyed the exploration aspect of platformers. (I used to be better able to play them, back when Super Mario Brothers 3 was a marvel of modern computer graphics. Neurological disorder + games requiring fast reaction times = not so much with the fun.)

Two games I've found that are good for players like us are Turtle Odyssey (and its sequel) and Fancy Pants Adventure (and, again, its sequel). For me at least, the dependence on manual dexterity in order to move the game character correctly, the dying, and even the stressful avoidance of dying from encountering either enemies or hazards like spikes, were minimal. Both games' sequels also feature plenty of 'secret areas' for you to discover, which is a feature I enjoy, and Turtle Odyssey even tells you at the end of each level how many secret areas that level had and how many of them you found.

They've both been reviewed here, and I recommend Jay's reviews, and especially links, since Turtle Odyssey in particular is offered by many sites lousy with spyware and/or other malware, or just overly busy with ads.


To pass through the 5-2 without losing any life

You have to jump right after take the red key. Then push the car, and when the second tire pass through the hole, jump again. Push and collect the nuts (dont forget the two on the hole)


Pie4ever2 January 23, 2009 3:18 PM

hmm reminds me of happy tree friends...
anyone looking foe levels should check out this:


I beat the last level finally!!

But all their friends died for nothing.... Turns out that Paradise Meadow was actually a mall... I feel sorry for them... Waaaaah!


I could beat level 5-2 without any victims only once after 2 hours of trying....
Depends so much on luck..

But, yeeey, I did finish the game with 26 alive! :)


Hello again.

In 5-2, when you push the carriage, which slot should you be in - most right one, or big one in the middle?



i like it, i name it... descisions.

and middle. random death can occur in far right.


key in 5-2 is the cart speed...

Anonymous December 9, 2009 9:49 PM

hmm i just beat the game with 26 critters still left :)


i love this game! the bunny so cute


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