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Scribblenauts Remix

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Rating: 4.6/5 (45 votes)
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Scribblenauts Remix

JohnBNintendo DS owners most likely recognize the name, but for everyone else, the Scribblenauts series is a relatively unknown treasure. That all changes with the release of Scribblenauts Remix, an iOS version of the phenomenal creativity puzzle game from 5th Cell. The tagline "Write anything. Solve Everything." couldn't be more appropriate, as Scribblenauts challenges you to solve puzzles by typing in words and phrases. If you can imagine it, you can probably do it, so feel free to summon a huge invincible flying pregnant angry rainbow giraffe to fight with Zeus, if you like.

scribblenautsremix.jpgScribblenauts Remix puts you in control of Maxwell, a happy little chap wearing a chicken with headphones hat, who works his way through a few dozen levels collecting starites. In each stage you must create objects by tapping on the pencil and paper icon at the top of the screen. Open the keyboard, type in a noun, modified with adjectives if necessary, then hit enter to create the item. You can then tap to use the item in any logical way, such as riding in vehicles, equipping objects, wearing items of clothing, attaching ropes and chains to things, and so on. Once the freedom of creation sets in, you'll suddenly become wide-eyed at the possibilities that lay before you!

The stages in Scribblenauts Remix vary in difficulty and are split between puzzle and adventure types. In puzzle levels, you are presented with a simple problem that can be solved by summoning the correct objects. Giving the right items to different people, for example, or creating something that will help a character accomplish a task. Adventure levels are usually more difficult and challenge you to obtain a starite by any means necessary. If that happens to involve summoning a helicopter, attaching a rope to it, and dragging a bulldozer across a lake infested with sharks, well, then that's just what will have to happen!

scribblenautsremix2.jpgAnalysis: Scribblenauts is a remarkable creation that aims to fulfill what everyone has always dreamed of in a video game: complete freedom. Most games offer up a few puzzles along with a few items to solve those puzzles with, the most logical solutions usually presenting themselves by deduction. In Scribblenauts, however, you are (almost) literally limited only by your imagination, so when the game says "get the starite down from the tree", you can accomplish this however you see fit. Maybe bacon, ceiling cat, and a pink cthulhu can help?

If you're familiar with the Scribblenauts games for DS, you'll recognize most of the content in Scribblenauts Remix. The iOS version contains levels culled from both DS games as well as a few new additions exclusive to the platform. The basic mechanics are the same, and the objects list doesn't seem to have been messed with, though a few seem to have been changed in function (the teleporter, for example). Also, some of the bonus sandbox levels seem to be missing, which is a bit of a shame but not a huge loss.

One oversight in Scribblenauts Remix is failing to feature a left versus right handed layout. The DS releases allowed players to swap preferences from the option menu, but the iOS version features the typing icon only on the right side of the screen, something left handed players (especially those who are using the iPad version) will have to adapt to.

Scribblenauts Remix is an excellent fit for iOS devices, and it's great seeing the visuals looking so crisp on the iPad's large screen. And because Remix doesn't steal everything from both DS releases, you can look forward to much more item-creating fun by seeking out those games as well!


As an Android user, I wish I could play this. Alas.

Super Twichy October 17, 2011 3:28 PM

As fun as it is, it's way too short! I beat it in a few hours time, even though there's like 50 levels...


Cue a list of everyone's favourite things…


Brian Lutz October 17, 2011 9:04 PM

Been playing this for a few days now, quite enjoying it, but apparently I'm not creative enough to come up with cool stuff.

"Stupid angry llama" was pretty funny though...


I made a Gargantuan Living Angry Violent Sword that proceeded to fly around the screen and kill things of it's own accord. That was fun :)


Just played the DS version for the first time the last weekend and I liked it a lot. Gets a bit repetitive though, but fun none the less. It really let's you create unbelievable amounts of stuff.

My favorite items were probably gallows and electric chair, just because it's a "kids game" and it let me create them. I had fun too in a level where you had to give x-mas gifts to children and one of them was naughty. I tried to think what would be the worst gift ever and ended up playing "dead bird". Game accepted it and I giggled like a little kid.


At the x-mas level I gave the naughty kid socks, I laughed at that.

my favorite thing is giant firebreathing gentlemanly dragon winged tame behemoth


I've been pretty obsessed with this for the last few days. The adjectives recognized are just crazy. I like TEMPORARY, which causes something to just disappear after a little while. HYDROPHILIC RUBIDIUM tends to get itself into trouble when there's a water source nearby. I also like watching a GRANDFATHER chase a GERONTOPHOBIC BABY. The game claims not to recognize proper nouns, but plenty show up. GEORGE WASHINGTON behaves as you might expect when you give him an axe and a cherry tree, but ABRAHAM LINCOLN doesn't have any adverse reaction to actors. Throwing a FATAL LEMON is usually how I attack enemies, and if you haven't made a PREGNANT TOASTER OVEN yet then I don't know why you even bought this game.

More physical levels would be great, as would more interactions in the context-y levels. The game recognized that a car without a license plate was breaking a law, but tying a refrigerator to the roof didn't set off any alarms. Even when I filled it with corpses. But I'm delighted that it let me do that! Likewise in the bank level, it knows what a periscope is, but doesn't see how such a thing would be useful in a heist.

It's interesting where the "childproof" boundaries are in this game. Drugs and tobacco are verboten (making the aforementioned break-a-law challenge trickier), as is anything vaguely sexual. There's a funny set of antiterrorism bits in place too: a PRESIDENT is automatically immortal, and the EXPLODING adjective (which can be a lot of fun on the right object) automatically gets stripped from any vehicle.

Anonymous October 20, 2011 1:32 PM

I'm stupid. I can't get past level 1-10. I kill the eel with electricity and I can get Maxwell on the boat but the knight always falls off into the water and drowns.


1-10 just give the knight a jetpack


You have got to try ceiling doppelganger. He just keeps making different things. It's really funny and totally crazy.


Is this possible?
YES! Now I can (shove) use Scribblenauts with two consoles!

MrBlueSky October 30, 2011 1:21 PM

giant firebreathing gentlemanly dragon winged tame behemoth


"Your mom" produced a giggle from me, as did making a pregnant man and pregnant toast. The latter two freak out when a tiny version of themselves pops onto the screen. :)


Level 5-4. What does patient need except medicine? giving mother doesn't work. I'm stupid=)


Can I change background somehow? (at my own world, not level)


I made a 'super ray' and shot a flying bathtub and a starite came that i could hold.


Try putting an Arachnophobic spider in front of a mirror! it works haha


type maxwell his evil twin will come up then replace his book with something take the book quickly then click it and press use random stuff just comes out i got a rainbow barbarian lol


Winged potato. Nuffield said. Haha you can make any thing fly in this game, it's great.


How do you beat world 3 level 10? We have done every level and worlds up to 5, but cannot get blind guy across last part....ugh help for ipad


for world 3 level ten the last part just type in fireproof mini bridge


i am stuck on world 4 - 3. find a reason for specialist to see prisoners. i got them all but psychologist. a psych. can calm a panicked prisoner. omg been stuck for three weeks. can any one help ?? please


Ok. For level 4-3, type in snake in the notepad and drag it to the top left prisoner cell. the cell wall will lift up, and the psych will go over to calm the prisoner. I hope this works!


if you type in jeremiah slaczka (the creator of the game) and click on him he does a cool move!


if you spawn medusa and kill her you get her head and its pretty fun making any living thing turn to stone


if you spawn medusa and put her infront of a mirror she will turn to stone!


Haha! It appears not ALL sexual references are removed! Try creating a BIRTHDAY SUIT it almost works!

Mattias Lederer January 25, 2012 9:30 PM

My favorite was doing battle with an evil telekinetic raisin.


If you create an asteroid, you can destroy the world. It's actually pretty fun! You can also use atom bombs too! :)


There are lots of ways to destroy the world like


let me know if there's more

Jigglydude February 12, 2012 1:48 PM

My favourite is a gentlemanly Haetae or a normal haetae. I've got a list of things you should try:

A friendly Jabberwock (if it's not a friendly you can't ride it)

A harmless Cthulhu (if it's not harmless you can't ride it, you could make it a friendly instead)

A friendly nuckleavee


Jigglydude February 13, 2012 1:51 PM

Another way to blow up the work is a nuclear missile


My personal favorites right now are probably the CORRUPT WINGED GARGANTUAN POTATO and you've just got to try the GETLEMANLY TOP HAT


Be warned though the potato may steal your bazooka

eclifton914 June 12, 2012 12:32 AM

if you make a gentlemanly top hat, you can wear it!

also, why hasnt anyone tried making a gentlemanly firebreathing gargantuan rainbow winged quick KEYBOARD CAT!!!!!?????

please, try it.


I'd play this if it was online, I really think I'd like it because I own both the orignal scribblenauts and super scribblenanuts.


All the versions of scribblenauts are fun, but sometimes you just can't beat The orignal scribblenauts. Scribblenauts has some cheats you can do that makes the game extra fun. (Making your charter smaller with the shrink ray, turning your character pink with the dye, ect.) In super scribblenauts they seem to have fixed most of the cheats. But on the other hand, Super scribblenauts gives you more possiblitys,


Has anyone tried maxwell's notebook? Try it!


Did you know that gargantuan is the largest adjective and microscopic/sub-atomic is the smallest


My "Huge Pregnant Lemon Pie" somewhat exploded when it have birth and then died. My "Huge Pregnant Suicidal Muffin" jumped into a fire I made after giving birth


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