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Saving the Company

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Rating: 4.2/5 (154 votes)
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joyeSaving the CompanyIt's a tough economy. What would you do if you found out your company was in serious trouble? Surreptitiously use the office copy machine to get extra copies of your resume? Raid the employee fridge for a stockpile for the lean days to come? How about entering a puzzle filled dungeon where you must use both your smarts and your platforming reflexes to grab a treasure guarded by a devilish boss? One behatted and unusually bouncy worker makes Saving the Company his responsibility in this short-but-sweet platform puzzle adventure from Christopher Gregorio.

Telling you all the controls would be a spoiler, since like I Don't Even Game, figuring out what to do in each stage is sometimes the only challenge. Your basic [arrow] or [WASD] configuration for running and jumping is involved, but other keys and your mouse might be needed. Just read any text on the level carefully and don't be afraid to trial and error, because deaths just reset you to the beginning of the stage.

The game is a pure time challenge and does not allow pausing or saving mid-game. Once you know all the tricks, it'll take you only a few minutes, and even your first play-through probably won't take you longer than 10, unless you get really stuck. This length makes it perfect for coffee breaks. Or for playing covertly when you're supposed to be working. If your boss catches you, just say you're engaging in a financial crisis management simulation. Say something about the good of the shareholders. Bosses like that.

Play Saving the Company

Walkthrough Guide

(Please allow page to fully load for spoiler tags to be functional.)

Saving the Company Walkthrough

  • Welcome

    Just go right!

  • Anti Gravity

    It's still up or [w] to jump. Jump to the platforms and to the upper area to avoid the spikes and get to the exit.

  • Shoot It

    Pick up the gun and shoot the exit with the mouse until the barrier breaks completely.

  • Secret Passage

    Just go straight across.

  • Shake It Down

    Jump, and when you come down you'll shake the barrier down.

  • Go Back

    Go back to the previous room and pick up the key in the center.

  • I'm Down to Dig

    Go all the way to the exit side and then use the [down] or [s] key to dig an exit to the next room.

  • Hide From the Spikes

    Wait in the grooves until a spike passes, then jump to the next groove, and repeat until you reach the exit.

  • The Floor is Lava

    Don't touch the floor!

  • Invisible Death

    There are two hidden spikes. Don't jump as you go off the entrance, and jump when you walk to the second torch, to avoid both spikes.

  • The Sky Is the Limit

    Jump up the platforms and to the ceiling.

  • You Can Drag Them

    The two platforms are draggable with the mouse. Position them so that you can jump to the exit.

  • Outsmart, Don't Outrun

    Go to the top little overhang (directly to the left of the text) and wait for the moving spikes to go by.

  • Where Did I Go?

    You're invisible. Just try to guess where you are based on the character speed and jump at the right time.

  • Where Am I?

    There is a maze in the center. Portions of it appear when you jump, so just feel your way around. You need to come up the center of the maze, basically.

  • 31425

    Jump and hit the boxes in the order suggested by the text--the 3rd from the left, then the 1st, etc.

  • Control Freak

    Hit CTRL (or the command key if you're on a Mac) repeatedly.

  • Take a Break

    Pause and wait for the exit to appear.

  • Jump on Me

    The text is a platform.

  • Right Click

    Right click and choose the "secret button" option.

  • Avoid the Darkness

    Wait for the column of light to come to you. Jump up to the window when the column of light allows you to move there and wait. Then run to the exit with it.

  • Go the Distance

    Run (that is, hold left or [a] down).

  • Boss Fight

    Avoid being touched by the falling spikes, then jump over the boss as he runs back and forth across the screen. When he stops moving, jump on his head.

  • Finale!

    Run to the left and grab the treasure!


short-but-sweet should be a new tag on JIG, really !


Direct walkthrough:

Little formatting, beware.

Level 1-2:

Level 3:
Shoot the wall.

Level 4:
Move right.

Level 5:
Jump to quake. Quakes bring the wall down.

Level 6:
Go back, take the key.

Level 7:
Down to dig.

Level 8:
Seriously, you have never played a platformer before?

Level 9:
Take the platforms. Be careful.

Level 10:
Memory is good. Use that. (You can double jump.)

Level 11:
Go up, up, up.

Level 12:

Level 13:
Go up so the spikes won't hit you.

Level 14:
Jumps return visibility slightly.

Level 15:
Touching a wall reveals it's groupmates.

Level 16:
Hit them in that order, Mario-style.

Level 17:
Hit CONTROL 5 times.

Level 18:
Wait a bit.

Level 19:
Jump on the text.

Level 20:
The old right click level.

Level 21:
Avoid the darkness.

Level 22:
Run, run, run!

Level 23:
Stay in the middle when he's running, double jump when he approaches.

littlefish September 4, 2011 4:16 AM

Hey, this was fun!
A bit the same feeling as those elephant level games. And, do not skip neither the pro- or epilogue. And read the names omn the doors ;)

How to beat the Boss:

Avoid touching spikes and boss.

It dose not happen often, but some times a boss can get tired

When boss stops to breathe, jump it.

Christopher Jones September 4, 2011 6:01 AM

Enjoyed the soundtrack immensely. Some levels would have been more fun without a hint.


You can jump on the boss' head anytime. A one hit kill boss? Really? Well, Okay.


The premise was great, and I managed to complete it without a walkthrough. Controls seemed slightly unresponsive. Also

I thought the ending was poorly chosen - the joke about robbing a bank instead just isn't very funny, as well as negating the effort the player puts in to (1) accept the premise of the game and (2) complete it.

Worth 6 minutes of your time though. :)


On the right click level I can't click the secret button.


Sorry, I forgot to post that I'm using Google Chrome on Windows XP

hikari no sakura September 4, 2011 8:14 AM

Am I the only one who can't get the controls to work? There's no response when I press the arrow keys or WASD (Chrome)


Try to click out and inside the game window a few times, trying to move each time you're in. If it still doesn't work, well.. you can always the basics ; reboot chrome, reboot computer, try Firefox/Opera/IE.


I'm using Windows XP with Chrome... and doing just fine, thankfully.


Actually, if you're having keyboard issues in Chrome:


This was a known issue, but the issue HAS BEEN FIXED. Update Chrome now if you continue to have keyboard issues when playing Flash games.

Xdragonx10 September 4, 2011 2:31 PM

I'm the developer of this game and would appreciate if you could add the tag cgregorio to the article so it can be listed with my other games that have been reviewed by you.



that was.. not a very fun game.
the controls were sluggish and unresponsive, the graphics left a lot to be desired, there was literally not a single time where the game was challenging.

i don't even know why it was featured to be honest.


I like games like this. The only problem I had with it was sometimes my little dude would get stuck and wouldn't respond to keyboard controls. Sure, after a few seconds he'd do whatever I wanted him to do before he suddenly stopped (i.e. jump, run. etc) but it was kind of weird. Especially since it took a while to get him to stop running in the anti-gravity room.



1)some people have different opinions
2)if you think that, you shouldn't play games

avatarsrevenge September 4, 2011 8:31 PM

i can't overstress the importance of good hit detection in a platformer game. when a brick is ten pixels high and its hit zone is twenty pixels high, your game is no longer a platformer, it's a frustration machine.


A lot of fun, and the ending had me cracking up, the

animation of the main character was so unexpected, especially.

My only complaint would be with the hit detection. Oh, and I had no idea I could double-jump until halfway through.

Livingpyramid September 4, 2011 10:22 PM

yay finished it! 'Twas fairly easy, only needed the walkthrough for about like 3 or so levels.

unblinkered September 5, 2011 6:35 AM

Huh...was going through this for the third time, trying to cut my time and hit what I *think* is a bug. Or else an intentional shortcut noone's mentioned yet!

I went from The Sky Is The Limit straight to Where Am I and then straight to Go The Distance. Not complaining, since I finished in 2:29....


Ran into an odd little bug myself:

In "You Can Drag Them", you can pull one of the platforms over to the chute you go down to get to the next room, drag it down like an elevator, and when you arrive in the next room, it will be right at your spawn point...and no longer draggable! Result: STUCK!


I'm also having control issues, just as described above. Hit a few control keys, then a second passes, then all controls are executed at once. Which is particularly frustrating on the lava level, where precise control is essential.



Thanks for your very helpful comment :P

(1) Everyone's entitled to their own opinion - if you disagree with me why not say what you thought was good about the game
(2) "Should" has nothing to do with playing games. Everyone has their own reasons, and nobody's reasons are better than everyone else's.


Groovy, I got treasure and stuff.

I typically like these type of games. This one is a little bit too easy for my taste.


The character looked like the protagonist from the sadly-discontinued "Men In Hats" web-comic, which added some extra humor for me. Is this intentional?


Controls were fine and I had no lag issues in Firefox (latest version). The game was short, easy, and enjoyable. I especially liked the music :)

Although contrary to Christopher Jones' comment,

I couldn't take the Boss out while he was moving, unless I kept missing his head :/


Not bad, but Karoshi Suicide did it MUCH better.

sheila burton September 9, 2011 4:42 AM

save the company? I should think you do with a black screen- all the lights are out and everyone has gone home?

[Try emptying your browser cache and reload. The game is loading just fine for me, I don't get just a black screen. If you're still having trouble, try updating your Flash Player. -Jay]


1/5 for incredibly shoddy controls. Usually I don't rate down for this, but it is obviously not just lag. "Avoid the Darkness" Is pretty much impossible, since my guy decides to keep moving long after I let go of the keys.


I got through about half a dozen rooms before quitting. There are too many excellent, polished games out there for me to spend time with one that is, as others have mentioned, not very responsive. If control issues cause me to try more than once to execute a simple jump, I'm not going to find much enjoyment in the game.

Also, and perhaps this is just a little thing, but why must there be so much poorly written text in games? I sadly understand that it's unlikely to find good grammar, punctuation, and spelling in most games, but I'm also getting sick of games with the "ironic" premise of "hey let's go do this random thing for no good reason!" If you're going to create a story, create one. Don't waste our time with a half-hearted attempt.


I didn't have much problem with controls (win 7 32bit, Chrome), just a small lag while changing the room. But nothing serious.
I take there aren't multiple endings? It would have been cool if last animation were representing players success -

worm for slowest, then zombie -> sheep -> moonwalk -> cartoony "exit stage right" snap..


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