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Rating: 4.3/5 (42 votes)
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Noahrsvp.gifOften, while turning the Web inside-out and upside-down for a great game to review, I'll come across a gem with such sparkling casual gameplay and carefully sculpted graphics that I can't wait to show it off. Then I usually find that Jay has seen it, played it and written it up already... maybe even several years ago!

Sometimes I get lucky. RSVP is a Flash-based card game developed by Pop & Company, creators of the previously reviewed Trick or Treat Beat and Inuyasha: Demon Tournament. Billed as a "candle-lit rendezvous between Erno Rubik, Dorothy Parker, and Milton Bradley," RSVP puts you in charge of arranging guests around a table such that each is surrounded by compatible people on either side.

Each party goer takes the form of a card divided diagonally into two colors with a point total in the upper-left. Your deck is at the bottom of the screen. Click on a card to select it, then place it by clicking any free space on the board. When a card is surrounded on all sides by matching colors the guest will beam with delight. You must satisfy every guest at your party so, if you get stuck, click the arrow to the right of your deck to deal yourself another hand. You can draw new cards up to 4 times, costing 5 points each. If you're lucky you'll pull a wild card, worth 0 points, that sits well next to any guest.

My only complaint with RSVP concerns the sound effects. I found the melody that plays when you surround a guest with unobjectional cards extremely annoying and, unforgivably, Pop+Co didn't include a mute button. Still, RSVP looks wonderful and the Rubik and Bradley comparisons are apt; it barely feels like a Web game, with simple rules and classic design. A challenge mode is even included, allowing you to invite another player to compete against your score via email.


Originally submitted by Tonypa over a year ago, and more recently by Thranyona back in April.


waahoowaa July 26, 2006 1:26 PM

Is it surprising that a party planning game is on the lifetimetv website?


Requires e-mail sign up I think....


It doesn't require email sign-up, but the current Filterset.G for Adblock prevents the game from loading.


RSVP only requires an email if you want to compete against a friend.


this has been one of my favourite games since forever.



I really do love this game - have since I discovered it several months ago. My only real complaint is that one can not start from the last level failed...once you mess up it's back to the beginning. Talk about tedious.


I'm an idiot... it took me a until now from about when it was posted to realize that you can move cards after you've placed them. Oh my. It's much easier now.


I've loved this game - and the others on Lifetime - for ages. I finally beat this a few weeks ago, and also the sofa one - now if only I could get a decent score on the cinema game!


Awww, poor Noah-it wasn't his "gem" after all...:(

...I found this game too hard. :S

And I just found out about the Stylesheet Switcher feature, which is a great idea, by the way. For some reason however, the words "Stylesheet Switcher" have been moved behind the text underneath...looks like the tables were messed up somehow.
Also you didn't close the bracket at the end of your note for this game. (I am a mildly OCD grammar nut and unclosed brackets give me an uncomfortable feeling of unfinishedness. Sorry if I annoy you. :))
Awesome site!


LOL, Maura. The bracket is closed by the smiley face, serving a dual purpose. =p

As far as the Stylesheet Switcher text in the sidebar, the text appears normal to me in Opera, Firefox, Safari, Camino, and IE.

Might it be the text setting in your browser set to a larger size than normal (medium)?

If not, what browser and OS are you running?

viewfrmhere July 28, 2006 2:44 AM

I really like this game, but I wish that it allowed you to rearrange the cards after all of them have been placed instead of instantly saying you've lost. I find that I often misread one or two cards and could have won if it let me fix it. Also, not enough levels!!


i've had the same problem, viewfrmhere.
and it is seriously tedious to restart from the beginning
another complaint is that once you've placed a card, yes, you can move it, but you can't get rid of it. if you drew a wrong card early in the game that worked then but doesn't work now, you're out of luck!

cajuncook July 29, 2006 3:32 PM

cami, if they allowed you to do that, the game would be impossible to lose. Part of the strategy is knowing what cards you're going to need, and not putting in anything unecessary.


OH MY WORD, you can move cards?!?!?! I just beat the game without moving cards, but this makes it 100 times easier. I actually kinda like the game where you can't move cards, otherwise it is way too easy. But now I feel like an idiot, I was going to come gloat about having the wits to beat it, but it turns out I didn't have the wits to figure out you could move cards.


OMG. I keep getting to the 5th table and stuffing it up there. I wish you could continue from where you "die". At least a second chance. I've been up for an hour trying to finish this thing!


Beat it with 1225 pts.

How you guys doing?


Does anyone know why I can't play the game? I mean it loads perfectly but when I go into the game I can't move a single card?


I must have no life as I am addicted to this game! I have gone on the website and played some of the others too, I love the dress up games (god I'm so sad!)


Nooooo, it's broken =[

But can it be fixed?


It's a great game! You have to think well before drawing a card, especially after half the board is full. I think it's best to wait until the last 3-4 cards before using the 4 clear-deal chances provided by the arrow.

On the tech side, the game won't even start loading on my Firefox unless I use the IE Tab extension.


alas, the game is no more, the link is dead, it has shuffled off the mortal coil, it is an ex-game!


It just moved, not died off the face of the virtual Flash-earth. Links updated, game on! :D


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