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Robot Wants Ice Cream

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Rating: 4.7/5 (330 votes)
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DoraRobot Wants Ice CreamRobots. Who understands them? Apparently not kitties, since Robot jettisoned the last one into outer space. Now, Robot has set the cold, clicking mass of circuits that functions as his heart onto a new, tastier, creamier goal. That's right; Robot Wants Ice Cream, and that's an objective I can get behind. Together with Puppy, Robot will brave the dangers of a whole new world in this epic finale of the Robot Wants Series from Mike Hommel (Hamumu Software). It's a platforming adventure with power ups, baddies, missiles, and more!

Controls are the same as before, using the [arrow] keys to move around, and the various power-ups you acquire will tell you how to use them. Some special abilities require you to use special atomic energy to activate them, which can be collected from enemies and stored in batteries. In a nice change of pace, Robot can actually take three hits before being destroyed and respawning at the last encoder station you touched. If you wind up accidentally leaving Puppy behind, or if he falls off the screen, don't worry; the power of Robot's love will make Puppy magically reappear beside him shortly. At least, that's the explanation I came up with. Press [P] at any time to pause the game.

As the last game in a wildly popular series, Robot Wants Ice Cream shows a considerable amount of innovation over its predecessors, introducing all sorts of new things to ensure that you stay entertained for the duration. Not only is there a whole host of new power-ups that grant Robot new abilities and make use of your canine companion, but you'll also face-off against new baddies and bosses. The only real downside is that the enemies rarely feel as challenging as the platforming is. This is definitely the most fleshed out of the Robot games, and it keeps pulling out new things to surprise you the further you go. Robot has come a long way from his humble beginnings, and you couldn't ask for a better end to his adventures than this fun, bouncy, creative adventure. Mind you, I don't entirely agree with Robot's loyalties. Everyone knows that dogs drool and cats rule.

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Thanks to Noah, Zazazu, Meester, Plasmasheep, SherpaJack, Repairmanman and Chris for sending this one in!


The bosses are all incredibly easy once you get the

Secret banana upgrade by going to the very bottom right corner of the map and walking through the wall. You can kill them without even going in the same room as them.

CrankYanker September 27, 2010 10:15 AM

I found the last boss pretty difficult - died about 15 - 20 times while fighting. Finally finished!


I found the last boss pretty easy.

I just put the dog in the armored-turret thing and dodged bullets while the dog killed the boss, mainly by himself.

I was sad in the intro that kitty was abandoned. I liked the kitty, and as a cat lover was disappointed in robot.


argh, I think I'm missing something about the

eagle looking upgrade - it says hold down for one second to fly and it's not doing anything tangibly different - i.e. not flying

sorry, I think I'm being a muppet here...



Note that it says 1 second (to start) PER BATTERY.

You'll find battery upgrades (and the means to charge them) later.

I liked the game, but I'm feeling that this series is starting to wear out its welcome. I'd rather see the developer try something new than another slighlty polished version of what's essentially the same game. I rather did like

The jump up to the floating ship, as it added another dimension

but it wasn't enough of a change to not make me feel that I'm playing the same game with a different picture at the goal.

I'm also surprised that they took away the placement of the "goal" within sight of the starting point, as in the other "Robot wants..." games.


ignore... muppet status recinded... posting solved the problem (for anyone in a similar stupid state...

you need a battery - doh




The ice cream is right there in the beginning, it just gets blown up by a falling rocket within 2 seconds of the game starting.


I burst out laughing when I saw the new "Robot Wants ___" game.
Aww, did Robot get mad that Kitty ate Fishy?


Fosjam, or you can

armor puppy.


I beat the game... didn't get all the secret stuff, though.

Poor robot. Nothing goes well for him. On the other hand, there's hardly any excuse for going after ice cream without first making sure you've got a method of enjoying it. Oh well, at least he can share it with Puppy.


No joy with Safari or Firefox - just the Flixel screen, and then black. On my Linux machine, trying to play this causes all 8 cpus to max out, and still nothing but a black window. Is anyone else having any luck?

[I'm not having any issues using Safari (5.0.1) or Firefox (3.6.10) on Mac. -Jay]


Good choice robot. Dogs are sooooo much better than cats.

I was sorta disappointed by how easy this game was. Once you obtain flight and the banana gun, the rest of the game is just running around collecting upgrades. The first couple games in the series worked really well, since the levels would open up slowly as you found upgrades. The platforming was more challenging too. Still, this game did a good job wrapping up the series.


I got a problem I've had with a number of games lately. The game seemed too big for the screen, so the bottom and right were slightly cut off. Anyone know how to fix this?

[Yes, it sounds like your browser is zoomed in. To reset, if you're using Firefox, try View->Zoom->Reset, or just press ctrl-0 (zero). -Jay]

Simone Manganelli September 27, 2010 5:51 PM

This was, by far, the most obnoxious game of the series. I absolutely hated it that enemies respawned. It wasn't really even necessary -- even though you got battery level by collecting the little yellow square blobs that enemies left behind when they died, you could still recharge your battery level at the save points.

So, yeah, that kind of annoyed me throughout this entire game. It just made it obnoxiously difficult to get to where you wanted to go, because it meant going through all the enemies again.

I did finish it, and it would have been an otherwise pleasing game if it weren't for the respawning.


I have no mouth...and I must ice cream.

Captcha-Hater September 27, 2010 7:12 PM

Blech. Too hard, way too hard, and UNBELIEVABLY RIDICULOUSLY why-would-anyone-bother-even-trying HARD.

Exactly like the last two of these.

Anyone else feel like the bombs are the exact opposite of random? How is that supposed to be fun? You can't get to anything without it being bombed the SECOND it appears on screen. Never mind them constantly arriving in the only valid jumping spots that don't involve hitting an enemy. Where, exactly, on the screen are you supposed to exist without getting hit, for even an instant? No human being has reaction time that fast.

I think this has taken this series from "Meh, I don't expect to play beyond a few minutes" up to "I'm just not going to bother anymore".

Is that what you wanted, Mr. Developer? People to stop playing your games? Well, you GOT it, pal. Good work!

The Great Dane September 27, 2010 7:21 PM

I just finished the second time - this time in madcap difficulty. However I still miss three awards. The Rocket Robot, the Pacifist Robot and the Super Duper Combo.

Has anyone found any of these?

Great game btw! And I think it really has a lot of variety compared to the other robot wants-games. It's not just a repetition of the same game I think.


I love this franchise so much. Sure, the respawning was terrifically annoying, and also at the end the graphics were degrading and jamming terrifically, but I still loved it. I liked that the "path" through the game wasn't horrendously complicated too. Not my favorite of the bunch (Robot Wants Fishy was A++) but I still was thrilled to see a new one so soon.


I believe Pacifist is from only attacking Bosses, but then I only earned 4 awards in my one Normal playthrough.

Combos? I had 100-200 from the Nanoblob...must be higher then.


Okay, I'm missing just one of the "atomic bit collectors" (the sparkely one). Nothing is locked, I just don't know where its hiding.



Power of posting




I could have done without the respawning, but the polishing in this series is really starting to come through.
I was compelled to finish it on the first go, and I found the experience very enjoyable.

I guess that the next "Robot wants mouth" will be even better. Go for it, dev!


Really, I found this one much much easier than the others.

Rocket Robot is

Finish the game in under 20 minutes.

Pacifist Robot is

Kill fewer than 15 enemies and finish the game.

Super Duper Combo is

Get a 15+ combo without the nanobot boss.

The map on this one is very uninspired, with none of the backtracking and opening-up of the older versions. And the power ups are just ridiculously overpowered, especially the "secret" banana upgrade. I much, much preferred the older Robot Wants games.

Black Drazon September 28, 2010 10:11 PM

I wouldn't say the map is "uninspired". I didn't realize that you could

get into the ship

until I had cased the entire map a second time. But yes, there wasn't much backtracking.


A little trick I discovered while trying to fly:

If you hold down UP/Z and DOWN at the same time, you can release all of your dive bombs at the same time (requires batteries and the dive bomb upgrade, obviously). Can be somewhat helpful if your being swarmed by nanobots.

zbeeblebrox September 29, 2010 2:59 AM

While I had a lot of fun with this, and it definitely served as a great farewell for the series, I experienced some major slowdown as the game progressed. Especially after getting the banana gun. By the end boss, I was about 5 fps away from pure slideshow.

Anyone else experience this? I couldn't help but notice that it only happened as the game progressed. At the start, even hopping around wherever I wanted, I didn't see any problems..

Jim in Rochester September 29, 2010 3:46 AM

This was pure casual gaming bliss.


Woah very Harlan Ellison like ending! I'm thinking it has something to do with the "sound" of the game's name :

"Robot wants ice cream"

"Robot wants I scream"

"I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream"

I don't know, maybe I'm stretching it hah!

adam gunderloy September 30, 2010 2:06 PM

how do you enter the ship

which I assume is kitty's because of all the Ks... either that or the ku klux klan



'...muppet status recinded... '

Muppet status is...

irrevocable. :)


Please can someone tell me what buton it is to fly!


I had the same problem as Elazro with loading (except I use Safari 5.0 on a Mac): flixel screen then black screen and computer lag. I just opted to play it on Kongregate where it worked fine.

Nice addition to the series, but I like Kitty over Puppy :(

Anonymous October 2, 2010 9:50 PM

TheOdd- to fly you need the upgrade and a battery - if you have those it's just pressing the down button for a second.

What a fun game! I was happy just exploring and blasting bad guys. Took me 154 minutes (over a couple of days) and I have to say I was disappointed when I realized I made it to the final boss and it was over.

I'm also using Safari 5.0 on a Mac and tried to load this many times before I went to Kongregate and had no problems.

Anonymous October 10, 2010 6:51 AM

I have the same problem as Elazro, I get only a black screen after the loading percentage hits 100%. Using Firefox 3.6.10 on Windows.

[Update your Flash Player, and disable your browser extensions. The game has been tested on the same browser and OS you are using without any issues, so it must be something on your computer causing the problem. -Jay]

Anonymous October 10, 2010 7:37 PM


Unfortunately that didn't work. Updated Flash Player, no go. Then tried the version for 64-bit OS/browsers (I'm running 64-bit Vista), still no go. The only add-ons I have running are Java consoles. Oh well, game works fine on Kongregate.

[If you or someone with 64-bit Vista would please contact me via email (contact address in the site footer), I'd really like to get to the bottom of why it's not working for you, as I just cannot reproduce the issue (I have 64-bit Windows 7). I need for you to try a couple of test pages for me. Thank you! -Jay]


theres a 5 part video on youtube that finishes the game but not all upgrades, under runscaper4141's acc


lol trollz are seriously sarcasticly funny..

DreadPirate December 1, 2010 9:55 AM

Will someone please post a map for this game? I can't find the spider boss or any robobomb powerups.

Also, does anyone know how they created a new game for this series overnight? One day ice cream, then check back and robot wants jig! Sorry if I'm not accurate about when this game was made(I haven't been on this site in a while. Too busy playing Legend Of Zelda ;).



The designer is using alien technology. The only work he does is type in what Robot Wants and the game magically appears.

Hahaha00000 December 5, 2010 7:57 AM

man this game is somehow much funner than the other ones, i guess that's because you have to find lotsa upgrades for the previous games but here the upgrades are scattered like everywhere, i got the double jump in like 3 minutes and finished the game under 30 minutes !


Very fun, I didn't have a lot of frame rate problems like I did in the other ones.

PirateBignum May 4, 2011 7:14 PM

Hmm. I have recently moved to a new 64 bit Windows 7 wireless computer with Firefox 4.0.1. I have just tried to play all of the Robot Wants [insert noun here] games, and Robot Wants Kitty, Robot Wants Puppy, and Robot Wants Fishy worked fine. However, when I tried to play Robot Wants Ice Cream, the Adobe Flash plug-in crashed every time. When I tried it using Kongregate, I just got a gray screen. On Robot Wants JIG, when I clicked the banner, for two seconds nothing would happen, then the banner turned white for a moment and then back to the click to play screen.

PirateBignum May 4, 2011 9:29 PM

Sorry for the double post, but I have found the reason for the problem, but not the solution. The reason for the black screen on Kongregate was because of Adobe Flash crashing, just like when I tried to use the link in the review. I found this out after 27 hours of waiting. So all I need to do is see if I can fix Adobe Flash.

[You might try not using 64-bit browsers to play Flash games. -Jay]


Hmm. I don't agree with Robot's priorities either. I probably liked this one least. The beauty of Metroidvania games, to me, is that each new powerup gives you a way to reach new areas. Only about three of them did that in this game, and they were all the same (jump upgrade or flight upgrade). Also, the game was seriously chuggy, and I'm on Windows 7 with latest Chrome.

I don't mind it if a Metroidvania game has lots of weapons or combat upgrades, but they've got to have platforming uses or open up new areas if they're to be fun.

The banner game was awesome, though.


How do you get the mad mad mad mad robot award?

The_Penguin_king November 7, 2011 8:32 PM

To get Mad Mad Mad robot reward you must:

defeat the final boss and obtain the ice cream in madcap mode.


I can't get to the

dive bomb upgrade I have 3 batteries, flight and banana gun.

can anyone help?


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