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Robin the Archer in Pixeland

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Rating: 3.9/5 (116 votes)
Comments (41) | Views (4,690)
robinthearcher.gifJohnBRobin the Archer in Pixeland is a platform adventure, from Flash developer Francisco Ferreres, that's all about Robin, a cute little character made out of chunky pixels who's really good with the bow. Each level is filled with coins, enemies, breakable blocks, and a whole mess of tricky jumps to navigate. Work your way through over a dozen stages, stopping between levels to upgrade your abilities.

The goal of each stage is to find and destroy enemy spawn points and then exterminate every monster in the level. Along the way you'll come across a single star item along with a slew of coins. Grab everything you can, it all comes in handy later! Gameplay is pretty straightforward, with movement tied to the [WASD] keys and shooting/jumping to [J] and [K] respectively. You can aim and fire in any direction, which comes in quite handy when flying enemies come your way.

At the level select screen you have the option to visit the in-game store. Here, spend your hard-collected coins on ability upgrades, scoring a higher jump, a stronger weapon, or more health, whichever you need most to suit your playing style. Many stars and coins can only be collected after you give your jumping skill a boost, so don't let that one lag too far behind!

For the most part, Robin the Archer in Pixeland plays smoothly, but I had some difficulty getting used to the "inverted" jump and shoot keys. Is it just me, or shouldn't "jump" be under my primary finger? Also, character tracking is a little too accurate, as the screen is always right on top of Robin as you run through the stages. This can lead to a few bumpy spots when you're navigating tight passageways or moving up and down at a rapid pace.

Other than a few minor technical bumps, Robin the Archer in Pixeland is a thoroughly enjoyable platform game. Shoot some arrows, collect some coins, upgrade some abilities, and have yourself a good time!

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I actually like this one, but the controls it's using are really difficult to use. It would be a lot more enjoyable if they allowed customization of the controls (arrow keys + Z/X seem to be pretty standard for this type of thing.)


Didn't like it. I think it made several flaws that have been resolved in the past:

  1. As mentioned, not everyone likes WASD keys. I find it difficult to control, and would have preferred it simply accept the arrow keys, Z and X at the same time.

  2. You have to switch to the mouse to pick your next level. Linear, keyboard-based games like this should either automatically switch to the next level, or accept shoot to play the next level.

  3. The 'camera' was jerky, and I didn't like the way it bounced every time I stopped moving.

I'm sure some will like it, but it just wasn't for me.


Anyone have any luck getting the star on level 4? It kind of seems like you can only get it with level 1 or 2 jump, but I didn't attempt level 4 until my jump was a higher level than that.

My one issue with this game is the lack of a variable jump height. It's fun, but without variable jumps it's really irritating to make short jumps with the max jump height, and impossible on level 4 (unless I'm missing something)


I agree with everyone about the controls. Having such unorthodox controls as default and not allowing players to change the keys has severely hurt its playabilty.


The controls are awful, making it totally unplayable to me.

Stick to the standard for these types of games and it will fine! :)


I'd normally quibble about the keys as well, but in a way I see the reason it was implemented this way - to keep the focus of movement and looking on one hand, and tactics on the other hand.

Mind you, there's a rather major bug in one respect - hit P to pause, accidentally hit ANY KEY AT ALL, and hit P again, and *pow* you're quitting the level. Oughta be P Q P.


Yeah, I was annoyed by the "impossible" jump in level 4, too. I felt like I was punished for my upgrade, which shouldn't happen. This'd be fixed if there was a way to do a short hop, ala Mario.

Also, be careful not to pause too much! If you pause (P) twice in a level, the second time it will take you to the menu! I was half way through a level when I discovered this =(

Other than that, it looks like a pretty good use of the Flixel framework and I enjoyed playing it.


Far too much lag on my computer. I could barely navigate the arrow onto the 'new game' button in the main menu.

I don't know why this happens; I can play other Flash games with no problem that look as though they need more processing power than this one.


Strangely enough, the star for level 4 appeared for me after completing a different level. *shrug* so it goes?


And aaaaaaaaaaaanother game from the studios of "can't be played on most European keyboards".

Us French for example have AZERTY keyboards, so WASD games are basically unplayable (unless you're some kind of mutant squid).

BladeStorm October 15, 2009 5:01 AM

To solve the problem of having too high a jump level (happened to me too), you should be able to sell your upgrades for 1/2 price or something.


Just a headsup, Jigfolks -- you're now being flagged by AVG Antivirus as being a malicious download site...

Just so's you know...

[Edit: We have no malware here, we work very hard to ensure a safe environment by checking all the games we link to and download. Please report the incorrect page rating at: http://www.avg.com/us-en/page-rating-report Thank you! -Jay]


Toto - keyboard
Ok, maybe I do not get the problem at all, but:
I'm german, using a german keyboard. And when I need an english keyboard for a game or what ever other reasons, I change with two clicks the language at the bottom bar of the screen. The one, where you also see all your open windows.
After doing this, the keyboard uses the english configuration. My Z is an Y my ? is a - for example.
When I want to go back to german, I change again. With two clicks.

Ok, you might have to get used to it... find out, what is what, but this is quickly done. And as this, you can play all games.

Greetings, Kayleigh

BladeStorm October 15, 2009 6:03 AM

yer, i got that too...

[Edit: We have no malware here. We work very hard to ensure a safe environment by checking all the games we link to and download. Please report the incorrect page rating at: http://www.avg.com/us-en/page-rating-report Thank you! -Jay]

OmeletteBox October 15, 2009 6:58 AM

Would've been WAY better with different controls. What a shame, it had potential.


Bug or feature?

I jumped off the upper right corner of level 3 to ... somewhere else. I can't figure how to go back.

jasonz777z October 15, 2009 8:19 AM

The controls are pretty bad. Just either stick with the arrow keys and Z&X or gove a key-changing option. Oh, and that star that you have to jump to: cant be done.


On Level 10:

if you go all the way to the right without killing all monsters, you can't get back. Ugh!


Had the same thing happen as Mordred. Got to the very top of a level, jump to the left and proceeded to fall to the very bottom and found I was stuck. Had to start all over.


I think it's a really fun game even with these controls...doesn't make a difference...you just need to adapt, which you guys really fail at doing.


Good one Jessica. If you can't adapt, find a key remapping app. Google is our friend. Excellent game, like a platform version of Destruction Carnival.


Well, there's being adaptive, and then there's following standards. Those standards exist for a reason. While we can argue whether WASD, arrow keys + Z,X, or another key combination is the "best" layout for human performance in gameplay, the fact is that arrow keys with Z and X are the de facto standard for these types of games.

Unless the developer has a good reason for deviating from these standards (an innovative control scheme, gameplay that requires mouse use, etc.) then it's a best practice to follow them.

Anonymous October 15, 2009 4:21 PM

I finished the game and got every star except for Level 4. As others have said, it's frustrating to be punished for upgrading.

I enjoyed the game, but not enough to replay it just to get that last star.


I can't find the star on level 5


I actually like the WASD keys to play. As a lefthander is maybe easier for me to do it like that. WASD just makes it more challenging. Whats a game without a challenge? And this is an excellent game! Good job!!!

I still cant find a way to get stars in lvl 4 and 7. Anyone has a clue for me?


sorry to add to the chorus of wasd haters but i already played this on kon before it was reviewed here at JIG and got fed up with the wierd controls and general aiming/shooting wierdness ruining what otherwise looked like a fun chunky-pixel style platformer.

I can see wasd would be great for left-handers - a lot of new seem to let you use wasd and arrows depending on preference, pity they didn't do that for this game... didn't expect it to get a full review at JIG tbh - maybe with some refinements from the developer it could be very good.

Cale Gibbard October 15, 2009 6:36 PM

WASD is *not* good for us left handed people either. I was thinking perhaps the idea was that it was intended for right handed people used to playing FPS games with WASD, but apparently that isn't true either.

The game seems otherwise great, but I just can't be bothered playing it with such awkward controls.

It seems the arrow keys are on the keyboard for a reason. Who knew? ;)


Oh so boring, overly basic, and a bad, no awful, control setup tops it off, 'nuff said.

Brian Lutz October 15, 2009 7:19 PM

I'm guessing the idea behind the control scheme is to make something similar to a console controller (D-pad on the left, buttons on the right.) Normally this would work fine, but on a gamepad you're going to be using thumbs to press buttons, where on a kayboard you'd be using your pointer/middle fingers for the J/K keys, which is going to seem awkward.

ChaoSpectre October 15, 2009 7:20 PM

Should probably mention somewhere, or at least tag, that this game is a flixel game.


This game looks like it would be fun, but the control scheme just isn't working for me. I'd like the arrow keys and zx, please.

Or better yet, support for an XBox controller, but that's probably too involved. Or is it?

Sure you rig all this up with just a few simple aps for keychanging or joypad support, but really, that's more effort than its worth when there's plenty of other games to play that are less troublesome.



Hate to beat a dead horse, but I'm hoping these comments will help the developer improve the game. I did enjoy playing, in my opinion, WASD should only be used if it is a mouse targeting games. If you shoot and jump with the keyboard, the arrow keys should be used for movement.

Also, as I few other have mentioned, I also could not get the Star on 4 due to my jump level being too high. I've also skipped an enemy on level 10 and could not get back to kill him once I reached the end of the stage, even with Max Jump. And finally, I have also jumped over the top edge of a few different stages and fallen all the way to the bottom with no way to get back.

BladeStorm October 16, 2009 9:08 AM

Seriously guys, get over it. After playing 1 level i was used to the controls, and i agree the use of j and k should have been swapped, it DOES NOT detract from a great game.

Harden Up People!


Level 3:

Being the completionist I am, I felt the need that jumping off the upper right corner will unlock a secret, like Mario when you go underground.
It was a bug and I got stuck. x_x


My guess is that Akai has hit the nail on the head. Most games proceed left to right and use right-handed controls. This one proceeds right to left and uses left-handed controls. I wouldn't be surprised to discover that both were conscious decisions.

zbeeblebrox October 17, 2009 5:47 AM

@guest: most of the levels actually start on the left...

I see the game creators are big FPS fans. WASD for a platformer?? Which has no analogue aim? (ie: mouse control) So odd. I'm glad my old "Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight" reflexes came back to me, or I surely would've had a terrible time. And I completely sympathize with the Mario purists. Games that don't use the mouse shouldn't use control schemes designed for one. But I digress.

Loved the look, the music, the control precision was tuned wonderfully, the monsters were neat, and - at least in concept - the upgrading mechanic was really cool. Whenever I *see* games that look like this, THIS is how I expect them all to play, basically. So kudos on that, for delivering.

That said, the jump upgrade ruined me. Being that it's a platformer, and I'm logical, this was the first thing I maxed out. Well...turns out yer Level 4 can't be done 100% with a fully upgraded jump. There's no way to control height, no built-in workaround (hole in the wall anyone?), not even a cheap option to downgrade (I would've hated you, but I'd a done it). Being the completionist I am, that was a big negative for me.

So, things to think about for number 2: better level design, more thought put into how jumping works in platformers, and a customizable control scheme. Presenting an unconventional method of control is fine, but don't force it, or people will push back. See: all above comments.

But DO make a number 2. Or a 1.5
This has potential.


Worst control scheme EVER. I'm thinking, nice twist on Mario (complete with pixel graphics) then I can't even fight the flying enemies on level one.


i am tryin to take the star of the levels 4, 7, 10, 12 and 14 if any1 find out how to take these stars talk to meeee!!!! i can also reveal the trick to take the other level stars and the trick to the last level without difficulties!!!


I liked it. I beat the whole thing.
I however would like to know how to get the magic star in level 4. Any ideas would be appreciated.


I'll be a detractor and say: I really like the home-position keys. And I don't even use a QWERTY keyboard most of the time.

Anonymous June 28, 2010 7:23 PM

Level 4

You cant do it if you have jump upgraded more than 2, so if you didnt get it before you upgraded, youre pretty much screwed :( i was lucky to get it when i did, cause i went back with a level 3 jump, and i couldnt do it again :(


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